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Universal Medicine small town woes & GLOBAL gossip July 2017

Unimed Brisbane.jpg

Unimed Brisbane, Fairfield – for the love of Serge

29 July – Tenterfield cops the Girl to Woman grooming festival

23 July – Unimed’s love & light in Frome

16 July – Universal Medicine ‘wins’ Lismore Chamber of Commerce ‘People’s Choice’ business award again

11 July – initiating and evolving reactive hyperbole in UM

6 July 2017 *Universal Medicine does Deutschland 🇩🇪 *Unimed Brisbane open day July 8 + bonus histrionic personality disorder *CONverys Lane Failed DA *UM sinks the heart of Lismore 

Some good news for my legal defences – a Brisbane QC has joined my legal team with his junior colleague. See the latest legal defence update and please make a donation to keep the show on the road. 

29 July – Girl to Woman Festival Tenterfield

Unfortunately Tenterfield, a small town near the border of NSW and Queensland, will have to deal with the Girl to Woman Festival on August 27 and all the Universal Medicine/Esoteric Women’s Health cult parasites that come with it.

A reader found this poster in a local shop and the shopkeeper was happy for her to take it down. The shopkeeper had never heard of UM, or Esoteric Breast Massage and like most people, she didn’t want a bar of it.


It’s the same problem we’ve had for years with UM when they’re pushing this commercial grooming festival (or any of their other bent initiatives) to schools and not-for-profit or publicly funded community groups and services. Do the organizers of the Girl to Woman Festival disclose it’s a commercial event flogging UM, its associated businesses and its claptrap ideologies? Do they disclose the occult belief system behind Esoteric Women’s Health’s range of predatory products and services? Do they disclose to the schools that the organizers were implicated in public bullying that made news in 2015 and last year?

It’s a cautionary tale for parents, schools and community organizations – *Please* research the organizers and businesses behind initiatives you’re invited to promote. Especially when these aggressive predators are targeting kids.

23 July – How to make friends in Frome – the Esoteric way

One of UM’s favourite bits of puffery is that their sixth dimensional messiah in chief has trained ‘countless’ practitioners ‘worldwide’ to flog his ‘Esoteric Healing Arts’, and that the ‘Student Body has grown globally by the work of Serge Benhayon’.

My lawyers and I had a nice old chuckle about those, seeing he’s only ever run his courses in Australia and the UK. Similarly, a smattering of investors umbilically connected to the One by Fuze is hardly GLOBAL.

Never mind. UM pushes on in its quest for GLOBAL dominance, fuelled by nothing more than their fiery and Soul-full zeal for pissing people off.

So take pity on the good citizens of Frome, Somerset, home to UM’s UK headquarters, The Lighthouse, and its £2m pound donor funded charity rort, the Sound Training Centre. Spiritually, it’s fast becoming the sister city of Lismore (see below). Not only has the local Chamber of Commerce been invaded by UM devotees, Simon Williams and Hannah Morden (newish daughter in law of Michael Nicholson), Universal Medicine UK looks to be lining themselves up for another People’s Choice award. The litigious lovers of humanity have been harassing Frome folk to shut down Facebook discussions of recent news coverage.

Thank you to the reader who sent the screenshots.






In other news from Tytherington, the listed parkland of The Lighthouse estate is about to be graced by a magnificent, sprawling, designer mausoleum.


Artist’s impression of a pile of UM UK Dosh at Tytherington, near Frome, Somerset

A local wondered if it might be Chez Sergio that’s under construction, or a place for the UM pyramid pinnacle to rest their weary innermosts during the twice yearly cash raking pilgrimages? With room for an in house palliative care and bequest harvesting unit?

But no, it looks to be the home of The Lighthouse proprietor, Simon Williams. Business can’t be too bad for the religion that doesn’t believe in comfort.

16 July – UM’s choice

As posted below, Lismore Chamber of Commerce is now pretty much run by UM. The original bride of Serge, Deborah Benhayon, is UM’s Chief Financial Officer and Chair of the Lismore Chamber of Commerce. We’ve seen (below) how UM have worked the gig and used the Lismore floods to opportunistically flog their own interests. They’ve grabbed publicity for GM Records – Michael Benhayon’s Esoteric gospel label, and Flawless Imaging – the photography business owned by Deb’s latest husband, Clayton Lloyd. Plus a bit of publicity snuck in for Deb’s Travelbay business with UM’s well heeled frequent flyers Nicola Lessing and Christoph Schnelle.

Quelle surprise, UM have just won the Lismore Chamber’s ‘People’s Choice’ award by popular vote. They’ve also restricted comments on the Chamber’s Facebook page. Because UM has learned that public feedback and questions are not compatible with selling Esoteric ‘integrity’. Comments are open on the UM page, though. Kind of.

Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 10.14.39 am.pngScreen Shot 2017-07-16 at 10.14.55 am.png

If we got hold of a list of names of the voters, how many do you think live in Lismore?

Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 1.19.44 pm.png

That’s enough fun for today, back to work for me…

11 July – UM’s evolving reactivity

Over on the accountability blog we’ve looked at UM’s collective excessive reaction to one of the cult’s doctors being held accountable via an official legal process. The reprimand was the result of a four year investigation into harm done to a very ill and vulnerable patient. During that time, Dr Kim had to meet with the council and explain himself. Alison Greig has written an utterly idiotic defence of the doctor claiming no harm was done to the patient. I recommend she read the decision. The complaint would not have made it to hearing if no harm was done. Dr Kim inappropriately prescribed pharmaceuticals to the patient that put her health at risk, did not work and prolonged her suffering. Dr Kim inappropriately referred her to his Esoteric mates, including his missus, for bogus Eso ‘therapies’ when he should have referred her to medical specialists. This was acknowledged. His negligence prolonged her pain and suffering. Dr Kim misled the council and eventually admitted to misconduct.

According to Alison and the army of clones, Dr Kim is the real victim and so is poor suffering UM.

Anyway, in her recent diatribe about UM’s litigation against the ‘troll’, she drew parallels between my campaign to have UM behave accountably (that has resulted in significant regulatory action) and ‘genocide’.

