Five years of Universal Medicine accountability and gossip November 2017

Accountability-kittyLate September we passed a milestone! Five years ago I launched the Universal Medicine Accountability blog with Our Mission of publishing the information UM won’t. I aimed to get as much info as I could online before the Esoteric goon squad tried to shut me down -plus analysis, plus space for readers to comment, question, laugh and share the pain.

Look where we are. Still here, still investigating. This is the most exposed UM’s ever been. But while the public knows more about the dark recesses of its innermost than ever, the past five years were only the warm up. There’s more. The real exposure is to come.

Five years of Universal Medicine Accountability

Thank you to all my supporters! I wouldn’t be continuing if it weren’t for you.

Visit Our Mission page to inspect our achievements over the past five years. It has a list of regulatory outcomes and links to a heap of my blogs covering the issues – child welfare concerns, sleazy and bogus ‘healing’ practices promoted by misguided health professionals, false advertising, dodgy charities, exorcisms, bullying and death worship. It also links to my accounts of my own experience of UM in 2004 and 2005.

I never expected I would still be digging up substantial dirt about UM five years later. In 2015 I’d decided I’d spent enough of my time on this rubbish. I was moving on. That’s when the first defamation claim came. UM decided they couldn’t function without me, and perhaps it’s just as well, because my investigation has hit its stride since and gotten us some serious support – thank you! I continue to uncover more and it never gets any prettier. Hang around for more Esoteric revelations and more media coverage.

This time in 2012 UM (which says it never advertises) had two company websites and five ‘love blogs’. The firm (including its fronts) now has over 50 websites and its reputation has never been worse. Of UM’s publicity miscalculations their loony attacks on complainants on their Esoteric FACTS sites may have done them the most damage. In setting out to ‘expose’ me and bring me ‘to account’ for publishing the bleeding obvious, most of which is UM’s own material, they’ve gotten me more support and a ton of new friends. Those contemplating coming forward who fear a backlash from the unisex Sons of God really should be aware of the benefits to me personally. I have the satisfaction of knowing I did the right thing. The more I’ve uncovered, the more I’ve been vindicated. I have the respect of people whose respect matters. Over at UM HQ, at the bottom of the deep hole they’ve dug for themselves, the brains trust remains oblivious to the fact that the more they’ve tried to discredit me, the more help I’ve gotten and the more their credibility has plummeted.

For five years, UM have had people working full time to try and stop one person from publishing. For two years their in house legals have been busting their healing symbols trying to derail my legal defences. It’s only exposed UM more. It’s a lot of effort and expense thrown at trying to discredit someone they feign to dismiss as a ‘troll’. But, of course, it’s not me that’s the enemy. It’s information. UM has succeeded in preventing you from sharing much of it. UM community members are pressured to keep secrets and UM’s bullying has prevented outsiders from comparing notes and mobilizing to get something done about the mess. In the meantime, UM’s hierarchy of browbeaters continue to push the minions to produce the promotional content, donate, spend and relentlessly share their ‘truth’. As long as they do that the puppet master reaps untold profits – to funnel into his array of trusts.

If one person with meagre resources can prove to be such a threat to them – imagine if we multiplied.

And gossip

The UM gossip mill continues to crank overtime with more informants than ever and a backlog of madness to report. Keep the tip offs coming!*

And the One Unified Truth takeaway from our friends with their ears to the ground, glasses to walls, eyeballs at keyholes etc??

UM is a photoshopped flop.

(And if ever a bunch of decaying neurotics benefited from Clayton Lloyd’s special services it’s this lot). One needn’t sneak around to work out what UM truly is, and fair enough the Hierarchy have succeeded in stuffing too much ill earned dosh into the pyramid’s attic, but the rest is the most toxic balderdash ever to ascend from a toilet bowl. It’s on its path of return. As I’ve said before, most people flush theirs. UM may have found a population of unquestioning consumers/unpaid labourers but never has so much PR hype amounted to so little commercial traction.


UM seems hell bent on reaching their goal to have more websites than subscribers. I’ve listed 52 sites for the corporation and various front projects. Six of those sites feature Serge’s name in the title, and has (I’m guessing) about 100 testimonial articles, and 30-40,000 glowing comments from his following of several hundred. Serge and UM is glorified on several thousand more web pages. BUT UM ISN’T A CULT! IT’S ALL PERFECTLY NORMAL. The 52 sites isn’t counting all the followers’ personal and business sites featuring devotionals to the Benhayons either. The Lords of Form only know how many of those there are, but let’s face it, they’ve hardly set the world alight. Even Google gave up trying to list them all.

Anyway the latest initiatives include Predictably it’s a collection of poorly organized and apparently pointless diatribes accompanied by oddly incongruent glamour photos of the usual line up of UM contributors, none of whom are able to articulate WTF it’s about, and to add to the confusion, it’s bilingual. Good luck with that. Universal Medicine in the News is a sour grapes anti free-speech site featuring poorly organized and apparently pointless diatribes accompanied by oddly incongruent glamour photos of the usual line up of UM contributors, none of whom are able to articulate WTF it’s about, and to add to the confusion, it’s advertising ‘truth’ 😂 with Alison Greig, Rebecca Asquith and Sarah Davis listed among the authors. 😂 😂 What’s next? An article on journalistic ethics by Hamish Broome? 🤣


Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 10.36.53 pm.png

Life.Design.You – whatever that means

There’s also The Joy of Ageing Esoterically a blogsite authored by UM’s maturing investments. The terminal benefactors write about having fun preparing to die and how much they’re looking forward to the wonderful new adventure of an expeditious extinction: like handing over their passwords and account details to UM’s professional executors, or being bundled toute de suite into their cardboard coffins as soon as they ‘pass over’  for an unceremonious run to the crematorium in the UniMed van. Mind the speed limit, Dean.

Funerals are passé in UM – they eat into the inheritances.

A picture paints a…

Social media really has done wonders for groups like UM and it dishes up plenty of delicious gossip. I loved this – sent by an avid reader. The nuptials of the New Era – Michael Benhayon’s second go at it – described by some parasite or other as his best wedding yet – was staged at his multimillionaire Dad’s pile at Tregeagle. An insider tells me His Holiness has the faith-full donating to his legal fund. Not surprising. But don’t tell me he put on a wedding and had the guests BYO food?!!


Pea soup Neil?

Naming Names update

To be named on the Naming Names page is a special honour reserved for those who promote UM and/or its recruiters in their workplaces. I still update it from time to time, but I’m less enthusiastic about listing the poor bloody practitioners trying to scrounge a living from their ‘accredited’ Esoteric skills than I am about outing the professionals talking up the firm.

Welcome to the site, Shushila Boswell, midwifery educator NSW Health South Western Sydney, Neive O’Donahue, solicitor, Kenmore, Queensland and Deborah McGee, registered psychologist.

As for the ‘accredited’ Esoteric practitioners, we’ve found over the years only a tiny fraction of them are capable of earning a living from that nonsense. Con-artistry doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Having completed the retinue of ‘professional practitioner’ courses, usually repeatedly, and forked out for their annual ‘energetic assessment’ from Serge’s business, the Esoteric Practitioners Association, they can’t earn back the outlay, and end up returning to their day jobs. But of course that’s their own fault for not being sufficiently committed. Says the management. Keep repeating the training dearie, and in some distant lifetime you might ‘get there’.

It was only a matter of time before Esoteric practitioner training did its dash – in Australia at least. In 2010 Serge boasted about 350 people rocked up to Sacred Esoteric Healing Advanced Level One workshop ($350) at the Lennox Head stadium. He had a good run like that for several years. When I took that course in 2005, I guess there were about 60 people there – maybe more. In August this year a little birdy happened to flit past the Lennox Community Centre while the same course was underway. He reckons there were less than two dozen customers there – and from the lineup of Audis and familiar pasty faces it appears they were frequent flyers. No fresh meat.

Which means Serge has had to diversify his range of products if he wants to maintain the Eso-Empire – more on that soon. But for a little taster, it’s time to slip into something more comfortable.

Evening Alchemy – Miranda and Debbie together in the bedroom

Miranda’s magic pillows – DO NOT MICROWAVE YOU’LL WRECK THEM FFS

Apparently Serge is in on this too. Evening Alchemy is a line of luxury Esoteric bed linen exclusively offered by the current and former legal Brides of Serge. It’s an odd line of merchandise from a religion that preaches comfort is some sort of Astral sin, but anyway, the range is coming soon and I CAN’T WAIT to see the prices.

I guess it’s an offshoot from Featherlight productions. Miranda and Desiree have sold so many of those little gluten free eye pillows Miranda was able to spend $1m on the Tregeagle shack that she owns 99% of. Part of the marketing success was flogging the things, not as eye pillows, no – as magical, sacramental nuclei of divine fiery energy – $25 each, including GST. My guess is they were made in Vietnam for less than $1 each. EPA members, who are notorious for forking out for anything Eso, stocked up on the things in preparation for the masses of stampeding customers that flooded their treatment rooms.

