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Esther Rockett legal defence update May 2017

14 May progress, litigious spam, UM goes to court + unofficial update video below

7 May 2017 Survival fund – video above

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14 May

Quick run down

I’m defending two defamation claims. One brought by Serge Benhayon in NSW Supreme Court, Sydney in November 2015. The second brought by his close associates Caroline Raphael and Ray Karam in the Qld District Court, Brisbane Christmas 2016.

Caroline Raphael is a registered psychologist who works at Universal Medicine’s Goonellabah headquarters. She publicly promotes UM and describes Benhayon as a ‘work colleague’ and ‘dear friend’.

Ray Karam is a business owner who lives in Goonellabah. He is a former NSW police officer and last year he ran for mayor of Ballina. He publicly promotes UM and describes Benhayon as a ‘best friend’ and ‘brother’.

Defences for both cases are very strong. I have filed very comprehensive defences pleading that all statements I made in my publications are legally justified. I am not liable for “damage to reputation”. If the plaintiffs want to claim damage has been done to their reputations, my defences plead that it’s been caused by their own conduct.

Lady-Justice-Biro-penIn NSW I’m pleading truth, contextual truth, qualified privilege and honest opinion defences to the whole thing. We are at a critical and time consuming phase of proceedings (discovery and interrogatories) where both Benhayon and I are under court orders as of March 10 to produce any documents we have related to the allegations in the claim and defence, and answer detailed questions in writing.

In Qld I filed a comprehensive defence on March 24. I’ve pleaded truth to all imputations, and am using the four further defences. However, I’ve run out of funds to pay a solicitor.

In the weeks since, I received a barrage of legal demands from Team UM culminating in a hearing on 5 May brought at 2 days notice, which was not enough time for my counsel to appear. UM refused to allow me time to negotiate a date for adjournment, so I had to represent myself. They didn’t believe I still have Senior Counsel representing me. They do now.

Unofficial update video

The unofficial update video below is for enthusiasts and runs to 54 minutes. I talk about events over the last couple of months including UM’s undistinguished two hours in court on 5 May and all the carry on that went with it. Sorry about the length, but a lot of you want to know what’s happening and this saves me time on telling each of you individually.

If you want to skip through the video:

3:30 Defences

6:00 May 5th hearing – self represented.

14:00 Counsel representing me and terms

20:00 Team UM in court

26:30 Litigation spam & gaming the jurisdictions

35:00 Defamation, ‘abuse’, hurt feelings and free speech

42:30 Judge’s remarks (more on that below. Scroll down.)

My legal team

I’m currently running the defences on no budget. I don’t have a solicitor, so it’s a lot of work. I’m trying to find solicitors who will work on a conditional costs basis. Several contacts within the legal profession have been trying to get me that help, but so far the the firms we’ve approached are too busy to take the cases on. We continue to try and several solicitors have given me some informal advice on their own time.

Mr Tom Molomby SC continues to represent me in both claims and has agreed to do so whether I have a solicitor or not. He is committed to making sure these important cases get a fair hearing, and he is very much looking forward to cross examination. As we all are. Three other Sydney barristers have offered assistance and we may hear more about them in the coming weeks and months.

Mr Molomby has done a lot of work on both defences and has also provided me with a lot of advice. He has read all Fletcher’s letters and checked my replies.

The funds

I’m out of funds and in debt. Below I wrote about the survival fund. Rather than fundraise to pay lawyers, I’m now fundraising to avoid homelessness while I get through probably the most intense workload in the proceedings. Please make a donation to keep me alive until I get back to earning money to survive.

As I said in the video, Mr Molomby is not billing me. Yet. To be very clear, I have not paid Mr Molomby a cent since he joined the team last September. However, he is certainly not working for free and he will take his fee from any award of costs. The other barristers will work under the same or a similar arrangement.

Esoteric super powers

In February  we unfortunately lost our application for a stay of the proceedings. Given the very close relationship and similarities between the NSW & Qld claims we thought the court would stay the proceedings, rather than essentially try the same case in two states, but we lost.

My solicitor wanted to appeal but in the end after quite a bit of advising, I decided not to. I filed the defence on 24 March, and then got busy on the court ordered discovery for the NSW claim.

This is where it gets Esoteric. In the six weeks following, Paula Fletcher of Universal Law got a little carried away with her letters and made numerous demands and legal threats requiring urgent replies. She’s threatening to seek court orders in Qld if I don’t comply by the dates she’s set. The work she demanded I do and her Esoteric deadlines were simply humanly impossible, even if I had an office full of solicitors at my beck and call. Her letters were full of irregularities and errors. I was forced to spend large amounts of time replying and told her repeatedly there was no need for the urgency, that her demands do not override NSW Supreme Court orders, and she was causing me delay.

On 2 May, Fletcher notified me that she required a response to a letter immediately, when she’d originally given me until 8 May, and told me she was listing two applications for hearing on 5 May.

Because apparently on Planet Esoteric, Senior Counsel based in another state is available to magically appear at hearings on two days notice. When I told her counsel wasn’t available for that date and asked her to seek adjournment until I could get alternative dates, she listed anyway. I had to appear on two days notice, two hours drive from home to represent myself in two complex applications.

Even sixth dimensional Master Sergio doesn’t have the powers Fletcher attributes to me. Which makes me wonder if I’m not, unbeknownst to me, a Glorious Ascended Mistress from the Seventh realm. Or something.

Qld hearing 5 May

Was interesting, watch the video if you’d like to learn more. Team UM’s behaviour was as ‘truth-full’ and loving as ever, and it didn’t go unnoticed by the judge.


The hearing was about as Esoteric as the last effort from Universal Law and UM’s in house barrister, Charles Wilson. I did try and argue one application – a bit of procedural hoo ha, and lost, unfortunately. I also asked the judge beforehand for an adjournment for the second application. The judge didn’t have to hear my argument for an adjournment in the end because Wilson had estimated two hours for the hearing, and spent ninety minutes arguing the first, which was the simpler one of the two. The judge adjourned the second to June.


Last time, Wilson hurled around accusations I’m malicious, vexatious and had attempted to mislead the court. None of that flew. UM also rocked up with affidavits professing to my ‘trolling’. Dr Rachel Hall even annexed about 25 tweets showing me replying to her obsessive tweets about me and questioning her promotions of pseudoscience. None of it was relevant to the application.

