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weez liek SOOO EEVILL :twisted:

weez liek SOOO EEVILL 😈

May 26, 2014: Responding to personal attacks on critics May 21, 2014:*WELCOME NEW READERS *Morya Federation – Esoteric parallels with Universal Medicine  May 17, 2014: *FUM, the Universal Medicine cult’s Esoteric ‘facts’ blog *Tips on protecting your online expression May 12, 2014: Attention readers in UK & Europe  May 9, 2014: A correspondent from Germany tips us off on Natalie Benhayon’s Ovarian Massage and cult recruitment road show in Germany at €75 per hour May 4, 2014: *The cult’s big new plot to cyber-bully critics by labelling them cyber-bullies *Legislative reform thanks to Serge Benhayon

May 26: Responding to personal attacks on UM critics

A heap of readers are very angry at the personal attacks on three individuals on UM’s ‘facts’ site. We will respond soon enough, but suffice to say we won’t stoop to the levels they have, making every detail of people’s private lives the property of the cult.

The cult’s accusations of cyberbullying are a complete joke. When we have named or criticized individuals, we have focussed solely on their public behaviour, promoting or recruiting to the UM cult, making money out of it, participating in cult activities, censoring criticism or exhibiting other behaviours that are harmful or put others at risk, such as sending children to stay at Benhayon’s home.

A salute to Universal Medicine

A Glorious salute to Universal Medicine

Cult members might not like my criticisms of the Benhayon family, but don’t blame me. Blame Serge. Serge has commodified his family and marketed them as demi-gods. Our criticisms of UM and its followers have questioned transgressive practices, dishonest conduct and misrepresentations. At all times we have done so to inform the public of what they are investing in when they throw money at UM products and services, and what kind of family they’re sending their little girls to stay with.

Everything we have written has been written in the public interest and is based on factual evidence – including our satire.

To any of our readers who take it on themselves to try and defend us on their sites – I wouldn’t. They won’t post your comments. If you feel you have to, stick to the internet rules. Don’t say anything you couldn’t back in court with evidence. No threats or anything that could be construed as a threat – unless it’s a threat to go to the authorities. Criticize the behaviour. If you don’t, those pricks will go after you in your workplaces, or start posting your private information all over the internet embellished by Esoteric ‘love’ & ‘truth’ (hate & lies) alongside a few glamour shots of themselves taken by Clayton Lloyd.

We will respond to their nonsense, but won’t be spending much time on it. As I tweeted – the latest intimidations are their least convincing smoke screen. Perhaps they’re nervous we’re getting too close to the facts.

Our exposure will continue. With some bonus calls to account.

May 21:Welcome new readers

Since the cult outed themselves as cyberbullies by posting my name, my work address and some false and defamatory labelling of myself and a couple of our friends, we’ve had an influx of new readers. The accusations and defamatory blog links posted on their Facebook pages alerted a lot of loved ones of cult members that they are not alone in their misgivings about UM, and I’ve had a record number of emails through our Contact forms from readers wanting to reach out to others with similar concerns.

The way to do that is here on our sites, so please don’t be shy about commenting. Many cult members believe there are only a handful of disgruntled people ‘orchestrating’ the media interest and the regulatory action against UM, and everyone else thinks the whole mess is simply Glorious®. We know many followers have developed serious problems in their relationships with non subscribers, and have heard of a number of families who’ve attempted interventions. We would like to hear more voices on our blogs and to hear how you feel and your concerns. Messages through the Contact form come to my personal Inbox. No one else sees them. You can comment on any post without entering an email address. We’d love you to invent a name so that we can tell our anonymous commenters apart and get to know you a bit better.

Those who contact me are nervous about commenting because they believe their loved one might be able to identify them. I don’t think that’s the case. I screen the comments to make sure you don’t inadvertently identify yourself. We can safely say most UMers exhibit uniform behaviours – at least a hundred comment on the love blogs, they all follow the silly diet, they all talk in SergeSpeak and they’re all difficult to communicate with and incapable of mature negotiation. Many have spent or donated inordinate sums, many are deteriorating physically and most have regressed emotionally. Many are plain dishonest. So chances are, if you have something to say about the way your UM friend behaves, a lot of readers are thinking the same thing.

It’s important you make your voice heard, because it gives comfort to others to know they’re not alone.

