Universal Medicine before & after Benhayon v Rockett – two year anniversary gossip

Own goal! Serge Benhayon’s defamation defeat sent his us v them ratio through the roof

Remember when Universal Medicine used to have a ‘before & after’ web page? The one with photo portraits of its slavish customers before and after they got hit by the Serge stick? Remember how most of them looked better (& certainly more relatable) before, even with the photoshop and other Esoteric special effects in the after shots?

The Benhayon v Rockett defamation litigation epic fail was a similar phenomenon. What once resembled a community of Sons of God, led by the universe’s sixth dimensional epicentre of integrity, truth and failed tennis coaching, is now an international disgrace, a pitiful carapace of Search Engine Optimization for what the unisex Brides of Serge and the groom himself once hoped would be his cash raking New World Religion.

The two year anniversary of the jury’s findings is a nice occasion to examine what has changed and what has sadly not.

Business as usual

First the bad news. Universal Medicine, limping as it may be, is still operational and putting out trashy and misleading publicity. Despite the jury finding that it’s a healing fraud that harms people, it continues to do business wth the misleading trading name that falsely associates it with health. At least two ludicrously irresponsible doctors continue to promote it: Serge’s tireless defender, Antrim NHS surgeon Eunice Minford, (who penned a now deleted promotion of Benhayon’s exorcism services) and Dr Anne Malatt of Alstonville. Undue influence much?

A heap of Esoteric ‘healing’ practitioners also continue to cite their false ‘accreditations’ to unconscionably peddle therapies found by the court to be fraudulent. Child safety, consumer protection, and health practitioner regulators have taken no meaningful action to curtail UM’s harms — meaning the public remains vulnerable to UM’s deceptions and exploitation.

Although some longstanding members have left, the socially harmful cult maintains a powerful hold on hundreds — despite the court’s findings of fact. The faith-full simply refuse to acknowledge them.

Cultists have tried telling people that I only won because the court found that I was expressing opinions. That’s false. The opinion defence was just one of four that succeeded — and for the record, it did because I based my opinions on verifiable facts. More importantly I won on the defences of truth and contextual truth — I proved thirty six defamatory allegations are true using Benhayon’s own evidence, his own material and his own actions.

A downside to UM’s humiliation is that it has become more secretive, and therefore more challenging to keep an eye on. Many of its avid promoters have either locked down their social media or deleted their accounts. Even prior to the coronavirus pandemic, the cult had withdrawn publicity about upcoming events, keeping them and their locations quiet.

Certainly Benhayon’s business has dropped, and despite having to pay over $1m toward my legal costs, he’s still doing well financially. The trial heard evidence he’d personally received close to $2 million in cash and other assets via gifts and bequests since 2011. It’s possible there were more that he did not disclose. I have reason to believe that he is lined up as beneficiary of further bequests, and I’ve seen a follower’s will that leaves the entirety of a substantial estate to him and Natalie Benhayon, with one of his hench-brides playing executor. (Natalie’s wealth, incidentally, like that of Micheal and Curtis and their spouses, depends on distributions from investment trusts controlled by Serge.)

More recently at least two of Benhayon’s adherents have become betrothed to terminally ill devotees, which leads me to suspect the majority of their estates have been or will be diverted to the shyster in chief, rather than their much less wealthy family members.

Money is now everything to Serge. Without it, he has nothing to bolster his pretence at status.

Wherefore art thou Sergio?

Benhayon has vanished from the public radar. We’ve seen the footage of him scuttling for cover at the appearance of a TV crew in 2018. After that it seems he vibrationally ascended to the etheric plane of invisibility. Benhayon is so mortally frightened of the media he cancelled a number of UK events, and fled to secret locations to hold the rest. As a result, the congregation funded £2m Tytherington Church of Serge has been virtually unused. In Australia, he would not leave his Tregeagle compound without a bodyguard for a while and the only public signs of him were in his hideously boring SB TV videos, and the odd glimpse of him skulking around in his energetically blessed German luxury cars. Even the Serge TV videos fizzled to a dismal end just after his fifty sixth birthday in March 2020.