This time, UM rocked up again with affidavits alleging I’m a troll. Again irrelevant to the application. I objected to the paragraphs and the judge agreed, he struck the lines out. Wilson protested and told the judge I’m answering to a very big claim in NSW over my ‘extensive trolling’ blah blah blah. The judge was not impressed and told Wilson to stop using that accusation because ‘it isn’t evidence’ and it’s just ‘applying a label’ to a person that is essentially meaningless.

Another affidavit from Fletcher accused me of an ‘intention (so it appears) to bring the media to court‘. Wilson tried to put that scintillating assessment to the judge and asked him to read this passage from one of my blogs:

Either way, in the unlikely event either were to win, as well as receive an award of costs, they won’t get anything out of me. I’ve got nothing. And in the new case, they’d only succeed in having six long lost tweets taken down, after a close examination by the court of their reputations and conduct, and all the accompanying paperwork. Open to any media or members of the public that show up.

The judge just stared at Wilson for a while without blinking. He didn’t comment.

As we’ve realized, stating plain, ungarnished facts must be some sort of offence under the Esoteric Thought Crimes Act.

It doesn’t fly in the temporal courts.

During a short adjournment, Wilson then barked at a hapless court reporter who had shown up to the public gallery, which was otherwise populated with Wilson’s wife, Alison Greig, and Caroline Raphael. And no one else. Then he barked at me, to ‘tell your friend…’ referring to the journo. At which point I told him to knock it off.

For people who believe ’emotions are the cause of all disease’ they certainly get wound up.

For the record, I did not contact the press.

UM and the press

Also, I don’t ‘bring the press’. UM brings the press with their own behaviour. If the press show up to court, they’ve come to see the Esoteric show, not me.

It’s an interesting accusation from people bringing defamation claims. Think about it. If you have a good reputation and you’re seeking vindication, you’d invite the press yourself. You’d welcome the scrutiny. If you’re paranoid the press will side with the defendant, it suggests you may have some problems.

It’s also a curious move from UM – if they’re confident of triumph in NSW, why bring a second, very similar claim? In another state? Against a defendant they know is broke?

The other accusation from Team UM is that I ‘use’ the media. As if cooperating with the press is another of their capital crimes. Or reporting facts in the public interest is a problem… Only for UM it seems. They, on the other hand, have opted to use the courts – a public resource – open to all, including the press, to claim damages to their public reputations over my comments on their public behaviour. Yet, they seem to want to control how the media reports their use of that public facility.

Whether they like it or not, I filed a 157 page defence in Qld pleading particulars of admissable evidence of UM’s disreputable conduct. It’s a matter of public interest to be decided by the court, and the press is free to report. UM brought it.

Litigation spam

When the judge listed an adjournment date, Wilson started on about my replies to Fletcher’s impossible legal demands and that I was late in fulfilling their wish list, and they were going to seek orders to make me produce stuff etc. etc. The judge told him he was welcome to make applications at the next listed hearing, next month, for which he’s set aside a whole day.

At that point I was able to stand up with my affidavit and I asked the judge if there was some way to seek leave from the court to comply with the NSW court orders without further unnecessary delays, because I’d copped over 100 pages of letters from Fletcher in the previous six weeks. The NSW orders predate any of that carry on. I’d been delayed in complying with the NSW orders by having to reply to a barrage of threats. I annexed all her letters and my replies to my affidavit to submit as evidence. If I can’t comply on time, any delay has been caused by her. The judge said under the scope of that day’s applications there was nothing he could do, but he told me I could file them in the court registry so they would be there ready to answer any applications. So I did.

In the video I read from one of Fletcher’s letters warning me off doing precisely that. Between 2nd and 5th of May, she wrote me letters threatening to seek orders in both states if I didn’t comply with her competing demands, and warning me not to raise the other proceeding in court in seeking extensions, because they are ‘irrelevant’ to each other. In celebration of UM’s conduct in these matters, I’m making the last of the letters available to the public. I was sent a matching one for the NSW claim. You can view it at this link: Fletcher Letter 4 May.

If it continues, I’ll publish all of them.


Wilson’s wife Alison Greig’s Esoteric epistemology of defamation law. Criticism is not hate, abuse or defamation. It can be. But not when the statements are true or based on reasonable grounds and proper materials.

Wilson’s statement to the court that I’m being sued for ‘trolling’ makes me wonder about UM’s perceptions of defamation. I’m not aware of any civil offence of ‘trolling’. UM uses that term to describe online criticism of their public behaviours. They also call criticism ‘abuse’ and ‘bullying’.

In court, the judge told me he could understand why I have concerns. He also said he could understand why the plaintiffs feel hurt. I thought that was a fair and reasonable remark.

Of course the plaintiffs feel hurt. The problem for them, as I have pleaded in my defence, is the statements are substantially true. My statements are legally justified, made on reasonable grounds, based on proper materials and in the public interest. Truth is a complete defence to defamation. When truth hurts, you have a reputation problem of your own making.

If people could claim damages every time they’re feelings were hurt, we’d have to park a magistrate at everyone’s kitchen table.

To win damages for defamation, the court has to find that the published statements are false or made without reasonable grounds or with no basis in proper materials for comment. And then that the statements were read by enough people to warrant a damages award.

In general, if you publish things, people have a right to criticize or point out errors or misrepresentations. It’s called free speech. Same if you behave in any way that negatively affects or involves others. In essence, the law does not punish people for making criticism or for saying unkind things about unsound conduct.

The system however, punishes everyone by making it costly and extremely labour intensive to resolve defamation disputes.

More of the judge’s remarks & King Pyrrhus

The judge remarked on the enormous amount of paper already filed for the claim. Team UM wanted me to file an amended defence striking out a couple of paragraphs and the judge refused that request. He said there’d been too much paper filed already. He got Paula Fletcher to scribble out the paragraphs with her ballpoint pen.

It was a pity about me losing the application and all I could say to the judge was that I didn’t expect to be representing myself. I’d not been given enough notice and I was unprepared. He thought it was unusual to have counsel representing me without a solicitor and asked if counsel was representing me for free. I told him it was on a deferred payment basis. At that stage UM didn’t believe I have Mr Molomby on board.

They really thought I’d lose legal representation when I ran out of money.

