Universal Medicine retractions, detractions, sexy-ness & gossip August 2017

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Greetings and Esotericisms from the School of the Livingness shop

18 August 2017 – Tenterfield about to cop UM’s aggressively marketed Girl to Woman Grooming Festival 

9 August 2017 – *New fiction – Bathenstool besieged *The merciless suffocation of passion – UM style *Natalie Benhayon before and after special edition 

2 August 2017  – Sound Foundation Community Care’s phantom VAT debt cock up + retraction *Esoteric ‘gifts’ from the School of the Livingness *Latest blogs from Universal Medicine does Deutschland🇩🇪 

18 August 2017 – Girl to Woman Festival Tenterfield pre-emptive aggression 

We’ve been through this before. UM runs the annual Girl to Woman grooming Festival in Lennox Head every January. This year, they’ve expanded, latched onto a group of kids who were bussed in from Tenterfield, and taken their grooming, indoctrination and commercial promotion festival to the unsuspecting Northern NSW regional town. As usual the organizers haven’t bothered to disclose it’s a recruitment front for a nasty occult religious enterprise. But they’re taking no chances and are trying to hype residents into persecution hysteria in prep for the event on 27 August. They posted a couple of missives directly trashing me, deleted my reply on Facebook, and are throwing around threats they’ll CALL THE POLICE! if anyone bothers to inform anyone else of the thing’s backing, and its risk to children. They published a ‘support document’ that omits critical information about the Esoteric Breast Massage religion with a reputation for bullying that’s going after kids. As if parents, teachers and the public don’t have a right to know. ‘Role models’ for girls, the organizers call themselves, but don’t laugh, they’ve sleazed their way into other publicly funded initiatives for youth, and the organizers don’t care. See my response, with corrections to UM’s nonsense, on the Accountability blog.

9 August 2017

Retracting the retraction

Before I launch into this gossip instalment, please note that I’ve updated my thoughts below and on the accountability site on the VAT liability of UM’s UK charity rort. The more we look at them, the less sense those accounts make.

I’m not sure I got it wrong at all.

New fiction – ‘It had put on its slippers’

For the info of our overseas readers, Nimbin is a rural paradise HIGH in the hills of Far Northern NSW, a leisurely Astral trip from Lismore. And Mt Warning. Anyway, ‘Nimbin Good Times’, the village’s Peoples Choice newspaper, by popular vote, is running a gripping saga about a rural metropolis wracked by a fetid deluge, that washes in with the foul intrigues of a group of sewer dwellers who ooze and seep into local council and chamber of commerce positions and take over the city…

It’s riveting! Read the first instalment at Nimbin Good Times. I CAN’T WAIT for the next chapter.

Goodbye passion

Hold on to your urinary valves everyone. UM has released another earth shattering documentary prophesying the end of the world as we know it. The end of meaning. The unhappy ending to end all ends.

Yes, to hell with you all. Sexy-ness has bugger all to do with sex. It’s about anything but sex. It’s about listening to a mind numbing diatribe from the Esoteric dating coach for the ‘playful’ and ‘sexy’ Brides of Serge. Henceforth, by sixth dimensional Hierarchical decree, anything remotely stimulating found on any illuminated screen is to be replaced by that video. ‘Sexy’ is the new synonym for talking, thinking and behaving just like UM’s promoters who love nothing more than a lovely Esoteric Breast Massage, which has ‘not a whiff of anything sexual about it’.

But wait, Esoteric Breast Massage must be sexy because UM says sexiness is not about sex. Yes? That’s how several of the Esoteric Breast Massagers can decide they needn’t be up front with clients about their sexual orientation. Most women are already squeamish about the ‘modality’ and have to be talked into it. Later they find out their practitioner is lesbian, as several of them are. After they’ve had Eso cream lovingly worked into their breasts, and ‘the love in the room is palpable’ with the soft music playing, the oils and the candles burning…to help them ‘connect’ with their ‘femaleness’. They say. As a reader found out – the hard way.  ‘Practiced by women for women’ as the blurb goes.

It all makes perfect sense when the dissonance emanating from the instruments of Michael and Miranda Benhayon is labelled ‘Glorious Music’, the pubic palpation of ‘Deeper Femaleness‘ is sold as ‘healing’, and the same ‘sexy’ crew shop themselves as role models at the Girl to Woman Festival. To kids.

