Responding to Sarah Davis & the PASH Conference’s Universal Medicine cult infiltration

Cyber-bullying facilitator, Sarah Davis

PASH Conference project officer and cult promoter, Sarah Davis

Sarah Davis is a key member of Universal Medicine’s propaganda team, and an organiser of numerous Universal Medicine cult fronts and initiatives, particularly those targeting juvenile girls. Universal Medicine’s teachings and practices are predatory, perverse and antisocial. Ms Davis is currently employed as project officer for the Positive Adolescent Sexual Health Conference  run by a consortium of community groups in Northern NSW in partnership with NSW Health. Four of Sarah’s Universal Medicine promotional colleagues will be working at the conference on June 9 and 10. It will be attended by pupils from Northern Rivers High Schools. I recently blogged incorrect information that Sarah had been stood down from the role, and the others had been canned. It was an honest, albeit careless mistake. I should have checked better, and I have apologized for any hurt caused.

However, we’re left with the problem of a cult having successfully infiltrated what would otherwise be a worthwhile sexual health initiative for Northern Rivers youth, at the expense of tax payers, and without disclosure to Northern Rivers parents and public. Universal Medicine propagates repugnant occult doctrines on gender, sex and sexual violence, and openly targets and exploits juvenile girls.

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Naming Names page updates October 2014

TENDER-HEARTThe Naming Names page continues to be updated with all the ‘healers’ and other parasites out there spruiking for Serge Benhayon’s great Esoteric Livingness swindle. While the number of Esoteric healers entering an oversupplied market has slowed, Universal Medicine’s cult fronts have proliferated, affirming UM’s pyramid structure.

And the Esoteric Practitioner’s Association with its sham code of conduct is a monumental fake.

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Sunlight Ink Publishing – the Universal Medicine cult targets children

Imagine a world filled with people living in the knowing of their TRUE  INNER BEAUTY ­– knowing they are beauty-full just for being them.

The latest recruitment tilt from Tanya Curtis, of FABIC Behavioural Management, and Serge Benhayon’s business partner and personal assistant, Desiree Delaloye, is a publishing venture targeting children with Serge Benhayon’s bent occult philosophy and shoddy spelling. Typical of the ‘energetic integrity’ of anything associated with Universal Medicine, it’s window dressed with innocuous SergeSpeak, disguising the oppressive anti-social brainwashing crucial to Universal Medicine’s sordid ‘innermost’ core.

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The Australian College of Massage’s links with Universal Medicine

ACM MemeThe Australian College of Massage is a nationwide business with 36 branches and, of late, an increasingly Esoteric flavour. The question is, will the company’s association with UM and its peculiar doctrines and abusive practices help bolster the cult’s recruitment, or simply prove to be bad for ACM’s business?

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