Universal Medicine legal update and we know where you live December 2017

Bad news I’m sorry. Donors to my defence fund have been outed to Universal Medicine. December 5th I was summoned to a hearing before a registrar at Qld District Court in Brisbane and to produce my financial documents. It was UM’s in house barrister, Charles Wilson’s first punt at cross examining  the ‘troll’. It was a hearing to ‘obtain information to facilitate the enforcement of a money order’. UM wanted to know if I had financial means to pay a costs order from the February hearing. But that wasn’t all they wanted. They brought a few spectators this time too. On December 13 they dragged me back to court for more of the same. This time without my lawyer present. I dealt with it myself. With success.

The bad news

Donors to my legal defence have been outed if they put their names to the deposits. I estimate about 100 people made donations and some of those used pseudonyms.

UM wanted to know the sources of my funding. Apparently they think I can pay a $20,000 costs order out of it when I’m barely covering my living expenses and fighting overblown litigation in two states for the past two years.

On 5 December, UM’s legal lightning rod, Charles Wilson, successfully argued for an order that I turn over all my bank and Paypal statements unredacted. It means I had to surrender all statements in which donors are named.

UM were itching to get identities and anything else they could get about you. I was ordered to comply with a summons to produce the documents. Naturally my QC and I objected. We argued the identities of my donors make no difference to whether or not I can pay the order. I can’t pay. We didn’t succeed.

I am truly sorry. I apologize to all of you who donated in confidence. I don’t have time to do a proper count, but I believe it’s around 100 people, pseudonyms notwithstanding. We argued that supporters had donated confidentially and not given their permission to be exposed to these people. The registrar did not know the background of the case and it was not within the scope of the hearing to find out. Naturally I feel terrible about that. Please contact me if you have concerns.

There are rules – implied undertakings, about the use of information gathered for the purpose of legal proceeding. It is not to be used for any other purpose than those proceedings. Unfortunately, if the names are mentioned in open court or tendered in evidence, which they were, and there was nothing I could do about it, they become public. Anyone who would publish those names out of a hearing that was merely to obtain information about my financial circumstances, just because those people have supported my defence – privately and confidentially – is unconscionable beyond redemption. But that’s UM. If anyone approaches you and questions you about donating, ask them why they are asking. Make a note of their responses and contact me if you experience retaliation. I will report the lawyers for professional misconduct, again, and I will add it to the evidence of UM’s disreputable conduct that we will use at the trials.

Team UM were pleased with themselves. They’ve wanted to know who my supporters are for years. Like they can’t guess. The donors are a small fraction of people who have a grievance or concerns about UM.

UM’s pretext for calling the hearing was flimsy. They claimed they weren’t satisfied with a sworn statement on my financial position, about four affidavits I filed this year, and financial statements I provided showing all the money coming in and even more going out over the past year. All my personal funds and assets are gone and I have bugger all donated funds left, two years into defending escalating defamation litigation. It’s clear from my accounts. Team UM were supposed to give reason why they were not satisfied with the sworn statement I’d provided. Their reason – they had confused suspicions. They had no evidence I have any other financial means. There is none. After five hours of hearing, including three hours of cross examination they found none other than what I had already declared under oath.


I filed for bankruptcy on 11 December. The alternative is having UM drag me back to court every time they feel to – seeking further costs orders for the hearings. They sought costs this time even though the hearings achieved nothing. It was an attempt to increase my debt. Bankruptcy halts all legal proceedings to recover debts.

You’ll notice I’ve suspended the fundraising campaign until I get a bit more legal advice. I’m not eligible for Jobstart benefits because defending two legal claims makes it impossible to seek employment to the satisfaction of Centrelink. It would be easier to get some casual work.

If you have some casual work for me, please get in touch.

Litigation UM style

A hearing that should have taken 30 minutes dragged on for nearly five hours over two weeks.

Seven hearings into defamation proceedings in two states and the first time UMers show up to spectate is a hearing about money. Arguments about defamation – not a soul, apart from Serge’s propagandist in chief, Alison Greig. Mention money, and UM’s role models tog up like undertakers and pile into the court to pore over my empty bank accounts and take notes on my personal life.

It was the fifth hearing we’d attended in Brisbane this year. Out of four, I unfortunately ended up with an order for about $20k from the first, and $875 from the second. None for the third and fourth. Team UM filed 8 applications I think and won 2¼. In other words, I brought a 150 page defence this year in Queensland and fended off six applications, including two applications to strike out major parts of the defence, on no budget, with no solicitor. And complied with my obligations in the NSW proceedings.

The way Team UM were mincing around the court last Tuesday anyone would think it was a murder trial, and they’d gotten me locked up. It was not a trial. I can’t pay a bill. It’s not an offence.

The Qld plaintiffs, ‘dear friends’ and associates of Serge Benhayon, brought the defamation action a year ago – a year into me defending the Benhayon claim. They knew I was appealing for funds to continue my defence, and that I had publicly stated I have no savings, no assets and nothing to pay costs or damages.

In the public gallery was Wilson’s wife, Alison Greig, investor Alan Johnston and his Esoteric Women’s Health presenter wife, Josephine Bell, the Mystic Dentist Rachel Hall, and reprimanded Dr Samuel Kim‘s wife, Jasna.

We know where you live

Last month Alan Johnston popped by the blog to leave a remark.

Alan parked himself in the public gallery with Greig, and they got busy taking notes on my grocery bills, my family and friends, my father’s deceased estate. My father died in August.

I expected it. Solicitor Paula Fletcher pestered me for a letter from the hospital on the day I travelled to Sydney to be at his bedside. Without it, Team UM was threatening to drag me to a hearing the following week. She sent a 30 page accusation ridden letter on the day of my father’s funeral.

Perry Mason he ain’t

When limp lettuce, Charles Wilson, UM’s in house barrister, cross examined me about my deceased father at the first hearing, there was no ‘sorry for your loss’ or anything resembling a human sentiment. It was: ‘Are you a beneficiary of your father’s will?’


‘Why not?’

My QC objected. My deceased father’s intentions have nothing to do with whether I have means to pay a bill. Wilson asserted that my father’s intentions confirm UM’s low opinion of my character and prove I’m not a reliable witness.. These are people who believe all non subscribers are controlled by evil spirits.

I wish I’d thought of it, but I should have said, ‘Maybe for the same reason Judith McIntyre’s children were overlooked for a multimillionaire.’

Reality is a lot of UMers have been left out of wills. Does it make them bad people? Seems benefactors don’t want their estates sucked into the sixth dimensional master’s investment trusts.

Perhaps my Dad was a seer. He didn’t want his hard earned to end up down the UM gurgler.

