Universal Medicine Cult Gossip July 2014 – integrity roundup

Not-Gossiping-NetworkingJuly 27: Responding to UM’s Esoteric ‘facts’ July 23: Charity cyber-bullying  July 21: Esoteric Womens Health Money for Nothing  July 17: College of UM Bullshit – Donations policy, Kate Greenaway & ACM *Sergio the philolsopher at the movies July 15: Slideshare propaganda lol July 14: Selling a patronizing, sexist, rip off – Esoteric Womens Health and the Women in Livingness magazine. July 12, 2014: Women in Livingness Magazine & Launch. July 9: *Serge Benhayon on reading ovaries *Breast Cancer Care retreat Lismore July 11

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Naming Names – Universal Medicine Cult Cartel – recruiters and promoters