Relaunch: Unpacking Universal Medicine episode 4 – relationships versus the supernatural


Recordings of Universal Medicine’s Way of the Livingness events reveal the supernatural beliefs that pose a challenge to healthy relationships.

UPDATE: UM contractors The Co-Creative lodged a second round of groundless copyright infringement complaints to YouTube and had 3 episodes taken down.After I issued a counter notification they deliberately stalled to keep them down. The full playlist of videos has been restored, with more to come.

The Co-Creative are Jonathan Baldwin, Rebecca (Bec) and Simon Asquith, and Clayton Lloyd. They’re the audio-visual contractors responsible for recording and webcasting UM’s ‘amazing’ events.

Episode 4 – relationships v spooks – UM’s imaginary enemies


Scary entities? Or maybe three of the Four Lords of Form?

A lot of our readers know how difficult it is to reason with a person who believes anyone who disagrees with them is possessed by evil spirits. Following on from the Introduction episode to this series, this episode shows us more of UM’s occult teachings about human relationships that have become a source of conflict for its community.

It’s not mentioned in the episode but in 2016 I blogged about UM’s commercial exorcism services, and how UM’s teachings about the supernatural keep followers infantilized. Focus on imaginary spooks distracts them from facing the real sources of their problems, and the real problems with the organization they support.

More panic censorship

The first two episodes of this series (which is now a YouTube playlist) were temporarily taken down by YouTube in response to bogus copyright complaints from UM and contractors The Co-Creative, who are UM true believers, Jonathan Baldwin, Rebecca and Simon Asquith, and Deborah Benhayon’s latest husband, Clayton Lloyd. They were taken down around 12 January, within 72 hours of being published, and likely so that UM could avoid more exposure before its Girl to Woman Festival at Lennox Head on 21 January.

I blogged about that and copyright law, and the reasons why the complaints were false and made for no other reason than censorship.

But they didn’t stop there. Esoteric Breast whisperer, Alan Johnston, who came to a costs enforcement hearing to take notes on my friends, family and donors to my legal defence, was one of the Sons of God who continued with the legal threats. Including several to blog platform, WordPress. The last was on 31 January, the day before Alan showed up at the most recent Sydney hearing with Natalie Benhayon.

WordPress, of course, rejected them. There are too many problems with the complaints to list. But for a start, UM and the Co-Creative, or Alan Johnston, aren’t the copyright holders of the Unpacking Universal Medicine documentaries.

I am.

But the Sons of God went so far as to have a media lawyer send a rather spirited legal threat. It’s like he was channelling Team UM. WordPress rejected it too, and were so kind as to forward it to me.

Some excerpts:

We refer you to the details of two pieces of intellectual property protected under copyright, detailed below, owned by our client:

Details of our client’s copyright-protected material


Video 1: Unpacking Universal Medicine – Introduction
Video 2: Unpacking Universal Medicine Episode 1 – Mystifying Sex


Serge Benhayon
Universal Medicine (ABN 98 465 168 863) and
Co-Creative (ABN 91 147 446 639)…

The Embedded Videos and the Blog

Given the nature of the claims made on the Blog, quite distinct from any copyright considerations, it is clear that the claims made are defamatory, misleading and deceptive and amount to clear misrepresentations.

With respect to copyright, for the record, the Embedded Videos do not fall under the definition of fair use/fair dealing with copyright in Australia. The Embedded Videos contain a significant amount of content illegally obtained in breach of various rights of the website platforms that originally hosted the material. The material clearly violates copyright law without any applicable or legitimate defence. The material is also clearly in breach of the moral rights provisions of the Australian copyright legislation. The material is defamatory and contains various misrepresentations. All of the above negates any fair dealing defence as the publication of the material is clearly not motivated for instance by news reporting, for parody/satirical purposes or for the purpose of review or valid criticism of the content, but instead has clearly malevolent intentions.

Furthermore, we are instructed to inform you on behalf of our client that the Blog author and user that posted the Embedded Videos is a defendant in two separate proceedings currently before the Courts in the states of New South Wales and Queensland respectively, here in Australia, relating to the claims made and the content of the Embedded Videos and WordPress supported blogs including the Blog.

Oh yes Mr Lawyer Pants? Which statements did I make in my videos or the blogs that are the subject of the legal actions? Which content? Which blog? 

Click for the full letter & attachments

From the look of what’s written UM mustn’t have told the lawyer that I hold the copyright for the embedded videos. He can’t have watched them. If he had he would have seen my face in them and heard my voiceover… Did they tell him I’m being sued on a blog post I wrote over three years ago, and that the Queensland proceedings are not over a blog, but an email and six tweets about two plaintiffs who told the court their claim was unrelated to the NSW proceedings?

Dear me.

Anyway, UM’s innermost didn’t feel that the fair use exceptions of the Copyright Act apply to my intellectual property. That’s as close as the letter gets to citing any law. Never mind comment, criticism or journalism. Or the public interest of exposing an organization that reckons it delivers teachings about everyday self-loving choices to cancer patients and children. The lawyer didn’t cite any section of the crimes act that defines an offence of ‘malevolent intentions’ either. Strangely, he never lettered *me*. I wonder if he would have worded it differently if he’d realized WordPress would forward it. WordPress deals with threats like that all the time. They’re big fans of free speech. They’ve successfully sued people who’ve abused the copyright complaints process to censor blogs. They have forwarded similar pseudo-legal demands  to me in the past. Bravo WordPress.

UPDATE: On 26 Feb, the same lawyer lettered me. This time he didn’t refer to UM as the owners of the copyright. He alleged I’m in breach of copyright, my use of the material is malevolent and damaging and not covered by fair dealing. He wanted to know if I have legal representation in relation to copyright infringement and asked for contact details of my lawyers. (In other words, he was running a risk assessment – would I defend a claim?) I replied that his letters were full of errors, that I’m not aware of any legitimate copyright complaints against me, that junior, senior and queen’s counsel are representing me in two states, and that solicitor’s correspondence is to come to me. He is not to trouble counsel with solicitor’s letters. Told him to view the films, that I’ll robustly defend any copyright claims with a prominent SC (at least. Mr M is certainly on board, but I wouldn’t be surprised if others volunteer if I ask), and that if UM continues with baseless complaints against me I will add the threats to my evidence of UM’s bullying.

For the lawyer, it’s a living I guess. If a client wants to make a complaint and they’re willing to pay several hundred dollars an hour for someone to listen to them whinge and then write what they want, why not? It was never going near a court.