So now it’s Esoteric sheets. Word is Serge and Miranda travelled to Thailand and their contract rescued an entire factory and its workers from destitution. I don’t know if Deborah Benhayon went along to play Mother Theresa too on that junket, but the real pisser is the fabric. These bespoke, handmade treasures, featuring timeless designs of sacred Nadis, or something, are crafted from ‘man-made silk’.

Silkworms are redundant on Planet Serge. And what is man-made silk you might ask? It’s Serge Speak of course. For polyester-cotton.

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 11.44.35 am

Evening Alchemy –  new depths of sales pitches, spinning polyester into Esoteric gold

If anyone’s looking for Serge he’s selling Esoteric eskies to the Inuit. Or scooping topsoil from a paddock in Wollongbar and labelling it ‘Athletes Powder’.

And bottling his farts.

*Drop your tip offs into the contact form or bung them in the comments. If you prefer to remain anonymous leave the name, email etc. fields blank.

160 Comments on “Five years of Universal Medicine accountability and gossip November 2017”

  1. Olga Andigor says:

    “Man-made silk equals polyester-cotton.” :-)) Very good to hear the number of course participants is low.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Esoteric bed sheets what will they come up with next.
    Saving a factory overseas and probably making lots of money in the process.
    Amazing business acumen.

  3. Esther says:

    Yoo hoo, Miranda luvvy, your gluten free flaxseed eye pillows probably won’t get wrecked in the microwave if you stick a glass of water in with them when you heat them up. It’s worth testing. Customers should do that with wheat bags too because eventually the wheat dries out and if they overheat they can spark and burst into flames. A nice fireman told me that. He was a bit over getting called to housefires caused by wheatbags…

    Now don’t say I don’t ever do anything for you. If you want to return the favour you could make a nice donation to my legal defence – Imagine Miranda, one day, you could have your life back – do your own thing, relax, have fun, have proper friends etc. No more paranoia…

  4. Lord of Form says:

    Time flies. Five years spent dealing with the consequences and damages of Serge’s stories.

    If we take everyone we know affected. Let’ say the 200 or so we’ve been in contact with, double it for silent family members (conservative) and multiply by 6 (the average number of years members are in the group- conservative), there’s 2400 years of peoples very real lives there down Serge’s toilet.

    Then there’s the “students” (was “2000” now about 500, so let’s call 700 average X 6 years) There’s another 4200 years.

    There’s only one of us writing all the blogs, pretending to be other people and writing multiple posts and comments, so thats 1X 5…. just 5 years. All good.

    Miranda- she’s served about 22 years admiring the Kings New Clothes. Deb H has racked up more than 30. The B kids…about 100 years between them.

    We’re at about 8,000 years right there. Let’s actually say it’s triple, because it is. So 32,000 years of peoples lives down the proverbial toilet of Serge’s crap epiphany. Enough time to actually fly to Sirius.

    Throw in untold broken families, friendships, disturbed kids, AVO’s, lawsuits, the family court and the sheer resources and time wasted becomes a cosmic aeon.

    At the epicentre of this gravity-well of time and energy wastage is Serge’s fantasies where he stars as a member of the ‘hierarchy’ with super (un)human powers and more knowledge than all the scientists and philosophers known in the universe.

    At the event horizon, the students don’t realise they’re being sucked in slowly and that time is passing faster and faster outside this sphere of influence. If they are lucky enough to escape- and few do- they’re shocked at how time has flown by and to see that at the heart of the awesome light-show they were captivated by is a dark, lightless hole relentlessly sucking the very fabric of their time in the universe into its black heart.

    Good work Ms Rockett. If only Serge had used his super human powers all those years ago and had perceived you were in fact an emissary of the Lords of Form.

  5. Pranic Attack says:

    Congratulations on the 5 years. Just think this time next year your work here may all be over …
    Not so sure that the hard liners will ever accept that they’ve been duped though.

    Nice tip about the wheat bags. I’d never thought about setting the wheat on fire but I have heard it said that if you want to attract men just light a fire! Seems to attact them – well, firemen if nothing else 🙂

  6. Multiple times Jasna? says:

    Dr Kim’s wife Jasna is very busy on Social media spruiking this

    Jasna your point i$?

  7. Neil SCIENCE Gamble says:

    I’ll just leave this here. Magnificent stuff from Noel sorry Neil Gamble, company director of UnimedLiving

    • Great Scott! says:

      “Raciness” WTF is that? The UM lot really are stuck in a bygone era aren’t they, that word was last common in 1953.

      From 19th Century views on medicine (as described by a doctor who is a Senior Staff Specialist at St Vincent Hospital in Sydney) to their puritanical and basically bonkers view on sexuality (sorry, luuurrve making as Sergio calls it like some cheesy 70’s singer) it seems the Benhayons and their followers did not come from another planet as they often claim, but from another time. A time before science proved the origins of man, the existence of dinosaurs, and pretty much everything else that the culties refuse to believe because Sergio says so, and what Sergio says must be true. After all, if you can’t trust a bankrupt, failed ex-tennis coach with questionable taste in clothes and vocabulary, who can you trust?

    • Serge's Dyslexi-con says:

      And they are all invented maladies. Raciness? Dampness? Dullness? Hardening? The sort of stuff you might have heard from a 19th century quack before medical science.

      Of course, Sergio dismisses science so he can go back to the days when you can say anything and be an expert.

      Neil should know better. The doctors should certainly know a lot better.

      • boris66 says:

        No sugar……..No raciness………………….No energy.
        That’s why they walk (& look like) the living dead & employ people to do everything for them.

    • Claim it Neil says:

      Neil’s response was exemplary Esoteric SCIENCE

      • Anonymous says:

        SMH story about Neil Gamble, the gambling big boss, embroiled in the cash-for-comment free speech censorship fiasco. Real ‘integrity’ there?

      • Anonymous says:

        Or this letter exchange of high integrity:

        In his letter (to John Laws, Neil) Gamble wrote: “The transcript of the exchange indicates that you made no attempt to defend Star City despite the fact that we are paying a substantial fee for your endorsement … nowhere in our transcript is there any evidence of you sticking up for Star City and endorsing it as a great entertainment venue.” Laws was paid $250,000 a year by the casino, as well as $4,000 a month in free food, drinks and accommodation.

        Three days later Laws replied: “I believe that I have displayed my loyalty to Star City constantly and perhaps in a way of which you aren’t aware. We get reasonably frequent calls wanting to be critical of Star City, as we do with faxes and emails. I either dismiss them totally or defend Star City. At no time did I allow any comment on the unfortunate incident concerning the (death of a patron by Star City) security guards even though I was strongly encouraged to do so. We have provided, I believe, absolute support for anything that Star City is doing.”
        Nice – not

      • Anonymous says:

        What a fucking cry baby

      • MacReady says:

        Sayeth Neil Gamble:

        “I now look back at the corporate world with a much clearer understanding and see so many businesses driven by executives that, without the benefit of these teachings, have little understanding of well being for themselves and their related communities. There is corporate irresponsibility on a massive scale. Serge Benhayon’s teachings would profoundly change the thinking and behaviour of the corporate world that would lead to much more responsive and responsible business models.”

        It would be interesting to see if Neil would stand by that endorsement in the event that UM’s ‘occult’ business machinations see full disclosure.

        • Anonymous says:

          The corporate world that you made all your money from Neil?
          And by the rules according to serge you will have karma coming your way won’t you?
          Ponder on that Neil before getting on your high horse.

        • Esther says:

          Hi Anon, your second and third sentences were cut for legal reasons. It might seem obvious to you that such statements are true – the problem is it’s me, as publisher, that has to stuff around for years at inordinate expense getting the evidence in front of the court. If I personally don’t have the evidence in front of me I don’t publish. Even an innocent question or reasonable opinion is capable of inferring a defamatory meaning and Australians can lose their assets and livelihoods proving justification to publish those. Particularly against the wealthy.

        • Serge's Lexi-con says:

          You have to hand it to Serge though; his routine that everything is done wrong works a charm. From Nicole’s “True tools” 😉 to corporate musings, to bewitched doctors thinking curing people is doing harm…he’s got their heads screwed right around.

