Universal Medicine flops, flailings, forays & gossip September 2017


90% of Tenterfield Girl to Woman Festival attendance was UM sales team from Goonellabah

17 September 2017 *Brisbane hearing 20 Sep. *Ray Karam misses out on Nats preselection in Lismore

12 September 2017 *Ray Karam National Party preselection Lismore *Girl to Woman Festival flops in Tenterfield *Brisbane hearing 20 September *Converys Compound properties

17 September Brisbane hearing 20 September update

10 AM 20 September Queensland District Court George Street – hearing of application on declaration on jurisdiction. Defamation QC will appear for me. If the court rules that it has jurisdiction to hear argument on matter published in NSW we’ll argue the remainder of the contextual truth strike out application Her Honour refused to hear in June – on basis Qld court does not have jurisdiction. Plus an application by UM to order me to pay costs for the jurisdictional application that I have no control over.

Yes, I know. Keep your nightdresses on and I’ll inform you all of the result ASAP after hearing.

Thank you for all your messages etc. Yes, I’m paying attention – all received, and I will reply when I have a chance. Donate to my defence fund! Remember I’m not paying lawyers. Its strictly an avoid homelessness for Esther while she outs a multimillion dollar Eso healing thingo via the courts that includes a toner cartridge and copy paper for Paula Fletcher’s letters budget. What a waste of good forests. 😦 Donate! Please.

Ray Karam update

Word in from Lismore is that Ray didn’t make the preselection shortlist. The field was narrowed on Saturday to Young Nats favourite, Tregeagle farmer Austin Curtin, the Tenterfield Mayor who doesn’t do his research, Peter Petty, and Andrew Gordon who works with the amazing Deborah Benhayon on the Lismore Chamber of Universal Medicine Commerce.

12 September Ray Karam tilt for State Parliament

Judging by calls I got over the weekend, I wasn’t the only one surprised to hear Ray Karam put himself forward for National Party preselection for the state parliamentary seat of Lismore in the 2019 elections. The Nationals – a conservative party that represents the interests of rural Australians – is looking for a candidate to replace retiring member, Thomas George. The Northern Star ran profiles of seven preselection candidates on 9 September – no mention of Ray’s UM affiliation, or that Ray only recently joined the National Party. Last year I mentioned he’d been schmoozing Nats identities in the lead up to his unsuccessful run for Mayor of Ballina, however he told The Echo he wasn’t a member of any political party.

Apparently it will be a community preselection, meaning it’s open to all registered voters in the Lismore electorate, and the vote will be held at a meeting at Lismore City Hall on Saturday 16 September. Anyone want to guess how many UM subscribers will show up? The thing is, it’s not just down to a Lismore Chamber of Commerce style ‘People’s Choice‘ vote. Sources tell me the candidates are vetted by the party. I’m told the party knows how to operate Google. One wonders what they’ll make of Ray’s comments to The Echo last year about his proud membership of the UM FACTS Team. One also wonders if the Nationals are ready for an anti-fluoride, pro-occult and passionately pro-Serge candidate.

Tenterfield not sold on Girl to Woman Festival

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 7.07.26 pm

Sacred Esoteric Healing wasn’t advertised in the program. Rebranded for the event as ‘Nurture’ and ‘free massage’.

UM exported its Girl to Woman commercial grooming festival to rural Tenterfield on August 27, but in spite of the Real Media Real Change’s PR fanfare, by the time the convoy of Audis rolled into town and spilled forth the Esoteric sales contingent and obligatory photographers (to take pictures of little girls in makeup), the good citizens of Tenterfield had seen and heard enough. They didn’t go. A look at the publicity footage shows about half a dozen Tenterfield kids showed up and about the same number of local adults. The rest of the saggy bums on seats, fifty or sixty of them, motored in from Goonellabah and surrounds, dragging their half starved, fun deprived kids with them, hoping to love-bomb new customers with how to be ‘who you truly are’ as long as its within UM’s rules, sell them stuff and convert them to their nihilistic New World Religion complete with a workshop habit, years of devotional volunteer promotional work, lifetimes of expenditure and an eternity of whingeing.

But alas, the Sons of God drove three hours to sell crap to themselves.

I imagine the EPIC FAIL, one of so very many over the past five years, will be blamed on me. Again.

