Cult Marketing: Esoteric Women’s Health Presents a short film about nothing

From Esoteric Women’s Health, an infomercial without the info. Truly Deeply Beautiful – A True Celebration of Cult Women stars the Universal Medicine cult’s top female ROLE MODELS – the Lie Lie Lie Baldwin sisters & Ms Transparency 2012, Sarah Davis, and a few other Women in Lyingness speaking the same stilted jargon. Nope, there’s no mention of Natalie Pty Ltd Benhayon’s grimy modalities: Esoteric Breast, Uterus & Ovary Massage, and their obligatory privacy invasions, inappropriate touching, sexism, amateur rape counselling, unsolicited relationship toxification and over servicing. And while the stars of the show are determined to exhibit their nasty personal habits, no one discloses their financial connection to Universal Medicine, let alone what Esoteric Uterus Massage with the unremarkable and unqualified Curtis Benhayon entails. My erudite review after the jump, including a special message to Real Media Real Change proprietor, Sarah Davis, and token yes artist doctor, Anne Malatt.

The thing is tarted up to look like a wimmin friendly Dove commercial, complete with cult bling, but nup, none of the the Lie Lie Lie by omission sistas mention in their graphic confessions they’re plugging the Benhayon pyramid scheme of abuse. Dr Malatt doesn’t mention she’s profiting from Serge’s teachings that tattoos carry the evil energy of the tattooist, and Elizabeth Dolan doesn’t mention she makes money out of Esoteric Breast Massage and telling women they deserve to be raped. In fact, the film appears to be selling nothing but a lot of personal disclosure that makes the film’s subjects look brainless, and makes their non disclosures look calculated and mercenary. But I don’t know why I’d expect anything different from the SergeProp brains trust.  Anyone who’s had the displeasure of reading the gynaecological exhibitionism of the Women in Livingness blog will recognize the self absorbed platitudes: me me me me me me, me me me me, me me me me, beauty-full me me me me me me, magical me me me me me me, more of me me me me me me me me me me me me me… (fuck you).

The film’s plot is the standard Universal Medicine narrative. OUR LIVES WERE WORTHLESS BEFORE WE STARTED SELLING FOR BENHAYON – we took drugs, we had sex, we worked and studied hard, we achieved recognition and reward, there was pressure to look good, we got drunk, went to rehab, became mothers and thought we should put our children first, so our first world middle class lives of unsurpassed privilege were NOT HAPPY ON THE INSIDE and OUT OF CONTROL but LIFE TURNED AROUND when we chose to be told how to eat, sleep, exercise, raise children, and connect with our breasts and ovaries by a multi-millionaire ex bankrupt dunny epiphanist with a thing for underaged pajama parties, genital healing and upgrading his property portfolio.

We could have done what other women do and gotten a  grip, but now we feel good about putting on love-ly cream and oils and taking baths and it’s great to be in a woman’s body, and if the film was a bit longer, we’d tell you more about Esoteric Women’s Health and how women are lovely and gentle and shouldn’t lift heavy things, and the female body is a cancer trap because we’ve been objectified by men, and we were rapists in past lives and tried to please our Dads and allowed ourselves to run on male energy, and we can pass cancer causing energy to our babies through breast milk, and besides, caring for children interferes with our self-loving choices and tampons are energetically the same as having a dirty bastard man’s penis inside you.

Esoteric Women’s Health. Truly, Deeply, Beauty-full.

Welcome to our cult. Our guru couldn’t be bothered appearing. He’s busy having a laugh while his dogsbody counts the money.

BecBalderdashWhat the cult role models won’t tell you

Sexual abuse denier, Rebecca Baldwin declares herself a ‘powerful’ role model committed to making Benhayon propaganda videos selling young women the diseased Universal Medicine version of ‘what’s really going on,’ without REACTING and GETTING UPSET about how things are ‘so bad now’. Must have been while she was taking a break from trying to close the internet, denying sexual abuse, calling me a bully, a criminal and a troll and trying to shut down our blogs.

Opthalmologist, Dr Anne Malatt, fills patients with confidence in the medical profession by saying that she only stayed sober enough through her medical degree to pass her exams, and that doctors ‘work hard and party hard’. That explains her resolute inability to distinguish science from pseudoscience, but one wonders what the medical board and the AMA will make of her ease in bringing the reputation of the profession into disrepute, and the fact she’s breaching advertising restrictions for medical professionals by providing testimonial for an abusive set of untested modalities, devised by a treatment room groper.

