The tax exempt College of Universal Medicine – a hostile education


Forget Universal Medicine’s money for nothing products and services, for years a major source of the multi-million dollar cult’s income has been donations. In 2011, cult leader, Serge Benhayon was moved to tears by his success at conning the Australian Tax Office into granting the College of Universal Medicine tax exempt charity status. However, we think it unlikely Benhayon informed the ATO of his enmity to education, altruism and charity as evidenced throughout his writings and rantings. Moreover, notes supplied by intellectually challenged Esoteric students reveal the quality of education we can expect from his sham college.

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Esoteric Creativity – sexual abuse denial set to muzak

We interrupt our regular programming to show you what could happen if Serge Benhayon rearranges your brain cells and you combine that mess with music lessons from Chris James. The result is something like the Osmond family crossed with the Beverley Hillbillies on benzodiazepines and nitrous oxide. We think it unlikely to find chart success anywhere but on Planet Serge where facts that come with photographic evidence are ‘lie lie lies’, and having your genitals pawed by an ex bankrupt junior tennis coach and toilet epiphanist is called ‘healing’. Read the rest of this entry »

Universal Medicine is so NOT A CULT! says cult psychologist Brendan Mooney

Artist's impression of a cult psychologist.

Artist’s impression of a cult psychologist.

We can’t resist resurrecting this piece of classic denial from a member of the Universal Medicine brains trust and cartel. Except we’ve helped Brendan by supplementing his Esoteric ‘true facts’ with real world evidence.

Universal Medicine: Cult or the Antithesis?

September 17, 2012 — 31 Comments

by Brendan Mooney, Registered Psychologist BPsySci (Hons) AmusA

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The images don’t show abuse, Serge is a man of utmost integrity and red is black

In the light of abuse denials by Universal Medicine’s investors we consider it timely to visit hypnotist Derryn Brown demonstrating how someone can be convinced red is black in a matter of minutes.

A similar but more elongated process has resulted in UniMed students looking at images the rest of the universe can clearly see are abuse, and seeing them as healing. By extension they believe they have the gentlest and most loving of intentions when they invade privacy and carry out those techniques on sexual abuse victims and other vulnerable clients.

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