They tried to get me to call Tom during the hearing to agree on a hearing date. He was in court and I couldn’t reach him. It didn’t seem to occur to them that he’s busy. With two days notice in what’s been a very busy time for him, it’s been difficult to reach him at all. That afternoon Wilson called Mr Molomby to confirm. They assumed I had lied to them and lied in court. To the judge’s face.

Putting ourselves in the judge’s position, judges don’t want to deal with the fumblings of unrepresented litigants – especially if they have counsel representing them, and haven’t been allowed opportunity to have them appear.

Having assumed I was unrepresented Team UM behaved opportunistically and aggressively, barraging me with unreasonable, error ridden demands. The evidence of that conduct is now filed in court.

In the comments below, UM Facts Team part timer, and Esoteric Breast whisperer Alan Johnston arrived to gloat about the ‘reality check’. From the people who quake at the thought of the Four Lords of Form. He must have only heard part of the story. Yes, I was ordered to pay costs of the application I failed at arguing, but the judge restricted those to Wilson’s appearance at the hearing. Wilson managed to argue to include the production of the affidavits used. That was considerably less than what they’d hoped for I imagine. Alan might not have been told that the conduct of Fletcher in trying to have my blogs shut down, and her involvement in the McIntyre bequest, as well as Wilson’s as director of the College of UM and member of the UM Facts Team are written into the defence, along with the conduct of Benhayon and the plaintiffs.

And Alan obviously hadn’t been told of the judge’s other remarks. The judge suggested to Wilson his clients might want to consider entering mediation with me. He said, (without assessing the merits of the claim, which can only properly be done at trial in view of all the evidence), there was no money in the damages. It would be a long, drawn out process, requiring a lot of work, and the only ones who’d get anything out of it would be lawyers. He mentioned a case where a damages award was swallowed by costs.

Incidentally, damages are estimated on the extent of publication. In this case it’s very limited. Damages are also reduced if any of the claimed defamatory imputations are found to be true. I’ve pleaded truth to all of them and provided particulars of admissable evidence.

The judge said at best it would be a Pyrrhic victory. It’s a term used a lot in litigation and it refers to cases where the cost of bringing an action is a great deal higher than anything gained in awarded damages. Historically, King Pyrrhus famously won a battle against the Romans, however, that one battle nearly wiped out his entire army. The Romans, of course, just brought in fresh reserves forcing Pyrrhus into retreat.

For me, the fresh reserves are more evidence and more public support.

The judge made it clear the proceedings won’t achieve anything, and suggested it would be better for everyone if we just got on with our lives.

The court, at any point in proceedings, can order mediation. Given that was only our first listed hearing, my guess is that will come sooner rather than later. My legal team have told me the court doesn’t want these claims to take up court time. Judges hate them. They tie up huge amounts of resources at enormous cost to taxpayers and achieve very little or less. From the court’s point of view, litigation should be undertaken as a last resort and litigants should attempt to resolve issues out of court. The fact UM have never attempted that – and in fact done the opposite, will work against them. If litigants refuse to behave reasonably in mediation or settlement negotiations, and continue to draw proceedings out, the court takes that into account in ordering costs.

Ironically, the paragraph UM brought to court to try and have me convicted of mentioning the public interest and the media, spells out the futility of the Qld case. In their wildest fantasies the best they might manage is to have a few tweets taken down that would have done minimal, if any, quantifiable damage to their reputations. That’s after months of legal work, weeks in court, huge cost to taxpayers and having their public conduct examined in full. The reality is they very seriously risk devastating defeat, with the public exposure that entails, and being ordered to pay my legal team’s costs. Which will be hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Victory for me will not be Pyrrhic at all. It’ll cost me a lot of time and inconvenience, but it will bring vindication and exposure of UM we have wanted for years. Exposing UM’s risks and harms is an important undertaking in the public interest. UM have actively bullied anyone who has attempted to expose or criticize them. They’ve tried to have me deregistered, arrested, mobbed and shamed. They’ve attacked and harmed people I care about. They’ve tried to wreck my livelihood and reputation, and now they’re having an equally futile plug at litigation. All of it has backfired. They’ve increased my profile and won me respect and support.

Their actions prove they are an organization that needs to be monitored.

They brought these claims. It’s not just my own reputation and my publications that I have a right to protect, it’s in all our interests that I defend. In full. In defending, we all win.

7 May – Staying alive

It’s been a challenging time with UM’s in house legal team bombarding me with legal requests that are simply humanly impossible to fulfil in the time frames they are demanding. It appears they made the demands under the false impression I had no legal representation. Either way, it’s an issue we intend to take up with the court.

I’m currently out of work, out of funds and have no income.

I was in court on Friday 5 May in Brisbane for a short hearing, with an adjournment until 2 June. It was an interesting interaction with Team UM, and I will post a longer, unofficial update video talking about that soon.

Please consider helping. Whatever you can afford or a small payment here and there will help keep the wolf from the door. Thanks.

I could use a hand with finding legal assistance if anyone has connections.

Contact me if you have any questions.


82 Comments on “Esther Rockett legal defence update May 2017”

  1. Esther says:

    A clarification of a statement I made in the videos that Mr Molomby SC is ‘now’ not billing me. Mr M has not billed me since signing on in September last year. I also emphasise he’s definitely not working for free.

    Was very strange Team UM assuming I had no representation, and then bombarding me with tandem demands. They appear to believe I managed to draft a 157 page defence of truth and contextual truth unassisted.

    In letters last week and then in court the other day, they didn’t seem to believe me when I said I’m represented by counsel.

    Says a lot about their attitude, that they swooped like vultures at the first sign I’d exhausted funds and had no legal backing.

    It seems it hasn’t occurred to them for a second that there are other avenues for me to get to trial. Poverty and even homelessness will not stop that from happening.

    Hasn’t occurred to them that very high calibre legal professionals share our concerns and want to help.

    I’ve had several offers of help – unsolicited – dating back a year. Unfortunately it ended up some very promising assistance didn’t come through for simple logistical reasons – their own caseload is too heavy to take more work on, or they work for big commercial firms that don’t want to defer billing. It has not stopped me from continuing to seek assistance, but that takes time on top of what I’m already trying to do.

    Longer unofficial update video coming soon.

  2. Anonymous says:

    If you are wondering how you can support Esther, consider this way. I have set up a weekly direct debit. Admittedly it is only for a small amount but collectively if enough people do the same, it could make a real difference to this amazing person.

    • Esther says:

      Thank you so much. I’m very flattered. The support I’ve been getting has been very touching.