Before and after special – Natalie with Love TV

And look, I’m all for a bit of consensual fun between adults. That’s the problem. Informed consent? Call it what it is. Anyone who’s familiar with the words ‘pleasure’ and ‘common sense’ wouldn’t go near Esoteric Women’s Health and their Eso Breast Massages. A morbid grope plus an earful of ‘sexy’ indoctrination? And they charge $80 or something? And call it ‘healing’? No thanks. Just like a bunker compadre tried to persuade some rather adventurous women friends to take a crack at it, so we can report the findings, and has learned some colourful new variations of ‘fuck off’ in the process. I wouldn’t have gone there. Princess left the country to avoid it.


Whatever. On to Natalie with Love. Remember the dose of Esoteric sexy in the 2015 funding pitch for Natalie TV?

UM collected $126,000 to transform the Goonellabah starlet into an international TV star with a potential audience of ‘millions’. Estimated delivery July 2015.

In 2015, Natalie Benhayon will embark on her International TV career but we need your help to make this happen.

For every $20,000 raised we can make a new season of the much anticipated TV show ‘Natalie with Love’ 
If we reach over $120,000 – We will create and distribute series 1 of ‘Women in Livingness TV’.  Pozible crowdfunding site 

Natalie with Esoteric Love

UM’s characteristic puffery – Pozible site


Over two years later, the resulting product is a not screening on a subscription digital TV channel, as advertised, but on a clunky Weebly website charging $3 per episode. For three episodes.

That’s it.

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 11.31.34 am.png

Natalie TV – coming soon since 2015

The crowdfunding scheme that raised $126k from 337 donors, that offered product placements for sponsors etc. to get their stuff in front of ‘millions’, amounted to three overpriced $3 episodes of mind blowing content. It took until January this year to launch three instalments of Natalie telling yes-girl Rachel Evans how to put on a frock. With a bonus 10 minute, badly shot, overlit monologue from Rachel about how she ‘felt’ about her amazing workover 12 months later. I challenge any of you to sit through the whole ten minutes of the freebie.

For some reason the ‘relationship’ interview with Mark Twist never went to air.

It’s hardly Christiane Amanpour.

It’s hardly worth $126k. And to add insult to rip-off, they’re charging the ‘sponsors’ to watch it.

And how’s Natalie’s international TV career trajectory faring? UM’s volunteer propagandists have to spruik the Ascended Mistress to the Esoteric Women’s Health mailing list, and let’s face it, there’s not a lot of marketable product to work with.

Women in Livingness 
A Brisbane Community Event

Dear Brisbane,
In just 4 weeks Natalie Benhayon will be in our very own home town to host a Wellbeing & Empowerment event for women.
This is very beautiful for us all, whether we attend or not.
Yet it is also something more, for it represents a rare opportunity for us all to offer our friends, family, work colleagues and associates a new level of evolution.
We are already finding when we talk to people about Natalie and this event it opens up a depth of conversation, and that each and every person we talk to is left with something of great value.
There are very few things more enriching than offering another an opportunity for more depth in their life.
On this basis we invite all the men and women of Brisbane who have benefited from Esoteric Women’s Health and or Natalie Benhayon, and who understand the extent of the healing that is on offer here, to share with those you feel will benefit.
This can be as simple as:

  • inviting others to attend with you
  • emailing a friend or colleague with details of the event
  • commenting and sharing on the Women in Livingness Facebook page, or
  • having a thoroughly enriching conversation.

For ease, we have attached the flyer for your information. If you have any questions or would like support, please do not hesitate to contact any member of the Esoteric Women’s Health team listed below.
We would also appreciate it if those of you who are planning to attend could book now as this supports with the planning, running and grounding of the event.  You can register your booking via this LINK.
With Love,
Rebecca Poole and Victoria Lister
On behalf of Esoteric Women’s Health Brisbane 


Natalie – Ascended Master, Son of God and international TV star

I dunno. You’d think if you were appointed successor to the 6th degree master, the one chosen to sell his 10 volumes of One Unified Truth, verbatim, into the New Era – you know – to align the whole blessed UNIVERSE, Rebecca and Vicky could manage a more Glorious and light filled write up.


Tickets $65.

2 August 2017 – Glorious detraction

Remember last year’s real estate and gossip post? The meme comp? You call yourselves pranic? I can’t believe none of you came up with this, tsk!!