It’s possible his publicity team are delusional enough to be hatching a plan to resurrect his public image, but I can’t see it succeeding on this planet. Supreme Court findings hang around a hell of a lot longer than the messianic aspirations of a sixth dimensional wannabe. For the time being Benhayon tries to satisfy his hunger for attention within the confines of his online compound — griping about how shitty the world is and how everyone hates him via teleconference and webcast to the rusted on followers who remain.

UM events

Arguably the only good thing to come out of the coronavirus pandemic is that it’s suspended Universal Medicine’s in person events. The last they held in Vietnam in March coincided with that country slamming its borders shut in disgust.

Esoteric Women’s Health is still creeping around trying to get hands on breasts, however, running Women in Livingness events in Tauranga New Zealand, Banbury and Norwich UK, and Oslo, and other events in Holland & Belgium. I’m not certain about events in Australia. Natalie Benhayon and company seemed to join Serge in hiding after their Brisbane outing at an undisclosed location last year.

The creepy Girl to Woman Festival was canned permanently thanks to Northern Rivers people-power and a publicly minded Ballina Shire Council. Coronavirus also appears to have saved Melbourne from a third onslaught of the godawful Universal Sounds Festival.

Another of UM’s white elephants, the College of Universal Medicine charity, came a cropper with tax and charity authorities and has also abandoned in-person events. It flails along offering useless lifestyle webinars by underwhelming Esoteric loyalists, its ATO endorsement to receive tax deductible gifts annulled.

Otherwise the Brides of Serge are not handling pandemic public health measures too well. Eunice and others are playing out their withdrawal symptoms on social media, their unsatisfied yearning for hands-on comfort from their unisex Brotherhood has them railing against social distancing. It seems a bunch of the love-bombers are also gravitating to Sky News and the Pete Evans and QAnon cults, and have become zealous Covid deniers, anti-vaxxers and indiscriminate regurgitators of right wing disinformation. I think I preferred it when Serge told them not to watch TV.

UK intrigues

The UM website’s clinics page has deleted its listing of The Lighthouse as its UK centre (before & after). So either Serge has upped stumps, or he’s looking for new premises to serve as his UK/European base.

Which leads us to Benhayon’s posh UK benefactors Michael and Tricia Nicholson who’ve been busy with major earthworks and construction on their luxury Upper Vobster Farm outside Frome. They’ve installed a new swimming pool. Having bought up some local residential properties, they’ve been approaching nearby owners seeking to buy more. It looks like the makings of a new compound and possibly a new venue for the Benhayons’ clandestine commerce in the UK. As if that will keep the press away.

The activity raises the questions, what will the inert Sound Foundation Community Care charity do with its redundant Church of Serge Sound Training Centre — a custom built conference and commercial pool facility in a low demand region? And what is the fate of ‘wealthy old Etonian‘ Simon Williams’ Somerset estate The Lighthouse at Tytherington now that it’s irreparably associated with the Esoteric Breast Massage cult? Will he offload it? The Sound Foundation/Church of Serge occupies land adjacent to The Lighthouse leased from Williams. Any sale of charity assets will have to come under close scrutiny of the Charities Commission, which will be required by law to ensure that no one is able to benefit personally. How much of a financial hit are Benhayon’s UK money bags prepared to take for their guru?

Furthermore, Spherical Living, UM’s plush London hub has also dematerialised into the etheric. At first the business was sold to Otto and Matilda Bathurst, but appears to be in the process of being dissolved. Unless Esoteric Breast Massager Sara Williams has defected she seems to have joined Serge in his increasingly crowded bunker.

Former Esoteric Breast Massager Jane Keep was another in a series of Benhayon believers who took a tilt for political office. Unsuccessfully. It’s a pity in way, because I’d love to hear their answers to the inevitable public questions about their endorsements of Goonellabah’s sleazebag guru.