      Thank you everyone for the support. It will be a challenge, but the more they throw at me, the more determined I become. The last few months was some extraordinarily nasty stuff from the love and truthers.

      I thought I’d have the longer video up today, but there won’t be time. Hang in there for a few days. I think many of you will find it interesting.

  3. Alan Johnston says:

    Reality check delivered – two serious legal setbacks in Qld with 20K to 30K in costs awarded against you. Informed disclosure to your ‘investors’ coming soon?

    • Esther says:

      Yes, there will be Alan. Did the Team tell you His Honour cut the costs to the minimum for Friday’s hearing due to your friends’ special ‘love & truth’ they threw around in court?

      Did they tell you His Honour adjourned the second application because your pals went seriously over time? Again.

      Did the Team tell you they didn’t give me enough notice for my Counsel to appear, after I’d told them he wasn’t available at 2 days notice? Or about the 110 pages of letters they’ve bombarded me with in 6 weeks? Pretty dirty.

      Did they tell you they didn’t believe me when I told them Senior Counsel is representing me even if I don’t have a solicitor. That he’s not billing me. Did they mention they called his office to confirm?

      We’re just warming up Alan. Did they tell you about His Honour’s remarks to the plaintiffs about considering mediation? Not bad for a first listed hearing.

      Didn’t think so.

      So now I’ve done full disclosure, where’s the $600k that’s missing from the College of UM’s donated funds? It’s been gone over a year. Why no disclosure of the destination of public funds administered by the professionals who flailed around in court the other day?

      How much of that did you lose?


      Reality checks indeed. Any sightings of those Four Lords of Form lately?

    • Alan & breasts says:

      I reckon your mates have two chances of seeing those costs Al. None and none. What kind of idiots sue someone with no money and gloat about costs they won’t get. 😀

      A gift for Esther, but keep a bucket handy. Alan’s sexual confusion and what he gets out of esoteric breast massage.
      Ew, chunder. Too much information Al. Yuck yuck and yuck.

      • Esther says:

        Gawd, I could have done without that thx.

        Seeing we’re on full disclosure Alan, has Serge told you how many times costs have been awarded to me in Benhayon v Rockett. I’ve lost count. I think it’s three, but it might be four.

        Who’s liable for the Sound Foundation’s £378k VAT bill. Who’s paying that?

        • Lord of Form says:

          Yeah, don’t worry. Old Al is Serge’s lapdog. He occasionally gives him an odd scrap which he then runs around in circles with salivating and chasing his own tail before jumping on here to have a little yap. He’s a clueless numbnut. As you said, if costs awarded are some measure, then your’e winning. But it isn’t. And the fact that Al and his coterie of befuddled acolytes can’t see that the whole thing is a cynical attempt to derail Serge’s big day out demonstrates that Al really IS the dumbest person in the room.

          But at least he gets to look stupid on here.That’s, in-truth, free speech.

      • MacRready says:

        Oh, dear. The ‘students’ again refuse to learn that the worst possible PR they can muster in defence of Serge are their own testimonies; repeating his cringeworthy ideas and phraseology as if they mean anything in the real world. Please keep it up, Alan. The Ascended Master Hilarion loves your work.

      • Al flogs the donkey over ( o)( o) discovery lol says:

        Why are you disclosing your sticky pubescent fumblings and dirty thoughts Alan? Dont you see how that makes you look at your age ranting on about discovering breasts? Yukko ++++++ FFS!😲

        • Esther says:

          He might be a late bloomer.

          Or is that bl ( o Y o ) mer 😅

          That stuff is hard to read 🤢 & good point about the G2W festival.

          I asked Al on Facebook if he was representing himself in court when he lost his long drawn out commercial battle. If the other side had given his counsel 2 days notice to appear without consulting on their availability…

          And UM wonders why they’re unpopular.

        • Esther says:

          I feel sorry for his donkey btw lol

          I’d never heard that one.

    • Anonymous says:

      So now you come out of the woodwork Allan.
      You are a piece of work.
      I wonder if those costs were meant to be confidential?
      I.e has someone disclosed information about a court case that’s still ongoing ?
      Sounds like you Allan should tread very carefully.
      Reply to this if you want to debate me.
      Again notice Allan and all you other um people out there.
      Allan’s comments made it into this blog. Quite a nasty attack too I might add, kicked any wounded animals lately Allan?
      No such comments directed at serge would ever make it onto the Unimed blogs.
      Freedom of speach at work here Allan.
      Oh Allan the trial ain’t over.
      When you owe someone legal costs them they owe you more who has the negative balance Allan?
      Think about it before gloating.
      Peace out

      • Esther says:

        Hi the costs aren’t confidential. I’m not sure how much they will amount to because the judge last Friday only made an order for Charlie’s appearance at the hearing and the production of a few affidavits used in the application. That’s significantly less than what they would have expected, and I believe the judge limited the costs because Team UM didn’t give enough notice for my counsel to appear, or to even find out his availability, so I had to show up unrepresented and pretty unprepared. It was obviously nasty. I talk about it in the video I’ll put up this weekend.

        As someone wrote above, it doesn’t much matter how much they are, because I’ve got nothing, and whether I’m broke, bankrupt or homeless, I will not miss an opportunity to expose these people in the public arena that is the court. They showed exactly what they are in court the other day. It’s exactly what we want. One of the best things to come out of this campaign is flushing these people out, getting them to drop the pretence. It’s just a pity no one was there to see it. Apart from the judge…

        Early days.

        And you’re right. They’ve won a couple of interlocutory applications. Big deal. We haven’t started arguing the claim yet. The plaintiffs’ conduct and all the paperwork that goes with it – subpoenas to the police and psychology council, Charles and his wife’s roles as directors of a charity with a disappearing DGR, Paula Fletcher’s pseudolegal letters, Sergio’s fifth degree ravings and hands on shenanigans laid out in court. All picked apart by Senior Counsel. And me.


        • Anonymous says:

          I was hoping Allan had done a foot in mouth by disclosing.
          Waiting for him to reply but not holding my breath given he has answered zero questions.
          Same behaviour they make one comment then disappear.
          Sheep that’s all I can say.

        • Esther says:

          Goes to show how utterly gutless they all are – especially the WORLD RENOWNED PHILOSOPHER, that poor old Alan is the most courageous of all of them. And the best he can do is make pathetic schoolboy snarks before scurrying back behind the password fortress.

