Relaunch: Unpacking Universal Medicine episode 3 – sexiness and Esoteric Women’s Health

The corporation behind Esoteric Breast Massage pitches questionable products and services to women and girls with their unconvincing and confused ‘True Sexy’ gimmick.

Video recordings of Universal Medicine’s Way of the Livingness events and other UM marketing materials give insight into the workings of the Goonellabah based commercial occult religious conglomerate. UPDATE: UM contractors The Co-Creative lodged a second round of groundless copyright infringement complaints to YouTube and had 3 episodes taken down. After I issued a counter notification they deliberately stalled to keep them down. The full playlist of videos has been restored, with more to come.

The Co-Creative are Jonathan Baldwin, Rebecca (Bec) and Simon Asquith, and Clayton Lloyd. They’re the audio-visual contractors responsible for recording and webcasting UM’s ‘amazing’ events.

Episode 3 ‘True Sexy’ & Esoteric Women’s Health

Esoteric Raunch

Esoteric sexiness at a Vietnam retreat

UM’s confusing messages about sex are a prime example of the corporation’s issues with truth in advertising and informed consent. UM’s beliefs and behaviours also call into question its hands on healing practices and its involvement in sexual health and education initiatives for children.

UM and Esoteric Women’s Health are behind the Girl to Woman Festival which they are misleadingly attempting to export to Tenterfield, Melbourne and possibly further afield. Eso Women’s Health’s unqualified proprietor ran youth groups at which she sought personal disclosures on sex from adolescents. UM has a fixation on underaged sexual violence, which is ongoing, and its promoters are presenters at the state government funded PASH conference for high school kids.

Sergileaks – feedback from UM

The reaction to my series from UM’s transparency free Sons of God is that the Way of the Livingness footage has been hacked to death and taken ‘out of context’. A snout suggested it might be better to release the full videos first.

I think that’s worth a response in point form.

  • UM have said that about everything I’ve published.
  • UM also believe spirits are 12 feet tall, can smell a Son of God from a mile away, and terrorize little children (and UMers) after hours. The same people believe medical research is controlled by the Four Lords of Form.
  • There is no context where any of what’s been shown so far is appropriate, rational or non-contentious.
  • If I paid any attention to what UM thought of my publications, I’d never publish.
  • If I stuck to publishing things they might approve of, I’d end up writing miserable million word screeds like Alison Greig, lol.
  • There’s nothing to stop UM from making the videos freely available for public scrutiny. People with any sense won’t pay for that worthless stuff. Instead UM have attempted to shut down any kind of critical analysis. Their panic censorship proves that.
  • If they don’t like my criticism, they are welcome to respond to it here or elsewhere. In over five years they’ve never responded with a single word that could give us any assurance that they have an ounce of integrity between them. Their reactions have only made us more concerned. They’ve reacted with ad hominem attacks, lies and bullying. Comments are open here UM.
  • I won’t pander to balderdash from people who prohibit critical feedback.
  • The Way of the Livingness presentations run for up to three hours. They are punctuated with loony revelations, but most of the content is unbelievably dull. There’s a reason why UM has been running for eighteen years using every deceptive and coercive tactic imaginable and still only has a couple of hundred committed followers – their content is insufferable. It’s inane, ridiculous and mindlessly boring. I have too much respect for my audience to put them through that.
  • I’m publishing to inform the public, not to please an oppressive and dishonest high demand organization.
  • Copyright law allows me to use a reasonable amount of material in a work of journalism, review, criticism or satire. Putting up full videos does breach copyright, but as I said above, I wouldn’t do it because most of you would switch off after a few minutes anyway. I’d have no audience!

Next gossip or legal update I’ll fill you in on UM’s latest hilarious complaints to WordPress. They actually paid a media lawyer to send WordPress a three page letter. It’s an absolute pearler.

A health warning

Loved ones of people involved in UM, particularly those with children caught up in it have been appalled by what they’ve seen in the videos.

