Merry Universal Medicine CULT Christmas muck up and victory gossip 2018

A Merry Benhayon Christmas

Joy to the temporal world – ding dong merrily on high


WHAT a year it’s been! But the fun is not over. There’s more to look forward to in 2019.

2018 – the year Benhayon v Rockett went to trial

In case you’d taken the shuttle to Arcturus for the past four months, or you’ve been on an ayahuasca bender, the Benhayon v Rockett defamation action, that was initiated in November 2015, went to trial in September. Consequently, Serge Benhayon got the biggest and most deserved kick up the Astral Plane he’s had yet. Yes, I took the evidence to a trial by jury that lasted six weeks and successfully defended my publications by proving a whole lot of serious allegations about him true. In other words, I jolly well WON. ⚖️🏆

Of course!

What I didn’t expect was the overwhelming response from my supporters. I also didn’t expect to be non stop busy after the trial, and I expect that to continue. For now, though, I’ve knocked off the year. If anyone’s looking for me I’ll be out cracking some nuts.

I can’t thank you all enough for backing me – for the tip offs, the info, and the financial and moral support that helped me take my defence all the way. Thank you all again!

It’s also wonderful to hear from so many readers – often with a loved one caught up in Unimed – who had been reading my blogs, some for YEARS, who are finally introducing themselves. It’s so satisfying and humbling to know that I was able to do something that you have found to be valuable. Thanks for getting in touch and for your gorgeous messages. I hope you’ll all stay in touch.

The victor’s Christmas message

Many of us servants of the Lords of Form will be having a thumpingly Merry Christmas, but please spare a thought for those who might be having an Esoteric time of it. Too many of this blog’s readers are dealing with the challenges of having someone dear to them irrationally adhering to Universal Medicine and exhibiting all the anti-social miseries that come with that. Spare a thought please for the families that have been pushed to breaking point by this horrible cult, the people recovering from terrible damage done to them, and the kids dragged into the scourge. The grief of that can hit quite hard during the festive season.

Some readers were hoping the court’s finding would help their loved one see sense. Sadly, for most that hasn’t eventuated. That can be very difficult to come to terms with. But I would urge you to have patience and not to give up on them entirely. A lot of Serge’s followers *will* wake up and find their way out . When they do, some conflict resolution skills might come in handy. And take care of your own health and wellbeing. You know I wouldn’t approve of any of you getting struck down by a funk. I hope you all have someone in your life who gets what it’s like to deal with a UM cult member and is able to be supportive. You can also contact me.

In the meantime, I suggest not confronting UM students with ‘I told you so’ or throwing around the c-word (cult). I suggest you try and stay in touch and available for your loved one, but by all means stay firm about your opposition to UM’s sleaze, greed and dishonesty and any anti-social behaviour that goes with it. You might ask the student, if there is the right opportunity, what they get from UM that they can’t get elsewhere without the endless expense and high demands of ‘The Work’.

If you didn’t see it this year – this episode of You Can’t Ask That is really excellent for helping understand what it’s like to be in a cult. It was on YouTube for a while but seems to have been taken down. Which reminds me, YouTube seems to have misplaced episode 5 of my Unpacking UM documentaries. The bogus takedown notice expired ages ago. I’ll upload it again when I get a chance. If Serge or any his Co-Creative employees make another groundless complaint about my films, in breach of the Commonwealth Copyright Act, I will seek an injunction against them. With costs.

Coming up in 2019

A new year of Universal Medicine accountability

The Benhayon v Rockett proceedings have concluded and Justice Lonergan read her final determination onto the record on 6 December 2018. That included the list of allegations proven true. The complete final ruling, however, has not yet been published. When it is it will appear on the NSW Caselaw website. (All of the pre-trial (interlocutory) judgments are back online though.)

When it’s published I’ll blog about how any of you can download and use that judgment to make notifications or complaints about UM, or in family law proceedings. For now, I think it’s best to wait until the document is published before trying to get further action taken. I will also be writing about what you can realistically expect or ask for in terms of accountability. But I won’t be doing much more. If you want more action taken on UM it’s now up to you to make it happen.