I presume someone paid good money for that. From the correspondence, which only names Alan Johnston, we might assume it wasn’t the multimillionaire proprietor of UM, Serge Benhayon.

Now just imagine how a few thousand dollars might have been more productively spent.

UPDATE 1 March: The Co-Creative have lodged another bogus take down notice with YouTube, so episodes 2-4 were taken down. I have issued a counter-notice. It is awaiting review by YouTube and then UM will have 10 business days again to provide evidence to the platform that they have initiated a court action to keep the films down. If UM does take this to the Federal Court, I will fight it. It’s a lot less complicated that defending a defamation claim, and my work is clearly an original work of criticism and reportage, and with strong public interest component. These people are attempting to infiltrate schools and community organizations without disclosure. These copyright complaints are nothing more than an attempt at censorship.

A health warning

Loved ones of people involved in UM, particularly those with children caught up in it have been appalled by what they’ve seen in the videos.

It may be upsetting to some of you.

It’s good for others to know they’re not alone in their misgivings so please feel free to comment. I’m pretty busy with legal stuff but you can always contact me if you’re having a hard time. I think it’s time we set something up so that you can speak with others who understand what it’s like to deal with UM in your life.

We have readers who are former UM followers and many readers with loved ones involved, so I’d like commenters to remember that when they comment. The majority of UM community members are decent and well intentioned people. Unfortunately they’re ensnared in a large scale and elaborate deception.

The films prove that UM deserves a lot more criticism than it’s had. One of the most confronting things about this mess is that many of UM’s well intentioned members are participating in the organization’s deceptive, exploitative and otherwise lousy conduct. It’s heartbreaking for all involved. It causes massive problems. Please be sensitive that many readers feel a mixture of emotions about this stuff, including grief. It doesn’t help to rub their noses in it. Criticism of UM is deserved but we don’t want to alienate anyone whose been done over or deter readers from commenting either.

Using and sharing

Feel free to share the videos. They are useful for notifying community organizations, schools or other institutions about UM and its promoters.

I daresay a number of you will be able to use this material in dealing with the Family Court. The episodes include some very persuasive material for keeping kids away from this group. Contact me for assistance.

Tips for commenters

It’s helpful to me and other commenters if you identify time signatures within the videos if you want to comment on any particular statement or segment. You’ll see there’s a lot to comment on.

Comments are moderated for legal reasons. Unfortunately what reasonable people call ‘the bleeding obvious’, UM and its invested lawyers call ‘defamation’. The Australian legal system is such that taking a defence of truth to trial takes years, enormous costs, and otherwise the moving of mountains.

Team UM is now also jumping up and down about comments they say could ‘prejudice’ a jury, and threatening to charge commenters who make remarks about the plaintiff’s published comments with contempt of court. Never mind that UM have been publishing genuinely prejudicial and false allegations about the defendant that they can’t prove…

If some of your descriptions get modified, you know why.

The playlist


114 Comments on “Relaunch: Unpacking Universal Medicine episode 4 – relationships versus the supernatural”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Classic UM to try the legal attack to prevent examination. Well done on your continued struggle to expose the truth. Many, many people owe you a huge amount.

    • Thank you! 👻 says:

      Thank you. I wouldn’t be able to continue my defence and my investigation without my supporters, so thank you to everyone whose contributed in whatever way you could manage. One day I hope to be able to quantify to you how many people your support has helped. I can’t thank you enough and I don’t thank you all enough. I’d also like to say I’ve come into contact with some remarkably lovely people in doing this – that means all of you who’ve been in touch. I hope to be able to spend more time with you all some day. Which reminds me, don’t feel put out if I’m not able to respond to your comms.

      Thanks everyone for all your cool comments too.

      Going back to the UM feedback I discussed in my last blog, viewers will notice that some of the clips are a bit longer in this episode. That’s not in response to UM’s feedback – I made the whole series a while back. I deliberately included some longer clips, editing out short sections of fumblings and repetitions, to show not just the controversial content, but how bloody boring this stuff is. Crashingly inane and boring. With primary school aged kids dragged in to sit through it. To the commenter below, yes I’ve sat through many many hours of UM recordings for years now. It’s painful and disturbing. But UM’s deeply devoted have sat through multiple times what I have – listening to some of the recordings many times over. Rewatching videos. That may answer the question why they look the way they do, and sit there with glazed expressions through these insufferable diatribes. Numbed.

    • Anonymous says:

      They say in that letter that videos showing adults talking dirty, bragging of fantasy sexual acts, all in front of kids is ‘content illegally obtained’. It would be better called ‘evidence for the prosecution’.

      • Cry babies says:

        What letter?

        • See above in the blog. Some text is quoted and a link is provided to the full copy.

          Another threat from that lawyer came this morning. This time he didn’t try to state that Serge, UM and the Co-Creative own the copyright. I replied. If it wasn’t clear to him that I own the copyright to my films, it is now. I sense his clients and Charles Wilson didn’t brief him properly. No surprise there. I doubt UM’s legal scarecrow Charlie has told that solicitor that he’s a witness to facts in issue in the defamation claims in NSW and Qld either. This morning’s letter seemed to be a fishing exercise testing whether to risk going up against me and the army of media lawyers representing me over a complaint that has zero legal basis. Wilson never learns. The more they try to bully me, the more lawyers come to help. Give it a go Serge. I have one Senior Counsel, one Queens Counsel, and two women barristers on my team, with reserves. We’ll be right back atcha, perhaps with a second QC, and we’ll go you for costs on an indemnity basis. There’s a lot of public interest in defending my publications and no one is going to stand for any abuse of the legal process just because you can’t cope with criticism.

        • Cry babies says:

          Oh the Universal Law Unto Themselves letter, yes been there, laughed at that, thought there was another one 🤔

        • Hollywood walk of shame says:

          Esther you must copyright all of this and sell it to Hollywood. Seinfeld has ended and we desperately need another original satirical comedy sitcom so the world can belly laugh.
          Im not joking, this is comedy gold, no imagination could think this shit up.

        • Olga Andpiroschka says:

          We were discussing the same thing here in G🤣

        • Chuck Lorre not says:

          Every genre possible. Comedy, drama, horror or thriller. Depends on the narrative perspective. Not the most successful at the moment though. Fantasy with dragons and people killing each other though.
          Also possible are theatre or opera, but try making money with it.

        • Chuck Lorre not says:

          Ou, one thing and I’ll end it.
          Leading UM role: Christoph Waltz.
          I can already see it.