It may be upsetting to some of you.

It’s good for others to know they’re not alone in their misgivings so please feel free to comment. I’m pretty busy with legal stuff but you can always contact me if you’re having a hard time. I think it’s time we set something up so that you can speak with others who understand what it’s like to deal with UM in your life.

We have readers who are former UM followers and many readers with loved ones involved, so I’d like commenters to remember that when they comment. The majority of UM community members are decent and well intentioned people. Unfortunately they’re ensnared in a large scale and elaborate deception.

The films prove that UM deserves a lot more criticism than it’s had. One of the most confronting things about this mess is that many of UM’s well intentioned members are participating in the organization’s deceptive, exploitative and otherwise lousy conduct. It’s heartbreaking for all involved. It causes massive problems. Please be sensitive that many readers feel a mixture of emotions about this stuff, including grief. It doesn’t help to rub their noses in it. Criticism of UM is deserved but we don’t want to alienate anyone whose been done over or deter readers from commenting either.

Using and sharing

Feel free to share the videos. They are useful for notifying community organizations, schools or other institutions about UM and its promoters.

I daresay a number of you will be able to use this material in dealing with the Family Court. The episodes include some very persuasive material for keeping kids away from this group. Contact me for assistance.

Tips for commenters

It’s helpful to me and other commenters if you identify time signatures within the videos if you want to comment on any particular statement or segment. You’ll see there’s a lot to comment on.

Comments are moderated for legal reasons. Unfortunately what reasonable people call ‘the bleeding obvious’, UM and its invested lawyers call ‘defamation’. The Australian legal system is such that taking a defence of truth to trial takes years, enormous costs, and otherwise the moving of mountains.

Team UM is now also jumping up and down about comments they say could ‘prejudice’ a jury, and threatening to charge commenters who make remarks about the plaintiff’s published comments with contempt of court. Never mind that UM have been publishing genuinely prejudicial and false allegations about the defendant that they can’t prove…

If some of your descriptions get modified, you know why.

The playlist


82 Comments on “Relaunch: Unpacking Universal Medicine episode 3 – sexiness and Esoteric Women’s Health”

  1. Piroschka says:

    Oh no! Not true sexiness!! Transcript and subtitles are on the way according to Olga´s eye rolling.

  2. The Way It Isn't says:

    I’m sure team UM are looking forward to presenting the ‘spherical’ context that will make their brand of ‘one-unified-truth’ seem completely reasonable before the court.

  3. Barnicle Bill says:

    What a great video! Thank you for releasing it to the world!

    I am sure Captain Fish Finger is hopping mad, pacing around his mansion, slapping his face with uncooked salmon and wondering where it all went wrong?

    “It was so easy before people started to question me, and now I am besieged, what shall I do?”…

    He must eat the fish eggs for the truth and again a mighty plop will pop out of his big round butt hole and he will have another genius plan.

    Just watch out for the crabs. They are everywhere!

  4. Filthy Rich says:

    Not objectifying women, but talking about breasts, the nipple area, the sex bomb (energetically we all are), not “in slutty way”
    tottering around on high heels in a very tight, short dress with accentuated breast area. Perhaps it´s all a trick, as that makes me want to give her money – for fitting clothes.

    • Anonymous says:

      Or give her money to shut up and go away? I’d pay for that.

      • Filthy Rich says:

        I made a PowerPoint this morning and it says: I agree…. I heard, Germans like her like The Hoff? 🇩🇪

        • Olga Andigor says:

          Sure. Moving from Goonellabah to “Home is where the Dome is” Cologne would be a clear sign for ill mental health touristically speaking.

          And… the place for the adored Australian woman here in G is already taken. Kylie Minogue, er, Esther, I mean Esther.