Things are quiet right now in terms of news coverage, but there is major coverage coming, and it will continue. Expect more exposure and more Esoteric revelations about the trial and all sorts of other angles UM have tried to cover up. Watch my social media for updates. You’ll all be the first to know when something is about to kick off.

I won’t be blogging anywhere near as much. I’ve taken some big losses and it’s time for me to rebuild my own future. I will update the Naming Names and News Reports pages in time. The Naming Names page identifies businesses and practitioners who promote the cult. If you think a listing is missing, you can name it in the comments on that page. I don’t want to spend much time on this from now on so it would help me if you could provide links if the practitioner or organisation has a website.  I don’t name people just because they follow UM – I’m only interested in outing those who are helping the business expand. Members of the public have a right to know when an organization or business is UM affiliated, practices Esoteric rubbish, or a person is a promoter or recruiter for the cult. That’s what that page is about.

Thanks again for riding along with me on the Glorious detractor train and I wish you all an immensely pranic and spirit filled Christmas. I hope to see you all in 2019 when some of the temporal consequences of Serge’s failed defamation bid start to kick off.



66 Comments on “Merry Universal Medicine CULT Christmas muck up and victory gossip 2018”

  1. Herb says:

    Merry Christmas to you, and to all who contribute to this blog (even if that’s just reading it)! Wishing you all the best for a happy and healthy New Year.

    Hope you’re scoffing mince pies, drinking champagne, and basking in the contentment that comes to the victor after a fight well fought!

  2. Anonymous says:

    ‘Serge was never the new Messiah, he’s just a very naughty boy’.

    • Bah Humbug says:

      He’s a very, very naughty boy. No presents for him this year. Christmas lunch at the Benhayon’s won’t be much fun will it eh? Old Nat sitting there in her worn and tattered “your so jealous” t shirt, Mickey B strumming an out of tune guitar to a series of crappy Glorious Music pop knock offs, Simone in her deflated water wings, and Debs’s cash tin rattling with only a few coins in there after subs are WAY down. And then there’s King Bencrayon himself, silently fuming and filled with pent up anger after his court humiliation – all of them being served by Paula Fletcher whose now on waitress duties after being sacked as their lawyer (and Lord only knows no one else would ever give her anymore work after her recent drumming by the Supreme Court). Nope, it won’t be a Happy Christmas round there, but as the saying goes…

      “You reap what you sow”.

  3. Annette Hotko says:

    You are a champion of us all
    Much respect Esther
    From Annette in Kyogle

  4. Naughtius Maximus says:

    Happy holidays everyone. Enjoy your time off. Germany´s preparing for an un-white Christmas.

    I have yet to realize the recent events. Looking forward to enjoying major coverage next year. The end result will be very interesting.

  5. Ira McClure says:

    Thank you SO MUCH HRH Queen Esther…..
    Merry Pranic Christmas Duckies!
    A VERY happy and healthy 2019

  6. Astral Tiger says:

    Merry Christmas all you fabulous cult bashers. Let’s all boogie to the astral plane, get down and get pranic. Loads of hugs from your very own pranic puss. xxx

  7. Thanks again everyone. I realize I haven’t said much about the trial etc. but you will hear about it next year. Promise.

  8. basil brush says:

    Love the Christmas card.

    Why is it that the “family” & some of the “faithful” never seem to be as malnourished as
    the rest of the followers?

    Merry Christmas Serge & co.
    Live a little.

    • EX says:

      Good question.

      Live a little isn’t possible in the doctrine though. The Lympicia Lords(?) keep record of every single energetic expression. Including thought crime. Next life as a merry bumblebee or suffering disabled person. #choice.

  9. Wendy Douglas says:

    Ester I cannot thank you enough for your courage & persistence against UM. It takes a very committed person to expose the greed & corruption of the this cult. You have made our region safer for outing these people.
    Best wishes for a wonderful year ahead Ester. You are very much valued by our community.

  10. SAK says:

    Is Serge putting out a Christmas letter this year?

    That may be an interesting read.

  11. Nancy Botwin says:

    Esther if you don’t mind me asking: what ever happened to David Millikan’s footage…? Has it been aired somewhere between 2012 and now?

