Universal Medicine gutter shenanigans & gossip mid 2018

2018 Girl to Woman Festival Prahran Melbourne

Customers lined up through the night for the Girl to Woman Festival Melbourne 2018

25 June 2018 *Click for Sydney Morning Herald report on court’s discovery orders

22 June 2018 *Supreme Court orders plaintiff’s further discovery

16 June 2018 *UM’s latest panic censorship *Girl to Woman Festival flops in Melbourne & dodgy photography waivers *Feral hypocrisy Unimed style *UM political candidates’ consistent failures

9 June 2018 *Legal update – approaching trial *Accountability pending

25 June Sydney Morning Herald

Veteran investigative reporter Kate McClymont reports on the court orders for the plaintiff to hand over financial documents and images of hands on Esoteric Healing practices. Click this link for the Sydney Morning Herald article

22 June 2018 NSW Supreme court ruling

Further to my post below from 9 June, Justice McCallum made some orders for the plaintiff’s further discovery but turned down some of my requests. Details on the Universal Medicine Accountability blog with a link to the full judgment.

We have another hearing on 29 June. Plaintiff is seeking to avoid a jury trial, and motioning for a few other bits and bobs. I will oppose.

16 June 2018 More panic censorship by Universal Medicine and The Co-Creative

None of you will be surprised to learn that Episode 5 of Unpacking Universal Medicine on influence and commitment has been taken down temporarily from YouTube in  response to a fourth unlawful copyright infringement complaint from Serge’s butt kissing contractors, The Co-Creative (Jonathan Baldwin, Clayton Lloyd of Flawless Imaging, Lismore, Rebecca and Simon Asquith).

I guaranteed they made no copyright complaints to ABC news.

It’s an offence under section 202 of the Commonwealth Copyright Act to make groundless legal threats in relation to copyright. The federal government made it an offence because it’s well known that copyright law is frequently abused by ratbags of UM’s ilk to unlawfully censor public interest material.

Of course they want it taken down. The film shows UM’s upper rung of Benhayon worshippers, including zealot barrister Charles Wilson, UM company director and lawyer Serryn O’Regan, washed up law academic Alison Greig, and UM’s idiot doctors and dentists pressuring followers to humiliate themselves and sign up for more unpaid labour to profit the firm.

At the hearing on 1 February, Team UM put forward a half-arsed argument that the Way of the Livingness films are somehow ‘private’ and weren’t meant to be seen by the general public. Which is a strange assertion to make when Serge made the films commercially available.

Needless to say, UM can keep making these unlawful complaints, but they’re merely delaying the inevitable. The material will be back online before long. There is much more exposure to come and with a far larger audience than my YouTube channel could ever get. Soon a hell of a lot more people will know exactly what kind of bastards these people are.

Esoteric Women’s Health’s Girl to Woman Festival epic fail in Melbourne

29 April, UM ran its skeevy Girl to Woman Festival in Prahran. It’s the thing where UM tries to reel in unsuspecting families while studiously avoiding disclosure that it’s run by the occult religious scam behind Esoteric Breast Massage. Management packs it full of touchy-feely volunteers who put make-up on pre-schoolers, put the little girls up on stage to sing and dance, and invite a bunch of creepy old blokes to take photos.

The Melbourne public rejected it. The publicity pics show that just about the only folk who showed up were UM frequent flyers dragging along a few unfortunate kids. As usual there were more adults than children, with a contingent of hands-on Esoteric busy bodies bussed in from Goonellabah.

The lousy turnout was in spite of months of the love-bombers grooming parents and kids at Melbourne’s weekend markets. Stall hire and props were likely paid for by the Esoteric volunteers. Perhaps we should be grateful that their marketing is so pathetically terrible and frightened a lot of folk away.

And perhaps some parents baulked at the nasty legal waiver on the online booking form. UM doesn’t disclose who or what is behind the Festival. Yet they fill the event with their photographers and expect parents to sign over permission for management to use photos of their children.

These images may be used for a variety of promotional and or internal purposes in relation to the event.’

Internal purposes??

What in hell does that mean?

Esotericism at its most feral

Some readers have been freshly gobsmacked by UM’s onslaught of irrationality since the latest media coverage. As far as I’m concerned UM’s army of propaganda halfwits – led by the indomitable fool Alison Greig and her spouse, UM’s scarecrow barrister Charles Wilson, plateaued four years ago. They’ve merely sustained the same level of aggressive histrionics since.

Like most extremists, they peaked too soon. I knew in 2012 it wouldn’t matter what I said or how I said it, the tone of UM’s reactions would be the same. They can’t get more demented.

Remember when David Millikan had a poke at them 2012 and they compared the Glorious leader with Christ on the cross? In 2014 we were criminals or something, and last year, the Professional Standards Committee of the Medical Council of NSW was the Inquisition. Dr Sam Kim, who admitted to misconduct and was also found to be an unreliable witness, was an Esoteric martyr tortured on the rack of his ethical obligations under the law.

Don’t ask me when the comparisons to Nazi Germany crept in. Last year my blogging was the equivalent of ‘genocide’ and a ‘pogrom’ according to St Alison the Stupid. With rhetoric like that and a hell of a lot more scrutiny and strong criticism to come, where is there left to go?

It is difficult to get used to UM’s staggering level of sustained brainlessness though.  Eg.  the inanity below from Liane Mandalis – the guru’s ‘oracle’ du jour (until she gets cut down a peg a la Rowena Stewart when her nonsense became serious competition for prophecies from The One). We saw Liane in Episode 5 selling  ‘God’s light’. She’s now spilling into Unimed Living with a bitchfest about her precious ‘privacy’ which was somehow jeopardized when she ventured out of the UM clinic to film an ABC film crew. That was the time ABC News showed up to ask The World Renowned Philosopher for an interview and he promptly dived under the nearest treatment table, speed dialled the Audi convoy and sent the Brides out to film the invaders.

Special snowflake Liane made a complaint to the ABC.

Interestingly, my letters of complaint to the ABC were met with the usual response that assured me that my experience with the ABC and being filmed without my consent fell well within the parameters of what they have outlined in their Code of Practice to be reasonable and fair.