It won’t have anything to do with the lousy content of the thing – teaching primary school kids how to paint their nails and make ‘perfumed body cream’, charging them to be photographed for UM publicity, and selling them orthorexia nervosa and other toxic stuff. It wouldn’t be the organizers’ esoteric honesty and integrity- or the recent hysterics about ‘harassment and intimidation’ and warnings to locals to CALL THE POLICE that pissed people off. It wouldn’t be down to the fact they didn’t bother disclosing the sexist, exploitative garbage was not a community event, as advertised, but a commercial recruitment pitch from an occult religious business. Desperate for financial converts. I’ve said it a hundred times – parents, teachers, the community, have a right to know who is behind events targeting kids.

Which brings me to this guy – Tenterfield’s mayor, Peter Petty.

He’s also up for preselection for the Lismore seat. Walks into a commercial event run by an organization that’s a magnet for bad press and gives his endorsement. Onya Peter Petty. It’s amazing what people will overlook when they’re trying to get elected and get wind they might win a few votes from a clutch of overdressed Goonellabah Esos. Care to comment on Esoteric Womens Health Pty Ltd’s marketing of Esoteric Breast Massage with the claim that women harm their babies via breast milk if their breasts aren’t ‘cleared’ of ‘imposed male energy’?


And what benefits did UM bring to town? They came to town under false pretences to sell their worthless pyramid scheme and Esoteric products – to take good money from the local economy. Tenterfield might have been able to sell them a tank or two of petrol, a few bottles of water and a packet of almonds between 50 of them, but that would have been it.

It’s a cautionary tale. Research the people you endorse. The rest of Tenterfield seemed able to manage it.

20 September short hearing Brisbane

On 20 September will be a short hearing for the Raphael & Karam v Rockett defamation claim. I updated last month with the ruling for the June hearing of six applications that dwindled down to two that ended up making pretty much no difference to my defence for the amount of effort they threw at them. At the June hearing Her Honour ruled that the Queensland court doesn’t have jurisdiction over the first matter complained of, and refused to hear over half the argument, given that the first matter, an email, was published in a different state, NSW, and must be heard, (according to the Defamation Act of Qld 2005 section 11(1)) under the law applicable to that jurisdiction. Turns out Ray and Caroline want the court to make a declaration on jurisdiction, in spite of Her Honour’s ruling that there was no evidence the email was published to anyone other than in the state of NSW. They’ve also indicated they want me to pay the costs of their application. We’ll be in court some time after 10 am on 20 September in the District Court of Qld, George Street, Brisbane. My QC or his colleague will appear for me. I don’t expect it will take long. I’m guessing half an hour. I’ll update if anything changes.

Converys Lane compounded properties

Funny what you find out when you’re rifling through Development Applications, and then run a property ownership search around Converys Lane. We know who owns the ‘Hall of Ageless Wisdom’ Church of Serge property at 37 Converys Lane, which used to be earmarked as the College of Universal Medicine premises until the ACNC asked a bunch of questions about how tax exempt gift fund proceeds would be used to improve a commercial property and whether the owner would benefit financially if the charity was wound up… So yeah, his holiness bought 37 Converys for about $2.3m and told the McIntyre v O’Regan hearing that he spent $1.2m on renovations. Unfortunately, he didn’t have development approval from the Ballina Council to increase student numbers over 100. Mid this year the Council refused to increase the student numbers to 250 due to concerns about traffic volume. Anyway, it turns out two neighbouring properties were purchased in 2015 and 2011 by his well heeled faith-full, owner of ACM, now Evolve College, Robert Wild, and UM’s in house barrister, College of UM director, and retained counsel for Benhayon, Raphael and Karam, Charles Wilson. The larger property is now owned by Charlie’s ex (yes, a UM devotee too) since they split. All up, the three blocks total about 120,000 m².

As Serge says, ‘a true seer uses smell to look into the future‘. Take a sniff past UM’s pea soup flatulence and overripe internet PR and one smells expansion plans, which I hear have gone belly up. Any amateur clairsentient would have seen the writing on the wall yonks ago – the ‘non-accreditation’ ‘professional’ Chakra-puncture practitioner training hasn’t exactly put the UM/Evolve conglomerate through the profit stratosphere. It’s just another product in a market over supplied with New Age ‘healing’ crap.