Wilson again: ‘Have you considered initiating family provision proceeding$?’


‘Why not?’

Never mind what my father wanted, or what I want, or how disruptive it is for a person to initiate proceedings against her own kin, or the expense and bullshit, and another ten minutes wasted on the stand, I cut to the money. My Dad was almost as broke as me.

‘There’s nothing to get.’

Bless my Dad. And may he RIP.

The rest was pure Esotericism. It’s a good vantage point on the stand. One of the grey faced, semi conscious ‘healthy self-loving choices’ pushers was tilted diagonal in her seat in the gallery looking as if she was about to join my poor Dad. Ali G and Alan diligently jotted down the names of my family members and friends, their businesses. Dollar values… I’m surprised we didn’t see Team UM at my Dad’s funeral, trawling the gutters for loose change and chasing the hearse.

The questioning wore on, peppered with accusations and weird suspicions. Backed by zero evidence.

‘Do you go by an alias?’

Team UM thinks Darkly Venus is an alias. That’s what we’re dealing with. He hasn’t gotten the hang of internet pseudonyms – that people justifiably avoid papering the internet with their personal details. I suggest he try opening a Westpac account under the name of Pranic Princess to help him understand the difference.

UM will have it I’ve deceived all of you for years by pseudonymously posting as Darkly Venus and Pranic Princess. All of you commenting are really me, and/or you’re all criminals or supporters of the criminal enterprise that is my five year investigation. You’re probably carrying fake passports under your comment names.

The other accusation is that I’ve misled donors that the legal defence funds all went to pay fees to overfed lawyers. Never mind that I have defended two claims in two states for two years, the past nine months doing the work of a solicitor’s office myself. And kept myself fed and housed each week for less than what Wilson earns in two hours of litigious pissing about. Or what the humble Mystic Dentist spends on petrol a fortnight.

Or is it a week?

Never mind also that I’m living on a pittance and defending legal claims in which the total legal fees alone are likely to exceed $2m.

Not counting the obscene waste of public resources on these ill founded proceedings.

The second hearing on the 13th was the same, instigated on a far flung speculation that I hadn’t produced all the documents required in the summons. Without a lawyer this time, I submitted at the start that I’d produced everything required, the hearing was a waste of time and would not glean any further information ‘to facilitate the enforcement of a money order’. An hour and a half later I argued the same in closing. Confirmed. The registrar agreed.

Near the end of the hearing Wilson, having failed at manipulating the court, and me, started ranting that I’m a liar and a perjurer. An accusation is not evidence. He’d been told that before by a judge. It didn’t fly.

In the end, Team UM got my list of donors, which is a million times more than what twas warranted. It appears that they think they’re winning. But these are people who deny the biological theory of evolution and reckon volcanic eruptions are caused by porn.

This is what we’re dealing with

Outing supporters

Wilson’s cross examination on the 13th went for donors individually. People who had made one donation. Two. Who is so and so? Have I communicated with them? How long have I known them? Where are they? Why do they donate to my legal defence? That irrelevant line of bullshit got shut down by my objections, but not until four names made it into open court.

Wilson might be genuinely unaware of why people dislike UM and want my defences to get to trial.  UM tries to censor and sue anyone who tries to tell him.

He named donors at the hearing because once evidence is tendered it becomes public and publishable. It’s pre-emptive payback for what will happen when I tender documents we have about Serge et al. They tendered my bank and Paypal statements containing donors’ names. They will now consider those and their contents to be fair game.

Now imagine when my team tender Serge’s bank statements, and other evidence of his assets. The media and general public will be much more interested in those. Yes?


A commenter asked if I would be compensated for my troubles from that waste of time. The answer is no. It doesn’t work like that.

In Queensland the plaintiffs are entitled to take measures to enforce the debt. In NSW, the rules are different. In NSW I’ve been awarded costs and costs thrown away several times, amounting to tens of thousands of dollars worth, but the rules for defamation proceedings in NSW are that those costs are not recovered until the conclusion of proceedings. The rules are like that, because the enforcement of a costs order can disrupt proceedings that are on foot. NSW tightened up the rules because defo proceedings were being dragged out and abused.

Despite the rules in Queensland, it’s an odd thing to move to enforce a costs order when you’re incurring a costs order against yourselves. On November 6, around the time they called the enforcement hearing, the Queensland plaintiffs filed a further amended statement of claim, adopting the contextual imputations they’d spent six months trying to have struck out. They added a few more. It’s a pointless amendment that will do nothing but lengthen the trial. It makes no difference to the substance of my defence. However, it means I have to file an amended defence to accommodate the changes. It involves redrafting and supplementing a 150 page legal document, rearranging hundreds of paragraphs and amending hundreds of cross references, at least. It’s about two full days work for a barrister. Problem for the plaintiffs is that the rule is that they have to pay my costs of amending, which we estimate is more than half what I owe them.

They’re also risking massive costs of continuing if they lose any further hearings and lose at trial. They are approaching the same position as Benhayon in NSW, where I will pursue them if they don’t comply with their obligations. Mr Anderson QC has been working pro bono so far. He hasn’t gotten around to drawing up his fee agreement. As a seasoned defamation lawyer, who counts the Prime Minister of Australia as a client, as well as national media identities and organizations, he does not come cheap. Take Wilson’s fee and multiply it. Ditto for Mr Molomby SC who is not acting pro bono. He drafted the Qld defence and has provided a lot of advice under his usual fee agreement. He will issue his bill at the conclusion.

The rules for barristers

Another of Wilson’s whinges was that I behaved inappropriately in court by objecting to irrelevant and intrusive questions. When I left the courtroom he was tut tutting to the congregation huddled in the foyer. He made sure he was heard. ‘I wonder what Senior Counsel makes of that kind of behaviour.’ As if my lawyers are going to smack my bottom for speaking up for myself in court.


I was whingeing to one of my reps a few months ago that I really need a solicitor.

‘No you don’t,’ was the reply.

Anyone with their feet on terra firma thinks Wilson is out of his depth. Compromised. His strike out arguments collapsed at hearing and this week a penniless, unrepresented rural nobody stood up to him in his professional arena. He got nowhere. Him and ‘The Team’.

I won’t be lectured on propriety by Wilson. He ought to study the barrister’s rules – the code of conduct.

12. A barrister must not engage in conduct which is:

(a) dishonest or otherwise discreditable to a barrister;

(b) prejudicial to the administration of justice;

or (c) likely to diminish public confidence in the legal profession or the administration of justice or otherwise bring the legal profession into disrepute.