In the comments below a reader ‘Fantastisch knees up’ asked ‘I wonder if the Aussie UM squawking of comparative genocide comments will reach the tenticle in Germany. How far can irony be pushed?

But Fantastisch was too late.

The problem is Sandra probably believes that and thinks UM’s approach to accountability and conflict resolution is ‘healing’. They reinforce that nonsense to each other.

A reader was offended by Alison’s blog and the genocide comments. What do you think? Personally I find the comments too silly to be offensive. They’re pitiful.

You break your reality tester when you commit to ‘the work’. The above is what happens when you pay to belong to a church the preaches ’emotions are the cause of all disease’, the functioning of the rational mind is ‘illusion’ and you’re encouraged to coach your fellow believers on ‘responding rather than reacting’ – with no critical outside input allowed. Histrionic groupthink. Irrational reactivity characterised by excessive emotion and rank stupidity.

I left a comment on that blog by the way Sandra. I asked why Alison would publish a blog that could harm her husband’s clients’ case. My comment wasn’t published.

Comments are open here, Sandra and friends. We’re happy to talk with you but you might want to calm down.

6 July 2017 Universal Medicine accountability Germany

How good is this?! Thank you to Klaus und Klaus, aka Igor and Olga, the accountability bunker now has a European branch. Our mega pranic, loveless and pain friends took time off from playing Bohemian Rhapsody on full volume and chomping down Bratkartoffeln to translate Our Mission page and launch UNIVERSAL MEDICINE DOES DEUTSCHLAND 🇩🇪 complete with a Kontakt form.

It has bugged me for some time that the European public might have difficulty locating the other side of the UM story – the unruly cat UM is desperately trying to stuff back in the bag – so I’m very thankful for the help! I’m sure the German speaking public also appreciate it. It might just save some families the disruption so many of you have had to cope with. Thank you so much Igor and Olga. ❤️ 💛 💖 💚 💜 💙

Unimed Brisbane open day July 8

So yeah, Unimed Brisbane, the Esoteric Breast Massage HUB in the Sunshine State, is trying to lure new targets via its open day this Saturday. The thing is pitched as UM Brisbane’s GRAND OPENING. Seven years after it opened.

Jenny Ellis, Susan Scully and the other unisex Brides of Serge are offering *free* ‘mini-treatments’, which I daresay come with a *free* *investment* pitch with *tax benefits* for donating cash to a business and $2m+ premises 100% owned by Serge Benhayon and Susan, and appreciating as we speak.

It works like this: the gentle breath sales crew tell you Unimed Brisbane Pty Ltd is a *community centre* (lol). You go along and pay for treatments and the more treatments you pay for, the more they recommend to you, and the more you spend, the more they ask for until they ask for donations and then subscriptions for donations and then volunteer labour, cleaning, scrubbing, gardening, building, and producing online devotional content and all of a sudden you’re believing Serge was prophesied by the Lord Maitreya, which must be true because Serge wrote the prophecy, you’ve joined a new religion, handed over all your personal information, and trashed all your old friends and acquaintances to embrace the Cycles of Obedience. But it’s fine because the Benhayons deserve your hard earned money more than you do, or your working class family does, and besides, in a future lifetime you’ll be Esoteric. As long as you agree unconditionally with everything said and done by The One. And his minders.

For some reason none of the UM plugging doctors are putting their names to the thing this year.

Unimed Brisbane - Francisco Esoteric Healing

Ultra-technical Esoteric Healing at Unimed Brisbane

For a dose of UM Brisbane’s ‘community’ spirit take a look at its tenants’ reactions to the NSW Medical Council’s disciplinary action against UM referral cash cow and lung specialist, Dr Samuel Kim. Standard accountability processes to protect patients are on a par with the ‘Inquisition’ says the Esoteric Breast Massaging proprietor’s new husband. Who lives onsite. Blogs like this are what UM’s love and truthers call ‘trolling’. And I should be locked up.

Histrionic much?

Ballina Council rejects UM development application

UM have got it into their muddled heads that I have enough hours in the day to be in some conspiracy with Ballina Councillors to trash the Church of Serge and its overrated sales contingent. I wish!

As in, I wish I’d known about these DA shenanigans that appear to have been running for some time. I would have supplied some tip offs, a complaint even. Looks like I didn’t need to. Thank you to the local snout who sent me the agendas of a couple of recent Council meetings.

In 2012, UM got a temporary permit to allow a maximum capacity of 235 people to occupy the ‘College of Universal Medicine’ building at 37 Converys Lane Wollongbar at any one time. Apparently the permit expired in 2015, limiting the numbers at their Converys Lane events to 100. They appear to have recently applied to increase the numbers.

From the Council meeting agenda:

To Permit Increased Student Numbers (from 100 to 235 students) on a Permanent Basis for an Approved Educational Establishment

Ballina Council said no.


It is recommended that the development application be refused on the grounds that the intersection of the Bruxner Highway and Converys Lane has insufficient capacity to service the proposed development safely and non- compliance with the proposed traffic management strategies is likely to occur. The facility can continue to operate at a maximum capacity of 100 students under the terms of DA 2011/416. Item 8.1 Ballina Council Notice of Ordinary Meeting 27 April 2017

The problem is Converys Lane isn’t wide enough to cope with 100+ cars for each Sergio Sermon. The intersection of Converys Lane and the Bruxner Highway is also too dangerous to cope with 100 Esoterics high on gentle breaths risking illegal right hand turns onto a busy highway – Audi or no Audi.

Funny how Ballina Council is onto the ‘non compliant’ edge to UM’s self-loving Sons of God.

Anyway, the Goonellabah Guru wasn’t having any of it! He puffed out his sunken chest and sent his man in Ballina along to the next meeting  – the bloke who ran for Mayor last year, and made news during the election campaign for his part in a website trashing the ‘cyber-bully’.

  • Ray Karam – spoke in opposition to the recommendation in Item 8.1 – DA 2016/506 – 37 Converys Lane, Wollongbar.

Of course he did.

His friend the Mayor, David Wright, was absent.

