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Universal Medicine reprimands prohibitions, European invasions & gossip June 2017


Natalie Benhayon – authority on ‘normal’

June 15 Why people join cults – must watch video. *Dr Michael Serafin prohibitions and Dermidenticals

May 31 *More news coverage – Northern Star and The Guardian – “Doctor rebuked over spiritual healing group touting esoteric breast massage”

May 30 * News coverage The Echo – Dr Samuel Kim reprimanded by NSW Medical Council

*Peddling GLOBAL obedience in Deutschland and the UK

Dr Michael Serafin, prohibitions & Dermidenticals

Along with the news that Dr Samuel Kim got done for professional misconduct, we also found out pharmacist Dr Michael Serafin of Ballina’s Complementary Compounding Services had further conditions added to his registration. Last year he was investigated by NSW Health following an adverse event with an intravenous ‘supplement’ preparation. He was prohibited from compounding, supplying and dispensing ‘Myers Cocktail’ supplement preparations, and others containing amino acid glutathione. Some time after that prohibition, it extended to preparations containing ketamine – aka horse tranquilizer, Special K, the ‘date rape drug’. It’s a Schedule 8 controlled substance and prescription is restricted.

It’s not a great look given Serafin’s Glorious longstanding connection to UM, receiving referrals from UM practitioners, including Dr Kim, attending UM events, presenting for the College of UM ‘charity’ and appearing in UM propaganda.

He’s also the supplier of UM’s magic Esoteric Breast creams.

Now SergeCorp is busy flogging Dr Serafin’s new skin care line – Dermidenticals. $110 for a 50g jar of magic ‘Day Cream’. Obviously with his expertise, it contains all sorts of miraculous ingredients such as ‘Apple Stem Cells’ and ‘Low Molecular Weight (LMW) hyaluronic acid’, which I believe in the old days were known as ‘snake oil’ and ‘eye of newt (WTF)’.

Unless you’ve just been dropped off this morning from the crop circle shuttle from Arcturus, you’d have to know that skin care and cosmetics is one of the most lucrative pseudoscience rackets of all time on Planet Earth. A la ‘any product over $25 is a waste of money’. Part of women’s financial enslavement according to Naomi Wolf…

And look who’s pushing this designer goop. What a surprise. The Brides of Serge, including the latest legally bound one.

So whaddaya reckon is Sergio’s financial share in this range?

And how long before the blokes get roped into forking out for this stuff too?


Why people join cults

A serious impediment to people understanding cults is the misconception that the problem with cults is religious. It’s not. It’s social. Yet every article and a lot of conversations are derailed with remarks like ‘all religions are cults’ and ‘the Catholic church blah blah blah…’ Cults of course use that to their advantage and claim that objections to their anti-social conduct, or as we saw recently, accountability processes, are ‘persecution’.

The film is great because it makes that distinction. A lot of cults aren’t religious. Beliefs have a role to play in the way cults operate, but they’re not necessarily religious beliefs. The problem with cults is corruption and predatory and coercive behaviour. The majority of blogs I’ve published cover dishonesty, rorting, exploitation, abuse and bullying. It just happens that beliefs are used as part of that pyramid scheme of undue influence. With profits reserved for a few at its top.

In the news: Professional misconduct – NSW Medical Council decision on Dr Sam Kim

After a four year investigation by the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission, the Professional Standards Committee of the NSW Medical Council has officially reprimanded thoracic specialist Dr Samuel Kim and imposed conditions on his registration as a medical practitioner. The action was taken as a result of a complaint regarding Dr Kim referring ‘Patient A’ to an array of Esoteric non entities for useless treatments, and for inappropriate prescribing.

Click this link to find links to the news reports and the Committee’s 25 page decision Dr Samuel Kim reprimanded by the NSW Medical Council

Judging by phone calls I had in the last week there may be more coverage. Congratulations to the Byron Shire Echo and The Guardian for doing a thorough job. Feel free to comment on the decision over on the blog. Updated with links to the articles in the Northern Star and Australian Doctor.

European (GLOBAL) invasion

The Benhayon Esoteric cash raking circus is currently whipping through their annual tour of Europe, with a full menu of shows at that great big financial black hole, the Sound Training Centre outside of Frome, and to a whole new audience of customers in Germany.