      • Basil Brush says:

        Boom Boom

    • Pranic Princess says:

      I TOTALLY agree. You’d think the successful businesswoman and sex bomb would shop somewhere other than supré. Or maybe she shopped at Jacqui E and put everything in the dryer on a high heat setting. Either way that Elastane is in contraction, which is a step before burn out according to the Esos.

  5. Where is the love? says:

    Looking at the track record, the chasing of sluts at Maroubra, overtraining and excessive control of tennis pupils, parading sex on legs on the UM stage, drawing funds from female followers, taking inheritance from a dying woman, hatred towards any female critics whether ex patients, press or Esther, I really don’t see much respect for women at all here

    • Barmy Army says:

      Yet the Barmy army bevy of beauties still provide a human shield for their Prince of Punyness. Snap out of it ladies, your esoteric energy would be much better off used for a more worthy cause Im sure

  6. Girl to woman? says:

    Definition of unsexy and just plain creepy
    Very wrong on all accounts

    • Adolescent Festival says:

      Girls becoming women are called adolescents. Therefore it is really a festival for adolescents. (theoretically, but looks like they miss their target market. Maybe because it’s lame) The adolescent festival is inspired by UM. A lot of us have questions about UM and adolescents.

      The organisers will say it has nothing to do with UM. Then why on their facebook page is there a video from the event with UM’s proprietor in the background, on stage, seen going behind the curtains as only someone who was part of organizing the festival would?

      What is the purpose of the event? It’s not clearly stated on their site. There is no privacy policy on their site. The people facilitating the programs are not qualified to do so (even the ones that work with children, IMO) and are all ardent UM members.

      It would be interesting to know the genesis of the Adolescent Festival. Who (really) suggested it? Why? What are they trying to achieve (really)?. I suspect many of the members think one thing when the real purpose/s will be something entirely different.

      With Natalie out front strutting her stuff and Miranda on stage screeching given their combined history and association with UM and its origins.

      • Esther says:

        A mother told me the thing was full of cameras. UM whipped out their photo release form as parents registered attendance and acted like they were running out of them so they wouldn’t have to give out copies. And look who was sitting beside the big black curtain to the left of the stage, camera in hand with its long long lens? UM’s great defender, Alan. Clear shots of him at 23:25 and around 24:00. Onstage not far from Alan with long lens is Matt Paul.

        • The Way It Isn't says:

          Ugh. Interesting that Natalie jokingly infers that Michael’s trite poetry has the potential to move the audience to tears. What, with emotions being pranic evil, and UM being purely about love, which has supposedly no emotion at all.

        • Pippi Langstrumpf says:

          Whatever suits them, didn’t matter until lately.
          The rapping part is soooo creepy. The kids are standing there not knowing what to do, embarrassed. Joyful sprightly brightly kids, forgot the rest of UM’s description from episode 2, look A LITTLE different.

        • Olga says:

          It’s worth reviewing it, Episode 2 starting at around 5:45 min.
          “….sprightly, brightly, beautiful, alert and aware children that are evolving and becoming Initiates…”
          vs. pranic
          “obese kids, dumb, dulled down, reactive…”

        • Headspin says:

          CONtradiction after CONtradiction

        • MacReady says:

          I can only guess that their musical abilities are plummeting along with their health, as a result of all the esoterically predicted ailments. That could be the worst cacophony served up by ‘Glorious Music’ yet.

        • Irma Slutsky says:

          Why the heck interpret UM followers shit like that completely different? Music, ramblings, purple grammar school books, not running but walking, tight fashion on sex bombs (“not physically” ), initiation numbers but we’re all equal, persecution nightmares, the money gangsta rapper bling bling style of the upper esoteric class.
          All seen as amazing reflections of love. 👼

          I don’t get it.

        • Olga Andigor says:

          They´re heavily manipulated. If you like, you can watch the video “10 Media manipulation strategies by Noam Chomsky”. UM uses these in their own esoteric way. If you don´t know the author, the internet can be your friend.