          A heap of them are in the UK right now. Bitching about me on their holy Son$ of God ‘retreat’. How very evolved.

      • Van Helsing says:

        The locals of Frome have boarded up their windows, stocked their fridges and nailed crucifixes on to their doors now the UM hoard is in town.

        Government issued ear plugs are being distributed to block out their evil music, and should you be unfortunate enough to encounter one of these vampires face to face, the advice being given is to offer them a beer or glass of wine. They will run back to their lair (known as the Darkhouse) screaming ‘abuse, abuse, abuse, entity, entity entity’.

        Another technique to ward them off is to hold up a picture of Esther as this instantly stops them in their tracks and forces them to log on to any UM website and write hundreds of comments about her. So always keep a picture handy – or have this blog to hand on your smartphone – quoting from it has a similar effect.

        Take care people and we will get through this together.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hey Allan no reply?
        What no internet in frome?

    • Anonymous says:

      How does it feel Allan to have another mans penis inside your head ? Metaphotically speaking of course.

    • RJM says:

      Those of us who are helping Esther through this are under no illusion as to the details of the situation, financial and otherwise. The irony here, as usual, is that the same cannot be said for the majority of those singing the praises of Serge and UM. A full disclosure of the ‘inner-most’ esoteric machinations thereof would probably shake more than a few self-loving apples from the fifth-level initiiate’s money tree; assuming they are still capable of accepting reality, if/when that happens.

  4. Al flogs the donkey o says:

    Alan….I have to agree with you
    “The sexualization of the young is a deep, pervasive, corrosive abuse….” so lets meet up and protest loudly at the next girl to woman festival and express our disgust and anger at young girls being plastered with makeup to look way older than their years then photographed for public display.

  5. Al the irony is s(o) (o)bvious says:

    Making love to your wife for the first time was a “grand and gritty process” eh Al.
    Are we back in the sand dunes or has the wax job grown stubble? Just wondering since you’re sharing ( me thinks a bit too much)
    Whats with the sexual sharing anyway Al, thank goodness you’re not brainwashed cause god knows what disclosures you would come out with.
    I love your posts Al, it confirms alot for me about UM followers and their focus.

    • Just Saying. says:

      Right, and it’s been a constant theme since day dot. You can’t help wonder why its so centred around female sexuality and the emasculation of men. What has that got to do with god? why are they all so obsessed with female bits and confessing their sexual history online? Obviously this is a topic of discussion between them and at meetings, otherwise they’d be talking about something else.. like god for example. I am not alleging anything, but I would draw attention to the fact that they all claim to be inspired by the life and works of Serge Benhayon.

      Just saying.

  6. Humdinger update says:

    Thank you all for your comments and support. You know it means the world to me. I need every bit of your help. As much as the defence moves from strength to strength, there’s lots to be done to make sure we get these claims the hearing they deserve. I need your sustained support.

    I’ve just posted a mega update blog above with video. I go into quite a bit of detail about the events of the last couple of months, including the hearing on Friday 5 May, which although I didn’t do so well in, didn’t deliver UM the results they’d hoped for. The way they behaved in court was also interesting. Reality check indeed Alan.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Fletcher should learn some basic grammar and language skills. Her letter is appallingly written. It reads like a teenager trying to use grown up legal terms without the intelligence to actually know which order to put the words in. Or how to use punctuation. I am suprised you are even able to respond, as the lack of clarity in her writing is staggering.

    • Anonymous says:

      100 dollars donated.
      Ms fletcher must be trying to be like serge, writing stuff with shit grammar

    • E says:

      Imagine 100+ pages of similar, with worse errors. She sent four letters objecting to one part of the defence for an application they filed. Each letter cited different paragraphs from the previous letter. Full of mistakes.

      I’m tempted to publish the lot for entertainment.

      Never mind though, the judge got her to cross out, as in colour in, two pages of the defence with a ballpoint pen. Tom Molomby got a chuckle out of that. It took her about half an hour.

      Thank you again everyone. Your help is greatly appreciated.

      • Anonymous says:

        I think you should publish the lot unless there’s a legal reason which would prevent it. It’s good for the world to see just how these people operate. They do all appear to use verbose language in an attempt to appear far more intelligent than they actually are, but unfortunately for them it’s so blatantly obvious what they are doing that they come across as a bunch of half wits. I am positive there’s not a judge in the land that would tolerate this, and they’re bound to be harming their case by their unnecessary and extremely confused usage of language.

        • Anonymous says:

          They all say the same stuff in response to perceived attacks.
          ” you are holding me from my light ” was a response I got when I refused to ask my parents for money so my brainwashed partner could go to goonelabah to hear the messiah speak.
          We were flat broke and in shitloads of Unimed induced credit card debt at the time, with barely enough money for food.
          Many of my partners quotes are somewhere on this blog, because their responses are programmed, and that’s how come easther knows what their responses are to many situations.
          Hopefully when he looses his court case all the apples will fall and the helpless students will awake from the fairy land they are in.

  8. susieQ says:

    THANK YOU Esther……so so so much WE are all here.

  9. Atrocious says:

    May the sop called William Foley provide Paula Fletcher with a linguistic lesson or 10 in writing legal letters!!!

  10. Charlie and Fletch says:

    Firstly….So Prince Charles and Lady Alison are married ala so many other UM community match ups, very interesting and revealing
    And Fletcher is going for the guiness book of records for most demanding and annoying legal letters ever to swamp a defendant. She must be promised an initiation leap for her efforts from the grand master himself. “Go fetch”…. Fletch.
    Why is Universal Law demanding Esther keep the Benhayon case separate from the Qld cases whilst Charlie is ranting in court about Esther having other cases against her. Ironic double in your face standards yet again.
    I cant believe the hyena pack attack was taken to court before a judge and a court reporter. On display are the very emotive legal professionals circling for what they thought was the kill, until Uncle Tom was brought up.
    That really puckered some bottoms and when Charlie phoned up for confirmation, learned the truth, dribbled on to Tom about how Esther could get legal help in Qld. Oh come on, Charlie you are so caring of Esther, said no one ever!.I find that hilarious and infuriating at the same time. Prepare yourselves, UMers for more truth.
    Esther will not give up and she has many supporters and an SC with REAL integrity
    Finally I have a question for Charles, Alison, Paula and co……Is this really who you are as people? attack and hate in the name of love for some other person who is not above you in wisdom, initiation scale or anything really.
    Are you free? are your lives your own?