  8. You give me the sheets! says:

    Here we go again….
    Evening Alchemy eso emotionless bedgasm sheets…for sale with love
    But will the followers “cotton on” to this next obvious rip off member must haves
    I doubt it
    These sheets will have a long life expiry, not due to the Thai slave labour hand woven with love and entity repelling fabric but as we know too much sleep is for the pranic so the followers will hardly use them
    And of course the Benhayons are sleep experts
    They can do it with their eyes closed
    Any insomnia problems?
    After big dog tucking you in, grab one of Serge’s books you’ll nod off in no timezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  9. Truly True Tools says:

    One of our honourable snouts wants me to find some gossip room for Nicole Serafin’s recruitment tilt in Ballina which induced a few titters over in the Legal Defence update comments.

    Apart from UM’s True Tools, our snout has a good point about this as a typical UM recruitment outing. No disclosure. I notice our Nicole – whose pharmacist husband is well known here for his very serious AHPRA reprimands and his commercial relationships with UM – is very active in various community projects.

      • Olga Andigor says:


        • Esther says:

          Sorry about all the slang Olga – it must be difficult for our non native English speaking readers at times. Looking at my post – ‘that lot’ is slang for that group of people (in this case UMers). To have a ’tilt’ at something is to try or to make an effort at something a la Don Quixote and his antipathy to windmills. An esky is an amazing piece of Australian technology made from styrofoam, elsewhere known as a cooler box. It’s not in this post but a bogan is an uncouth Australian philistine who is an obvious half-wit, which is why I affectionately refer to UM as bogan spirituality.

  10. Olga Andigor says:

    Thank you, Miss Pasternak. 🙂 Often, the meaning can often be taken from the context, but the slang terms were gone. The urban dictionary will help a lot, nothing more interesting than learining that.

  11. Anonymous says:

    “True tools”! Yep, the lot of ‘em. Never has there been a more accurate name for a group. There must be some sort of deep psychological desire to actually “out” themselves for what they really are that has burst through the surface here.

  12. Esther says:

    Interesting comments related to Weinstein scandal.

    • Serge's Lexi-con says:

      So what we are learning is that women who have been abused or manipulated may take years to realise it, and years to report it, if ever. And often only when someone else has the courage to stand up and say something.

      It also seems that while those victims feel like they’ll be ridiculed or told they are liars, and that a group around the perpetrator enables that behaviour, they are highly unlikely to ever speak up.


  13. boris66 says:

    Just having a rant.

    I am so sick of these pricks in my neighbourhood.
    Roaring past in their euro cars (Audi, Merc, VW……….& not so euro mazdas……….a definite order of merit in the organisation) at all hours (except 9pm to 3am).

    They seem to thinks the street is their own private speedway.

    I think they are compensating for the speed at which they walk…………funeral march pace.

    They talk about community involvement……….if you ever pass one while walking, you are flat out getting eye contact let alone words out of them. If you ever meet a couple it only ever seems to be the male that responds.

    And that f’ing flood song. My god.

    If you ever see them in the supermarket ( they are getting so easy to pick out of the crowd now),
    they have a trolley full of shallots, spinach & lamb.

    I think over the past 5 years or so about 4-5 million has been spent buying 7 properties close to me. Where does the money come from?

    Off topic I know, but that’s my rant.

    • To whom it may concern says:

      It seems to me, once you´re under manipulation, you´re blind to the most obvious flaws to the doctrine. UM is all about fiery love, so… you have to: drive expensive cars, eat meat/lamb (no feeling of connection to animals, only humans? Not even cute little lambs?), make money out of the flood with a shitty song, not being able to hold eye contact whilst it´s all about going into service for humanity.
      It. Does. Not. Make. Sense.When. It. Comes. To. Reality.

    • Serge's Lexi-con says:

      Boris, you’re being surrounded by light! Don’t you realise the thousand yard stares is because they are so awesome they can see into the fifth dimension. It’s also possible you have an entity and they are being careful not to en-join in your damp energy.

      These points of light are sacrificing themselves for you as the astral plane has descended to its lowest level in a millenia. They have to eat pea soup and lamb to clear themselves for you. You’re extra blessed being ringed by them. Imagine the initiation points you’re picking up free! (normally very expensive from Serge puniversity)

      You can only hope they build you out and you totally submit and drink the kool aid…

      That’s the only way you won’t feel massive resistance to their truth, over polished Audi’s, and glorious land grabs…

      By the way- just a small error on your behalf- they are not ‘pricks’, they are “points’ of light.

    • Anonymous says:

      I believe they walk at a “funeral march pace” as they’re looking forward to death. Many of them already look malnourished or like ghouls!

    • Esther says:

      Thank you Boris – ranting is always on topic if it’s about UM. Please rant away.

      I’ve heard that about UMers driving like arseholes. Apparently the only one who drives under the speed limit is Miranda.

      They can’t possibly make eye contact when they’re simultaneously trying to feel into the beingness of their livingness.

      We’re looking at the chosen one’s finances now for the legal proceedings, Boris. Would you mind sending me the addresses of the properties you’re aware of? Or an approximate address is also okay. I’d like to check them against my list. If you’d prefer to stay anon, plz phone me on a blocked number or drop the addresses into a comment or the Contact form. No need to fill in the name, email etc. They won’t be published. Ta.

      • boris66 says:


        Give me a day or two to sort it out.
        Do you just want ones for his holiness or as many as I can find (you never know where the money may have come from).
        I can think of about 10 at the moment.
        Do you want the sale price as well?

        • Esther says:

          Whatever you’ve got duckie, thank you!

          Apart from Serge’s stash, distributed among Lord only knows how many trust funds etc., there’s some sort of weirdness/racket of UMers buying selling property to/from each other. Any and all info is helpful. Cheers.

    • Cash Money Brotherhood says:

      The money comes from the clones, the cash only events and the deathbed wills. The whole thing is about money, pure and simple. Always has been.

      No spiritually pure person cares for possessions, flash cars and houses, they have their happiness from true enlightenment and have no need of such mortal signifiers of wealth. That’s why it was blindingly obvious from day one of them charging for everything they offer that this was never about anything else but the bottom line. They’re probably already working on some sort of plan to convert Serge’s shit in to a face cream so he can make money off the fools while they realy do his shit all over their faces, (which metaphorically they are already doing).

      • Follow the money. says:

        It’s a pyramid scheme of a type. At the top are the original “investors” who are rewarded with gold membership as they recruited new members, or showed loyalty to the organisation and it’s revered leader.

        They reap the reward of having their business endorsed by Head Office so that members spend with them (they’ve got dental, medical, acupuncture (aka chakra puncture) cafe’s, travel, financial (cough) advice, accountancy, legals, real estate, food, palliative care… and a lot more, covered) These upper echelon members do quite well in the eso-ecosystem (despite often being less than first rate).

        Meantime other members jostle to be in the food chain opening healing clinics in their spare rooms offering services to each other; and they all pay large sums to HO in the form of course fee’s, member (there are no member) fee’s, and donations (anonymous or otherwise) to keep the head honcho in the life he and his family have become accustomed to.

        This all make sense in the “new age” as the zeitgeist of the times is that spirituality = abundance. Now many members probably don’t feel abundant as they struggle to pay for the next retreat or the 8th repeat of a course, but they do believe that they reason they aren’t driving an Audi or living in a sterile, ghostly silent box with Leonardo da Vinci prints perfectly positioned on each wall, is that they are just not ‘soulful’ enough.

        Hence, they’re responsible for their own diminishing bank balance. Instead, they admire Serge’s flotilla of cars, his new box-like house and incessant brags about his immense wealth- which of course, came right from those very members (dead or alive) who, overawed, futilely attempt to emulate his fifth-levelness with awkward walking, glazed looks, 800 calories and 3AM awakenings.

        Amway on kool aid.

  14. Alan Johnston says:

    Revealing recent dialogue with the anonymous Boris66.

    It’s all there to see.

    ‘Ranting is always on topic if it’s about UM. Please rant away….stay anon….phone on a blocked number….no need to fill in name, email etc. They won’t be published.’

    Unsigned ‘ranting’ as code for vilification of others you’ve never met and have lied about for years.

    So what of [redacted location Esther lives at]’ ersatz answer to David Irving? In your instance it is those that apply Universal Medicine principles in their lives you cast as Untermensch – a tired, poisonous and vile trope you are addicted to promulgating.

    All to the same end as Irving. A disgraced pariah hustling to survive.

    • Esther says:

      As opposed to ranting online about people you’ve never met and know nothing about – except what’s filtered to you from ‘the Hierarchy’ Alan? And adding your name and a glamour pic from Clayton Lloyd.

      Universal Medicine has ‘principles’? Show us the evidence lovey. Wasn’t Serge onstage lately seething about how despised you all are, including by each other, and going into jealousy and comparison about how legitimate organizations get all the public funding.

      How do you know where I live, Alan?

      You show up from time to time with nothing to offer but bitter jibes. How’s your investment in UM going? How many properties do you own in Goonellabah environs? Worried Boris might find your name among those?

      How much have you left to Serge in your will?

