Lifestyles of the rich and heinous – part 2 – the Benhayons’ overstuffed property portfolio

Cult leader Serge Benhayon’s Broadbeach penthouse

In August I wrote about the busy exchange of real estate within the Universal Medicine cult in the last few years. It seems that the more rancid its leader’s reputation becomes, the wealthier he gets. Further investigation has found he owns substantially more than I’d previously revealed, proving that relentless deceit and exploitation remain stunningly profitable, especially when the real estate market is rigged in favour of property hoarders.

In my earlier research, I missed nearly $5 million worth of property at Broadbeach that Serge and Miranda have picked up in the past three years. That brings his current property holdings — that I’m aware of — to an estimated value of well over $16 million. Knowing Serge, there’s a fair bit of cash sloshing around in his investment trusts as well.

Yes, yes mea culpa etc. I admit that investigative standards of the Universal Medicine Accountability project are fairly ramshackle these days. But, realistically, we can’t expect much when consumer protection in Australia is left to individual members of the public, on their own time and at their own great expense. You’re welcome to submit your complaints, but bear in mind they will incur a fee: however much you think it’s cost me to expose this scam of the past ten years.

Anyway, UM’s Esoteric Emperor has picked up four apartments in Broadbeach since 2019, one of which he offloaded in 2021 for a modest profit. That means that after spending two or three million on his failed defamation case, he was still able to go on a shopping spree, adding to holdings that include his other residence, a half share of a deceased follower’s home, and four commercial properties. The sun-kissed jewel of his three Gold Coast apartments is a penthouse on Old Burleigh Road, apparently owner occupied, that he bought almost two years ago for $2.7 million, and which is now valued at over three million.

Penthouse kitchen where Serge sips his cucumber juice and nibbles his greens

Who knows why he chose pranic Broadbeach for his latest bolthole. As far as I know, he still owns his secluded little acreage at Alstonvale. (Who is taking care of his savage dogs?) It’s hard to say how much time he spends on the Gold Coast, about an hour’s drive from his base, but I doubt he leaves the building much. He’d have to sell himself a full-body healing symbol to take a stroll down the mall, what with all of that pranic prosecco and pizza and icecream about, and the great unwashed potentially recognising him as the scamming Goonellabah gooroo they’ve seen on TV.

Where’s the money, Serge?

I guess that’s why, he and Miranda have brought company. Simone Benhayon and her latest husband, Simon Williams, own another $2.7 million apartment on a lower floor. And such is the attachment of Serge’s loyal executive, Serryn O’Regan, she bought a three bedroom pad for $2.3m in the same complex, and another apartment for $1.3m a few streets over, in a high-rise where Miranda (Serge) owns two. As far as I know, solicitor Serryn still owns Serge’s former home at Pineapple Road that he flogged to her for $950k in 2016, and still drives a Porsche. My goodness UM’s business must be good.

The real surprise, though, is Curtis Benhayon and his five million’s worth (with wife Isabella): their newish five bedroom build on 10 acres at McLeans Ridges, plus a $3.3 million home he picked up at Paradise Point in the past few months. Curtis is a massage therapist. (Yes, that makes him more qualified than his old man.) Isabella, as far as I know, is a full-time Mum (also more qualified than Serge). Either Esoteric Uterus Massage was amazingly lucrative, or we’re getting an idea of the asking price for keeping quiet. Yes, Curtis?

We can safely surmise, therefore, that the Benhayons are sitting on at least $25 million in property in Australia. Even if all of these properties are mortgaged to the hilt, which I doubt, it would take quite the cash flow to service them. All those dividends from the sleazy and insultingly inane occult quackery scam that the family has relied upon for its income for over twenty years. Certainly some of those profits came from UM’s toxic products and services, but a lot came from the sixth degree scammer’s constant appeals for handouts. It also helps that his minions devote a lot of free labour to promoting his interests.

In other real estate gossip, Natalie Benhayon’s current husband, Oliver Hallock, ditched his post at Century 21 Alstonville and has joined the sales staff at Amir Prestige on the Gold Coast — the agency that listed Serge’s recycled homestead at Tregeagle for an hilariously ambitious $24 million, before its new owner and recent Way of the Livingness inductee, Jaye Scanlon, dropped the asking price to $18 million and then pulled it from the market. Apart from being wildly overpriced, it seems Trismegistus Farm was getting too much attention. And judging by the latest movements among the Esoteric royalty, skulking to their sterilised glasshouses, attention is the last thing they want.

Apologies for the laxity in uncovering the full extent of the Benhayons’ ill-gotten riches. I do stress that there’s likely more stashed away where it’s difficult for amateurs like me to find. Either way, Happy New Year everyone! Look out for more blogs soon.

8 Comments on “Lifestyles of the rich and heinous – part 2 – the Benhayons’ overstuffed property portfolio”

  1. Anonymous says:

    So while he was probably asking for handouts during his defo trial he was
    Expanding his portfolio?

    • Anonymous says:

      Ask, and it shall be given the repulsive ones.

    • Esther Rockett says:

      Good question.

      Put it this way. He bought the Tregeagle property for $800k in 2015. Hard to know how much money he put into renovations and building the second residence there — $1.5m maybe.
      By 2018, I estimate his Sydney lawyers’ fees would have been another $1.5m or thereabouts, most of it incurred during that year. I don’t know if he paid his in-house lawyers.
      He paid my lawyers another million early 2019.
      June – August 2019 he paid nearly $1.4m ($585k + $800k) for 2 apartments in Broadbeach.
      Aug 2020, he sold the $585k apartment for $650k, and bought another for $1.25m.
      Early 2021, he bought the penthouse for $2.75m.
      Mid 2021 he sold his Tregeagle property for $4.2m and bought the Alstonvale place for $2.7m
      All of that despite him forking out millions in legal fees, and a drop in his cash flow caused by the pandemic. For example he wasn’t able to run his retreats or hands-on workshops for two years. It’s another one of those Esoteric mysteries.

      • Anonymous says:

        While face-to-face retreats and workshops were cancelled, events still continued via web-cast with many more attendees at multiple events, continuing to rake in the money – probably more than before, and a model that has continued.

        • Esther Rockett says:

          Thank you and the other anon commenter. I knew UM had continued a lot of activities online but not the extent. I wonder if he discounted any of the fees, given the huge reduction in operating overheads.

          It’s amazing what they’ll fork out to hear him repeat the same old waffle over and over.

  2. Anonymous says:

    All praise to you Esther for doing the job of Australian authorities without remuneration .
    We are sadly remiss in this country and it’s disgraceful

  3. Anonymous says:

    The retreats where still happening during Covid, it’s all on line….

  4. Anonymous says:

    Events via web-cast means sorely missed cash income, compensated by more attendees, no costs for travel and accomodation.
    I think, all in all the students pay less for their courses whilst UniMed should at least come out even.

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