Serge & de-tractor.jpeg

And now from de-tractor to retractor 😉 😉 😜

Retraction – the Esoteric VAT

Updated: I may have misinterpreted the 2014-15 Sound Foundation Community Care accounts. I apologize if I got it wrong. I’m happy to do that if I did, but the more we look at it, the more anomalies we find. Whatever happened, that charity is a scam and if HMRC didn’t act on my 2014 complaint I’m very disappointed. According to the recently released 2015-16 accounts, the £378k VAT was imposed as part of the charity’s change from a trust to an incorporated company. It was then ‘recovered’. But what of all the other oddities, £115k worth of ‘management’ expenses all of a sudden, on top of donated services? £68k worth of donated swimming? Rock bottom hire charges for the Benhayons? Etc.

Read the update on the Accountability blog, with my findings on the other howlers in the accounts. I might have been wrong about the VAT , but I’m not wrong about the other actions I’ve reported. As many of you observed, I asked the charity’s trustees many times for an explanation of the debt and they did not respond. Amazing that UM whinges about reputation problems yet their standard reaction to criticism is to withhold information and launch overblown attacks.

They must know anything less than a full and frank response to my questions would have meant nothing. Their credibility is shot. It took the shuttle to Arcturus yonks ago. We can’t believe the explanation in the accounts, like we can’t believe a word they say about anything. They’ve never made any paperwork available. They’ve only ever reacted to our questions with tirades of lunacy. It’s backfired. It’s showed what dishonest bastards they truly are, and opened more questions about what they are desperately trying to hide.

Even if I was mistaken in interpreting the debt, UM didn’t want to risk having to address the rest of the anomalies. And there are a lot. To properly correct my error would mean UM would have to change their ways, start behaving reasonably, opening themselves to scrutiny and showing us their paperwork. I can’t see that happening. Except in court, when we get the documents via court orders.

The latest from the Deutschland 🇩🇪 detractor blog

Ich liebe dich duckies. Olga is ON FIRE over at the Universal Medicine Does Deutschland blog. If your German proficiency is as Esoteric as mine, the Chrome browser is handy for giving the option of computer translating the pages – not great translations but better than nothing.

Olga’s latest are on the rational alternatives to UM, UM’s Esoteric interpretation of SCIENCE, and the insanity that is ‘energetic integrity’. Plus Olga’s interesting experience of ‘Sacred Esoteric Healing’ scam courses one to four.

Olga also has a friend, ‘Piroschka’ who has written of her experience.

I haven’t forgotten my promise to give some of Olga’s comments here in English about surviving UM their own post. I’d like to continue that discussion for our English speaking readers, and will get to it when I can. Olga’s English is better than many native English speakers. It’s better than Serge and Natalie’s. For sure.

The School of the Livingness shop

Ever wondered what to give that special someone when you no longer give a damn about anyone but Serge, and are positively itching to ram your amazing new religious habit down everyone’s throats? What better ‘fuck you’ than a product from The School of the Livingness indoctrination range. In truth.

What could rub a loved one’s nose in it more than one of the maestro’s mindless Esoteric platitudes tastefully printed on a mug, for example?

A dear frenemy tempted me to choose a little gift for my next milestone, and I think the greeting card at the top of the page says it all. Such a sweet way of expressing ‘to hell with you, you evil Astral troll, I’m going to shower you with my all conquering carefully workshopped “love” and overcooked legal threats’. $4.10

My next choice would be the orthorexia nervosa tea towel, with the immortal Ageless Wisdom slogan, ‘WE PLAN OUR LIVES AROUND FOOD… WHAT IF THAT FOCUS WAS BROUGHT TO CHANGING THE WORLD?’ $22.63 per towel.

I dunno Serge, because we can’t change the world if we’ve starved to death?

There’s more scintillating Sergisms on the School of the Livingness site. I’m looking forward to the following being immortally woven onto a tea cozy. Or a meat axe:

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 12.11.05 pm.png

Jack holds glass of pinot noir. Jack and his aura gets poked by arrows. Or sharpened dicks or something… The School of the Livingness



Serge’s healing symbols

The real mystery with UM’s ruthless merchandising though, is why Sergio still only flogs such a limited range of healing symbols. As someone said last month, UMers are still shoving the laminated postcards down their ‘kekks’. (I must look that up).