Last month we all had a good howl about the ‘Cycles of Obedience’ show at £1000 per head, and one of the bunker’s fearless scouts came up with some footage. Somehow they’ve packed the punters in this year. Perhaps it’s Brexit panic, North Korea brinkmanship or the Trump Effect that makes so many otherwise potentially sensible folk want to leave Planet Reality and send their dosh ahead of them. Oh well.

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 6.21.32 pm.png

The Cycles of Obedience UK retreat Sound Training Centre Frome. Still from UM Facebook video

UM have performed a similar miracle in Germany, selling bogan spirituality to a new market of health consumers who haven’t worked out they’re being sold a religious conversion yet. Wait until they’re sold an exorcism, lol. UM desperately needs new customers considering the Australians are all so knackered and financially wrung out (except for Esoteric Breast whisperer Alan Johnston and a few of the other codger investors). The Benhayons are are pushing it to squeeze much more out of them.

Whatever. The Livingness recently tried to hit on Koln, Deutschland.

Leben ist Medecin.jpg

Freedom is slavery

It’s all part of UM’s long dreamed of GLOBAL EXPANSION and coincides with the publication of two new websites to add to the other forty however many. GLOBAL Unimed Deutschland and GLOBAL Unimed España. Lovingly translated by the GLOBAL army of Esoteric online content slaves. Who probably stumped for the site hosting as well. Because nothing says GLOBAL more than running shows in three countries, and having content slaves in a smattering more… which UM invaded yonks ago, and not that successfully really after all these years and the rather high dropout rate… zzzzzzzzz


42 Comments on “Universal Medicine reprimands prohibitions, European invasions & gossip June 2017”

  1. RJM says:

    According to the EPA:

    “The standards which its accredited practitioners adhere to are well in excess of those required in the case of other complementary modalities, or by many (if not most) other professional associations.”

    “…practitioners are required to satisfy the EPA that they represent the quality that is the hallmark of the EPA. This quality is a level of professionalism, integrity and respect for the client that is a world pioneer in the field of healthcare.”

    “In short, all practitioners agree, as part of their accreditation, to abide by and adhere to the EPA Code of Ethics and Conduct, which spells out in full the meaning of integrity and responsibility in a practitioner.
    And the result? …The EPA provides a standard of healthcare practitioner that the public can trust”

    “The public seeks a quality in healthcare that they can trust as putting the client’s true wellbeing first.
    ​And for the EPA, this is not just words – it is a lived standard by those who run the EPA, and it is a lived standard by those whom the EPA accredits”

    Serge is often claiming to be operating with a knowledge centuries ahead of the rest of humanity. I can only guess that in a few hundred years time, the medical establishment will be able to see the error of its ways and adjust its lax standards so as to accommodate the stellar levels of esoteric integrity displayed by Dr Sam Kim.

    • Anonymous says:

      If these standards are so superior why didn’t mr Kim make it known that he was a member of EPA?
      Because EPA is not recognised outside the cult.
      His omission in disclosing his membership is proof he doesn’t think much if or he knows that the EPA membership means jack shit in the real world.

      • Anonymous says:

        According to the Medical Council report he was also pretty evasive when questioned about his association with Universal Medicine full stop. It’s well worth reading the whole report.

        It will be interesting to see how compliant Dr Kim is with the conditions set by the Council and the need for independent monitoring of his actions in relation to recommending treatments with UM members. Hopefully in the future this will apply to all UM associated doctors as there’s no reason for them all not to be placed under the same scrutiny.

        • Anonymous says:

          This really fucks up the business model.
          Any sane person/doctor if doing what mr Kim has been doing surely now would cease referring people to the unaccepted modalities. This means that there Is no longer a use or market, or at least part of it will disappear.
          The modalities that are part of the training And false cycle now dont look so great.
          The messiah once said, not sure it the context, whole industries will disappear.
          Maybe this was a premonition of his training racket being no longer needed and disappearing.
          Anyway sanity and the natural order of things will quash this empire of his.
          This is only the beginning and this time serge it won’t require violence of any kind.
          Welcome to the real world like your own lapdog Allan said
          Reality check

  2. "No wrongdoing found.....none" 🐂💩 says:

    Well well well
    Alan….where are you? Or better still, where is the universal detractor debater guru himself?
    Reality and the real TRUTH comes crashing into UM fantasy world again
    Beautifully timed by the way for a certain defamation case
    The evidence is mounting higher than a Bangalow bookburning bonfire ♨️
    Esther your hard work and personal sacrifices will not go unnoticed, this will be world news.
    Can you sue for counter claim defamation?
    They have put up enough evidential sites calling you a liar and attacking you personally on sites owned by SB.
    Great to see the real world shining the giant spotlight and exposing what you have had your torch on for years