          The background “music” and his tone of voice make it come across as some kind of conspiracy theory, which annoys me, as this topic can be looked at in a rational way. No need for dramaticazion.

        • Esther says:

          Yeah, that computer generated voice itself is distracting and the dumb music, but message is interesting.

          Sorry everyone I didn’t realize the facebook link didn’t appear in my comment upthread. It is here with the clear shots of Alan Johnston and Matt Paul with cameras at around 23:00, 24:00, and the maestro disappearing behind the curtain following Simon Asquith around the end. G2W Facebook

        • Piroschka says:

          Media competence and manipulation is a hot topic in Germany at the moment. Therefore not even close to being as interesting as anything coming from Australia. Sorry, we forget that sometimes.
          Besides, Trump said something dumb again. Hilarious!

        • Disgraceful says:

          Thx for times E. Helpful indeed.
          Made me feel sick in the gut to see all of that including Maestro.
          Deborah Benhayon’s husband Clayton Lloyd was also there filming…..
          Why Why Why so many???
          Rhetorical question a
          Answer obvious to discerning VERY concerned person

        • Anonymous says:

          Trump also thinks his own daughter is sexy.
          Just because you are rich and affluent (or effluent if it fits) doesn’t put anyone above decency as accepted by society.

  7. Capitol "R" for Rapeonsibility says:

    ” Ahh no wait til we get rape, wait til we get to rape then you can applaud, ladies you can applaud me, Im wearing pink for you”
    This topic is way too frequent in the teachings of UM and Id like to know why the obsession with such an abhorrent act.

    • Olga Andigor says:

      UM´s got an obsessing with choosing the most emotionally touching subjects in general. Rape, gang-rape in India, WW2, cancer, slaughtering of the Cathars by the Catholic church, persons everybody knows like Leo and Albie.

      I think, it´s UM´s desperate need for grabbing attention. Followers are naive enough to believe the superficial and/or plain false knowledge about these. Compensating it with a persuasive style doesn´t make it better and they’ve clearly got no empathy for real traumas at all.

  8. He's a woman - Hell n Reddy or not says:

    I am woman, not a whore
    In numbers too big to ignor
    You don’t know much, so you go and pretend
    Cause Ive heard it all before
    You’ve made it esoteric law
    No ones ever gonna rub my breasts again

    Oh yes, theres been lies
    Its false wisdom born of gain
    Yes I’ve paid the price
    From my nipples to my brain
    “Sniff” I have to, that poo was everything
    Oh the pong
    Made him invincible
    (Convincing all)
    He is woman ?!?!

  9. Woman of the wild wild west says:

    Im just so fuckin relieved that no man boobs have been fondled or harmed in EBM. Crazy shit.

  10. Just saying be discerning and concerned says:

    “It’s no secret that the way to a child’s favour is to gift them a new toy or invite them along to a fun or special activity. This differs from normal treats in that it would exceed “what would be expected or normal for the caregiving role”. Mama Mia

  11. Piroschka says:

    I agree with “discerning and concerned” especially with the massage techniques on female body organs, the “leaving the bathroom door open” story I´ve read here and talking about R-rated topics in a group with children present.

    The lack of knowledge when about human anatomy? If you´re not a trained therapist and know nothing about human anatomy, your hand has to stay away from the sacral/anal area. And especially not taking a picture of it and putting that into a chisseler manual. Period!

    Well, we don´t want to be the ones saying the sentence the linked article starts with. So, definitely aware, discerned and concerned.

    • Piroschka says:

      Oops, IT´s been smarter than me again. First comment twice, the second comment was (from memory):

      Just to be clear. If you´re an un-qualified therapist and know nothing about human anatomy, your “healing” hand has to stay away from the anal/sacral area. And especially when it comes to putting a picture of it into a dodgy training manual showing how to clear sadness in that region. Period! Being certain when UM should be uncertain is one of their greatest weaknesses.

