Esoteric Slander: the Universal Medicine cult psychologists on the defensive


The Universal Medicine cult persists in telling its followers they’re taking legal action against me, but in spite of the group’s wealth, numbers and dedicated and oh so competent legal team, they have not. They’ve tried just about anything else to bully me and shut me down, having the UK and Australian URLs of my Blogger blog censored without a court order, followed by false copyright and trademark infringement complaints, and a false complaint of stalking by the Mystic dentist. No one has denied my accounts of my experiences with Benhayon, and no one answers our questions about the cult’s secretive practices and their messiah’s inexcusable behaviour. The latest lowly attack comes from the cult psychologists, Marianna Masiorski, Brendan Mooney and Caroline Raphael, who made a complaint to the Australian Healthcare Practitioner Regulatory Authority, with whom I’m a registered practitioner, about my ‘conduct’.

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Universal Hypocrites: HuffPost blogger, Dragana Brown and cult surgeon, Eunice Minford


V. R. Morrison, The Vicious Circle

Universal Medicine cult leader, Serge Benhayon’s disturbing views on evil, murder and rape underscore the damaging hypocrisy of his staunch defenders, NHS surgeon, and euthanasia enthusiast, Eunice Minford, and Huffington Post blogger, censorship proponent and food writer, Dragana Brown. Recently, Minford has been feigning outrage on how children are blamed for sexual abuse, while Brown defends the incarceration of a fool in an offensive T shirt. Yet, they’ll promote rape and murder apologist Benhayon, and recruitment to the industry of abuse he’s promoting as a religion.

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Cult Marketing: Esoteric Women’s Health Presents a short film about nothing

From Esoteric Women’s Health, an infomercial without the info. Truly Deeply Beautiful – A True Celebration of Cult Women stars the Universal Medicine cult’s top female ROLE MODELS – the Lie Lie Lie Baldwin sisters & Ms Transparency 2012, Sarah Davis, and a few other Women in Lyingness speaking the same stilted jargon. Nope, there’s no mention of Natalie Pty Ltd Benhayon’s grimy modalities: Esoteric Breast, Uterus & Ovary Massage, and their obligatory privacy invasions, inappropriate touching, sexism, amateur rape counselling, unsolicited relationship toxification and over servicing. And while the stars of the show are determined to exhibit their nasty personal habits, no one discloses their financial connection to Universal Medicine, let alone what Esoteric Uterus Massage with the unremarkable and unqualified Curtis Benhayon entails. My erudite review after the jump, including a special message to Real Media Real Change proprietor, Sarah Davis, and token yes artist doctor, Anne Malatt.

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Esoteric Stalking – how dare you ask me to stop harming people!

Universal Medicine cult denial knows no bounds. Almost two months ago, Rebecca Baldwin went postal falsely accusing us of falsely accusing Serge Benhayon of abusing patients.  The usual apologists lined up to defend him in spite of photographic evidence of Benhayon teaching inappropriate touching of sexual abuse victims to hundreds of his cult struck followers and calling it ‘healing’. Only Serge’s investors are able to look at those images and not see the wrong. The worst sex abuse deniers are the health professionals associated with the cult, who know that such conduct, if performed by a health professional, is mandatorily notifiable. It occurred to me that his professional apologists couldn’t possibly be aware of the images, otherwise they wouldn’t defend him. So I sent a few of them an email to make sure, and to ask them to stop promoting a sexual predator. The response? One of the precious sourpusses, Dr Rachel Hall of Evolve Dental Healing, Kenmore, tried to have me charged with stalking. The email exchange that had her scurrying to the police follows in its entirety.

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