Mysterious vanishings

A bunch of UM’s mass of websites have been shuttled off to Sirius since Serge’s big fat fail. Gone entirely is universalmedicine.net, unimedlivingsydney.com, and the libellous universalmedicinefacts.com and universalmedicine.news

Others have reached a point of innermost stillness after years of churning out mindless content. It seems none of the Sons of God can be arsed to keep up the pretence on sergebenhayon.com’s testimonial page. It’s crashed to a halt, and a bunch of other love blogs have slowed, but unfortunately the womeninlivingness.com gynaecology fetish blog, and the Minford edited Medicine & Serge Benhayon mess chug on.

The chakra-puncture course at Evolve College is also GONE, and with it the hope of the modality being officially recognized as anything more than a scam. Benhayon still managed to get his hands on half the College’s profits though.

A long line of UM’s promotional fronts have bitten the dust, including True Movement, Teachers are Gold, Esoteric Yoga Stillness Program, and anti-free speech outfit Real Media Real Change. Simone Benhayon’s All Rise Say No to Cyberabuse in the UK seems to be in permanent hibernation as well.

Meanwhile, another indicator that Benhayon’s name and image is poison, Unfolding Men removed the photos of Serge Benhayon & South Australian police Sergeant Eric Walsh from its home page. At first Benhayon’s ‘real men’ cropped the original pic, but that’s been replaced by a suspicious looking blurred photo of blokes sitting in circle in a meeting room — conjuring an image of a support group for men who are sexually confused, or on parole, or something. Those meetings are still being held in Brisbane apparently.

From the Esoteric ‘real men’ that bought us manstruation: unfoldingmen.com

For the full list of UM websites, blogs and promotional rackets, see the fronts page.

Personnel rearrangements

Before the trial was even over, Simone Benhayon sacked herself from the board of the Sound Foundation Community Care charity. One wonders what took her so long, seeing she operated her commercial swim school from the charity property while paying suspiciously little rent since 2012.

Psychologist Brendan Mooney has teleported from the practitioner list at UM’s Goonellabah headquarters to a practice in Lismore, but his new speciality is a UM favourite — delegitimising anger. Dealing with corruption, exploitation, robbery and abuse? For Sanat Kumara’s sake, don’t get angry! It might upset the Esoterics. Gaslighting is ‘therapy’, yes Brendan?

On the other hand, having been questioned over their promotions of a disgraced quackery cult, UM promoting doctors Maxine Szramka, Sam Kim and Amelia Stephens stepped down from positions in medical groups and at universities. The cult’s affiliated health professionals with a glimmer of sense learned from UM scandals and the court’s finding to stop publicly promoting UM.

Here I note that I never asked for any of them to be sacked from their jobs, or deregistered, whether they deserve to be or not. I don’t care what they want to believe in their private time. From 2012 I requested that they abide by their professional codes of conduct and stop publicly promoting quackery predator Serge Benhayon. A bunch of them tried to have me prosecuted as payback.

In the wake of Benhayon v Rockett some of them finally did what I suggested in the first place and pulled their heads in. In fact, we might say that most of UM’s changes since the trial were things I’d suggested long ago. Which leads me to conclude that perhaps Serge really is redundant, and I am UM’s leader after all. Either way it gives me great satisfaction to say — I told you so.

Wondrous appearances

One of the most gratifying developments was the appearance on the public record of an historic UK High Court ruling to protect a child from the Universal Medicine cult. That was the outcome of a Dad’s Herculean slog through UK’s Family Courts, and I’m proud to say that the findings of Benhayon v Rockett helped secure an historic legal precedent for parental alienation and safeguarding children in cults.

Further victories for common sense also manifested publicly. Soon after the trial, in which Benhayon admitted that kids were exposed to his gratuitous sex talk at UM events, the firm began to advertise that its shows were ‘available to participants who are 18 years and over only‘; another measure I’d recommended for years. Let’s hope they actually keep to it.

