Unpacking Universal Medicine episode 5 – influence & commitment

Universal Medicine is marketed as an esoteric healing organization and religious community, but religious fervour is only one of the factors keeping followers aligned with its commercial Way of the Livingness. (UPDATE: UM made their fourth bogus copyright infringement complaint about the videos in this series to get them taken down temporarily from YouTube. In the meantime, watch the the intro and other four episodes on this playlist – the material UM doesn’t want the public to see.)

The playlist


Neil Gamble Unimed Living

Unimed Living company director Neil Gamble – one of UM’s high status influential

Episode 5 – influence, faith and commitment

Most of UM’s subscribers are zealous adherents to its beliefs and rituals and fiery defenders of the corporation. They enter an extended cycle of expenditure on questionable products and services, repeatedly attend events year after year, and provide unpaid services to a commercial business that has made its proprietor Serge Benhayon a multimillionaire. Outsiders struggle to understand why.

UM has developed a culture of persuasion that includes a system of rewards and punishments, repetitive group rituals, and a number of high status persuaders. As followers aspirations increase, so do their levels of commitment. It results in a lot of talk and propaganda, and ‘love’ and conscientiousness theatrics, but the ‘community’ is a bell jar in which nothing much happens thats meaningful.


Universal Medicine barrister and Charles Wilson

See also: ABC News item about UM Facts Team’s outing of a person’s schizophrenia diagnosis

Bogus copyright complaints

UM and its contractors, The Co-Creative (Rebecca and Simon Asquith, Jonathan Baldwin and Clayton Lloyd) have had all the films in this series taken down temporarily with false copyright infringement complaints. In Australia it is an offence under the Commonwealth Copyright Act to make groundless complaints of copyright infringement. One of the reasons false complaints are unlawful is because Australian legislators recognize that complaints processes are abused to censor public interest material.

UM and The Co-Creative need to be warned that my legal team has grown and I now have solicitors with a strong record in defamation and human rights representing me. We are prepared to seek injunctions with costs if UM attempt more bogus takedown requests.

A health warning

Loved ones of people involved in UM, particularly those with children caught up in it have been shocked and appalled by what they’ve seen in the subscription videos.

It may be upsetting to some of you. It’s good for others to know they’re not alone in their misgivings so please feel free to comment. I’m pretty busy with legal stuff but you can always contact me if you’re having a hard time. I think it’s time we set something up so that you can speak with others who understand what it’s like to deal with UM in your life.

We have readers who are former UM followers and many readers with loved ones involved, so I’d like commenters to remember that when they comment. The majority of UM community members are decent and well intentioned people. Unfortunately they’re ensnared in a large scale and elaborate deception.

The films prove that UM deserves a lot more criticism than it’s had. One of the most confronting things about this mess is that many of UM’s well intentioned members are participating in the organization’s deceptive, exploitative and otherwise lousy conduct. It’s heartbreaking for all involved. It causes massive problems. Please be sensitive that many readers feel a mixture of emotions about this stuff, including grief. It doesn’t help to rub their noses in it. Criticism of UM is deserved but we don’t want to alienate anyone whose been done over or deter readers from commenting either.

Using and sharing

Feel free to share the videos. They are useful for notifying community organizations, schools or other institutions about UM and its promoters.

I daresay a number of you will be able to use this material in dealing with the Family Court. The episodes include some persuasive material for keeping kids away from this group. Contact me for assistance.

Tips for commenters

It’s helpful to me and other commenters if you identify time signatures within the videos if you want to comment on any particular statement or segment. You’ll see there’s a lot to comment on.

Comments are moderated for legal reasons. Unfortunately what reasonable people call ‘the bleeding obvious’, UM and its invested lawyers call ‘defamation’. However, the Australian legal system is such that taking a defence of truth to trial takes years, enormous costs, and otherwise the moving of mountains.

If some of your descriptions get modified, you know why.


119 Comments on “Unpacking Universal Medicine episode 5 – influence & commitment”

  1. Oh The Irony says:

    Nobody´s playing in those videos. No laughter, no silliness. They´re trying to reclaim the inner child with self-flagellation. The tone of voice gave me a headache.
    They´ve only one thing in common with children: They don´t understand irony.

    Around 10:30 min., Dr Maxine Szremka asks “What´s our contribution to the war in Afghanistan?” In other words, spend more time and money on UM and you´ll stop contributing to the wars in the world.
    You could stop consuming, what the wars are mainly about. Oil and gas. So, please stop flying around the world constantly, stop using massive cars needing way more fuel than necessary. UM´s a major part of the consumerism causing all of that and FIGHTING for fiery love in the world.

  2. stunned silence says:

    UM seeks more conflict in the student’s families and community. The individuals are not fully committed to the religion unless they seek criticism from the outside, so he says.

    Explains a lot, Conflict with the outside is what they seek so they can become the martyrs.

    Now that’s ‘abuse’.

  3. Shutup already says:

    Expected to sit thru this indoctrination all day!? Gosh even the Catholic church only wants an hour of worship time from you on a Sunday.
    We live in one of the most beautiful areas in Australia and I’d rather be at the beach or in the rainforest myself, soaking up nature not the twisted fantasy of one questionable mind.
    How totally grandiose thinking UM is the saviour of all humanity. What bullshit.
    UM is sooooo important its leader has an open line to the prime minister! I hope this isn’t true and the then leader of our country isn’t feeding into the narcissism and nonsense as our representative of the majority of Australians.
    I watched an interview with a convicted serial killer recently. He was so persuasive and clever deflecting and creating a state of victimization for himself. This man had even convinced himself that his lies had become the truth. And that is the most dangerous part. He showed no remorse or emotion as he pointed out he was one of the nicest guys in the world who happened to be guilty of 13 brutal murders of women.