Tricky Vicky Lister could INNOVATE to combine the symbols with her range of Esoteric-synthetic granny pants. So when Alison Greig issues a directive to go sit on a symbol, one wouldn’t have to lift one’s delicately shrivelled rump. One would already have Serge’s holy-bird-crap-splat on their arse. And an Esoteric cassowary gracing each nipple. Perhaps.


41 Comments on “Universal Medicine retractions, detractions, sexy-ness & gossip August 2017”

  1. Olga Andigor says:

    Thank you.
    I´d rather say no to the esoteric gifts, but yes to a ticket for Serge losing his s*** whilst debating Lawrence M. Krauss. 🙂

  2. Emilia Bruckner says:

    They do truly hurt people and destroy families.
    Its still happening to mine.

    • Esther says:

      Hi hon,
      We’re always sorry to hear about the damage UM does to people. You’re in good company here with lots of people reading who understand exactly what you’re saying.
      I removed your name from your comment if you don’t mind. I can put it back on if you like, but I don’t recommend identifying yourself unless you’re prepared for a backlash from the Esoteric lovers of humanity.

      • Esther says:

        Emilia has asked me to put her name to her comment. Bravo Emilia. Let us know if there is any blowback from the ‘gentleness’ goon squad.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is Spot 🐶
    See Spot run 🐕…….
    Nothing in his feed bowl🙁
    Symbol Symbol on his bum ( 💓 )
    l l

  4. S says:

    This is Spot 🐶
    See Spot run 🐕……..
    Nothing in his feed bowl🙁
    Symbol on his bum ( * ) 💓

    Spot needs his aura solid
    Or he will be fair game
    UM has him on a leash
    Slowly going insane

  5. Tim says:

    OMG- Where did the money go from the crowd-funding for Natalie with Love??? This has the hallmarks of a substantial scandal. Does anyone know where the money raised actually went- I would be interested to know!

    • You're just jealous says:

      Nail varnish?

      Knowing UM, the audio visual team probably worked unpaid as well, and made the three episodes ‘for the cause’.

      • Tim says:

        And she still charged to view each of the 3 episodes. This doesn’t make any sense! I’m surprised that someone hasn’t complained, investigated, or even asked any questions. People have appeared on a current affair for less then this!

  6. Craig Roberts says:

    Have the people who participated in that Natalie With Love video ever actually looked at it without feeling a little squeamish. Surrounding your self with a bunch of middle aged women who have finally discovered their true sexuality does not make you a messiah, just part of the family following dads orders.

  7. Resergitated crap again says:

    More ironic nonsense
    Heres Karin Becker announcing that beauty is on the inside.
    Theres Natalie in tight dresses, loaded with make up and gazing at her own reflection in 6 mirrors (9 counting the Audi)
    Then UM tart up little girls to look externally womanly and attractive and sing about it. And make normally sensible middle aged women giggly sex bombs.Huh?
    All the money goes straight into [redacted] along with all the hard earned donations from followers and other peoples inheritances.
    Beauty is in the eye of Serge and you must conform.
    Natalie on TV for millions to see?
    Dont think so
    Might be better to send her trUMped up resume to Tom Cruise for a hip swirling scene in the next Mission Impossible movie.
    She would have to join scientology though and stop being Missionary for UM’s religion.
    Think about that Nat, the next Mrs Cruise.
    Makes Connor on the keyboard look rather insignificant but he was useful to flip the single by choice gaff I guess.

    [Had to make a couple of cuts to this comment sorry. Esther]

  8. Jasmine says:

    I think that the Karin Becker video on sexiness is so strange. It feels like it belongs on some kind of special interest kinky website! The way she keeps repeating the word sex is so sleazy! I cant see how this can help people. (This is only my opinion please don’t sue me).

    If you listen to her statements she basically says that anyone is sexy, no matter their physicality, if they adopt her esoteric philosophy! Now give me the money! The video states that she is a “relationship consultant”- a thoroughly vague term. One can assume that when she speaks about women’s self esteem and body image she is not referring to evidence based practice as a psychologist or doctor would do. A key difference between esoteric treatments and the kind given by mainstream psychologists and doctors is that have evidence based practice- whereby treatments are supported by actual variable evidence rather then speculation. Careful research is undertaken to determine the efficacy of psychological treatments for body dysmorphia and related issues. It is unclear if any such scrutiny has been applied to the treatments offered by UM.