I was directed to Standard 6.1 that states:

Intrusion into a person’s private life without consent must be justified in the public interest and the extent of the intrusion must be limited to what is proportionate in the circumstances.

The justification for such an intrusion here being that:

“The focus of the report was the newsworthy fact that Dr Sam Kim had stood aside from his role with the Australian Medical Association’s Queensland Council after having secretly shared a patient’s medical history with Universal Medicine’s (UM) leader Serge Benhayon. The report noted that this was the second misconduct finding in a year involving the Brisbane doctor’s ties with UM. In terms of the footage that has caused you concern, ABC News management advise that there was no intention to cause distress to individuals; those who may have attended the UM centre on that day were not the focus of the report, however some vision of the clinic was necessary in telling the story. ABC News further advise that anyone filmed in the course of gathering material was de-identified by blurring of the vision that was used. As you note, your face was obscured by the way in which you were holding your mobile phone. It is relevant for us to further note that your connection with UM is in the public domain. Given this, and the fact that the faces of those outside the clinic that day were adequately obscured in this brief footage, Audience and Consumer Affairs are satisfied that the footage as broadcast could not reasonably be regarded as an intrusion into your private life. In the circumstances, we are satisfied that no consent was required for the filming and broadcast of this footage.” Unimed Living

Without irony, Liane had whinged about a report on UM’s gutter diving ‘FACTS Team’s unjustifiable intrusion into a former customer’s private life. Alison et al had outed his schizophrenia diagnosis online.

Liane and the rest of the subscription ‘Sons of God’ are acutely aware of how much UM  pisses people off. Every UM subscriber tries to sell their ‘Livingness’, and every one has duly encountered resistance, if not overt disdain. What I’ve reported is the tip of the iceberg. They’re still being turfed out of community organizations to this day.

But nothing UM have done so far has provoked the level of outrage I saw in the response to UM publishing that medical diagnosis. Without that person’s permission, Liane. In breach of privacy laws in pretty much every country on earth. I have never had such high blog stats, or seen the quite the level of anger in readers.

If you choose, Liane, to align yourself in such an embarrassingly disgusting way with such a thoroughly detestable group of people – who would do something like that as (a) malicious payback, and (b) to protect UM’s profits – you’ve forfeited any basis to complain.

In 2015, that arrogant UM clown Neil Ringe encouraged you and your colleagues to humiliate yourselves for your religion.


You’ve outdone yourselves.

UM’s political fails

Some more gratifying news is that all of UM’s latest batch of political aspirants failed at the ballot box. None were elected to local councils. So far Gail Fuller in Byron Bay, Terri-Anne Connors in Hawdon, Melbourne, Sally Green in Perth, Jane Keep in Richmond, London, and Ray Karam in Ballina have failed to win seats. Ray failed again in National Party preselection to contest the state seat of Lismore, and Samantha England in Norfolk lost her council seat.

There are all sorts of reasons why people lose elections, but we can safely say that whingeing about questions and criticisms and characterizing  questions as ‘abuse’ is a lousy political platform. Voters, fellow party members and opponents won’t wear it.

Medical journal JMIR published an interesting side note about Jane Keep, by the way. And it wasn’t about her talking cervix. When the journal got the UM researchers to correct their conflict of interest statements, Jane jettisoned her University of Birmingham affiliation.

Or maybe they jettisoned her.

Huge thank you

I don’t get around to thanking all of my supporters anywhere near enough. I am so grateful for all your encouragement and support. A lot of you have chipped in to help me cover my bills and helped me with kind words and gestures. I really do appreciate it and thanks to you we are on the way to getting my defence evidence heard – where it matters most.

9 June 2018 Legal update

lady justice[1]We go to trial for three weeks from 3 September at the Supreme Court of NSW Sydney. I’ll be blogging light from here on and only the essentials. We are amid trial prep and I’m busy.

A warning to all of you, do not publish any commentary on the trial from here on and certainly nothing disparaging identifying the plaintiff. At all. If you do you risk a contempt of court charge plus UM using it as an excuse to disrupt proceedings.

Just. Do. Not. Do. It.

Not anonymously, pseudonymously, not nothing.

Please don’t waste my time by posting any such comments on my blogs. They’ll be deleted.

You are free to comment on UM and UMers, as always, provided your comments are justified.

I won’t be publishing anything about the trial until it’s concluded, except for some details about the calendar and other housekeeping. Please be patient and wait. Don’t contact me about the trial or UM unless you have some earth shattering documents or testimony to bring to court and you’re willing to go on the stand. I don’t have time for trivia from here on.  If you have UM gossip, don’t send it to me. Put it in the comments.

Someone was talking about setting up a blog and a Facebook page to post all the news reports as they come to hand. I don’t know if they’re still going to do that. I won’t be doing it. I’ll be busy and unable to comment on the trial. If you want to help out with blogging the news reports or as admins on a Facebook page, please get in touch soon and I’ll put you in touch with other helpers.

I will provide a link to the third party blog and FB page at the top of my blogs so that you can find it during the trial.

Comments will be closed on all my blogs through the trial. I’ll give advance warning.


I’ll be going to a day of hearing in Queensland end of next month to seek orders for disclosure of documents by Ray Karam and Caroline Raphael. It’s a repeat of issues we’ve had in NSW with the same legal team.

Caroline and Ray were supposed to disclose all their documents in November last year, when I did. I’ve had to chase them. It means that I have to seek orders to resolve what I believe to be outstanding, in the same way I had to seek orders against their sixth dimensional ascended guru.

Anyway, in the past month I had to put up with more ludicrous back and forth correspondence for the Queensland proceedings. Team UM had the gall to list a directions hearing on 8 June to try and rush me through seeking orders against Ray and Caroline. Unfortunately it requires a lot of preparatory work and legal advice to successfully get court orders, which of course Team UM doesn’t understand because they’re so rarely successful at doing so. They’ve had no cause to seek the same remedies against me.

