Relaunch: Unpacking Universal Medicine episode 2 – Esoteric healing Esoteric health

Universal Medicine’s Way of the Livingness events give insight into the workings of the Goonellabah based commercial occult religious conglomerate. If you only watch 2 episodes in the series, I recommend this and Episode 1 on Mystifying Sex. They are essential viewing. Watch my blogs and social media for updates to the series.

Episode 2 looks at Universal Medicine’s ‘wellbeing’ beliefs and practices and the uneasy relationship between adherence to the Way of the Livingness and maintaining and improving health. UPDATE: Serge Benhayon and UM contractors The Co-Creative lodged a second round of groundless copyright infringement complaints to YouTube and had 3 episodes taken down. After I issued a counter notification they deliberately stalled to keep them down. The full playlist of videos has been restored, with more to come.

Unimed Living - evil foods

The Co-Creative are Jonathan Baldwin, Rebecca (Bec) and Simon Asquith, and Clayton Lloyd. They’re the audio-visual contractors responsible for recording and webcasting UM’s ‘amazing’ events.

Episode 2 – Esoteric healing Esoteric health

UM is marketed – heavily – as a health service, but not much of what the business preaches or practices has anything to do with maintaining or improving health. In fact, UM announces that followers are getting sick and can expect to get sick as they become more devout.

We’re all aware of UM’s bizarre Esoteric diet, sleep regime and other nonsense. UM followers buy teachings that eating ‘pranic’ foods block the light of the soul, damages their karma and effects the whole universe – making ‘Mother Earth’ cleanse itself with all sorts of catastrophes etc. etc.

UM has managed to invert Einstein’s theory of relativity (which is relevant to nuclear reactions and bugger all else) into a religious dogma of cause and effect. UMers believe that everything they do, from the way they breathe, to the way they clench their sphincters when they walk has an effect on the universe and everything in it. You’ll never see UM use the words ‘negligible’ or ‘insignificant’ when talking about human thoughts and behaviours, particularly of its leader. The concepts are grandiose. From a group that struggles with their own mortality and ultimate insignificance.

Amazing dietary feats

The film shows an excerpt from a Unimed Living article attributed to another of UM’s no qualifications experts. From ‘On the topic of food and diet’:

It is remarkable that Serge, with such a high quality of output, and a consistently longer working day than most, is able to sustain and nourish himself and keep his energy levels balanced throughout the day, with virtually no stimulations whatsoever…

This is a man who has an extremely clean and simple diet, he does not drink coffee, or ingest any caffeine – which in itself is huge, given the early and long hours he is putting in. He does not smoke anything, does not eat sugar and he does not drink any alcohol or any other drink other than water with an occasional cucumber and spinach juice. His diet consists mostly of fish, veggies and the occasional lamb dish these days, which is a return to simple nourishing quality foods, high in nutritional qualities and benefits. Unimed Living

The same company brought you the imaginary Four Lords of Form.

The risks of eating like that?

That limited menu is deficient in kilojoules, calcium, iron, zinc, B group vitamins, vitamin C, and fat soluble vitamins A and E. The medium to long term effects you could expect, apart from fatigue, are lowered immunity, blood sugar problems, premature aging, skin, hair, dental and nail problems, osteoporosis, neurological symptoms – poor memory and concentration, numbness of the limbs and other symptoms mimicking multiple sclerosis, irritability, depression, anxiety, tremors and visual disturbance. Also deterioration of vision from the lack of beta carotene and vitamin A. Long term risks include premature degeneration of vital organs.

The regime is catastrophic for children and can irreparably damage their growth and development, including brain development.

Click this link for the video transcript.

A health warning

Loved ones of people involved in UM, particularly those with children caught up in it have been appalled by what they’ve seen in the videos.

It may be upsetting to some of you.

It’s good for others to know they’re not alone in their misgivings so please feel free to comment. I’m pretty busy with legal stuff but you can always contact me if you’re having a hard time. I think it’s time we set something up so that you can speak with others who understand what it’s like to deal with UM in your life.

We have readers who are former UM followers and many readers with loved ones involved, so I’d like commenters to remember that when they comment. The majority of UM community members are decent and well intentioned people. Unfortunately they’re ensnared in a large scale and elaborate deception.

The films prove that UM deserves a lot more criticism than it’s had. One of the most confronting things about this mess is that many of UM’s well intentioned members are participating in the organization’s deceptive, exploitative and otherwise lousy conduct. It’s heartbreaking for all involved. It causes massive problems. Please be sensitive that many readers feel a mixture of emotions about this stuff, including grief. It doesn’t help to rub their noses in it. Criticism of UM is deserved but we don’t want to alienate anyone whose been done over or deter readers from commenting either.

Using and sharing

Feel free to share the videos. They are useful for notifying community organizations, schools or other institutions about UM and its promoters.

I daresay a number of you will be able to use this material in dealing with the Family Court. The episodes include some very persuasive material for keeping kids away from this group. Contact me for assistance.

Tips for commenters

It’s helpful to me and other commenters if you identify time signatures within the videos if you want to comment on any particular statement or segment. You’ll see there’s a lot to comment on.

Comments are moderated for legal reasons. Unfortunately what reasonable people call ‘the bleeding obvious’, UM and its invested lawyers call ‘defamation’. The Australian legal system is such that taking a defence of truth to trial takes years, enormous costs, and otherwise the moving of mountains.

Team UM is now also jumping up and down about comments they say could ‘prejudice’ a jury, and threatening to charge commenters who make remarks about the plaintiff’s published comments with contempt of court. Never mind that UM have been publishing genuinely prejudicial and false allegations about the defendant that they can’t prove…

If some of your descriptions get modified, you know why.

The playlist

151 Comments on “Relaunch: Unpacking Universal Medicine episode 2 – Esoteric healing Esoteric health”

  1. Renegade publisher says:

    Let’s see whether UM go the full Barbara Streisand and try to get the rest taken down one by one.

    Amazingly, apart from the YouTube take down requests, they also tried threats to WordPress, (again. Because that worked SO well for UM in 2013). I’ll give full details soon. This time it didn’t have Serge or Universal Law’s name on it. Looks like our Alan Johnston (et al?) – who aren’t the copyright holders of my films or any of the footage within – forked out a couple of grand for a screamingly silly legal threat from another law firm.

    WordPress said no.

  2. PR Liar says:

    Woah, thank you for putting this all together. Showing the real picture of UM is very much needed.

    • PR Liar says:

      Haha, I thought, give it a unrealistic try with the “p” word. The rant about pranic kids around the 6 minute mark is staggering. That´s the world view the followers adopted. Sounds deeply annoyed, he´s not seen as the super loving Ascended Master by his critics. Nobody understands me, I´m bringing love and you choose to stay in your hurt. Well, he´s the one acting like a deeply hurt teenager not getting his way judging by his tone of voice esp..

      [Yes, nice try. Justified, but if you need an explanation of why things get cut plz get in touch. Esther]

  3. Olga Andigor says:

    To be fair, I have to give a bit of context to Prof. Foley´s remark at around 10:30 min.: “….you´re not swimming in that pool of urine by yourself.”

    Serge´s imagination is, that everything is energy, as Einstein said, but if Einstein would´ve had the love Serge is having, he´d added, and therefore, everything is because of energy. He´s painting the picture of us swimming in a pool of water/energy. If one urinates/expresses pranic into that pool, it affects everybody, as humanity, the whole universe is in that pool.

    Try living with that capital R – responsibility. The pressure is unbearable. I controlled every single action, including thoughts, every single second 24/7. The ulltimate puppet, I prefer the word slave.

    • Prof at the trough says:

      Urine is actually sterile

    • Esoteric Snakes and Ladders says:

      Does it ever truly leave you Olga? Is there a moment when it flies away and you are completely free?

      • Olga says:

        Sorry, no WordPress password on mobile again. Should really fix that. 😏
        It’s there daily, especially the seriousness and being so busy working things out mentally, I’m not noticing the real problem is trivial like being hungry i. e.
        Found people on- and offline though really helping me out knowing what to live for and that it’s really important to enjoy things.
        UM will always be an integral part of my psyche though.

        • Esoteric Snakes and Ladders says:

          ;( I wish for you that wasn’t the case… I am sure UM knows that for every practising member there must be hundreds of people just like yourself. And its pretty obvious they don’t care… and members claim UM has helped thousands of people too.

    • Anonymous says:

      Also, Einstein did not actually say that

      • Olga says:

        I know, forgot to mention that. I can´t get my head around E=mc² though. Most, if anyone at all, UM followers and he himself don´t get it either, which UM uses to make things up in their favour. As always, by using a world famous name for brilliancy.

      • SCIENCE Of Plagiarism says:

        It’d be great, if you or someone else could explain, how far off UM is with that imaginary quote.

        • Rah Rah says:

          It seems to be an endless topic. UM obviously doesn’t know anything about it at all.

        • Dark Lodge President (allegedly) says:

          Einstein never said any such thing, and a few years ago the group – thanks to Christoph false statistics Shnell- even posted a disclaimer saying it was a misquote, however, the members continue to use it. probably found it on some pseudoscience website and has been using it ever since. Like a lot of new age bunkum, it’s an attempt to fuse real science and complex knowledge with mysticism.

          Rife in this area as it turns out…. The other day I heard some DJ’s on Bay FM talking about quantum entanglement, which is a real phenomenon, which they went on to fuse with karma. They jumped from observable, proven science to wishful magical thinking without missing a beat. They all oohed and ahhed like it made sense. It didn’t. And this is why people easily get tricked when someone uses some fancy science words and then adds some fairy dust.