Council voted and the DA was refused, five votes to four.

That Development Application 2016/506 ‘To Permit Increased Student Numbers (from 100 to 235 students) on a Permanent Basis for an Approved Educational Establishment on Lot 2 DP 2 DP 577649 No. 37 Converys Lane, Wollongbar be REFUSED for the following reasons:

  1. The intersection of the Bruxner Highway and Converys Lane has insufficient capacity to service the proposed development and approval of the application would compromise the safety and efficiency of the intersection.
  2. The proposed Traffic Management Plan is neither practical nor self- enforcing. There is likely to be a high risk of non-compliance with the proposed traffic management strategies, and therefore these strategies are unlikely to alleviate traffic safety and management concerns at the intersection of the Bruxner Highway and Converys Lane.
  3. For the reasons outlined above, the application is not considered to be in the public interest.  Minutes 22 June Ballina Council Meeting 

Indeed. Nothing UM does ever is.

If I’d known all this I might have supplied some Esoteric revelations of my own. Of course UM won’t comply. If they ever did. First of all, is the council aware Converys Lane is a not an educational establishment? That was ruled out in 2014 when the ACNC made sure Serge can’t use tax exempt funds to renovate his property. Until the end of 2016, the building was used two or three hours per month for ‘College’ presentations delivered by Serge. Now it’s not used for College events at all.

No. It’s a business premises for running UM’s commercial performances.

Was any of that info disclosed to the council?

They’ve had no permit for over 100 ‘students’ since June 2015. The maximum they were gunning for was 235?

Anyone want to do a headcount?

Converys Numbers-2

Looks very ‘educational’ July 2015

Converys Numbers-3.png

Esoteric Women’s Health Pty Ltd sales pitch May 2016

The question is what will Serge do with a great big Hall of Ageless Wisdom now the permit really, truly, officially limits attendance to 100?

Lismore stops its heart

Meanwhile in Lismore, the Universal Medicine Chamber of Commerce, formerly known as the Lismore Chamber of Commerce and Industry is managing to rub everyone’s breasts the wrong way with the standard Esoteric railroading.

It escalated with UM’s ruthless opportunism following the Lismore floods. Always on the lookout for a bit of publicity, UM sent an army of content slaves to scrub the prana from local businesses and Clayton Lloyd to take poignant disaster portraiture with his Flawless Imaging brand attached. The Glorious Music record label donated – no, not cash, don’t be ridiculous – one of their AMAZING quality products, a song. As if Lismore hadn’t been dumped on enough. GM Records dealt it an Esoteric power ballad. I’ve heard that some of the good citizens of Lismore dug deep, accordingly. They thought you had to donate money to make the strains of Miranda Benhayon stop.

Apparently UM is working that Chamber of Commerce gig for any marketing opportunity. They’re putting themselves out there, claiming it (!). UM have been elbowing past long established locals to get their businesses into the limelight, and throwing together initiatives without bothering to consult anyone. Which is normal. On Planet Esoteric. But for people battling reputation problems you’d think they’d learn that people in small towns won’t wear takeover attempts from cashed up nobodies.

I imagine that’s how the wonderful Bob Downe got roped into this advertisement for True Movement – you know UM’s energetically initiating occult alternative to dance and sport seeing dance and sport are regarded as harmful and carcinogenic in UM and banned. How quaint that Lismore’s Chamber of Universal Medicine shipped the whole not-so-flash-mob in from Goonellabah.

Bless Bob Downe though, he really is one of my favourite comedians, and such a good sport. He does a better rendition of Esoteric JOY® than UM ever will.



85 Comments on “Universal Medicine small town woes & GLOBAL gossip July 2017”

  1. Barry Manilow is better says:

    Is it possible to post those UM music (lol) videos without the audio embedded please? I know I can simply turn my volume down, but occasionally I click by mistake not having done that and I assaulted by the turgid tones of Beny Boy Jr. It takes me a good couple of hours to stop stabbing knives in to my ears to MAKE IT STOP!

    • igorundolga says:

      Though we Germans only know the words “mama mia, mama mia (Mama mia, let me go.)” from Bohemian Rhapsody, we embrace it in full, though….
      You´re welcome, it´s the least I can do regarding your work. Let´s hope some German- speaking people benefit from it.

  2. Wondering says:

    Looks like that not many people appeared to have liked THE song.

    $21,835.60 of $500,000.00 raised

    Where is this money going? and when?

    Every Voice Matters – 2017 Lismore Business Flood Appeal
    2017 Lismore Business Flood Appeal*
    $21,835.60 of $500,000.00 raised

    2017 Lismore Business Flood Appeal – Lismore Chamber of …
    Apr 8, 2017 – Buy the Song to Donate.. Watch the Video … 2017 Lismore Business Flood Appeal* … Song donated by Michael Benhayon – GM Records.

    The same article about Michael Benhayon and this song appeared in quite few papers in NSW and QLD all by the same journalist and what a surprise the comments about how wonderful Michael is were written by UM members.

    • Cry me a river says:


      Typical UM, both in flooding (no pun intended) the article about Mikey with comments AND the song being rejected by everyone in the world apart from the UM stooges. These intersections always happen when UM actually meets the world at large. They think everything they do is AMAZING and WONDERFUL, everyone else thinks it’s a turgid mess. Hopefully that $21k will actually reach the intended recipients of the fund and not go into “administrative costs” 😉

      P.S. watch for that website to be hastily doctored and the actual amount raised to be disappearing very soon now the epic fail has been commented upon.

  3. The Count - several hundred people says:

    This series of presentations was launched in February 2013 to introduce the religion “The Way of The Livingness”.

    They were originally held about nine times a year at Lennox Head Community Centre in Australia and once or twice a year at the Sound Training Centre in Somerset, UK. They are ongoing and currently held at The Hall of Ageless Wisdom in Wollongbar Australia and once or twice a year in the UK. The presentations are about one hour long and delivered to an audience of several hundred people.