      Better still – where’s that $600,000 or so College of UM tax deductible gift fund gone? Have you asked the Hierarchy?
      That’s a lot of coin to misplace.

      I’ve lots more questions for you if you have the courage to start answering.

    • Lord of Form says:

      Glib ol’ Al, bereft of irony and mouthing off. Obviously Boris has struck a sour note. What would-be empire is under threat?

      And how does Esther get to an “ersatz answer” to David Irving, of all people? Is this a new “trope” Serge is peddling Alan? Smells like a persecution complex to me.

      Al, the disgraced pariah is patently your guru. If you’re not aware of it go undercover as a member of the astral cult and see what the townsfolk really have to say.

      Is it worth pointing out to you- again- that you get to say your bit here, stupid or not, while no such courtesy is afforded to those that have actually been vilified, en masse, by your brethren.

      Follow the money is right.

    • boris66 says:


      Hit an esoteric, chakra punctured, breast massaging, livingness nerve with that one.

      You have no idea of whom I have met or what I have said or have supposedly lied about “for years”.

      But I know you.

      Apart from a comment earlier this year & the last couple of days, I have posted nothing. I have however put up with team bullsheet (thank you dyslexi-con) around the place for a number of years.

      Do you know that we have ever met? No…………but maybe we have.

      Maybe I have met others as well.

      Do you or your partner roar around in their merc suv?…………hell yes.

      Do others in the team drive like idiots……………hell yes.

      Now you claim you guys are the “under man”.

      With the amount of Audis, mercs & vw around the place……I think you needs to pull your head out of “help me with the words here”, wake up & get some pork on your fork.

      Oh, & who is David Irving………………I have no idea.

    • Anonymous says:

      Serges mate Alan Johnston publishes people’s home addresses online during an insult outburst. A very stalky case of intimidation. Is this designed to intimidate the person who is being taken to court by Serge and those two other Ballina clowns? Courtcase attempted interference maybe?

    • MacReady says:

      “All to the same end as Irving” who launched a libel case, and lost. I think Alan will find that the “disgraced pariah hustling to survive” he refers to is, ironically, the individual he unwisely keeps on defending.

      • Our pal Al says:

        And the irony, which is completely lost on Al, continues with “tired, poisonous and vile trope you are addicted to promulgating”
        Thats how the real world sees UMers Al

      • Cry Baby says:

        Yep. And at least Irving had the courage of his convictions to be interviewed and defend his beliefs on TV… and continues to do so. Crazy he may be, but hiding behind a wall of pea soup and menopausal women (and a few eunuchs) he is not.

        And before you try and deny this, oh Alan (of the comment and run for cover type), ask Dr David for a look at his tapes. UM will be more of a laughing stock than they already are when they see the light of day.

    • Anonymous says:

      Allan, how come you never answer follow up questions?
      You have a go at people then scurry away like a child, why?
      Why won’t you answer questions?
      Your presence here is tolerated, and we are attempting an open dialogue with you,( the same in not offered on any Unimed site) it may not be on your terms, but maybe that’s why you won’t answer, because you can’t handle the questions, or you can’t bear the truth of the answers, because your Unimed inspired world will crumble around you if you see the truth that the answers to the questions will expose.
      And your intimidation tactics you are accusing people here of being trolls, what do you call trying to publish someone’s private place of residence allan?
      I call that cyber stalking isn’t that right Allan?
      The very thing a Unimed front organization purports to condem?

    • BUDDHIC says:

      Are you trying to be intimidating Alan J? What kind of cock drives a gold Mercedes tank with a BUDDHA number plate?

  15. Our pal Al says:

    If you are looking for a “disgraced pariah hustling to survive (originally) and hustling to get richer (currently) look no further than “the one” you worship!
    Getting a nervous twitch about the money trail
    I reckon so
    Boris has bored it up yr ass
    And you dont like it
    Snif snif snif

  16. Woof says:

    Alan, I think, is Serge’s lapdog. He’s let loose occasionally to make snide remarks. His fake erudition barely hides his repetition of Serge’s favourite themes. Let’s call them ‘tropes’. Al has.

    A few years back Serge likened his media persecution to Lindy Chamberlain, and lo and behold, that trope spent months in the top ten on UM blogs. His persecution complex has heightened since then, and his suffering is now akin to the millions of slaughtered holocaust victims. So guess what. A new top ten.

    Sadly, Alan thinks he’s smart while regurgitating Serge’s shit (metaphorically) over and over. He’s just a sad old dude who’s given up his own thinking to defend the indefensible. Namely, an errant belief system made up by some bloke who thinks he’s the new world messiah.

    And what are they planning for all those properties?…

    • Silly billy says:

      Alan, me thinks you will be sent to the naughty corner with Sam, and Michael and all the others.

      Your reaction prove$ that this is really worth pur$uing.

    • Al-satian says:

      Yep Al is the watchdog spying on this site
      He leaps around with excitement as he yappity yaps what he has found out
      He gets a pat on the head, has a wag of his tail and lifts his leg
      And if he is a REALLY good boy
      He is allowed to howl a comment back and bark loudly about nothing
      SIT Al and STAY

    • boris66 says:

      A gated community, fortress of ineptitude or maybe even Waco Texas.

      It’s amazing what you hear on the street if you talk to people.

      Some of these regurgitating shit comments remind me of the human centipede movies.

      Now there’s a thought.

      • Esther says:

        Sorry, I cut your comment slightly – one thing there I’d prefer we keep close to our chest for various reasons.

        To the anon who wrote to me around lunch time today, thank you, we are aware of two more owned by same owner in that street. The number you provided minus three or four.

        Poor old Alan. No mention of the plight of our friend Olga, or any other victims who’ve ended up in hospital as a result of UM bullshit.

        Boil down his little tantrum and his objection amounts to how dare you continue to communicate with people about our metastasizing ‘community’, and compare documented evidence with other critics, when we’ve worked so hard to stalk, harass, SLAPP and intimidate you? We know where you live. We don’t like what you say. 😿

        How much did you end up paying your lawyers Alan? And the other party’s?

        • Woof says:

          Yes a good point. Al, probably panting and scratching his nether regions while monitoring the hate blogs jumps in when he gets a whiff of a threat, but doesn’t give a damn about real people suffering the real effects of Serge’s bullshit. He must read over that and yawn. “Whatever.. coz I am awesome”

          Seems likes he also prefers a sublime tummy tickle than to worry about the people they’ve spent years harassing, usually on false pretexts, just because the top dog Serge said…but doesn’t have anything do with because its a ‘student initiative’ (content and websites (c) Serge Benhayon)

          What a loving “community” these folks are. Serving humanity. So honest. So self reflexive. So aware. So full of light. What an awesome bunch of people.

          Al’s says…woof.

        • boris66 says:

          I’ll be work on that address list tonight.

          I just had to check a couple of things.

        • Esther says:

          All good thank you. Take your time.

          Hey if anyone knows of that freely available NSW Gov site that gives property valuation info, could you plz drop a link into the contact form. Or stick it in a comment not for publication. Cheers ta thx a lot. Property info/intelligence is more useful than you can imagine duckies.

      • boris66 says:

        Sorry but I am just trying to imagine the line up.

        Start …………………finish…………………..

        Bottom end …………or top end.

        Holy esoteric sheets

  17. Beware of the dog says:

    Life must be ruff for you Alan
    Being one man’s best friend ( number 62)
    Sitting on the curb watching all those fast euro UM cars whizzing past
    Must be tempting to chase them
    Then watch dogging this site for your master
    Grow back some balls and get a life outside the comPOUND

    • Lord of Form says:

      Yeah, its a stretch. But that is the usual muddle headed, magical thinking airy-fairy claptrap they espouse courtesy of the “he’s not a messiah, that’s ridiculous/the next in the ancient lineage including Christ, hallow be his name”.

      And it’s dangerous. These people think that serious medical conditions are the result of/can be avoided by following the insane ideas of a two bit nut job group from the hills outside Lismore and they’ll be hunkydory. It depends on how zealous they are but you can see how at its extreme how it could be an actual physical threat and not just an annoying idea they are proselytizing.

      They’ve been banging on with this crap for years. If you go through that site, it’s one insanity after another. It’s one big happy pill you’d have to swallow to be able to take any of it seriously, least of all base your life on it.

      My favourite is the pages dedicated to gushing how Serge is a member of a spiritual (sorry, soulful) elite, then others going on about he’s just a regular guy who goes to lengths to tell them all he’s just like them. It sums up the dissonance they are all suffering.

      There’s even a prediction, made by by his truly, that the master of the new era would appear, which their guru has fulfilled. It’s pure madness.

      They are bent so much they’re probably not straightening them out.