          I think what Serge is trying to impress with this misquote is that the world is made up of energy and that Einstein proved that. But that’s not what his observation was about. He was talking about the resting state of mass and the energy of the same mass moving relative to space and time. His observation was the resting body has relatively no energy but almost infinite energy at the speed of light. That’s why particles can’t exceed that speed, as the energy needed to reach that limit (closest to the maximum speed of 300K per sec) is infinite.

          Off the back of that Einstein had some profound insights.

          One was that the speed of light is relative to the observer. For example, if you are moving in a spaceship at half the speed of light and you shoot a beam ahead of you, it still moves away at the speed of light, not half the speed of light as you might expect. This had to do with time being relative to the observer (the faster you move, the slower relative time is). In other words, time is traded for velocity. This happens on microscale even when we move around on earth, but we don’t notice it as the time dilation is minuscule. But satellites sending GPS’ coordinates are affected enough by their velocity/time trade that each year they lose several seconds relative to fixed earth time.

          Earth is moving through space at hundreds of thousands of km’s per hour. The sun is spinning around the galactic centre at millions of km’s per hour. Our galaxy is moving through space, relative to other galaxies at millions of miles per hour. So contrary to the rather dimwitted ‘sermons’ about how the earth rotates through space and returns to the same spot each year, we’re shooting through space at super high speeds and never returning to the same spot, which requires massive energy and creates time dilations. In other words. how we experience time on earth is not what a being on another planet across the galaxy, or in another galaxy might. If they had a big enough telescope (not possible, but imaginary) they might be able to see our distant path or distant future.

          And this is all observed proven science. The real meaning of E=MC2 has nothing to do with the energetic state of matter. If Serge wants to misquote someone there, he needs to go to someone like Neils Bohrs who pioneered the next revolution in the understanding of the fabric of the universe. Borhs was a contemporary of Einstein and had insights into the structure of atoms and particles and the dual state of energy as both a wave and a particle, which has led to modern insights into quantum uncertainties (entanglements mentioned above), string theory (energy wrapped into lots of other dimensions that manifest as subatomic particles) and so forth.

          That’s more like what is getting at. But he’s probably never heard of Bohrs or the scores of other luminaries who have actually picked apart through careful observation and scientific method how the cosmos really works; that has turned those observations into modern technology that even benefits dimwits searching the web for their next ‘sermon’.

          I suspect it is because Serge doesn’t know, and if he did, what’s the point of misquoting someone if you have to give their bio and some context? It’s better to tap the good old Einstein meme which represents unassailable intelligence and infallible insights.

          Just chuck his name in, say some mumbo-jumbo and presto, how can you be wrong?

          Just about everything UM says about anything is wrong. The misuse of science has particularly pissed me off from day dot, not because they’re alone in doing that, but because they use it as a tool to persuade good people to believe stupid things. I guess you have to ask if the new world teacher can’t get some basics right, what’s the chance of him knowing anything at all?

          I guess even a broken clock is right twice a day, so maybe sometimes he says something right. I haven’t seen it yet though. There’s mangled science, conspiracy, false statistics and false dilemmas, and while some facts have been cherry-picked to make it sound legitimate, without failure the premise and the argument are generally bullshit from the top to the very messy bottom.

          Everything is energy and therefore everything is because of energy makes about as much sense as anything he has to say. None.

        • Stay Blind To The Bleeding Obvious But Leave Me Out Of It says:

          Just watch the latest TV interview from 12:15 Min. on and you´ll know, we don´t have to talk about science when it comes to UM. Even the basic attitude of science described here is moulded into the way they need it to be perceived so they can maintain their world-view:

          R. A. about…scientism… “This is how it is, if you´re not agreeing, that´s heresy and you´re put to death….. schience today says, we have the answers, if it´s not evidence-based, it doesn´t have a place in modern thought…there´s a real closeness, a real doggedness….”

          If you really think, that that is what science is about and how scientists think, you have no idea what you are talking about at all. I´m questioning my approach so far, will focus on illegality things, like, you know, VAT and stuff like, hum, UM and money maybe. When it comes to world-view and belief, I´m out now.

        • Olga Andigor says:

          I´ve had a quick look into the interview video clip.
          The Management does neither look like being fed from a divine energy source of love nor joy-full. UM rather looks like sleeping 4 hours, working 12 hours a day and being under attack by the most love-less humans on earth, specifically one disgustingly nasty one.
          Won´t comment on what´s being said, but the desperate attempt of installing ´co-existence´ nearly caused me choking on my non-pea-soup. Co-existing with UM harming people and making million$ with it is no option.

        • E=McSerge says:

          Well first I’d like to say I am no expert so anybody with a proper background in physics please correct me if I’m wrong, but here goes nothing.

          Mass-energy equivalence states that anything that has mass has an equivalent amount of energy and vice versa, so essentially mass and energy are two side of the same coin. Thus in theory you could say that all things having mass are energy, but not in the way Sergio defines energy. Energy in physics is defined as the property that must be transferred to an object in order to perform work on, or to heat, the object. This can exist in many forms (e.g. thermal, kinetic, electrical etc. etc.) but not as ’emotional energy’ or ‘energy of being in comfort’. Also most of the actual energy is intrinsic/internal energy contained inside of the object that has mass (e.g. an atom) and never actually gets out.

          So in essence you could say that the statement ‘everything is energy’ has a basis in physics but is debatable in general (for example we don’t know what gravity is exactly but it is not energy and usually described as a force) and Sergio’s interpretation is just a plain untruth since he essentially thinks that energy can have an emotion or a feeling to it.

          I hope that explains it somewhat, if you still have any question let me know!

          Also while googling the supposed Einstein quote I found that UM no longer uses it on its Unimed living website but has replaced it with “The fact that ‘everything is energy’ can be found in Albert Einstein’s formula E = MC2.” and the original quote but credited to the the one and only Divine leader Sergio ““Everything is Energy” ~ Serge Benhayon (circa, early 1999)”

          P.S. The pretentiousness of adding the date almost made me throw up a little bit.
          P.P.S. The Unimed living article mentioned can be found here (I wouldn’t recommend it but for anyone who’s curious..)

        • Olga Andigor says:

          Thank you all for maiking me feel dumb about the Einstein topic. I love that, was seriously doubting your education system after watching the Bec-Management interview. Embarrassing to the max trying to sound intellectual and failing at it without even noticing.

          “If you’re the most intelligent person in the room . . . you’re in the wrong room.” – James D Watson.

        • Dear Mr D L President says:

          Very impressive, knowledgeable research written so well and so truthful and probably way above alot of muddled UM heads…but
          In fact
          Id like to join your cult if you start one
          What do you eat, drive and what time do you go to bed? How do you walk, what music do you listen to and how do you style your hair?
          I just bet you can answer any question in the universe
          Is it too much to send you roses on valentines day?

        • Plop says:

          Ive said it before….
          The One gave everyone the biggest hint of what he was all about (circa 1999) when he sat on the toilet, did a shit, and became the wisest man in the world.

        • ⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘ says:

          Forget the roses 😟
          Adam W has bought up the entire north coast supply and is on his way to Tregeagle

        • Dark Lodge President (allegedly) says:

          I go to bed whenever I feel like it, I walk like a cop according to some reports (try it) and I use gel in my hair, You should too. I drive a Range Rover. You should too. It’s less comforting. If you do all that will make you as smart as me. We’re all as smart as each other, I have just done the work to access my smartness. but we are all equal of course.

          Yes, send flowers and lots of cash, anonymously. Please consider adding me to your will. Better still, cross your kids and family off. They won’t know what to do with that money. I will. Remember not to impose any conditions.

          Since you are follower number one, I will elevate you to a position of power later. You can help me exploit my followers. Did I say exploit? I mean help. Of course.

        • Follower number☝️ says:

          Great, I’m allowed to stay up and watch the winter olympics then
          Ummmmm, how does a cop walk, more info please
          Hair gel is out as I am female and my hair is long but I hope that doesnt lose me any points
          You know, Ive always wanted to sing in a band, however as currently there is just the two of us, maybe a duet at our very own festival,do you play a musical instrument?
          I will let my kids know their inheritance is now going to a much more worthy cause. They’ll be fine with that
          Cashflow,sure,gotta get that fleet of new Range Rovers
          Ps If you need me to run for a local govt position to help our cult along Im more than happy to

        • Dark Lodge President (allegedly) says:

          You can keep your hair but you will be required to surrender your dignity.

          I’m going to give you a list of words that have been ‘bastardised’ and have the wrong meaning. They include love, charity, truth, ethics, bullying and abuse, to name a few. I want you to learn the true meaning that I will reveal to you.

          Also, you have to give up thinking for yourself. In fact, you can’t think. You just think you can. Ponder that.

          You’re otherwise totally free to do what you want. I won’t impose any new belief systems on you. Provided you do as I say. It’s ok to disagree with me provided you know you are wrong and obviously resistant to the truth.

          You can come and go as you like. But if you’re committed I expect you to do voluntary work for me. Like starting some community organisations? Or writing articles about me? Or maybe you can write a bunch of letters to some politicians explaining how smart I am? if there is a critic- and there will be because people hate the truth- maybe you can write some articles about how horrible they are as people.

          I will leave it to you. It’s your choice. I should tell you though- by doing that you will earn points and become what I call an “initiate”. At a certain level, you will have insights like me. Maybe. Well, probably not.

          As for the question of the Olympics… I won’t tell you what to do. But consider this. Do you want the energy of sport entering your prefrontal cortex and upsetting your ability to be as smart as me? Smart people generally aren’t into sports. I am not telling you what to do. It’s a fact.