  4. Fantastisch knees up 🍺 says:

    I wonder if the Aussie UM squawking of comparative genocide comments will reach the tenticle in Germany. How far can irony be pushed? Great that the torch of truth will be shining into the dark corner that is UM OS. Worth watching, snuggling up on the lounge with a bier, knackwurst and your dachshund
    Lol PROST!
    Esther… should know by now that earth years have no relevance in the imaginary world of UM. Therefore the Grand Opening at Unimed Brisbane 7 years after it opened makes perfect sense. This has been esoterically calculated using formulas way above your comprehensive abilities. Leonardo alone understands them.
    Will it be as grand as the 1999 “Grand Opening” of the bowels? One can only hope and pray to Serge.
    You see timing is everything. For example…
    The blue books of bullshit are now out of date but only in terms of using their content as evidence. Otherwise they must be obeyed. There will be no blue book bonfire in Bangalow to warm these chilly winter nights.
    So I just might go to Brisvegas and have the gently heated gluten free wheat bags placed esoterically upon my towelled body in trademarked esoteric patterns, maybe a breast rub and a singalong with my ovaries
    Fun Fun Fun

  5. Coffin with laughter 🖼😂⚰ says:

    Im getting a few of my Brisbane friends to go undercover under the terry towelling covers for the freeby rub up, facial sandbagging and cashew dip. All administered with love of course. Go for the free optional cardboard coffin measuring whilst you are on your back.

    • Esoteric bylaws says:

      I wouldn’t mind going. If I went in drag or disguised as an Esoteric churchgoer or something, how long do you reckon I’d last before Pete Cavanagh called the cops? Would I get through a gulp of magic herbal tea? Or would they take the law into their own hands and ‘remove me from society’ themselves?

      So yeah, The Count. This is another UM video improved by the mute button. (Apologies to the Barry Manilow fan, I can’t help the auto-play). Helen is busy here kissing Sergio’s withered posterior, but she’s another of the lovelies on the record calling for me to be jailed. Anyway, never mind the prattle, look past her and the paid propagandist holding the mic and tell me that crowd is under 100, or under 235 even… The video is two years old. But the Glorious Music vids etc – plenty of shots on the net – seeing Serge has encouraged them all to photograph everything and everyone – show the congregation spilling well over the permitted numbers.

      But hell, who cares about temporal laws and regulations when you’re a special premium membership Son of God?

      Law, order and road safety are strictly for the loveless and in pain. If your granny or your kids are totalled by an Audi making an illegal turn it’s obviously your karma, you lowly Astral plane dwelling scum.

      Interview with Helen Simkins on A Treatise on Consciousness from Unimed Living on Vimeo.

      • Reviews Blues says:

        Well over 200 I’d say. Serge is a stickler for rules and regs. It’s a part of his all encompassing integrity.

        But while it’s hard to look past Helen’s worshipping of Serge speak, it’s way harder to ignore Rebecca’s crazy-eyed adulation and joker-like face gashing grin. What a gluten-free fruit cake!

        I’ve perused the blue books and they are psycho-babble cover to cover. They put Deepak Chopra to shame. Little wonder Helen couldn’t consume them in one sitting. You need an entire day just to decypher Serge’s prepositions. Forget the non-sequiturs. I pity her poor co workers and kids having to put up with Mum sprouting Serge-isms all day long. I know how that does your head in.

        Non sense. In the TRUE meaning of the word. One might say, true-nonsense.

        • To Helen back says:

          The purple books = incomprehensible compilation of communicative con-stipational crap.
          “Sometimes I fell asleep with the purple book on top of my face after the first two lines”
          Onya Helen, lol, that says it all!

    • Cry me a river says:

      I think that’s a fine idea. Worth filming on your smart phone too.

  6. National Ray says:

    All political parties have skeletons in their closet. But even the Nationals have to admit, this one is pretty scary!

  7. Bob Downe and run for your life says:

    How come Lismore is represented in this very strange advert by the not so flash mob of UMers doing the Natalie shit Zumba.
    Poor Bob n friend
    Who authorised this and who paid for it?

  8. Da Gospel according to Ali G Indahouse says:

    I have just scanned (due to needing hours to read the bloody thing) Alison’s “opinion” novel titled ” Dr Sam Kim an exemplary physician, UM and the media part 1″
    Thanks for the big effort but your opinion written in Sergespeak as the only gospel truth, means zilch to me, I would rather the professionals findings thankyou very much.
    And following straight on is the lemmings comments with the predictable same names from the UM roster.
    Give it up
    Your credibility is zero Alison and you are only a “wonderwoman” in the world of UM.
    Laughing stock everywhere else

    • Alison in Rutland says:

      Just had a look over at the UM facts site and the latest Alison in Wonderland part 1 sermon of truth that goes on and on and on and on.
      There is a photo of a crumpled piece of paper with ” RUT” on it at the beginning. One might surmise, Alison, that you are neck deep stuck in one. A “rut” is a habit or pattern of behaviour that has become dull and unproductive and hard to change”
      You are boring, humdrum, same old, daily grind, dead end, assembly line. All mean “rut” Alison. Thats you.
      One might think one is royalty perched on the upper rungs of Benhayon Buckinghuge Pyramid Palace. Reality is you are just an old crow on a barbwire fence squawking out loud annoying the shit out of everyone.

  9. LOL! So True Alison in Rutland says:

    One might think one is royalty perched on the upper rungs of Benhayon Buckinghuge Pyramid Palace. Reality is you are just an old crow on a barbwire fence squawking out loud annoying the shit out of everyone.

  10. T"RUT"H says:

    Esther, you need to post that diffi-cult article very prominently as it is so in parallel with explaining the workings of UM.

    • Esther says:

      I’ve linked to it above. That’s enough. All of Alison’s blogs explain the workings of UM. Readers can visit anytime for a dose of the crazy. Her marvellous work will receive the attention it deserves in the next weeks and months I will wager.

      I didn’t see any postings about UM Brisbane’s GRAND OPENING by the way. Did anyone go? Apart from the regular subscribers I mean?

      Maybe Brisbane cottoned on to the fake ‘community centre’ that’s really just a shonky business pushing breast gropes and undue influence.