Wollongbar is a nice place. The potential site for an Esoteric practitioner ‘accreditation‘ and palliative care mega-mart it’s not.

Net wealth? – Esoteric real men (L to R) Alan Johnston, Andy Baldwin, Neil Ringe, James Stanfield, Charles Wilson, Prof. Bill Foley, Paul Moses, Rob Wild, Benhayons read a 6th dimensional sermon at the Converys Lane Church of Serge.


56 Comments on “Universal Medicine flops, flailings, forays & gossip September 2017”

  1. Botticelli says:

    I am sure Ray’s attempt will be voted for in reams by the faithful, and otherwise ignored. The G2W sham recruiting drive illustrates clearly the same – only supported by UMers, everyone else avoids.

    The pic of the UM men shows they got a rapidly aging membership problem. Only Bencrayons kids there to represent anyone under 65. The rest of them, judging by appearance and living the lifestyle they do (no exercice, crap diet, constant extreme stress over detractors) look like they don’t have that long left before shifting off to Sirius or wherever they think they are going to next.

    • MacReady says:

      They appear up be intent on redefining the term ‘skeleton crew’, though I’d be willing to bet that, behind closed doors, Michael and Curtis aren’t subject to quite the same extreme exercise and dietary restrictions that the followers are ‘by choice’.

      • Botticelli says:

        Skeleton crew is a fantastic name for them, that one is going to stick. And I am sure you are correct about the kids.

  2. Bag of bones says:

    Freaking out about the skeletal claw holding the “nurture tent” sign in the photo
    This is supposed to be healthy living
    Their brains must be screaming for mercy
    And food
    One bony foot in the coffin
    Please smile for the death video and sign on the dotted line of your brand new will

  3. 🚀 says:

    Esoteric real men
    On stage
    In bad taste, but
    Where’s Kim Jong Un when you need him

  4. Sounds very familiar says:

    Hull Jehovah’s Witnesses speak out after being ‘shunned by religion’
    Hull Daily Mail ·

    Here is enlightening information to ponder from this article:

    “Members say they have now been isolated from loved ones with parents and siblings not even speaking to them simply because they questioned elements of the doctrine preached by the religious group.”

    “Those forced to leave are not to speak to Jehovah’s Witnesses because they believe those outside the religion can be of detriment to their faith.”

    “Cheryl says the pressure of being a Jehovah’s Witnesses member can be overwhelming.”

    “Being told you are special and everyone else will die when Armageddon comes really affected me as a child,” he said. “You end up being scared of everyone around you.”

    “By the very nature of the Jehovah’s Witness and how people are recruited, it attracts those who are already vulnerable and maybe victims of abuse looking for support.”

    “But ordinary witnesses are not bad people and I hope people are not unkind. Be firm but remember they are just being misled.”

    “The more I asked questions the more I was told to shut up,” he said. “I was told that if I pursued this path the only answer I could get would be me being disfellowshipped.”

    “Many now admit they believe they were part of a cult feeling they were emotionally manipulated.”

    Janet – not her real name – said: “When you realise what you’ve been involved in is a cult, you feel a lot of anger and disbelief, you feel stupid. It takes time to work through it.

    “You realise your neighbours and fellow human beings have the potential to be loving companions. You also realise no one organisation has a monopoly on death.”

  5. WTF is livingness anyways? says:

    So Ray is trying to join a party that disapproves of anything gay, despite the apparent conflict with Serge’s flock of livingness lesbians. One wonders what internal spin will be pushed through the esoteric interwebs to justify that major faux pas, and ensure that these oogly googly-eyed sisters of Sappho remain sycophantic subscribers to the Benhayon fortunes.

    I mean, these poor excuses for same-sex attracted feminists blindly worship a white, heteronormative, cisgendered Patriarch. It’s all rather embarrassing and well, plain daft.

    But I guess it’s an easy albeit expensive way of giving their sister friends a quick titty rub under the guise of….what is it again…oh I can’t be assed giving it breath! The mumbo-jumboness of it is nauseating.

    These obedient brides, now preying on school children through their youth programs, is revolting and demonstrates their unwell minds. Beware the trap of a free healing. It just shows their consumer base is pretty damn thin.

