May gossip from the Evil Lodge

weez liek SOOO EEVILL :twisted:

weez liek SOOO EEVILL ūüėą

May 26, 2014:¬†Responding to personal attacks on critics¬†May 21, 2014:*WELCOME NEW READERS *Morya Federation – Esoteric parallels with¬†Universal Medicine¬† May 17, 2014:¬†*FUM, the Universal Medicine cult’s Esoteric ‘facts’ blog *Tips on protecting your online expression May 12, 2014: Attention readers in UK & Europe¬† May 9, 2014:¬†A correspondent from Germany tips us off on Natalie Benhayon’s Ovarian Massage and cult recruitment¬†road show in Germany at ‚ā¨75¬†per hour¬†May 4, 2014: *The cult’s big new plot to cyber-bully critics by labelling them cyber-bullies *Legislative reform thanks to Serge Benhayon

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Esoteric forbidden love – Universal Medicine’s secret communiques

In response to popular demand – more of UM’s back of house shenanigans. Forget ‘everyday healthy, self-loving choices’, soul-fullness and gentle-ness – the messages coming out of the ‘Debasing Evil‘ debacle are awash with vitriol. The Esoteric lovers of humanity insist on secrecy, and as usual characterize questioning and criticism as ‘hate’, ‘evil’ and ‘bullying’, with a crescendo of hyperbolic accusations that have to be read to be believed.

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Esoteric Slander: the Universal Medicine cult psychologists on the defensive


The Universal Medicine cult persists in telling its followers they’re taking legal action against me, but in spite of the group’s wealth, numbers and dedicated and oh so competent legal team, they have not. They’ve tried just about anything else to bully me and shut me down, having the UK and Australian URLs of my Blogger blog censored without a court order, followed by false copyright and trademark infringement complaints, and a false complaint of stalking by the Mystic dentist. No one has denied my accounts of my experiences with Benhayon, and no one answers our questions about the cult’s secretive practices and their messiah’s inexcusable behaviour. The latest lowly attack comes from the cult psychologists, Marianna Masiorski, Brendan Mooney and Caroline Raphael, who made a complaint to the Australian Healthcare Practitioner Regulatory Authority, with whom I’m a registered practitioner, about my ‘conduct’.

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Newsflash! Real Media Real Change says Universal Medicine isn’t a cult

RMRCEchoLetter-urlIn an Esoterically explosive letter to the editor (now removed from the site) of the Byron Shire Echo, Real Media Real Change characterizes our exposure of facts about RMRC and our criticism of their deceptive publicity as an ‘attack’ by a ‘hate group’. ¬†They also say UM isn’t a cult, they’re not a cult front, they don’t deliver propaganda, and we’ve produced ‘absolutely no evidence whatsoever’. The same people call malnourished multi-millionaire genital palpater, Serge Benhayon, a man of ‘utmost integrity’ and ‘highly respected’.

Whilst they fan their outrage smokescreen, they continue to evade our questions about their financial relationships with Universal Medicine, and their promotion of a sexual predator and his commerce in abuse.

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Hamish Broome – Ex-Northern Star journalist, Universal Medicine cult informant


The Northern Star promoting Universal Medicine’s top recruiter, Chris James.

Early December 2012, anti free speech front group for the Universal Medicine cult, Real Media Real Change were scheduled to hold a cyberbullying conference at Southern Cross University, except they hadn’t informed their invited speakers of RMRC’s cult backing. Eight of the ten speakers cancelled when informed. Naturally we were seeking media coverage for the event, and a few days out I received a call from Hamish Broome, a reporter from Lismore paper, The Northern Star, saying he was interested in the story. He said he’d never heard of Universal Medicine. I told him my experience of the cult and its sleaze bag leader, Serge Benhayon, and he asked for contact details of other victims, which I didn’t have. I never heard from him again. Over half a year later, after having received a number of baseless legal threats from the cult using my name, I was informed Hamish Broome is the spouse of Sarah Davis, proprietor of Real Media Real Change. Hamish Broome never wrote a story about the conference, never intended to, never declared his conflict of interest to us and in an inexcusable breach of journalistic ethics passed our identities and information from myself and other victims to the cult.

[Update – as of 2019, Hamish Broome is no longer employed by Lismore’s Northern Star]

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The Universal Medicine cult under ATTACK

Letter to the Student Body

4 November 2013 8:05 PM

Hi Students,

As you are well aware, over the last 18 months there has been a concerted effort by a small group of people to harass and vilify Universal Medicine, Serge Benhayon, Students of the Livingness and anyone associated with Universal Medicine.

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