  11. Look at me Im Sandra Deeciple says:

    Look at me I want to be
    Climbing up the UM tree
    Wholesome and pure
    Not scared or unsure
    Sandra Deeciple that is me

    Sandra you must start anew
    Dont you know what you must do?
    Hold your head high
    Take gentle breaths and sigh
    Goodbye to cult crazy
    Grease in Germany

  12. Financial Advisor - on $elling to UM says:

    Universal Medicine – Google review

    Christoph Schnelle
    4 reviews
    2 years ago
    I regularly refer people to the Universal Medicine clinic and the results have been excellent.

    The psychologists, physiotherapist, counsellors and body workers are very good at helping people improve their body, deal with (even chronic) pain and resolve any issues requiring counselling.

    Well worth a try.

  13. Argumentum ad Hitlerum says:

    Playing the Nazi card means they have no argument. It’s all been about attacking the person, not the argument (or facts) since day one, and this is all they’ve now got left in their rather empty bag of tricks.

    I think they believe it though, which is even more worrying. The thinking Sandra describes, and the mechanisms behind it, is all on their side. The answer she is looking for is within.

    • igorundolga says:

      It seems to me, Sandra parrots without thinking for herself, too.
      By the way, many UMers here have their own language: “Denglisch”. Speaking German with English SergeSpeak. “Das war mein Spirit…”. Because translating these words sounds too ridiculous. 🙂

    • Mike Godwin says:

      I think someone mentioned this before, but just in case here it is again. The woman who wrote the piece on the blog and the German UM ladies argument suffers from a clear case of Godwin’s Law:

      “Godwin’s law (or Godwin’s rule of Hitler analogies) is an Internet adage which asserts that “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Hitler approaches 1″ – that is, if an online discussion (regardless of topic or scope) goes on long enough, sooner or later someone will compare someone or something to Hitler or his deeds.”

      It’s a sure sign they got nothing left (not that they had anything in the first place).

  14. Suss says:

    Universal Medicine Chamber of commerce does it again

    Kate Greenaway a winner of Travel Bay refuel the heart. Lismore prize

  15. um THIS IS SUSS says:

    Whatever happened to the laws that people’s families and relatives did not qualify!

    Deborah Benhayon Heads Chamber!
    Deborah Benhayon BIG TIME up the ladder of UM.

    Curtis Benhayon {Deborah Benhayon’s son picks up the award} for Universal Medicine.

    Deborah Benhayon’s present husband’s business Flawless Imaging runner up.

    “Travel Bay” Nicola lessing and Christoph Schnelle own and a UM member wins a prize Kate Greenaway.

    Winner of Excellence in Health Services is Goonellabah Sports and Aquatic Centre – GSAC
    Highly Commended Universal Medicine


    Winner of the excellence in Home Based or Online is Mr Search
    Highly Commended Flawless Imaging

    • MacRready says:

      According to Travel Bay’s ‘About Us’ page:

      “We only work with selected and trusted suppliers that we have great relationships with.”

      Sounds like that’s also the model for selecting prize winners at the Chamber of UM Commerce.

  16. Rigged Prize says:

    There’s clearly no shame at Lismore Chamber of Commerce otherwise knowns as UM infiltration unit number 2. A few years back Deb B was collecting the prize for Serge (no sign of him?), now she’s the president and they are still winning. So who is voting? If you asked 100 people in Lismore and UM was on the list they’d get no votes and probably a trashing from at least a few people. (based on the many conversations I’ve heard about UM over the years)

  17. UM's choice. No one else's says:

    I’ve posted in the blog. My questions on the UM FB page about the ‘win’ lasted less than two hours.

    I should have short legal defence update up tonight.

  18. UM really CFO BMs Benhayon says:

    Lismore City Council’s Gary Murphy then presented LCCI president, Deborah Benhayon, with a NSW Government Community Service Award, signed by Gladys Berejiklian.

    Ms Benhayon told The Northern Star she “was blown away” by the award and “had no idea it was coming.”

  19. Criteria says:

    Nominations for the NSW Government Community Service Award must satisfy the following criteria:
    1. Nominations can only be submitted by a NSW State Member of Parliament.

    2. The Award cannot be presented to a local Government Councillor, State or Federal politician.

    3. The Award cannot be presented to an employee whilst employed by a Member of Parliament

    4. A person cannot receive the Award more than once.

    5. The Award must be for community work performed principally within the electorate of the nominating NSW State Member of Parliament.

    6. The nominee should be held in high regard in the community with strong ethical and community values. Only community work of a high calibre will be considered for the Award.

    7. A nomination cannot be accepted if it is in any way aligned with a politically sensitive matter or dispute.

    Awards for community and public service | NSW Department of …

  20. Shameful says:

    What UM are REALLY thunders so loud that we cannot hear what they are saying.
    Just as well that they all perhaps like each other, cos I do not think any in the astral world do.

    What an utter disgrace and insult.
    At least they picked the right address for their centre CONvery’s lane.

    LOL and some more!
    Esther YOU are their UM leader all photos of yesterday’s gathering at CONvery’s lane were carefully photographed.
    Only a handful of people?????!!!

  21. Vote 1 UM or else! says:

    So UM swamped the votes, again, effectively rigging and becoming a one horse race. They predictably cross the line first, leap around in self adoration, do a victory lap to the cheering of their own mob whilst everyone else sits silently disgusted in the stadium with a big thumbs down.
    Isnt there some UM rule about competition and winning and rendering someone else less than you. It came after Miranda gave up tennis remember? Back then all of a sudden competition of any kind was not on.
    Being so far in the past this rule has probably disolved into thin air like the energy of being a charity being in line with paedophilia.
    Their lack of shame is unbelievable, yet provides more vital evidence of self destructive bullet firing into their own reputation.