    • Anonymous says:

      Allan? Allan ? Allan?
      Common allan where are you?
      Here are some questions for you to pounder on.
      If uni med is so great why was mr Kim so evasive on his involvement with said organization?
      If EPA standards are so high and he is a member of such why did he not gloat about this ?
      If uni med is so great why have the views been described as 19 th century ideas?
      If uni med is so great why was it not disclosed up front to patient a ?
      If uni med is so great how come the medical profession is not embracing it ?
      If the EPA is so great and accepted cough in the temporal world why has it not investigated the claims made against mr Kim?
      If Unimed is so great why aren’t there or rather why weren’t the complimentary and conventional medicine boundaries made clear, surely EPA code of ethics has this in there.
      Without using the words in truth too many times, can you provide any evidence based facts to these questions that convince us that Unimed is so great?
      Or have the detractors been right all along, and therefore by definition are not detractors but merely stating truth?

      Common Allan we are waiting for you or Einstein cough to answer.

    • Where's Wally? says:

      All right all right you stirrers, people keep sending me versions of this – but personally I’d prefer a meme seeking the whereabouts of the sixth dimensional omniscient one – he of the AMAZING clairsentience that never prophesied the accountability avalanche.

      I’m a seer too, yeah? There’s more sliding down the accountability mountain. A lot more to come.

      Stay tuned everyone. There’s quite a bit happening on a couple of fronts.

      Also, if Alan the breast whisperer does have something to say, I’d like to hear his views on the Medical Council’s decision and his views on Patient A’s health and wellbeing following that disgraceful Esoteric ordeal. Comments are open Esoterics. Address some of the paragraphs in the Committee’s decision. Try and tell us how loveless it is that Dr Kim got caught.

  3. MacReady says:

    So, if this is what happens to a registered medical practitioner recommending UM’s ‘modalities’, one can only imagine what the medical establishment will think of the completely unqualified fifth-level initiate from Sham-ballah who ‘brought them through’ from the fifth dimension.

    • Anon says:

      Northern Star page 5 today: “A Doctor who sent a patient for new age healing treatments has been found guilty of unsatisfactory professional conduct … Dr K inappropriately referrred the patient to esoteric practitioners from the controversial Universal Medicine spiritual healing group … for chemo washing, chakra puncture and esoteric lung massage … she was not only misdiagnosed but also told she had to go on the lung transplant list … the complaint was proven, with the exception of the innappropriate administration of B12 injections … The Professional Standards Comittee … was critical of his referrals to the group’s practitioners and found he had not adequately explained the difference between conventional and complementary medicine. Dr Kim accepted his conduct was significantly below standard to be reasonably expected of a practitioner with his level of training and experience.”

      This outcome may provide other misled and inappropriately “treated” clients inspiration and courage to report their experience to the Health Care Complaints Commission.

      Other beguiled health professionals may start to emerge from denial and SB’s manipulative delusions to realise the true, profound professional, personal and financial cost of loyally following a deluded, self adulating charlatan.

      My main concern is the younger generation (including SB’s children) exposed to bizarre manipulative teachings, deeply duped before cognitively and emotionally mature enough to critically evaluate and escape unscathed.

      Slowly and surely Esther will be vindicated. She deserves not only an immense thank you for her perseverance in trying to warn well meaning, trusting truth seekers, but also substantial compensation for her personal, professional & financial costs. (Instead UM desperately tries to shoot the messager, portraying her as the mentally ill cyber bully!).

  4. Ground control to spaceman Serge says:

    “Dr Kim didnt have an expert witness at his misconduct hearing….”
    Where was the smartest man in the world when you needed him? From Frome with love…NOT!
    Could he not appear via satellite rebounding through outer space off Scam-balla via Sirius the death star. Where is a reincarnated genius brother in love and utmost integrity when you need him? eh. Ducking for cover big time.
    You wanted a world stage Serge now you have one. Get out of the taped up halls of the con-verted and see how much the real world swallows your 💩

    • Anonymous says:

      Expert witnesses generally need to be credible, and besides the expertise would to be in the area of bullshit.
      Serge only ticks one box.

    • Get Sirius ... says:

      The reincarnated genius of utmost love (and his in-truth lemmings) who didn’t support Dr Kim it his darkest hour, will probably continue to distance himself and may even denigrate him as he has others who dare to or inadvertently expose the REAL, OBJECTIVE truth.