  11. Juan Moment says:

    Dear Esther,

    thanks for the update on how things are developing. Looks like the UM machine is doing everything possible to wear you down, the amount of paperwork and demands they throw at you is staggering. Calling out this creepy group and not folding despite facing their onslaught of legal BS to silence you takes a special kind of person. I admire your strength, courage and integrity.

    I can only imagine the financial hardship and burden they are causing you, which in essence you shoulder on behalf of the wider community and all of us worried about UM’s hair-raising conduct. For that I am hugely grateful. I am aware of a number of people who are just as concerned as myself, will contact them and ask whether they are prepared to assist in one way or another with your efforts to see this through.

    Best wishes & stay as you are.

    • E says:

      Thank you Juan and everyone for your support. It really does help. I’m okay and afloat. I may have to continue asking for help, so apologies in advance if it gets annoying.

      Importantly, I continue to advance with my defences. The going is slow but I promise the direction is most certainly forward – toward realization of my original mission, which is Universal Medicine exposed and made accountable. I will not back down or compromise a millimetre of the integrity of my defences and UM are not in a position to expect anything less.

      On a side note, someone suggested I could incentivise donations by offering to pay back all donations if I ‘win damages’. It’s a good suggestion, thank you, but unfortunately as defendant I won’t be awarded ‘damages’. The best I can expect is to be awarded costs, which usually doesn’t end up being the full extent of costs. Depending on how much I’m able to retrieve I will repay everything I can. So in answer to that person, I would if I could, but I can’t promise anything… I am keeping a log of every cent that comes in though, and I have formal agreements for the loans I’ve received.

  12. WTF says:

    College of Universal Medicine
    Supporting our community to rebuild following the flood | FREE 30 minute healing treatments available at Lismore City Hall 22 May.

    • Olga says:

      Lure them in, while they are emotionally unstable.

    • Anonymous says:

      I wonder what sort of consent form has to be signed?

    • Hands on says:

      All those non qualified graduates of the expensive non accredited courses need bodies to practice on I guess and with a bit of con- vincing may just be able to ensnare some clients who will have to pay through the nose next time they are horizontal on the massage table of magic healing

      • Esther says:

        Comes with a bonus earful of Serge worship. Hilarious story David Millikan told me about. David rocked up to some New Age fest in Bangalow and his wife was offered a *free* massage. Didn’t the male & female brides shit themselves when David then waltzed over. He said they all pulled out their phones and tried to call Serge at the same time. One bloke shrieked at him to ‘go away!!’, lol. It was a public place.

        I’m still here everyone. And UM is still UM. But possibly worse. Difficult to say when their desperation has peaked. Will be an eventful few weeks.

        • Focus on the Hocus-pocus says:

          Blaaaaaahh blaaaah blaaahhhhh
          They all need anger management courses now, especially the legal lovelies of lethal litigation. You wont be seeing that subject at the retreats cause thats exactky how their guru wants them, simmering with hatred, but actually called loving, themselves anyway. And him.
          Look the new Audi is out, does it come in lipstick red? 💋
          How con-fusing and ironic.
          Whats those words again…..transparency and integrity. Focus.Focus.Focus.Hocus-pocus.
          Best get back to the task for this week, for public display, if chosen, on the disclosure website.. “how I lost my virginity and every little detail that went along with it”

        • Anonymous says:

          How I long for the day David releases the footage filmed at the UM meeting a few years back, where a withering Serge collapsed, speechless, when asked a few basic questions. This world renowned philosopher who apparently can debate with anyone lost his mojo at the first hurdle and had to protected by the brides from a barrage of err… questions!

          Never has UM been more publically displayed as the sham/scam/guru he is. I do hope this material sees the light of day in court. I think it would be very interesting to any Judge and Jury to see the unedited truth of the UM scam.

      • Anonymous says:

        How about to prove how effective these treatments are offer a course of treatment until person is clear of the ill that the so called practitioner identifies.
        This is what free treatment is for, to identify something that isn’t there, convince person something is wrong and there is this thing I can introduce you to that can help fix it.
        Well sure if all of that is totally free that’s fine.
        But we know it ain’t.
        And the treatments won’t fix something that isn’t there.
        And this is why there are no reports of any student attaining the so called clear state.
        It does not and has never existed, that’s why it is unattainable.
        It’s the whole basis of the scam, except people believe this state exists and cannot be convinced otherwise.
        Once it dawns on them that this state doesn’t exist it’s too late because their life is over.

  13. Olga says:

    “how I lost my virginity and every little detail that went along with it” Buhahahaha… Emotional striptease without limitation, here we go again.

  14. Happy Endings says:

    “hand massages on offer” to relieve the stress of the flood!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Wish, I could be that sassy. Guess, I´m just jealous.

    • Lord of Form says:

      I had to read their lyrics. I suspected it would be Serge-regurg and that’s exactly what I got. His language, his ideas. It must be amazing to be as creative as these women 😦

      I am constantly intrigued how Serge manages to pollute minds with such errant nonsense so consistently that they all end up bleating the same mantra’s which santcimonious grins on their faces (AKA, heaven in their eyes).

      I remain amazed they don’t see him for what he is. A self-aggrandising two-bit shonk that made-it-all-up.

      Those love-ins must be pretty wicked.

      • Olga says:

        Well, experience with this is the following. Serge is many impressive people, who challenged the way of thinking in their lifetime, all combined into one. I can recall, besides Leonardo da Vinci, Alice A. Bailey and the disciple Peter, the only eyewitness, who wrote Jesus´story down (according to Serge). Now, he is the highest initiate that has ever walked the earth. The students, as mere mortals, OF COURSE repeat “his language, his ideas”. How can you not, when he is so way out of their league.

        • Esther says:

          heh heh, I love how they condemn ‘ideals & beliefs’ and then regurgitate Serge’s verbatim, and pretend they’ve all happened to ‘feel’ & ‘express’ in the same loopy terminology.

          Very convincing.

          Hey, at least that sounds of arsouls or whatever is musical compared with the other UM product. It’s pleasant – if dull – the vocalists have nice voices. Easier to listen to than the Goonellabah battle of the bands. The thing is, when Tina and Christine end up more popular by a mile than that other din, is the 6th Degree Master going to go into jealousy & comparison and cut their energy? Like he does with the other superior musicians in the group?