          Please organise your will ASAP. The sooner you do that the greater your integrity and the more points you will earn on the initiation scale.

          Do you have any friends? Would you mind telling them how great I am? This will help spread the word and save people from their own stupidity. Don’t force them into coming of course. It’s all free choice. But if you do bring some friends, or maybe family, there are of course more initiation points available. It will help you on the path, otherwise, you will be destined to be stupid forever. And possibly other lives. ( I just said that because it sounds better, but it MAY be true. Try to disprove it? Not smart enough? See what I mean)

          By the way, I am not calling you stupid. We are all equal. I have just done the work to be smart. For myself and, as it turns out, the whole world. That’s just a fact. Some people don’t like facts. I can’t help it if facts make some people say “that Dark Lodge guy, he just thinks he knows everything…he’s running a cult!”. They will just be saying that because they are jealous of me and my success (because I will be making a squillion from running repetitive but endless courses, not to forget the bequests and anon donations) and of course because they are stupid.

          Not that I am calling people stupid…We’re all equal.

        • Piroschka says:

          Intelligent and arrogant… Make me follower No 2.💓

        • Olga says:

          No no no! You’re staying here with your whiny little bitch telling you about feelings all the time. Plus, who’s going to rush me to ER for imaginary reasons then? This detractor’s under Köln Kalk Verbot from now on!!

        • Follower number☝️ says:

          Im relieved to keep my hair, as I heard there was a cult where the men with animalistic sexual tendencies were facing the mini crown of thorns chop because their guru didnt like uncircumcised penis’s. Tough gig there.
          Im excited to earn my points and become an initiate, get in line Piroschka No✌
          No olympic luge, ski or skate competition will soil my ventromedial prefrontal cortex causing a diminished capacity to process feelings of empathy, shame, compassion,guilt and logical reasoning leaving me totally free to do as you say.
          Last thing I want to be is stupid
          Thank goodness I can hand my life, time and $’s over to someone who I feel really knows me who I dont really know at all, nor do I care what you have done in the past, as you are the one and only dark lodge guy, saviour of me, the world and beyond

        • Piroschka says:

          Esther and Olga’ve forbidden it.. but I won’t be able to withstand this magical magnetic pull of his… brain. 😍

        • Fol says:

          I wanna be in this new cult

        • Esother says:

          you too??!

          Gawd, looks like I’ll have to rent the Dark Lodger his own recruitment page where he doesn’t tell anyone what to do but tells his followers how much he loves and he cares by bringing through (his arse) which things in the universe are cold, damp and loveless and which things are fiery, AMAZING and will turn them into a GOD sometime in a few thousand more lifetimes. But first I need to renovate the page with soundproofing, a new car park, solar panels and a wider road, and I’ve worked tirelessly and at my own expense consulting my accountants and drawing up the plans and we estimate the cost will be $2m. Donate anonymously and don’t tell anyone how much you’ve donated in case the lower initiates go into jealousy and comparison, get into a huff and cause dis-harmony in the student body. With atmic love and truth, Esother

        • Dark Lodge President (allegedly) says:

          It is not true that 100% of my students are women. That is a scurrilous lie started by detractors. I don’t control anyone or have followers. I can have all of my students tell you exactly that.

          Ladies, I don’t know if I mentioned it, but I know everything in the Universe. I might not know the formulas, or even how to say it, or understand what it is about, but in my mind I know I know everything. You can access that too once you’ve done all of my courses – several times at least- and I have rated you on the initiation scale.

          Number One- at the moment you are only a level one. One is the most stupid. I am just being honest. People don’t like honesty. It’s just a fact. It’s clear you are motivated by comparison and jealousy. Right now you can only wash the Range Rover. Once you’ve shown your commitment to the work and integrity you may be able to sit in the driver’s seat. I tell you this for your own good.

          Piroschka – You are a number four. It has nothing do with the corn emoji. Your Nutella addiction is at least honest. You will at least say “enough”‘ I never yell at people with addictions. But when I sense people are in comfort (like number one) I ask the lineage of mathematical masters what I can do to intervene. Those people never have enough comfort. It’s ridiculous and an utter illusion. However, please consider Olga. She is clearly jealous and controlled by the Lords of Low IQ and is trying to angle her way into controlling you. She also claims you are eating her corn. Bizarre.

          Number 3- You’re almost a two. Send me your bank statements and I will be able to sense your real initiate level.

          Pranic Attack- Welcome to the fold. Don’t let people tell you this is a cult. That’s a term people use to create moral panic. I don’t know how to run a cult. That’s ridiculous. People can come and go as they like. There are no walls. I just run a business. I explain things, like men just like to have sex. And womens cervixes are sacred and that they never really liked it.. for 20 years they just say “well, ok” but I never really liked it…

          Have you considered that I could be saving you from the stupidness cult? You will hear people saying that I am a cult leader… That is because they are jealous and don’t like the truth of what I am saying.

          Esther- clearly a detractor. I invite my students to post their thoughts about Esther. Only if you feel to. It has to be your own initiative. I will register the website with my name and own the copyright, but it has nothing to do with me. Please remember to only tell the truth. Use facts. Remember, people should not like the facts you have to say about them.

          Lastly, I never advertise. I am known as the genius’s genius. People just gravitate towards me because I am telling the truth. I did not ask for this to happen. When I realised I was so smart at first as I said: “no, this is ridiculous…who do I think I am”. Then the Lineage said…”just take the formulas’ and see if they work.. if they don’t, we’ll leave you alone” Then I thought WOW, if only the world knew about these formulas… I was shitting at the time. It was one of those craps that feel really good… I thought “what if the world knew about this and they could all feel the same way…”

          Remember, every great and deep difficulty bears in itself its own solution. It forces us to change our thinking in order to find it. Which is not possible as you are too stupid to think.

          Unless you do my work. Ponder that.

          With Super IQ 200+
          DL and the Lineage.

        • PR Liar says:

          😆 LMAO. Although I can only feel pranic happiness and not fiery joy.
          Also, I’m moving softly, not gently. I know it’s coming from suppressed anger and inability to express from the heart.Oh no, sorry, inner-heart, please don’t punish me with sending mathematical entities to my house, who’ll enter me through one of my 45000 chakras I’m not aware of yet (unworthy).

        • Follower number☝️ says:

          I know its a scurrilous lie hatched by unenlightened detractors and reported by the fake news media, but its true, the 4 of us (and catwoman) are all female.
          I myself am single by choice despite putting my sacred but sexy cervix out there on the dating sites with video of my victory dance moves and rapping skills. Lord knows I should have my own TV show.
          My replies are from entity ridden animalistic males who just want to have sex. Is there no-one out there who wants to make unemotional love with 6 strategically set up mirrors?
          Dark Lord we desperately need male students who you can matchmake for marriage but of course not have any control over at all and are free to come and go anywhere in Goonellabah.

        • Dark Lodge President (allegedly) says:

          Number One- Of course you are single by choice. And men, well, they just want to relieve themselves. All of your life you’ve thought you’ve been making love, when in fact, you were being intellectually raped. That might sound harsh, but it is a fact. People don’t like facts. That’s the reason some people who don’t want to look at themselves and see the truth and lie and say I am a cult leader, and that I split up families and marriages. Which is, of course, an utter fabrication. One day the mainstream will catch up with what I am saying and this will be taught in schools. Forget dating apps Number One. That’s online pornography, I suggest you come to my new workshop “making love the eunuch way”. I will give you some private tutorials and readings after.

          Astral Tiger- Welcome Number Five to your escape from the stupidness cult. All of your life you have been living in the illusion that you are smart. When in fact, you are very (very) stupid. Again, this is just a fact. I am only telling you the truth, which can feel painful. Pain is good because it wakes you up from the miasma fog you are living in. When you are not stupid and in your truth like me, you know that it is not good to hold back on telling the truth to people. That just keeps them in further illusion. I don’t want you to be in illusion. When you are on the path, many people will hate you and resist what you are saying. Old friendships and relationships will drop away, because those people will know you are in your truth, and the power of that truth will make them resist. They will act hurt, depressed, and say what you are telling them is unfair. That is because as a beam of light in this dimension you are exposing their hurts and the illusion that they choose to live in. They are not ready to move out of the rot of their illusion. Which is fine. You don’t need to judge them. There is no judgement. Ever. Just stay in the truth of how amazing you are, and how stupid they are.

          Dear Students of the High IQ, please feel free to tell other people about our movement. It’s best if you start by inviting them to some free introductory courses I will be running. In these courses we will ask the question… “are you more stupid than you have been taught?” “Is there a different way?” We will discuss important things like “Earths next inevitable extinction event, and how to be one of the few saved”. I am looking for volunteers to stack chairs and hand out flyers. Of course, initiation points will be gained from the correct application of service. Don’t do so out of jealousy or comparison. Do so only because you feel to.

          With humbleness
          But with an IQ of 206
          Dark Lodge Perpetual Chairman*

          * The Lineage promoted me during your overnight ( I was in fact in another mathematical dimension for what you would call a millennium bathed in celestial light and hanging out with beings from other planets with no legs and arms that communicate by smell. Quite cool) as it has been revealed I am the next avatar in this dimension called the ‘new-eon’ which started in 2018. It has also been revealed that I have the perfect mathematical equations for this avatar and there have been signs since my birth as a humble offspring of stupid humans in a quaint corner of Sydney decades ago. In my book, “The way I say it is” I also write how Pythagoras predicted this avatar which was revealed to me when I couldn’t find any evidence to support that, which proves that it must be the case as evidence is actually the Lord of Low IQ’s way of tricking stupid people into believing what is before their eyes.