They tried to get orders for the court to set a timetable requiring me to attend 3 hearings in Brisbane within the next four weeks. At the same time they were seeking to list a hearing in Sydney for some order or other, no one’s sure what – and late in the proceedings. So they were trying on four needless hearings in four weeks in two cities, weeks out from a trial that will run at least three weeks, while I’m broke, working from friends’ couches in Sydney, and when they knew two out of three of my retained barristers are not available. One being at a very lengthy trial in Brisbane and one on leave, and for all UM knew, I had no solicitors either.

Can anyone smell panic?

And bad blood?

In short, Team UM and the Queensland plaintiffs had the hide to try and bully me into rushing through seeking remedies for their non-compliance, at a time when they knew I had minimal legal assistance available.

But their cunning esoteric plan didn’t work. Last week my QC and his chambers in Brisbane found me another barrister to help out there. She was in court for me yesterday and helped with the negotiations. I’m pretty sure she’ll be appearing for me late next month.

Also, I now have solicitors representing me in the NSW proceedings. They came on the record last month amid Team UM’s genius litigious offensive against the unrepresented ‘troll’. My new solicitors are a small but high profile Sydney firm who’ve done a lot of successful work with my Sydney barristers, and have a special interest in human rights justice.

In short, after weeks of Esoteric histrionics and angst, Team UM ended up abandoning their proposed timetable and agreeing to mine. Three hearings got whittled down to one plus a five minute appearance for orders by consent. They might still call a short hearing in Sydney yet, but, in my unlearned opinion, the orders they’re seeking are, shall we say, singular.

With about as much chance of success as a modern day Cathar uprising.

Whatever happens, you’ll hear about the outcomes.

Time, space and accountability – the temporal limitations of the Astral plane

On 1 February Team UM and I went to hearing to argue for orders to remedy Serge’s sixth dimensional Atmic resistance to discovery of documents. No, we don’t have a ruling on that, but you will know about it when we do. I know UM are spreading rumours I have omniscient super powers, but I’d like to assure all of you that pestering me with messages and emails won’t make it happen any quicker.

I haven’t heard any word on the University Queensland’s decision regarding the UM researchers’ failure to declare conflicts of interest when they were trying to game peer reviewed journals into publishing ‘research’ papers that make out that UM Esoteric health claims are legit.

Some of you will remember that Lismore’s Northern Star published an appallingly fact free ‘report’ on the controversy. UM researcher and Northern Star advertorialist, Christoph Schnelle described UQ’s investigation as ‘at best complete nonsense’. Which is an unusual way to endear yourself to UQ and its School of Public Health when you’re yet to complete your PhD.

JMIR lets rip

However, one of the journals that published the UM papers, JMIR, isn’t mucking around waiting for UQ. They moved to retract the paper, but Team Schnelle refused to cooperate, and are esoterically insisting they declared their competing interests. JMIR robustly disagreed, taking the invested ‘Sons of God’ to task on a number of fronts. It’s a very good read. For example:

Our concerns with the COI of the lead author (and his spouse) go beyond financial COIs, as in his blog the lead author describes how meeting the UM founder “changed our lives profoundly”, and his spouse is describing “seemingly miraculous changes” as a result of UM. This level of “passion” for UM and their involvement may affect the authors’ scientific judgement.

As for Schnelle’s claim to the Northern Star that no one is challenging the validity of the data, JMIR disagreed with that too. The paper’s peer reviewers say they would not have accepted the manuscript if they’d been aware of the researchers’ ‘extensive COIs’. JMIR’s editorial director iced the cake with:

Finally, we are very concerned that the original results paper contained large statistical errors inflating the effect sizes (now corrected, see data correction below), which the authors themselves corrected (see below). We are giving the authors the benefit of the doubt in assuming that these were honest mistakes and not intentional errors, but it casts further doubts on the level of oversight as well as vetting of the data by an independent person.

While authors never claim otherwise, we should stress that the proposed and executed research does not provide any evidence that any Universal Medicine modalities are effective in making people healthier. Journal of Medical Internet Research JMIR

And as we know from Unpacking UM episode 2, the message from UM’s own management is that their modalities are not about improving health at all.

An important note about funding my work: I’m defending two large defamation claims brought by UM in two states. I am bankrupt. I now have a solicitor representing me in NSW but the workload and expense hasn’t changed. The amount of work required makes it impossible for me to earn income. I’m not eligible for benefits. I am now homeless and reliant on friends and family for accommodation. I still need to eat and afford the costs of travel between two states, stationery (masses of printing, folders etc.) and subpoenas. I am no longer crowdfunding. I cannot accept monetary donations or gifts. Any payments marked as gifts or donations will be confiscated by the bankruptcy trustee. You can, however, support me by paying me for investigating and publishing my long term exposé of Universal Medicine and my work in defending my public interest publications. If you value what I’m doing and want to help me get by and get my defences to trial, you can pay me for my work. Mark your payment as payment or services. Click here to pay for my work via PayPal  Or direct deposit to BSB 734 063 Acc. 654 143 Contact me if you would like a tax invoice.


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  1. Esther says:

    If you’ve been out to lunch/on a daiquiri bender/off the planet, or you just have a life, you may have missed the news that there are 6 eps of Unpacking UM up and powering on this playlist (including the Intro).

    If you haven’t seen them already, they are some of the most outstanding no-budget documentaries to come out of the northern reaches of Byron Shire. Al Gore is rumoured to have described them as ‘The Inconvenient Truth’ of Way of the Livingness exposés.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Good luck. Hope all goes well.

  3. Daiquiri Bender says:

    Good luck and all the best. No disparaging comments, as hard as it is. Gotta yell at the football players not fulfilling my wishes then. Sig.h

  4. Esther says:

    Thanks, I’ve just made a slight edit above about sub judice.

    ‘A warning to all of you, do not publish any commentary on the trial from here on and certainly nothing disparaging identifying the plaintiff. At all. If you do you risk a contempt of court charge plus UM using it as an excuse to disrupt proceedings.’

    With a new link: https://independentaustralia.net/life/life-display/pell-charges-and-the-law-of-sub-judice-beware-of-being-in-contempt,10455

    The reality is a bit more nuanced. We’re not involved in criminal proceedings and UM have thousands of webpages up about his atmic holiness. Not that anyone is looking for them. So the risk of jury contamination is pretty low. BUT it’s not worth the risk and the way Team UM is carrying on at the moment, jumping at shadows, they’ll use any excuse to cause disruption.