      If only Dr Kim heeded Esther’s years of warnings he may have prevented such a spectacular fall (pride comes before a fall) & discovered the hard way who his true friends are :(.

      • Anonymous says:

        Dr Kim was probably wise not to call on any of them, they would only have dug him a deeper hole.
        Also You can’t dig upwards to get out of a hole, which is exactly what their predictable actions would have been akin to.
        Serge didn’t help because deep down he knows it is indefensible and to try would expose him and he would loose face and most likely sabotage his empire.

  5. Cream me up Scotty says:

    Ridiculous cubed plus or
    Ridiculous x ridicilous x ridiculous plus
    You guessed it …ridiculous
    The only message in this bottle is “dont buy it”
    Made by a chemist of the utmost integrity no doubt. I think not.
    Who could forget the bags of magic clay dust Serge so lovingly bagged up years ago with the utmost integrity.
    Maybe they could be mixed together for a clay night mask, just a thought. What say you Alan?
    The Shark Tank entrepreneurs would be all over this like a dermatological rash post skinnydipping in floodwater.

    • Anonymous says:

      For fucks sake hasn’t this shit gone on for long enough?
      Is this stuff on tga register?

      • E says:

        I don’t think the TGA has jurisdiction over skin care products unless they contain restricted ingredients.

        That’s one reason why skin care is such a bloody effective scam – there’s no restrictions on it, and if the labelling sounds like SCIENCE and it has some smart packaging you can charge anything for it.

        For all we know Dermidenticals is sorbolene with a bit of jojoba oil chucked in, and some terra wollongbarius esotericazene.

        And who knows, some maximus bullshitamine arcturusamide or some faecius mirandasolmate.

        • I scream, you scream, we all scream for day cream! says:

          You crack me up Esther with your chemistry compounds…..hilarious😃
          Yes when will this stop
          UM needs to turn their high powered insight onto themselves and stop projecting shit everywhere, via their human shields.
          Game, set, match, give it up, they’ve extracted enough money.

      • CraigRoberts. says:

        Be patient it will take years for the damage done by Universal Medicine to be undone,sadly for some it will be to late. Suffer the little children.

        • Anonymous says:

          I don’t think it can be undone, not without years of therapy which will exceed what years they have left, at least for the likes of the front line attack brides.
          When and I say when it all turns to shit, there will be a whole lot of people with burned bridges with nowhere to go and with signed consent forms without a leg to stand on.
          They will be broke and rudderless without the messiah to guide them…

          [Hi sorry, some of your comment didn’t make it. I agree with you on the deleted bit but the people you are referring to are neck deep themselves. They can’t do so without bringing about their own downfall – hence the wild eyed desperation I’ve seen for myself. The sheer emotion… But to identify ‘them’ in this litigious climate could cause me a pain in the tail. I hope you understand. Also, incidentally, people do recover, and can recover very well indeed. It tends to be a long and difficult process but few people ever regret defecting. When being in is more painful than the thought of adjusting to being out, they get out. E ]

  6. CraigRoberts. says:

    Reading about the family and followers of Universal Medicine,the quote from Catch 22 comes to mind,”A self made nothing who owes his lack of success to no one”

  7. CraigRoberts. says:

    It only takes one person to come forward then the avalanche will follow, one person who feels they have been wronged or left out of the loop, then the innocent the gullible and the guilty will pay the price. In organisations like this the rot usually starts from within then spreads to outside world where its destroyed.

  8. Ali G in da UM house of cards says:

    Alison……are you really an “advocate for true freedom of expression”????
    No you are not.
    There are a hell of a lot of us out here who would truely like to express our dislike and disgust at the practices of UM on their many sites but cannot due to one sided vetting. Anything other than adoration and support of UM is out.
    What is your definition of free expression Alison? I would like to know.
    And in reference to the defamation case of Karam and Raphael vs Rockett you state THEY (Karam & Raphael) were “faced with pursuit by a relentless abuser who has sort to ruin their livelihood and ride roughshod over their lives” I think you are a little more than confused here. Take a look back at your vicious attack sites on Esther Rockett and Lance Martin. There for all to see. Crazy nasty stuff with all the sensitivity of a pack of pit bull terriers out for blood not the glorious warrior princess of love you see yourself to be.
    Shame on all of you
    Splash your face with some expensive cold day cream and wake the fuck up and own your own delusional behaviour

    • Anon ... says:

      UM pretends to encourage freedom of in truth, inner most self expression … until someone expresses something they don’t like! 👀 (Then eyes narrow, lips purse, nose goes up, head spins, fingers in ears “la, la, la … ” ).