And finally, the uber deluded Sarah Davis smilingly says, ‘when I feel how beautiful I am, that goes out to the world,’ which is how she thinks she can get away with running an undisclosed cult front and throwing around defamation threats to anyone who mentions the facts.sarahdavis Dishonesty and underhanded bullying whilst playing at butter wouldn’t melt in your mouth is anything but beautiful, Ms Davis.

We have every intention of outing Hamish, Sarah. We’re waiting to see what the Press Council rules, but regardless of their decision, his name will go on the internet with the emails he sent. Venus wrote it in December, ‘try transparency next time.’ If she’d known what the dimwitted Hamish was up to, she would have told him too.

We’ve made sure a lot of influential people already know who he is, darling, nationwide. He made damned sure it’s for all the wrong reasons. So again, don’t thank us. Thank him, thank your self-loving choices, and thank puppet master, Serge.

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  1. Pranic Princess says:

    This from MacReady pasted from the Accountability blog:

    Remember the outrage expressed by the cult members when journalists wrote that Serge’s followers were predominately female? All that talk about ‘mistruths’ and the media ‘abusing women’ by accurately reporting that the majority of the cult members are women? If that was all ‘mistruths’ from an ‘abusive’ media then why does practically every effort at promotion made by UM entirely (or mostly) feature women, even to the exclusion of Serge himself? And if the cult isn’t mostly female in membership and focus how do we explain the handful of male members convincing themselves they’re experiencing periods after being psychologically gelded by Serge?

  2. Pranic Princess says:

    This from You Know Whos Brother

    Holy shit. Everyone can feel it? Yeah Sarah 1 and 2. They can. How self-obsessed and subjective you are. And not very truth-full.

    I want to see Lee Green now talking about his man periods and how gentle he is and how his penis has shrunk to the size of a clitoris. Where’s the man version? Christoph ” Huh, science is science, and everything Serge says is scientific and if it isnt Science hasn’t proved it yet. I used to be smart, look at my website, then I met Serge, now I don’t drink and wear a stupid grin. How Amazing” Lee Green ” I agree Christoph. I used to have a set of balls but now they are replaced with external ovaries. It’s AMAZING”

    It’s worth noting that the director of this cult-confession piece is none other than the three Baldwins confessors hapless bro Johnny- Michael is my friend, I think- Baldwin. On stage its banjo picking dad, back off camera is ‘WTF is going on my whole families in a cult since I was a teenager better join in’ Johnny. All that’s missing is mum. She’s get a good oblique bagging along with dad, so she might as well put her head there too. C’mn Mum, step up. Feel how AMAZING you are too. After all you’ve done a smashing job leading your kids into the cult. May as well own it.

    And this is the best Serge can do after 13 years of headfucking and home wrecking. Piss poor effort really.

  3. Y says:

    Dr. Anne Malatt serving the students regarding the tattoo claim:

    • Darkly Venus says:

      A tattoo is an open window for energy that is not you to enter and make its way/influence in you. This is an energetic fact that no amount of denial or ignorance can or will change. A true esoteric practitioner knows how to remove the direct effect of the energetic consequences. Serge Benhayon, Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, UniMed Publishing, Goonellabah, p.215

      Do you do ahahuasca? Do you do E – meaning ecstasy in your social life? Do you drink alcohol? Do you do marijuana, have done marijuana? Have you been cleared of it? Do you have any tattoos, because if you have any tattoos, which haven’t been cleared, the tattooist lives in you, then everything the tattooist does is energetically in you, alive, active. Audio, EDG lecture, 2010.

      No declaration there from Dr Malatt of her financial conflict of interest.

      Meanwhile, Advertising Guidelines for Healthcare Practitioners states:

      3.3 Substantiation of claims
      Practitioners must be certain that they can substantiate any claims made in advertising material, particularly in relation to outcomes of treatment, whether implied or explicitly stated.

      5 What is unacceptable advertising?
      (a) create or be likely to create unwarranted and unrealistic expectations about the effectiveness of the health services advertised
      (c) mislead, either directly, or by implication, use of emphasis, comparison, contrast or omission
      (h) lead to, or be likely to lead to, inappropriate self- diagnosis or self-treatment
      (i) abuse the trust or exploit a lack of knowledge by patients or clients

  4. susieQ says:

    The awful horrible dirge/funeral like music matches the sickening unbelievable tripe.