95. A barrister must refuse to accept or retain a brief or instructions to appear before a court if:

…(d) the barrister has reasonable grounds to believe that the barrister may, as a real possibility, be a witness in the case; 

…(f) the barrister has reasonable grounds to believe that the barrister’s own personal or professional conduct may be attacked in the case;..

Barristers’ Conduct Rules 2016, Queensland Bar Association

I only found out a few months ago, Wilson has also been retained in the NSW proceedings. He’s a witness to numerous aspects of UM’s controversial conduct. He’s on the board of directors of the College of UM, which is going under the microscope. He’s a member of the UM Facts Team that has publicly attacked complainants. He should have returned the briefs.

So while Wilson was quibbling my grocery bills, the real question is what became of $600k in proceeds of the College’s charitable gift fund after its Deductible Gift Recipient endorsement was revoked by the Australian Tax Office? And what of the rest of the money thrown at Serge? We’ve never had an answer to those public interest questions.


The blindfold represents impartiality. Charles.

Esoteric boundaries – short adjournment circus

UM brought the posse on the 5th. Only Jasna occupied the gallery with Ali G on the 13th.

Cheer up Jasna

During the short adjournment on the 5th, when I was shuffling my mound of papers, Rob nudged me to turn around and look. ‘A bit of back rub action going on over there’ he chuckled. ‘Group hug!’ Team UM were in circle. They can’t keep their hands off each other. Next thing they break up and they’re milling around the court room, hanging around looking over our shoulders while we conferred on the summons. Complexions as dull as gluten free pikelets.

Next, Wilson is conferring with Rob and I about narrowing the summons documents and whether or not it’s relevant to my ability to pay a bill while unemployed, from an empty bank account. Who should pipe in but Alan ‘we know where you live’ Johnston. Addresses my barrister. Tells him that my bank statements should be unredacted.

‘They’re very vague,’ he says, slouching against a bench, chewing gum. He looks like a character from West Side Story, but sixty years older. Same garb.

I asked Alan why he was studying my personal documents. Alan’s the UM investor and a part time lieutenant of the UM Facts corps.

‘I’m on the legal team,’ he says.

Like Alison Greig.

‘Are you a lawyer?’ I ask. ‘Are you the plaintiffs’ retained legal representative?’

No reply.

I’ve written to the solicitor Fletcher several times stating I do not give permission for my documents to be used or disclosed beyond the parties to Qld proceedings and their retained lawyers. But Alan’s been all over them. Revelling in his forensic expertise. Where’s your practicing certificate Alan? Alison?

Next thing Charlie wants his private conference with my counsel. He does this. Gets my lawyers aside and tells them what he thinks of me. I suggest that he say what he wants to say in front of me. I say it in front of a row of Heckle and Jeckle Esos. Charlie swivels and lurches pointy head first out of the courtroom followed by my QC.

‘Mr Wilson to you,’ says sneery Alan, resuming the chewing of his gum.

He didn’t answer the question.

So then Alan starts doing the Esoteric Walking Therapies between the bar table and the bench – blessing the court room with Serge’s sacred energetic ritual – $30 per head. I described it on Facebook. Serge skools the Esos to walk as though they have advanced arthritis in both hips, believe they’re about to be anointed as Pope AND they’re trying to hold in a fart.

Alan Eso breast whisperer

Alan Johnston on Esoteric Breast Massage’s benefits for men

Turning Esoteric. Legal developments

The closer we get to getting Serge to the next hearing and then trial, the more Team UM show who they truly are, and what this is really about.

I’ve fulfilled the majority of my discovery obligations in both states. I’m not satisfied Serge has fulfilled his and I expect we’ll have the same issue in Queensland.

The Queensland plaintiffs decided to call me to the costs hearing at exactly the time I gave notice to Team UM I would be listing a hearing in NSW to seek orders against Serge. Serge stalled. Effectively delaying his hearing until February 1.

With all this going on, five months after I produced my discovered documents for the NSW proceedings, and a few weeks after I’ve give notice I’d be listing for argument in Sydney, Fletcher sends me a ten page list of what she claims are ‘deficiencies’ in my discovered documents for the NSW show. Reckons documents are missing, or have been tampered with etc. etc. and demands I unredact some emails. Gives no reason for me to unredact documents that are not relevant to proving anything in the claim.

I check through about 40 points on the list and find the majority of the documents she reckons are missing are not missing at all. I had produced them. Listed them. She’ll get my reply soon with the long inventory of documents she’s overlooked. Yes it’s a waste of my time, but I will submit it to the court to demonstrate her demands and accusations are unfounded.

And finally the attached letter says it all. In Queensland we were supposed to serve our lists of disclosed (discovery) documents on 22 November. The rule is simple: list and produce to the other side all documents in your possession or control that are directly relevant to allegations in issue in the case. A document is directly relevant if it tends to prove or disprove the truth of an allegation in dispute.

This is the stage where Serge told me he deleted all his emails, and all his staff’s emails from his private server. Yes? Related to his business, to his profits,  to donations to him personally and his business interests, to UM’s unpaid labour force, to attack blogs registered in his name. Etc. etc.

Queensland’s process is simple, but despite all their demands earlier this year that I comply with impossibly excessive tasks on short deadlines, the Queensland plaintiffs were 2½ weeks late serving their disclosure list. In my opinion, they’re not close to complying with the rules to disclose all the directly relevant documents. So I begin the process of notifying them. If they don’t get it together, I will seek orders like those I’m seeking in NSW.

And two days before the final day our disclosure lists were due to be served, I get an eight page demand from Fletcher – a wish list of documents UM wants me to disclose. See the attached. The allegations in issue are about the plaintiffs’ reputations and whether I defamed the plaintiffs with one email and six tweets. Those relate to their conduct in promoting UM and their relationships with NSW police. Yet their wish list goes galaxies beyond relevance. Basically they want everything I or any of you who have commented here have ever written or communicated about UM. Or anything for that matter.

They want to find out who my supporters are. Irrelevant to proving or disproving allegations about the plaintiffs’ conduct and reputations, or proving or disproving I published an email and six tweets.

Item 1 is an extraordinary breach of the rules – as I noted above. Documents gathered for use in a proceeding cannot be used for any other purpose other than that which they are given – including use in other proceedings. UM would have to get leave of the NSW court to make that demand. It won’t happen.

They’ve also demanded masses of information about people who’ve commented on my blogs. I’m not being sued for blogs in the Queensland case. Blog comments have nothing to do with anything in dispute in either proceeding. They prove nothing in issue.

It’s impossible to get a court order if a demand isn’t in accordance with any valid rule or law. Bad sign, Paula, when you can’t find any rule in any jurisdiction on earth that warrants a demand that broad.