      • Piroschka says:

        Pure madness indeed. No privacy limits either regarding the topics: Uterus, ovaries, periods, menopause, breasts, clitoris, cervix (I begin to see a pattern here), sex vs. making love, porn, suicide, divorce, abuse, many/the most popular severe diseases.
        All public, all online.
        Join UM, handle over dignity and privacy at the front door, please… “line on the left, one cross each.”

    • MacReady says:

      “Interesting title. Is it true?”

      No. The end.

  18. Esther says:

    Someone mentioned Converys Lane linked to another property. UM owners have three properties on Converys: 37, and the two properties running north of 37. If you find a further link to any of those please get in touch.

    In other news, it’s non stop litigation madness in Mullumbimby – headless chooks. Will make for an entertaining legal update.

    • Anonymous says:

      Any planning permits in the wings I wonder?
      For those 3 adjoining properties?
      Something to look out for in future my money is on some sort of church like building, or something that will sneak under the radar and be something else to serve the people but only the privillaged will visit the esoterically designed by serge building.
      Paid for by guess who?

      • Lord of Form says:

        UM have a DA application before Ballina shire council where they are claiming they are an ‘Approved Educational establishment”, which they are not. They’ve publicly admitted the same to the ATO when relinquishing their DGR. They have not been approved by an government or private organisation to provide “education”.

        Their claim when registering as a ‘charity” is that they are an educational organisation, but that is not an approval, rather a category they selected when registering a charity which main purpose appeared to be to raise funds to improve Serge’s property at Convery’s lane. They may be conflating that to mean some form of approval, but it’s drawing a long bow, more so given their own admissions.

        This is right out of the UM playbook of awarding themselves titles and qualifications that don’t exist and then sticking by it no matter what. Even if it means putting it on legal documents.

        That’s a habit that was started by The One way back before the start of the new millennium.

        The sins of the guru…

        • Pranic Attack says:

          BUT if you know it and think it yourself, in your innermost, then it must be the truth … Isn’t that how it works? Guess that lets you off most stuff unless, or until, other people know better.

  19. Pranic Attack says:

    Many planning permissions have recently been passed through Mendip DC for The Lighthouse properties at Tytherington in Somerset UK. The enormous new fort knox/mausaleum type building is nearly completed and now habitable (sorry, it’s a Manager’s House – although hardly suited for purpose!) Whether for Simon Williams’s thriving “hotel ” business or for the Sound foundation community care “Charity” will no doubt become clear in the fullness of time – or maybe it will even donated to the charity …

    So many similarities in UK to the Australian “Business” model

  20. Anonymous says:

    “Cause baby, you are my star!”

    • Pranic Princess says:

      See what I don’t get is if your keeper has ALL THAT MONEY, and trust us, it’s A LOT OF MONEY, why wouldn’t he let you out to go shopping once in a while?? Or get a professional stylist or something and fork out for some clothes that at least fit?

      And you know CO-ORDINATE??

      That poor wretch. Bless.

  21. Earworm says:

    Adding to the topic “esoteric” “music”. New album out called Mediocre At Best:

    • Serge's Lexi-con says:

      Michael is not blessed with a fair singing voice. It does match his mediocre musical talents that frankly would be relegated to family singalong in another setting. Thank Serge for his captive audience!

      Miranda wouldn’t get through the first round of auditions on Australian Idol, but in that clip at least, her voice is a lot “better” than I have heard it before. (Pity the song and lyrics sucks ass. & the melody reminds me of some past hit)

      • boris66 says:

        I really don’t know why they post clips on youtube & vimeo (or anywhere).
        Do they actually listen to it before posting.
        More often than not it is out of tune & flat & Michael (look at me) Benhayon just goes over the top.
        My family watched some GM Records videos recently. Bonding session.
        Didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. So we did both.
        As my wife said………….” I can’t unhear that”. My daughter thought her ears were going to bleed.
        Given that GM will have merchandising (coming soon)…………yes, guitar picks & all that crap
        & wait for it………..posters, my son had the idea of creating a line of satirical tee shirts………
        “Just Livingness It”, “Benhayon Family Four Ring Circus”……….there were more.
        “Team of dancing monkeys” came to mind.
        Would have to have a bit of softly, softly, airy fairiness artwork. Just like all their associated
        brand symbols.

        Brand name………….PRANA.

    • trish says:

      Hold my hand is a rip off of Justin Bieber’s “Love yourself”. Complete rip off… These people really. And the singing is not great not great at all….

      • Piroschka says:

        Wow, even worse than Justin Bieber… Just wanted to stress that this IS part of the scam. They are making money with sth that would never stand a chance on the free music market.

        It created an positive emotional attachment to UM for us. Olga still knows every word and beat of “The Glory Of This Life”. Still sings it in an exaggerated Emmalee Benhayon voice to make me laugh. That´s how deep it´s gone.

        First emotion and thought when hearing the term “Universal Medicine” shall be positive. Not what Esther´s all about. Music and short films are good propaganda tools for that. Trump´s using this technique on his Twitter account lately. So obvious it hurts. Again. 🙂

      • Eso Bieber says:

        Well spotted. Michael sings flat like the rest of them. Dear me.

      • trish says:

        I was thinking, they rip off other people’s music like they rip off spiritual practices and then twist them into UM rhetoric. Nothing is original, not one thing.

  22. Olga Andigor says:

    The “gold Mercedes tank with a Buddha number plate” is just too good to be true… As is song 10 “Hold my hand”. Is that Michael himself? Testing how bad it can become and still be adored? Come on!

  23. Onya Esther says:

    This really really is a life $ick drama and now has it’$ own life cycle.’ [$]

    Not involving anything about the Univer$E nor $pooky nor $uper$titious$ related in anyway.


    Life’$ Ju$tice and the law of the Commonweath of Australia.

    May Justice and truth prevail.

  24. Esoteric Whip says:

    I am very curious about Miranda Benhayons background. After meeting Leo at tennis lessons as a teenager and joining UM, is there any public information about what she has done. Is there any non-esoteric or UM related pursuits that she has undertaken?

  25. Defense of Decency says:

    You people are cyber bullies and are committing a indecency by putting this complete falsehoods online. Serge is a decent man who has devoted his life to helping others. Please consider this before posting on here. His teachings are a gift to humanity and many people can see this. I regularly attend UM events and esoteric healings and this rubbish is not going to convince me otherwise. Sing on Miranda- you have an amazing talent – Serge is lucky to have such a talented wife!

    • Esther says:

      😂😂 Is that you again Serge? 😂 If I remember, Miranda has also been an amazing counsellor, and now she’s having a go at flogging an amazing cookbook. What next? Amazing life-coach? 🤣

      Tell us more about Esoteric decency.

      • Defense of Decency says:

        Seriously Esther- What is your problem? Serge has devoted his entire life to bring healing to humanity. Please stop this harassment -you are hurting a honorable, selfless and virtuous man. Please come to the clinic an try the esoteric healings for yourself. The staff are very professional and you may find benefit in them.

        • Esther says:

          Are you new to this darling?

          I’ve learned a few of the subscribers who are having doubts come to my site to have a go at me. Some hang in there – hoping to up their initiation. Others get out.

          I’ve been to the clinic – tried a handful of Serge’s special ‘healings’ as you call them. That’s when I discovered what he truly is.

          You didn’t comment on ‘Deeper Femaleness‘. How does that help ‘rape recovery’?

          Shall we talk about the harm done by UM? We could start with Olga, who spent 12 weeks in hospital with psychosis at the peak of her commitment. She left UM after that. Never had another psychotic episode. What does that tell you?

          Did you sign one of those disclaimers about mental health? You know, the one where an honorable, selfless and virtuous multimillion $ corporation asks customers to disclose personal medical information? Why would they require that for ‘healings’ or a 5 hour ‘Livingness’ workshop?

          We’ll wait.

        • Anonymous says:

          Dear Defense of Decency

          Hasn’t Serge already explained to you that Esther was a previous patient, who [redacted]. Why is he not explaining this simple fact to his donors, and trying to hide this fact? What type of healing clinic coordinates a cyberbully campaign and intimidation against unhappy or harmed customers? – so much ‘love and light’ LOL.

          [Sorry anon, I had to doctor the comment. D of D could be a plant. We still have to be mindful of defamation threats, and entrapment attempts. To everyone, yes truth is a complete defence, however, the system is such that we can lose our livelihoods getting the truth to court. Hence, comments moderation and the occasional edit. Cheers, Esther]

        • Defense of Decency says:

          Ill take you on anytime bit*ch!

        • How disappointing says:

          That’s all you’ve got? In ‘defense of decency’? 😆

      • Anonymous says:

        Dear Defense of Decency. First you come here, defending the Goonellabah guru and his bogan pyramid clan. Then you exit making threats against Esther saying “Ill take you on anytime bit*ch” like some domestic violence perpetrator. Is this how you express your ‘love and light’ to the un-esoteric?.