  5. SubRosa ™ says:

    Gosh! Rebecca is 31…?! (Really) All this time I thought she was my age, with the one difference that I look better than she does and that was before I figured out I developed an allergy to my regular facial cream. Sounds arrogant maybe, but like them I also have strong feelings for ” the uttermost truth “. Maybe if we want to seriously counteract this nonsenseness; we should come up with our own Dove-like Youtubes…?

    Thanks for posting this: It made my day…
    BTW, I am 47.

    • Camelot says:

      please send pic 😉

      • SubRosa ™ says:

        LoL… (me and my big mouth)
        For the record: I didn’t mean I look like 31, but sincerely thought she was somewhere around my age based on other material I saw of her. Did notice my forehead is little more wrinkled than hers, but figured that’s because I actually think and do make use of my brains.

        Still am considering the You Tube though, but first want to close the deal on the trademark I’ve threatened Serge with.

        • Funny you should say this, because one of our regular readers thought Miranda Benhayon was about 40.

          Rebecca Baldshit wouldn’t look out of place in the whole Mother Superior garb. Eso-frumps courtesy of Serge’s Sacred Esoteric Mind Fuck.

  6. Darkly Venus says:

    What’s truly amazing is how these women can sit there with straight faces and describe their bullying, deceit and abandonment of professional ethics as beautiful and amazing. And how any Baldwin can regard themselves as a ‘role model’, unless that role is a censorious, abuse denying puritan slash pimp.

    But I think the worst is the way they’ve flipped from putting their children first to sending them over to pervey Uncle Serge’s for sleepovers, or planting them onstage at a service of Serge worship immortalized on youtube. Tell me who chooses an undernourished ex bankrupt charlatan with a shady past and wandering hands over the welfare of their own children? It’s proof these self-loving role models have no shame.

    • SubRosa ™ says:

      I agree, which is the reason I need to take breaks from the Benhayon clan and didn’t read the blog’s for a couple weeks. I am catching up though…

      Congrats with the 1 year anniversary!

      Keep up the good work.

      • No one blames you. They’re a bit much!

        I mean, Venus & I know we’re bitches, but we’re not selling anything, whereas Rebecca and Sarah and those other clones think they’re LOVE-LY and holier than thou. I bet they all hate each other. How much hair pulling do you think goes on between the Baldwins?

        Now, to housekeeping. There might be ads at the bottom of some pages. On our browsers all we can see is a little message saying they might appear. Anyway, those are WordPress ads, seeing it’s a free platform, they need to scrape up some revenue from somewhere. We don’t get a say and we’re not making anything. Although feel free to send expensive gifts, food parcels, real estate parcels, propositions, proposals or what not.

        And we just had a rummage through the spam bin and found some ancient comments from Eric Dobbs – sorry Eric! – so if you submit a (reasonably clean) comment and it doesn’t appear, contact us and we’ll fish it out for you. For a small fee.

      • Feline Aphrodite says:

        Feline so agrees with you SubRosa – UM stuff so so toxic.

        It has to be exposed, but it is such ugly disturbing stuff to read.
        It makes you feel sick.

        The hypocritical lying presentations are to much to see all the way through.
        I could only watch a minute it is just so sickening.

        • SubRosa says:

          I’ve just watched the complete video and am out of words again. How anyone can build a cult on this, seling it as the light and everybodies salvation is beyond me…???

          The only thing I can come up with, right now is bad, bad make up artist…

          But everything around this crap is beyond ugly and yes,truly sickening.

  7. RJM says:

    Can these people just once publicly acknowledge the absolute tripe belief system that Serge had pimped to them? If it’s all so beauty-full and love-ly, just tell the world about The Lords Of Form, astral entities, sexual abuse victims being abusers in past lives, Serge claiming to be able to put evil spirits into people (including children) and remove them, the need for healing symbols under every electrical appliance in the house (and under the bed and car seats), magical pillow cases, ascended masters who were once pedophiles and murderers, physical human existence being a mistake and evolution back to soul (er, that’s death in plain talk) being the UM endgame, Serge telling parents that their pubescent daughters are in danger of being ‘split’ by older men outside the cult but safe to stay at his house without their supervision despite him leaving his first wife for a teenager he was having an affair with. Just once can these people tell the truth they claim to value so much? Is that really too much to ask? Apparently so.