        • Hollyweird says:

          Alan Cumming would be better. Or Andy Serkis. 😉

          I’ll be played by Ru Paul Charles.

        • Olga Andigor says:

          … or by Christina Hecke. 😁

        • Hecke says:


        • Chuck Lorre not says:

          Ok. Julia Roberts a la Erin Brokovoich.
          Alan Cumming’s a very good idea, Tom Cruise would reject the male lead out of obvious reasons.

        • Olga says:

          Got the RuPaul Charles joke now. Totally unknown here.

      • kids there in sermon 52 video says:

        Not to mention the discussions took place in a religious setting during Sermon 52 in the UM religious hall.

  2. Dark Lodge President (allegedly) says:

    Following up on my earlier comment, here is Serge at work creating two equivocation fallacies. One is the meaning of the word criticism, and the other is by claiming that everyone else is nudging the meaning of terms to mean something else.

    This is how he keeps believers, as they describe themselves, in the esoteric bell jar. They’ve all experienced criticisms (no doubt deep concern) from their family and friends, which put through the UM word-wringer becomes “lies”

    It begins to explain why we’ve all been accused of being liars. sometimes vehemently. In tandem with being accused of being abusive, which Serge explains can be even when you’re in what everyone, including yourself, might call a perfect loving relationship.

    The list of criticisms Serge has faced is extensive. This is his way of dodging them. He just calls them lies. Looking at the faces of the believers its clear they lap it up too. Though a couple of them look they are in a permanent trance.

    In response to Adam W, I will take the liberty to answer for his family and everyone outside of UM. There’s no point arguing with someone who is irrational, though that can take a while to learn. What he and other members experienced is initial pushback, out of concern, followed by a period of not knowing what to do, followed by a strategy to reject them or to accept them to avoid challenging their zealotry.

    What your family want back is the Adam that shared their values and didn’t judge them for not aligning with your adopted ideas. Most people don’t know where to start to counter them because they don’t really know what they are, or where they come from. Moreover, they probably don’t have any particular ‘belief’ about those subjects. They just know what you are now saying sounds strange, harsh, divisive, and dark, and to them, you are not a better person for it.

    For those that have strong (justified*) ‘beliefs’, such as myself, the whole edifice is beyond ridiculous. Watching Serge talk about 9-foot entities and astral planes as if it is a fact would be laughable if it wasn’t so damaging. Seeing a group of adults accept it as fact is very disturbing. If it was in another context, you yourself would think the person mad.

    I and others would like to engage in a rational argument with you and others about your beliefs, but we’ve learned from experience that it’s not possible. Because you don’t understand the rules of those dialogues, and the language has shifted so far that we’re almost not speaking the same language. That’s not our doing by the way (though you’ve been told that, over and over) It’s the game that Serge plays so that divide opens wider and wider.

    In addition, the ad hominem attacks are all yours (or UM’s) While we’ve been criticising UM for years and waiting for cogent and honest answers, the true believers have been hard at work attacking all of us personally and professionally. It’s the only response you’ve got because the alternative is to listen to the criticism and to be honest and to form a response that makes sense.

    The shared beliefs you have about myself, Esther or others are about as far from reality as Serge’s doctrine, but it does serve the purpose of ensuring that you can’t enter into a debate or dialogue with us because we by definition embody the ‘dark energy’ that resists Serge’s made-up truths. And that’s the purpose of ad hominem attacks- to belittle any argument that is made, no matter how sound.

    If you can’t be truthful about or even recognise that behaviour, and it seems none of you can, what are the chances that you would be open to having a discussion that challenges which by your own admission are dearly held ‘beliefs’.

    We’d have to get from that, then past straw man arguments (Serge is using this in two ways. Claiming his critics are doing this to him, and then mounting straw man arguments at his critics. Clever really), word usage (language, equivocation), epistemological arguments (knowledge and beliefs), psychology, (cognitive biases, confirmation bias. etc) and the nuances of special pleadings, pleading from ignorance, incredulity, deductive reasoning, non sequiturs, fallacies and just plain bullshit BEFORE we talked about Serge’s made-up world.

    I am not an expert on any of that by the way. But what I do know is that I don’t know. And that’s actually what science is. Not knowing, but using rules to try and find the truth. It’s been so successful that we’re plumbing the depths of space, seeing how our DNA works, curing diseases and living rich lives unlike any of our dark, bronze and stone age ancestors who, by the way, shared the same sort of phantasmagorical beliefs you now hold so dear. They did that because they had no pathway to knowing better.

    We do.

    • Incredulity says:

      Well put! Most challenging is concern conveyed to loved ones ensnared in Esoteria Schizo-phreniland is re-defined as meddling, hate and jealousy 😕.

    • OMG Help!!! says:

      Esther, thanks and OMG!
      How are you able to sit through this?
      You are so full of amazingness! [pun intended}

      Please please put an extra warning a reminder –
      ‘Make sure that you have a padded pillow to bang your head on after hearing UM-speak. Fakt!’

      My head hurts my ears ache, but more importantly my heart really goes out to all of those who have family and friends engrossed and entangled in this mess.

      DLP [allegedly] it was good to read your comment.

      At the 19:29 mark – ‘I teach people to pass over’???????’
      How? What? OMG so sickening. Yes?

      • pranicattack says:

        You should watch the video now used to promote UM on their french site. It is of dying Judith MacIntyre who appears to have been taught how to PASS OVER …

        This should come with a warning – pretty distressing.

        One wonders how long it took to shoot the 19 minute film and get her to look so comfortable. Were they even holding something up for her to read whilst they stuck the camera in her face? Also appauling is the credits at the end where they are all claiming recognition from the sickening, exploitive tape – Judith’s children must be appauled. Not much appears to have actually been done by UM to ‘cure’ Judith’s cancer which seems to have spread during the time she was ‘involved’ with them.

        Judith was also taught how to leave her money to UM.
        As most here probably know her children failed to get recompense in court in Australia …

        Exposes the true, greedy intentions of UM – Beware

        [Hi Pranic Attack, I agree with you. I fiddled with the YouTube link so readers don’t have to see the image if they’d rather not. If they want to watch it they can click through to YouTube. It’s so exploitative. It’s sickening. I’d rather not cause anyone distress by posting it for viewing here.
        Cheers, E

        • Sickening Testimonials says:

          The promotional blurb under the video is the tell. They’ve used what should be a private time to promote SB unashamedly. And this is after the drama of her kids having to fight a late changed will with the ‘help’ of a cadre of UM’ers. Haven’t her family been through enough??