    I’ve seen his AJ Miller interview and liked his approach a lot. I would be interested to see his view on UniMed.

    Anyway: Merry Christmas!

    • Anonymous says:

      Not that I’m aware of. I’d LOVE to see it. I’ve heard about it and it sounds marvellous. Hopefully one day it will be aired.

  12. Pete says:

    Got money for Christmas and don´t know how to invest it? The CoUM offers help:

    “Building a healthy relationship between you and money”

    Black work, PR done by volunteers and avoiding taxes reduce costs. That enhances the financial statement.

  13. yoda says:

    The Audi brigade in Richmond Hill have started driving like absolute dicks again.

    You would think that after all that has happened in the last few months they would try not to attract too much attention.

    Yeah, Nah. “I have a fast car with a sporty exhaust system. I want people to hear it. Look at me.”

    You can hear dome of them pull onto the Bruxner from about quite a distance away.

    I suppose now that the Girl to Woman festival has been shut down they need to draw attention to themselves some other way.

    “Whose role model are you?”

    • Anonymous says:

      Audi? Porsche is what I thought.

      • yoda says:


        The Porsche are getting thicker.

        At least 2, maybe 3 or more in Richmond Hill.

        Might have to start calling it UM Hill soon.

        The members are getting thicker as well.

        Not just in numbers.

        • says:

          I´d prefer thicker around the hips. Expensive cars and clothes, trips around the world is what they call claiming oneself in full… not holding back ones love as a Son of God. Everything else would be a contraction.

          Manipulated to the bone, you can put everything into your narrative. Watch Unimed Living´s Twitter channel. They´re constantly reading critical comments here and turning them into UM propaganda. I´m looking forward, why roaring abve speed limit and getting thicker is a fiery thing to do.

  14. Supreme Court decision. UM says:"need for our steadiness in the face of evil.' says:

    ‘a deep reminder of our purpose and the need for our steadiness in the face of evil.’
    says Carmel Reid
    “Carmel Reid I never knew much about the Rosicrucians, just the name and the hooded gowns, so this has been fascinating to read. It feels like an inspiring refresher for us initiates, a deep reminder of our purpose and the need for our steadiness in the face of evil. It also reminds us of the need to not hold back any leading impulse we may experience. Expressing Truth in every moment. A beautiful piece of writing, thank you Liane, Karoline and Karin.”

    • Eddie says:

      Woah, that´s deeper down the rabbit hole than I could ever imagine.

      Selling separation and union at the same time with devotees buying that is quite an achivement. Maybe he´s Leonardo da Vinci reincarnated after all.

    • Universal Death Wish says:

      Are they still waiting to be slayed/killed/beaten/tortured – a second Holocaust or what´s being done to the Rohingya in Myanmar? The wish for a major final showdown seems to be immanent in cults.


      • Pranic Princess says:

        They prefer the martyrdom fantasy to the dull old reality that the lot of them have been proven to be a bunch of shallow, greedy and gullible liars cleaving to a lecherous, treacherous con artist and his parasites.

        The thing with their boring Unimed Living diatribes is that not even *they* believe them. Having to constantly persuade each other is a bit of a giveaway.

        Anyway, the majority of the faith-full have no idea what came out in court, and they’re busy telling themselves they don’t want to know. Yes ladies?

        • O says:

          Not the slightest mention of the jury verdict here in G.

          More ambitious adjectives in one short comment aren´t possible, I think. “Thank you” for that.

  15. Rolled up eyes says:

    UM adherents preach “truth”, “light”, “integrity”, “responsibility” then seem to go all out to avoid it. Distracting loyal followers with criticizims of ‘evil out there’. Faking ‘success’ with tacky opulent status symbols (such as conspicuously posh, expensive cars) covering -up damning jury verdict confirming exploitation of vulnerable cancer patients. No conscience, no empathy, no shame, no love.

  16. Happy New Year (not yet for some)! says:

    Service for you detractors. Upcoming UM related events in 2019. Hope to see you there:

  17. SAK says:

    Coming down Richmond Hill Road early this morning heading to the Bay.

    Team UM travelling in a pack of 5.