    • Anonymous says:

      You have a right to your opinion and it, other people have the opposite opinion to you, just accept it, you just don’t want to see the other side.
      I have suffered financial loss as a result of involvement with a student of the livingness.
      Six figures of financial loss.
      That’s my evidence.
      Show me someone who has recouped their investment in courses.
      Then maybe I’ll believe what you are saying.

  26. Olga Andigor says:

    Even Chris James stated in one of his courses I attended: “You may have done all the UM courses, but when it comes to having to express yourself, the shit hits the fan.” Something like that, but fitting here. Especially liked the last part of his sentence.

  27. Defense of Decency says:

    The lies and slander on this website make me so angry! I’m sorry you have had bad experiences but please give the esoteric healings another try. They may take time to work but I am noticing the difference in my own life. It is important that the practitioners make a living so of course there is the need to pay. When I visit the clinic I am always made to feel welcome and the practitioners are very professional. Also consider reading Serge’s books- they are profound and are what convinced me that he is a true prophet.

    • Esther says:

      But you’re not sorry, lovey. You’re angry about ‘slander’ on this website? What slander? What is written here that isn’t true?

      You’re not angry that people have been harmed?

      How do you think the commenters here feel? Olga was hospitalized, psychotic and suicidal. The Anon above has just written their financial loss was 6 figures worth. The McIntyres lost seven figures worth. Many more people could tell you of their losses to UM – relationships, finances, health. Serge himself has been recorded saying followers are returning pathology results registering mercury toxicity and anaemia and they’re trying to live on one meal a day to be like him. They look sick.

      As the commenter above said – you have a right to your opinion. I allow you to express your opinion here. UM doesn’t allow us to express ours on their sites. I don’t agree with you. It’s that simple. You say UM and Serge are wonderful. I say they’re not, and I’m taking evidence to court in two states that proves it.

      I’m glad you haven’t just run away. I wasn’t sure if you were genuine. I’m happy to engage with you in discussion, but you need to understand we don’t just accept stuff because Serge says so. If you want to maintain Serge is all he says he is, by all means, go for it, but my readers and I are entitled to challenge you on it. Comments are always open here, okay? You can ask whatever you like. You can say whatever you like. (As long as it doesn’t get me sued). You might want to ask – for starters – why that’s not the case on UM sites.

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s called love bombing, a common technique of cults,
      Nobody is disputing the need to pay.
      The books, they are unreadable, the grammar is plain crap, I have tried reading.
      You don’t even acknowledge anybody’s counter view.
      You are blind Because you see only the side you want to see.
      It makes me angry that a man can say things like autism is a punishment for past life transgression.
      Many things said cannot be backed by scientific evidence.
      On your comment try the healings again:
      Someone serge quotes often, Einstein said repeating something and expecting a different result is a sign of insanity.
      Keep believing and you will keep shutting out any evidence that goes against your views, you aren’t open to anything you have read and instantly dismiss it as lies.
      I assure you I have no need to lie about the effects.
      Sadly it isn’t a crime unless people speak up, according to you serge has harmed no person.
      I beg to differ.

    • Anonymous says:

      You need to take a long hard look at that comment,
      Convinced me he is a true prophet.
      You mean the part where he blames the rape victim?
      Is that what a true prophet really says?
      Show me where he has had let alone won a dabate on anything of any scientific merit?
      You can’t because he hasn’t.

    • Troll Hunter says:

      Defense of Decency – THIS PERSON IS A TROLL. DO NOT ENGAGE!

      An obvious plant to try and stir up some comments for use in their deformation case. The over simplified language and apparent complete ignorance of this blogs mission are a dead give away. It’s not surprising seeing as the clock is most definitely ticking for UM, but I suggest ignoring this person completely and hopefully they will get bored and move on.

      And mods, if you can see IPs associated with comments, make a note of this one. I suspect it may well tally with a few other commentators from the cult.

      • Esther says:

        Thanks Troll Hunter. I appreciate your concern. D of D might be trying entrapment. I doubt it. They might be legit. Don’t worry.

        I’ll have an update up in the next little while. UM’s legals are very very busy. They’ve realized defamation claims are a lot of work. Things are getting very interesting indeed.

        • Troll Hunter says:

          Agreed, my comment was more for others reading than you. But I don’t believe this person for a second. And the “bitch” comment conformed my beliefs. They are a troll and a very good example of the ‘lovliness’ within the center of UM.

    • Troll Hunter says:

      A true prophet? Come on, he won’t even engage in an open debate on his beliefs. He hides behind others as up to those necks in it as him, and attempts to make a buck at every corner off the suckers who follow him. Have you seen the volume of crap they sell?

      The day Benhayon comes out on public and allows himself to take part in a debate with actual people rather than stooges is the day we will all know he actually believes this crap and can substantiate that belief. Until then…

  28. Dear D of D says:

    If you are a real person voicing an opinion,and I suspect you are not, an awful lot of people knew SB way before his magic shit that had you all swan diving round the “s” bend into eso effluent.
    You know nothing and your ignorance is embarrassing
    He is the prophet of profit only

    • Esther says:

      I think he or she is real and genuinely upset. The defensiveness matches what we know happens when students are challenged.

      D of D, if you’re still reading, I hope you’re all right. We are here for you. If you can get past the fact that we’re going to disagree about UM, you’ll find people here are willing to discuss any questions you have and genuinely care that UM students have been misled. We all get annoyed here that UM students might say they feel good, but ignore the fact that we’re all paying the price for it. It’s difficult to remain patient when UMers’ firmly held beliefs have such dubious foundations, they refuse to acknowledge other points of view and have made it impossible for people to express their opinions openly without harassment and legal threats.

      • Delusion of dickhead says:

        Just a bit sus hot on the heels of good old Alan trying to stir the pot (anticlockwise or entities will swarm into your pea soup)
        I think they are trying to get court fodder

    • Defense of Decency says:

      Ok “Dear D of D” , what can you tell me about Serge before he became esoteric? If there is something that you know, say it in a way that will not get anyone sued. I want to make it clear that despite having been favourable to UM I am here for the discussion and not to get anyone sued. Even I think that the legal actions of Serge against his critics is not the way to go.

      • Esther says:

        I’ll give an answer – documents etc. in this blog

        We can get sued for speaking the truth is the problem. People are reading here who remember him coaching Miranda. Were there. I also recommend reading this: It discusses some info from before his Eso days.

        Another thing I could throw here for you to ponder is that you say we’re hurting him. He himself says he’s above it all – because he’s so highly evolved I assume. He also says ‘300 articles’ about him exploded across the world in 2012. There was less than 25. I’ve listed them. He talks a lot, our Serge. Not much adds up.

        • Dear D of D says:

          Im actually going back to the $ owing in the Sydney days
          There are a few of us watching this court csse very closely
          S S Serge leaves quite a wake behind him

        • trish says:

          Wow, he really becomes the victim here doesn’t he? Such a victim. This is not an enlightened man. Can you image the Dalai Lama talking this way about the Chinese? I don’t think so. Anyone would think Serge had been persecuted by a Government and made to leave his country of birth. He also has a massive story running in his head. Another sign that really he isn’t that “enlightened”.

        • Serge's Lexi-con says:

          Hmm- Trump eat your heart out. Fake news. The recourse of those that don’t have a good case. Reality is, the news was not only not ‘lies’ it was measured and quite correct. And while Serge won’t give them the ‘grace’ of mentioning their name/s, he’s a-okay with his mob attacking them online and trolling the press council with a million complaints. What amazing equanimity he possesses as he lays there at nights and contemplates his amazingness.

          And while he thinks he’s a rock star for not suiciding (as research shows is the case, he says) he’s got no problem registering websites to attack others including those journalists, patients, and critics. All full of personal, hateful, vile attacks designed to harass, intimidate and defame.

          You’d think if he knows suicide is a risk for those harassed online, that the last thing he’d do is register websites that facilitate such attacks…

        • Bait And Switch says:

          Thanks, esp. for the smh article. The author´s very well informed.

        • Anonymous says:

          And how many of those articles were glowing vs not glowing?
          One only needs to look at the blocked from google search results to draw a truly balanced view.

      • Dear D of D says:


      • E says:

        To commenter ‘Dear D of D’, a lot of UM students have doubts and disagree with Serge. They’re not necessarily lying about that. A defector told me one of the nails in the coffin of her adherence was that she couldn’t understand why so much ‘energy’ was going into hostility to me and Lance. Then she started realizing she used to have questions. She couldn’t understand why she stopped questioning. Then she left.

        I won’t discourage anyone from commenting here – as long as they keep to the topic (UM).