Morya Federation vs Universal Medicine

For a glimpse of how unimaginative, uninventive and derivative Serge Benhayon is ‘in truth’ take a glance at the Morya Federation site. Someone contacted me asking if they’re a cult. I dunno. The belief system is based on the same Alice A. Bailey material, and some of the best money spinners are listed: Ageless Wisdom Teachings, Esoteric Meditation, Study & Service, tax exempt ‘education’ via their ‘school’, DONATE…

None of that makes it a cult, but it sounds familiar. I don’t see a fifth level initiate and Ascended Master in residence burbling on about his bowel movements, or his exclusive ‘truth’. They’re not calling it ‘medicine’ or ‘healing’, I don’t see any doctors or mystic dentists making fools of themselves publicly endorsing it, and who knows whether it requires a laxative diet, underaged sleepovers, and a touch up of each others’ pubic bones?

Anyway, when Universal Medicine goes tits up, the Brides could simply reconnect with that lot. Might be less embarrassing. Certainly less expensive.

May 17, 2014: Universal Medicine Facts – the Brides of Serge latest true expression of love for humanity via non stop bitching

The cult has finally launched their idea of a payback site for the Naming Names page. It’s a curious little item where they carry on for thousands and thousands of words calling several individuals cyberbullies, cyberstalkers and trolls, diagnosing them with psychopathologies, worshipping Sergio the bullshitter, dissing cult scholarship and insisting they’re not a cult. Not a word we haven’t already heard, stuck on repeat.

And they still don’t answer our questions.

In spite of claiming to be a ‘facts’ site, they omit mention of financial intransparency, regulatory action, their menu of abusive practices, privacy invasions, entity possessions, exorcisms, Arcturans, ‘death is a healing’, the Four Lords of Form, Prana, sexism, inappropriate touching, malnutrition, secrecy and the risks to children. (Summary on Our Mission page.)

Esoteric playfull-ness. It doesn't get better.

Esoteric playfull-ness from the FUM embarrassment. (It doesn’t get better.)

The authors are the usual champions of transparency and accountability – Sarah Davis, Desiree Delaloye, Rebecca Baldwin; and Brisbane barrister, and College of UM charity front director, Charles Wilson, has finally outed himself as a cult apologist with a tenuous grip on defamation law. It’s impossible to know who wrote what, because, surprise surprise, it all sounds the same.

So did it take the whole committee to come up with the FUM acronym?

Fuck Up Majorly.

Anyway, it’s blogging as usual from the Accountability bunker, with more exposure to come, and it never gets prettier. We’ll maintain our campaign to protect the vulnerable from these oppressive numbksulls.

Also, our pageviews have leapt up in response. I was wondering where all the new readers came from until someone sent me the link. It seems cult members’ Facebook like spree alerted a heap of concerned loved ones who weren’t aware of our exposure campaign and have come to find out for themselves. They already know the propaganda blogs don’t allow questions and comments, but  we do here.

So hi and welcome to our new readers and thanks for your kind messages!

Avoiding legal or pseudo-legal threats online

We’ve seen it before – Esoteric free speech is the cult advertising any old rubbish they like online and aggressively attempting to intimidate victims or anyone who questions or disagrees. Because the self-loving hypocrites are inclined to pursue detractors with legal threats to their employers, it’s worth learning how to protect oneself if you want to comment or ask questions on their propaganda sites without fear of retaliation. Some tips:

  • Don’t say anything you can’t back with evidence and couldn’t defend in a defamation action (statements must be substantially true).
  • Don’t say anything that could be construed as a threat, unless the threat is to report so and so to the authorities.
  • Stay anonymous. Use a pseudonym and don’t mention anything that could identify you, your family or your place of work. The right to free speech is the right to question damaging or unlawful behaviour and express an opinion based on truth without fear of harassment, intimidation, persecution or incarceration.
  • Express yourself here or on the Accountability blog. We allow anonymous comments and free expression of opinions provided you don’t make any claims we can’t prove to be factual – for example a recent commenter had something to say about drug use by one of the cult health professionals, but it was cut from the comment.
  • To comment anonymously on our posts, leave the name, email and URL fields blank.
  • You can contact us anonymously the same way. Messages through our contact form come to my private Inbox. Leave your email address if you’d like a reply

May 12, 2014: More on the Benhayon’s European roadshow – please forward any emails advertising Benhayon sessions outside Australia

The Benhayon cash raking circus is currently touring the UK and Europe until late June, holding events as well as group and individual healing sessions. Below is an email forwarded from a reader in Germany advertising Natalie Benhayon’s services at a clinic in Koln. Please readers, if you have emails similar to this advertising the services of any of the Australian practitioners, especially the Benhayons, in the UK or Europe, contact this or the Acountability blog.

