Universal Medicine’s entity exorcism swindle

entitiesBelief in invisible energies, spirits and entities is an integral part of Universal Medicine’s lucrative undue influence on followers. A blog by one of the firm’s employees walks us through how the UniMed leader exploited the paranoia of a depressed and anxious high school boy to convert him into a loyal propagandist. A follow up by NHS surgeon, Eunice Minford, shows how the cult’s health professionals enable the scam. Click to read the rest of the post at: estherrockett.com

Esoteric forbidden love – Universal Medicine’s secret communiques

In response to popular demand – more of UM’s back of house shenanigans. Forget ‘everyday healthy, self-loving choices’, soul-fullness and gentle-ness – the messages coming out of the ‘Debasing Evil‘ debacle are awash with vitriol. The Esoteric lovers of humanity insist on secrecy, and as usual characterize questioning and criticism as ‘hate’, ‘evil’ and ‘bullying’, with a crescendo of hyperbolic accusations that have to be read to be believed.

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Nothing occurs by accident on Planet Serge. It’s all KARMA. So when cult leader Serge Benhayon’s ex wife, book keeper and not so secret keeper, Deborah Benhayon, delivers a presentation on how the Esoteric use of money is a form of HEALING, you can expect it will be followed closely by the cashed up guru himself appealing for funds.

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The Universal Medicine Cult targets depressed people

Natasha Bieniek,  4:15

Esoteric psychology is another malnourished sprout from cult leader Serge Benhayon’s compost filled mind, and in this introduction from the Medicine and Serge Benhayon site, cult psychologist, Marianna Masiorski B. Psych., dispenses with professional credibility and uses pseudoscience, deception and hypnotically manipulative language to tell depressed people the answer to their problems is to join a cult.

And then give up.
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Propaganda Slap Down


Anyone of us who’ve tried commenting on the Universal Medicine propaganda blogs knows our comments vanish into cyberspace faster than a bank transfer to Uruguay. On this site we take revenge. To save you the trouble of clicking on the ‘truth’ sites, I’ll post some lowlights from time to time. Irritatingly, they don’t vary much, and strangely they read as if they’ve all been written by the same clone, whose name might be Rebecca, but it’s still difficult to resist giving them a right skewering.

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