  4. Fear & Loathing in Goon-ellabah says:

    Pinning down a member in a course for daring to criticize. Leo’s response and tone of voice – typical for a narcissist. My penis is bigger than yours.

    • Pass the red sluggos to your best mate, Tony says:

      Yeah he didnt like that did he
      “Well how come I spoke to the Prime Minister yesterday…..” Wanker. As if anyone not brainwashed cares about the Goonellabah guru’s opinion of them, ever.
      That poor bugger spoke his innermost and didnt hold back questioning about special supremist language used by UM thus ostracising them further from the real world. The secret community world of make believe. Boohaa

  5. Anonymous says:

    All the flock call non-believers “detractors”. That’s straight out of the Cult Behaviours 101 playbook.

    • Pranic Pillar says:

      They call anyone who detracts from ‘the work’ a detractor. The way they carry on, Lance is the biggest detractor in the Universe, in any dimension, in any era since Sanat Kumara snapped Co-Creation into existence billions of years ago or whatever it is his nibs rabbits on about. Which doesn’t quite equate with His Holiness’ dogma that detractors among the students were the worst of all – Esoteric Judas the lot of them.

      My favourite line is when Sarah Davis says her village got pillared. That’s either some esoteric reference to an architectural improvement or archaic slang for a piss up. Either way I’d rather a pillaring than having to sit on my arse moaning through the Way of the Lividness for years on end. AND trying to entice other poor bastards to join up. 🙄

      • FAKT police says:

        Pillared means getting gently whacked with a pillar in a full on esoteric pillar fight with
        feather light fluff everywhere.
        Dont you know anything?

  6. Just asking? says:

    Look out UM Jehovah’s Witnesses would take you for plagiarism.

    Your lectures/forum’s & content etc etc etc are the same formula and at times even phrases and words used by JW’s.

  7. Mr Speaker, The One is on the line for the PM says:

    focusing on Tony’s beautiful daughters?
    He might not be so happy bout that if he knew the background

  8. Bastardry says:

    Great work, yet again Esther, sharing the selfish and bitter bastardry of this foolish lot and their evil and corrupt recruitment “modalities”.

    The jury are gonna lap this up in September…can’t wait to be there and soak in the eso-shame.

  9. The Way It Isn't says:

    Why would Imhotep tell Tony that he’s a good dad? Like a lot of people, Mr Abbott enjoys a beer. According to UM, that means he’s facilitated the rape of his own daughters by astral entities. Yet those same daughters, according to the Master, are doing just fine as adults, largely thanks to their dad. The ‘ageless wisdom’ works in mysterious ways.

  10. Ring Ring why dont you give him a call says:

    Hey O great one of unsurpassed knowledge
    Give Tony a call and tell him about how babies are breast burglers,9ft alien like spirits sniff with crevices and the moles at Maroubra are good girls.
    Maybe have a chat to him about claiming benefits whilst still running a substantial cash business and starting your very own religion.

  11. depressing says:

    I still can’t actually believe that normal people can become so trapped by this hideousness. It’s really bloody depressing. The elders who emulate The One, shame on all of you. You are either completely indoctrinated or just trying to make a buck. The thing i find so distressing is that the Master is the opposite of love. (Fact) He just doesn’t have any good vibes going on. Why can’t the ordinary flock see this? He really put that guy down who asked a question. And his ego is so massive he name dropped the then Prime Minister. He really is a narcissist on steroids.

    • Struma Puma says:

      Indeed, he’d better switch to thyroid hormons though.

    • The one says:

      Who are you calling a narcissist on steroids?
      Vicious lies……
      Just because, not only does my shit(c1999) not stink but it is a miraculous event you should worship, I know more than any scientist in the world, I am several genuises reincarnated, I can switch from male to female at will, I am highest on the initiation scale that I invented, you should want to walk, talk, eat, sleep, have sex and think just like me because I said so and pay me to learn these things, I have scored a young wife and kept the old one in tow, you should ring me and say “I am phoning to confirm I am sick, Im not asking why,but Im letting you know I am not in comfort and I am suffering…thankyou”. Prime Ministers are at my beck n call, and I have alot of property and Audi’s yet I am humble spreading my message on earth as the second coming of the lord.
      See, not narcissistic, definitely not on steroids, just another messiah from another planet.

      [Ha! this ended up in Spam bin sorry – probably because you included the word steroids, lol. Esther]

    • Dont hold back says:

      Lets hope that guy who “didnt hold back and questioned” then walked straight out of that room and kept going.
      Indoctrination based on fear sold as love.
      No wonder the poor buggers are so confused.
      Listen to your gut feelings, watch these revealing recordings, make up your own mind.
      No one else has the right to infiltrate and control your mind.
      Its all lovey dovey until you question, criticise or speak against the leader and his firm then look out.

