Universal Medicine April 2016 photogenic fictions, gossip and damage control

2 out of 3 Benhayon marriages fail, but they're all AMAZING best friend$

2 out of 3 Benhayon marriages fail, but they’re all AMAZING be$t friends

April 27 *Psychologist Caroline Raphael, registration & accreditation fictions & assisted  brainwashing *Holy Hell documentary on Buddhafield cult

April 24 – *Martin Gladman tanty *Psychologist, Caroline Raphael, & another Esoteric ‘no wrongdoing found’  

April 17 2016 – *Esoteric marital bliss – two more Benhayon marriages bite the dust *No wrongdoing found update *New frontiers of exposure

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Esoteric Slander: the Universal Medicine cult psychologists on the defensive


The Universal Medicine cult persists in telling its followers they’re taking legal action against me, but in spite of the group’s wealth, numbers and dedicated and oh so competent legal team, they have not. They’ve tried just about anything else to bully me and shut me down, having the UK and Australian URLs of my Blogger blog censored without a court order, followed by false copyright and trademark infringement complaints, and a false complaint of stalking by the Mystic dentist. No one has denied my accounts of my experiences with Benhayon, and no one answers our questions about the cult’s secretive practices and their messiah’s inexcusable behaviour. The latest lowly attack comes from the cult psychologists, Marianna Masiorski, Brendan Mooney and Caroline Raphael, who made a complaint to the Australian Healthcare Practitioner Regulatory Authority, with whom I’m a registered practitioner, about my ‘conduct’.

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Naming Names – Universal Medicine Cult Cartel – recruiters and promoters