          [Olga I haven’t forgotten – I will put up a blog with your comments from the other day. I’ve just been far too busy. I will get to it I promise. I think it’s important. Cheers, hope you’re well.]

        • Igor says:

          …and Chris James was Genghis Khan. “Fact”. Heard it from a former closer esoteric friend, who spoke with him about it.

    • Ho Hum says:

      Just another precious, lovely,in light, universal beautiful little Natalie victory dance in skin tight black with swirling hips.
      Been there, laughed at that

      • Anonymous says:

        Yep. I´ve watched too many “films” with women moving and being portrayed like that and with this synthesizer (or whatever it is) background music.

    • Anonymous says:

      My browser blocked the links to the sample musak! Lol, it’s obviously got good taste and does not wish my computer to be tainted with crapness.

    • Dont mean to be mean but your putting it out there says:

      Hey….just watched the soulful models seductive sassy swirling but one thing stuck out distracting me
      Why isnt the devotional dentist not jumping in braces, drills and all to fix the bucktoothed bighaired beauty of bullshit’s choppers
      Crikey she could eat an apple through a tennis racquet
      Not that theres many of them laying around
      Racquets that is, not apples

      • Anonymous says:

        I don´t get it either. Money and connections cannot be the problems. I´m not a dentist and perhaps, it´s not correctable and she´s making her best out of it? Either way, I rather focus on her being the queen in a pyramid scheme cult and not on her inborn looks.

        • Dont mean to be mean but your putting it out there says:

          I guess my point about my comment is this
          Natalie is not perfect, far from it
          But she is portrayed as perfection and paraded as a goddess to be admired and to aspire to be like her. This is for old, middle aged and young girls alike.
          They even call her queen B!
          But why are they pressured into severe dieting, dressing and behaving to be the ideal image to match a middle aged man’s opinion of his ideal woman or man for that matter.
          The men of UM could all line up as extras for a POW movie they are so emaciated.
          Nothing against Natalie personally, great that she really, really, really loves herself the way she is but if anyone eats a square of chocolate its doom for all time and beyond.
          Double standards all the way
          Serge promises individuality but all his strict rules produces human robots looking and sounding alike.

      • Sassy whatever says:

        Yeah, look, people can’t help how their skulls were formed.

        That aside, I know what you mean and I totally agree. It’s great to be confident and comfortable in your own body and your own style. I would hope no one begrudges anyone that. But when that CON-fidence means you’re blind to your own flaws, and the way you behave, and you pretend the ideas you impose on others don’t adversely impact people, we all have a right to find fault with it. Literally $elling someone as the model of womanly perfection and sexiness based on a philosophy and business model that oppresses and exploits people in every possible way, including sexually, is totally unacceptable. *Hence* the criticism. Being so vain, tacky and mediocre in their money for nothing sales pitches makes it open season.

        On Planet Esoteric it’s against the law for us to express an opinion on that.

    • Olga says:

      Sure. Einstein and no one below him. Just waited for that statement and was not disappointed: “E=mc² means everything is energy.”
      I googled it and that claim never comes up on any scientific Website. At least not in my country.
      Even if it would be true. They still have to prove the existence of prana and fire, as well the ability to feel it in every expression. “Express from your inner-heart” – Serge, could you be a little bit more specific, please?
      Their attempts to drag science on their side just makes it more pathetic thus far.

    • Marilyn Monroe says:

      What do they have in common? Absolutely nothing, zero, nil. In fact polar opposites.

      Einstein was a visionary, an intellectual, a maverick, determined to prove his theories through empirical research, and not releasing a single word on any topic until it was provable and open to inquisition by any comers.

      Serge Benhayon is a showman, plagiarizing the ideas of others and ducking questions at every opportunity. Avoiding anyone who dares to criticise, and with not the capacity to enter in to a debate on any of his (cough) “theories”.

      Who on earth can read the crap in that link without falling around laughing? While Einstein will be remembered throughout the ages, Benhayon will be consigned to the dustbin of nothingness far before he even shifts off this mortal coil.

    • 😂 Serge ≠ Einstein 😂 says:

      Unimed Living is doing a much better job of exposing the madness than I ever could 🤣

      Serge has more in common with David Icke. Apart from the fact Icke is a million times more successful and has more guts. Icke actually fronts the media and gives them a run for their money.

      Einstein? Just. No. 😅

      • Lizard King says:

        Icke also allows himself to be interviewed on TV, despite knowing he’s in for a grilling every time. While I don’t believe in a word he says, I do respect him for that. The same respect can not be afforded to Bencrayon who hides behind a row of bullying brides, and whose last opportunity to debate his ideas (with Dr David Millikan) ended with him [].

        Sorry, had to cut this one too. Ended with him avoiding interviews since is easily proven. Esther

    • Lance says:

      I thought they let the whole Einstein thing go once Christoph correct their long used misquote and after they set up a special post to attack me for daring to question the veracity of the statement.? I guess the idea is so entrenched it’s too late. That’s the trouble with thought-reform. I just sticks.

      It sure is open worship these days. I suppose there’s nothing to lose. May as well go the full cray.

      It’s evidently – in buckets- the antithesis to the truth, but why not? It’s a nice fantasy that someone so special exists. It certainly proves you can make a silk purse out of a sows ear.

  16. Blind Adoration Word Explosion says:

    Only a [sycophant] would line Serge Benhayon up beside a genius

    Hi everyone, my apologies, as much as I agree with the wording and sentiments in your comments, we are still restricted by the Glorious litigation enthusiasts from expressing our innermost truth. As in opinions on obvious facts. Some comments had to be modified. Contact me if you have any questions or concerns. Esther

  17. Bobby Kennedy says:

    Serge = Einstein by one of the 🐑
    That man is so up himself if you goggled narcissism his name should pop straight up as the worlds worst example and that is his only claim to real fame minus all the self announced nonsense
    How can he not expect criticism, exposure, negative opinions and sarcasm with all that rot
    I had a look at one of his videos, briefly cause Id just eaten and heres my opinion which Im fuckin entitled to by the way
    I think he has swallowed his own time capsule, to be pooed out in a later lifetime and it got stuck in his throat trying to get past all the lies coming up from the other way!