  8. SubRosa ™ says:

    Don’t forget to mention the fact that his house guests, mostly teenage girls, are asked to leave the door open when they are taking a shower…

  9. Feline Aphrodite says:

    Isn’t their money making picnic this weekend?
    I just braved having a quick look at their site more and more the word ‘Religion’ is appearing. UM is slowly but surely promoting that.
    TAX FREE SCAM!!!!!????? hmmmm Maybe the charity one isn’t cutting it anymore with the powers that be??? Slimey lot.

    • lou says:

      I am pretty sure when the UM webpage was first up and running, it said something like “not affiliated with any cult or religion”. Slerge has def changed his tune.

      • Darkly Venus says:

        Well spotted, Lou.

        That line is found in the back of all Slerge’s books and it’s still on the UM site

        The essence of the work that flows through me is in line with that which can be called sacred and esoteric by nature. It is non-traditional, following no allegiance to any cult, form or belief other than that which is found intuitively at the inner-heart centre in accordance with the impress of the Hierarchy. No claims are made other than the stance that the work like all other before us should always be ascertained by the individual to be the work of truth or not. ~ Serge Benhayon

        Except for the allegiance to borrowing most of his religion wholesale from Alice Bailey. But it is certainly non traditional in the sense he made the rest of the shit up.

  10. Feline Aphrodite says:

    According to the RMRC FB page the above was:

    “Originally screened at the MEDIA THAT CONNECTS events in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney”

  11. Camelot says:

    Sarah D sure ain’t the poster girl for lovingness and integrity she makes out. But which compromised member of the cult is? Whether they are lying about money (Rebecca) or payoff (Jaqui) or transparency (Sarah) or being a * (Hamish *) or a member pulling an AVO on a hapless ex with the help of Paula Fletcher, Legal genius- they are all hard at lying their collective asses off to justify their investment in the great Serge scam, now becoming generational though the Benhayon kids. Simone in the UK with her nose breathing swimming (LOL), Natalie in Australia promulgating her fathers interest in womens (health), Michael with his dodgy muzak and curtis with his behind the scenes uterus rubbing.
    Really nice,
    And here’s the five stooges set to boring muzak to make it all look “a-okay…..”
    They’re only fooling themselves, but man they are doing a great job at that.

  12. RJM says:

    This is hardly news to seasoned UM critics, but worth re-emphasizing how Serge ticks every box when it comes to cult leader criteria:

      • Doesn’t fit the many doctors I know either, and it’s grossly insulting. It’s another of Dr Malatt’s sick projections.

      • Camelot says:

        She’s just repeating what Serge says. There’s no real thought behind it.

        It’s like the massive increase in disease -there isn’t- disease’s are at historical lows. Disease from aging has increased because we live longer, but not pro rata

        Massive increase in violence- we live in the most peaceful time in history. We’re
        more aware of violence and war now, due to media and a more empathetic world view but there has never been a more peaceful time in the history of humanity.

        More earthquakes- No.

        More bad weather- maybe- but not for reason knobhead has divined out of his arsehole.

        More violence against women- No, massively down. But more reported due to above.

        Sponsored science- what can you say, Serge is an idiot.

        Massive increase in drinking- No

        But these are all the things the members repeat without a thought as if they are true. Usually in the same words, with the same cadence, and the same daggy metaphors.

        What a horrible life to become merged with Serge to the point that you don’t know where your reality starts and his disease starts.

        Personally however I am not a fan of tats. But only because they look like the person didn’t think for themselves. Would most people have got a tat 20 years back? Don’t think so. It shows you the power of group think and how we can all get sucked in and things that seemed out there get normalized. No offence to posters and readers out there with tats. Just saying. Maybe you can see Anne if you’re ready to feel AMAZING again. Or you can tell me to shut up.

