Esther Rockett legal defence update May 2017

14 May progress, litigious spam, UM goes to court + unofficial update video below

7 May 2017 Survival fund – video above

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Universal Medicine defamation, festive role models and gossip early 2017

19 February – *Last weeks hearings *Glorious Music’s assault on the Adelaide Fringe Festival

12 February – *This week’s hearings – short hearing Raphael & Karam v Rockett 13 February, Benhayon procedural hearing on 17th

5 February – Friday’s procedural hearing deferred until 17 February

24 January 2017 – *Caroline Raphael & Ray Karam defamation claim *Selling esoteric palliative care *Girl to Woman Festival makeovers and online photo ops

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Benhayon v Rockett defamation defence updates September 2016


September 28: Please be patient   

September 4: Sep 2nd directions hearing orders

August 31: Judgment – Benhayon’s application to have the contextual truth defence struck out DISMISSED. *Recap since May. *Documents and links

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Benhayon vs Rockett defamation defence updates May 2016

End of August – still delayed

May 29 – objections judgement delayed until June 3

May 20 – *Objections judgement delayed again *Killing time with Universal Law

May 14 – objections judgement delayed plus Serge detracts from his Ageless Wisdom

May 13 – objections hearing judgement delayedlady justice[1]

May 11 – unofficial objections update with video

May 7 – yesterday’s hearing outcome

May 4 – corrections, objections & trial by jury 

May 1 – directions hearing preparations & delays

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Benhayon v Rockett case updates March April 2016

25 April: Funding within reach. Help me get this over the line!

14 March: donating and contacting anonymously. My appreciation

3 March 2016: Serge Benhayon v Esther Rockett defence filed with Supreme Court NSW – summary below

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Benhayon vs Rockett case updates early 2016

March 2: Defence filed. Standby for further updates

February 20: Reschedule – extension

February 17: Yes, we’re running late, but we will get there. 

January 22: *Contribute now or soon please!* I have to pay lawyers or they stop work.

January 21 2016: defence and funding update (short written summary below if you don’t want to watch the video.)

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Help fund Esther Rockett’s legal defence

esther-tele (1).jpgMulti-millionaire and predatory charlatan, Serge Benhayon, is SLAPP suing me for defamation for blogging concerns about his conduct with women and children. Knowing I don’t have the funds to defend the case, he’s using a defamation claim as censorship – to stop me from blowing the whistle on his secret culture of exploitation, rorting, bullying and abuse.


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