  12. Do No Harm says:

    Holy moly, that Hypatia theme in this episode is some crazy shit. What do they think of
    us here? We’re in a resisting energy ready to torture and murder them and later bragging about it to show their energetic way is permitted in the world of form?
    Where do I even start….? Speechless.

  13. Macho Man says:

    Of course they do. Mentioning all popular atrocities and relating it to them. Is it possible to be more egocentric? Doubt it.

  14. On the bandwagon says:

    How hilariously funny is the three piece band featuring Natalie with double tambourine solo,( around 12 min mark) Like kiddies banging instruments in a playgroup, and then the explanation that the crowd have just witnessed true movement and the freedom to communicate true movement with tambourines.
    Like her father before her, with his true toilet movement, she takes nothing and tries to turn it into something special.
    The absolute tradgedy is that the befuddled followers are convinced its all true.
    Astounding, it really is!

    • Hari Krishna oh Hari Hari says:

      Hari Krishna’s are always looking for new tambourine shakers and hip swirlers. Much looser clothes though, not into sexyness and jealously there.

  15. Helga says:

    If they can get people to pay to sit through THAT and listen, then they can probably get them to do just about anything. Which is exactly what concerns me for my community, family, and the people who are lost to it.

  16. I Should Go To Maroubra says:

    .. and comparing extremes after creating extremes. 🙄

  17. "people in society" are "horrible". 8.43 says:

    Universal Medicine teaches it’s students about antagonism and its conflict with the community, people and society. Expresses resentment toward funding for social services and charities:
    “Before me no-one has exposed this model (people in society) to this level, no-one has, Pythagoras did, very few people have… The model hates being reflected, the model hates the mirror of what is truth, because it’s horrible. And it doesn’t, and we’re not talking about an authoritarian Roman Catholic church or a militant fascist government, we’re talking about people in society. I’m, Universal Medicine is not liked in this community because we have standards they cannot meet. And they have funding for social services and charities and they hate the fact that we are reflecting true charity, true social services, true family, a true community, etcetera etcetera etcetera…”
    – Serge Benhayon, 30 September 2017, WOTL Sermon 52, College of Universal Medicine, Wollongbar.

    • Shoot, blame, shame the messenger says:

      UM seems to emphasize the need for ‘responsibility’ however denies any responsibility for the impact of anti-social, divisive, non-evidence based principles on loyal, dedicated UM followers. Including: impact on physical health (vitamin / mineral deficiencies), mental health (psychosis, anxiety, depression), emotional well-being (supression of emotions), deterioration of relationships and social standing in the community. (Hostility provoked in ‘outsiders’ by extreme arrogance, denial, blame of entities and Esther Rockett for all UM’s / the world’s woes.)

      • Irma Slutsky says:

        Exactly. And now they are insisting on the equal importance of anecdotal evidence. Anecdotes chosen by UM of course.

  18. Master Hilarion says:

    I don’t know what all the fuss is about. I know quite a few delicate, lovely, yummy, gentle, Fifth-Level Initiates from Shambhala, and they all talk enthusiastically about rape constantly. There’s nothing weird about it at all.

  19. That Sinking Feeling says:

    Why are UMers so upset about Esther’s Unpacking Universal Medicine series?
    Did they bank on only selling the full versions online to the CONverted and not the normal general public for opinion and scrutiny?
    BIG mistake
    Funny how greed can be so controlling of those trying to control everything and everyone
    It all comes back to bite you on the bum eventually. Energy cannot be harnessed

    • Sick in the tummy says:

      Well said [sadly]That Sinking Feeling
      And ‘E’s latest tweet says it all:
      “Esther Rockett 🚀
      If you have so much integrity @UnimedLiving @UniMedUM why not ‘claim it’? Censorious overreaction to exposure is a red flag. What else are you hiding?