      • depressing says:

        Yes I hope so too. I remember my one and only workshop (many years ago now). I remember nearly getting sucked in. The centre was packed. I remember ringing my partner and saying things like “i have to stop gluten, i have to do this , I have to do that” I could hear my partner sigh at the other end, patiently. I remember then going back on the Sunday and bursting into tears because the vibe of the place was just so weird and no-one was friendly. I said something to Serge like “why is everyone so numb” and he just gave me his story about emotions. And then, thankfully, I met the only other woman in the group who wasn’t into him. That was all I needed. I remember being at the train station and meeting others who had been on the course and at that stage they were hooked. I had one of his books and when i started looking into it home i realised how weird and divisive UM was. It all made sense how my friend had been going on and on about him for years. How she was totally brainwashed by UM and still is to this day. I stand by how lovely she is and she truly doesn’t profit from UM but believes all the narcissist crap. I have no idea how she will get out of UM. I hope the guy who asked the question does leave but it’s hard to against such group force? UM really has worked out groupthink with elders etc. It would take
        a very strong person to escape UM. I personally had a nightmare after my one and only course that he was the devil!! ha ha. When I watch him on these videos I just can’t believe that people like him. I also think some of the elders are just completely wrong as well. They too have become narcissistic like their leader.

        • LOF says:

          My experience too. Even down to the dream.

        • Blinded by greed & pride? says:

          Watch out for false prophets & wolves dressed as angels of light, truth mixed with lies / delusions… (I had a similar dream, deep down many UMers know it too)

  12. Diamonds Don't Shine But Reflect says:

    St. Pete’s the know-it-all boss in there. Thank you for making that Fakt clear.

  13. 🧠💦🐏 says:

    Humanity is not crying out because they want or need to join a cult based in Goonellabah.
    Some perspective please.

    • Esther says:

      Yah, and I don’t see humanity crying out to be pushed around by selfish philistine arseholes, locked into an eternal expenditure cycle, sitting through whole weekends of moaning and whingeing, waking up early to make the rounds of dull blog comments, and ending up unhealthy and stupid – and looking it.

      • 🧠💦🐏 says:

        They have lost sight that “the work” is all about making money for the founder not saving the world and humanity.

    • Me Me Me says:

      An urealistc perspective in a cult is fostered like self-ceneredness. You’ve never been in one, do you? I’m just jealous. Very jealous.

  14. Show me the $ says:

    He has come a long way from selling little bags of magic clay dust to big piles of shit!
    Sad thing is theres always someone vulnerable enough to swallow it

  15. Arrested developement says:

    Police are people too….
    ….smart to get involved with UM!

  16. Eh/ says:

    Question time.

    Can anyone explain what “The Truth” is please?

    PS I’m asking for a friend.

    • LOF says:

      “Truth” is eso terms? It means whatever they want it to be. If there are verifiable facts or evidence involved, it is a lie, according to UM thinking.

      To clarify things a little further UM put “in truth” or “true-” in front of everything they want members to believe.

      “true healing” “true service” “true charity” “True religion” etc. So to the astral cult (us) that means “bullshit healing” “Bullshit service” “bullshit charity” and “Bullshit religion” but that’s only because we haven’t been “corrected” on the meaning of the word “true”

      Make sense?

  17. Try hard ....listen up...the BIG world out there ain't stupid says:

    Desperado, why don’t you come to your senses
    You been out ridin’ fences for so long now
    Oh, you’re a hard one
    I know that you got your reasons
    These things that are pleasin’ you
    Can hurt you somehow
    Don’t you draw the Queen of Diamonds, boy
    She’ll beat you if she’s able
    You know the Queen of Hearts is always your best bet
    Now, it seems to me some fine things
    Have been laid upon your table,
    But you only want the ones that you can’t get
    Desperado, oh, you ain’t gettin’ no younger
    Your pain and your hunger, they’re drivin’ you home
    And freedom, oh freedom, well that’s just some people talkin’
    Your prison is walking through this world all alone
    Don’t your feet get cold in the winter time?
    The sky won’t snow and the sun won’t shine
    It’s hard to tell the night time from the day
    You’re losin’ all your highs and lows;
    Ain’t it funny how the feeling goes away?
    Desperado, why don’t you come to your senses?
    Come down from your fences; open the gate
    It may be rainin’, but there’s a rainbow above you
    You better let somebody love you, before it’s too late
    Songwriters: Glenn Frey / Don Henley

  18. Astral Zapruder says:

    I’ve taken a bit of a gamble on these episodes – they are a little bit too long, but I wanted to give a proper immersive experience of what UMers sit through and say to each other. It’s mostly for the information of family & friends outside of UM pondering how the hell their dear one became so difficult to deal with.

    Anyone have any comments on that – what do you think of the films so far? I lose a bit of perspective of what it’s like to see this for the first time because I’ve had to sit through hours of it. And FMD it’s hard going – really hard to watch – I somehow had to distil the UM experience into these films.

    Apparently the community is in uproar saying I’ve done a hatchet job on the footage and taken stuff out of context. But dear me, it’s boring stuff, and all they do is harp on and on.

    Your reviews are welcome…

    • The Way It Isn't says:

      You’ve done well, and thanks to your critical commentary, I don’t find them overlong or dull. It’s sad that they think there’s any context in which this material could make a positive impression to anyone not already involved. They’ve got the complete footage available at their disposal, so if they want the world to see what ‘the truth’ is about UM, they should just upload it to Youtube and refute the criticism. The Hierarchy supposedly wanted their message to be shared widely, after all.