        More anecdotes – a defector told me she used to read my stuff and hate me. Really really hate me. But she also knew in her innermost or whatever that one day she would talk with me…

        It’s a complicated process. It takes time.

        Another person told of one of the devout, upper rung Sons of God talking about the violent acts they’d like to commit against me. It was a lightbulb moment that factored strongly in their exit.

        And I understand you didn’t like the name calling. I wasn’t offended. No harm done. People lash out. As long as it’s @ me and no other commenter it’s fine. I already know my blogs have helped people get out.

        • Piroschka says:

          We thought we were two of few who were deep in and left. Good to read there are more. Ex followers speaking up could become an important or at least interesting factor. High risk though, a pity.

  29. Olga Andigor says:

    Agree. All about money. Even more than I thought until yesterday. Boy, was I naive about that topic.

  30. Piroschka says:

    Pretty hard part, the acknowledgement of harm whilst being in UM. Negative info still sinks even after years of leaving and often ask myself, if I´ve ever read that before (sure, a thousand times).

    Getting rid of the UM manipulation in my brain is way harder in reality than in theory. Not a matter of intelligence but effective manipulation.

    • Patience is a virtue or so I'm told says:

      Thank you Piroschka. I forget this from time to time. I get impatient. It’s easy to forget that the manipulation is very intense and actually quite sophisticated.

      I think D of D is genuine, but some times I wonder about the others, particularly the long term followers. Not naming names but you know I’m dealing with some of UM’s hierarchy directly. I wonder at times whether they are in fact psychotic? They tell obvious lies and repeat them. They must know they are lying? They do insanely stupid things that cause more problems for themselves. It’s so weird. (update to come on this soon) Do they truly believe they’re doing the right thing do you think?

      • Piroschka says:

        Olga and I were pschotic and head over heels in for just about 3.5 years. We call it the UM Autobahn (speedway) in our brains. Creating a new one takes time as UM emotions are linked to everything, too.
        We were part of the too good to be true UM followers and not lying. Other UMers enjoyed eating us for breakfast. They were in for money and power, like the one who kept pushing into my friends stomach though she repeatedly him to stop. Downright vile people.
        I think, they’re all convinced of doing the right thing. Following, sorry, adhering to, the impulses from their soul. We’re all in this together until the last one claims his/her divinity for the one unified truth. And some resitant spirits have to experience being groped in the stomach.
        Feel the impulse, act on it, divinity knows what’s there to be done. We seldom considered the consequences because humanity is in deep need and we have to be a soul-full point of reflection.
        Ha! See? I can still go full esoteric mode.

  31. Defense of Decency says:

    I am not here to get anyone sued. I am not a litigious person and can disagree without it all ending up in court. I just can’t believe that I am in a group that has the characteristics of a cult. Please delete all my comments if they will effect the court case- I’m sorry for bothering everyone, If I will agree on something it is that UM does divide people. My pain will be silent from now on.

    • Esther says:

      There’s no need to delete your comments. They won’t effect the court case. Perhaps you understand why the commenters get touchy? They would like to comment openly but risk losing loved ones, livelihoods, reputations. They don’t want to risk ending up in litigation like I am. I’m happy to continue discussions with you. Upthread I linked to the blog about Olga. Olga and her friend Piroschka were in UM – I won’t speak on their behalf. You can read their comments and blogs for yourself. I can safely say they both went quite a long time – years – thinking UM was the answer to everything and Serge really was as you think.

      I don’t want you to be in silent pain. I don’t want *anyone* to be. That’s the whole idea of my publishing. UM wants to silence ‘detractors’. They even seek to silence doubt. That’s why comments are open here. People have suffered in silence too long. You haven’t identified yourself. Sorry if commenters are wary of you, but it’s understandable. They’ve been burned. Do you understand what I’m saying?

      Don’t suffer in silence. The answers are out there – it’s up to you to look and test them for yourself.

    • Also, Olga and Piroschka are not the only defectors I have communicated with. Realizing it’s all lies is painful. Coming out of UM is painful. But for those who come out, exiting is less painful than staying in and constantly trying to reconcile the lies and the struggles. They don’t ever regret leaving.

      There are really good people caught up in UM. They mean well. It’s a pity. It’s brought out the worst in some and trapped others.

      You’ve got nothing to lose by talking with us here anonymously. If the others snark at you, ignore them, just talk with me. Keep reading. Work it out for yourself.

    • Dear D of D says:

      “I’ll take you on anytime bitch” was a red rag to a lotta bulls………really D of D!?
      “Im sorry for bothering everyone”
      Hmmmmmm same person?????
      If you think you are defending decency, uou are
      There are no lies and slander on this site
      Just exposure, criticism, truth and evidence
      Why would a world class legal team be working with Esther on this court case which initially was created to financially snowball her into silence.
      Dont donate your life to UM
      Its not too late to be strong and escape

    • Lord of Form says:

      Hello Defence of Decency. Ironically, that is actually what Esther is doing. There are no lies on this site. Maybe there is language and information you find challenging, but that is the point.
      Not only are there no lies, the information published is the tip of the iceberg. Your dilemma is that you are seeing the skin of the group, which is all “love and light”, while it’s heart is dark. Because, like most people, you can’t imagine that (as that’s not who you are) you can’t imagine that the group could be that way, or that the leader is nothing but what he says he is.

      However, you don’t need special information to know there is something wrong. What organisation that is really about love and light creates blogs to attack people that disagree with them (write them down, then consider their characteristics- you’ll find a pattern)
      What group that is about love and light focusses on selling courses, and collecting money for everything (ditto) What type of group claims to have exclusive world-saving information (ditto)

      The issue is, you’ve never been around a cult before. There is no way of identifying it. By their very nature, cults don’t advertise that is what they are. Moreover, the members and leader don’t ever acknowledge they are a cult. Other groups are cults, they are not. That’s because they have the “right” information. A cult is contraction of cult-ure. The culture of the group, if you are not resisting, is supportive. It’s friendly, and it feels great. That feature makes the group attractive and provides drawing power. The techniques used such as light massage, group work, gentle breath meditation, etc are all part of a thought reform process which works like being soaked slowly. (Thought reform is very real and happens all the time in one way or another. It simply means changing your point of view. The best way to make that happen is not to hit someones opinions head on, but to expose them to hard to grasp ideas, group thinking and gentle persuasion)

      Why is the heart dark? It’s because the leader is not a special being, and he has not done any good for anyone. In fact, there is a trail that goes back well before 1999, and in the last 18 years there are hundreds of relationships, families and friendships that have imploded because of Serge’s ‘teachings’. It’s transparent one of Serge’s interest is money. Hes acquired a large property portfolio in the last 10 years. He was bankrupted in the 1990’s after a bad business deal and for not paying back a bank he owed a lot of money to. He had no interest in healing in the 1980’s and early 1990’s, and did training with ‘healers’ during his bankruptcy. Almost as if he was planning a new career. One where he was infallible. He borrowed most of his ideas from Alice A Bailey, even claiming to be her reincarnated before the Bailey trust came down on him.

      It’s tempting to believe there is someone who has special knowledge. Maybe there is. But Serge is not that person. He is just a bloke who’s built a following talking waffle, and reappropriating old ideas. He’s got the gift of the gab, and he has the right persona to pull it off. He probably believes it somewhat too. The healing and treatments you are getting/doing might feel good. That doesn’t make him right, or good. It makes him convincing.

      While it might be hard to pull away, now is the time to do it. Because as you move closer to the heart, you’ll end up spending more time and money than you’d ever have imagined. Serge will demand more of you (while convincing you he is not), important relationships will fall apart. And at some point you’ll come out the other end a lot poorer and bereft of the relationships and support you should have had in normal circumstances.

      You might not believe what you’ve found on this site, but you owe it to yourself to do some serious thinking and research before giving yourself over to someone else’s fringe ideas.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Thank you. It’d be great being able to engage with them though. A pity they don’t do that. Yes, for a reason, I know.

  33. Pranic Attack says:

    Definitely got the impression that D of D was more than one person or maybe schizophrenic as comments don’t stack up – sounds like my family member who is involved – or maybe a plant or two! However schizophrenia does seem to be prevalent within the group – maybe that is what psychosis is – I am no expert.

    I can bet that D of D does have friends and family out there somewhere who like us are not taken in by Universal Medicine and who have had to deal with the loss of a loved one(s). For every one taken in by the group there is a wider group of concerned, hurt and caring people who have had their lives changed, in one way or another, and are suffering in the real world as a result. We are so lucky to have Esther to bring us together.

    UM seems to have left a trail of destruction wherever and whatever he has done in life…. Needs to be stopped.

  34. Bait and switch says:

    I´ve only just read acupuncturebyronbay .com. Should´ve done that sooner. Accusing someone of cyberbullying whilst cyberbullying.
    Thousands of $$ spent on expanding love.
    I´d ask for a refund.