    You are free to comment on UM and UMers, as always, provided your comments are justified.

    Comments will be closed on all my blogs through the trial. I’ll give advance warning.

    • Daiquiri Bender says:

      Thanks for the important info as we don’t have that in our country. People are beheaded straight aeay.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Just look down at your feet,and all the monsters will disappear,didn’t work for me.

    • Crevice says:

      Then you’re the one who’s been doing it wrong and I can feel a lack of commitment.

    • 👽 says:

      You need to look down at THEIR feet to make them disappear not yours
      No wonder its not working
      Need to pay more attention to the 8 hour long sermon contents next time

      • Anonymous says:

        Eight hours I was confused and lost interest after eight seconds,no wonder I got it wrong.
        I can only look at their feet on the video,but Ill try again.

  6. The most embarrasing thing I´ve ever seen minus the Gulf of Tonkin incident theatre says:

    Forget Pink Floyd´s Brick In The Wall, here´s the real deal: https://donotlink.it/GG7Q

    • Double Dutch says:

      How the hell would those gentle voices rock a breast burgler baby to sleep?
      Sounds like a freight train leaving the rails at 200kms.
      Again, nothing cultish about this 🙄 although the biggish man on lead vocals puts you off the UM scent as he obviously frequents “all you can eat” pizza and pasta and beer . Aint no kale nibbling there.
      All said and done it was nice to see Ronnie Corbet’s reincarnation joining in for a screechalong left of stage
      Wondering why he is facing the wrong way to the band?
      Just another thing to wonder about UMers I guess.

      • Ämsterdäm says:

        Ronnie Corbett😊, the only Scottish comedian I’ve known so far was the one saying “fuck” all the time. B. C.

        Cultish indeed esp. their movements and facial expressions. I know these people though. They’re nice and not even close to the ones we all know so well.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Objective evidence based true truth prevails! (As opposed to deluded, de-contextualised, distorted, cognitively-biased, wishful-thinking, airy-fairy, touchy-feely, murky, manipulative, dodgy non evidence-based ‘esoteric truth’).

    Hypocrisy, pride, deception, self-righteousness, exploitation, greed and passive aggression (camouflaged in afore-mentioned ‘esoteric truth’) also has a way of emerging from chaos.

    Time for UM to live up to what is preached: true truth, integrity, self-honesty and (humble) self-responsibility. (Hint: Admit to the monster / collateral damage created by UM ‘esoteric truth’. Rather than blaming assertive fed-up scarred victims / survivors and / or external spooks).

    Most of all accepting not just UM bedazzled expression from the heart ‘truth’ but also non-UM heart-truth. (Even on UM desperately extremely censored white-washed sites). To allow true freedom of preferably evidence based speech for all.

    Please stop perpetuating destructive distortions of ‘truth’ turning previously lovely, warm people into anti-social, sometimes arrogant self-righteous prigs, splitting friends & family.

    Also please stop taking advantage of wealthy vulnerable individuals desperate for peace, harmony, trust and love.

  8. Esoteric escorts says:

    Ha ha
    KJU’s jogging bodyguards are quite fabulous
    Could we be in for the treat of upper rung UMers gently walk escorting the Audi thru the streets of Sydney in September? Only problem is the roundabouts with the perpetual anti-clockwise rule lol

  9. Anonymous says:

    UM actively harvests medical records of members and ex-member “detractors” and publishes them online as revenge or intimidation.

    Whilst cult Nxivm intimidates by threatening to reveal damaging information about witnesses, according to US federal prosecutors.


  10. RJM says:

    A good example of why cults should not be allowed to infiltrate local (or any) government:

  11. Attaining evidence says:

    Suggestion to help ascertain objective truth:

    Instead of esoterically biased poor quality research how about ethical high quality unbiased research… An independent organization conducts a quality research project probing all disputed UM “facts”.

    Request ?20,000 ex-Umers (if still alive and not yet beamed to Sirius) to complete and mail in an anonymous questionaire. For an opportunity to freely express honest answers re experiences / observations without fear of reprisals. (Maybe also one for friends & family re impact on relationships).

    Esther can write the incisive questions!

    Thats the only reliable way to attain the most independent objective facts ideally before Sept.(If UM is unco-operative what does that tell you?). Go-Fund-Me to help pay for it.

  12. So boring! Get a real life? Yes? says:

    Rumour has it? OMGPerleaazzze!YAWN fake news?


    Behind the scenes, interviewing couples about their relationships.
    @unimedliving @deanwhitling what an incredible day. And later interviewer and video team swapped to the other side of the camera
    #interviews #behindthescenes #videoproduction #lovebomb #joy

  13. Anonymous says:

    I have followed you since you were first aware of this trouble on Rick Ross – and seeing how you have become the advocate for us normal family members, terrified of seeing the change in our loved ones. I have lived with this all these years, because of the love I have for my family, and being afraid to speak out. Just trying to keep a sense of normality for our children. UM are cruel egotists. They gather vulnerable loving people and somehow turn them into selfish semi-clones, (they are truly warped) and then send them into the world to do management’s bidding. If they truly cared they would listen to the complaints of families. And address the upset. Now they circle like buzzards looking to swoop on the sick and get their inheritances. They tear up families and break hearts. It’s a crime. And I cannot donate to your cause, I cannot publicly speak up, and every day I want to hug you Esther, for being that person, I admire, and I want so much for you to win, for every hurt these people have caused, I want dearly for them to find their karma. Esther, ty and I wish only for you to have a peaceful future, whatever the outcome x

    • Esther says:

      Thank you Anon. That means a lot to me. Please be assured that other people who have the resources to help are doing so. I didn’t make it clear in the blog but I really want to thank everyone whose supported in whatever way they can. Kind words go a long way, believe me. We’ve all aimed to do this to minimize the harm and minimize the exposure of vulnerable people to UM’s horrendous behaviour.