    • Anonymous says:


    • Capital "R" for Responsibility says:

      Of course they are in an uproar
      Mr frozen face and his pet neck gerbil have taken time out from another planet to save humanity and you have thrown a giant pranic spanner in “the works”
      Your vids are very revealing and relevant giving us an inside look at UM’s persuaders in action behind closed doors.
      Esther we are grateful you have crawled out of your lair, claws bared, teeth snarling and frothing at the mouth to shine a torch on UM.
      Its a wonder the followers dont realise that all of this has been energetically created by their leader because in sueing you he has pedestalled you as the enemy.
      They should call him in confirmation of this and say “you have created this, just as you can make the sun break through the clouds, so I understand that with Esther revealing our sessions to the world, we are all in a state of discomfort due to embarrassment in comparison to free thinking people”
      Thats if you can get through on the blower. Malcolm may be seeking advice from the one about those “yellow skinned” people with missiles

    • LOF says:

      You’ve done a shocking job. Literally. Shocking.

      How can you take it out of context? It speaks for itself. Shocking.

      What the ‘community’ actually doesn’t like is seeing themselves as others see them. They’re aware of how shit it looks.

      • I´m not an expert, BUT... says:

        Right. “In truth”, the photographs in Esther´s video starting at 23:10 min. are shopped as hell. As are UM´s promo videos. Please show the real you, UM.

        On Unimedliving´s latest interview with Alice about mental health:
        “I´m not an expert and I´m not a psychologist or a psychiatrist of course, so I can´t comment from that point of view.”

        Good for you recognizing that. So you won´t elaborate on that topic? Fingers crossed.

        “What I can comment, is, from the esoteric point of view or esoteric philosophical point of view. We need to understand….”

        Noooo! I´ll never understand, why UM´s allowed to do that here.

        • Thought Police says:

          So, the same person claiming, the one thing, people suffering from mental ill health is being met and loved…. simultaniously lets his guard dogs defame and put down a person diagnosed with schizophrenia daring to critic UM.

          His words in the masters´ courses about it are very different. Schizophrenia = possesed by spirits etc. As with all illness and disease, it´s your own fault according to Imhodepp

          Lovey-dovey luring people in, relentless in courses behind apparently not so closed doors.

        • Police are people too DUH!Really says:

          What is THE ex policeman who thinks Serge is his Bro going to tell ALL of those people in Ballina suffering with PTSD?
          It is their fault ?

  19. Chill pill says:


    NOT too long and SO VERY very professional

    Painful and boring BUT that is NOT your fault!

    Of Course UM wot not’s are up in arms…SO predictable


    Desperado? Very much.

    Thank god we did not have to see/listen it all Amen Bro.

    UM: “What you are thunders so loud WE cannot hear what you are saying.!L

  20. Dear John says:

    Great volunteer work, AZ. The numbing dull hours you must’ve put in are paying off.
    I’ve tried watching a full sermon lately and had to switch off dueto “life is too short” thoughts. Unwatchable.

    Good idea and very logical again, The Way It Isn’t. UM should upload at least one free sermon for everyone to make up their own mind. That’s, what good journalism is about by the way biased B.

    • Oh The Irony says:

      Your name alludes to this blog, where Prof John Dwye is called stupid in a roundabout way? https://donotlink.it/V1jP


      • Andrew the spaceman's caveman says:

        WOW! I just finished reading it…..finally😫
        What the hell are you going on and on and on about?
        Most of that describes your lot you silly tosser.
        Andrew Baldwin, I think you get the gold medal for the most insane non insightful obviously brainwashed rant of the year.
        Yet another public example of how far gone these UM followers are
        Well done and Im sure Esther will be thankful for the evidence to add to her alredy overloaded truckload
        Go squat on your healing symbol and settle down

        • LOF says:

          And even crazier is an intro saying it is eloquent and poetic, or something. It is a word salad that has been over tossed and overdressed in balsamic vinegar. Batshit crazy.

      • Where is the puppetmaster? says:

        Heres a revelation Andrew
        Everyone is entitled to their opinion
        But not everyone makes shit up and believes it
        Especially a learned Professor who is commenting on his profession
        Not everyone thinks UM is special
        In fact most think it is abhorrent
        Your leader took it public
        UM leader is trying to recruit
        UM leader has very questionable conduct
        UM has upset and hurt alot of people
        All of UM’s wealth has come from somewhere
        And not all has been willfully given
        You are a puppet and thats all
        Within a make believe world
        I fear when and if the penny drops
        You may not be able to handle the reality

      • Handy Andy says:

        Forget the Pharmaceutical companies and their sleeping pills, this guy could nod off an entire insomnia convention. Zzzzzzzzzzz

      • The break up says:

        Me thinks Andrew has always been the one who was dumped from relationships.
        He is not very good at it really
        Get some lessons from the one and his failure family who stay besties with their ex’s

        • Anonymous says:

          He’s fucking mental! I can’t believe they put their names to that stuff, and them commentators below also. Jesus wept, that’s the most insane thing I’ve ever read and I’ve read some crazy shit since I started looking in to UM. Prof Dwyer, if he’s bothered to read it which I seriously doubt he would, would be very gratified to see that his conclusion surround UM are 110% correct as proved by the insanity of the author of that pile of crap.

          Hopefully someone sets up an intervention for that guy and gets him sectioned as soon as possible.