20 November 2017 Universal Law letter to Rockett



74 Comments on “Universal Medicine legal update and we know where you live December 2017”

  1. Esther says:

    This is essentially how the cross examination went:

    This is black Ms Rockett?

    No. It’s white.

    How long have you known it is black?

    It’s not black. It’s white.

    So you admit that it’s black.

    I make no such admission. It’s white.

    But it is black. Since when did you know it’s black?

    I’ve answered this question. It’s not black. It’s white.

    Counsel moves on to next beat up. Outs a few donors. Ten minutes later:

    The debtor admits it’s black.

    I did no such thing. I said over and again it’s white.

    You did not say that. You said it was black.

    I said it’s white. I never said it was black.

    Liar! Perjurer! This witness is in contempt!!

    Registrar: She said it was white.

    Now, everyone – by all means get in touch, but bear in mind I am busy. If you have non urgent, non private information you think everyone should know about, don’t email me with it, put it in the comments. Don’t message me with stuff that’s not a priority.

    And start talking to each other. I can’t be a go-between when there are so many of you. UM have far more enemies than they have supporters, but they have gotten away with preventing people from sharing information and resources – getting organized. Get some guts and start organizing yourselves.

  2. MacReady says:

    Their faith in Serge’s ‘one unified truth’ must be pretty weak if this is any indication. What are they worried about? Serge said he’d love a debate. He said he is willing to debate his claims with absolutely anyone in the world. As long it’s not the defendant in a legal case he initiated, apparently.

  3. GoEsther says:

    Paula Flecther’s letter was a real eye opener to read. It shows a shocking lack of expertise for a lawyer but in all fairness to her, she does only claim to be an expert in separations and divorces, property settlements and parenting issues. An expertise she has no doubt, eagerly helped many UM devotees with. And wow, what a list of people they have on their books. Let me guess, these are people who have questioned Universal Medicines ethics and Serge Benhayon’s truths?

    They also don’t seem to have a grip on why people are supporting you so I would like for them to know my reasons. Yes, I have personally witnessed UM gobbling up someone I use to know, but that is not my reason nor motivation. It is because I find it unbelievable and unacceptable how little our government does to regulate groups like UM and the manner of how they go about what they do. This court case will greatly help to change all this. I believe the amount of media attention that the Defamation Case will no doubt generate, will force our government into better action and protection. Not only for the vulnerable people in our society but also for the not so vulnerable people, like Esther, who stands up and questions.

    • Anonymous says:

      Item 22
      Your tertiary results transcript?
      How does that relate to the matter at hand?
      That list is a joke other um members mentioned, things about them are hardly relevant, isn’t it only serge suing you?

      • Esther says:

        Sorry guys, quite a few messages have ended up in Spam bin recently. Also, if your comments are cut or edited slightly it’s for legal reasons.

        Eventually the penny dropped for the registrar at this week’s hearing and he asked why Wilson was asking all these questions about people who’d made one donation etc. I told him – it’s payback. A grudge. She wants court orders to get Serge’s financial statements? We’ll get hers. We’ll circulate them to our shitbag Sons of God. We’ll try to gaslight her on the stand, entrap, accuse her of perjury and contempt. Bring spectators.

        We know where you live. We know where your family lives.

        • Anonymous says:

          Sounds like Esoterrorism

        • Incognito says:

          Firstly, Esther, sincere condolences for the loss of your father, I can only imagine how emotional that time was with everything else going on.
          And legal harrassment from UM timed to sting the most on the day of the funeral, disgusting.
          Id like to remind everyone of the irony of these people who supposedly cherish all women.
          Secondly, why is the UM team salivating over obtaining a list of donors. My small contribution to a woman I have never met, was out of concern for someone who has had her income quashed, bullied online and set upon with multiple court cases. My donation was my way to help with practical day to day living expenses. What are the UM team planning to do, individually harrass or reek revenge on 100+ people who have supported Esther? Well they better start at the top with Mr Anderson and Mr Molomby QC’s and work their way down. I have two words for that destructive plan, “class action”!
          Finally Id like to list one proven characteristic of a destructive group with a narcissistic leader……
          “The leader who acts larger than life, is viewed by followers as inately good, possessing special wisdom, is answerable to no one and no one is above them unleashes an “us” versus “them” prevailing attitude. Outsiders who dare question are viewed as dangerous enemies. This turns members focus totally outward so they cannot see the problems within. In addition, viewing others who question and expose the group as dangerous enemies justifies extreme actions against them. Questioning and dissent are not tolerated”

        • Esther says:

          Thank you very much for your kind thoughts.

          Normally I would never have disclosed any personal info to those people, but they were threatening to list a hearing at short notice. Again.

          I expected nothing less from them, and again I’m vindicated.

          Every interaction with them confirms to me I’ve done the right thing in calling them to account. What kind of people do that?

          Where did that quote come from? If you don’t want to put it in comments, please drop it into the contact form.

    • Esther says:

      Thank you. I’m hoping that it will prompt some questions in high places. This last couple of weeks’ effort was UM working the justice system as well. They knew I can’t pay the debt. It was opportunism. Intimidation.

      The list in the letter is revealing – I don’t know if all those named have spoken out about UM. There are academics and anti-cult groups in there – I don’t know if they’ve ever said boo about UM. I don’t care either. It’s not relevant to proving anything. But the list demonstrates UM have had trouble – all those individuals and fronts by the looks. For all their harping on ‘responsibility’ they want to believe I’m to blame for the conflicts they get into. They called me into court to two hearings because they want to believe I hadn’t disclosed everything required. No evidence. Accused me of doing what they do. Difference is I have evidence, and they’re giving me more all the time.

      Anon, I’m being sued in two states. Serge in NSW. Two of his faith-full – GoonAudibah inhabitants – small fry -brought the one in Queensland. They brought their claim a year ago, a year after Serge brought his. I got a costs order because we tried to get their claim ‘stayed’ arguing it should have been filed in NSW. I lost. But I haven’t lost 4.5 of five hearings since. They’ve bombarded me with bullshit in Qld that would not be allowed in NSW. NSW has mandatory case management provisions for defamation claims.

      Most of the wishes and characters named on the wishlist have nothing to do with allegations to be tried.

      No my academic transcripts aren’t relevant. I’m giving them over anyway. They’re all high distinctions, lol.

  4. Guess who Charlie? says:

    Yes definitely GoEsther what a time you have had. What a warrior Princess!
    Such spine and strength of character.
    You have done SO SO well.
    Keep it up.
    Go all of us – your supporters!
    May this dirty fighting on the part of UM increase and intensify support and increase publicity.

    It will make everyone more determined and courageous.

    A good song for right now!