    • E$o touch ups says:

      They’re about as feminist as Rod Harvey, who posted on one of the UM sites years ago about what women should wear to look and feel nice. Pillock.

      Unquestioningly obeying a bloke who says, in his marketing video for Esoteric Breast Massage, that he’s not objectifying breasts, and joining a network of women policing each other’s behaviour is so very feminist…

      I think you have it in one. Sappho’s Esoteric sisterhood are in it for the mercenary homoeroticism – the mirror worship & ‘lovely’ ‘yummy’ ‘body awareness’ – lets rub each other with lovely creams says Nurse Betty Breast Masseuse. Where else can you pass off touching women up as ‘healing’, albeit unconvincingly, and charge for it? Then call yourself role models for little girls.

      No wonder women feel dirty after an EBM.

      • Anonymous says:

        Women paying to have their breasts rubbed and pretending there’s some health benefit in it is just stupid. It feels good and humans have been doing it to each other since time begun. Bit daft to pay for it though, in any loving sexual relationship that comes for free. But I suppose if you’re single after ditching the family for Sergio it’s probably as near to pleasure your going to get.

        • Esoteric Patrol says:

          Just out of interest has UM developed any other esoteric treatments that focus on the breasts or genitals?

          From memory I saw on a website that there was a treatment called something like esoteric men’s massage that sounded dubious?

        • Touchy feely says:

          Definitely. There’s a modality, very secret, known as Esoteric Sacral Cupping, where the hands of the healer tenderly cup the male givingness and shower in livingness and lovingness until a full sacred facial cleaning process occurs. It is a higher level release, only available to the elite few men running the show.

        • Esther says:

          You know touchy feely, that is actually very esoteric – I nearly fell for it, it was so Esoteric. It’s staggering that people don’t see the obvious sleaze behind the versions targeting women.

          Eso patrol – it’s all dubious. Sorry if this a bit cheeky toward you but I think a better question is whether UM has developed any esoteric treatments that focus on legitimate health benefits and are not mercenary excuses to fill customers’ heads with degrading beliefs about humanity and the human body, overservice them with bullshit energetic ‘clearings’ and get a good old grope into the bargain.

          UM also flogs Esoteric Uterus and Ovary Massage. They don’t disclose what those entail, and no they don’t disclose what the men’s massage entails, but in the practitioner training manuals there’s a passage stating that it’s important for a practitioner to be able to put their hands ‘where they are in truth guided’.

          In other words, as long as you can fool the client into believing it’s ‘healing’ you can fondle whatever you want.

        • Touchy feely says:

          I was once offered a Sacred Prostate Reading, I think the guy called it that anyway. He said he was going to rid me of the evil enterties that lurked within. It felt uncomfortable but he knew what he was doing.

          I could feel the pranic energy being released from me as we worked together to heal me.
          Then he charged me eighty bucks.

        • Esoteric Patrol says:

          Thanks for the reply Esther. I was just wondering if the shady treatments were only for women or if they are also offered to men. It has been documented that the group offers Esoteric breast, ovary and uterus therapies. And despite the groups critical stance against masculinity there is not the same level of treatments offered to this gender?

          It is possible that the website does not detail the full range of therapies practiced at the UM clinic.

        • Esther Rockett says:

          You’re right. 40 something websites and no clear information on exactly what the therapies are or entail, and also no clear information on the ‘practitioner courses’ – no proper course outlines or pricing is to be found publicly – especially about scam chakra-puncture.

          My take on their hypocritical anti-male stance is that equivalent therapies targeting males are less lucrative for several reasons.

          1. Women’s health is more complicated and a much bigger market. It’s easier to sell repeat healings to women given the potential unpredictability or instability of the female hormonal cycle, and its obvious physiological or pathological effects. Male physiology is much less complicated and more difficult to justify repeat healings.