    • Anonymous says:

      In 2:20 Min.: 8 x sexy, 1 x sex, 1 x sexual (including the title). 🙂
      The treatments offered by UM are of course scientifically unproven. Their marketing strategy goes with anecdotal evidence. This meme makes it pretty obvious, I think: http://capisho.blogspot.de/2013/07/science-vs-faith.html

      • Unsexy says:

        From what I can tell by looking at her biography on a UM site she has no mainstream qualifications in mental health but has rather studied “counselling in India and Sri Lanka”.The consumer is left uninformed about what this entails


        I believe that most men would find the UM approach to sexiness a thoroughly flaccid experience, unless you are particularly drawn to the “special interest” website of course.

        • Esther says:

          ‘Sex is energetic rape’ says the sixth dimensional prophet of profit. Have you seen my post on Esoteric sexy?

          I can’t vouch for the folks who’ve had to deal with the cold shoulder that is ‘sexiness’ in UM, but the reports are certainly flaccid and strained. Pleasure is outlawed in UM but the maestro wants the male and female Brides to act sexy and ‘joy-full’ for recruitment purposes. They’re coached in it. It’s false advertising.

          If you join up looking for the fun you find everyone’s knackered, competing at kiss ass, wary of each other and bitching.

          Karin the relationship expert works as a baby sitter and drives an Audi. Work that out.

          We’ve all had relationships. I guess that makes us all consultants? Unless we’re not interested in telling people how to run their lives…

        • Owwwdi says:

          I reckon Audi should pay that mob not to drive their cars
          Cult car of choice

  9. Esosexy Bullshit Message says:

    ‘Being Healthy … It’s Not About Health!’

    • Esther says:

      I’m pretty sure Serge says that somewhere, the pillock.

      Being joy-full is not about joy I can tell you. All UMers ever do is whinge, and whinge and whinge.

  10. Bend it like Becker says:

    Ahhhhh ….you people drive me nuts
    Karin you are speaking rubbish for another unprofessional person speaking rubbish
    This beef up of your “qualifications” from nothing is rife throughout the entire UM business, it’s false confidence, fake it til you make someone believe it
    Being a student of UM means zilch in the real world, in fact it has very real negative connotations.
    This whole sexiness whirlpool at UM is concocted from one man’s fantasy, and projected by mainly his own daughter
    UMers certainly don’t look sexy or healthy on the outside either which Im attributing to the UM diet and lifestyle
    Fits the message you are spruiking
    Hopefully the real you is still alive on the inside and saveable

    [Sorry, some edits on this comment too. Esther]

    • Bend it like Becker says:

      No probs at all😊

    • Re-de-fine says:

      The tag line for Unimed living is- “Redefining health and vitality ” nails it.
      theyve changed the definition on love, emotion, sex,religion, charity, integrity, facts, and commonsense..
      the one time they should have hyphenated the word.

  11. Tim says:

    The more I find out about this organisation the more questions come to mind. I had a friend that went to a weekend UM workshop at Lennox Head a few years ago. I was told that In the workshop Serge called forth an “entity” and released the “karma” from the “entity”. The participants were told that the “entity” had then moved onto another realm of higher vibration, thanks to the help of Serge. Naturally the crowd was transfixed and many sighed up to go onto level 2 workshop.

    • Olga Andigor says:

      …where you are conned into screaming like a 6-year-old to clear childhood imprints stored in your body. The madness going on in these workshops is, of course, not part of the UM marketing strategy.

    • Esther 👻 says:

      A few of our readers have been there done that. For me it was in 2005. Level One was more than enough, and as Olga says it wasn’t pretty. The maestro poncing around a darkened room telling people who were freaking it was entities leaving their bodies, and that in past lives they were ‘angels’ who’d been burned at the stake, torture, disembowelled, raped, dismembered. Horrible. Some of the folk at that workshop are still doing the workshop cycle today – still spending, bossing others around, bitching, hoping The One will upgrade their ‘initiation’, counting their ‘cleansings’, frightened of spooks… It’s a damaging fraud.

  12. unsexy says:

    This video has a strange likeness to aspects of a certain organisation.

    • Esther 👽 says:

      😂 it’s Serge in five years time after he’s connected with his femaleness and had a few too many Eso Breast Massages. As Uriel, his ‘philosophy’ becomes more coherent too 👽 👻

      • Pranic Attack says:

        Ha Ha!! I think you may be right Esther. At least Uriel made me laugh though – definately from another planet..