          Exploitation and privacy invasion. No shame. No humanity. Horrible, vile people.

        • "Passing over" your inheritance says:

          Judith lets it slip in the beginning when she says “I told him that I had breast cancer and because I said I wasn’t in remission he said he’d see me”.
          Makes time for the dying and the opportunity of bequest. The rest is history, and all safely on video for any future family challenges.

        • horrendous says:

          Agreed. It’s all about the money. So disrespectful to Judith’s real family. How disgusting. Is there nothing UM wouldn’t change in their beliefs to gain more money?

      • watching from afar says:

        A true prophet is not here to teach anyone anything – it is rather intense to see so many adults listening to the make-believe dreams and imaginings of one man. It is sad and ridiculously arrogant that he thinks he can teach them the truth about life and living when this very precious gift of life is our own to create through living and discovery and reflection. The body language of many of the devotees is quite revealing, also the quivering unsure voices of some of the speakers. i pray that they do not regret the choice that they have made in this life to align with someone else’s destiny, failing to seek and recognise the truth that is within.
        I also abhor the so called true movement, it takes many years of practice to really engage in authentic movement and to really allow the body to speak. A lot of what UM does, due to the lack of philosophical and practical depth, is an offence to the arts of dance and music, and also to those who have develop an intellect in this lifetime. It is all very well to have an idea or a story but less it is experienced and practiced over many years so that it is truly embodied than the person is just a shell. I respect the personal choice to want to be part of a group and to feel a sense of belonging, which is so hard in this day and age, I can sense what appeals to the members, but so much of it is untrue.
        This web series is excellent and it is great to see into the talks and practices of UM – well done esther you have made your own wild wild country series!!

        • Esther says:

          Thank you for your comment. And thanks everyone else for your great comments.

          I *WISH* these films were as good as Wild Wild Country.
          The Rajneeshis did get a lot of media coverage at the time, but it goes to show how severe their impact was. People are still assessing the damage of what went on in Oregon three decades on.

          Imagine what could be done with actual professionals + a production budget. 😀 Which I imagine is on the cards for UM. I’m getting calls from some of the top journalists in the country… And they don’t necessarily need me. The cat’s out of the bag duckies. A *lot* of people hold damaging info on UM.

          Will be very interesting to see what’s left of UM and its miserable investors in five, ten or twenty years from now.

          And it won’t be me producing the retrospective. Someone else will pick it up. I’ll have moved on to much more high brow stuff. 😉

    • Follower number☝️ says:

      Well said great one
      Does the Range Rover need a scrub yet?

      • Dark Lodge President (allegedly) says:

        Yes, it’s long overdue…when are you available to give up your time for slavish devotion? Please bring your own bucket, chamois, high-quality car wash and polish and the right energy.

        I might also bless you by allowing you to read paragraphs from my rambling tome, “the way I say it is”. I’d prefer you do that in front of a group of people so you can show your commitment and compromise yourself and reputation.

        There’s been a dearth of sycophantic adulation lately. Please step up and stop playing ball with comfort and not confronting your stupid friends. I am looking for a lieutenant/business partner (aka fall gal)/enforcer so if you play your corn emojis right, you never know.

        No promises, but I will give you a free initiation for $30.

        • Follower number☝️ says:

          Dark Lord I shamefully missed your “Poor to Porsche” workshop and I am in an emotionless quandary as to the correct way to circle the chamois, clockwise or anticlockwise, to remove those stubborn entities clinging to the hubcaps. An esoteric exfoliation of the RR is inside me and only a gentle breath away.
          Yesterday I saw an Audi driver use his indicators correctly in Goonellabah so of course I have reported it as stolen to the police.
          I am excited to be considered as your lieutenant fall gal as my demotion to a level 1 (most stupid) I felt in my innermost to be wrong and unfair since Piro No 2 is the chocolate munching, corn cob wielding wine swilling alcoholic
          I will save up for my free initiation

  3. Boring Boring Arsenal says:

    The tone of their reading voices are no different than the dull and self-important ones I heard in Catholic church.
    UM should post the whole material for the ones having trouble to fall asleep.

  4. Ghoulellabah love-in says:

    The release is perfect timing Esther for the Kum Bah Yah, “esoteric breast exchange” (yes, it was an actual thing with a man involved), open chequebook, touchy touchy grabathon occurring this weekend in the Ghoulellabah compound.

    Let’s hope it really fucks with their inner stillness. Name and shame!

  5. The Walking Dead says:

    Forget the evil spirits and their crafty ways of appearing, the scariest thing by far is that room full of human zombies called UM followers.
    My God I cant believe the emotionless blank stared monotone droning going on. Reading that made up crap whilst he throws in “I know everything” comments. Why would you believe in this and more importantly, why would you reject your family for this?
    Definition of a Zombie Apocalypse…..
    “A widespread rise of zombies hostile to human life engages in a general assault on civilization”
    Wikipedia (yes yes yes I know dont go there the truth might be too much)
    Thats you UMers, it really is, punctuated by Adam’s confession that he “even went to Esther’s lair” (a place where a wild animal lives)FFS
    You’ve been to the shapeshifters lair all right Adam, from recollection, you took roses.

  6. You dont smile anymore says:

    So sad to see and hear that woman speaking from the audience about the complete rejection from her father. Not even welcome in his home.
    Her voice can’t lie and says it all, holding back emotional hurt as best she could no doubt for fear of being accused to be in the pranic emotion of sadness, she tells how her behaviour as a UM follower has rendered her a stranger to her own loved ones.
    Its such a shame she no longer smiles, forbidden to live in happiness and comfort. I dont see how smiling is holding others up, its a pleasant side effect of happiness and is contagious. Look at the joy when a baby first smiles and connects emotionally. All lost in UM world as babies are mainly breast robbers.
    Too much smiling in the congregation would no doubt have the leader immediately in contact with the hierarchy asking ” what alchemy can I produce here to end this sickening comfort”

    • Olga Andigor says:

      That was really hard to watch and listen to for me, too. It was not that uncommon in the UM courses I attended. The decision between soul vs spiritual friends/partner/family was always a tough one.
      An organization where you can´t say something like “Life is about expressing emotions.” is bound to kiss my a – lchemy.