          2. The male equivalents for eso breast, uterus and ovary massage are impossible to market without inevitable sexual connotations. Absolutely no one is going to fall for gentle testicle or penile rubbing as ‘healing’, and customers to that kind of thing are going to want their money’s worth, which is understood as a happy ending. To me, that’s an appalling double standard. UM loves to burble about ‘equal-ness’ but the Esoteric stuff targeting women is gratuitous, exploitative sleaze that makes them feel as if sex is a dirty sin. If UM marketed it as a sexual service, got informed consent and given women their money’s worth I wouldn’t have any objection to it, but they falsely advertise it as ‘medicine’ ‘healing’ and ‘therapies’. And all it does is fuck with people’s heads and make them wonder why they let someone touch them like that. A person cannot be consenting if they’ve been deceived. In the same way, UM call grooming ‘sexual education’. While they’re touching up the customers they’re publicly asserting that ‘sexiness is not about sex’, ‘sex is energetic rape’ and male desire causes women’s cancers. The blokes (who are mostly old and exceedingly unappealing) that fall that bullshit go in for the special men’s emasculating massages, but they’re also lurking around the healing workshops with the creepy Brides of Serge sticking their mitts all over other men and women. Nothing like being touched up by an opportunistic Son of God. What a hateful fraud.

          3. The business model relies on divisiveness – paranoia and animosity, in order to divert emotional loyalty and the financial expenditure that follows away from worthy services and family etc. to UM. Sexual divisiveness plays a big role in cleaving mostly women and their money or their partners’ or family’s money away from where it’s needed and into the UM bottomless pit of expenditure. A lot of readers aren’t wondering where the proceeds of property settlements have ended up…

          You shouldn’t get me started. 😦

        • Esoteric Patrol says:

          Hi “Touchy feely” . Thank you for giving testimony of your experience. If you feel comfortable I was wondering if you could give further details on what the Sacred Prostate Reading involved. How was it performed? How was consent provided? What benefits did the therapist outline for the treatment?

          Thank you for sharing your experience.

        • Oops 😬 says:

          I think Touchy Feely will reply himself, but I apologize for that. He’s taking the mickey. He did message me to tell me to take it down if I thought he’d gone too far, but I thought it does show what a perverse joke Esoteric healing is – that it’s difficult to tell Eso healing from someone making a sleazy joke.

          Are you okay with the comments staying up? I think it does make a good point, albeit an uncomfortable one but I’m happy to take feedback.

      • Esoteric Patrol says:

        No Worries Esther!

  6. Esoteric consistency says:

    A while back an anon dropped the instagram post referred to here into the contact form. I wondered what Ballina Lismore Ray might be up to… https://www.instagram.com/p/BVbGLbwBpvl/

  7. Short update says:

    Thanks for your cool comments everyone and your patience – you are all awe-some – especially when you agree with me 😉 There’s a short update at top of page. I’m here, I’m paying attention, thanks for your messages tip offs etc., but don’t freak if I don’t reply in hurry. We’re in court in Brisbane on Wednesday. Also Ray Karam missed out on preselection short list. Carry on.

  8. S.O.S says:

    Where are those happy days they seem so hard to find
    I tried to reach for you but you have closed your mind
    Whatever happened to our love
    I wish I understood
    It used to be so nice it used to be so good

    So when you’re near me, darling you cant stand me, Serge is best
    The love you gave me, now the UM slaves they rub your breasts
    Then you’re gone
    On a UM retreat in Vietnam
    Then you’re gone
    On a UM course costing 2 grand

    You cant be near me, my tattoo and beer is cancerous
    The love you gave me, gone cause you cant save me
    Sergio says
    Then you’re gone
    UK UM retreat with the clones
    Now you’re gone
    Leaving me with a fucking big loan

  9. Ray Ban 😎 says:

    Hosed off the green paint and popping up at the Nats camp lol
    Gotta get that spot in local politics and give cred to his space brother’s religious money machine and maybe even jump an imaginary UM level or two
    We all see clearly through this like a new pair of Ray Bans, Ray
    “Can we tick it”
    No we wont!!!

  10. Olga Andigor says:

    Add-on to the subject “Esoteric Ovary Massage”: That´s how “Universal Medicine in Deutschland” describes it. Often, they just translate from the English source and keep as close to it as possible. Maybe it helps to understand the divinity offered here:

    “Natalie Benhayon – Behandlungspreis: €75/Stunde
    Esoteric Women’s Health – Esoteric Ovary Massage
    Die speziell für Frauen entwickelte Heil- und Massagetechnik unterstützt die Frau darin, emotionale Eindrücke und Blockaden, die sich im Laufe ihres Lebens auf die Ovarien gelegt haben, heraus zu lösen. Zudem kann die Behandlung dazu beitragen, dass negative Verhaltensweisen, Muster, Überzeugungen und Ideale, die zu einem Ungleichgewicht in ihrem Körper und ihrer Lebensweise geführt haben, aufgebrochen werden.