  21. Eve says says:

    Evolve College site mentioned in the above doco is concerning
    [As is all of the well presented doco]
    Evolve and evolving are well used words by Universal Medicine.

    The web site is absolutely riddled with staged photos of Universal Medicine members [Including the notorious Alan] & UM SB cliches.

    I am concerned about the courses offered, with UM history & especially IF trainers are UM’s – Counselling, Massage, Chakra Puncture, Aged care.

    Big price reductions at the moment – business slow perhaps? Hope so.

  22. RJM says:

    “There’s nobody more spiritually evolved than me. I know more about the secrets of the universe than any scientist. We’re not liked in the local because they can’t measure up to our standards. It will take humanity hundreds of years to catch up to what I’m presenting. What do you mean we’re supremacist?! If that were true, how could I compliment Tony Abbott on his wonderful daughters? Also, how could I compliment Tony on his wonderful daughters, when anyone not doing ‘the work’ just raises their children as dumb puppets for the Lords Of Form instead of initiates? You’re just jealous. Ponder on that!”

    • Anonymous says:

      Fucking unbelievable isnt it?
      What’s a supreme court judge going to think of all of this?
      It’s indefamable
      You cant defame madness
      I hope you are fully compensated over and above legal fees Esther and a tsunami of class actions erupts as well
      Bring on September

  23. Be alert - UM recruiting all age$? YE$? says:

    To celebrate IDOP in 2018 The Joy of Ageing Esoterically are holding an Expo on the gazetted day, Monday 1st October (long weekend in Australia) in the Richmond Room, 11 Regatta Ave., Ballina.

    To enable the cost of entry to be very affordable the CIDOP organising team have donated towards the cost of the event and are planning to raise funds by selling second hand goods at the local markets.

    Their first venture will be at the Car Boot Market at Lismore on Sunday 3rd June. We invite you to come and visit our stall, we have some amazing goods at bargain prices for sale. If you are de-cluttering and find some old and gold to donate – clothes in good condition, books, toys, kitchen wares – contact Barbara on: [redacted].

  24. Thought Police says:

    @PolicearepeopletooDUH!Really. Rhetorical question, I know.

    I´d go for karmic correction, as they´ve been a PTSD causer in past life.
    There are no accidents and coincidences. We always have a choice and your current life is the result of all your choices you´ve made till this day.

    The police will be very happy to hear that.

    • The Way It Isn't says:

      Hopefully the organizers inform the police that supernatural entities are actively influencing criminals to commit crimes, and that the victims are just experiencing karmic corrections. Being endowed with that ‘ageless wisdom’ would have to help ease the stress levels that come with police work.

    • Off his rocker doorknocker says:

      Just because someone was once in the force (hard to imagine) and had PTSD, doesn’t make him a counselor and expert on the subject. It’s a ploy to get members of the force onside and on the inside just like they have with The Northern Star and local councils. The police will see through this. Like so many other UM money making or reputation forming schemes which are born from nothing and aim to provide a link to UM’s “we have got to save humanity, especially the rich ones,and get more UM students of the livingness”

    • The Way It Isn't says:

      I look forward to the inevitable UM rants aimed at the police force if ‘the ageless wisdom’ fails to make an impression on them. The police will be in good company though, since the education, science, and medical establishments are all considered to be part of the astral cult conspiracy to keep humanity from ‘true evolution’.

  25. I Need To Get A Life says:

    A+ for Neil Ringe in “Adoption of the Leo´s propaganda technique of repetition”.

    In a time span of 2:05 min. (from 0:17 – 2:22 min.), Mr. Humble uses:

    – yes (people) 14x
    – humble/humility/humiliated (the latter in a special way – for him) 7x
    – religion 6x

    Congratulations! You´ve just climbed the “bunch of nutcases” initiation ladder from minion to elder.

    • German speaking readers only as we are way mor says:

      German article about latest manipultion techniques in general:

      Elders and minions in UM alike use them. I don’t care, if they know about it in detail, if at all. However, it’s good to know, how bombarded UM followers’ minds are.

  26. The Missionary Position says:

    Rebecca and Al part 1 episode 1 of series 1.
    Regarding your piece on Byron Kaye and the industry award for investigative journalism on UM
    1. Dont accuse anyone of “drafting his own press release for an award he most probably nominated himself for”. Remember the little someone who wrote his own press column about himself. And what about all those UM nominated and UM voted “business of the year awards” tsk tsk people in glass houses…..
    2.Funniest and least insightful line award goes to Rebecca with “Kaye’s award winning coverage of UM reads like a b-grade sci-fi script”
    Lololing. Bec, we have all seen the UM videos, you know the ones where the zombies on stage read out loud in unemotional monotone voices to an audience of the walking dead about spirits with crevices, Arcturius and Sirius,raping entities and the 4 lords of form. FACT.Tell the kiddies, look at their feet and they will go away. More like “D” grade movie I reckon.
    3.If I see “no evidence of wrongdoing” or “the facts against UM dont stack up” written again Im gonna scream.
    Lastly, a quote from the comments section from one of your own rostered followers on your “words” Rebecca (cause no one else is allowed to comment negatively)
    “Fabricating stories and masterminding their execution to further ones own agenda and an unfullfilled yearning for fame and acclaim. What a sad and sordid tale”
    That perfectly describes someone, can you guess who Rebecca? Hint, its not Byron Kaye.
    You just cant point your high powered emotional perception at the obvious can you?
    And thats the sad and sordid tale.