      • Dark Lodge President (allegedly) says:

        I am not sure I like the energy in which you wrote those comments, ladies. I can sense that you hit the keys hard, without taking the time to really feel into each keystroke. Where you sitting upright in your chairs? Did you take some deep breaths and focus on the true meaning of each word?

        I only say this because I care about you not being stupid. I don’t have to do this. I could just get on with my former life and roll in baskets of cash and enjoy the glory of my celebrated career as a ping pong coach. Where incidentally I trained several famous Olympians, not that I am bragging. Especially as I now realise sport is for dumb people.

        Piroschka, I feel Olga is holding you back from everything you could be. I would never comment or interfere with anyone’s relationships, but if you want to truly gain initiation you have to ask yourself is Olga keeping you from being everything you can be? Sometimes we need to let go of those that hold us back and by doing so we allow them to grow too. If you are really committed to growth you will make the right choice for yourself and others.

        Follower number One. Ditto. And I also sense that you might be reading books or perhaps looking at Wikipedia. They are not good sources of information. I am in the process of writing a few books. I am calling the first one “the way I say it is”. You can be the editor. I won’t be paying you, but you will get initiation points. I will give you that task if you are in the right energy and show me a copy of that updated will.

        With High IQ, Dark Lodge President (the forever course giver)

        • Follower number☝️ says:

          Ummmmmmm Dark Lodge President (circa 2018) about the volunteer editor job……
          I was hoping for a paid wage position as well as initiation points climbing in our cult as reward for being the first member.
          I am very versatile so I can interview you whilst looking completely obsessed with your magnificence and we can sell them online. I can sing whilst dressed in a body tube on stage and generally be your ‘Bec and call girl’. I can even drive you around in the Range Rover leaving you hands free to wave royally to potential new recruits and write your books.
          I am an expert in adolescent sex ( life experience – no quals) so I can pop up with my microphone to any related event and join in to represent our cult.
          Piroschka, I feel in my innermost, should volunteer as your second best friend and not be on the payrole. She is suffering jealousy in comparison of me and Im pretty sure I saw an empty freddo frog wrapper on the floor in her car and immediately felt violated by entities.
          We need to watch her closely I feel, not think
          And Im also pretty sure she could be stupid!

        • Dark Lodge President (allegedly) says:

          Number one, I am sensing resistance. You’re totally free to come and go and do as you like, but if you want to have integrity, in truth, you should do as I say. I am not telling you what to do. I never do that.

          That’s because I know all of my (3) followers are intelligent people with jobs like astronauts, brain surgeons and even cleaners and can’t be told what to do. You should ponder, however, the fact that you are not able to think the way you think you can think, because education is really a puppet of the stupid and has imposed false ideas and beliefs upon you.

          Thus to be truth-full, you should realise that your thinking has led you to where you are and that in order to grow and earn initiation you need to align yourself with integrity and learn the true and not bastardised meanings that have been hidden by governments and elite learning institutions that pretend to be good, when in fact, good is convincing you that feeling good, being healthy, comfortable and nice to people is the right way to be. Bizarre really. Ponder that before reacting to my revelations. Next time, feel the truth of what I am saying.

          Yes, you can drive me around to events and be my bec and call girl. Though I am not sure what the last part means. If there is cash in it, I am ok with it provided you hand it to me with integrity. Your life experience is interesting. You can tell me about in a private session. I may need to feel your ovaries while you explain it to me.

          I will also explain how as a member of a long lineage of wisdom which includes Thales, Copernicus, Galileo, Newton and Einstein the difference between making love and sex. This has nothing to do with not being stupid, but I like talking about it. I will find any opportunity to talk about it. In fact, my first book “the way I say it is” I spend a lot of time talking about making love. As a member of the lineage, I have transcended animalistic sex and I know have brain explosions where all my neurons light up internally and I transcend into other mathematical dimensions. It’s spectacular. When you are not stupid, and have done the work, you will also experience the same brain orgasms as me.

          With Smartness,
          The Forever President
          (until there is an investigation, then it’s you)

        • Piroschka says:

          I’m very eager to receive those cervix/uterus /ovarian massages too. Sorry, can’t remember which THE ONE you mentioned. I’m as stupid as No 1 thinks I am, but you know what they say about stupid people and making love don’t you? Famous saying in Germany for that, think twice Mr Divinely Orgasm One.
          Olga’s indeed holding me back, constantly abusing me by being good. I could write some defaming stories about it online…? For free of course, as long as at least 200 comments are under my articles telling me I did the right thing and that abuse is abuse bo matter what.
          But be careful, Olga’s got the tendency to be relentless when finding out being duped. Was a defender in soccer strikers were scared of (therefore stupid, too stupid for us) and’ll use that evil energy trying to tackle you down online. Could volunteer writing about that energy of terror on all blogs you’ll set up for us defaming every stupid critc, sorry, abuser in good energy?
          I.. I… No 1 is right about my eating habits .. I’m.. I’m even still eating NUTELLA. 😭

        • Follower number☝️ says:

          Please dont yell at me for being in resistance, its not easy being sexy and in non racy stillness at the same time. Add to this the fakt Im sure I was smelt up by a detractor spirit and Im pretty sure Esther was in town too!
          Dark Lodge Lord of the Ring Sting you now have 3 people to testify to the deeply profound benefits and life changing impact that has come from our experience with you. I have written to the Australian Govt suggesting a week long public holiday to celebrate you and your
          humble geniousness as one day alone is not enough and reserved for lesser mortals such as Queen B at Buckinghuge palace.
          It could be called Dark Lodge President Week
          You read me perfectly, I am a brainsurgeon working on inventing cerebral implant healing symbols inserted during surgery to protect dumb mortals from entity infiltration.
          I am very interested in asking you, Dark Lord, about your autonomous sensory meridian response or Braingasm unique to you alone. There is a book right there on the scientifically felt possibility this phenomenon could provide.
          The pseudoscience of neuroscience
          Ps Im pretty sure Piroschka has a wine cask hidden in the boot of her car

        • the 1 says:

          “I scream at you for being in comfort, because that is much more damaging.”

        • Dark Lodge President (allegedly) says:

          Piroschka, I don’t know what that saying in Germany means, but if it is what I suspect, I am happy to give you a complimentary ovarian massage. Hopefully you are very stupid and I can release that and cause lots of fieriness in you. You are telling me that Olga can be stubborn? And you are just trying to be love? I think you need to ask yourself, is Olga holding you back and are you letting subtle abuse into your life making you even more stupid….? The Nutella isn’t helping. Fact. It is worse than a crack addiction. That is not my opinion but an intellectual fact that one day the rest of science will catch up on.

          Follower number one, my braingasm is a result of lifetimes of work to get smart and out of the dank urine soaked corpse of the so-called human condition. I can move into other mathematical dimensions at will. So could you if you did the work I have done- no judgement- you are just repeating the same cycle over and over endlessly like the stupid mortal you are. There’s no escape returning to the truth which I am currently the incarnation in this mathematical dimension for. I suggest you do level 1,2,3, 4, 5, 6,7 ,8,9 and 10 courses seven to eight times in the next 2 years in order to clear the stupidity out of your body and learn how sacred your cervix is and how abusive mens penises are in order to initiate and experience braingasms the way I do as as a divine eunuch.

        • Piroschka says:

          VERY much looking forward to it. 🌽
          Olga won’t stop me from living my love of brains.
          Just FYI, I’ve heard classical music coming out of 1’s room and worst of all she uses a Mac. I’m just worried about her initiation points and she’ll be kept in that for many many lifetimes to come.

        • Olga says:

          Can’t watch that anymore.
          Piroschka, prepare to be treated good, cause that’s what you deserve after all you’ve written here trying to get into a small man’s pants.
          You’ll be treated good with emotional love and empathy. May God have mercy on my soul.

        • Follower number☝️ says:

          Is that an erect corn cob emoji, Piroschka?
          Rather forward and slutty of you. Are you from Maroubra? Our Dark Lord should not have to bend over and surrender to that. The rejection will be far worse than rape for you.
          Dont you know corn is pranic, erect or not!
          I’ve just been to the gym when I realised manly energy was seeping over me and threatening my femaleness but a quick check down my gym pants and top reassured me and I shouted “I have a vagina and I have breasts so Im in a womans body” this lifetime anyway, which caused some uncomfortable stares my way from the unenlightened ones,but whatever.
          Then I check my phone and find you have been stalking my room, tippytoeing oh so featherlightly listening and reporting on my music. Well you Nutolda on yourself so that just shows how stupid you are. Give that woman a trophy!
          Yes Dark Lord I am ready to walk the walk and do the work. I have booked into every course, even the overseas ones at South Ballina and I shall send you my house deeds as payment.
          I want to rid myself of the stupidness that I possess and be the best person that you demand I be. Soon the world will be saying “Dark Lord, President of the Dark Lodge, tell us what you know so we can save this planet and all the dumb mortals on it”

        • Piroschka says:

          Well, yes it is. I love pranically popping corn you know? Marouba’s for amateurs.
          So, if you’re doing all the work excessively so, I can sit here in my loveless comfort, lean back, enjoy life and confess my sins 5 minutes before passing over. Will reincarnate then into a fiery body just like Elvis did. He lived prana in excess and kaboom… daughter of the highest initiate that has EVER walked the earth in the next life. Ta.