In place of the wretched Universal Medicine Facts website appeared a public retraction and apology for defamatory material published about me — four and a half years after I asked the authors directly how they planned to substantiate their allegations. Unfortunately that retraction may be the closest the cult gets to acknowledging the court’s findings.

And look, the following disclaimer is nowhere near an adequate public health measure, but I doubt anyone imagined this could appear on the home pages of UM’s commercial websites below Benhayon’s funny looking mug — albeit in fine print. I’m guessing it’s the outcome of a complaint made to the Health Care Complaints Commission post Benhayon v Rockett. UM should have been shut down by the court’s findings that it misleadingly peddles bogus and harmful therapies that involve inappropriate touching and preying on cancer patients, but the Commission refused to release its decision. That’s a travesty.

The material on this website is based upon the principles of The Ageless Wisdom which offers an energetic understanding of life. Any references to science are references to energetic science as presented by the Ageless Wisdom, and not to evidence-based science in mankind’s modern era. Any references to specific aspects of Medicine are to illustrate the relevance of energetic wisdom, as presented by the Ageless Wisdom, in the interplay of bodily illness and disease rather than contradicting the current theories of disease causation or in any way to replace epidemiology. The principles conveyed on this website are philosophical and religious, and thus are not verified within the evidence-based rationales and critical appraisal process of evidence-based science including CONSORT2010 compliant double blind randomised controlled trials. The presentations and teachings of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine do not diagnose, treat, prevent or offer any therapeutic cure to any disease or illness; they are complementary-to-medicine and never a replacement of or alternative to conventional medicine. If you have any question or concern about the cause, diagnosis, prevention or treatment of any disease or illness, you should consult a registered medical practitioner.

Will customers bother to read that?

No UM does not provide anything curative, but the disclaimer ought to include an admission that UM does not offer anything that can be said to improve health either.

Wrap up

While it’s unsatisfactory that authorities continue to allow Benhayon and associates to deceive and exploit with impunity, we can certainly say that Universal Medicine is not in good health. It may not have collapsed (yet) as some predicted, but it has atrophied and lost its overconfident swagger. The work I did exposing the cult to trial and beyond, and the ensuing press coverage, has curtailed the spread of its harm and helped release some of its captives.

I no longer have the resources to continue the exposure and I greatly appreciate the efforts of all of you who’ve stepped in to do what you can. I have no doubt that between us all we’ll find out whenever any UM promoter surfaces to push Benhayon interests. That ruling will follow anyone who tries to promote anything to do with the cult.

The story is a long way from over. More will come out and projects are underway to ensure it. For me, the takeaway from this story is that an individual’s efforts can make a difference, particularly when led by a body of evidence. And that difference can be momentous.

See also: News reports on Universal Medicine

14 Comments on “Universal Medicine before & after Benhayon v Rockett – two year anniversary gossip”

  1. Thank you Esther! says:

    Congrats Esther! What a great anniversary. I still remember the verdict day as of the happiest of recent times for me, especially after all the pain UM put me and my family through.

    You’re right about underground movements too – lots still going on. I’ll mail you privately, not expecting you to do anything about of course, you’ve done enough already, but what UM thinks is private is no where near as private as they think 😉

    The brain trust behind UM really does amount to a baffling level of ineptitude.

    Thanks again Esther, you forever have the gratitude of so many people for all you did.

    • Esther Rockett says:

      wow thank you!
      While I’m here everyone, if you have something you think the public should know about you can always post it here in the blog comments

  2. Mo says:

    Thank you Esther. You have given us the nudge we needed to carry on fighting to stop UM in our part of the world. Hopefully just some remnants in Somerset!

  3. Lance Martin says:

    A very witty report. Thanks for the belly laughs. I am sure the cult miss your acerbic wit and laser-like observations of their baffling and infuriating stupidity. They’d certainly miss having an enemy to attack. Little wonder Serge has gone opaque- they’re now all looking at him and perhaps seeing his ugly mug for what it really is for the first time.