    Diese emotionalen Eindrücke und Blockaden werden in der Behandlung von Natalie Benhayon intuitiv gelesen und mit der Klientin besprochen, um die energetische Qualität zu verstehen, die sich wie ein Mantel um die Ovarien gelegt hat.

    Die Esoteric Ovary Massage unterstützt die Frau darin, sich wieder rück-zu-verbinden – eine Verbindung mit der innewohnenden Weiblichkeit (Stille) und ein Gefühl tiefer Verbundenheit mit sich selbst. Mit diesem wiedergewonnenen inneren Kontakt, kann sie wieder eine Lebensweise führen, die das harmonische Gleichgewicht in ihrem Körper wertschätzt und in dem Wissen, dass wahre Gesundheit von Innen kommt.”

    I´m sick of translating as it is time consuming and very difficult for an untrained person like me. Please try using Google Chrome or another translator.

    • Tower of Babel says:

      It doesn’t matter what language it is in, still reads like the same steaming pile of horse shit. And no amount or pseudo new age babble makes it anymore palatable or comprehensible.

      Here’s a translation: “Give us your money and we will tell you that you are wonderful. As long as you keep giving us your money. If you stop paying, you’re in denial and will probably go to hell.”

      • Olga Andigor says:

        Well, what really matters to me are the 75 € per hour.

      • Serge's Lexi-con says:

        “Natalie Benhayon – treatment price: € 75 / hour
        Esoteric Women’s Health – Esoteric Ovary Massage
        The healing and massage technology, especially developed for women, helps the woman to solve emotional impressions and blockages that have spread to the ovaries during her life. In addition, the treatment can help break down negative behaviors, patterns, beliefs and ideals that have led to an imbalance in their body and lifestyle.
        These emotional impressions and blockages are intuitively read in the treatment of Natalie Benhayon and discussed with the client in order to understand the energetic quality that has settled like a cloak around the ovaries.
        The Esoteric Ovary Massage helps the woman to reconnect – a connection with the indwelling femininity (silence) and a feeling of deep attachment to herself. With this recovered inner contact, she can again lead a way of life that allows the harmonious balance appreciated in their bodies and in the knowledge that true health comes from within. “

        • Olga Andigor says:

          Thanks a lot! Feel like puking everytime I even think about translating one more UM text. It´s illegal here to give sessions with healing intention without medical degree, but, as in Australia, nobody gives a damn unless someone´s made a complaint they’ve been harmed. Don´t worry, Queen B, I´ve tried and you´ve got nothing to worry about.

  11. Quick legal update says:

    Pasting from Facebook:
    Today’s interlocutory hearing in Brisbane went fine. His Honour today ruled the June hearing’s judge was in error in refusing to hear a large part of the argument on the basis that the Queensland court did not have jurisdiction.
    Yes, the law is complex and interpretations vary. That in itself is a good reason to avoid litigation.
    So Raphael and Karam’s third attempt at their application to strike out all of my contextual truth imputations from my defence went ahead but didn’t achieve much, if anything. In brief, Team UM started out trying to strike out 50 imputations, I’m not sure what the final tally is, but I think they succeeded with about 13 in total. Today they were to argue objections to 10. I conceded one of the imputations from memory and I’ve been ordered to replead another four so that they read better. Their strike outs will make little difference to the defence as a whole.
    I’ll tell you a funny story when I have time to write a proper update, but for now, suffice to say, it was a three hour hearing, Charles Wilson talked a lot and brought reams of paper to court. The QC representing me brought a five page submission and didn’t say much. He didn’t need to. The plaintiffs wanted me to pay costs of the hearing, His Honour said no.
    So we roll on.
    PLEASE DONATE TO MY SURVIVAL FUND – UM’s Glorious exploits are just made for court scrutiny, and that is about to get very real – I’m not paying any lawyers’ bills, at all, but I’m doing a lot of work on this and I do need to stay alive.
    Find a Paypal link on my blogs or donate to BSB 734 063 Account number 654 143. And stay tuned.