      • OMG Help!!! says:

        Olga my heart goes out to you.
        Tiny Little steps, lick your wounds & one day at a time

        WE are all SO happy to know that you survived and are free and getting to be more so
        hence providing a pathway for others.
        Well done
        HUGS XX

        • Olga Andigor says:

          Thanks. Before UM starts with it, I´m not here for revenge or for having a vendetta. It´s because I don´t want others to go through what I´ve been through. And for fun, lots of it, cause that´s one of the great reasons why I left UM, too serious-ness.

          Favorites of subtitle correction: the word given.-up-ness and changing “urine” into “UM”.

        • Esther says:

          And thank you Olga! Love your work. You were supposed to have a special mention in the list above ⬆️

          You realize I deliberately use obscure words and slang to keep you checking the dictionary 😉 But your English (and Australian) is better than all the Benhayons put together.

          and thanks OMG, too much prana is never enough… ☕️🧀🥂🍟🥕

        • Olga Andigor says:

          Of course 🙂 That´s part of the game. Checking words like “claptrap” vs “Bänderdehnung in der Unterhose”.

  7. OMG Help!!! says:

    So so happy to see Esther – Not dull not glum, BUT alive and pranic with it… onya girl!
    We are all with you and thankful

  8. Space Odd-yssey 👽 says:

    Please tell me these people dont pay to sit through this crazy torture.
    Unbelievable if I hadn’t seen and heard it with my own eyes and ears. Alien spirit boogeyman smelling everybody in sight hiding inside your family members. Whattttttt theeee!!
    Its like a B grade low budget sci-fi starring nobody

  9. “the world's not human anymore” 01:00 says:

    As Universal Medicine student’s are taught to become more “evolutionary” (advanced level of UM initiation), they are advised about the forthcoming alienation from family and friends:

    “The moment you step up and become evolutionary (advance as a UM student) you are attacked by your best friends and even your own family. Why? Because you realize it’s no longer – when you go into evolutionary energy you realize the world’s not human anymore. Yes, when you see spirits. That’s when you see the fact that there’s a spirit inside that human being saying; ‘no no no no that’s not the human, that’s not the human out play, no no no no no that is exposing, that’s reflecting, that’s communicating something else, you’re not playing ball here, we’re playing chess you’re playing something else, go back to playing chess or we’ll cut you down’. And at that moment forget blood, surnames, family, history, best friends, trust, what you’ve been through together. Everything goes out the door, have you not experienced this? Everything goes out the door because that (bad) spirit has been exposed as either, not evolving at all (in the UM way), or going into the level of comfort where they’ve hit that ceiling of evolution. And they go; ‘oh you’re passing that ceiling please don’t as otherwise I won’t be your friend anymore’. It’s just irrational when that occurs. Believe it or not, your best friends don’t talk to you, they’ll say things, your family, all of that.”
    – Serge Benhayon, 17 December 2018, WOTL Sermon 42, College of Universal Medicine, Wollongbar.

    • date correction says:

      – Serge Benhayon, 17 December 2016, WOTL Sermon 42, College of Universal Medicine, Wollongbar.

      • UM is not a registered charity says:

        thanks for transcribing that mess. One more correction, 37 Converys Lane isn’t the College of Universal Medicine. It’s now called the Hall of Ageless Wisdom. UM were raising funds to make it the College building but the ACNC stopped it because UM couldn’t guarantee the funds wouldn’t be used to benefit the UM commercial business.

        To clarify for everyone, Universal Medicine is not a registered charity. Never has been. Never will be. The College of UM is a registered charity. In 2013 I complained to the regulator that (among other things) the college is actually just a front for the profit of the UM commercial business, that the building was going to be used for the profit of the UM business, and that it was raising tax exempt funds for the benefit of private individuals – in breach of charity law.

        My complaint is the reason that building is not the College building, and the reason Team UM are hell bent on payback.

        • COUM smoke and mirrors says:

          That is correct. The location misinformation was provided on their brochures and to Ballina Council.

          According to the website,
          The College of Universal Medicine is 30 Palmvale Dr, Goonellabah NSW 2480
          and The Hall of Ageless Wisdom, 37 Converys Lane, Wollongbar. 2477 NSW (Near Lismore, off Bruxner Highway).

        • pranicattack says:

          Sadly they seem to have achieved the building of the sound foundation charity building with facilities in the UK, through the charity. The charity has now morphed into Sound Foundation Community Care and has become a company with trustees acting as directors. To mention nothing of the landowner, and local councillor, Simon Williams having built himself a massive ‘Manager’s house’ on site. Charity commission need to step up!

  10. Scarymary says:

    “It’s not criticism, it’s lies”…. they ask to be debated with but they twist everything to being a lie and attack. UM has really really messed with their heads. It is absolutely terrifying that UM can manage to create a fantasy world of “us against them” paranoia, and all the followers believe it and don’t challenge it. Well how could they? They would be branded a liar. If they challenge UM on anything they are a liar. It’s so totally pathological it really is scary.

  11. The Way It Isn't says:

    Just want to be sure I’ve got this right. Disincarnated spirits fool people by pretending to be zombies, ghouls and demons, but they don’t have feet (FACT!) so if you find yourself being tormented by these apparitions just look down at their feet and they disappear (SCIENCE!). Also, anyone who thinks otherwise, and who suggests that investing your life and your money in this drivel might not be a great idea, is an abusive liar who is being controlled by spirits because that’s what The Lords Of Form want. Sounds legit.

  12. 💣💥💩 says:

    Has an evil spirit layed an egg in the guru’s throat or is it an undescended testicle or even a talking ovary?

  13. "you can leave... a perfect marriage... ponder on that" 06.22 says:

    Universal Medicine challenges it’s students to consider that it’s OK to leave a perfect marriage or relationship. They are taught that once they discover the “actual light” (the UM spiritual beliefs) they can learn to “feel the abuse” in a relationship containing “no abuse”:

    “Is it possible in the future when most people, when more and more people discover the quality of the soul (the beliefs of UM) that you can leave a relationship that in a previous period ticked all the boxes of a perfect marriage? As in no abuse, total commitment, loyalty, caring, good, so-called love, adoring, whatever it is those energies, whatever we use those words. That were founded by the opposite of all of that. Is it possible that if you discover the actual light of the soul and the true love the soul is (the beliefs of UM) that you will also feel the abuse at that level that once upon a time was the highest and most desired value on earth? I’ll leave you to ponder on that.”
    – Serge Benhayon, 4 February 2017, WOTL Sermon 42, The Hall of Ageless Wisdom, 37 Converys Lane, Wollongbar.