      The on line UM gestapo bans independent opinions only allowing echos of doting adulation or criticism of non UM beliefs.

      Defensively attacking the most intelligent, analytical and influential challengers calling UM to account. (UM can’t control Esther so tries to control her image: portrays her as a mentally unhinged internet bully motivated by unrequited love for S ie a woman scorned! 😄).

      Concerned, bewildered family and friends resort to robust expression on Esther’s blogs. (Experience increased insight, joy and humour relating to others on a similar wave length).

      (Self “responsibility” and “integrity” are values also touted by UM, also evidently with obscure definitions and standards rarely applied to themselves).

      • Richard R says:

        The groups MO is to attack the person and not the argument. They’ve done it with all critics. The reason they do that is they have no counter argument as their position is totally irrational. Esther is their most articulate critic and therefore is the subject of their most ardent ad hominem attacks.

        They may claim she has done the same but it’s patently untrue, poetic flourishes aside. She’s consistently gone to the heart of the inconsistencies, hypocrisies and absurdities that define UM.

        She’s not defending an ideological position as they are. She is not profiting as the leader and others associated with the group are.

        Her laser targeted critiques and exposes have gone unanswered save the howl of members repeating absurd argements that sound suspiciously like any of Serges sermons.

        Now they’ve put themselves, their ideology and their cock eyed world view before the courts and public scrutiny. They’ve forced themselves to answer.
        A home goal only seriously compromised people could manufacture.

        Rest assured it won’t result in self awareness. They’ll dig deeper and attack anyone who sheds light on the dark corner they now occupy in defence of Serge and their cherished sense of specialness.

        • Serge, your laces are undone 🥅 says:

          Yes, absolutely agree and well written RR
          An “own goal” indeed and all because Serge didnt expect Esther to turn up to play the legal game he challenged her to let alone with a crack professional team on her side and a stadium of supporters cheering her on.

  9. 💲💼 Here comes the judge says:

    Am I getting this right Charles?
    Its a crime not to adore Serge Benhayon and his family. And I must devote my life and fight to the death to support everything he claims is true? If so I would surely be a slave to some sort of cult, community, religion or whatever label you want to put on it. The true track record is there for all to see if you are not blinded. How professionally embarrassing, seriously, Charles. What imaginary initiation scale will you jump up to?

  10. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 🚽💩 says:

    So much bum 💩 fudge 💩 poo shooting from either ends of the members of this organisation its hard to know how to stomach it all.
    So court🏛 is tomorrow, all the best Esther and your team, may the force be with you🚀and common sense and truth prevail.

  11. Anonymous says:

    in response to Craig Roberts who “tries to take UM seriously” then goes onto to say “they are a joke and should be treated as a joke,” I would add my own response. The UM community and Serge Benhayon must be taken seriously. Children and juveniles are at risk of undue influence through their parenting of children in their care.

    • Esther says:

      Hello, my two cents is that I think you’re both right, and from what I can gather all supporters are worried about the kids involved in UM and we all take that extremely seriously. At the same time, these are people who worship a bowel movement, likened the Professional Standards Committee of the Medical Board to the Inquisition, and reckon that me lodging official complaints and sticking to my guns on UM accountability is akin to committing the genocides of the Holocaust… Then they flap around the internet wondering why they’re mocked.

      Also, Craig said he ‘tried’.

      There you go, I could get a job as a mediator 😀

      Are you okay Craig?

      Apologies to Craig too – I didn’t notice you’d put your email addy in the name box, and it got published. I’ve been bloody busy so didn’t notice. If anyone notices any email addresses are published in future please text me, call me, email – make sure I get it down straight away. These people cannot be trusted – there’s not a mg of integrity between them. Not an atom.

      Finally, I’ll post a short update soon about the very interesting court hearing yesterday – and hopefully a more detailed update soon. Please be patient, I can’t get to all your messages etc.