        • Follower number☝️ says:

          Im glad you clarified your crack corn addiction, Piroschka, and I do wish you luck with your last minute reincarnation. Im thinking less a deceased rock star like Elvis and maybe a silkworm or something insignificant.
          I doubt the Dark Lord will be happy with your lack of committment to the work and raking in minimal dollars though

        • pranicattack says:

          This thread is so good it deserves a thread of its own!
          Maybe Dark Lodge almighty President person could organise it?
          Lighthearted place to let off steam and parody the one. Shows him of in all his ridiculousness (is that a word?) certainly made me laugh.
          I think I would like to join your new cult too … I would like a Range Rover please …

        • Follower number☝️ says:

          Hi Pranicattack
          You may join our cult as number 4 but you might want to change your name …duh
          Also, Ive heard you play ping pong which will have to cease immediately, we dont abide by competition here, put down the paddle and back slowly away.
          I dont know why you are bothering to play at all, you will never beat those yellow skinned people they are just too good at it.
          Just between you and me, Piroschka, number 2, is not to be trusted. Watch your back. And she has a crack corn and Nutella addiction!

        • Follower number☝️ says:

          You will start by washing the Range Rover only
          As I am number 1 my initiate level allows me to drive our Dark Lord around
          Piroschka cannot be trusted to stay out of the Maccas drive thru so she is out

        • Olga Andigor says:

          Dear FNO, I´m writing on behalf of Piroschka as she´s enjoying my corn at the moment.

          Do you really think you can be the one bossing around just because you sang Happy Birthday Mr. President on his inauguration with that peach-colored jeans? FYI, it gave me a Caribbean feeling and not one of intimitadation as always. Makes you lose authority points, not claiming your Ray 1. The Dark Lodge will be not amused.

          So, we´re enjoying our lives here on La Digue in paradise without service and purpose. Not even trying to make people feel their stupdism so they can change and claim it baby. We´re more than out.

        • Astral Tiger says:

          I like your style DLP. How would you like a big puss like me on the team?

        • Astral Tiger says:

          Grrrr. Damn, I love it when you talk dirty DLP. I am inspired, fiery, with feelings of love for livingness. I am in my own energy and my IQ has dropped to zero. Purfect. I’m off to bite some esoteric bottoms.

  4. Roll up fools says:

    Took down the ailments UM promises to the flock. On their journey, the followers of the diet and teachings will or must experience:
    “endocrine conditions
    “hormonal imbalances
    “nobody has normal periods
    “more exhausted
    “mercury levels through the roof
    “more toxic than ever before
    “got autoimmune markers

    I don’t see much empathy or concern for the suffering UM imposes.

    Is an acupuncturist qualified to teach this? UM should be reported to the HCCC as they publishes their confidence that those who follow UM’s directions will suffer from these afflictions? Sick.

    • Esther says:

      A bit of background to your comment. At the most recent court hearing, the judge asked what qualifications Serge has. Serge’s Senior Counsel was told by Alison Greig to tell Her Honour that Serge has an acupuncture qualification. Equivalent to mine no less. After the hearing we wrote to the other side and asked for proof. The claim was then retracted in writing to the judge. The excuse: Alison Greig (whose known Serge for years) misread a document.

      So he’s not an acupuncturist. And if he was, no, an acupuncturist isn’t qualified to provide health information of that type either.

      • MacReady says:

        That’s interesting. If he doesn’t have the acupuncture qualification, is he able to perform so-called ‘chakra puncture’ commercially? At approx 3:35 in this clip of the Today Tonight coverage from a few years ago, he can be seen administering acupuncture needles to reporter Neil Doorley:

      • Jealousy in comparison says:

        He is obviously jealous of your accupuncture qualification and correct me if Im wrong, degree in Theology, giving you every right to investigate this group, give a professional opinion, question their actions and fight this court case

      • Dark Lodge Grand Poobah. says:

        Imagine if Alison was actually made to fact check all the shit she makes up 🙂

    • Andigor says:

      Olga can tell a story about the impact those claims have had on her… again.
      You’re constantly confronted with very serious illnesses and which emotion is the root cause for each one is delivered to you more than once.
      Olga spent a week in hospital with stomach pain, thinking about how her lack of self-acceptance will finally give her cancer in that area and prepared to die sooner than later. A cleansing so to speak. Result? It was an allergic response to UM’s mineral salts.
      Before, we had been rushing to ER as she thought a heart attack would be near for absolutely not living love. Result? Psychological reasons, got sent to a psychiatrist to check her mental status.
      It’s absolutely irresponsible throwing around names of severe disease in that position.

    • Serious ailments says:

      “Dont contact me surprised you have all these ailments”
      Which members are obviously doing because they feel unwell when mentally they are conditioned to feel amazing causing another backflip ironic bullshit explanation.
      Keep questioning UMers and listen to how your body really feels

    • Esoteric Snakes and Ladders says:

      ….and later Maxine and the master say the exact opposite and extol how healthy everyone is…

      I bet if you asked Maxine’s colleagues what they really thought, they’d give a starkly different response to what she would like to imagine.

      It is clearly not possible that her colleagues could have an accurate opinion about the health of her fellow religious adherents, least of all give glowing reviews and be amazed at how ‘miraculous’ it is, so again this has to be her imagination.

      Note, kids that eat dairy and gluten are fat and stupid. Serge and Don should compare notes.

    • Dying to be healthy says:

      The above serious medical conditions listed above by “Roll up fools” are declared as expected and ok to be experienced yet “what can anyone criticize about our way of life”
      “Go to bed too early”
      “You look well”
      “You look vibrant”
      “Your health is up”
      “Your skin looks good”
      “You look 10 years younger”
      “You work more”
      “You do lots of voluntary work”
      “You don’t swear as much”
      “You eat well”
      No wonder the followers are so confused

    • Anonymous says:

      UM management also report that outside followers have concerns that the UM student body are or have,
      – getting too thin
      – depleted iron levels
      – issues of lead poisoning
      – mercury readings are off the scale
      – “whatever whatever whatever”

    • DANGER DIET says:

      This is what I found out today committed followers are eating.

      Breakfast- NONE
      Lunch- NONE
      Snack- Cut up Apple, Cashews or berries.
      DINNER- Small amount of protein (lamb or fish)- Vegetables. NO ROOT VEGES. NO RICE. NO CARBS. NO SUGAR.
      Herbal Teas

      Total calories less than 1000 a day. That’s organ failure level.

      SLEEP- Bed by 9, up no later than 4AM. Some much earlier.


      • PFN says:

        All you´ve written about diet is pranic. I can feel it. Please feel into what you´ve written there, it can´t be true as it has not an ounce of love in it. Here´s a fiery article about UM food for you to ponder on and feel the absolute fiery energy it comes with:

        That excerpt alone has the potential to break the vegan or at least vegetarian consciousness:

        “Is it possible that all these vegan cheeses, yoghurts, sliced sandwich ‘meats’, fake bacon and even whole ‘turkey’ roasts made from tofu are of the same energetic quality and used in the same way as their animal variations?

        What if a particular person requires animal products to evolve? To support them in eventually becoming clear enough in their bodies to feel that they no longer need a particular taste or quality of energy, and that substituting for the more ‘ethical’ versions delays their evolution.”

        Check mate, Pranic Food Nazis, check fucking mate!!

        • Silence of the lambs 🐑🐑🐑🐑🍗 says:

          Why isnt lamb baaaaaaaaaaarred from the UM diet

        • Olga Andigor says:

          An inside joke only for German speaking people regarding that comment, evil PFN. If anyone feels the energy of exclusion, it´s your fault.

          The Hoff, you´re invited, as always.

        • Dark Lodge President (allegedly) says:

          It’s all complete piffle. There is no evolution as they mean it, and no energetic quality to food.

          It’s just a mind trap for members to keep their focus excruciatingly on themselves and not on whats going on around them. It serves an extra purpose of keeping them undernourished which leads to foggy thinking (your brain uses a lot of calories. A lot more when you are in the act of thinking) which doesn’t hurt the UM corp when a doubt might start to rise in a member but they can’t find the mental energy to follow it through.

          Moreover, it’s life-endangering piffle from un-qualified nincompoops that could lead to a bunch of health problems from malnourishment and simple lack of calories.

      • MacReady says:

        All that, and The One is able to predict that their health is set to take a severe nosedive. How does he do it?!

      • Counting sips of water says:

        This is exactly why they lose weight initially and feel and look ‘amazing’ but at that time they probably needed to lose a little anyway. Months or years on its emaciation as the body has no fuel to function physically and think straight and begins to break down muscle and rob bone of nutrients desperately trying to function. Chemically the body is in complete disarray, starving and very vulnerable immunologically to disease. Fat is not healthy, thin is not healthy. Anything radical or extreme is never healthy.

        • The Way It Isn't says:

          The really concerning part is they’ve been told that the UM diet is the way of “true evolution” that involves gradually, incrementally eliminating all foods until they eventually “reconnect with God” and only require “the light of the soul” for nourishment.

        • SSP says:

          I’ve heard UM say… Okay, you know what comes after that.
          …that when you eat too much, or the wrong food, or the right food to the wrong time, or with wrong purpose like comfort, the body will be busy wasting energy, that could be used to serve mankind to clear your stupid indulgence you self—serving p. Do you want to be in Prana or fire?
          Might be not the exact choice of words as UM.

