Sunday Night on 7 report on Universal Medicine & gossip February 2019

17 Feb Sunday night on 7 report goes to air ↑

22 Feb – Universal Sounds Festival Melbourne

24 Feb – DIY notifications – protecting your community or organisation from UM

Update for New Zealand viewers: The Sunday Night report will air on free to air TV in NZ in future. I don’t know the date. That will be up to the broadcaster over there. Currently the report on YouTube is geo-blocked in NZ. That will be lifted after it goes to air. In the meantime, you could get around that by using a VPN.

24 February – harm minimisation

The Sunday Night on 7 report on UM had the effect of stirring a lot of members of the public to want to protect their communities from the cult. Understandably. I’ve posted a notification template that will assist any of you to notify organisations, workplaces and venues about UM and its risks to the public, and how to make reasonable requests to ensure UM cannot cause the havoc it has in the past. It’s on the Universal Medicine Accountability blog. 

I published it for a couple reasons. One is to lighten the burden on me because I simply can’t afford to keep working full time, or even part time, on bringing UM to account. Especially now that the Supreme Court’s finding has removed any impediment to members of the public stating plain facts about Serge Benhayon and UM. You can’t be sued for stating those facts. Second is that making notifications does come with a risk of not being believed or encountering opposition and conflict – or in worst case scenarios, making allegations that can’t be proven and getting yourself into legal doo doo.

22 February – Universal Sounds

Put your pitchforks down for a sec duckies and listen up, and pardon me if you’ve already read this on Facebook. Yes, the ‘Universal Sounds  Festival’ is booked at a venue in Melbourne in April and some of you were suitably moved to contact the venue with your justifed concerns, which is fine.

I’m letting you know that of course management had no idea who this lot were when the glory-arse musicians booked the thing. UMers don’t believe in transparency. But management are now very aware of UM, they have any relevant info they need and are taking your concerns very seriously. Gasworks will decide a course of action in the next few days – SO – no need to keep ringing them – they are dealing with it.

Personally I think this event is rather low risk, as in no risk. The tickets are $35 – $40 pp. and frankly you would HAVE TO BE a cult member or on bath salts or something to buy a ticket to this thing. And look, even if you were given a ticket or stumbled into the theatre by accident while you were looking for the bar or the urinals, the chances of getting recruited into UM on the basis of this godawful noise and the sight of a bunch of specially bussed in orthorexics lurching around in True Movement® are negligible. You’re more likely to begin bleeding from the ears and twist an ankle doing a hasty about-face. In which case you should sue UM.

I’m a lot more concerned about the Esoteric turkeys trying to get into schools, health services and breast cancer support groups than I am with their optimistically priced aural assaults. Having said that, remember last year when they set up grooming stations at Melbourne markets for months and months trying to trick parents into taking their poor kids to the Girl to Woman Festival in Prahran? That was a monumental flop. Literally no one went except the converted and some homeless dude who didn’t know where he was. And look, no one except the Esoteric frequent-flyers rocked up to their cacophonous gig at the Adelaide Fringe, and remember when they were DISQUALIFIED from Battle of the Bands??

So anyway, you can lay off the phone calls etc. to venue management now and please respect any decision they reach, and even if they do uphold the booking, it doesn’t mean they’re likely to allow them in the future. They do get it. Okay?

I must say Gasworks is an apt name for a venue hosting the pea soup and nutball cult.

From the Universal Sounds blurb:

…award winning soul singer-songwriter Carola Woods, previous Roadshow/Sony Music pop artist Rachel Kane and partner Benjamin Hurt, highly respected and seasoned all round musician Catherine Wood (Sounds of Soul), world famous indie/acoustic act Simon Asquith and his wife and musical partner Rebecca Asquith, local folk duo Mary-Lou Reed and Tim Robinson and the up and coming dynamic pop/rock artist and performer Martin Gladman, all supported by the outrageously talented GM Records Band, lead by Michael Benhayon, the day is set to be an incredible day of music, connection, fun and family.

A family friendly event…” Facebook

Who knew these ‘artists’ that no-one’s ever heard of were so AMAZINGLY renowned????

18 Feb 2019 Sunday Night

The long anticipated report on Universal Medicine from the Seven TV network’s ‘Sunday Night’ program screened 17 February 2019 at 8:30 PM AEST/AESDT on channel 7.

And what a ripper it was. I can’t tell you how satisfying it was to see prana powerhouse Matt Doran take it to em. I watched the program with my legal team, and we all enjoyed it immensely – and, believe me, my lawyers are a tough crowd.

Now keep your lids on duckies. There’s more action to come, I promise, but I need a few moments to catch my breath…

Matt Doran-where's the money Serge Benhayon?

Matt Doran: ‘Where does all the money go Serge?’

