Universal Medicine is toxic to children

Serge Benhayon’s sexually explicit rants and his exorcism stage act are harmful enough to children without his damaging anti-family brainwashing. Within the messiah’s perverse occult philosophy is the recipe for shattering families, and the sickest teachings are arguably his pronouncements on the female body, rhetorically assaulting the physical bonds between mothers and babies. On top of being subjected to harmful practices, Universal Medicine cult children are deprived of nurturing and responsible parenting in the name of ‘healing’ and ‘self-love’. 

NSW Child Protection Helpline 132 111

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International Mens Day & the Universal Medicine Cult – joy-full emasculation

RMRCDonateyourballsBoys have accidents to shake the energy out of them. If your son comes home and you feel he has been affected by male “pack” energy,  you need to shake the energy out of him either by cutting it verbally  or physically shaking him. It is occasionally best to smack it out of him, so that he avoids an accident. Serge Benhayon, quoted in student notes, Esoteric Development Group, 8, May 17, 2008

Those arbiters of Esoteric transparency, Real Media Real Change are at it again, exploiting a respectable event to lure new donors to cult leader, Serge Benhayon’s temple of death, sexism, molestation, narcissism and real estate enhancement. But this time they’re targeting blokes, and they don’t just want their money, they want their balls as well.

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Serge Benhayon’s false feminism, true misandry and hitting the paedophilia button


Esoteric Development Group Message 23 begins with a question:

A revelation for all students to ponder –

Have you been part of a brainwashing cult that UniMed’s teachings have pulled you out of? (Benhayon, EDG Message 23, undated, p.1)

In an extraordinary feat of subversion that quandary spirals into an extended hissy fit on the ills of the world outside the Universal Medicine cult. The whole thing is too long and too mind bending for one blog post, so in celebration of Universal Misandry week we’ll stick to the parts where Serge tells us how he really feels about men – opening the  flood gates of hate with a pitch to women’s feelings of oppression and winding up with his pet trauma trigger – paedophilia.  Read the rest of this entry »

Serge Benhayon on circumcision & ‘splitting’


Okay sane people, I guarantee it’s impossible to read the following without your head hitting your keyboard or desk or the nearest telegraph pole at least once. We’ve read and heard some outrageous bullshit that has sent our high functioning reality testers into overdrive, however, some of the following on circumcision was so demented it even caused some cult members to snap out of the dissociation trance and get ‘defensive’. Although it appears they weren’t as defensive when he started on underaged sex.

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Woman Good, Man Evil

Venus over at the Universal Medicine Accountability blog has posted a treatise on Serge Benhayon’s misandry.

Click here for Woman Good, Man Evil – Esoteric gender mashing

And stay tuned for a FACTS companion piece. The Princess will not be outdone.

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