      Please don’t be worried about my future. I already have a great deal of peace. Every day that UM continues their toxic behaviour vindicates me. Every single thing they do that comes to the attention of the outside world gets me more support – from people I respect. That’s why UM’s maliciousness makes no impression on me personally. It only increases our determination to get justice. For everyone. Hopefully there’ll be more peace for everyone involved at some point in the near future. Genuine peace. Not the esoteric imitation. xx

      Thank you again everyone. I wouldn’t be where we are without you all. Be assured we are advancing. There’s a lot more exposure to come.

    • LOF says:

      I know you are not alone. I have spoken with scores of people in the same situation as yourself who are glad Esther has stepped up and amazed at her indefatigable persistence in the face of the mob.

      The effect on the community has been massive, but its suppressed by the fear you mention and also now the fear of being fair-gamed by the group.

      There might come a day when everyone could gather in one place and thank Esther for holding UM to account. Let’s see what this year brings.

    • pranicattack says:

      These are my experiences and thoughts in a nutshell. Whoever and wherever you are Anon you are not alone. So many of us are affected by this cult and it is difficult to do anything without causing further family trauma. Esther you are so much appreciated for all you are doing and for bringing awareness. Good luck xx

  14. I shouldn’t be here says:

    Hang in there…. (what where you thinking…?!)

    Le Grand: grand master….flush 😏.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Jness has many similar indoctrination techniques to Esoteric Women’s Health and Universal medicine.

  16. Just saying says:

    Hey survivors! Well done!

    So so sorry
    you do not need to spend the big dollars to UM to do get this result.

    Many many people accomplish this worldwide without UM at a lot less cost

  17. LOF says:

    This quote says it all. What they are really talking about is the power of UM delusion. It’s a lot like there are no atheists in foxholes. A good delusion of an afterlife is empowering.

    In the case of UM a deadly disease is considered a “true healing” and with the belief, you’re heading for the fiery realms (hell?) or a great new incarnation, it certainly isn’t something to fear. Just ensure that will has been sorted out and your ‘true family’ has been bequeathed well.

    “If you have been diagnosed with cancer, you don’t have to stop living, give up or fight the good fight but instead accept and embrace it for the true healing it is.”

    • Dr Kildare says:

      It’s outrageous and disgusting to view diseases such an cancer (or any potentially terminal disease) as a “true healing”. To even entertain the belief that the body somehow destroys itself in order to heal shows a complete lack of any awareness of medicine and how the body works. Hundreds (actually thousands) of years of research, observation and practice have given us an understanding of our bodies functionality. Outside forces or “entities” casing diseases is as fanciful as fairies at the bottom of the garden.

      It beggars belief how several doctors and health care workers follow the warped view of disease that UM preaches. Thank the Lord that the Medical Council has looked in to some of these people. Hopefully more oversight is to come.

    • givemeyourmoney says:

      The whole premise that leaving money to UM means you have a better after life is just plain evil and proves beyond a doubt that UM is not to be trusted. There is no such thing as enlightenment when you have to pay, pay and pay some more. Since when did anyone pay to go to Church?

      • Peanut Butter-Banana-Chocolate Train Wreck says:

        Church and money are always combined. If you don´t pay at the entrance, you´ll pay somewhere else. There´s an automatic church tax in Germany i. e. and unsubscription is extensive and expensive. Yes, I know, let´s not go there, focus.

        Very good sharing on Twitter, Esther. Chris Shelton´s talk “Scientology Manipulation: Why Smart People Fall for Stupid Things” is very insightful as he´s a recovering ex-member. A lot of it´s givven me a deeper understanding of UM´s mechanisms.

        • LOF says:

          In Switzerland, you automatically pay the Catholic/Protestant church a 600 Euro tax annually unless you fill out a form to say you are a non-believer. The Livingness can only dream.


        • givemeyourmoney says:

          Well I have never been to church. i was assuming i could walk in and go to a service in australia and not have to pay. I didn’t realise you had to pay to go to church. how strange that you do.

        • Esther says:

          You’re right – you can walk into most churches in Australia free of charge and no one will try and sell you a thing.

          This is the problem with UM branding itself as a religion. Like Hubbard did with Scientology – deliberately confuses all discussions – and the judiciary. Problem is any arsehole can call themselves a religion and use the political protection that comes with it.

          Most churches pass the plate around at services and you contribute if you can or want to. Some churches are more money grabbing than others.

          Scientology, Hillsong and some of the new Christian churches are more aggressive about requiring money.

          Religions have always run charities – and run some of the best private hospitals and schools. They’ve always relied on cheap labour. Religions have always owned assets. So it’s correct to say church and money are always combined. That’s how they stay established.

          The extent to which they actually rip parishioners off varies enormously though.

          I appreciate you were making the point that UM is greedy, and is charging for stuff that should be free. I agree with you.

          I appreciate that other commenters are making a point that other religions can also be greedy. I agree with them too.

          But if we look beyond the misleading branding, UM is nothing more than a vicious scam and a slavery and coercion racket that’s trying to pass as a religion. It makes zero constructive contribution to society and causes absolutely nothing but confusion and damage. Its level of anti-social behaviour and exploitation is up there with the very worst cults. That is not a religious thing. It’s a scam thing and a cult thing.

          Part of that scam is to create divisive discussions that distract people from the real issues. The social media smokescreen is another example – the bullshit UM posts on the internet that keeps a lot of you busy humming and ha-ing. A lot of readers fall for it. But the real dirt is in the financial accounts, the trust funds, the pool of assets, the back of house comms, the regulatory coverups, the false advertising, the pseudo-legal waivers and disclaimers, the harvesting of personal data, the coercion and abuse… The kind of stuff I’m digging into. Nothing to do with religion or beliefs.

        • LOF says:

          While you are in the church they pass around a plate to collect $.

          It’s usually an open plate so others can see what you are giving. In days gone church life was very important to communities (no TV, internet, little education, food or prospects) so paying the local minister a few pennies each to give you a good dose of delusions on a Sunday sort of made sense.

          But when the churches end up owning half the town and then global real estate portfolio’s billionaires can only dream about while kids are being abused and go hungry it all starts to become a little obscene.

          A little like getting millions from your followers in return for fairy stories so you can fly first class live and in luxury while the rank and file pump gas, clean each other’s houses in an anti-clockwise fashion, or just give up their free time doing your bidding.