    • Mr Perfect says:

      Maybe Miranda and Debra should ponder on that

    • RJM says:

      Just don’t attribute any relationship breakdowns to UM teachings, whatever you do. Only “a handful of disgruntled men who haven’t dealt with their own issues” would suggest such a thing.

    • Olga Andigor says:

      I see, you all know nothing about clairsentience, feeling the world of energy. Tsk

      I’m still transcribing episode 3, behind schedule due to the disgusting energy of comfort in vacation. If anyone has the urge and, most importantly, time, episode 4 awaits ‘the work’ of minor students.

      • Minor Student nr. 1 says:

        I started transcribing episode 4 after I read your comment and I must commend you for your patience transcribing the previous three episodes Olga. I’ve been working on it for thirty minutes and I am already feeling my brain slowly being turned into mush as I’m transcribing Sergio’s absurdly long, incoherent ramblings. It’s a drag but getting this stuff out there is definitely worth it!

        Also his way of speaking reminds of an orange-faced president of a certain superpower country; constantly interrupting his own sentences to start new ones that make equally little sense.

        One quick question for Esther: How can I send the finished transcript to you? The easiest way for me would to just send you a PDF file but I don’t think that’s possible trough your contact form.

        • Esther says:

          ah stop stop stop – I’ll be in touch. There’s an easier way, I think it’s partly done – collaborative approach. Thank you!

        • Minor Student nr. 1 says:

          P.S. Where in his mind did this make sense?

          “And then the person comes along and says there’s no proof for reincarnation, well there is because it’s astonishing, memories and correlations that you cannot explain other than which can be explained by reincarnation in addition to having access to past lives”

        • Olga says:

          You’ve just described my difficulties with this. Mind melting on all 6 dimensions.

    • Wow says:

      Disconnecting with non-UM family & friends is almost inevitable: UM teachings ensure it is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Followers are blind to how they are creating their own negative, destructive reality.

      Re-defined words / concepts, bizarre spiritual beliefs “facts!”, negative slant on all interactions / motives / intentions and extreme defensiveness sabotage any chance of rational, reasonable discussion / connection.

      Increased social isolation and reliance on the group enables increased control / losing touch with reality.

    • SAK says:

      What a load of absolute shit.

      I see a new business venture.

      UM Garden Supplies.

      UM fertilises your garden.

      Seems to have enough shit for everyone.

      Maybe its a skill acquired when experiencing a “poo of livingness”.

    • DLP says:

      This message has been out there for years in books, retreats and lectures. When asked by the media about effects on relationships UM described it as a ‘scurrilous’ lie invented by a band of detractors who were ‘abusive in their own home’. A posse of recently separated and enchanted followers rushed to UM’s defence to denounce their former spouses and partners as (probable) drunks and thoroughly ‘loveless’.

      Ah huh. It is possible that scores of ladies did decide all at simultaneously that their partnerships were ‘abusive’… Maybe they suddenly saw their men for what they actually were for the first time, and not what their eyes and the previous years had told them. After all, you can’t trust evidence. It’s controlled by the Lords of Form, I hear.


      • Anonymous says:

        So enlightened they can’t comprehend plain English and have made up a new definition for word ‘abuse’ that does not relate to the logical dictionary definition of the word. In fact UM are compulsive ‘abusers’ according to their new interpretation of that word. Abusing each other, the community and unto themself 24/7.

        Next time you meet one of them, remind them of that ‘abuse’ they feel they must impose on their own bodies and the rest of the world.

        • trish says:

          The whole use of the word “abuse” is really shocking. I mean, some people have actually been abused and have massive trauma around it, but UM thinks abuse is lying in bed and thinking about eating chocolate and or drinking coffee. Hello, not the same thing at all. I actually can’t comprehend how anyone could fall for this stuff. Its so self involved and righteous. Not an ounce of thought for anyone on the planet who actually maybe truly suffering.

  14. Ponder the crap out of this says:

    Complete destructiveness designed to separate the individual from loved ones rendering them alone and at the mercy of a pack of hyenas.

    • Pondering, and feeling sick says:

      Has anyone else noticed that even where both partners are are in UM – there are still separations and relationships formed with new partners, from with in UM of course.

      It has baffled me and still does but I suppose the utter loveless stupidity of UM $ermon answer$ it: every relation$hip has a u$e by date.

      Do they have to use Universal Law?

      • The Way It Isn't says:

        I think that’s being encouraged because, even though both partners are thoroughly indoctrinated into ‘the work’, the relationship began prior to involvement in UM, so it’s rooted in “the energy of abuse” according to the ‘ancient wisdom’ in the above video.

        • "I Do" this week anyway says:

          Changing partners has to be ok cause he has done it so it must be ok. Anything he does is ok and should be copied. Boosts the ego and softens the guilt. His kids relationships following the pattern as well.

  15. horrendous says:

    Abhorrent on every level. No debate outside UM beliefs. Take money from dying people. Followers know who they really are anymore. young women everywhere. nothing’s for free, I mean nothing. I actually can’t believe what these people would stoop to that I can’t type anymore as it makes me so annoyed. My friends are in this group and so are their children. Deeply disturbing.

  16. evil um says:

    Can I ask if anyone knows of students who actually leave UM? My friends have been in this for so long now. I mean 15, 16 years. How could they ever leave? That is a long time to be thinking everything UM says is truth. They would have had their brains truly rewired by now…. 😦

    • Esther says:

      Yes, they do. It’s also common in groups of this kind that a certain number gets out, even after a very long time, sometimes decades, and even people who were very close to the top of the pyramid. Each follower is different though. Their levels of commitment vary, as do their reasons for leaving.

      We have a few ex students reading. I hope they won’t be too shy – but they are concerned about exposing their identities. Hopefully they can comment without giving anything away…

      • Olga Andigor says:

        15, 16 years – even Carl Sagan would´ve dumbed down in that period of time. Our (plus Piroschka) experience is: the greatest pain is the one coming from separation. In our case, many more, like malnutrition or being sucked dry financially.
        We abandoned as many pranic people as possible from our circle of friends and relatives. Almost no pranic entertainment and when we consumed it, with bad conscience for being in comfort and in checking-out mode, open for emotions harming us.
        If the void of contact to people isn´t filled with UM followers, as in our case, you´re in trouble. Isolation is hard to endure. We lived too far away from like-brainwashed members and/or were to low in initiation and/or not rich enough to attend that many UM courses and sessions to feel the fiery bonding – effect.
        I don´t know, if that helps, but being a part of a very small group – in relation to the world population – and all others can be used energetically to attack you, is not a pleasant feeling to live by. Especially Piroschka suffered from it and it was one of two main reasons to leave UM. The other one was my mental state, which helped enormously.

