Benhayon v Rockett defence update – trial 3 September 2018

Lady-justice-trois-coleursThe Benhayon v Rockett defamation action goes to trial from 3 4 to 21 September 2018 at the Supreme Court of NSW, Sydney (Queens Square) before a jury of four.

The trial is open to the public. Please observe court etiquette. Put your phones on silent, don’t bring food or drink, don’t chew gum and please keep quiet. Supreme Court listings with times, locations etc. are updated at 3:30 pm daily on the Supreme Court website. Information about the Benhayon v Rockett trial will appear on the list on the afternoon of 31 August.

Updates on Facebook

Some friends of my defence have set up a Facebook page which will post any media articles that are published. That is the best place to look for updates.

Please don’t contact me until after the trial.

Comments on my blogs are closed. I recommend that if you are publishing comments about proceedings on social media etc. that you don’t speculate about outcomes or make any allegations about Benhayon or Rockett. Please read this article for the reasons why.

And thank you! I can’t thank my supporters enough for helping me get to trial – keeping me fed, housed and able to continue investigations and preparations. Truly, thank you!

An important note about funding my work: I’m defending two large defamation claims brought by UM in two states. I am bankrupt. I now have a solicitor representing me in NSW but the workload and expense hasn’t changed. The amount of work required has made it impossible for me to earn income. I’m not eligible for benefits. I am now homeless and reliant on friends and family for accommodation.

I still need to eat and afford the costs of travel between two states, stationery (masses of printing, folders etc.) and subpoenas.

I am no longer crowdfunding. I cannot accept monetary donations or gifts. Any payments marked as gifts or donations will be confiscated by the bankruptcy trustee. You can, however, support me by paying me for my work in investigating and publishing my long term exposé of Universal Medicine and defending my publications. I am able to earn up to a certain amount of taxable income before the trustee starts taking money from me. If you value my work and want to show support for it, mark your payment as payment or services. Click here to pay via PayPal  Or direct deposit to BSB 734 063 Acc. 654 143 Contact me if you would like a tax invoice.