    What is it about the whole sticking together shit?

    Safety in numbers?

    Lack of confidence in the real world?

    Joint New Years walking studies?

    How do we get out of this shit?

    Ask Micheal, Deb, Nat, Simone plus 1.

    The answer will be?

    • EX says:

      Training the Belgian tourniquet for the Tour de France without pranic cycling?

      What do you want to talk about when walking with a lost puppet of the LOF? Meeting within the bubble is a lovely thing to do. Keeps you on track.

    • Annoying says:

      Or maybe the Featherstone’s…

  18. Anonymous says:

    if UM devotees feel an enlargement of self-importance again, I recommend watching this video. Sirius is seriously in it, too:

  19. Spheres - be informed and take action says:

    Important information about UM`s speres.

    Posted by: antifruit ()
    Date: November 27, 2018 08:19PM,107998,page=165

    • Think about it: think it through... says:

      Yes, I ‘have seen ‘them’ doing this in my country as well: Unbelievable, but I’m watching them for a while, and this is creepy; seriously creepy.

      I have other things to do, but this isn’t over. IMO it’s (probably) just the beginning, so people who do care should be aware and follow this shit; don’t leave it all to Esther, Lance and those other hand full of People who raised their concerns from the start. Please don’t.

  20. Think about it: think it through... says:

  21. ..... says:

    In het Nederlands gezegd: het is allemaal zo achterhaald….”Serge”…are you kidding us Dutch people…


    • Van der Vaart says:

      Same circling pattern in Germany as well. “Fit for Life” in Cologne or the “naturopathic practice” on the airport Cologne-Bonn:

      Sanfte Medizin
      Am Flughafen Köln/Bonn ist eine Naturheilpraxis eingerichtet worden, um den Mitarbeitern bei akuten Symptomen Hilfe durch Massagen, Akupunktur etc. anbieten zu können.

      Dank u wel for nothing. Junge, Junge, Junge.

  22. yoda says:

    Today we have “Wheels of Creation” for a $650.00 “investment”.

    Carpool base camp seems to be just east of the Wollongbar Tafe roundabout.

    What do you call a grouping of Audis?

    I saw at least 7 between Convery’s Lane & Goonaudibah.

    The show must go on.

  23. pranicattack says:

    Upcoming courses for UK

    Wasn’t Divination something studied at Hogwarts by Harry Potter and co.??

    • Adults Only says:

      The SCIENCE of divination. For sure.

      I really love the “Please note: This event is available for participants who are 18 years and over only” thing. Way too late and only after Ester used it succesfully in court.

      By the way, UM. You don´t have to use the term “UK and Europe”. Just use “Europe”.

      • smiley jim says:

        So Serge is describing his orgasms again & as a result of the court findings under 18’s won’t be able to attend.
        What a tool!

  24. Raven says:

    To be honest…geee?!

    What more do we have to say…..

    I absolutely have a lot more to say, if we’re talking my values, and Esther you did: you did it truly well. Awesome!

    We all have other things to do. Family affairs (and I am a Cancer) we, you and I, and those other people who seriously care, we have to let this (unbelievable shit) go… by now: not our responsibility.

    But thanks to you: biting yourselve through this….,we all did came a long way….pffff. Especially you.

    It has been frown in all of these mother’s faces: our age…

    Yeah well: #me too, we have all been through ‘some of that’ ; but if you’re this pure, and big ( Leonardo’s best ) ………

    Just be there for your daughters and acknowledge the mistakes you made: especially considering your daughters when the time is there; right in your face.when you were warned and sold them out….for whatever reason to the wrong guy.

    Me personally: I’m out of here.

    To all of you who do care: take care and thanks for doing so…

    Have great Esoteric Breastmasage. 🙃

  25. Raven says:

    “When the time was there, right in your faces, you were warned…”

  26. Raven says:

    Yes, 🙏🙏🙏: have a great ‘Esoteric Breast Masage’ they’….“Your Breast’s” belong to you…..

    Serge says so.

    Can I wake up now…? What else is new?

  27. yoda says:

    The show is well & truly going on.

    Lots of cars in the UM HQ carpark this morning.