        • DLP says:

          Thanks for sharing Olga. Yes, the community is very important. Maybe everything. Look at Goonellebah… members are flocking there to buy houses, rent and run businesses. Many live on the same street. They massage each other, do gentle breath meditation together, and share pea and chilli soups at each other’s energetically correct homes (with obligatory Da Vinci prints positioned perfectly). On weekends they flock to the hall of ageless witlessness for a dose of trance-inducing waffle with inappropriately long hugs, silly grins and declarations of how awesome they are.

          For those members, the astral world would be intimidating. You’d have to work make regular friends in a smaller community of people who don’t pretend they know everything and then abandon a sense of righteousness that’s been your best friend for years.

          You’d have to think for yourself. Serge forbid!

          Olga, you and my second acolyte are clearly tougher than most, pushing along on your own. That forbearance is a superpower most don’t have. If you take that and use it for (your own) good, you are going to overcome anything.

          In my book (the way I say it is, just $49.99 in 10 easy instalments available from all good web sellers (only mine atm) you two are legends.

          (that’s why I need more corn emoji’s from Piroschka and her total obedience, which I am giving a sermon on for free soon. I will have number one- when she’s finished washing the car- send a link to the course payment )

      • um is evil says:

        My friends live here in the UK. There are many in the UK. they do socialise with outsiders though, but live their life through the crazy UM doctrine. It’s hard work to be around….

        • DLP says:

          Yes, that’s right there is a community there as one of the Benhayons – Winston himself no less- graces them with her presence and 1000’s of hours per week of swimming lessons which she donates to the charity…and he has some serious aggressive Klingons preaching the gospel. UM’s had some success in Germany too ( as evidenced by their god-awful preachy music video’s) so let’s pray to the Cosmic Cerebellum that it doesn’t translate so well into French.

          I agree, they do socialise with non UM’ers on the condition they aren’t challenged and always hopeful they might awaken someone to their true-religion as “bearers of light.”

  17. Piroschka says:

    Thank you DLP, compliment taken – as the new word of the day: Forbearance.

    I´m awaiting the link to course payment and will stay alert, as your other dumb members are very competitive and desperately egocentric, when it comes to booking your sermon and accomodation for it.

    I already bought your amazing purple book though Olga exclaimed, that it´s written poorly. Don´t listen to one of your minions, as always, she´s channeling from the Astral Plane. If I may pose my humble opinion about your book: I could feel one pranic word on page 124, therefore your whole book is pranic and the energy, people will need to come back to their soul will be your karma. I know, you being the highest initiate that has ever walked the earth can handle that easily. Just like responding to criticism, with a kind of fiery love that´ll make people stand in awe open-mouthed.

    However, if you don´t mind, please pep up your holy book with these: We wouldn´t be as intimidated by your intelligence then, too. Esther´s rocket from her Twitter profile is in it, too. She´s excused though, the intention to pun with her last name is obvious.

    To add to the question posed above. Another great reason for leaving UM was a profane one:
    I don´t eat fish and meat and love to eat.

  18. Olga Andigor says:

    A heartfelt welcome to The Netherlands in the “other language” section on UM´s website:

    An obsolete tranlation in my opinion, as I have yet to meet a Dutch person neither speaking English nor German.

  19. Genocidal nazis run the health system (says UM) says:

    OMG it’s official, and from a UM psychologist no less. The health system authorities now stand accused of “genocide” (UM definition):

    15:13 “we’ve got to fight back and not get sucked into thinking that they’re going to do the right thing because they’re not at all. Genocide, let’s call it what it is. It’s the genocide of those that truly care. They don’t want a caring system, they want one they can control make money, whatever it is. It’s not about care anymore, as Maxine said we do not have care in the health care system”

    Oh, and UM’s “Maxine for president”!

    • Genocidal nazis run the health system (says UM) says:

      Whoops. UM is so last year!

      Those UM medical neo-liguists seem to be now missing from the committee of the HPARA and as presenters at the 2018 conference. For the best. I don’t always agree with the HPARA, but it does have some good points, but it won’t get anywhere run by wacky UM.

    • Persecution concerto in D minor 🙄 says:

      What a classic! Thank you. Remind me to use that.

      So if UM had a heavy presence in HPARA last year, and suddenly none of them are anywhere near it, including the one who was on the board of directors, does that mean HPARA (who are basically critics of AHPRA, albeit without calling AHPRA nazis) are genocidal nazis running the latest anti-UM ‘genocide’?

      ‘😭It’s a genocide!😭’ Brendan Mooney could set that one to music too, Caroline. 🎻🎻

      Having to answer questions and complaints, and being required to comply with certain accountability obligations is not persecution or abuse or a ‘genocide’ dear. You’re all still here. It’s called responsibility. Without a capital R.

    • LOF says:

      Serge regurg. She even sounds like him or Notalie. Always singing the same tune. zzzzz
      I wonder if anyone in the room was thinking “hmmm, this is a bit suss…”

    • Anonymous says:

      This woman is a unimed psychologist? Jezus!!!

      • Dr Care says:

        Q: Caroline, you seemed angry when you spoke of AHPRA and Dr Fletcher at the conference. Have you always had these emotions and anger toward medical authorities, or is it only since you took on the esoteric lifestyle?
        A: …

        • Chill Pill says:

          Ha! Remember when Caroline and pals made four complaints to AHPRA about me? Including this one from the psychologists accusing me of slander. I didn’t bitch about AHPRA. I bitched about UM and the complainants. There was nothing to the complaints, I responded promptly and thoroughly to each one. AHPRA took the complaints through the proper process and treated me fairly. The complaints were dismissed. UM did that, published over a hundred webpages about me calling me a criminal etc., tried to have me arrested however many times etc. and got nowhere. It’s not a genocide. It’s a load of bullshit from a bunch of esoteric zealots

        • Dr Maxine Ageless Wisdom says:

          At the same conference UM’s Dr Maxine Szramka proposed harsh penalties for complainants. It’s in her video presentation:

          “Consequences for vexatious complainants:
          -Jail time,
          -Public register”

          Masiorski, Mooney and Raphael’s complaint to the HCCC about Esther was dismissed as lacking in substance. So Szramka is proposing those three UM physiologists should be jailed for their actions?