    Well, I won’t back down
    No, I won’t back down
    You can stand me up at the gates of hell
    But I won’t back down
    No, I’ll stand my ground
    Won’t be turned around
    And I’ll keep this world from draggin’ me down
    Gonna stand my ground
    And I won’t back down
    (I won’t back down)
    Hey, baby, there ain’t no easy way out
    (I won’t back down)
    Hey, I will stand my ground
    And I won’t back down
    Well I know what’s right
    I got just one life
    In a world that keeps on pushin’ me around
    But I’ll stand my ground
    And I won’t back down
    (I won’t back down)
    Hey, baby, there ain’t no easy way out
    (I won’t back down)
    Hey, I will stand my ground
    And I won’t back down
    Hey baby, there ain’t no easy way out
    (I won’t back down)
    Hey, I won’t back down
    (I won’t back down)
    Hey, baby, there ain’t no easy way out
    (I won’t back down)
    Hey, I will stand my ground
    And I won’t back down
    No, I won’t back down

    Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers – I Won’t Back Down

  5. Who does she and he think they are? says:

    Paula Fletcher’s letter was a real eye opener to read.
    How many breaches there Paula?
    Charlie you must know that.

    • Not conned by Converys says:

      Thank you for this news eagle eyes. That’s another win for this week. I’m surprised the council didn’t take issue with the false premise of the DA though. It’s not an ‘approved educational establishment’.

      If you don’t want to download the file, readers – UM applied to increase student numbers at 37 CONverys Lane and it was refused for a second time.

      The decision – Item 8.1:

      That Council confirms its previous decision to refuse Development
      Application 2016/506 ‘To Permit Increased Student Numbers (from 100 to
      235 students) on a Permanent Basis for an Approved Educational
      Establishment’ on Lot 2 DP 577649 No. 37 Converys Lane, Wollongbar for
      the following reasons:
      1. The intersection of the Bruxner Highway and Converys Lane has
      insufficient capacity to service the proposed development and approval of
      the application would compromise the safety and efficiency of the
      2. The proposed Traffic Management Plan is neither practical nor selfenforcing.
      There is likely to be a high risk of non-compliance with the
      proposed traffic management strategies, and therefore these strategies
      are unlikely to alleviate traffic safety and management concerns at the
      intersection of the Bruxner Highway and Converys Lane.
      3. For the reasons outlined above, the application is not considered to be in
      the public interest.

      Some footage of the Council meeting – I haven’t watched it through, it’s Session 2, 14 December 2017 meeting.

      • Mayor Wright is Wrong says:

        I watched it. Seems like there are a few sympathisers on the council and the rest are suspicious. One gentleman was of the opinion that UM was doing a fine job with ‘whatever’ education they did up there, and how they should be applauded for working harmoniously with the community.

        He’s obviously not taking any notice. It’d be interesting to note the total number of divorces, family court cases, lost friendships, broken down families, plundered inheritances and bank accounts and present that quantum to these numbskulls in simple terms, including the Mayor who obviously has some sort of blinkers on when it comes to the group. It also seems to allude some of them that the ‘education’ people are getting includes the belief that Serge Benhayon is a new era messiah, and that evil spirits are responsible for bad stuff. I know its just local council but if this is the quality of thinking of our representatives, no wonder we go from one stupid decision to another.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I put Paula’s letter to you through the fact-checker-translator and it came up with a simple and concise translation, cutting through all her waffle.

    It translated to; “We’re a vendetta driven cult”.

  7. Anonymous says:


  8. Anonymous says:

    WTF is foundational breast care, Some other dodgy front they have dreamed up?
    Will it never end?

  9. Light bulb moment says:

    One would think the Courts would have the power or the will to deal with mischief claims before they got to this point would you not?

  10. Interesting says:

    Cr Phillip Meehan – declared an interest in Item 8.1 – DA 2016/506 –
    Section 82A Review – 37 Converys Lane. (Nature of Interest: nonsignificant,
    non-pecuniary – in a previous local government election he
    had a political relationship with Mr Ray Karam). He will be remaining in
    the meeting while the matter is discussed and voting on the matter.

    • Cr David Wright – declared an interest in Item 8.1 – DA 2016/506 –
    Section 82A Review – 37 Converys Lane. (Nature of Interest: nonsignificant,
    non-pecuniary – in a previous local government election he
    had a political relationship with Mr Ray Karam). He will be remaining in
    the meeting while the matter is discussed and voting on the matter.


  11. Desperado says:

    UM are clutching at straws!

    Registrar’s light bulb moment…
    I wonder what he is thinking now!

  12. What a right Charlie! says:

    Tell us Charlie….PLEEAA$$EEE after your weekend at CONvery’s $B Celebration’$

    Would you be as horrid and full on cockey as limp as a lettuce leaf if the courtroom and /or registrar’s room was full of Esther’s supporters [100’s and growing] and NO NO UM’ers.

    Would you be as strong and as LONNNGGGG winded and as intimidating and also as reply truthful as Esther was????

    Just asking?

    You just may have this privilege sometime.
    Fingers crossed XXXX

  13. Cross examination says:

    What UM need to understand is that they have elected to constantly put out all their extremely questionable promoting info into the public domain for reasons of self adoration, worship, personal disclosure and recruiting into a religious business owned by one man.
    If the real world responds and does not agree, asks questions, objects and has opinions that is their right to do so especially if they have been negatively affected personally. Its called a public response. These court cases are about a man and his human shields who now has money trying to control and convince the real world he is “the one” by attacking one brave woman who has provided a platform for that public response.
    If you truely believe what you are doing is truth, love and light there is no need to rapid fire into people to silence them.
    Truth will stand on its own.

  14. Avoid all eye contact says:

    For those with English as a foreign language having difficulties understanding the words of the video clip Esther posted above:

    Stay in the shadows
    Cheer at the gallows
    This is a round up
    This is a low flying panic attack
    Sing a song on the jukebox that goes
    Burn the witch Burn the witch
    We know where you live
    Red crosses on wooden doors
    And if you float you burn
    Loose talk around tables
    Abandon all reason
    Avoid all eye contact
    Do not react
    Shoot the messengers
    This is a low flying panic attack
    Sing the song of sixpence that goes
    Burn the witch Burn the witch
    We know where you live We know where you live

    • Abandon all reason says:

      Thank you for posting those. I just loved the Cello + vocal performance, but the Radiohead original is also wonderful.

      Video is an excellent rendition of a reasonable person’s fact finding visit to Goonellabah. Very fiery. 😉

  15. GoEsther says:

    My Linkedin profile has become very popular all of a sudden. Looks as if they are googling your supporters. Viewing rate up by 400% in the last couple of days. Gee Whiz………….feeling a bit Love Bombed 🙂

    • Esther says:

      Could you take a screenshot of that please? I don’t need it yet, but it would be good if you could document the sudden interest with the date(s). It will be useful to show the court that UM got the info for the purpose of sharing it to their ‘community’.

