Universal Insults – Serge Benhayon’s degradation of the ailing

Universal Medicine markets itself as a complementary medicine organization that promotes healthy living, however, the Esoteric healing services sold by cult leader Serge Benhayon glorify death and reincarnation at the expense of physical and mental health. A critical element of Benhayon’s Livingness death drive is magical thinking, where Esoterically correct thoughts and behaviour are rewarded with improved reincarnations, while the contrary are punished with disease and adversity. His writings show how Benhayon has borrowed from New Age mogul, Louise Hay’s book of moralistic magical thinking spells, and reveal his toxic attitudes to the sick, disabled and marginalized.

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Esoteric Stalking – how dare you ask me to stop harming people!

Universal Medicine cult denial knows no bounds. Almost two months ago, Rebecca Baldwin went postal falsely accusing us of falsely accusing Serge Benhayon of abusing patients.  The usual apologists lined up to defend him in spite of photographic evidence of Benhayon teaching inappropriate touching of sexual abuse victims to hundreds of his cult struck followers and calling it ‘healing’. Only Serge’s investors are able to look at those images and not see the wrong. The worst sex abuse deniers are the health professionals associated with the cult, who know that such conduct, if performed by a health professional, is mandatorily notifiable. It occurred to me that his professional apologists couldn’t possibly be aware of the images, otherwise they wouldn’t defend him. So I sent a few of them an email to make sure, and to ask them to stop promoting a sexual predator. The response? One of the precious sourpusses, Dr Rachel Hall of Evolve Dental Healing, Kenmore, tried to have me charged with stalking. The email exchange that had her scurrying to the police follows in its entirety.

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More money for more nothing – Universal Healing Symbols

Extractor3A Universal Medicine cult specialty is selling worthless services and dubious merchandise at a premium price, and reselling them…and reselling them. Universal Healing Symbols, sold in several sizes, were ‘impressed’ on Serge Benhayon presumably soon after he sat on the toilet in 1999 to contemplate his bankruptcy and heard sweet and beautiful voices that told him to start a cult. For years he’s re-impressed the symbols on his followers ranging in price from AUD$5 for a celo glazed postcard to $160 for a ‘business clearing map’ printed on soulfully laminated art board. Benhayon says these overpriced, funny looking bits of rubbish assist with healing, but he also says that about having your genitals palpated by an unqualified numbskull.

UPDATE: Serge Benhayon has squealed copyright infringement and issued a DMCA takedown notice for the images of his oh so beauty-fully designed bits of crap. Lucky he had some help from Paula not on the payroll Fletcher of Universal Law, otherwise WordPress might not have known WTF he was on about.

UPDATE IV: The bogus copyright infringement claims failed, Paula Fletcher is full of shit, and the symbols iz back!! They so totally belong on the internet, yes?

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When wackjobs unite – Serge Benhayon vs Don

wackjobsuniteEsoteric Development Group Message 14 features medicine conspiracy theorist, Don, in an epistolary bromance with Prana Conquistador, Benhayon. As piss takingly ‘spherical’ as ever Serge lets  his flock know exactly how he feels about competing alternative healing modalities.

Anyone who can read to the end without swearing, laughing loudly or primal screaming wins an eternal subscription to the Livingness.

But you can pay for it yourself, and probably are.

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The Esoteric crimes of the Astral cult

stickemup Just when you thought you’d recovered from Serge Benhayon’s revelation that WE’RE ALL IN A CULT! 😮 here’s his list of crimes we’re all guilty of – each and every loveless one of us on Planet Earth who hasn’t invested in the UM death and molestation fund – along with a few of the Judases within the cult who’ve paid up but haven’t fully submitted. Some of you may be grateful to know this is the last extract from EDG Message 23, which also gave us misandry and paedophilia, but the bad news is Serge has written mountains of this crap.

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