While millions of tax payers across Europe and the UK are out of work, the multi-millionaire Benhayons are working illegally and selling snake oil to vulnerable people, and paying no tax. Most email programs have a search function, so please take a look through your emails and send us anything you have, no matter how old. The Benhayons and their hierarchy have been working outside of Australia for years. If the emails are used as evidence or in complaints, we remove your name and contact details so you won’t be identified. Once they come into our Inboxes we can delete your details so they can’t be traced. Please get in touch if you need assistance.

May 9, 2014: Natalie Benhayon’s healing tour of Germany

Dear Venus, 

You might be interested in this email I receive from my [female relative]. Her family are worrying about her recently because she is not going out so much and meeting with friends and family. She start to eat a strange diet, losing too much weight and collecting the symbol cards in her house I’ve seen on your blog. She stop to listen to the music she love most and listen to music very unlike what she used to love. She was once cheerful and talking a lot, but now not so. 

She sends me this email with message telling me I will benefit very much from this ovary massage from Miss Natalie Benhayon. I am doubtful of the word Esoteric, so I google some words and I find the information from Universal Medicine sounding too good to be true, and then of course your information. At last it make sense to our family what has happened to our darling one. We are perhaps more worried, but thank you for making truthful information available…I hope this information you find useful…

Liebe Patienten und Interessenten,wir freuen uns Natalie Benhayon ankündigen zu dürfen, die im Mai 2014 zu uns nach Köln reisen und Behandlungen in unserer Praxis anbieten wird.Natalie arbeitet in einer Klinik für Esoterische Medizin in Australien, die mit der gleichen Integrität und nach den selben Standards arbeitet wie wir. Wir schätzen Natalie für ihre herzliche und von tiefem Verständnis geprägte Arbeitsweise und haben sie eingeladen, Ihnen ihr ganz besonderes Behandlungsangebot zur Verfügung zu stellen.Natalie spricht bisher nur ein wenig Deutsch, daher werden die Behandlungen in Englisch sein. In Rücksprache mit uns läßt sich aber eine deutsche Übersetzung arrangieren; ebenso können wir bei Informationen zu den Therapiemethoden und den Buchungsdetails behilflich sein, die weiter unten beschrieben sind. Dafür bitten wir um Kontaktaufnahme:  [ ] oder [ ] Natalie Benhayon – Session Fee: 75/hrEsoteric Healing, Massage, Chakra-Puncture& Esoteric Connective Tissue TherapyNatalie combines the art of Esoteric Philosophy and Bodywork as a complete package. The Esoteric philosophy supports the client to understand more clearly, and truly, the underlying causes of the emotional issues and or physical ailments that one is enduring, as well as the daily behaviours/interactions that are contributing to them. The sessions provide support to gain clarity through the emotional blockages, doubts or confusions that may be in the way of making a true change from the ills that the client is struggling with. The specialised treatments present the possibilities of a different way and or choice that can be made to bring about that true change. In support of this, the bodywork is then applied, as it is needed for each individual client. This enables a true integration of the body with the new clarity from the session to support the client steadily into the true changes of that potential new way of living — with true vital health and a true well-being.Note: Esoteric Healing, Esoteric Massage, Esoteric Chakra-Puncture and or Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy are also available on their own if that is what will benefit most. Natalie Benhayon – Session Fee: 75/hrEsoteric Women’s Health – Esoteric Ovary MassageThe Esoteric Ovary Massage offered by Natalie is a deeply nurturing healing treatment available for all women.

Through specially designed esoteric healing and massage techniques applied to the woman’s ovaries a true healing is offered to allow emotional imprints and blockages that lay suppressed in the ovaries to be released, and to further breakdown the ill or negative behaviours, patterns, beliefs and ideals that contribute to the woman’s imbalances in her body and way of living. These ‘imprints’ or ‘blockages’ are intuitively read and esoterically nominated from the energetic quality that the ovaries become enveloped by, as they are impacted by the constant responses or reactions a woman experiences in her daily living and throughout her entire life. The RESPONSE is when she chooses to live in accordance to the woman she knows herself to truly be, or, the REACTION when the choices made are dis-honouring her truth and allowing the impositions of ideals and beliefs, emotions, needs and so forth to dictate and demand of her the way she is to be. More specifically, it is these ‘reactions’ that become the disharmonious emotional imprints/blockages that are stored in the ovaries, which then impose onto the woman to repeat the ill choices and behaviours if they are not truly healed.