Sunday Night UM investigation.png

Sunday Night probes Serge Benhayon’s Universal Medicine

If you haven’t already, see Benhayon v Rockett victory at last and the way forward for a list of the allegations proven true in the Supreme Court.

Serge’s New Era of temporal love and truth

Some readers got restless over the summer break itching for more action and I’ve had lots of enquiries about the Supreme Court’s final determination. I confirm Benhayon v Rockett is well and truly over. Her Honour read the court’s final determination onto the official record on 6 December 2018. We now only await a ruling on indemnity costs and my application for leave to use some of Serge’s discovered documents. The final determination and the judgment on costs will be published online as soon as Her Honour gets time to put those up.

So patience my pranic pretties! Supreme Court judges have impossible workloads to contend with. Never mind the ostrich-like behaviour from the UM student body, the Court’s finding is not going away. I’ll  blog about how to use the published judgment to protect your family and community soon.

Apart from that, Serge and his tribe of cashed up no hopers can expect more initiations into higher dimensions of exposure, a busy New Era of temporal accountability, and popularity beyond measure on the Astral Plane. You don’t need to be a prophet to foresee more bad news for Serge and his rabble of breast beaters over the coming weeks and months. But please understand it all takes preparation and there’s only so much of the lead detractor to go around.

245 Comments on “Sunday Night on 7 report on Universal Medicine & gossip February 2019”

  1. Boris66 says:

    On the Ray Karam For Richmond facebook page there is a photo of Ray driving.
    Given the angle of the photo It appears that he may have taken it himself…….while driving.

    You would think a former policeman & wannabe politician would know better.

  2. Agent Orange says:

    Europe Tour. One week to go. Hope, y´all got your working permit for foreign countries.

  3. SAK says:

    Re: Esther’s tweet about Ray Karam driving a V8.

    If you ever saw how many UM traffic movements there are on Richmond Hill Road everyday,
    you would realise none of them have a ‘green’ pro-renewable bone in their body.

    Not to mention having to turn the lights on at 3:00am to start their day.

    Nice selfie Ray.

    What a hero.

    • God says:

      I´m gonna downrate their initiation levels.

      Only his friend is a living example of a person who walks their entire talk.

  4. No Hope says:

    Dear Unimed Living,
    are you responding to our comments here on your Twitter page again? You´re triggered by a certain topic, aren´t you? Negative experiences with UM told by ex-members, ex-friends or relatives, isn´t it?

    You can join the discussion here, comments are open as not on your sites.
    Hello, is there anybody in there? Unimed Living?

    • Captain Obvious says:

      2 major trigger points:

      1. UM´s nutrition sucks
      2. Negative experience reports from customers or bystanders

      They´ll not join the discussion here. Too smrt.

      • Greenness says:

        Try that one:

        Use the terms relativity, quantum mechanics, Albert Einstein and Richard Feynman in one sentence.

        After that, lean back and enjoy your time. Cowards.

    • Esther says:

      They’re still playing out their limp, infantile paybacks are they? I wonder how those decisions are made. Who is assigned to monitor my social media? Abby? Then how is the ‘intelligence’ transmitted to the Unimed Living brains trust? Then who on the brains trust makes the call? ‘Don’t engage with the loveless detractors, they’re possessed by 9 foot tall spirits, their energy will stuff your reincarnations, the facts they raise are illusions produced by the Astral conspiracy, feel into the ‘truth’ but check with Serge first that you’ve felt the right truth. Let’s put an embedded message into our Unimed Living blogs to counter the energy. That’ll show them. We’re the new world religion blah blah blah…’
      Is that a committee decision?

  5. Master of Puppets says:

    Has the real slim shady already arrived to the UK?

  6. Hans Wurst says:

    Clearing a thing up for those with English as 2nd language:

    Choosing green as campaign colour with a political agenda opposed to Greens policies is not “common sense sustainability”.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Tomorrow´s the start of UM´s events in Europe. UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland and Austria, hold your wallets tight in the plight, it might not be over over night.

  8. yoda says:

    Looks like the Greens have made a complaint about RayKa’s lack of originality.

    • Anonymous says:

      “That’s their opinion…I would assume voters would know who Ray Karam and who Michael Lyon is.” Denial is not just a river.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Is there anyone here with infos about the current Retreat in Frome?

    I. e. number of participants, number plates, auto brands, time spent in car filming with a mobile before getting out etc.

    • Greenness says:

      The esoteric German luxury cars are an Aussie thing. The money mainly goes into additional costs like paying the demanding costs for the journey and t-t-taking pictures.

  10. Anonymous says:

    “Well, I think, it´s good for me, but it also means, that my message is getting out there and the message is getting out there.”

    Which message, Ray? I´m confused, but think, that sentences qualify you for a political career.

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