  35. Defense of Decency says:

    I have read all of our comments and some more other pages on this website. I have a lot of thinking to do and will make inquiries about the Judith McIntyre money and the Natalie with love money and the money from products. Sorry for swearing at you Esther. I am one genuine person but I can’t verify this and remain anonymous. I am in so much pain distress and confused.

    • Esther says:

      It’s okay, hon. For what it’s worth I think a lot of readers understand how you feel. You’re right, UM does divide people. My approach is not everyone’s cup of tea either, but it’s always based on facts. We are here – comments are always open, and my contact form is always open if there’s anything we can do. I recommend you stay anon and take your time to sort it out. Observe for a while – the big picture. I’m sure you’re probably unaware of a lot of UM’s operations. I’m pretty busy with the legal rubbish but I will always answer questions – it’s my policy. If there’s a delay in moderating or replies, it’s because I’m busy. Take care, hey.

      I also recommend the accountability site – it’s slightly less salacious and gossipy, shall we say, and more focused on the accountability side of things.

      To the person upthread who gave details about a $15k rego plate, sorry, your comment was delayed – it went to the Spam bin.

    • On the edge says:

      DD, when you first went to see Serge or a UM practitioner, did you think at some stage you’d be accepting an occult doctrine or believing that the Serge has divine powers?? The charm is that there are others that think this is not just normal but very real. When you are around them they seem so genuine -because they mostly are—, normal and lovely, you can’t fathom how they would all have it so wrong. Part of the pull now is that… you think about these people and how genuine they all are… How good it feels to be a part of the group. How supportive they are… but you also know there are others around you who don’t like it. They’re telling you there’s something wrong.. it doesn’t add up. You’ve already been pre warned about these people.. they are in pain, resisting the light.. so you know what is motivating them. It’s jealousy and fear. It is confusing. Very. But the truth is what you suspect it to be, but hope it isn’t. I know because I’ve been there too. Let it go. Give it a rest. Don’t go to anything. go back to your old friends. Just for a while …In time you’ll see if for what it really is. I assure you… you won’t regret saving years of your life.

    • trish says:

      Dear D of D, good on you for coming here. I know people that have been involved with UM for 15 years or so. They are not bad people, infact they are lovely but unfortunately UM penetrates their every thought. Any world disaster, what food they eat, if they get sick etc etc etc. Everything that happens they would see it through a UM filter. (their language sounds similar to Serge) Of course we are all looking for some sort of way to be in this world, me included, but to have a filter that someone imposes on you day in day out, that is not enlightenment. Its more like fundamentalism (ie Serge has a massive ego that needs stroking all the time). Serge’s ego is hard to detect as he is very good at reflecting love etc but if you really look at what he says and the way he says it, he is not about love at all. Also he doesn’t give anything away, not one thing, for free. All his children are involved. (warning bells). True enlightened people (if they exist) don’t need their children to follow their doctrines, they are happy for them to find their own way in life. Sure give people some tools to help them relax, clear their negative thoughts etc but don’t penetrate every waking thought. I went to a workshop once. He nearly sucked me in but UM wasn’t for me. Luckily I bought the book and when I started reading, intellectually I knew, he was all ego and not at all what I needed in my life at that time. Good luck with your decisions.

    • Time to get Sirius says:

      Hi D and D, good you for remaining open minded enough to keep reading and evaluating these confronting points of view. (Also for being honest enough to express where you are at).

      It’s true many UMers are love-ly and some treatments / dietary principles make you feel good / “better”: at least some is due to the “placebo effect”. (It’s been scientifically proven if you believe something helps it will, as the mind / positve thoughts have significant influence over the physical body).

      However the “love bombing” & feel good treatments are the bait to hook you into a slippery slope of mind adling, subtle but dangerous, divisive, expensive fear based beliefs. (“Fear based” as it’s hard to leave / let go when you believe there will be detrimental consequences in this life or the next).

    • Serge's Lexi-con says:

      I wouldn’t go asking the perps about that money DD. Although I once had a Detective (plod) call a thief and ask him if he ‘done it’, it’s still not the best idea. Just give it a little thought.

      Case A: Dying lady hands $800K for improvement to a building Serge owns just before she dies, with a further 600K left to him in her will. Will changed months before death. Lawyer in group, financial advisor in group, nurse in group, videographer in group.

      Case B: Group raise $200K + from selling ads and sponsorships to make world beating internet channel. Actual result a handful of 3 minute video clips made for about $79.50. In the commercial world, there’d be a problem. It’d be called passing off, misrepresentation or fraud. Of course, no one in the group is going to complain. That’s what they are banking on.

  36. darklodger says:

    Here’s how the story changes in the retelling. Some classic exaggerations.

    • Olga Andigor says:

      Oh no, not the UM glasses again.
      Somehow agree with “The greatest form of intelligence is LOVE, S. B.”, but fail to recognize it whilst reading their take on Esther and Lance on their blogs. Holy moly!

    • Lord of Form says:

      Confirmation bias waffle. They’re leaving out the part where most people didn’t get better..

      They slam evidence based treatments AND are building a livingness library of evidence to submit for peer review…

      A delusional self congratulatory love-in based on the ‘works’ of Serge Benhayon.

    • Anonymous says:

      Case studies are no longer accepted by some medical journals, even those for complementary medicine. Maybe because case studies aren’t proper scientific studies, and as such their results can’t be relied upon.
      Certain groups will always create biased results in case studies, because sample of participants is not random, and outcome of case study is already decided, and results chosen to fit outcome.
      A truly scientific experiment has results leading to an outcome.
      On peer review, what constitutes a peer? A fellow EPA member?
      How about trying to have a real medical association member review these case studies?
      A good topic that wasn’t covered in their conference and perhaps should have been given one members recent brush with hccc is referrals to complimentary medicine practitioners.
      I’m sure this topic needs to be discussed amongst members especially those with real medical qualifications.
      I mean we don’t want to see a repeat of that do we? From inside or outside of the EPA

  37. Jean explains how the focus on evidence-based practice can have a reductionist limiting effect on the success of mental health treatments. says:

    Psychotherapist Jean Gamble discusses some of the problems besetting the mental health industry. Jean explains how the focus on evidence-based practice can have a reductionist and limiting effect on the success of mental health treatments.

    The current litigious attitude within our culture has infected the consciousness of medicine and mental health treatments and practitioners are trained to stay safe and avoid any blame or risk of failure. Unless the treatment is ‘proven’ and evidence-based – then the practitioner fears acting on the impulse that arises and this fear-based mentality limits the intuitive, creative healing capacity of the practitioner and restricts their showing up in the fullness of their hearts and souls.
    How are we to engender full human-beingness in others when our own is so restricted by the current zeitgeist?

  38. More gossip soon says:

    I’ll have the next gossip blog up tomorrow duckies. Donate to my survival fund plz! There’s lots going on, and I’m gearing up for some big exposure in the near future. It will take some preparation.

    Hello to Defense of Decency if you’re still reading. I’m glad you came here and engaged. You showed more courage than your colleagues and you deserve our respect for that. I don’t think you will ever regret doing so.

    One angle to think about D of D is what kind of organization refuses to engage with critics – refuses to allow us our say, and merely attacks and harasses – en masse? They’ve published 110 webpages trashing me alone. I had to index them for the legal proceedings.

    What kind of world renowned philosopher refuses public debate and refuses to speak with the press?

    To our non UM readers, I know it’s hard to understand the way UM subscribers interact – but I think what you read above is genuine. A lot of your UM friends and loved ones are deeply conflicted and genuinely confused. When they say they don’t understand they’re in a cult, or can’t believe it – mostly they are telling the truth. It’s not that they’re not in a cult, it’s that the manipulation is such that they can’t comprehend it. They’ve been told amazing bliss and transcendence is simple and attainable, and on the other hand, if they don’t think and communicate in a certain way, there are terrible consequences – disease, suffering, reincarnations into disability etc. for them and their loved ones.

    I’ve been researching UM as you know for years. It’s some of the most intense manipulation imaginable – and it’s multifaceted. A comprehensive structure of deception and undue influence.

    We all have a right to be wary of UM commenters but I want them to come here and engage. If they indicate they’d like to do that, I will set aside a sarcasm free ‘safe space’ to do it. Don’t get worried about legal entrapment. I moderate your comments for that reason. Besides, UM’s grasp of defamation law and their handling of proceedings so far has been pathetic and it’s deteriorating.

    • trish says:

      I agree, my friends, are still really lovely people. It’s not them it is Serge and UM and the inner circle. They really believe all that Serge tells them. They are not bad people. I suppose I haven’t had to live with anyone in UM and haven’t seen that side of a student.

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