    • Esther says:

      Remember when I pointed out the hypocrisy of spraying on a spandex dress and shaking your arse to sell ‘sexiness’ while condemning consensual sex as ‘energetic rape’? The esoterics, led by cash for online trash Rebecca accused me of ‘slut shaming’.

      UM, and especially Esoteric Women’s Health have created an industry of slut shaming.


      That was before I’d seen the footage of Queen B for big hair referring to women who dance as ‘slutty’ and her father talking about how he used to go for Maroubra’s easy ‘sluts’ because they were ‘good’.

      Let’s not forget that Rebecca is a paid contractor for the firm and if UM collapses she’ll have a fine catalogue of her own nastiness online to impress prospective employers. And not one atom of evidence for anything she, her mindless cadaver of a father, and the rest of her halfwitted pals have published. Long after we’ve moved on to much better things, they’ll have to live with that.

      • The Missionary Position says:

        And isnt this the trash family’s cult number….?
        Maybe they will move onto the next one
        She might even start her own
        The cult of the not so sexy singing slutettes
        You dont have to be an actual singer, just an energetically esoteric wanna be singer which makes you the bestest in the whole universe anyway, so there.

  27. Ray says Police are people says:

    Raymond Karam
    Raymond Karam I’m running these discussions and hence I shared the post and also at the beginning put my details in the comments and also gave you all my history. You can also see from my Facebook profiles, my name, my face, my businesses, my place of work and my website has all the information you need. If you’re genuine you can contact me in a vast number of ways or come and see me or even book a seat for this free community discussion.


    • Esther says:

      Jesus – there’s no disclosure on this page at all of who is running it https://www.facebook.com/PoliceRPeople/

      He doesn’t say who will be presenting, what they’ll present. Doesn’t mention he’s part of UM’s promotional staff. Doesn’t mention the secret of his amazing recovery was joining the UM user pays religion…

      Other commenters are onto it though which is good to see, and well deserved.

    • If you're genuine..what a cheek! says:

      ‘If you’re genuine..’ ?? he says?
      Why can he not give full disclosure?

      The community needs to know that if anyone of them dares to complain about UM even as a patient or former mate or member, or member of the public – then lookout UM will be relentless and cruel in their attacks on you with NO respect for your medical privacy or mental or physical conditions.

      If you do decide to go to Ray’s show then please DO NOT give any information about your private details away especially your health.

  28. The Police says:

    Every breath you take
    Every move you make
    Every bond you break
    Every step you take
    UM watches you

    Every single day
    Every word you say
    Every game you play
    Every night you stay
    UM watches you

    Oh cant you see
    You have PTSD
    My poor heart breaks
    Don’t join this cult of hate

    Every move you make
    Every vow you break
    No more smiles you’ll make
    Your life will be fake
    And they’ll be watching you

  29. G2W hits Perth says:


    Sally Green – In the Community

    I am pleased to be announcing that Esoteric Women’s Health are now running Girl to Woman discussion groups in Perth. Lee Green and I will be facilitating these groups monthly, along with other members of the Girt to Woman Perth team, where we will be looking at the many issues facing young people, both boys and girls, in today’s society.

    Join the Perth Girl to Woman team, with experience across areas of parenting, teaching, youth work, health & wellbeing, community services and counselling in a series of discussions on Raising Teenagers.

    These discussions groups are an opportunity for parents and community members to come together to take an in-depth look into how we can support young people and each other to navigate the teenage years.

    Discussions will range from topics including;

    • Relationships & Fitting In – What goes on for teenagers today?
    • The preciousness of girls and boys
    • Teenagers & Attitudes – What’s really going on behind the facade?
    • How to look after ourselves as parents?
    • Withdrawal – Why do teens give up on themselves?

    Wednesday Evenings
    No Charge
    Dates: May 9, June 20, July 18, Aug 22, Sept 19, Oct 17, Nov 21
    Venue: Bentley Library, Cnr Hedley Pl & Manning Rd, Bentley
    Time: 6.30 – 7:30pm (registration 6:15pm)

  30. BILLIONS? You gotta be joking! says:

    ‘Thank you for being you. I, and billions of others, would be lost if it weren’t for you.’
    says Lyndy Summerhaze about SB


    • Somesortahaze says:

      It beggars belief that anyone, let alone professionals, would put their entire life decisions and wipe all of their past, into the belief in a one time tennis coach with little education who claims to be an expert on philosophy, psychology, religion, science, medicine and tampons to name a few!
      I hear there are kazillions

      • Elder Skelter says:

        The professionals and elders of this loopy tribe need a big wake up call endorsing this nonsense

    • Negative One says:

      “Billions”, because he´s supposed to be the world teacher. He inaugurated the light of Christ on earth back again for everyone to have access to it equally. Energetically speaking of course.

      I wish, I could forget all this crap.

      • The crappy virus will go says:

        Negative One….Do not despair the day will come when the memories will dim.

        It is all part of the healing process. Trust me I know!

        • Negative One says:

          Thank you. I hppe so.

          The hardest part isn’t to forget eso knpwledge, but the management of feelings and their interpretation. Luckily, I’ve found a psychologist, who now knows about UM and is able to țreat it. Good professional help on the way out of a small and widely unknown cult from the other side of the world was hard to find.

