Esoteric Stalking – how dare you ask me to stop harming people!

Universal Medicine cult denial knows no bounds. Almost two months ago, Rebecca Baldwin went postal falsely accusing us of falsely accusing Serge Benhayon of abusing patients.  The usual apologists lined up to defend him in spite of photographic evidence of Benhayon teaching inappropriate touching of sexual abuse victims to hundreds of his cult struck followers and calling it ‘healing’. Only Serge’s investors are able to look at those images and not see the wrong. The worst sex abuse deniers are the health professionals associated with the cult, who know that such conduct, if performed by a health professional, is mandatorily notifiable. It occurred to me that his professional apologists couldn’t possibly be aware of the images, otherwise they wouldn’t defend him. So I sent a few of them an email to make sure, and to ask them to stop promoting a sexual predator. The response? One of the precious sourpusses, Dr Rachel Hall of Evolve Dental Healing, Kenmore, tried to have me charged with stalking. The email exchange that had her scurrying to the police follows in its entirety.

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