Hamish Broome – Ex-Northern Star journalist, Universal Medicine cult informant


The Northern Star promoting Universal Medicine’s top recruiter, Chris James.

Early December 2012, anti free speech front group for the Universal Medicine cult, Real Media Real Change were scheduled to hold a cyberbullying conference at Southern Cross University, except they hadn’t informed their invited speakers of RMRC’s cult backing. Eight of the ten speakers cancelled when informed. Naturally we were seeking media coverage for the event, and a few days out I received a call from Hamish Broome, a reporter from Lismore paper, The Northern Star, saying he was interested in the story. He said he’d never heard of Universal Medicine. I told him my experience of the cult and its sleaze bag leader, Serge Benhayon, and he asked for contact details of other victims, which I didn’t have. I never heard from him again. Over half a year later, after having received a number of baseless legal threats from the cult using my name, I was informed Hamish Broome is the spouse of Sarah Davis, proprietor of Real Media Real Change. Hamish Broome never wrote a story about the conference, never intended to, never declared his conflict of interest to us and in an inexcusable breach of journalistic ethics passed our identities and information from myself and other victims to the cult.

[Update – as of 2019, Hamish Broome is no longer employed by Lismore’s Northern Star]

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