      • Bänderdehnung In Der Unterhose says:

        When truth being revealed to the public is the biggest threat to your organisation, you might have to check the energy you think you feel is fiery you’re living in. Or was it all a lie to begin with Mr. Toilet?

        • I've been SMELT says:

          A very true and accurate assessment. Thankfully they do us a huge favour as they scurry to try and censor all who expose the truth. “Nothing to see here!” they cry, but as we all well know, the dark goings on and speeches that threaten entities and possession made behind blacked out windows are only scratching the surface of the rottenness at the core of this group. They are a dark and sinister group and dangerous too for the innocents they corrupt and brainwash.

        • Bänderdehnung In Der Unterhose says:

          👍🏽 Can’t wait for the truth being revealed in court.

        • Pranic Princess says:

          Bänderdehnung In Der Unterhose? Is that in sympathy for the strain in Natalie’s elastane? Bänderdehnung In Der Unterhose meets Bänderdehnung In Der Über-hose?

        • Olga says:

          It’s a German joke. Topic, euphemism for erection, ligamental strain in the underpants. 😉

        • Pranic Princess says:

          There you go Natalie, some free German language tutoring, courtesy of Olga and the accountability bunker. With bonus cultural and educational exchange. Next week we cover sausage and lederhosen.

          It’ll be more fun than the Koln Esos’ holocaust comparisons.

          Then we can start training for the next Olympics. UM is going for bronze in the downhill litigation.

  20. Hypatia says:

    This took me back to my school days
    Obviously Olga is sourcing her information from Wikipedia
    When I read this, I already can feel the word Banderdehnung has been incorrectly translated.
    I dont know anything about ligamental strain in the underpants but when I read Banderdehung in der unterhose because Im not hooked into needing the knowledge, I dont need the info, I dont need to give you a fantastic presentation to impress you or show you all the things I know about what happens in underpants, I read that, I feel, and I say guess what, that word Banderdehung is incorrect

    • anecdotal-dummkopf research method says:

      Ah, I see you also pride yourself in practising Natalie’s ‘anecdotal-dummkopf research method’ as opposed to the pranic evidence-based intellectual.

      • Hypatia says:

        And you must believe in everything that I say because Im super super sexy and absolutely gorgeous and I can turn you into a sex bomb when you were too scared to be one before

        • Irma Slutsky says:

          Energetically of course, not when it comes to physicality. She said so in the beginning of Ep 3 and therefore it must be true.
          Weak point? No problem, refer it to the world of energy. Makes it smell way better. In UM

        • Notting Natalie says:

          Nat could learn a thing or two about super super sexy and absolutely gorgeous from this video clip:

  21. Banderdehung Smugglers says:

    You have a vagina, you have breasts
    You are in a WOMANS BODDEEEEEEEEE!!!
    Got a bit excited there with all the underpants talk

    • Anonymous says:

      They like to focus on women’s bits and rape and post-traumatic juvenile experiences in Maroubra. I don’t recall Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad, etc needing to be so outwardly creepy in order to claim ‘integrity’. But the glazed over faced followers lap it up like cult members. But all in unison, they claim they’re not.

      • Olga says:

        I don’t know, what UM tries to achieve with choosing these topics constantly. Creepy indeed and desperate.
        Either way, it’s a great help for Esther to prove her point. Please keep going UM.

  22. Smarty Pants says:

    TRUE evolution by Dr Anne Malatt. Dr in biology?
    Clearly not, even to me, knowing more about Maroubra than science.
    Highly educated people like doctors, lawyers, Prof of…, Dr in… reinterpreting topics like thesr into their UM world is just embarrassing.
    They’re used to make the firm sound more legitimate and too many fall for it. Especially when it comes to doctors and other medically trained people talking about health benefits of UM (therapies).
    A discgrace to their profession they are.

  23. Dark Lodge Chairman (in perpetuity) says:

    This is as poor as their take on E=MC2. But it’s typical of the arguments creationists and dumbo’s use.

