‘Addressing cyber-bullying’ with the embattled College of Universal Medicine

Esther Rockett

CoUM Cyber-bullying ForumIn 2012, a concerned husband of a Universal Medicine follower began a discussion thread on the Rick Ross Cult Education site. He and other concerned parties began posting questions and comments UM does not allow on its blogs and refuses to discuss publicly. Since then, UM’s propaganda team have portrayed the multi-million dollar business and its religious subscribers and lawyers as victims of cyber-bullying. On July 24, tax exempt charity, the College of Universal Medicine will make a pretence at public benefit by holding the ‘Addressing cyber-bullying’ community forum, showcasing UM’s exemplary methods of handling their poor public image – via intimidation and defamation of complainants and critics.

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Newsflash! Real Media Real Change says Universal Medicine isn’t a cult

RMRCEchoLetter-urlIn an Esoterically explosive letter to the editor (now removed from the site) of the Byron Shire Echo, Real Media Real Change characterizes our exposure of facts about RMRC and our criticism of their deceptive publicity as an ‘attack’ by a ‘hate group’.  They also say UM isn’t a cult, they’re not a cult front, they don’t deliver propaganda, and we’ve produced ‘absolutely no evidence whatsoever’. The same people call malnourished multi-millionaire genital palpater, Serge Benhayon, a man of ‘utmost integrity’ and ‘highly respected’.

Whilst they fan their outrage smokescreen, they continue to evade our questions about their financial relationships with Universal Medicine, and their promotion of a sexual predator and his commerce in abuse.

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Hamish Broome – Ex-Northern Star journalist, Universal Medicine cult informant


The Northern Star promoting Universal Medicine’s top recruiter, Chris James.

Early December 2012, anti free speech front group for the Universal Medicine cult, Real Media Real Change were scheduled to hold a cyberbullying conference at Southern Cross University, except they hadn’t informed their invited speakers of RMRC’s cult backing. Eight of the ten speakers cancelled when informed. Naturally we were seeking media coverage for the event, and a few days out I received a call from Hamish Broome, a reporter from Lismore paper, The Northern Star, saying he was interested in the story. He said he’d never heard of Universal Medicine. I told him my experience of the cult and its sleaze bag leader, Serge Benhayon, and he asked for contact details of other victims, which I didn’t have. I never heard from him again. Over half a year later, after having received a number of baseless legal threats from the cult using my name, I was informed Hamish Broome is the spouse of Sarah Davis, proprietor of Real Media Real Change. Hamish Broome never wrote a story about the conference, never intended to, never declared his conflict of interest to us and in an inexcusable breach of journalistic ethics passed our identities and information from myself and other victims to the cult.

[Update – as of 2019, Hamish Broome is no longer employed by Lismore’s Northern Star]

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International Mens Day & the Universal Medicine Cult – joy-full emasculation

RMRCDonateyourballsBoys have accidents to shake the energy out of them. If your son comes home and you feel he has been affected by male “pack” energy,  you need to shake the energy out of him either by cutting it verbally  or physically shaking him. It is occasionally best to smack it out of him, so that he avoids an accident. Serge Benhayon, quoted in student notes, Esoteric Development Group, 8, May 17, 2008

Those arbiters of Esoteric transparency, Real Media Real Change are at it again, exploiting a respectable event to lure new donors to cult leader, Serge Benhayon’s temple of death, sexism, molestation, narcissism and real estate enhancement. But this time they’re targeting blokes, and they don’t just want their money, they want their balls as well.

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Cult Marketing: Esoteric Women’s Health Presents a short film about nothing

From Esoteric Women’s Health, an infomercial without the info. Truly Deeply Beautiful – A True Celebration of Cult Women stars the Universal Medicine cult’s top female ROLE MODELS – the Lie Lie Lie Baldwin sisters & Ms Transparency 2012, Sarah Davis, and a few other Women in Lyingness speaking the same stilted jargon. Nope, there’s no mention of Natalie Pty Ltd Benhayon’s grimy modalities: Esoteric Breast, Uterus & Ovary Massage, and their obligatory privacy invasions, inappropriate touching, sexism, amateur rape counselling, unsolicited relationship toxification and over servicing. And while the stars of the show are determined to exhibit their nasty personal habits, no one discloses their financial connection to Universal Medicine, let alone what Esoteric Uterus Massage with the unremarkable and unqualified Curtis Benhayon entails. My erudite review after the jump, including a special message to Real Media Real Change proprietor, Sarah Davis, and token yes artist doctor, Anne Malatt.

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Esoteric Creativity – sexual abuse denial set to muzak

We interrupt our regular programming to show you what could happen if Serge Benhayon rearranges your brain cells and you combine that mess with music lessons from Chris James. The result is something like the Osmond family crossed with the Beverley Hillbillies on benzodiazepines and nitrous oxide. We think it unlikely to find chart success anywhere but on Planet Serge where facts that come with photographic evidence are ‘lie lie lies’, and having your genitals pawed by an ex bankrupt junior tennis coach and toilet epiphanist is called ‘healing’. Read the rest of this entry »

Naming Names – Universal Medicine Cult Cartel – recruiters and promoters