      These are the people who accuse us of cyberstalking when we read the stuff they post – promoting UM – online.

      Any other donors please keep documents or notes showing anything similar. Note any UMers hanging around your homes or approaching you directly. Note names, dates, rego numbers. Photograph them.

  16. Level Up says:

    I noticed a couple of Umers out after 9:00pm curfew recently.

    Surely something will rain down upon them & in a future reincarnation they will come back lower down the pecking order.

    Did not follow the key rules …………….no advancement to the next level.

    Sounds like an 80’s video game.

    Maybe they were looking at Christmas lights…………………….Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  17. Eso Legal Expertise says:

    I reckon they are working as a team on both applications. A few of the more zealous and aggressive members get together for battle plans. Paula is probably doing it for next to nothing. They might be getting contributions I bet there’s an agreement at Universal Law that Paula works on the Fiery Action while Cameron does the bill paying grunt work.

    They’d be treating it as one mission so no doubt their overall plan is to undo the troll and save Serge from the ignominy of having his esoteric philosophy examined in court. How can the astral cult understand it? after all, they are controlled by the dark lodge who are jealous of Serge’s success and mission.

    Alan Johnston is their little-jackbooted lieutenant who is let loose to attack the troll and her supporters every so often with his poncy but blinkered observations. Alison Grieg – the rabid propagandist- sets to work demolishing facts and truth to bend the story to fit with what the group need to believe. Even if it doesn’t help her husbands case.

    Each week they probably get together to work out what’s next. Paula then types up their list of demands without any deference to the law or the case and instead appeals to a higher authority (Serge and how she feels) as to why she should get all the information they want and the troll should get nothing. Even if there is a court order.

    While they see conspiracy in a redacted supporters name, they fail to see anything is amiss when Serge says he’s deleted all his emails to do with his business, bequests, donations and charity, and that he doesn’t have documents and bank account for companies he controls; or even that whatever they say Esther has said about them is trivial by comparison to what they have said about her and others.

    But do they understand they are driving themselves towards a precipitous dead end?


    • Watergayte says:

      Looking forward to your upcoming book in ten years or so.

      • Esther says:

        HBO miniseries – Game of Clones – heh heh

        Thanks to everyone whose been in touch to show concern. I’m fine. Money is tight of course. I’m still getting legal advice on bankruptcy and income – It’s not Mr M.’s area but some barristers in the same chambers have offered to assist. In short, bankruptcy can’t deprive a person of the income they need to live. UM are doing a marvellous job at getting me more legal help. The more I’m harassed, the more lawyers want to help.

        A lot of people are astounded that UM got away with what they did – managing to get my list of donors. So were we. Unfortunately there’s nothing can be done about it.

        Most of the folk whose names were released to the arseholes are okay with it. UM are very aware of who their critics are. That’s what they’re trying to keep a lid on – the pretence that they are not universally despised for the grasping bastards that they are.

        Litigation is not something to mess with – and Team UM are on thin ice. Charlie and the whole team should be worried that even I beat him in court, after they threw shit at me all year and he still got nowhere at three other hearings. Remember, UM have at least five practicing in house lawyers and a few other cooks spoiling the pea soup on their legal team – and even I beat them.

    • I'M SO NOT religious BUT this is so appro! at the moment.... says:

      “Don’t be afraid,” the prophet answered.
      “Those who are with us are more than those who are with them.”

    • Steve Mc says:

      I thought I saw a previous incarnation of AJ in the “Great Escape” in an SS uniform.

      Tall, pale croaking orders.

      Explains everything.

      Serpent is another term that comes to mind.

  18. Google this UMers says:

    14 Ways Narcissists Can be Cult Leaders – Psych Central
    So revealing

    • Not at all like this says:

      That is a really good summary. Worth a cut and paste. 😉

      Cult leaders act larger than life. They are viewed as innately good, possessing special wisdom, answerable to no one, with no one above them.

      Cult members’ rights are subjugated for the “good” of the group, leader, or cause. Members are told that what the cult wants them to do is for their own good, even if it is self-destructive.

      An “Us vs. Them” attitude prevails. Outsiders are viewed as dangerous or enemies. This turns members’ focus outward, reducing the chances they will spot problems within the cult. In addition, viewing others as enemies is used to justify extreme actions because of the “dangers” outsiders pose.

      The leader or cause becomes all-important. Members devote inordinate amounts of time to the leader and group, leaving little time for self-care or reflection.

      Feelings are devalued, minimized, or manipulated. Shame, guilt, coercion, and appeals to fear keep members in line. Members are led to discount their instincts and intuition and told to seek answers from the leader or cult’s teachings. Over time, members can lose touch with their previous habits and values.

      Questioning and dissent are not tolerated. Having doubts about the leader or cult is considered shameful or sinful. Members are told that doubts or dissent indicate something wrong with the member.

      The ends justify the means. The “rightness” of the leader and cult justifies behavior that violates most people’s standards for ethics and honesty. In the zealotry of the cult, anything goes.

      Closeness to the cult and leader is rewarded while distance is punished. Temporary ostracism is used to punish behavior that doesn’t conform to group rules. Members fear being estranged from the group and losing their identities and the benefits of group membership.

      Cult members are on an endless treadmill of “becoming.” Only the cult leader is considered perfect. All other members must strive to emulate the leader. Most cults are set up so that members can never achieve this perfection, which keeps them dependent.
      Lies are repeated so often they seem true. The cult leader cannot be wrong and never needs to apologize.

      Cult leaders enrich themselves at members’ expense. Members are encouraged or coerced into gratifying the leader’s needs by giving up time, money, and more.

      Communication is coercive or deceptive. Things are not always what they seem. This fosters confusion, leaving members vulnerable. When confused, they seek solace from the aura of certainty the leader seems to possess.

      Sameness is encouraged. Certain kinds of appearance, behavior, and cult terms and language become the norm for members. Over time, members come to identify themselves as part of an entity rather than as individuals.

      Doing what the leader wants is presented as the path to enlightenment or happiness. In time, this leads members to give up their old habits and norms. They live in a bubble, filtering out information that might weaken their resolve.

      • 🦆 says:

        If it….
        Looks like a duck
        Swims like a duck
        Has feathers like a duck
        Waddles on webbed feet like a duck
        Quacks like a duck
        Its a duck

  19. Ho Ho Ho says:

    O come,all ye faithful
    Woeful and sycophant
    O come ye, O come ye to Benhayonland
    Come and behold him
    Born the king of porcelain
    O come let us adore him
    O come let us adore him
    O come let us adore and bring
    Christ your card

  20. Adoy says:

    Seems like our local scribe has turned their hand to movie reviews.