  12. 👅 says:

    Imagine any other “religion” or “business” for that matter, other than prostitution, getting away with total “in your face” focus on genitals…….excuse the pun
    And the corpse brides breast brigade massaging with their bony digits would be as comfortable as rubbing your chest with a chicken carcass
    Cant wait to see the court and media reactions

  13. Hmmmm says:

    Belle Gibson fake wellness blogger fined $410k for deceptive conduct

    • Hellova Mess iah says:

      Should have been a hellova lot more
      Tricking vulnerable people into parting with money using fake CURES for cancer and even personally faking cured brain cancer and involving innocent sick children.
      Just as bad and dangerous is sucking money out of people using fake CAUSES of cancer and claiming to personally be the living example on earth to be followed for this life and beyond to avoid it. Genetic vulnerability be buggered.
      And if its too late for you, let me help you step into your cardboard coffin, rewrite your will, and shoot a short video just in case for legal purposes
      These charlatans are getting media exposure court time, some have been caught, some have instigated the process, all will be seen for who they really are in the end

  14. Anonymous says:

    Gossip: New GM Dance Album out on Sunday: https://donotlink.it/RMG9
    This is what happens when you´re constantly praised to the skies and got money. A little bit of honest feedback seems not to be given within the esoteric community.

    • Serge's Lexi-con says:

      He’s discovered the drum machine. Like the rest of the family he could do with a reality check by testing it on the real world. It’s mediocre at best. Unlike other muzac tinkerers, he’s got a ready made paying audience who’ll subject themselves to this noize.

      • Anonymous says:

        Funny thing is it´s got no soul. From my experience, music is best expressing deep emotions. Inconvenient when these are regarded as toxic.

      • Anonymous says:

        Mediocre is being VERY kind. To me it sounds like the demo tracks you used to get on 80s Casio keyboards. Music made by the engineers who designed the tech who have no musical skill, just a knowledge of how to press the buttons, but no rhythm, no depth, no harmony and absolutely no talent. It has been tested on the real world as anyone can buy, but no-one does apart from paid up cult members.

        • Old but gold says:

          Jep, reminds me of my Commodore 64 and Amiga computer sounds days. Money for proper equipment should be there, spend it, doubt about the skills using these though, but I´m ready to be surprised.

        • BUT says:

          Punch drunk so to speak….Serge says produce!

        • DJ Mikey B says:

          Let’s not stop with DJ Mikey B on the esoteric decks. How about the tonedeaf MirBe?!? Are all the UniMed posse really so “polite” that no one can take Miranda aside and whisper in her ear that her singing truly sucks? Giving her the lead vocals is downright embarrassing and well, quite pranic on my poor ears. Her vocals are dry and dull, but her worst crime is that she sings flat. Just terrible in every way. Not even my innermost can save the pain her bland voice brings. Then when one sees her attempting to dance, or sway to the music, let’s just say that she was holding the door when “God” was giving out rhythm.

          And I’m never even going to start on Nastee Miss Nat, the hippest rapper in the Northern Rivers. Donning her signature black singlet dress stretched down over her Kardashian rump (with a sensible pair of Kmart pumps to match), she is the lyrical wordsmith of the esoteric atmos, adding the cool kid touch to the UniMed disco machine. But once again, the tribe of blind believers also demonstrate a deafness because no one has said, “hey Nastee Miss Natalie, you’ll be be Iggy Azalea hon. Give it a break(beat)”.

          And then there’s Beckky A…NO ENOUGH ALREADY!

  15. Esther says:

    Don’t freak duckies, I am around, I’ve just got a bit to get done – like trying to get documents out of Sergio whose gone into contraction about court orders. Seven months since the orders were made and he’s in resistance. I’d complied in full and gave my interrogatory answers as well four months ago

    There will be updates soon – in the meantime, a lot of you might not have realized that Olga has been answering questions over on the Accountability blog, and frankly I think it’s time some of the UM defectors shared a little bit to help our many readers understand what it’s like to be a UM student. When loved ones try to communicate with UMers they get hit with a wall of delusional passive aggression the subscribers call being in their ‘truth’. Olga is giving us incredible insight into what was going on for her and her loved ones when she was caught in the UM mind trap, that almost became lethal for her.