  18. Im a Bieleavber says:

    ….and I didnt want to write a song
    Cause I didnt want anyone thinking I still care
    I dont but you still stink 💩 my phone up

    Cause you like the way you look that much
    Oh Sergy you just go and love yourself
    And if you think that Einstein’s holding your hand Sergy
    You just fuckin kid yourself!

  19. 🐝......🦈....🔬 says:

    Interesting statement….Dragonanonanona

    “when one turns to SB with the WHY questiins he or she are met with offerings that come silkier and swifter than the water slides down a dolphin’s skin”
    Reality is, there are alot of people who have posed WHY questions to SB and they are avoided with hiding, dodging and defamation suing swifter than water off a dolphins skin alright.
    NO questioning allowed on UM sites or at any lectures unless they are SB adoration based.
    Dont worry Mr Silky smooth will HAVE to answer all the questions in court. He will be a bumbling bee in a bottle then

    • Anonymous says:

      You have to admit though he must have a very creative imagination or be so disconnected from reality to come up with stuff so quickly. He just pulls shit from nowhere and spews forth.
      It’s hard to know which.
      I wonder if a non cult psyc could enlighten us?
      I wonder if asked same question 3 years apart if the so called hierarchy channels same answer to him.
      Let’s see how they deal with the Sam Kim issue.
      All hands on deck behind the password fortress.
      Deny deny deny it’s a conspiracy by the Lords of form.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I wonder why the media hasn´t jumped onto the Serge train yet. As fas as I can tell, exposing a narcissist (like Trump) sells very well and is of public interest.

    • Esther says:

      That’s a good question. Unfortunately I feel from my innermost that the answer is a bit dull…

      Trump scammed prodigiously for decades, with Maitreya knows how many victims left trashed in his wake. Ripped off contractors, evaded tax, assaulted women… Unfortunately his ilk has to cause mass destruction before those issues become a focus of the media. He’s still the hero to millions – like Berlusconi before him, L Ron Hubbard and any number of shysters.

      It’s unusual for these types to get negative press when it’s actually due. It takes a long time and a lot of persistence.

      Believe me, I have media calling me constantly. If anyone comes forward we have our pick of the best national platforms. Seriously. I’d rather it didn’t have to take me getting this bus to trial, but I’m pretty resigned to it. Brisbane or Sydney, national media will be there – daily, in court. They’re calling me – not the other way round as Camp Sergio likes to believe.

      They call Serge Camp as well and look how that’s gone.

      Ponder on that.

      • Anonymous says:

        Okay, thank you.

        The leading boulevard newspaper in my country would eat him alive, if its focus wouldn´t be so much on fear, hatred, tits and weather.

        • Esther says:

          I’d like to move to your country!! I probably wouldn’t have to go to this trouble defending stating the bleeding obvious.

  21. Olga says:

    Cool. When the shit hits the fan.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Where did the Sam Kim hcc thing go ?
    That was pure gold and showed exactly why this so called business shouldn’t be allowed to even exist.
    It is proof of their so called integrity.
    I went back in my browser then couldn’t find the link.
    All complaints dismissed hey?
    In your face brides of serge.

  23. Esther says:

    Sorry, I’ve temporarily removed a link someone posted and a couple of comments. I’m expecting there will be some media coverage – I had calls last week. I would prefer to keep discussions focused in one dedicated place. Give me a little bit longer while I find out if anything is happening.

    • Olga says:

      Oh boy, I´m pretty sure holding that back violates the Geneva Convention. 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      Based on what I read from that removed link, if there is media coverage of that then that should hopefully create the impetus for some serious questions to be asked.
      I only got part way through it pure friggin gold for exposure. If 1 of the docs is behaving this way it is possible more of them are too.
      Every complaint dismissed my arse.
      Alan j
      Reality check ??

  24. Pistol Pete says:

    There you go again
    Shooting yourselves in the foot
    Mr Cavanagh quotes “The truth is often difficult to swallow, especially for those invested in lies”
    You are describing yourself, you idiot, and all other blind followers of this organisation.
    The lies you follow are so obvious. The reincarnations, the sacred shit,just everything about it screams LIES but you cant see it.
    Serge has manipulated your hearts and your heads are shut down to reality. Blind faith
    He is not the saviour, he is a previou bankrupt tennis coach with a lust for fame and money.

    • Lord of Form says:

      Yes, the irony of their position fails to interfere with their delusion. God knows how they can’t see the mountain of bullshit right in front of them.

      It’s something to do with Serge’s ol’ reality switcheroo, which admittedly he’s mastered. It’s a lot like Trump’s MO. Stare your victims in the eyes, keep blaming them for what you’ve actually done, and don’t blink. Not everyone will believe you, but enough will. Presto, Pete and his fellow befuddled buddies.

      I read Peter’s statement on Facebook earlier about how he is now being trolled. What he means is he heard an opinion that countered his rather vocal, and somewhat insane rant. And we’re not allowed to say anything.

      Even though he started the conversation, we’ve been told to stop. Now. I mention this because it’s typical of two traits of UM members. They don’t connect consequences to their actions, and if they hear something that suggests that they are anything but amazing, they are being abused.

      Exactly the same as Serge. Go figure.

  25. Not just RSVP says:

    Online dating scammers use the same methods as cult gurus, the only difference is that it is not face to face. They groom with “love” and “promises” and if the individual is vulnerable they soon feel like they are in a full on relationship with that person, and are ready willing to support financially and defend it to the bitter end even though the warning signs and exposures are scattered along the way.
    Some face to face gurus create sexual harems whilst others matchmake amongst the converted flock. Children are particularly vulnerable, as they are trusting and mentally pliable.
    Love is a powerful drug and sort by all.
    Once committed nothing will convince them of the toxic situation they are in. They think they are loved but it is very onesided, they are instead completely manipulated.

  26. E-soteric Harmony says:

    I have seen a number of red lipped, Clayton captured Serge brides on the online dating sites. They’re everywhere. Buyer beware. They are all “amazing” and “no longer into sport” on their profiles. lol. Sadly a lot of them have left loving husbands and family behind as they hip swirl into the promised light tossing their hard earned dosh into the air along the way.
    Hey girls, beware of scammers, people pretending to be something they are not. Try and avoid profiles claiming ridiculous things like reincarnated geniuses, special diets, supernatural powers or even space travel. If a breast rub is suggested on the first date then run a mile! Its bound to be lies and all end up in tears.😉
    Yep, the only thing universal about Universal Medicine followers is their universal stupidity.

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