        • givemeyourmoney says:

          Couldn’t agree more Esther. the whole “we are a religion” is a massive smoke screen. They are just about money and power.

      • Anonymous says:

        Organised religions love $ as much as UM does but their financial model is based on donations, not pay to attend. The truly enlightened person has no desire for money and a deep desire to share their wisdom with all without a financial component to that sharing.

        UM is a business. Benhayon has stated this on camera. It is not a religion. It offers services and charges for them and followers are encouraged to reattend the same courses over and over again with the carrot dangled that each time new information is revealed.

  18. Anonymous says:

    All, everything, upside down…. personally, just personally: my definition of ‘The Devil’…

    Just me: don’t need a crowd for comformation.

  19. Anonymous says:

    The homeless dude who unexpectedly found himself outside the very suspect girl to woman must of been glad no one showed up so he didn’t have to move on. The complete lack of attendance – check out those empty seats! – is hilarious. Nothing like an epic UM fail to bring a smile to my face and this one is HUGE!

    Jealous? I think not.

    Whose role model are you? No ones it would seem.

    Give it up scammers, everyone sees through it.

    • LOF says:

      I had a look at their vid. They shipped some old girls down from NNSW to prance around a join in on the cacophony. Very culty.

      They are obviously unaware of how it looks judging by the gormless grins on their faces.

      I, therefore, conclude the man outside probably passed out after looking inside or hearing that song.

      “Girl to Woman” is a just a little too obvious given the provenance of the group. They should start a new front to recruit teachers… oh hang on. They did that… Police… oh that too… Cancer patients… yep…politicians… hmm

      Maybe they should keep their political aspirations local first. They have taken over Lismore which isn’t a bad effort given the enmity in the region for all things UM.

  20. Yawn says:

    The person with schizophrenia diagnosis told me his side of the story and – surprise – it´s completely different. It would´ve helped asking, FACTS Team. Most of the assumptions are wrong and the bad pictures outdated.

    Yesterday news.

    • LOF says:

      They’ve never got a story straight since day dot so no surprise there. They are guilty of what most children learn by about 8 or 9 years of age; that there is not just one side to a story.

      The **FACTS** team really are Orwellian in purpose. Their goal is to make up stories from tidbits, assumptions and things that drop out of their arse to confuse their members and to harass critics.

      By muddying the waters it keeps eyes of the puppet master and the hierarchy (low IQ mortal variety) and their shenanigans.

      Even if they ‘asked’ they wouldn’t believe what they are told. The **FACTS** team members are so blindsided by the make-believe world of UM anyone outside the group is a liar by default.

      I do wonder if one day, sometime in the distant future some of these people wake up one fine, UM free morning and realise what disgusting human beings they have been.

      Okay, I was joking. They won’t.

    • The Riddler says:

      The letters “ä/ö/ü” are not the same as “a/ o/u”. FACTS team, you got a name wrong. German alphabet elaborate.

  21. Shameful smarmy smirks says:

    This represents the group that reveal patients medical history [twisted] no qualms.

  22. The Smelterer says:

    And let us all not lose sight of the plight of innocent children being raised in this sick, abusive cult. Parents consciously separate children from their blood families and replace them with pseudo parents from within the church.

    These are the very same people, mostly white, middle-aged, often lesbian, cis-women, that indulge in a a act called Esoteric Breast Massage, the “sacred” rubbing of warm oil on naked female bosoms, including the erogenous zone of the nipple.

    The headpiece of this phoney religion becomes the True Father to these clipped-wing children, as desperate women offer the patriarchy their offspring, fast-tracking their journey up the unwinnable “ageless wisdom” snakes and ladders game. Segregating children from their free-thinking parents is the ultimate sacrifice to prove their commitment to the cult business and ruling family.

    All while publicly, the same people bleat meaningless, sycophantic phrases about their snake oil healing modalities of innermost love…blah blah blah. The hypocrisy of this fully paid-up coterie is in equal parts revolting as it is disturbing. They are morally bankrupt, devoid of compassion and emotionally corrupt.

    While we all feel the outrage of children being separated from their families in the USA, the same is happening on our shores by the narcissistic loveless groupies trapped in this mind mumblingly stupid cult.

    Pity the poor children who are having their core values set by these fraudsters. When the truth comes out about the covert unsociable behaviour of their secret sect, which it eventually will, there will be an avalanche of family law court hearings as the pre-planned rescue strategies are finally put into action.

    You’ve got this Esther. The judicial system will see it all for what it is. Poison.

  23. Ray please explain says:

    Ray Karam please explain:
    Apparently you are very concerned about mental healthm you say and yet you are proudly part of the facts team that posted this ‘FACTS Team’s unjustifiable intrusion into a former customer’s private life. Alison et al had outed his schizophrenia diagnosis online.


    Now this:
    Ray Karam – in the community
    37 mins ·
    Retweeted BehindTheSeen (@BTSoz):

    LAST CALL for SUBMISSIONS- closing date Wednesday 20th June!! We’ve completed our Behind The Seen submission which relates to changes needed from a “big picture” perspective.

    • Far Fetched says:

      Good find, thank you. The ting is, it’s about ill mental health he experienced himself. The Russian lady expressed evil and had to be stopped.

      Being loving on the one hand and dehumanizing on the other is a human phenomena. WW 2 example for UMers to understand since it’s the only war they really give a shit about? Germans were loved and cared for, Jews were scum.
      Vietnam war? Evil communism and termites had to be eradicated to protect our country.

      • LOF says:

        They are just looking for opportunities to sermonise.

        Look at any of their pop up websites. Photography, digital media, finance, whatever.. and the most striking things are they are repeating UM doctrine (connection, “true” something or another) using the language of their guru, and are instant experts on whatever business they have just started. (just like their guru)

        They’ve been persuaded to go out into the world and multiply. The Flock.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Nice that this GP clinic Prema House in Lismore sees the need to prominently plaster it’s patient confidentiality policy on website front page https://www.premahouse.net , as you can never be too sure if a UM cult doctor member who has taken up residency may have a lapse of judgement https://www.premahouse.net/our-doctors

  25. THX Anon - Northern Rivers Patients PLEASE take note says:



    Brendan Mooney. Psychologist

    Brendan is qualified as a fully registered Psychologist, and obtained his degree at the University of Queensland. He works with adults, adolescents and children who are experiencing a range of personal difficulties.