  13. pranabunny says:

    Well to be fair, I spent the first two years of my studies mainly getting pissed, as did probably 90% of my fellow students. I remember being horrifically hungover and having to dissect a mouse (not fun). So I wouldn’t necessarily hold the drinking against Mallatt, she managed to pass her exams and anyways, her claims are most likely exaggerated.
    She is still a dangerous idiot if she endorses Serge and his bullshit. That’s a FACT.
    But all this talk about drug and alcohol ‘abuse’ and wild meaningless sex and the ‘intensity’ of the teenage years sounds just so contrived. Granted, most of us probably tested the limits re alcohol intake when we were younger and some of us tried weed or E or even cocaine. Yes, we pined for the elusive boy or girl, we had our hearts broken, we maybe did things we didn’t want to do just to please others and maybe some of us even went through the dark valley of depression and teenage angst. But that’s normal, no? And then the brides of serge get their minds in a twist and start to dig deeeeeeep and suddenly there’s the explanation for all their sadness, loneliness, confusion, emptiness and boredom: eureka! It must be the intensity of the teenage years!!!!!!

    • SubRosa ™ says:

      Amazing…! Isn’t it…?
      It also clearly points out who they’re actually aiming at: yes, teenagers.

      Dangerous, dangerous women…

      (I can only hope they will go back to their drug and/or alcohol addiction: it will keep them occupied.)

      • pranabunny says:

        Would I trust her with my health issues? Certainly not!
        And you are of course right, most people grow out of the drinking fun by the time they start their postgrad. I know I did.

      • pranabunny says:

        Gosh, I’m a bit slow today….

        I think serge appeals to intelligent people because intelligent people have hang-ups and issues too and they are looking for a solution or a quick fix just like your average joe. But I know what you mean, it is difficult to comprehend how someone with their brain function intact wouldn’t eventually wake up and say “hang on. This is clap trap. What am I doing?”
        Interestingly, a dear friend of mine who is highly intelligent and has a critical hyper critical mind almost fell for the BS spouted by Byron Katie and Eckhard Tolle. He really got into Zen meditation and started on the ego-less path and someone recommended those books to him. He thought they were very helpful and interesting. That is, until I threw a hissy fit and then explained to him a bit about the background of these people. His analytical mind kicked in immediately and Tolle and Katie went out the window, and he also started to look more critically at Zen mediation and some aspects of it…. He basically toned it down to a healthy and helpful level.
        Long story short, I sometimes wonder whether it would have been better to confront my UM fanatic friend with some harsh realities about Serge, his methods, and also her own hang-ups when she was still in the early stages. She’s intelligent. Unfortunately she now uses this intelligence to bend the truth (the real world truth, not Sergio’s version of it) to fit her new world view and there is no getting through to her.

      • SubRosa ™ says:

        Certainly not. But I also don’t wanna know what the surgeon who did the procedure on my throat is up to into his free time.

        The ‘thing’ ( with the size of an biological egg ) he removed had to come out before I would choke in it: I didn’t had another choice but to surrender.
        This is why I like professional boundaries if it comes to health care workers in any way, shape or form.

        He did one hell of an elegant job BTW; which shows me, and anyone who sees the scar I ended up with compared to what was removed, a lot of respect for the human body.

      • Darkly Venus says:

        Me too. No way would I consent to medical care from Dr Malatt. Eunice Minford is scarier again. No way I’d let a Serge zealot and euthanasia fetishist anywhere near me or mine.

        Bully for Dr Malatt giving up the grog, but she didn’t have to join a cult to do it, and she is breaching her professional ethics to promote UM. Brainwashing isn’t an excuse. To err is human, that is one thing, but to have oneself filmed dissing one’s profession and to ignore copious evidence of harm and use one’s professional position to endorse a proven bullshitter is unforgiveable. I agree, SubRosa, professional boundaries exist for a reason. Moreover, I have serious doubts about Dr Malatt and the other cult doctor’s alleged intelligence. Even Serge takes the piss out of them, mocking their ability to pass exams and telling them they’re good for not much else.

        Ironically, it’s not just the Medical Board that has a code of conduct warning about exploiting patients’ lack of medical knowledge, the Esoteric Practitioners Association crackpot code has that whole clause on undue influence – and here we have the breach immortalized on Youtube by Dr Malatt, cult pimp.

        As for these women pathologically clinging to their teenage and other angst, it’s a sign of the way Benhayon’s teachings keep followers psychologically stunted. Everyone fucks up. So what? Esoteric students remain stunted. Authentic healing helps people integrate those experiences, grow up, and move on, healthier and more likely to maintain healthy habits. An emotionally healthy person can also acknowledge that you don’t need to write off your entire history – that bad experiences are mixed with the good. It takes a grown up to sort that out, that’s all. That’s why the Eso pimps in the video will never be role models – always bitching about how bad things are in their sordid black and white world.