  22. Vote 1 UM or else!🤤🤤🤤 says:

    Winning that business award by crowd bombing votes shows the non existence of UM integrity, total lack of it. What’s with the staring glasslike eyes in the photos of Serge and co lol ramming home the fakeness much 🤤 Not fooling anyone guys, just more laughable bullshit publicized for all to see.
    You are truely bubble people

  23. 👁👁 says:

    You cant hide youre lying eyes
    And your smile is a thin disguise
    I thought by now youd realised
    There aint no way to hide your lying eyes

  24. Shame on you Lismore Chamber Commerce says:

    Not only were your comments removed from the LCC F/B page at least one member of the lismore public as well – I have the screenshot.

    • UM's choice. No one else's says:

      I didn’t make any comments on the LCC page. I might have been banned, or they’re not open to public. I commented on the UM page.

      I reckon someone has a full time job removing comments that don’t align with UM’s One Unified Trooth.

      Please keep any screenshots. I would like to use them in court. Likewise if anyone has kept screenshots of comments they made on UM sites that weren’t published, plz send them in. They show that UM has a lousy reputation and tries to silence criticism. It also shows their reputation problems are their own fault. They’re trying to blame me and hold me legally liable.

      Also, there’s good news for my defence. Please see latest legal update.

    • Anonymous says:

      What Is there to hide?

      • Esther says:


        Same question goes for Serge’s resistance to complying with court orders to hand over documents about his business & other operations – the guy with all the world renowned GLOBAL 6th dimensional ‘integrity’, whose businesses come up smelling of roses after every regulatory probe…He says so.

        Show us the documents then, Serge. See the latest case update for more. And I’ll be updating with more again soon.

        Don’t freak if I’m not online as much at the moment. Some interesting discussions happening about various things.

  25. Lorde of Form says:

    I am a diamond in the flesh
    I hand out wedding rings in the community
    And Im proud of my address, Goonellabah town
    You’re filled with envy

    Mike’s songs are like gold teeth while Im shittin’ in the bathroom
    Ist class, tight gowns, penthouse in hotel rooms
    We dont care, we’re driving Audis , livin our dreams
    And everybodys like Guru, Messiah, diamond from outa space
    Cretin professionals dancing on a gold leash
    We dont care, they’re caught up in a love affair

    And we think we are royal
    It dont run in our blood
    That kinda lux just wasn’t us
    Centerlink, bankrupt, tennis ball fuzz
    Let me be your ruler, Natalie is “Queen B”
    And baby we’ll rule
    Over the UM fantasy

    My family and I we’ve cracked the con code
    We count our dollars in the Audi to Converys
    And everyone who knows us knows that we’re fine with this
    We want your money

  26. Against Snake oil salesman says:

    One of UM’s favourite bits of puffery is that their sixth dimensional messiah in chief has trained ‘countless’ practitioners ‘worldwide’ to flog his ‘Esoteric Healing Arts’, and that the ‘Student Body has grown globally by the work of Serge Benhayon’.

    Does the messiah also openly say that most of these people don’t make any money out of applying what they have learned?
    Let alone recoup the cost of training?
    And let it be known that when the students complain to him that they aren’t making any money, he backhandedly dismisses by saying they aren’t devoted enough or something like that.
    Basically it’s their own fault in the esoteric system.
    It’s not his fault for flooding the market so that every Esoteric healer has a healer. There just isn’t the market out there.
    I was at one of his sermons when he openly delivered this backhand response to students with genuine gripes to having invested all this money to learn something he says is so needed by humanity only to find no takers.
    Yet they still flock to listen?
    Makes no sense to me at all.

    • Esther says:

      Hello, do you remember the date of that sermon by any chance? I may have a recording of it. It would be handy to use in court. If you’d rather not name the date or approximate date here in the comments, please drop it into the Contact form. You don’t have to supply your email or name if you don’t want to. You can leave the fields blank. Thank you. It may save me listening to hours of his stuff. It’s so boring I don’t know how they sit through it.

      • Against Snake oil salesman says:

        I will try to find some approx dates
        But I suspect it may be he wasn’t streaming when he said it do off the record so to speak.

        • Esther says:

          thank you, that would be very helpful. I would like to speak with you if you ‘feel to’ – you can call me on a blocked number if you like. My phone number is on contact page.

      • Against Snake oil salesman says:

        I’ll do my best to save you the angst I’ll be able to narrow it down to a few possibilities.

    • Lord of Form (not Lorde) says:

      In the real world, those students (customers) would have cause to complain to the Office of Fair Trading and to seek a refund. He marketed those courses quite deceptively with ‘accreditation’ and made a lot of hoo-ha about them being insurable which, I believe, would give people the impression they were gaining a recognisable skill that would be at least worth the ‘investment’. Moreover, he instructed them to repeat the courses many times. (forever students)

      It’s one of the few businesses where you can sell something that doesnt have value, repeatedly. And one of the few that blames its customers for its poor products. And one of the very few that charges those same customers to pay for its marketing of that product to those very same customers…

      If just a handful of ‘customers’ went to the OFT with those gripes, UM would at the very least be restricted from potentially misleading consumers with claims of accreditation. They might also be stopped from creating the impression that the courses endow one with skills to inflict an invented form of healing on an unsuspecting public.

      If you did one of this courses, and feel that way, it’s easy to report it to the OFT. Here’s a link to the NSW online complaint form

      I know that is what they are waiting for.

      • Lorde of Form (not Lord) says:

        Spot on
        I know of one woman who is perpetually studying Esoteric courses and has done for years (ciao G!) She has spent thousands of $ but spends her time offering free treatments to people she knows but it aint working, they are not biting.
        Such a shame to see her caught up totally in this nonsense as they slowly drain her dry.
        Cult woman I am, Im caught in a scam
        And I sell and rate my beauty, sell and rate my beauty, sell and rate and wonder why Im in the scam that I am

        • Accreditation? Accountability? What's that??? says:

          I know some one exactly the same. She has no clients and the only people she practices on are other people with same useless ‘accreditation’. No one even accepts her offers for ‘free ones’ anymore as they are wise to the whole scam.

          And it’s not really an accreditation is it? One needs to examined by an INDEPENDENT body, not your own questionable organisation, in order to gain actual accreditation! That way you are also accountable – which is another area in which UM seems to massively miss the point.