    Psychology sessions with Brendan are designed to address the emotional blockages and unhelpful thoughts we have, which then lead us to do behaviours that are harming to ourselves and others. Brendan’s approach is very practical and is about developing quality of life, which includes addressing any barriers that are preventing a person from moving forward in their life. A range of practical tools and techniques are presented in the sessions.

    Brendan provides support to people experiencing difficulties such as anxiety, depression, addictions, relationship issues, anger, grief and loss, physical pain, children and adolescent issues,and many other personal difficulties.

    Brendan is registered with Medicare, WorkCover and DVA.

  26. Waiting for your answer Ray Karam says:


    No disclosure event 20/6/18

    Ray Karam please explain:
    Apparently you are very concerned about mental health you say and yet you are proudly part of the facts team that posted this ‘FACTS Team’s unjustifiable intrusion into a former customer’s private life. Alison et al had outed his schizophrenia diagnosis online.

  27. Who really are the persecutors? says:

    Universal Medicine – listen up you are the persecutors not the persecuted!

    You are not open to questions, it appears that your behaviour is without any conscience.

    If anyone questions you or tells you you are wrong – you persecute them!

    • Anonymous says:

      Playing the persecuted woe-is-me victim, while actually creating their own image problems.

      Reaping what they are sowing (from half baked ‘truth’, distortions, delusions, lies) including a trail of enmeshed, well-meaning, confused (eventually disgruntled, rebellious) ‘followers’ lashing out at concerned, gob-smacked by-standers, friends & family.

  28. So this is a UM event? says:

    Ballina Men’s Circle
    June 10 at 10:01pm ·
    A great article by Martin. Worth a discussion at one of our groups.

    The rejection game – how to overcome the fear of rejection | Unimed Living
    Why do men have a fear of rejection? What are we experiencing when we are feeling rejected?

    • LOF says:

      I have an idea.

      Convince everyone around you that you possess an infallible knowledge and are the same as them, just better. Then the years of rejection you suffered will be avenged.

      Also, diss on others who complain about feelings of rejection, sadness, or end up depressed.

      Then call it a religion 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      Who’s doing the rejecting??

      UM’ers are the ones rejecting caring, concerned non- UM friend’s & family.

      Plus behaving in non-loving ways which inevitably provoke non UM’ers bewilderment, resigned, respectful, need for space… which probably confirms UM’s paranoid expectation of persecutory “rejection”.

      Just treat everyone with respect / as equals and the love you are meant to be, then you will have no fear of ‘challenge’, persecution and ultimately rejection.

  29. Obsessed and fully sick yes/no? says:

    Unimed living audio – current
    Panel talking up death & dying over dinner.

    I’m sickened to the max but not at all surprised to hear an intro comment at the outset of the audio.

    Our UM visitor was on the panel Alan Johnston was introduced as – ‘Property Developer with a keen interest end of life facilities for communities.’

    My mind went straight to Judith McIntyre. Elizabeth Dolan was another one on the panel.

    • LOF says:

      BIG money in retirement homes- large turnover. Possible other benefits if residents UM members. Long time interest of Level 6 Messiah. Follow the money.

  30. Hirving Lozano says:

    I´m a former follower of UM and just wanted to say, that the hardest thing is learning to trust people and life in general again. Thank you *FACTS* team for showing, who´s behind the loving mask you´re wearing in courses.

    • LOF says:

      Sorry to hear that Hirving. We’re here and we’re not actually evil if you need to vent.

      Yes, the *FACTS* team are quite grotesque when viewed from the outside. Dorian Grey-ish.

      (Although one or two of them look like that in real life 😉

      Take care and amusez-vous bien

  31. Crazy Ant-tics and Um parallels says:

    ABC news recently reported on an invasive ‘crazy’ species discovered in and around Lismore.
    This species can cause blindness and are a pale yellow colour. Their name is derived from their frantic actions, strange walking style and frequent changes of direction particularly when disturbed. They are known to build colonies with several agressive queens. They can do alot of damage and are very destructive. They wreak havoc to the health and lifestyles of unsuspecting people and when their numbers build up they are difficult to control. Lismore residents have been encouraged to up surveillance and ID operation of this dangerous pest which are found here and in other parts of the world.
    Another story on UM and its followers I hear you say, no, this time its the Yellow Crazy Ant in the limelight.

    • 🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜 says:

      “Pale in colour with a strange walking style”
      Thats UMers alright and far more dangerous than any ant plague.

  32. Astounded says:

    Just finished watching Wild Wild Country on Netflix recently.
    The imminent implosion caused by trying to control so many people will always fail eventually no matter how dazed they are.
    Many keypoints of similarity to other cults including the guru and his Goonellabah Groupies
    When the shit hit and authorities and legalities caught up with Bhagwan he bolted on a plane in the middle of the night with a couple of upper rungers and left the flock, community and his 80 Rolls Royces hanging trying to escape the country.
    Will be interesting after Sept

  33. Festival or molestival says:

    Sugar and spice and all things nice
    Well maybe not the sugar bit but…
    Mould your daughter into the fantasy image of a 50 something year old man?
    No fucking way
    Just because this is “in your face” advertised and has devotee commune women running it doesnt make it right
    Its SUS with a capitol “S”
    A flop in Melbourne?
    Would you take your son to a religious brothers “boys to men” celebration

    • And I Swear says:

      Right, the use of the children’s images from there sickens me the most. Everybody knows to never ever post these online. Pedopholes i. e.are very happy about people’s nonchalance and can do wonders with children’s images. UM exploits naive people, but they’re naive and amateurs as well.