    It’s mainly an argument from ignorance and personal incredulity. Anne has misstated what evolution is and tried to change the meaning of the word to create an equivocation fallacy. UM style.

    Working backwards, people generally can’t imagine that a billion random events led to what appears to them to be a complex and ‘perfect’ set of circumstances which has led to their existence (and them, therefore, contemplating that problem). That’s where incredulity and agency kick in. Clearly, it’s impossible they think, therefore a god did it.

    That’s because they can’t imagine that we’re one insignificant species on one small planet in a massive universe where the statistical odds of us finding ourselves here and now are 1. Not a billion to 1, but 1.

    Why? Because we are here to experience it, and that means all of those apparently random things DID HAPPEN. We just happen to be a part of that sequence of cause and effect, in this life, in this corner of the universe, at this time. It’s our lens which is biased to us thinking everything set out to create us. There could be other creatures living in a sulphuric atmosphere that also think their existence is perfect and a god did it. Perfect is relative to those experiencing it.

    What’s more, if there is a god (which raises more questions of origin and cause and effect than it answers) he or she or it has done a pretty crap job. Anne sees butterflies and rainbows but conveniently forgets about cancer, disease and bugs that drill into your brain or eat your skin. And of course, in order to deny evolution, you have to deny the physiological similarities all animals on earth have, including us; and the DNA trail which conclusively tells us all life on earth is related. We share half our DNA with bananas.

    You have to want to delude yourself to imagine that as a bipedal animal that looks remarkably like ape’s, walking around on earth, that we could be anything but. Naturally we want to think of ourselves as special (which is what Anne is really pleading) but, while we might be (special tool creating apes that learned how the universe works), it’s not because some god went out of their way to create an entire universe just so we could happen along at some point in the 4.5 billion year history of the earth.

    The most important thing about Anne’s post is that she is doing what all the members and Serge himself does. Change the terms. The “true meaning” of evolution has not been lost, except on members and creationists who don’t understand it.

    It’s a lot like their version of abuse, love, truth, and integrity once it’s been through the UM ringer.

    Fucked up. And designed to do the same to peoples brains.

    • Zweiholz says:

      DLC, thank you. Is that intelligence cult still a thing. I’d be happy to join.

      • Dark Lodge Chairman (in perpetuity) says:

        Are you female, do inappropriate corn emojis and prepared to work for nothing?

        If yes, then, yes. But I am a lazy cult leader. You will have to indoctrinate yourself.

        • Zweiholz says:

          No thanks. Corn emoji yes, but I demand indoctrination by people, who are as delicate to the nipple area as possible.
          Sorry, but was worth a try.

  24. Sexy Tambourine says:

    The Persian Dance at around 13:30 min is not cultish. We do not want to touch cultish energy AT ALL.

  25. Goonaudibah says:

    What’s on the radar this weekend?

    A friend noticed a bit of movement in them their folk today..

    Might be circling wagons. Might be a group hug.

    May be rehearsing their lines for the next sermon.

    • Esther says:

      Level 3 Esoteric healing – the maestro is giving out their rays this weekend. It’s like the initiation scale but more expensive and with less jealousy and comparison. Eg. If you’re a ray 5 you’re a nasty bullshitter. If you’re a ray 4, you’re a nasty gossip. If you’re a ray 6, you’re probably a criminal, a ray 7 has devolved from ray 6 and is a nasty little vampire who shows up to the Girl to Woman Festival to photograph little girls. If you’re a level 2 revhead ray who dresses like Barry Manilow, you’re dumb, unbelievably dumb, and you’ll believe anything you’re told.

      The event schedule is on this page if you ever want to know and you can download a yearly calendar of events. Events not on the UM calendar are just meetings for some amazing project (scam) or another destined to go down in a blaze of Glorious esoteric flames.

  26. yoda says:

    I thought so.

    Needs to learn road rules.

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