    “Instead, we faced an overly dark (for no reason), overly violent, overly emotional mess of a film which failed to capture any of the Star Wars magic and instead acted as a kind of doppelganger – looks the part on its shiny surface, but is empty within”.

    Was he looking for rainbows & unicorn farts ………………FFS it’s a war.

    Shiny surface but empty within…………? Describing Star Wars or something else.

    I also love this line.

    “Lack of any decent explanation for any of the major plot points of the universe”.

    I think someone else has that covered.

    “But these films – which somehow miraculously seem to get great reviews, will eventually be seen for what they are. Right now, we are in disbelief – but the Emperor Has No Clothes”.

    I have read lots reviews for lots of stuff & it seems to all be in the name of self endorsement. Nobody believes it – but the Emperor has 4 rings & a really big house.

    “Not the product of a single visionary, but the mess of a corporation wanting to replicate the visionary’s magic without the understanding of “what it’s all about”.

    We have seen the product of a single visionary & it turned into a corporation & there is no magic to it………………..it is just bullshit.

    I feel the presence of the Dark Lord (of Form).

    Oh yeah ………….my daughter & her friends loved it
    I intend to see it, & I saw the original STAR WARS at the Star Court Theatre in 1977.

    Hmmmmm……..Local scribe born not at that time ?

    • RJM says:

      “Just. Not. Plausible”

      Unlike Serge’s completely believable cosmology, LOL.

      I wonder if the recent Star Wars films get the UM stamp of approval. Serge likes to claim that the earlier episodes are ‘esoteric’ cinematic expressions (The Force, etc).

    • Lord of the Dark Side says:

      Serge has given them edicts on these films. From memory, he has preached that the first films allude to the fight between the hierarchy and the astral forces. (the Jedi are UM and the dark side is the dark lodge)

      So NO DOUBT Hamish- I phone people up, pretend to be writing a news story, and deny I have any knowledge of the group me and my wife are in- Broome had those lenses on when he went to the cinema with his wife and 8 “friends” (ie, other similarly “thinking” members)

      The word from the Astral Cult is the movie is excellent. May the dark side be with you.

    • Pranic Princess Leia says:

      Oh ffs, Hamish went with an array of miserable Esos including his missus Sarah Davis. It was never going to be a fun night out. These are people who pay to listen to each other whinge about how the world is shit.

      Hamish thought it was too dark because there were no little girls in it wearing makeup and dancing to Glorious hymns to Serge. Is that it Hamish?

      Or is it because the cast and crew were fed wheat and potatoes?

  21. Anonymous says:

    Esther, Please keep this info on file, in case this character gets a little stalky toward you or one of your donors, heres his recently cancelled business address and details.


    recent business address: http://archive.is/1wF0e


  22. Universal Medicine Retreat 2018, where? says:

    Update on location of Universal Medicine Retreat – LENNOX HEAD 2018 – An Esoteric Odyssey
    17th April – Saturday 21st April 2018

    It was originally publicised as being held at the Lake Ainsworth Sport and Recreation Centre. But has apparently now been moved to Lennox Head Cultural & Community Centre.

    UM publicity states “Location Available Upon Registration”

  23. I want to be free says:

    A little video clip to lighten up the “Burn the witch” mood. I have to admit, it´s better than MB´s material: https://donotlink.it/15AM

    • boris66 says:

      I’m waiting for the GM Christmas Album.

      “O come all ye faithful
      Empty your pockets
      O come ye, o come ye
      To Converys Lane
      Come & behold him
      Born a reincarnation”

      Everyone sing along

    • Lord of the Dark Side says:

      It’s pretty mediocre, saccharine, devotional, “how I talked myself into being in a cult and thought wrong before I was told the truth” fare. But it is more musical than young Mike. Just. The singer looks like a slightly shocked and mystified Damien Leith (less the vocal talent)

  24. Piroschka says:

    Woah, that number plate isn´t even close to being worth $15,000. Shame on them.

    UK and German coproduction by the way. Walking anti-clockwise of course.

    • Darth Alias says:

      Ha ha, doing Sergio’s special walking laps around the backyard. Apparently Esoteric Walking is better than space travel according to Serge. Tighten your sphincter, point your knees toward each other, toes toward Sirius, proceed as if your bones are solid lead, and oops, you trip straight thru the portal into multidimensionality. AMAZING.

      You can do it in flip flops. $30 a throw.

      It’s an okay tune, but dear lord of form its so dull. It’s about rejecting individuality. Life.
      Passionless, emotionless, insipid. It’s one of the most miserable things I’ve heard.

  25. Free me from this says:

    Urs Fuchs never sounded so good 😜

  26. Blair witchery says:

    Into the woods with four very skinny tired looking singers then a anticlockwise wander and a wiggle around mowed mirrored grass pyramids then into the combi for a final warble
    Perfectly normal behaviour

    • Alias Darth says:

      I meant to add that Robbie Boyd was a slim fellow before the Esos latched onto him. Now he looks haggard and sunken eyed and is singing anti-fun hymns. It’s a worry.

      • Dr Spock says:

        They all look sick and no surprise on that diet of no substance and the words of an ignorant fool. It will cause a slow shutting down of the body, damage to vital organs and the brain unable to think clearly. By the time they are forced to do something about it (because they don’t go to the doctor when they feel ill, they believe that’s just their body telling them something) it will be too late and irreversible damage will have been done. A bit like liver disease, very hard to see just how much damage is being done inside until near to the end.

        I recon in about 4 or 5 years, if they’ve carried on like are they are now, we’ll sadly be seeing a lot of very sick people.

  27. First Hand Naming Names Page says:

    Hey, the EPA Website´s got some content eventually:

    • EPA BLOG says:

      Do please keep you eye on this EPA link…the blog icon EXpecially

      • Emperors Old Clothes says:

        “Members are accredited by the EPA as meeting the standards of integrity and professionalism as represented in the EPA Code of Ethics and Conduct. This accreditation is an assessment by the EPA on an annual basis and is not a paper exercise of qualifications held or workshops attended, alone. Whilst technical skills and prowess are undoubtably important, the EPA accreditation is an assessment of the individual member’s level of commitment and responsibility to the principles enshrined in the EPA Code of Ethics and, as a necessary corollary to this, their commitment to the community/public who receive their services. Hence EPA accreditation is a statement that the member lives and represents the standard set by the EPA. Hence accreditation by the EPA is a measure of trust and assurance for the public.”