        • OBVIOUS MUCH says:

          Thats the CRAZY thing about UM
          Everything is ironically flipped albeit commanded from inside the masters head.
          “The disgusting settlement of comfort” as the Hierarchy drive around in Audis, go home to the McMansions, wallow in cash. Jealousy & comparison everywhere. Bullying of critics. Videos of people who are now happy to die from a disease they brought on themselves but pass over all assets to he of the almighty integrity. Dont have to think as long as you feel. Look slim as long as you starve. Not criticism its lies ans abuse.
          The only people fooled by this are the brainwashed followers

    • 👩‍🎓so embarrassing says:

      The deliberate killing of a large group of people??!!oh come on, catastrophic UM far flung connection definition again (rape, paedophilia, suicide, murder)
      “They want a system they can control and make money” that describes UM doesnt it?
      Look in your own backyard so called educated person its as plain as the crevice on your face!

  20. Just asking? says:

    Is Justice McCallum okay? Hope so.
    Soon it will be 4 Weeks since hearing – any news?

    • Esther says:

      No news. Don’t worry, we thought it might take her a while. She said at hearing that she would make an oral ruling, but I think due to the complexity of the issues that went to hearing, it will be a published or written judgment. Last year we waited 4 months. I don’t think we’ll wait that long this time, seeing the trial is six months from now. The next step after her ruling will be that Serge has to give further discovery. Her Honour will also call a directions hearing where she will set a timetable for expert reports.

      I will blog more when we have the decision.

  21. Wotsit whose cranky says:

    UM Breast Retreat [GRRR] Change of venue – Why?
    Interesting – I have alot more questions.

    Just wondering…Does Ballina Shire Council know that Convery’s lane is about to be used more than said by them last year? According to COUM and now Breast Cancer retreat?

    How dare they call that retreat an investment for Cancer patients when they are already strapped for cash due to legit medical expenses. Oh carers can go for free?
    If cancer patients need a care must be close to dying? Yes? No?

    The other day I saw an ad stating that Methadone is free for drug addicts so why is Chemo not free for Cancer patients.

    UM have NO conscience to prey upon those already strapped funds for what I deem a worthless and devious harvesting. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong BUT with proof.

  22. Helga says:

    14:59 “your most cherished person has passed over” and then goes on to list children or relatives, even uncle!! but doesn’t say husband or wife. That wasn’t a slip was it?

  23. Olga Andigor says:

    Just finished transcribing Ep 3 and what UM said at the end of the video, around 18:55 min, is worth keeping in mind:

    “…the model hates being reflected, the model hates the mirror of what is truth, because it´s it´s horrible and it doesn’t and we´re not talking about an authoritarian Roman Catholic Church or a militant fascist government. We´re talking about people in society. I´m – Universal Medicine is not liked in this community, because we have standards they cannot meet and they have funding for social services and charities and they hate the fact, that we are reflecting true charity, true social services, true family, a true community etc. etc. etc. So…”

    • Look in the mirror- its ugly. says:

      The ‘model’ simply hates him…UM.

      • Esther says:

        I’m going to reply to this because UM’s Sons of God just love to jump on the word ‘hate’.

        Most countries have a certain amount of rules, laws and moral standards that maintain a semblance of social order. To maintain a civil society requires a degree of responsible, transparent and accountable conduct. UM treats those with contempt. It treats everyone, including each other, with contempt. They mislead people, exploit them and then try to bully them into silence. If we reject that inexcusable conduct, they call it ‘hate’, ‘abuse’, ‘genocide’. There is no ‘model’. UM is merely talking about us vs them. What he meant to say is, organizations with any semblance of integrity reject us, and we piss people off. It’s a good way to get hated, but most of just think they’re ridiculous, stupid, obstinate, deluded, bullies. I hate what they do. I hate bullshit. I think they themselves are partly to be pitied, but mostly that they need to be made accountable officially. They need to clean up their act. It’s not too much to ask.

    • The Way It Isn't says:

      Yup. Society just can’t handle the fact that all the ghouls, demons, zombies, and aliens they’re seeing (not) are really spirits acting at the behest of the Lords Of Form. Rather, is it possible that the leader can’t handle being exposed, so anyone not contributing to his empire is a ‘liar’?

  24. Behave in your cave says:

    If y´all need some relax-time from Eshter´s videos, come and enjoy some fiery music.

  25. Helga says:

    now says video not available, dang. BTW, wouldn’t guns be pranic? Has anyone else had their blood run cold by looking at the latest photos on LCCI fbook page?

  26. 🚫CENSORED🚫 says:

    Blog has been updated above. Yes, the amazingly courageous Co-Creative have made another bogus take down request to YouTube, and episodes 2-4 are down. I’ve issued counter-notices. We just need to be patient and wait for YouTube to review them and the ten business days UM have to prove they’ve initiated a court action.

    This time Jonny Baldwin didn’t sign his name to it. And he’s deleted his Twitter account. The Co-Creative is also the unctuous Bec Asquith who sometimes goes by her husband’s name Simon Asquith, and Deb Benhayon’s latest husband, Clayton Lloyd.

    Truly, if you can’t cope with your stuff being criticized, don’t publish it. Don’t make it commercially available.

    • Follow The $$$ says:

      Thx! I´ve learnt a thing or two from it. Very insightful.

      • Volunteer says:

        Watch out, Unimed Living’s going to blog about checking out through computer gaming or entertainment in general. Guaranteed.

        Olga’s topic “media manipulation” is one of their favourites now. Without noticing their own UM one. Fascinating.

        • Olga says:

          Great article. Short about UM and media m:
          They know as much about it, esp when it comes to creating war, as I know about computer games.
          I noticed very late, halfway through, the article is a game review alluding to reality. 😱

    • Everyone please read, forearmed is forewarned says:

      Thx for this link confirm running true to form and I too learnt so much.
      I thought I knew it all but there is more that is so obvious when you know.
      Running true to form and a little more watchfulness needed on the part of us all.

  27. Nice try but no trophy for you says:

    Ive just read the titillating (!) novel by Eunice defending EBM.
    One could be open minded, Eunice, until I saw who invented it and who performed it by proxy and then I knew straight away, Eunice, that there was no professionalism or professionals involved here and no evidence that it does any good at all. To compare this to genuine medical proceedures done by medical professionals, Eunice, leaves you wide open for scrutiny of your own professionalism. Yes it is quackery and joins all the rest of the bullshit invented by UM purely to make money helped by endorsement of so called professionals like yourself.

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