    She’s shown incredible courage in blogging her experiences, and I’m kind of stunned hardly any of you have bothered to comment on that yet so many of you will whinge endlessly about UM and how ‘something should be done’ about them. Let’s face it, a lot of you have done fuck all except whinge. Take the opportunity to engage, share your own experience as a student or loved one and ask her questions or at least acknowledge her or stop whingeing. Truly. Honestly the gutlessness of a lot of you is extraordinary. You won’t defame anyone, that’s what comments moderation is there for. https://universalmedicineaccountability.wordpress.com/2017/09/23/surviving-universal-medicine-olga-speaks/

    • Esther says:

      Read the above then watch this. In that order.


      • Give! says:

        Can everyone please give our dalrlng Esther a few bucks so she can eat. She is on a crusade and doing it hard. Your help will see a good result for us all. Ps I’m like you all. Just want a good result.

  16. Heaven's Gate says:

    Hey cultbusters,

    I’ve started listening to a new American podcast called “Cults”. You can find it on your podcast app on your phone.

    The third episode discusses the Heaven’s Gate cult of Marshall Applewhite and Bonnie Nettles. The similarities with the UniMed cult are quite clear – based on esoteric philosophy, a spiritual leader who claims he is a higher spiritual being, spaceships and otherworldly beliefs, and on and on.

    And there’s another episode to go where they discuss the “twisted thinking” behind it all. Heaven’s Gate ends in a mass suicide of the followers which I hope doesn’t happen for the sake of our loved ones spiritually indebted to UM’s hierarchy.

  17. Anonymous says:

    First photo of Nat in Cologne from “Universal Medicine in Deutschland”´s Facebook page:
    Smaller room than I thought and I´d rather have more empty chairs (all of em), but a good start.

    • Olga Andigor says:

      Sounds like good news.When I subtract the already faith-full, who´ve already been to UM courses in England/Australia/Vietnam, there are not that much newcomers on that photo. However, we don´t know how many went to Nat´s secret sessions over the week although I could feel the energy of Cologne shifting, crystal clear. 🙂

      • self centredness problem says:

        Me too, forget about Syria, Myanmar, Colombia, the amaaaazing energies of UM courses being held can be felt around the globe.

        They really travel from Germany to Australia or Vietnam for UM courses? Twenty something hours flight…?

      • Serge's Lexi-con says:

        Hopefully your bravery in calling them out is helping others from falling down the same rabbit hole. Good work Olga.

      • Anonymous says:

        I am sure on their website this meeting will be described as “packed”. Sadly for them the diminishing numbers reflect the growing awareness that this group have nothing to offer.

        Your numbers up UM. Time to pack up the snake oil stand and move on.

  18. Olga Andigor says:

    Thanks Serge´s Lexi-con. By the way, I´ve only just found out the meaning of the “snake oil” references… school doesn´t teach you the good things. 🙂
    Yes, “self centredness problem”, that´s how far some UM followers go here in Europe. The Vietnam Retreat is more popular than the one in UK. Beautiful location, low cost goods like tailor-made dresses, nice and unsuspecting people, meeting the UMers from Australia one only collaborates with online maninly to praise UM and defame Esther and Lance (because they are the only two detractors, directly channelled through by the Lords of Form).
    Some I´ve known travelled to Australia and lived with Serge whilst having courses and sessions. Often combined with vacations, two travelled from there to the following Vietnam Retreat.
    It comsumes an enormous amount of money and time.

    • Serge's Lexi-con says:

      Yeah, there are some great expressions in English. Down the rabbit hole alludes to Alice in Wonderland and it’s alternate reality and how hard it is to find that small exit out. Snake oil is wonderful as it sums up Serge’ enterprise in two words. In fact, his disclaimers more or less admit it is snake oil 🙂 Maybe he should have called his outfit Universal Placebo. (UP- seems fitting) At least it’d be more honest and people would know what they are getting.

      Die wohen hinterm mond…

  19. Esoteric patrol says:

    Tip off: Deborah Benhayon (Serge’s first wife) appeared briefly on the local news today: She appears in the report at 3 minutes 23 seconds.

    • Esther says:

      She’s UM’s current and long term book keeper. Knows all about the raking$, the trust$, the amazing range of subscription$ and the big fat gift$… She’s not amazingly up front about her UM job for some reason.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Inve$tment preferably ca$h please. We´re a religion, no taxes. We´re a business, no cult.

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