The Esoteric Ovary Massage supports the woman to re-connect through healing and letting go of the imbalances that she has formed herself to become, and therefore, re-establishing a knowing of her true self again by her own femaleness (stillness) that lay innately within. By virtue of this re-connection the woman may then re-introduce and integrate into her life a way of being that honours a harmonious balance in her body, and bringing a knowing of herself by a true health that comes from within.


Booking details:

Please read the below carefully and respond accordingly.

To make a booking, please reply to Natalie Benhayon at

[ ] with the following details:

– Your full name

– Your contact phone number (mobile number preferred)

– Your session date request and a morning or afternoon preference

– Please also specify if you would like a general/open session, or, an Esoteric Ovary Massage


Session Dates Available:

Saturday17th May– Morning or Afternoon

Sunday18th May      – Morning only

Monday19th May      – Morning or Afternoon

Tuesday20th May – Morning or Afternoon

Booking is essential


Your request will be confirmed via email from Natalie


May 4, 2014: The Universal Medicine cult’s plan to cyber-bully victims and critics

Righto Duckies, no surprises the Universal Medicine cult is continuing its downward spiral into irredeemable silliness and desperation.

First the cult’s attempts to bully me via WordPress, Google, AHPRA and the ACCC went tits up, and then the secret Yammer site where the cult gave true expression of their love and devotion to me and the FACTS was canned due to leaks. Apparently, the faith-full have been squirreling away at their new site regardless to ‘out’ me and others as cyber-bullies, and to counter the factuality of our Naming Names page using the tired old Esoteric airbrush.

The local Lord of Form refuses to believe the rumours and has said, and I quote: ‘surely they aren’t that stupid.’

Even the LOF has trouble getting his head around the mass stupidity that is the cult’s default mentality. Either way, it’s bound to have hilarious results.

It’ll be good for my reputation, regardless. Since my name was published in the Echo, I’ve received an increasing number of enquiries about UM from those adversely affected, and also enquiries about other harmful groups, and how to go about exposing them and bringing them to account. If it keeps going like this, I’ll open a consultancy.

Heck, maybe I’ll get a government grant.

Their Esoteric resumé/cyber-bullying site won’t alter the facts of all the rorting, abuse, bullying and misconduct central to the giant rip off that is Universal Medicine. Second, they’ve done it all before. They already have seven plus self-loving websites overflowing with their version of ‘truth’ – which only cult members take seriously. Apparently they plan to rebut our exposés of their secretive nastiness, which will be funniest of all. How will they maintain their facade of ‘gentleness’ and ‘love for humanity’ (LOL) while going all ad hominem on me and the LOF, or will the tone match the seething obsession and bile of the secret Debasing Evil debacle? Will they answer questions about palpating each other’s breasts and pubic bones (Esoteric healing); prana, entity possession, the four Lords of Form, evolution denial, child abuse etc. etc. Will it be an open site, where ourselves and our readers are allowed to reply or ask questions – like they can here? Will they answer the questions, or blindly obfuscate their last fragile particles of credibility into the same black hole they’ve thrown their cash?

Let’s see how many words they can expend on evading the FACTS.

Inquiry Submissions

It was a hectic week in the Accountability bunker. The Lords of Form spent the week mourning the fading of their suntans and squabbling over whether Sauvignon Blanc is any different to Pinot Gris. Princess went Kite Surfing during a Southerly and crash landed outside a Mexican restaurant in Runaway Bay in time for Nachos happy hour. I lodged a submission each into the Australian Health Ministers Advisory Council consultation on a Draft National Code of Conduct for Unregistered Health Practitioners, and a Senate Inquiry into the repeal of the ACNC Act. For both, I made a case study of Sergio the Bullshitter and his band of profiteering parasites for why self-regulation can’t be trusted to scam artists and cults. Hopefully the submissions will be posted publicly, and both inquiries will hold public hearings and attract media coverage. With even more luck, a look at SergeCorp by the powers that be might inspire some Glorious new legislation.