        • 'Official' scam says:

          I don’t know if I’ve shared this before, but this little missive features the immortal lines of Ageless scamming:

          In the latter part of 2008 and in greater dedication throughout the year 2009, Serryn O’Regan, Anne Barnes and Serge worked together to establish Universal Medicine as an official complementary modality teaching school. EPA site

          Total bullshit. To be an official anything it has to be recognized by a government authority. The students fork out so much more for these bullshit accreditations than they will ever make, and then they fork out for a yearly ‘assessment’ by the EPA parasites as well. Complete con.

      • Against Snake oil salesman says:

        Unfortunately I didn’t
        I just bankrolled it for my former gold digging partner, repeatedly along with 2 Vietnam retreats and 3 Lennox retreats.

      • Against Snake oil salesman says:

        His caveat for serge here is that they ” are accredited with the EPA” and that’s what he’ll say he said. Which is true.
        Conflict is EPA is his creation and there is no independent authority to oversee it.
        However we all know the EPA is not a recognised accreditation authority so any accreditation is worthless just like evolve college diploma of chakrapunture, which is openly marketed as non accredited, but behind the veil I’m led to beleive that some think once accredited it will be retrospectively applied to past students. Some believe that they are the test case and are happy to fork over large sums in the hope it gets accredited.
        Then the repeat mentality can kick in they repeat course and get a diploma that means something.
        It is clear that wont happen.
        According to reviews of evolve they have had some courses accreditation status removed from some healthcare funds.
        So it doesn’t bode well for Sergio’s modalities.

        • 🌚⛏🌏🚀 says:

          They’d all be better off trying to flog Serge’s bags of magic clay dust from the planet Sirius
          At least you dont need an expensive course for that
          Just a spaceship and a shovel!

  27. ScamKid says:

    A pic of that house (and every one of Sergio’s) should be sent out to the UM members. Just so they can see exactly where their hard earned cash goes. While the leaders live in style and splendor, the minions struggle to earn a buck from their phoney accreditations. Never has a truer example of just what a scam the whole shitheap is been revealed.

    Every one of you UMers is being scammed, and you’re just way too far up the backsides of the Sergio and his hencewomen to see it.

    So next time you’re struggling to pay the rent, the grocery bill, just remember that house and all the houses you paid for. And that you’re never going to live in!

    • Off our tits says:

      Well, the real estate is only part of the picture I think. The immediately visible part. Sergio has a few investment & superannuation trusts…

      Thank you to the anon person who dropped off the info last night. That’s very helpful. And I fully agree with you. Feel free to get in touch any time. You can block your number if you like if you use a smart phone.

      Bloody incredible that people who’ve never heard of me say something critical of UM that happens to be similar to my criticism and UM blames me. They’re deluded. They still really think me & Lance are the only people who think they’re full of shit.

      Anyway UM aren’t happy with one of my tweets. 😂

      • Pretty Titty Rub Gang 👋 ( o Y o ) 👋 says:

        Oh! You pretty titty rub gang
        Pretty titty rub gang
        SB loves you
        Grands gone
        Pretty titty rub gang
        Pretty titty rub gang
        What’ll you do
        Near, far, planes and Audi cars
        Oh! What a happy time he’ll spend
        Your money on
        Dang dang pretty titty rub gang
        Our fine 5 fingered friends
        Dang dang pretty titty rub gang
        Our fine 5 fingered friends
        Titty rub gang
        Pretty titty rub gang
        Grands are gone now
        Never to return

      • Anonymous says:

        People have similar things to say because they see the same ugly truth.
        It’s all out there and they (um) put it out there for all to see.
        It’s not possible to come up with the same lies.
        The astral cult doesn’t have s propoganda fortress. This is how they push out the same message.
        They have meetings at 4am to discuss it.

    • MacRready says:

      If you aspire to a ‘cushy’ lifestyle, you’re stuck in illusion and not being esoteric. Or something. Better to give all your money to Serge, for the benefit of all humanity, equally so.

  28. Danna have a clue! says:

    What are you talking about Danna?
    You lot are the ones touching peoples breasts in the name of “treatment” which does nothing and was invented by a very questionable character.
    WAKE UP and f(o)cus on the real issue here

  29. Danna have a clue lassie says:

    And before the tirade begins….
    You are not being bullied, targeted or abused
    Its you who cant handle the truth, uncool, and the only one on a whopping free ride here is Serge and his family
    We are exposing not accusing
    The evidence is all there in plain sight for those not bewitched to see.
    I hope you escape before you waste more time and money

  30. Ohhh....the nips are getting bigger says:

    Imagine if Esther started up a breast rubbing business as a “treatment” with love of course.
    UM puppet professionals via the grand pubar of punyness himself would demand you and the other religious followers scream shock, abuse, horror, criminal and lock her up
    Alison would write an online novel Parts 1-100
    And your nickers would be crammed with healing symbols
    How can you be offended by the word “tit” and not be offended by the UM fascination with touching them?

    • Symbol Maddness says:

      I love the idea of them cramming 100s of healing symbol cards in their kekks. I used to find them all over the house – it was a bit like a weirdo hide and seek game. I am 100% positive my ex did have them in her underwear sometimes. I saw them in her bra on occasion. Good thing they were laminated eh? 😉

      • Against Snake oil salesman says:

        Wow that is messed up
        Symbols in bra?
        Serge is this really what you teach?
        Seriously get your head examined before it’s too late.

        • Olga Andigor says:

          It´s true. I used to do that, too. It was a “great” way of “supporting” yourself in your daily life.

    • Symbol Maddness says:

      Yep it’s 100% true. And why? To sell more of course. If you preach that every object has to have one attached to it, you sell more. I’ve seen them on pictures, under mattresses, in bras, wallets, purses, books, car glove compartments, hats. You name it, they stick them there.

      Was even offered one as a gift once, and just for a laugh dipped one in a glass of whiskey – just to see what would happen. No entities appeared, it didn’t start the booze fizzing and the end result was a slightly damp card. Couple of minutes on the deck and it was dry. It’s probably still in use, slightly stinking of whiskey.