  13. Tim says:

    I love Uriel. Her livingness an knowledge of ” time, space and all of us” is the true medicine of the universe!

    • Will says:

      The healer in Drag? Leonardo di Vinci was said to cross dress after all.

    • Jasmine says:

      Is this a pre-release from the long awaited 4th episode of everyone’s favorite subscription web-series? At least we can see where the the crowd-funded money ended up? Anyway you can certainly see that it was made with love!

  14. Tim says:

    This ceremony is strangely similar to esoteric workshops with a certain organisation. And Uriel makes a cameo at 4:19.

    • Will says:

      This is less strange then a workshop I went to with UM at Lennox Head. These people are way more down to earth.

  15. Universal Uriel meets UM says:

    Im liking this cult, I really am
    Uriel is striking in her sparkly decadence which even have satellite dishes built into them at neck level for directly receiving interplanetary messages ( jealously in comparison eh Serge and Dame Edna) No boring made to measure blue shirt from Vietnam here, no way. Could the Audi procession ever live up to the non-anonymity of model spaceships mounted on the roof? Maybe a giant breast roof racked with nipple erect. What sold me completely was the interplanetary banner procession. Could Serge be the yet undiscovered 34th member of the interplanetary confederation. “Welcome Sergio from Shamballah”
    Now for the trumpeteers, sexy and amazing in their duck egg blue outfits, caps and high white boots. Not a boring scarf in sight. Take note how they use their hot air, Miranda, Rebecca, Simon and Michael. Straight up the trumpet eliminating the risk of out of tune voices assaulting innocent ears. And their front woman, their Natalie, not needing to ooze sex by wearing a short black body tube, holds her own in that sensible flowing blue dress. So much more mosh pit friendly.
    Ray, they have space brothers too, just like you. And look how visible and into the action their photographers are Clayton the Claytons husband and Johnny, not shuffled into the background at all.
    Its all there, the karmic bonds, universal order, previous lifetimes, telepathy.
    Uriel, the climax was just beautiful. The releasing of the doves from the model spaceship just kept flapping out, more and more, amazing.
    Please be understanding when Serge from Shamballah releases his vultures from a coffin as a symbol of his teachings, Uriel from planet earth.

    • Esther says:

      Great comment thank you. 👏🏽

      And thanks Tim for bringing us Uriel. The outfits, the music, the open air festivities – so much more fun than UM. So much more fun than spending weekends indoors being told over and over that everyone is out to get you. And they’re sensible enough to use canned music. Fantastic.

      ‘Greetings Defendant from the Planet Public Interest Free Speech’.

      Hello Will – Serge denies Leonardo da Vinci was gay. Don’t know whether he denies the cross dressing. Seems he didn’t want to stigmatize himself by claiming to be the reincarnation of a gay man. 😆

  16. Stranger than fiction. says:

    Gripping ‘fiction’ in the Nimbin Newsletter. I wonder what will happen next? Funny how the story seems strangely familiar, something about it reminded me of something that was really happening. Just couldn’t quite put my finger on it… LOL.

  17. Girl to Woman Festival Madness says:

    UM have been trying to hype Tenterfield into their persecution hysteria in prep for the Girl to Woman Grooming Festival to be held on 27 August.

    The publicity has included the usual bonkers defamations of me and calls for Tenterfield residents to CALL THE POLICE! 😱 if I harass and intimidate them.

    I’ve never been there.

    I’ve posted my corrections to their publicity: https://universalmedicineaccountability.wordpress.com/2017/08/18/answering-the-girl-to-woman-festivals-misleading-publicity/

    • Frome to the range says:

      From Frome to the range
      Where the dear little kids hope and play
      Where seldom is heard, an esoteric-ing word
      If youre wise, turn the Audi’s away

  18. Scientology and Universal Medicine parallels says:

    Scientology and Universal Medicine parallels. From the documentary Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief:

    “Hubbard questioned his own sanity… his whole creation of Scientology really was a form of self-therapy” and “Hubbard became increasingly paranoid that a powerful thetan had infected his body”.(43.15) “Scientology really is a journey into the mind of Elon Hubbard. The further you get into it, the more like Elon Hubbard you become”.(44.55)

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