17 Comments on “May gossip from the Evil Lodge”

  1. MacReady says:

    Trying to put a positive spin on being associated with Serge Benhayon is like struggling to get out of a quicksand pit. The harder you try to improve the situation the deeper you sink. The only difference is that Serge’s mudpit of malfeasance smells far worse; not surprising given the deep shit that is being hidden behind the prettified propaganda facade.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I forget to say in my email, in Germany, only doctors and Heilpraktiker are allowed to do acupuncture or chakrapuncuture. Additionaly, there are strong hygienic reglementations, but I think as long as no one reports, nobody knows…

    Natalie I guess has no EU permit and I think will work in Germany illegally. When it comes to other laws for health practitioners, Germany seems to be a little stricter than Australia. I. e. when you are an energy healer without medical training, you are not allowed to have any healing intentions. One is only supporting the self-healing powers and the client has to be made aware of that.

    I forget also to say when I am doubtful about ‘esoteric’, but most of all doubtfull about OVARY MASSAGE. ???!!!

  3. Y says:

    You´re 100 % correct about these regulations in Germany. This is what I call black labour.

  4. MacReady says:

    German authorities may also be interested in Serge’s appropriation of Blavatsky’s Aryan racial theories, too. Anyone with access to his books and audio will find plenty of references. Yes, I know Serge’s family is Jewish, but he also claims to know where Adolf Hitler’s reincarnation lives so it’s not like we’re dealing with a rational mind here.

  5. And what value does one get from Esoteric healing with Natalie Benhayon for a paltry €75 (AUD110)??

    Men are pricks, women who disagree with us are really men, your body is full of cancer causing male energy, emotions are the cause of all disease, the only hope is indefinite healings, Gimme your money, and do you have any young daughters because my Dad likes to have them stay for sleepovers?

    Oh and don’t complain the healing does nothing for symptoms. Natalies’s working on the energetic cause of disease. You don’t feel the benefits until after your dead. Sign here for your bequest.

    • Lord of Form says:

      75 Euro’s is a lot actually. A massage costs 30-40 in the Fatherland.

      Why is it unsurprising that a young Benhayon doesn’t abide by the rules of another country? Dad doesn’t here, so why the hell should they?

      While we’ve had little luck with the regulators (yet), let me remind readers of some of the highlights of the patriarch and his followers’ antics:

      Universal “Medicine” – a highly deceptive and misleading business name that still confuses the general public.

      EPA- a body to self accredit for their invented modalities with bogus healing claims, designed to give the unwary public a sense of legitimacy. Again, deceptive.

      Chakra-puncture- a renamed acupuncture, which allows practitioners, including Dad and son, to sidestep strict national rules around acupuncture introduced in 2012. (Changed from ‘esoteric acupuncture’ just as the enforcement commenced.)

      Chakra-puncture courses, sold by son and dad to hundreds of students, again with self-accreditation to the students unleashing them on the public, despite the new rules around acupuncture!! The chief trainer is dad, who experience amounts to nothing. Outrageous.

      Befuddled, real life and registered practitioners referring to Serge and family for pretend treatments like ovary massage, lung massage, uterus massage, breast massage (I left off esoteric so you can see what it really is)- All with spurious claims to cure the root causes of disease.

      UM-fronts claiming association with International Womens and Mens day, when they didn’t exist. Again, to grab some legitimacy.

      A charity that collects money and doesn’t give any away- except to build on Serge’s property, clearly improving his assets, which he then leases back to the charity.

      A charity in the UK seconded from a mate when their own charity application fell over for their ‘new world religion’- which even though they advertised as the UM UK charity, and Serge ranted about as such- on recordings- they now deny is a UM charity. Liars.

      And so it goes on.

      No point mentioning what happened before Universal Medicine, but suffice to say, it’s the same shit, different decade. Right Deborah?

      But sprinkle it with fairy dust called ‘energetic integrity’ and voila! it is all gooooooood.

      I guess if I am the offspring of the new-era messiah, and a seer, and probably the reincarnation of someone famous, I would feel quite entitled. Laws? rules? bah, humbug! They’re for the astral cult. Now give me your cash and get in your heart!

      • Darkly Venus says:

        And cult psychologist Marianna Masiorski accused me in writing of behaving as if I was ‘above the law’. After she offered her diagnosis of me as a narcissistic psychopath.

        Projection much?

        • Lord of Form says:

          Yep, LOL. As I have said, no sense of the irony that they create with their numb-skullery.

          And I haven’t mentioned that UM consistently break various trade practices acts with misrepresentation of their courses. However, when you’ve got customers who can’t tell the difference between science and sci-fi there’s not much fear they’re going to run to the local OFT. And the local OFT officer would be as confused as the student because it seems to fall into the territory of APHRA or the HCCC, or someone else. And they of course, think it is something to do with the ACCC, or maybe the OFT..?