  34. Status Quo says:

    Get it down, shreak get it down
    Down down freak take it down
    Down down reeks of Jonestown
    Get it down, leaked creepy clowns

    They dont want the world to see
    To see us laughing at the UM freaks
    They cant take no more Utube
    Again again again again
    Esther’s unpacking UM
    Shout it out loud

    • The Cars (not Audi) says:

      Put it up. Oo oo
      Put it up. Utube yeah
      Put it up. Oo oo
      Put it up

      No copyright, should play all day
      Dont let UM get in the way
      No copyright, beat the freaks
      They’ll be staring down at your feet

      Suck it up. Oo oo
      Fake it up. UM yeah
      Put it up. Utube
      Put it up

  35. Craig Roberts says:

    a MAN who claims to be the reincarnation of Leonardo Da Vinci wrote, To align yourself with one lie,is to align yourself with the energy of abuse.
    So why is UM complaining of being abused.

    • Pants on fiery fire🔥 says:

      They put the lie into a-lie-gn
      They are positively rolling in them, booty swirling to them and eating them for the one meal a day they have.
      Their whole lives are a lie

  36. lawyerly.com.au says:

    Judge orders spiritual guru to produce pics of ‘hands on’ healing June 21, 2018 https://lawyerly.com.au/judge-orders-spiritual-guru-produce-pics-hands-healing/

  37. 👽 ET ( Esther and Tom) dream team says:

    We spirits are with you Esther 👽👽👽
    We can smell a victory from a mile away
    All on the mother planet will be watching
    As will the 4 lords of form
    The beer, pizza and popcorn are on order

  38. Party Hat says:

    Please make sure, the spiritual guru’s going to hand out ALL pictures of his hands-on “healing” techniques from ALL manuscripts… whoever you are.

  39. Deeper Femalepress says:

    Ahhhhh fame
    Not all its cracked up to be sometimes
    Especially when you are trying to uphold outrageous claims of self importance
    Onya Kate McClymont, our latest pranic press pal, Supreme Court reporter for the article in todays Sydney Morning Herald
    (Whats up @ The Northern Star?)

    • Anonymous says:

      The Northern Star will be last to mention this latest development – even if they ever do. How they can claim to represent local interests is beyond me when a Supreme Court ruling that most definitely effects local people is not front page news.

      Little Hamish must be hiding under his desk hoping it will go away and he doesn’t have to report it!

  40. Anonymous says:

    Great piece in SMH that you’ve tweeted already, but for those not on Twitter: https://www.smh.com.au/national/nsw/spiritual-healer-serge-benhayon-gave-client-ovarian-reading-20180624-p4znf9.html

  41. Kate Mc reported 'it' says:

    Well done & thank you Kate McClymont reported so accurately.

    Just what Universal Members wanted apparently according to Nikki ***** who works with Nicola Lessing [ Nicola is Christoph Schnelle’s wife – CS Uni paper being reviewed]?

    “The media would rapidly be called back to responsibility and do the job that they are there to do – inform people of what is going on. Cut the rubbish journalism, the emotional incitement and come back to reporting.”


    • Anonymous says:

      As opposed to the quality slander journalism the um facts team publishes? Nikki?

    • Basil Brush says:

      Circle the Audis.
      Stay in formation.

    • Nik off says:

      This is straight out reporting of the FAKS
      UMers need to accept the truth sometime surely
      Its coming at them thick and strong now
      Lets hope it shatters the bullet proof one inch thick rose coloured glasses
      There is a wonderful real world out there
      Free of crazy rules and indoctrination
      Imagine waking up when you want, eating what you feel like eating, loving the loved ones you have shunned for strangers ( yes they are waiting patiently) free thinking, no guilt, deciding for yourself, being FREE.
      You are not “in your light” but in a disguised dungeon in the dark being fed continuous bullshit. Deep down you know it.

    • The Famous Pineapple Express says:

      Extremists, dictators, religions, zealots all complain the press isn’t fair and try to shut it down.

      It’s the first sign of a ideological fascism. Think Trump & Yıldırım.

      ?Real Media Real Change?

      A sure second sign their position is weak is attacking their critics and reporters credibility and not their arguments.

      • Empörtes Opfer says:

        Definitely. It´s never been about the arguments. Comments are shut down on their blogs and a WW2 persecution comment on here from time to time doesn´t lead us nowhere. I´m looking forward to Sept.

  42. Anonymous says:

    You should frame the cover Esther and start a wall of them. I’m sure by the time the trial is over you’ll have a few more to add to this one 😉

  43. SAK says:

    Page 3


    I was hoping someone like Kate McClymont would get hold this.

    Will it get a mention in the northern star? Not likely.

    • Anonymous says:

      For a giggle have a read of Kate’s Twitter feed. Lots of the usual comments that occurs when UM intersects with the real world. Especially funny are some of the comments to her tweet about Sergio’s remarkable male/female orgasm skills. One lonely supporter sticks her head out of the sand to questions her research (yawn, same old, same old) but 99.9% are hilarious.

      • Over 50 computer boofhead says:


        • Esther says:

          😅 Calling bullshit bullshit. The type of justified commentary UM have been trying to shield themselves from for years.

          I could embed them but they name the plaintiff. Twitter also has a search function. Click the magnifying glass top of Twitter page. Search Kate McClymont and the surname of your sixth dimensional messiah du jour.

  44. Working father, business owner, average guy says:

    What does Nikki (business owner, amazing woman and mother) mean by this.

    “We are the ones who demand the world we want to live in – and what we demand is supplied. We can at any time review what it is we are demanding.”

    Is this just more of the “talk”?

  45. Jury members are people too says:

    Why ban the jury?
    They are people too
    If billions from humanity are crying out for UM and its “work” why ban 12 of them
    As Maxine says “its abusive not to share UM with the world”
    Time for someone else to not be in disgusting hideous comfort now

    • 7 1 says:

      I couldn´t wait to be criticized.

    • All Rise says:

      I want to be there when the judge and jury members are offered healing symbols to shove down their undies before proceedings to protect them from the lies (evidence) they are about to witness from the she wolf

  46. The Numbers Mason says:

    Are there any news regarding UM´s UK and Europe tour? Number of participants, paid taxes, black labour, gossip?

    • €€€€€ p.p.p.p. says:

      Whatever it´s been, UM´s made a shitload of tax exempt money with it. Just jealous. Not.

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