    • Sorry mate, you’ve achieved nothing. says:

      Billions? Nope. A few hundred at best have sucked up this particular snake oil. It is a small, insignificant group which when it disappears will find no place in history. And that’s probably one of its biggest fears – insignificance. Narcissistic personalities hate the thought of insignificance. Witness the grand prophesies, claims of lineage etc. But sadly for them it’s a bunch of BS and within a few years of its end people will have erased it from memory.

      • Some Are More Equal Than Others says:

        Agreed. Let’s say around 2000 followers worldwide, very negatively viewed 3000.

        Still not much compared to the world population of circa 8000000000.

        • Anonymous says:

          Or when compared to a religion (which it’s not) it’s an insignificant drop in the ocean, a mere spec of fish poo, a meaningless grain of sand on the beach, a tiny spec of dust. I could go on but you get the point.

          “Sergio who?” They’ll say. “Universal medicine? Oh, you mean universal healthcare for everyone, yes, that’s a good idea.”

        • Siriusly says:

          Yep the tennis world managed to struggle on after the best coach in the universe left the profession 🙄

        • LOF says:

          100ish hardcore, 350 committed, no more than 550 overall. That’s a pretty good guess from their social media and from their own emails to members.

          Not a small group- some are as small as 10 or 20. But then not the new world religion either.

          UM’s shed more than 1,000 since 2012. The problem is that for every member, 10 other people are affected. Kids, partners, siblings, parents, friends, relatives. So overall flow on has probably impacted the lives of 20,000 people or so across the world.

          That’s still a fraction of one per cent. Too much.

    • The Way It Isn't says:

      She’s probably referring to the dollar signs sparkling in Imhotep’s eyes.

  31. ET says:

    Can any person estimate how much taxpayer’s money UM are burning up in their litigious stunts?

    The public would like to know. We don’t like subsidising these narcissistic fetishes.

    • Pass the plate around the pews.....again says:

      None I fuckin hope!!!
      Its follower funding full steam ahead I hear
      And they are not too happy about it either
      They are sick of his royal punyness crying poor from the pulpit

      • Esther says:

        Very interesting. Keep up these leaks thx. Feel free to elaborate via the Contact form or give me a call. You can stay anon.

        Thanks for your comments everyone – I don’t always get a chance to reply but u often inspire my tweets. Good work.

    • The priest of profit from pooing c1999 says:

      Yeah get out of your disgusting comfort zones you pranic punters and cough up the dosh.
      Its a legal fight for all humanity you know
      And coincidentally the latest model Audi’s are out too🤨

      • In The Name Of Love says:

        Ooh, with reductions… Come on, material girls and men. Show me the money! 💸🛒

    • ET says:

      It costs the taxpayer to run the supreme court. They may pay for their own legals but each day UM is in the court we have to pay staff and the judge etc.

      And UM is the welfare-bludger playing legal games via the public purse. Uber-jerks.

  32. 💌 says:

    Unimed Living’s using the oceans day to promote the “we’re living in an ocean of energy” thing. Including their false Einstein-energy quote. UM claims to be smarter than him and everyone ever to top it.

    Scientists, you’re all in your head, go to a UM course to learn love, please. Humanity needs you to be in yout truth. You can start with the “Facts” site, Lawrence K.

    • Ist Mir Scheißegal says:

      Lawrence K.´s got way better things to do than reading that bullshit.

      Speaking of which. Spherical Living. “We see the hurt behind the bullying.” UMers really can´t get the irony of their own actions.

  33. Tell her she is dreaming says:

    Hello Eunice! OMG
    Really? Is this what you really believe?
    There are many many unanswered questions why do you and the upper hierarchy
    not answer?
    By Eunice Minford

    • So sick of this sugarcoated bullshit says:

      They live in a controlled world of fear, Eunice and may never know who they truely are as individuals
      Its been said before
      Stockholm syndrome
      Look it up
      Thats why they show no emotion and never argue due to the consequences and have been trained so one man can surround himself with adoration and control of others.
      The money is a sweetener but its still a golden cage
      Similarly suffered by long term abducted children towards their abductors
      They adjust to survive
      Healthy families set their adult children free to explore the world, think for themselves, find their own passions, fail and succeed.
      Stop endorsing this as picture perfect, Eunice
      It is extremely abnormal in the worst negative way

    • OMFG says:

      Commenter Mary: “It comes as a big shock that there is more abuse happening in our homes than on a battlefield and that this abuse is a daily occurrence and we do not seem to be at all bothered by it. Why is this?”

      You have NEVER EVER been on a battlefield, Mary, do you?

  34. PLEASE! Why would anyone share this let alone on the Internet? says:

    1h1 hour ago
    As it’s International Tampon Alert Day we felt to share this refreshing article from Annette Baker about her periods and how using pads enabled her to deepen her connection to the stillness within. https://bit.ly/2MbshAO
    #TSS #InternationalTamponAlertDay #Periods #Menstruation

    • Anonymous says:

      The over sharing is insane. I really have no desire to know about this woman’s intimate body functions. And neither does anyone else.

    • Have I told you about my esoteric ear wax? says:

      Here is the perfect example of what a brainwashed person will “share” with the whole wide world and think sane people are remotely interested which they are not other than to belly laugh.