          Running a cult is a nice way to confuse the crap out of everyone. And operate just outside the law.

  6. MacReady says:

    Hey Serge (and cronies).

    If you really thought these blogs exposing your bullshit scams were ‘cyber-bullying’ and you were all about ‘love’ why haven’t you done what any normal person with nothing to hide would do? If you were innocent and had nothing to hide you would take necessary legal action. If you were all about ‘love’ and opposed to ‘cyber-bullying’ you would take the moral high ground, follow legal proceedings and let justice prevail, right Serge?

    But you haven’t done that. Instead you’ve blamed the victims (a Universal Medicine staple), and engaged in smear campaigns and the exact cyber-bullying tactics you claim to oppose. How loving and gentle! Only someone with plenty of skeletons in the closet and everything to lose would avoid the legal system if the contents of these blogs were false or inaccurate.

    Serge Benhayon, you just made it really clear that you are the absolute antithesis of ‘a man of utmost integrity’. The same goes for your professional apologists.

    • Darkly Venus says:

      Yes. Who’s bullying who?

      If they call posting factual information they seek to hide and speaking out on behalf of the cult’s victims, ‘bullying’, then what is all the public lying and underhanded attempts to shut us down?

  7. Pranic Princess says:

    On readers who want to share their experiences, we did look at establishing a password access members’ only page. We think it would be healthy for a heap of you to talk to each other and we’d love to facilitate that, however, we decided against that option because we’d have to screen new members. Who knows how low they could stoop in their blind allegiance to Stool Benhayon. Like bent journalist Hamish Broome – pretended he’s not in the cult so he could collect information the bastards have used to intimidate people and invade their privacy.

    Truly the best place to talk with each other is here in the comments, unless someone wants to kick start the Rick Ross forum page.

  8. RJM says:

    Once again I’m stunned at the lack of self-awareness displayed by Serge’s minions. Epic. Fucking. Fail. Everything they do to downplay the bizarre nature of UM just screams “CULT!” louder than before. Normal people don’t run a blog ostensibly dedicated to stopping cyber-bullying that actually specializes in the exact sort of cyber-bullying they claim to be opposing. I thought UM was about enlightenment and expressing love? Apparently not!

    Anyway, keep up the eso-weirdness, Children Of The Corn. I haven’t laughed so hard in ages.

  9. W. Harper says:

    The Moyra Federation seems like a much truer interpretation of Djwahl Khul’s work, and Michael Robbin’s statement is remarkably selfless. The source material that both groups rely on is very similar, although Universal Medicine seems to shy away these days of mention of Alice Bailey.

    Perhaps Universal Medicine could learn a lot from these people? Nothing on sale on the site, no PR before and after stories, no claims of cyber bullying about people who don’t agree with him/them. Just a simply stated mission that people can take or leave, and a chance to donate if you feel like it.

    How very refreshing.

    I also googled them and checked the first 4 pages of listings. Not a single newspaper article/blog/tv report with anything negative to say about them…

    That’s not a claim Universal Medicine could make is it?

    • Darkly Venus says:

      Thanks for looking them up.

      We can’t say whether they are safe either without more information on what goes on behind closed doors. A few years ago, before the cult started publicly unleashing bile on detractors, and before the media began looking at them, they also looked innocuous from the outside. ‘Our customers are free to choose’,’only donate if you feel to and you can afford it’, and ‘Serge never tells us what to do’ have always been the standard propaganda. For a long time it went unchallenged.

      What compelled me to post about Morya is to show how Sergio the bullshitter has frankly plagiarized his ‘impresses’, and added some fundamentalism to truly toxify the occult message.

      • W. Harper says:

        True, but even then it was the ‘cult of Serge’. It was all about him, always has been and always be.

    • Rick Ross’s Warning Signs of an unsafe group or leader are a good place to start.

  10. Defamation Target says:

    Truly, what kind of ratbag promotes themselves and their business alongside pages and pages of evidenceless ad hominem slagging of people who’ve dared question their behaviour? PLUS pages and pages of agenda ridden diatribes that UM IS NOT A CULT because the experts were discredited by someone once. Sort of. Complete with the retinue of investors congratulating each other on how ‘in truth’ they are and how much they love humanity.

    Not a cult. Nuh.

    Perhaps just the world’s biggest group of self aggrandizing idiots.