    Obviously the carpooling doesn’t count when council is closed.

    The wheels on the audis go round & round, round & round, round & round.

  28. Wheels of the truck go round & round for cashed up Moo moo's?!? says:


    The Wheels of Creation course is a revelatory exercise that empowers one to know what is taking place by way of the motion inducing forces that impact our daily lives with regard and respect to how life operates under energetic laws.

    Universal Medicine Presents The Wheels of Creation

    Prerequisite Study: Previous attendance at a Universal Medicine Retreat.

    *This event is available for participants who are 18 years and over only*

    DATE: Friday 11th January – Sunday 13th January 2019
    Friday – 5:00pm – 7:30pm (NSW Daylight Saving time)
    Saturday – 8.30am to 5.30pm (NSW Daylight Saving time)
    Sunday – 8.30am to 3pm (NSW Daylight Saving time)
    *Registration: Friday 4:00pm – 4:50pm*

    INVESTMENT: $650

    VENUE: Details to be advised.

    Please bring your own lunch, means of hydration and a pillow/cushion and blanket for your own comfort.

    [link will disappear no doubt – BUT screenshot taken]

    • Money Heals says:

      $650 for 2.5 days. Per participant. Cash. No tax deduction. Plus income from unlisted activities around the show.

      I´m jealous. UM, focusing on the upper class.

  29. ER says:

    Three comments were taken down a few days ago. Someone decided it would be a great idea to post some unsubstantiated hearsay allegedly originating from some halfwitted UM follower making extremely serious allegations. The allegations were supposedly said by Serge about a third party who has nothing to do with UM.

    Before posting comments like that please think about how you might defend a defamation claim for publishing those allegations. Can you prove the allegation against the third party? Can you prove Serge said it? How are you going to do that? Then think about how you’ve posted it on my site, and how I’m supposed to justify it if either party decides to sue for defamation. Please use your brains.

    I’d rather not have to start moderating comments again.

    We know Serge is a bullshitter. We’ve been reading and watching his material for over six years. He was proven in court to be dishonest – with his own evidence. Of course he will continue to bullshit to the customers who have been buying it for years. He’ll say *anything* to protect that cashflow. Why on earth would you be surprised? His followers will also say *anything* to protect him. Why on earth would you risk a defo claim against yourself or me by repeating defamatory garbage UM may or may not have said?

  30. Let’s make sense! says:

    Good point.

  31. Magical thinking says:

    No need to say anything unsubstantiated and defamatory as there is enough solid, indisputable evidence as presented in the Supreme Court. How appalling that those most vulnerable who need to view the evidence either don’t know it exists or have been brain-washed to disregard it as ‘lies’ / ‘fake news’. Or are in extreme denial, pride and defense mode.

    Still marvelling Esther how SB tried to annihilate you but actually exposed himself to be an exploitive charlatan. Vindication for you through his own actions… you couldn’t have planned it better!

    There seems to be no admission of wrong from UM head quarters, no sense of remorse or shame just ‘business as usual’.

    Banning under 18’s to future events provides a clue regarding how inappropriately creepy some of SB’s “sermons’ are considered to be (as verified in the Supreme Court).

    Infiltrating organizations with no concens about conflict of interest or disclosure of intent is another form of dishonesty and lack of integrity.

    SB’s bizarre 2019 new year numerolgy message reflects magical thinking usually associated with a toddler’s developmental age. Professor Dwyer says it well … the health professionals who continue to believe, enable and support SB’s ‘nonsense’ must be ‘mentally unhinged’.

  32. WW III says:

    And the beat goes on indeed:
    What a creepy bunch they are planning all these activities as though nothing has transpired.
    Many followers have defected, though, and they now find themsleves black listed by the true believers of this horseshit.
    I think E.R. deserves a nomination for the Australian of the Year for her dogged determination, self-sacrifice, and intellectual cabilities.

  33. Serge always wanted his own private helicopter says:

    Is Deborah (I accidentally deleted all of UM’s business emails) Benhayon still on the WRHS Northern Regional Advisory Committee? Does anyone know? I don’t want the CFO of this shady organisation in a position of influence on such a critical health service.

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