Relaunch: Unpacking Universal Medicine episode 3 – sexiness and Esoteric Women’s Health

The corporation behind Esoteric Breast Massage pitches questionable products and services to women and girls with their unconvincing and confused ‘True Sexy’ gimmick.

Video recordings of Universal Medicine’s Way of the Livingness events and other UM marketing materials give insight into the workings of the Goonellabah based commercial occult religious conglomerate. UPDATE: UM contractors The Co-Creative lodged a second round of groundless copyright infringement complaints to YouTube and had 3 episodes taken down. After I issued a counter notification they deliberately stalled to keep them down. The full playlist of videos has been restored, with more to come.

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May gossip from the Evil Lodge

weez liek SOOO EEVILL :twisted:

weez liek SOOO EEVILL 😈

May 26, 2014: Responding to personal attacks on critics May 21, 2014:*WELCOME NEW READERS *Morya Federation – Esoteric parallels with Universal Medicine  May 17, 2014: *FUM, the Universal Medicine cult’s Esoteric ‘facts’ blog *Tips on protecting your online expression May 12, 2014: Attention readers in UK & Europe  May 9, 2014: A correspondent from Germany tips us off on Natalie Benhayon’s Ovarian Massage and cult recruitment road show in Germany at €75 per hour May 4, 2014: *The cult’s big new plot to cyber-bully critics by labelling them cyber-bullies *Legislative reform thanks to Serge Benhayon

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Charging for charity – the tax exempt College of Universal Medicine’s first annual evasion statement


Serge Benhayon, aka ‘the voice from heaven’ (left), drumming up cash.

Until recently, charities in Australia could raise and spend money without accounting to anyone. This year, the newly formed Australian Not for Profit and Charity Commission required them to submit an Annual Information Statement. The College of Universal Medicine surpassed itself by also forwarding its audited accounts. The information tells us the College raised almost half a million dollars, spent nothing, and their charitable activities were merely marketing events for UM’s business. Typical of anything UniMed, their attempt at transparency raises more questions than it answers, including why the charity is talking about buying a school building, when the students have already paid for one.

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Debasing Evil Gossip – March Edition

March 31: Spinning the ACCC complaint fiasco March 26:  Happy 50th Birthday Sergio and where’s your AIS?  March 24: *Natalie Benhayon’s raunchy table top dancing *UM’s charity status update March 22: *Damage control Yammer shut down March 21: *The cyber-bully beat up & the Charlotte Dawson tragedy *A message to Miranda Benhayon

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Cult Marketing: Esoteric Women’s Health Presents a short film about nothing

From Esoteric Women’s Health, an infomercial without the info. Truly Deeply Beautiful – A True Celebration of Cult Women stars the Universal Medicine cult’s top female ROLE MODELS – the Lie Lie Lie Baldwin sisters & Ms Transparency 2012, Sarah Davis, and a few other Women in Lyingness speaking the same stilted jargon. Nope, there’s no mention of Natalie Pty Ltd Benhayon’s grimy modalities: Esoteric Breast, Uterus & Ovary Massage, and their obligatory privacy invasions, inappropriate touching, sexism, amateur rape counselling, unsolicited relationship toxification and over servicing. And while the stars of the show are determined to exhibit their nasty personal habits, no one discloses their financial connection to Universal Medicine, let alone what Esoteric Uterus Massage with the unremarkable and unqualified Curtis Benhayon entails. My erudite review after the jump, including a special message to Real Media Real Change proprietor, Sarah Davis, and token yes artist doctor, Anne Malatt.

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Glorious Music® – an Esoteric audiovisual assault

Just when you thought your senses had recovered from the dissonant strains of the Lie Lie Lie Sisters’ hymn to sexual abuse denial, the Universal Medicine cult’s own muzak label has mercilessly pasted another ‘production’ on YouTube. And no, consumption of large amounts of intoxicants does nothing to improve the quality.

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Naming Names – Universal Medicine Cult Cartel – recruiters and promoters