  5. Piroschka says:

    There it is, starting at 18:17 min., you´ve got the proof, giving medical advice concerning illness and disease to followers via email.
    Olga and I wrote these kind of emails to the leader regularly and he always responded. Included the “Be love” thing. Okay, now it´s “Be in your power” after being told you´re not commited enough. Whatever, you´re always doing something wrong and have to feel bad about it as a UM student. It´s part of the game.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The UM hierarchy really hold the rest of society in contempt don’t they. But they still manage to continue to mix with the rest of us even though they are so disgusted by us and our practices. It must be so frustrating for them to always have to fake it.

    Oh and I notice cuddly Chris James has been sneaking sugary or fatty midnight snacks or the occasional glass of red behind Serge’s back by the look of his figure. No wonder he’s looks happy in comparison to the other miserables up there on stage. Serge would classify him as obese, but that’s too harsh.

  7. Helga says:

    oh at 11:40 my heart really wept for that poor builder trying to do physical work on low food inputs and feeling further from god, or not good enough.

    • Helga says:

      but he is an adult with free choice, so maybe I should dry my eyes

    • The Way It Isn't says:

      That’s a good, though tragic, example of the students justifying to themselves and each other why they haven’t ‘gotten there’ yet. Serge keeps assuring them he’s no different, but no matter how strictly they adhere to the teachings, it’s their own fault for ‘putting a cap’ on their devotion to ‘self-loving choices’ that will supposedly reconnect them with God. In reality, the rules keep changing. UM supposedly offers simple self-improvement methods that result in increased health, vitality and enjoyment of life, yet in this video they’re being assured that despite ‘doing the work’ as presented, they’re going to experience an increase in ailments and exhaustion, many of which UM was supposedly launched to address and counter with its ‘healing’ modalities in the first place. Adam Warburton would be wise to watch this video and ponder his own words:

      “True corruption is not what we think it is. It is not just the corrupt politician taking the handout — that is the extreme. Corruption is also creating the illusion of decency and service, of false hope where there is none”.

  8. Helga says:

    the more I see of this, the more I think they are being prepped for a fiery finale.

    • Just an opinion man says:

      This concept is not going to end well, in one way or another. Not the famous mass suicide, forgotten the name, but the mental and/or physical damage being done to everyone involved is already enough.

  9. Concerned says:

    “Disgusting settlement of comfort” . Can someone more educated than myself explain what this would do to a child who has always been involved in UM? Deeply concerning.

    • Esther Rockett says:

      I don’t know how educated you are 😉 , but what I can say is that we know that some children involved in UM develop anxiety and neurosis. Other children lose patience with their cult struck parents, know it’s all bullshit from a young age and go and fend for themselves probably younger than most kids have to.

      To me the message is if you feel physically and mentally healthy and relaxed, enjoy some of the best things about being alive – good music, art, food, entertainment, fun etc, if you’re not shoving UM down people’s throats, and if you’re not in constant conflict with non-believers, then you’re not doing it right. You’re not ‘in service’.

      If you’re not a slave to this heinous shit then you’ll be punished with illness, disability and persecution for a few thousand lifetimes.

      If you’re trying to keep a child safe from UM, I recommend taking these films to a lawyer and the family court.

    • Dark Lodge Grand Poobah. says:

      It’s a way of controlling people so when they feel like they have reached some place of equanimity and self-acceptance they are forced to undermine their own sense of well-being so they are an ‘endless student’ of the ‘livingness’.

      Its total arrogance and probably something to do with UMers feeling like they don’t fit in for some reason or other. Kids are not really affected by Serge’s claptrap. It’s meaningless to them. The problem is their parent/s who behave passive-aggressively and think abuse is disagreement or having an alternate opinion, making family life unbearable. Many children of members take off early or live with the non-group parent. Of course, it does affect the kids, but probably not the way the members end up being rewired.

      • Esther says:

        I don’t agree with that comment at all. I’ve been told by parents, grandparents, neighbours, carers etc. that kids are being taught that the leader is ‘love’, the world is evil and nasty and that their non-Eso parent will die from eating gluten. Kids frightened of normal foods, persuaded that school work isn’t important, bored out of their minds not allowed to read proper books, having to do true movement because sport, music and dance are evil, or having to sit through these events for days through these diatribes even the adults don’t understand, having to listen to these miserable dull narcissists whingeing throughout. Kids getting the shakes and in tears because they’re so hungry. Developmental and behavioural problems. Kids getting night terrors from ‘visions’ of imaginary spooks described in detail in the series Introduction video. Or dealing with family and cohorts who are permanently out to lunch, neurotic and hostile to non-believers, or idiot parents who send them for sleepovers with their sixth dimensional uncle. It profoundly effects kids, and the risks of long term psychological damage are high. ICSA is doing a lot of study on 2nd generation cultists, and I know a few personally. Kids born or raised in cults go through hell. One of the main reasons these films were produced for use in the family court – it’s a project that was years in the making.

        • ahhhh says:

          What I noticed with this video (thank you Esther). Is that they contradict themselves completely. ie “you can’t criticise me or UM as we are a shining example of humanity, healthy etc” and then he talks about “if your mercury is through the roof or you have low iron or when you have endocrine problems, don’t blame me its all because you are not love”. Obviously the diet is so severely restrictive (so many foods not on the chart does that make them pranic or ok?). only eating one meal a day, etc. so now there are health issues with the student body that UM washes its hands of. How in one breath can they be a shining example of all that is good and then in the other example unwell. It truly is confusing. Also they were love and now they have to be in their power. Changes the goal posts to suit.

          The comments about other people’s “fat dumb children” is divisive. ie your children are not fat and dumb because they don’t eat anything. And the student body think they are making free choices! Who are they kidding.

          Also they look miserable. Does anyone laugh or smile? they sit there submissive, trying to impress him. It’s wrong just plain wrong. I feel so much for my friends and their child. How will they ever leave this occult?

        • Olga Andigor says:

          The followers are sitting there like in Sunday mass. 🙂 However, UM is offering TRUE re-ligion. Hyphenated.
          Contradicting themselves is what I experienced constantly. Piroschka and I often play the game of being UM students discussing a topic. One starts talking about it and the other has to contradict it as much as possible, esp. when it comes to positive/negative attitute and emotional state of being. All within the UM logic. Won´t believe, how often that works out and the fun we´re having with it.

        • Dark Lodge Grand Poobah. says:

          I agree. I said, it does affect kids, but not necessarily the way it affects the parents who have drank the cool-aid. The kids suffer the consequences of that. I wasn’t diminishing the deleterious effects on kids, simply pointing out its wrought on them rather than them choosing involvement like good old mum (and possibly dad) have.

  10. ahhhh says:

    ps, my friend are lovely decent people. this is not about them, this is about um’s deception and how it has made millions brain washing people.

    • ahhhh says:

      sorry i forgot to put the time signatures in. i will look later and put them in.

      • Esther says:

        Don’t worry about the time signatures. It’s not a rule. 😉 Thanks for your comments. I feel for everyone in there too – except for the ones who know they are telling lies and keep telling them anyway.

        Good observation about them all looking miserable. True wellbeing and joy?

        • Suckerfish says:

          And the ones who are benefiting financially from either being directly on the payroll or their business/profession being subsidised by free rent or guaranteed clientele from the community

        • ahhhh says:

          Suckerfish, my friends def not on the payroll but been devoted for many many years. they really believe in UM. they have been brainwashed. We are in the UK so not near UM and all its women in Lismore/Byron area. Not sure if they have seen the “competitive” side of UM. They have been in it since mid 2000’s though…..

        • Suckerfish says:

          Hi Ahhhh 😊
          My point, and I think Esther’s too, was to differentiate between the vulnerable people caught up in the bottom of the UM pyramid, who we do feel for, and the upper rung pointy end of the pyramid carefully chosen by SB as “special” due to their professional status (to legitimize his racket) or wealth (to fund it moriband or not) or on the payroll blind devotion will do anything they are told to do
          ( Hi Bec n Simon)
          Im sure your friends are very nice people who were looking for life answers but slipped and fell into the septic tank

        • pranicattack says:

          ahhhh, your friends are not alone in UK. There are many friends and family in UK being affected. As you say most are likely not bad people but UM needs exposing here before more are drawn in. Maybe Esther can put you in touch with someone here?

  11. What if? says:

    “Im in a room full of people and feel the disgusting settlement of comfort. Immediately Im in touch with the hierarchy asking what do I do here, What alchemy can I produce here?
    “Good is not good, your body must ache and be uncomfortable”
    “Dont email me and ask how can I get out of it?(feeling ill and out of balance in the body proven by pathology)” Be in your power”
    What if this person is out to make money?
    What if this person thinks everyone should be like them?
    What if the promises arn’t coming true?
    Why is there such a huge negative reaction from the world outside UM towards these teachings?
    Who is the one measuring you up for a cardboard coffin?

    • um alchemy = discomfort says:

      “The lords of form (the enemies of the religion) want a very good world, they don’t want the conflict… So I can be in a room of people and feel the disgusting settlement of comfort. And to me that’s a call, I’m immediately in contact with the hierarchy saying what do I do here, what alchemy can I produce, what can I do?.. We’ve got to shake the comfort. I’m not screaming at you, I’ve never screamed at anybody for being an alcoholic or being a drug addict have I? But I scream at you for being in comfort, because that is much more damaging…

      Lecture to his student body, Serge Benhayon 30 April 2016

  12. Unlock your own gate says:

    By their own admission UM states they are receiving emails from the congregation who are questioning why they are suffering poor health ailments and abnormal medical tests.
    In management’s own words they are asking
    “How do I get out of it?”
    The response, get into your power and suffer more and pay UM for the privilege.
    For those who have had enough and who are ready to leave UM altogether need a safe place to land with professional support.
    This site allows venting but can you post how and where they can go?

