Predatory Grooming – Serge Benhayon style – a guest post by ‘Tibouchina’

òÊOur guest blogger gives their account of the Universal Medicine workshop experience and their observations of young girls involved, demonstrating how Benhayon grooms large groups of followers to accept his inappropriate behaviour.

NSW Child Protection Helpline 132 111

A few years ago, I attended several workshops held by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine after being exposed to Serge’s audio recordings and meditation techniques by a friend who was convinced they had found “the truth” therein. Despite my initial skepticism toward the claims and ideas I had heard Benhayon present, and my reluctance to get involved with UM (everything about it screamed “cult”). I decided to give it a chance and check it out for myself, before dismissing it completely as the New Age nonsense I suspected it was.

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