      • Teressa Toilet says:

        So inspired by the post on periods and pads I feel completted to share my own intimate bodily functions. I feel the skid marks in my pants show the true depth of my enlightenment. The brown line signifies awareness – an awareness I didn’t wipe well enough. And the little bits of turd scattered near to this line signify past lives – an awareness of the curry that opened my soul (and guts). Lastly the smell, so musty and deep, like my awareness wafting upwards to all that care to witness them.

        I am truly blessed by my skid marks and would love to share with all of you. For only $30AUD I will send you a pair of soiled garments. And for $60AUD I will happily soil your own.

        • Turd Police says:


        • Supercilious Snot Story says:

          What does one do when one finds they have a cold?. I email my leader. He looks to the hierarchy then speaks his truth. “This is punishment for offences in your past lives,fact, and adds, I was only telling the prime minister the other day that I have never had a cold, none, never” “He understood what I was saying”. I listen in unemotional adoration. His sacred pristine nasal passages have never been soiled by the flow of snot. I reply, “this must be shared with the world, billions are crying out for this”. He continues “if you feel to in your innermost please post this miracle online in no less than 10,000 words” I do. But my nose is still running. Did I rape someone in a past life? Then I realize, my snot represents the release of all the love that I am now. It is my truth.I feel to carry tissues with me to gather my precious nasal mucus. I love my mucus, it has come through me to teach the outside world. I walk in tender anticlockwise circles as I contemplate my snot. I show a passersby the glorious yellow mucus that has come from my precious body so they can also see the wonder in my discharge. I get distain, an obvious detractor from the astral plane, they are not enlightened, they treat their snot as rubbish.
          They throw it away, just like they are throwing their lives away. I compare this to the holocaust, genocide, nuclear war and tsunami’s.
          I reach out to ‘the one’and he replies.
          “For you, this simple snot may be the beginning of pneumonia, chronic lung disease, cancer then death. I will know for sure when your medical records arrive. Until then continue to sneeze out the greatness that I am” And I do.

        • You gotta be skidding me says:

          God I can only imagine the mess your healing symbols are in!hopefully they are laminated for an easy wipe free clean
          Pooyuk 😳💩

    • Carefree cult of discomfort says:

      Heres the thing with tampons
      Dont let them get stuck inside for too long or they will go rancid and into toxic shock.
      Not unlike UM followers stuck inside the ancient halls of pissdumb

  35. Ray who are WE? says:

    ‘WE’ disclosure?

  36. UM do not like exposure nor do they like disclosure says:

    UM predictably complained to and about the ABC – one of them who had complained shares the ABC’s response.

    By Liane Mandalis

    “I was directed to Standard 6.1 that states:

    Intrusion into a person’s private life without consent must be justified in the public interest and the extent of the intrusion must be limited to what is proportionate in the circumstances.

    The justification for such an intrusion here being that:

    “The focus of the report was the newsworthy fact that Dr Sam Kim had stood aside from his role with the Australian Medical Association’s Queensland Council after having secretly shared a patient’s medical history with Universal Medicine’s (UM) leader Serge Benhayon. The report noted that this was the second misconduct finding in a year involving the Brisbane doctor’s ties with UM. In terms of the footage that has caused you concern, ABC News management advise that there was no intention to cause distress to individuals; those who may have attended the UM centre on that day were not the focus of the report, however some vision of the clinic was necessary in telling the story. ABC News further advise that anyone filmed in the course of gathering material was de-identified by blurring of the vision that was used. As you note, your face was obscured by the way in which you were holding your mobile phone. It is relevant for us to further note that your connection with UM is in the public domain. Given this, and the fact that the faces of those outside the clinic that day were adequately obscured in this brief footage, Audience and Consumer Affairs are satisfied that the footage as broadcast could not reasonably be regarded as an intrusion into your private life. In the circumstances, we are satisfied that no consent was required for the filming and broadcast of this footage.”


    • SAK says:

      Works for me!

    • Setzen 6 says:

      Good response, I’m not surprised either.

      The outrage about reality text is far too long as always. Who the * will read it all? We’ve got an US president declaring war on Twitter and UMers writing 10 pages about nothingness.

    • It wasn't me says:

      Yeah I wouldnt want anyone to know I was at UM that day wasting my time and money either
      How embarrassing 😒

      • Standards Fiery Heulsusen says:

        Well, he already did that in April with the illegal bombing of Syria, risking WW 3 with the Russians in there, too. The same time, UM felt violently persecuted by the abc report. They’re way too deep down the rabbit hole to notice anything of “true” relevance.

    • LOF says:

      UM’ers will look for anything other than the truth. That’s been consistent from the very first news report.

      Journalists sometimes get small details wrong, but overall their reporting is accurate.

      The few reports I have been involved in, or aware of, have all been based on proper material which has been checked by the journalist and their legal teams. Some of them have investigated and discovered their own sources and new material.

      The members of UM would do themselves a favour if they stopped looking for things to nit-pick and instead focussed on what the stories are about.

      But then they’d wake up to reality.

      They are defending the indefensible which is why it looks desperate. The need to believe overpowers logic and an ability to see what is right in front of the

      • Crevice? says:

        Yes. It’d help checking a variety of sources. Many different points of view come closer to the whole picture. I’m therefore reading their blogs from time to time and have to say their cries of one-sidedness are their own ironic problem.

  37. Top Class Bs says:

    Hey FACTS Team, here’s something about true journalism. Please stop being biased investigative amateurs. It’s helpning our cause. Oh wait, please go on….


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