    • Olga Andigor says:

      For Germany:

      I´ve found this website:
      A network for people leaving cults. The “links” 1 and 2 look promising. We´ve got no practical experience with networks like these though.

      I did it the hard way of being diagnosed with a severe mental illness icluding heavy medication for something I didn´t have. For years, including side effects like putting on weight and depression.
      So, I´d rather give the website above a try. Piroschka and I are very willing to be there for people leaving UM in Germany, but we´re no professionals and don´t claim to be like Serge does…. which is a good start.

      • Olga Andigor says:

        Oh, almost slipped by: We´ve got a private, password protected “Universal Medicine Recovery Group”. A group for ex followers and people close to them. Not very active and only 3 members at the moment, but all 3 got massive of experience with esoteric “claptrap” (man, a new word every day).

        If anyone would like to join, please contact me, Piroschka or Esther if she´s willing to do it. Few reached out to me and almost all ran away after a short time, but hey, I´m just 1/3 of the group.

  13. Scarlet Woman says:

    A BIG thank you Esther for your very professional & informative [even though the content is very disturbing] presentations.

    How you can sit through all of that crap from epiphany[s] that came about on the loo is incredible.

    For anyone wanting to leave UM – you have could not find a better role model than Esther. Universal Medicine have thrown and tried everything to stifle Esther. Everything.
    Esther stays focused and carries on.
    One step at a time.She is a survivor.
    All those leaving can and will be.

    Remember there is a good life waiting for you after leaving UM.

    Remember you do not have to belong to a group like UM to have a good and happy life.
    PS: You will also have more money to enjoy the things you love

  14. Deliver us from evil says:

    “Damn this good”
    “Life is too good”
    “Please deliver me from this good”

  15. PR Liar says:

    All The Management is now talking about, are the negative effects of pranic music on us. It is un-fucking-be-liev-a-ble.

  16. pranicattack says:

    Must be beause they are trying to sell more of their unbelievably rubbish esoteric wailings … New musicians to promote and keep in pocket – and with Vietnam trip coming up!

  17. Nell says:

    I am disgusted by this medical organisation and it’s health clinic Universal Medicine. By it’s own admission it is not about good or improving health. It’s teachings of witchdoctory and diet encourages and hopes for the client’s poor health increasing in the final phase of this lifetime, and they see this as necessary to cleanse the soul of what they consider wrongdoings or living lovelessly in previous times. UM sees a need for client’s need to become seriously ill as some sort of a release according to the hierarchy they follow.

    This is repulsive health harming clinic, and at it’s central belief a want to make people sicker. If they were completely upfront about their horrible spiritual cleansing healing methods, then no problem. But they hide behind a cloak of deception, claiming they all look good and healthy. Meanwhile hiding out of view those who suffer such as Olga and Judith, and those two got extremely unwell or died.

    People should not have to be duped by these people and suffer terrible health just to satisfy this groups gods or spirits or strange beliefs. This is medicine and religion gone mad. It’s sadism and know of no other religion that is so destructive.

  18. RJM says:

    The inference that UM critics are somehow lesser because they aren’t attending events to voice their concerns in person is amusing. From memory – after the David Millikan incident, if I’m not mistaken – attendees have been thoroughly vetted so that any potential ‘detractors’ could be identified beforehand. Nobody is allowed to engage in any critical commentary on their various sites, critical comments are deleted from their Facebook pages, and the users making them are blocked. That’s what passes for ‘full transparency’ in the insular world of UM.

    • Serve The Servants Or Not says:

      That’s a self-harming behaviour too. Only one source of information, one way of group thinking. When it comes to the upper class, constantly being adored and listened to in awe. Slave and master.
      Important to have people around being honest with a different point of view.

      • Olga Andigor says:

        UM´s a theocracy. Fakt!

        Not even close to a democracy, where everybody is luckily not equal, but of the same value.

    • Shoot, blame, shame the messenger says:

      As if UM critics would get past the front gate … welcome and loved, not!

      Above videos: Feeeel UM attendees “energy” (ray particles oozing from gluten free pores). Discomfort, squirming, disassociating. Desperately maintaining dead pan faces while “God” indoctrinates, pontificates, orchestrates, insults, berates & intimidates. No one dares question / challenge. (Except “Deano” who said “My names Dean” … watch out Dean, first sign of spirit led rebellion & dissent! They’ll be watching you!).

      In deep. Invested. Entrenched. In denial. Compliant. Obedient. Fearful. Confused.

      • The Divinely Chosen One says:

        Oh Dean, I’m smelling a disturbance in the force. One more remark like that and you’ll fall down the initiation ladder. No trophy, no marriage to Danielle. Don’t make me want to fail you!

        • Esther says:

          A bit of context – as the mic goes around the speakers are told to identify themselves for the webcast customers viewing remotely. I don’t think Deano give the man a trophy was correcting the divinely chosen by himself one-ness.

        • The Divinely Chosen One says:

          He’s unworthy nonetheless.

        • PR Liar says:

          …because we don’t want Brahmanic energy. We do not want to have Brahmanic energy at all… and he was good, he smiled. I could feel the disgusting energy of good.
          Gosh, I’ve earned some fiery cookie points here.

      • The Way It Isn't says:

        “I’ve never been criticised” translates to “Criticism is not allowed.” Anyone who really values truth and responsibility would welcome any and all criticism. The list ofcriticisms levelled at UM mentioned in the video aren’t the reason people are concerned for their loved ones. It’s the irrational, baseless reasoning people have been given for making these so-called ‘self-loving’ choices, and the resulting negative impact on their health, both mental and physical.

  19. Margaret says:

    What Is A Cult and How Does It Work? (Margaret Singer). An oldie but a goodie.

  20. Wise Old Bird says:

    Just watched (13 Feb 2018) a youtube on BBC news(uk) website about a young woman with a condition called Orthorexia:

    Being unfamiliar with the condition, here is just one on-line example of the definition:

    Maybe I’m talking to the converted but glaring similarities…….?
    Hope the links work.


    Lismore Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    19 hrs ·
    Join us at Lismore City Hall and enjoy a delicious breakfast catered for by Secret Chef Deli Cafe and Catering, to help us celebrate the Women in our community that make our city the vibrant and unique place that it is. Invitation is open to EVERYONE
    For tickets, follow the link:…
    Photos by our wonderful inhouse photographer Clayton Lloyd of Flawless Imaging and the video produced by the amazing Hemma Kearney of Show and Tell Productions.

    When you check links – sponsors and presenters UM dominated!

    • LCCI fakt-o-meter says:

      A prediction. Universal medicine will win the 2018 Lismore ‘Excellence in Health Services’ Chamber of Commerce award in July. Not because UM religious adherents have stacked the LCCI, but because being ‘toxic™’ is the new health and medicine trend in Lismore.

    • Smiley Jim says:

      When you check Lismore Chamber website.

      Universal Med & others are Silver sponsors of the chamber.
      Flawless Imaging is also a gold sponsor.

    • Esther says:

      Jesus, what hypocrites. We’ve got UM followers refusing to communicate with partners and family because they walked past a bottle shop a week before and caught the ‘energy’ of alchohol. But there’s UM’s Lismore Chamber of Commerce fake-smiling parasites sucking up to all the Chamber’s drinkers. The energetic paranoia goes out the window when there’s money and influence involved, yes?


      Didn’t Flawless Clayton flog drone footage to the Chamber during the floods? Was he paid for it? And he’s a sponsor of the Chamber? What’s his sponsorship worth? And he gets an award from the Chamber as well? While his wife heads it?

    • LCCI transparency? WHERE'$ the money gone? $21,852 says:

      8th April 2017

      Natural disasters are a common occurrence in our world, and they impact EVERYONE enormously. The recent ‘Cyclone Debbie’ that hit the shores of Australia in late March 2017 devastated many, destroying homes, valuables, cars and businesses. A country town in Northern NSW called Lismore was amongst one of the many places that was affected by the recent cyclone. Michael Benhayon’s latest track ‘Every Voice Matters’ featuring Miranda Benhayon on vocals, is a song about the importance knowing that every voice, every person, in this world counts and matters more than material life itself. After seeing and hearing about the storms he has donated this song to the Lismore Business Chamber of Commerce and Industry to help raise funds to support the local business community in Lismore.

      Please share this song to help raise awareness of the fund raiser, and please click and follow this link to donate. Each donation is invaluable, and will support the businesses, families and lives of many. You will receive this song free, no matter the donation amount.

      Every Voice Matters – 2017 Lismore Business Flood Appeal
      2017 Lismore Business Flood Appeal*
      $21,852 of $500,000 raised

      Lismore Chamber of Commerce & Industry Inc. is the peak business body within the Lismore area. Its key purpose is to create a strong, united and thriving business community.

      The aftermath of the recent floods in the wake of ‘Cyclone Debbie’ has left many businesses devastated and in critical need of support. For many small businesses flood insurance was unaffordable due to high premium costs.

      This initiative is to assist those in the small business community who have been affected by the flood. All proceeds received will be directed to further assist the rebuilding of our businesses community.

      A committee of community leaders and representatives will be established to ensure the distribution process is transparent with clear parameters and guidelines.

      Registrations and guidelines covering this fundraising are adhered to.