      And I haven’t forgot that I will post Olga’s comment from a few weeks ago to its own post. Olga told us she had a very adverse experience of UM, and I would like to continue that conversation, and to dedicate a post to talking about first hand experiences. So if that’s you too Craig, perhaps you might join the conversation. I’ll get to it as soon as I can – but there’s a couple of items that might go up first…

  12. Craig Roberts says:

    My comment was I tried to take UM seriously not try I try. This was not because I supported UM in any way or wished to be part of it, but because a person very close to me has got caught up in UM and I tried to find out what attracted them to it, but found their teaching to be one sick joke.
    Although the consequences of being involved with UM can be horrific to relationships with both family and friends as it has been in this case, their teachings are a sick joke and should be treated as such, to try and explain reason to these people with logic is a wast of time, but they don’t like ridicule and if they try to argue with it they look even more ridiculous.
    I like many others have stories to tell About UM but to do so at this stage could do more harm than good to already strained relationships.
    (I’m fine Esther just bloody angry)

    • Esther says:

      I don’t know if you’re in contact with other people who’ve had to deal with this lot, but for what it’s worth a lot of people share your anger and frustration. Justifiably, as I’m sure you know.

      An anecdote for Anon: years ago when I was interviewed by David Millikan, we were going through my old esoteric healing workshop manual from 2005 for the camera, and having a chuckle at the ridiculous bullshit in it. He had a few bloody beauty one liners about some of the content. I said to him, maybe we shouldn’t laugh on camera, considering the misery that this racket causes. But both he and the producer said no – it’s natural to laugh at some of it – It’s ludicrous! But both also said, if people who’ve been caused despair by it can see your reactions – across the spectrum – from concern, to horror, anger and also finding the humour in it, it’ll help them feel they’re not alone in how they experience this.

      In other words, they reassured me (and us) it’s normal to have a whole range of responses to this. Sometimes all at the same time. It’s healthy.

      One reason UM is so unhealthy – psychologically destructive – is they’re conditioned to try and repress critical reasoning, and their natural, sane, emotional reactions to this stuff. Look how they’ve ended up – pathetically infantile – all of them – reacting hysterically to the slightest criticism. What a mess they are, and what a mess they’ve caused.

      So, as far as I’m concerned on this site, jokes are okay, rage is okay, whingeing okay. The only thing I’ll censor is actual defamations (or statements they might jump on as perceived defamation) and threats.

      • Love bombing says:

        The messiah does not have a sense of humour, nor is he ever wrong, appologetic or remorseful.
        Its all hate and hate dressed up as love. Thats why his followers are so confused, he preaches its all about love then gets them to go on the defence and hate for him in the name of love?!?!
        If you can work it out youre doing better than the UMers.

      • Klaus und Klaus says:

        New neurobiological researches point out, that the brain works best whilst playing. Stress and emotional pressure shut down creativity and free thinking. Well, us Germans had and have to get scientific about it for sure:
        However, suppressing emotions because of UniMeds assumptions about them being pranic and causing illness and disease (mainly cancer), lead to serious mental illness in my case. Won´t do that again.

        • Bogan Bob says:

          Sounds like you have come out the other side. Glad to hear that and wish you a happier & brighter future away from the cult. Having much experience of them myself I know just how malignant and damaging they are.

  13. Anonymous says:

    How easy it is to ping off a comment and write something hurtful. My first time posting a comment on this blog (or any blog ever) and I got it wrong. I recognise it’s not the space to enter into a person-to-person dialogue or have a pop at what someone has written. I’m offering a heartfelt sorry to the person I hope knows who they are. I shall be more mindful in future.
    As you helpfully say Esther, having a laugh at UM and SB is OK. Maybe I should try it sometime. This is a place to support each other and sorry also we can’t share our stories and experiences.
    Yes Esther, you are a mediator par excellence. We’re all here because of you and your years of unbreakable spirit. I salute you and all who comment on this blog.

    • Esther says:

      Thank you. We’re only human hon. You’re allowed to be human here.

      Anything UM doesn’t allow we allow here. As long as it’s within the law. 😉

      Don’t feel bad.

  14. Pranic Attack says:

    It is such a shame that there are no authorities who wish to help shut this lot down either in Aus or the UK, It should not have to be left up to Esther although she is doing a brilliant job. At best UM is a con but more seriously ruins health, families and friendships, using gullible and often vulnerable people to spread the word with the ultimate aim of relieving them and their families of copious amounts of money and inheritances. The only ones benefitting being the upper hierarchy who are raking it in at the top of the pyramid. Does anyone know what the situation is with the Charities Commission? Are they still investigating? I would be interested to speak to others in the UK but feel isolated as it seems everyone is too worried that their identity may be found out. I have been as guilty as others of this but can see that it only plays into Serge’s hands when no one will group together and stand up to him, as Esther does.

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