    Looking back it was a wild-ride being in their crosshairs and dealing with daily trashings from people we didn’t know who apparently knew everything about us as evil members of the dark lodge. I am still paying the price of sticking my head up but forever thankful you took it all the way and exposed Serge for the two-bit huckster he is.

    Now, certain members of the group may still not admit they’ve been duped, but would-be victims at least have all the information they need.

    A real Esther v Goliath effort.

  4. Astral Tiger says:

    Hey Esther you grumpy blogger you. It would be an exaggeration to claim you saved my life, the doctors do that but you certainly preserved my sanity such as it is. Had I not met you on the net all those years ago I would probably be in a straightjacket by now. The humour you brought to the most awful situation was indeed life preserving. I guess the gin helped too.
    I will never forget the courage you displayed. It would have been so easy to give up but you battled on while people like myself could only stand by and wish you the best.
    How about meeting on the Astral thingy for fish and chips?
    Love you.

    • Esther Rockett says:

      Thanks Pranic Puss, but I couldn’t have done it without the incredible support I got from everyone. Fish & chips sounds good – as soon as we sort out this bloody virus! Mask up 😷 everyone, wash your hands and hang in there!

  5. Against snake oil salesmen says:

    It’s no wonder the evolve college “diploma” is no more the general population aren’t interested and the student body is a finite size.
    Also repeating course is expensive and the old excuse of doing it second time around of it evolving can’t be used, because any structured course is stagnant.
    As for coronavirus, if serge were as all knowing as his followers seem to think he is, he should have seen this comming.
    His new disclaimer? He used to claim constantly science hasn’t caught up with what I’m saying or the science hasn’t been invented yet.
    He is too scared to set foot in the UK

  6. More bogus, bogan bullshit says:

    The latest scale is a “counselling course”. Members are singing up left and right to become UM counsellors after the failure of the breast massage and other weird therapies. So every Thursday they all gather online (behind closed group, you can’t get access unless you pay up and are vetted) and no doubt at the end will receive another accreditation from the group that ‘trained’ you with no outside verification that it holds any water or is in anyway useful in this field. So standby for a bunch of online selling of untrained/unexperienced and potentially dangerous therapy from the group that bought you Esoteric Brest Massage and a bunch of other bogus therapies. I’m sure they’ll all pay each other to work on each other and hopefully no gullible people in need of real help will be scammed by these charlatans.

    Sadly some will, but watch out people…

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry, “scale” was meant to read “scam”. If you could correct that would be appreciated!

    • Against snake oil salesmen says:

      How to run a scam
      Invent a healing modality.
      Create a course which you have to pay me the inventor of said modality to learn about
      Invent an accreditation scheme which I oversee, and to be admitted you have to pay me fees.
      To maintain accreditation you now have to do more learning, repackaged and taught by a school who offers other externally accredited courses.
      Here is the catch I don’t disclose.
      It’s the same content I already taught you, except my son and some associates teach it. Also I am a 50% shareholder in the organisation that’s teaching you so I get 50 % of the profits from the course.
      Sound like someone we know?

  7. Kate says:

    Gooday Esther, Congratulations

  8. Anonymous says:

    Is Benhayon still alive? His lack of presence anywhere makes me wonder. Maybe he finally became a 20th level master of the hierarchy and disappeared up his own arsehole? Or maybe all the lies, corruption and scams caught up with his karma and he disappeared in a puff of smoke. Either way, how great his absence is. Long may it continue.

    • Lance Martin says:

      He’s still waiting to ascend (or descend, depending on who is telling the story) and still putting out pearls of wisdom that makes sense only to the initiated. The same folk who sat through his trial thinking, “nah, that’s all bullshit… he does see dead people”.

  9. Anonymous says:

    For anyone, who missed it. VICE about UniMed, fiery comment section and video title:

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