Not on the payroll – an Esoteric mystery

unicorns-and-fairies-mystical-unicorn-art-gallery-pegasus-desktop-221876In February this year, Esoteric student and cult lawyer, Paula Fletcher of Universal Law solicitors, Mullumbimby, outed herself as a blog troll on the Universal Medicine Accountability site. The self-loving lawyer, thinking she’d signed in anonymously to defend one of the cult’s bent surgeons, answered Venus’s enquiry about how much money she’d made out of Universal Medicine cult damage with the famous line, ‘not on anyone’s payroll actually’. A couple of weeks ago we received a copyright infringement notice for using scanned images of Serge’s healing symbols sent to WordPress from, quelle surprise, Universal Law’s Paula Fletcher. In the following exploration of Esoteric my$tici$m we look at the supernatural sources of the cult’s wealth, and the enigmatic question of who is on the payroll on Planet $erge and who isn’t?  And why not? Read the rest of this entry »

Desperate Desiree – the Universal Medicine cult’s feeble copyright claims

Update: All material taken down was restored. UM had no legal basis for the complaints and did not take legal action.

For as long as we’ve been blogging exposure of the Universal Medicine cult’s copious harms, they’ve been telling nervous followers that we’re criminals, they’re going to sue us and have gone so far as to pass the hat around for contributions to a legal fund to defend downtrodden multi-millionaire Serge and his precious enablers. If our exposure really was ‘lie lie lies’, they could have finished us by now with a defamation action. Knowing they’d lose lose lose spectacularly they’ve tried to shut us down with dirty tricks instead, using Google’s paranoia about being sued to their advantage, and now with piss petty copyright claims – the latest from Desiree Delaloye for use of images of the cult’s unlawful privacy invading workshop consent form. We’ve left the notices unchallenged so far because the images of the butt ugly healing symbols and the woolly headed mugshots are not worth the hassle, but if the cult thinks they’ll shut us down citing copyright infringement of a pseudo legal document, they have another thing coming – or perhaps it’s already arrived in Desiree’s Inbox.

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More money for more nothing – Universal Healing Symbols

Extractor3A Universal Medicine cult specialty is selling worthless services and dubious merchandise at a premium price, and reselling them…and reselling them. Universal Healing Symbols, sold in several sizes, were ‘impressed’ on Serge Benhayon presumably soon after he sat on the toilet in 1999 to contemplate his bankruptcy and heard sweet and beautiful voices that told him to start a cult. For years he’s re-impressed the symbols on his followers ranging in price from AUD$5 for a celo glazed postcard to $160 for a ‘business clearing map’ printed on soulfully laminated art board. Benhayon says these overpriced, funny looking bits of rubbish assist with healing, but he also says that about having your genitals palpated by an unqualified numbskull.

UPDATE: Serge Benhayon has squealed copyright infringement and issued a DMCA takedown notice for the images of his oh so beauty-fully designed bits of crap. Lucky he had some help from Paula not on the payroll Fletcher of Universal Law, otherwise WordPress might not have known WTF he was on about.

UPDATE IV: The bogus copyright infringement claims failed, Paula Fletcher is full of shit, and the symbols iz back!! They so totally belong on the internet, yes?

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Naming Names – Universal Medicine Cult Cartel – recruiters and promoters