    • Litigation symbol says:

      heh heh, I called into the Universal Law office the other day and the symbols were out, the clearing candles were firing and the incense was burning – probably because they knew I was coming.

      None of it could come near my prana… 😎

      • 👩🕯☠🖤 says:

        How hilarious is that! Symbols, candles and incense fully firing at UL and all for your benefit Esther you prana packed person you. Like a bunch of kids playing fairies in a cubby house and the big bad wolf visits. Super embarrassing professionally yet again. So much love……

    • Anonymous says:

      No he would sue you for copying or tell everyone you are bastardising the art of breast massage.

  31. Olga Andigor says:

    …fear and patheticness. It´s all part of the plan to keep his “students” thinking, that they are not good enough the way they are to begin with. There is something so big and power-full going on in the world, you can´t withstand or reach it (works both ways) with his help. Too many open or pranic chakras left of these 50.000 (or whatever) every single person has in and around his body. The LoF know everything about you, especially your weaknesses, can fill you with pranic energy in every split-second and Serge, in co-creation with the Ascended Masters, is the only person on this planet…. again… being able to support you in that.

    • Anonymous says:

      The lof know every thing about you because it’s a figmant of your imagination.
      It’s in your head in other words it’s like an alter ego a reality checker.
      Because lof co resides within same
      Brain that is being washed by serge it knows every thing that is / was in there.
      Also Why else would all the lof be in conspiracy against serge?
      Because all the alter egos are wise to the fact that what you present is not able to be supported with any tangable evidence
      Ponder on that.

      • Olga Andigor says:

        If they´d rely on tangible evidence, Serge would´ve been bood off stage after his first public words. Evidence, for them, is, what FEELS right. Real critical thinking is taught nowhere there for a reason.

  32. $uper $cam! ?????? says:

    Teacher’$ teacher blah blah
    $cientist of all $cientist$ etc etc etc blah blah
    THEN WHY?????????????????????????????????????????????
    So many broken marriage$ within $erge’$ family?
    He vet$ them all before? doesn’t he[$!]


      Its obvious… Their spouses are clearly not able to step up and meet the awesomeness of the offspring of the self anointed 6th level master. Have you seen them? They’re amazing, sexy, awesome. Young bucky Mike has already bounced back from his recent divorce with a new spouse proffered from the flock.

      • Anonymous says:

        You have it all wrong
        The spouses come to their senses and get out before it’s too late.
        I wonder what the former wife got in the way of a divorce settlement ?
        There are probably a few brides of the one who also got divorced and made a profit.
        This profit gets blown on repeat head fucks.
        I bet none of them would side with the ex even if she had been duped.

  33. Gotta be joking me says:

    “These ‘imprints’ or ‘blockages’ are intuitively read and discussed between Natalie and the client to understand the energetic quality that the ovaries have become enveloped by, and thus how the ovaries are impacted by the constant responses or reactions a woman experiences in her daily living and throughout her entire life.”

    • Esther says:

      Pretty strange from the mob attempting to discredit me with their mantra that there’s no such ‘modality’ as ovarian reading.

      Meanwhile the excuses I’m getting from Team UM about documents missing from court ordered discovery are becoming even more esoteric. Documents missing, and documents that have been carefully edited. The law requires us to discover relevant documents – all of them, in their completion, that fall within the court’s orders. Not according to what Team Esoteric ‘feels to’ conceal from the court.

      There’s plenty to blog, plenty to do. I’ll get to it all eventually. At the moment it’s quite a job having to repeatedly prompt certain legal professionals on the law.


      Doh. Another spherical contradiction.
      Nat’s fake career is a classic. Self aggrandizement is all in the family.

      • Self obsessed, moi? says:

        How many pictures of one’s self can be included on your own webpage before people start to seriously question? It looks like a 9 year old put it together as a list of what they want to do when they grow up.

        Grow up Nat and get a real job.

        [Some comments have been edited. Contact me, readers, if you need an explanation.Esther]

  34. Pranic Attack says:

    Thankyou Esther for the update on Uk charitable accounts, and for the explanation over the VAT. It is nice to see that some people can appologise and admit when something is wrong even if they were given no way of knowing the mistake at the time. That page is closed so have posted here

    The accounts for yeart ended June ’16 just published do not look very charitable other than to Serge Benhayons business which appears to have had use of the Lighthouse facilities for free last year!
    I also see that one of the main charitable activities is visiting old people in hospital especially those who have no friends and relatives to visit them. Somehow this helps the nursing staff. Alarm bells ringing here … I hope the NHS is not allowing vulnerable patients to be left open to exploitation!!
    Also you appear to have been judged without a trial in the NOTE on page 6 of the accounts – no doubt for the students benefit but is this fair in law?

    Keep up the good work

    • Esther says:

      Thank you Pranic Attack. I didn’t realize comments were switched off. They’re now back on. Sorry. I’ve posted most of your comment over there if you don’t mind.

      I will blog links to this on this site shortly as well.

      It’s a bit of a bugger, but I actually WISH I was wrong about a lot of UM’s bullshit. I could go and do something else. 🙄

  35. Pranic Attack says:

    I do know what you mean about taking over your life. I do appreciate what you are doing and hope that you will soon see light at the end of the tunnel and be able to get on with your own life – hopefully with some recognition too.

    I mean if only they were right about everything we could all skip off to la-la land in oblivion (the state of being unaware or unconscious of what is happening around one) doing and saying what we ‘felt’ was ‘true’, but where would the world be if everyone did that? For most of us the sensible head and reality kicks in, especially when one is confronted by the actions of Universal Medicine and their various scams in real life on a daily basis ….

    I feel sorry for those who have been taken in but even more so for all those whose lives are altered as a result. It would be so wrong to knowingly let the perpetrators (a person who carries out a harmful, illegal, or immoral act).get away with it and become ever richer into the bargain. Pity there are no authorities to deal with cults.
    Keep going Esther xx

    • Appreciation says:

      Pranic attack you have summed it up so well, especially –

      “I do appreciate what you are doing and hope that you will soon see light at the end of the tunnel and be able to get on with your own life – hopefully with some recognition too.”

      Keep going Esther xx

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