        You can’t give self accreditation or self assement as a guarnetee of professionalism or professional conduct. It’s only through outside observation and judgement that a body becomes recognized as having any purpose or meaning. Anyone can say anything about themselves but that doesn’t mean it’s true! Especially in field of complementary medicine where there is so much woo and bullshit. We all already know this so I am preaching to a group who well understands the utter meaningless of the EPA, but just in case there are any new readers here or any members of the EPA snooping around. Until they allow outside bodies to observe, question, and measure the actual success of these treatments, they are completely meaningless (as is the EPA). You may as well take the membership certificate, make it in to a paper hat and use it as a sunshield. Even though it will give zero protection against the suns rays, it has more worth in this function than as any measure of competence.

  28. Just saying says:


    The Girl to Woman Project
    Like This Page · December 19 ·

    So it’s true, 🌸 we’re totally amazing 🌸… in every single way. The G2W Team is about to rock out at two markets this weekend. Offering free activities, community connections, festive cheer and a whole lot of fun. All to promote and celebrate our upcoming G2W Northern Rivers Festival at Lennox Head, New South Wales on Sunday January 21st. Get your tickets @ http://www.girltowoman.com.au/northern-rivers-girl-to-woman-festival-ticket-sales.html

  29. A galactic $tar$ Wars Premonition says:

    We have observed those of us in the whop oho constellations of the never never tween here and Sirius that we [the true blue honest universal defectors] history has taught us that with it being Christmas – we are sure to receive a galactic threat from the Esoteric planet.
    Legally we are ready!

  30. Craig Roberts says:

    Their disgraceful behaviour will only make your supports more determined to take these cowards down,they are pulling out all stops to stop this going to court as they know they made a huge blunder,their gutless people who don’t have the strength of their own convictions and if the the truth comes out they loose their money pit when their mindless followers finally wake up to the fact that all they have done is make few people rich.

  31. Craig Roberts says:

    UM don’t realise that if the names of the anonymous donors are made public, then they will no longer any reason for their anonymity and will cut loose on UM with a vengeance that will expose any information that they may have been holding back for personnel reasons. Talk about a ship of fools.

    • Olga Andigor says:

      Definitely so in my case.

    • Esther says:

      I agree. They’re tempting people to come forward if they out them. I’m still getting regular calls from the media. It’s a big risk to UM. But they also seem to have an infinite capacity for stupidity.

      Thank you everyone for your comments. It’s great to see so many diverse voices here. Thank you for the EPA observation Emperors Old Clothes – you’re bang on the money.

      Now, a favour that I ask from time to time. Does anyone have any spare copies of Sergio’s purple books? My legal team would like to have a copy. We don’t want to buy them. Most defectors seem to hurl them in the nearest skip – with great vigour, but if you haven’t hurled yours away yet, please consider donating it to Mr M’s holiday reading. Ta.

    • boris66 says:

      WTF? What a load of shit.

    • Before Serge Benhayon I thought for myself. says:

      I think the devotional is about staring down their own doubts. He keeps them hoodwinked by keeping them on the hamster wheel. This poor lady sums it all up. She’s on a mission. The world is going to hell. There is us and them, She can now fix it, She is amazing, She wasn’t before (and if I even think that Serge isn’t who he says he is, fuck I have wasted my time…)

      “Of course there are those who are not content and are talking nonsense about this amazing man who has done so much for all of humanity but I am not letting that bug me or even affect me as I KNOW that as long as I do what I do best – never hold back in expressing what I feel – then I am in some way helping to stamp out the evil (because that is what it is) once and for All.

      Thank You, God for making me so fearless now so that nothing threatens or rattles me, regardless of what they have to say when it comes to Serge Benhayon. I know who he is and nothing and no one will change my Absoluteness that I know about Serge Benhayon”.

      Of course, if Ms Pattel was allowing herself to worry about Serge’s fascination with money, bequests, charities, his family arrangements, the fact he sets up sites to attack his critics, and a plethora of inconsistent stories and grandiose claims (if he isn’t sent by God), then those doubts would overwhelm her and she’d be back to being Ms Pattel Before SB…a right thinking human with blinkers removed, again seeing that things aren’t black and white.

      She’d see the world complex as it really is, rather than living in a fantasy world of DANGER! created by SB and solved with a phantasmagorical set of rules that are literally out of this world. And of course, she’d see Serge Benhayon for who he really is. Just a little bloke with big ideas about who he is, with a smooth gift of the gab that’s helped him amass a small fortune. Selling dreams.

      If he was sent by anyone, given this fascination with all things ‘fiery’ my guess is that it’d have been from gods nemesis. It also starts with S.

    • Cognitive Dissonance says:

      That somebody could sincerely post such a piece while maintaining the belief that UM isn’t a cult illustrates how completely shattered their critical thinking skills are. It’s tragic.

      • Before Serge Benhayon I thought for myself. says:

        On a good day, they are full of joy at the thought of how awesome they are- they see signs everywhere telling that they are on the right path.

        On every other day, they are nagged with doubts. Lives follow the same trajectories with the same tedious minutia, the earth goes around the sun, and the cosmos doesn’t yield their beliefs. People still die of cancer at the same rate. Politicians still lie. Bombs still drop. Wars still happen. And people they used to know like them a lot less.

        They are sincere in their desire to grasp onto the beliefs the colour their view of the world. That gives them an elevated place in it. If they sincerely believed in Serge, they wouldn’t spend so much time penning praise that barely hides their collective doubts.

        When you KNOW something you don’t need to keep reaffirming your belief in that knowledge. DOUBT is beliefs long and dark shadow.

    • RJM says:

      You’d think that, after a few years of practice, the PR department would be a little better at disguising the fact that they’re a cult. All the testimonies about Serge being ‘just a normal person like else everyone’ else don’t mean much when ‘students’ are writing to God, essentially to thank him for an act of divine intervention: for sending Serge to earth to ‘help humanity’. Over 100 responses of rapt agreement show that this notion is not an anomaly.

  32. Dear Santa says:

    The only BSB Serge is interested in is the BSB that goes with your bank account number!

  33. Heaven can't wait says:

    Dear God
    I KNOW you KNOW that I KNOW you KNOW but thankyou for sending Esther Rocketing down to earth to fix the terrible mistake made sending Serge to our planet.
    Those poor followers are the ” lost the plot” club but they dont know it.
    They have not heard about the urgent REcall from you and your team for the walk the walk ($30) and the talk the talk ($5 and bring a plate) son of a ….god.
    You may still need to “pop down” but Esther, Rob and Tom are going great guns GETTING ON WITH IT.
    PS If you run into Santa, can I have a new Audi for xmas
    Thankyou God
    Beena Normalpersononce

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