      Charitable Fundraising : CFN-1-5643302351

      This initiative is proudly supported by: ​
      Regional Development Australia Northern Rivers

      Lismore City Council

      Kevin Hogan MP

      Thomas George MP

      Southern Cross University

      and many Businesses within the Northern Rivers Region

      • Cyclone Debbie's in town says:

        That ‘Cyclone Debbie’ created so much havoc to the good business people of Lismore once she arrived. Took hold, created chaos, did irreparable damage, suited herself and her cohorts, and left the pranic people suffering and bewildered, all swimming in a great pool of urine. Let’s hope she didn’t pee in the Lismore Pool too much and it can be cleaned up sooner than later and return to normalcy.

  22. Esther says:

    Thanks everyone for all your awe-some, smart and truth-full comments. Good to see you’re all pranic to the max.

    Thank you especially to Olga for your incredible support and friendship, and very much for providing impeccable closed captions for the videos so far and some other transcribing you’ve done for me. In your second language no less. Bravo! And I love that James D Watson quote.

    My responses to a bunch of your comments:

    I did write about the UM v Einstein mess in my David Icke v UM product comparison, including my bonus conspiracy theory that Eunice Minford is probably a reptile. fakt.

    To Dark Lodge President – recruitment to your one person (so far) cult is not allowed here. Unless I’m paid some sort of commission.

    To MacReady, me and others have been through the chakra-puncture rigamarole with complaints to AHPRA and the HCCC. If UMers were calling it ‘acupuncture’, which UM used to, they could be prosecuted. They changed the name to chakra-puncture to get around legislative requirements that acupuncturists have to be registered with AHPRA since 2012. Chakra-puncture is a scam but HCCC and AHPRA give no fucks about public safety. They protect practitioner titles, not patients. The ACCC would probably act on it if a student made a complaint they were ripped off in training for a useless therapy that makes false healing claims.

    To Jealousy in comparison – I have a degree in religious studies. News Ltd reported it as theology but that’s different. My studies focussed Eastern traditions, the New Age, New Religious Movements, cults and particularly on the politics, sociology and psychology of religion.

    To Helga – is it free choice though? That’s the big question that is often asked around high demand groups in general. I don’t think it’s free choice when people are actively misled. They’re lured in with deceptive and misleading conduct and given bad, non evidence based advice that is dressed up with professional looking marketing techniques and endorsed by doctors and other health professionals, with lawyers drawing up bullshit codes of conduct and pseudo-legal ‘consent’ forms. They then monitor each other online and in their ‘community’ set ups and pack into the airless Hall of Ageless wisdom for these indoctrination sessions. If it was free choice, they would allow outside input, provide honest and transparent information to customers, answer critics properly and endeavour to behave like any other respectable organization is required to.

    To unlock your own gate – I fully agree that followers need a safe place to land if they want out. Cult Consulting Australia provides a professional counselling service. There isn’t much professional help available apart from that. Unfortunately most psychologists still don’t understand what cults are. I won’t post the names of those I know who do because they’ll be harassed. The best thing I think is that ex members speak to each other. But UM have set out to make that as difficult as possible. If people felt at liberty to openly criticize them UM would not exist. UM’s big successes are ensuring followers are kept in the dark about what truly goes on, making sure followers don’t trust each other, and indoctrinating followers to believe that speaking critically of UM incurs bad karma – misfortune. Those beliefs are much more powerful than most people realize. If someone feels they have nowhere to land, this site may be better than nothing. I would like to think that the diverse community of regular visitors here can be supportive of anyone who gets out. I’m happy to speak with anyone who gets in contact. The whole idea of UM Accountability is to minimize the harm. We want to make sure anyone who gets out has someone who understands UM to speak with, and that can be arranged. Unfortunately that can’t be done openly. Olga, please persevere, I would think the people who’ve contacted you will be back. These things take time for folk to get their head around, and in the end it’s very difficult to remain silent. When so few people understand what it’s like in UM it’s necessary that they have somewhere to go to find understanding. I also have a resources page that I haven’t updated in a while.

    To Wise Old Owl – yep, I agree, UM’s diet fits the definition of disordered eating and particularly Orthorexia Nervosa. Good find.

    If anyone is awaiting a reply from me, I’ll be in touch.

    More videos coming soon.

  23. Anecdotal Evidence Based says:

    A list of upcoming events of Esoteric Women´s Health in Australia:
    Care to join a ´Breast Cancer Retreat´?

    Lack of self-nurturing. You´ve got to change (not keep it). You´ve done everything wrong thus far. It´s your fault.

    There, saved you $40 – $80.

  24. 16.50 & 17.50 quote says:

    Universal Medicine warns of the conditions adherents to their diet and teachings should expect:
    “So endocrine conditions are going to go through the roof, that’s the next round. And it’s going to happen in the student body (it’s followers), you’re not going to be excused simply because it’s about stepping up and it’s about attuning your body to live in a certain way that keeps up with what the energies are. And it’ll start to become hormonal imbalances, periods nobody has normal periods, and there’s lots going on in our bodies and all it requires us is to be in tune with what’s being offered… the body will start to wear down because you’re calling in energy to attack it. Don’t be surprised if you are more exhausted than before, don’t be surprised if your mercury levels are through the roof, don’t be surprised if you’re more toxic than ever before, don’t be surprised as I said exhaustion, don’t be surprised if you’ve got autoimmune markers, don’t be surprised if you’ve got inflammation. Don’t send me the email in surprise, just send it in confirmation; ‘yes Serge I heard you clearly say that I need to be in my power living my fullness, attune my body’. Don’t say; ‘oh I’ve got this’ as in how did this happen? ‘I’m a student of the way of the livingness and it shouldn’t happen, you know we’re against the trend of illness and disease, so why is that happening to me?’ So you need to send; ‘yes Serge you were right in 2016-2015 you said that. Truth is this is the way I’ve been living, this is my condition, how can I get out of it?’ And I’ll say; ‘not be love be in your power'”.
    – Serge Benhayon, 30 July 2016, WOTL Sermon 37, College of Universal Medicine, Wollongbar.

    • Dark Lodge President (allegedly) says:

      The panacea to all that… ” NOT be love be in your power”

      What happened to Be Love? Poor old Rod Harvey (though he’s been quiet for a while hasn’t he..?)

      It’s quite obvious these are the problems being reported. Of course, when you eat nothing and do minimum physical activity it’s the inevitable outcome.

      It’s nothing to do with what they did before, it’s what they are doing NOW, because of the ‘choices’ they are making.

      You have to ask why they have all of these videos available for $200 a year. They don’t care who views, or they don’t know the content implicates them? Or the $200 is more important than both?

  25. Not On The Payroll Olga says:

    I´ve put the transcript of the first 5 minutes of Episode 2 in the YouTube comments below the video. The rest will put in over the weekend.

    Please feel free to use it for translation or copy & paste quote actions. Or whatever whatever whatever.

    Disclaimer: I´m not responsible for correcting UM´s sentences.

    • Esther says:

      I was going to make a copy of the transcript available on the blog wasn’t I? Oops. Do I have a copy? 😬

      Stick your hand up supporters if any of you want to help with transcribing…Thx.

  26. boris66 says:


    Just listened to part of the latest episode.

    “Move your small finger & the whole cosmos knows about it”??

    What happened to the cosmos when “poo of enlightenment” occurred.

    As far as I know I am part of the cosmos & I didn’t know about until I read about it.

    Thought UM was idiocy then…………..still think so now.


    • Anecdotal Evidence says:

      That excerpt of the radio interview is a WTF deluxe isn’t it? Starts at 8:16 min.
      Throw away all your critical thinking.

      • boris66 says:

        I’ve just had a nice steak with potatoes, tomatoes, mushrooms & asparagus.

        All done on the bbq so I’m screwed on a number of fronts.

        Plus a couple of beers – more screwed.

        I think I’m ready to watch the second half of the episode but I might need 3 fingers of whiskey to get me through it – more screwed.

        Got work to do however so I must go easy on it. Won’t be sleeping until at least 11pm.

        Screwed again.

        I shall however, get up early & raise a sweat in the garden, mow the lawn & drink more beer,

        sweat some more, drink more beer & I’ll actually enjoy the activity.

        Might even get some atomic loving in the evening.

        Then I shall sleep & I shall sleep well.

        Then I’ll go to “work” Monday & all will be at ease in my universe.

  27. Bill says:

    Isn’t it illegal for doctors promoting UM in general? If so, why are they still doing it? Confusing.

    I’m sure you’ve written about it. Can you or anybody give me a hint where to start reading?

    • Esther says:

      Hi Bill, it’s not illegal for doctors to promote UM I don’t think, but it’s unethical. I believe they are in breach of their Code of Conduct. I made complaints a few years back but AHPRA/HCCC wanted names and addresses of people who’ve been harmed, and also said (regardless of them pushing damaging horseshit to vulnerable people) that for the regulator to do anything they’d need to conducting themselves in a manner that would warrant the disapproval of their peers, and that they are entitled to their opinion.

      Dr Kim got done, as you may know. Scroll through this list.

      Real doctors are appalled by the idiots. We’ve been told by local doctors that they are seeing the damaging results of this bullshit. Why are the UM doctors still doing it? Because they are brainless, psychologically stunted zealots, but the Master told them they’re ‘special’ and ‘amazing’.

      • Bill says:

        Thank you! That´s frightening. I especically like the questions to UM´s doctors at the bottom of your list. I´m sure they have good intentions, but it´s their professional duty to not be blinded by quackery. Won´t consult them.
        “UM is an insult to human dignity. Without it you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things.But for good people to do evil things, that takes UM.”
        ― Steven Weinberg (ok….almost..)

  28. Fence sitter says:

    Dear Mr Dark Lodge Preso [allegedly]
    When is that ‘Boy to Man’ Carnival scheduled?

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