Universal Medicine contraction, gossip and doom March 2017

*March 25 – Happy Serge Week®

*March 14 – mysterious vanishings

*March 12 – marketing ‘obedience’ at UM’s 2017 retreats 

*March 8 – International Women’s day special – Esoteric Breast Massage testimonial

*Defence funding & general update 

March 25 – Bust out the crackers

I don’t know what you lot did this week, but you’ve almost missed out on the festivities of the first inaugural Serge Benhayon week – an event prophesied by the Lord Krishna himself.

I might have missed it too, if someone hadn’t trolled me with this. Bless:

Woah! This is huge.

Maybe even bigger than the news we missed in 2014 that his holiness had actually ascended to the 6th dimension, totally one upping all Ascended Masters before him – including Imhotep, Leonardo and Alice Bailey. Really, it’s the first time it’s ever happened that a Master of Wisdom could leap a whole dimension and retain their pitiful carcass. Those other poor servants had to hang about in sad carnal bodies, slumming it in the 5th. Anyway, there’s still time to sell-abrate, and what better way than to brush up on ‘The One Unified Truth’ audio drills on YouTube?

Or simply, with this immortal quote from 2011, from the most AMAZING prophet to ever walk the earth. He has every base covered. Atmically and with Grace.

What a true seer attempts to do. Listen to this, because I’ve been a seer, and still am. A true seer attempts to be wrong. Not right. Fact.

And that’s the difference when you, when you see an astral influence psychic. They’re going, they’re proving that they’re right all the time and their and their proof is the accuracy of their predictions. What I’d like – I’d like to be wrong. I’d like to be wrong. So what I do is I put out predictions that allow everyone to make a choice for them to not come true. And that’s the secret of a true seer. Because if we create these corrections then my prediction of the fourteen Richter scale earthquake, or the twelve Richter scale earthquake, which is unfathomable to the science mind for now, but it will be, don’t worry it will come. And the 4-500 to 600 kilometre winds that we’re going to get will not come through if we make the correction. And if you can come to me fifty years from now and go ‘ha ha, you’re all wrong I’ll go, ‘that’s cool. That’s lovely because at the same time that I put out the prediction. I also put out the correction.’ Esoteric Medicine Lecture May 2011

March 14 – mysterious disappearing esoteric texts

There’s been all sorts of peculiar vanishings over the last years from the UM micro-universe – whole websites scrubbed, photographs of benefactors with beneficiaries at Glorious bogus charity fundraisers – gone, and highly esoteric ‘consent forms‘? *Poof* Off to Sirius.

Similarly, one of our commenters noticed the ghost-like image of ‘sexy’ in the tweet image posted down the page.  All that sexy sexiness is so sexy and esoteric it’s not even there!

So what to make of the whiteboards at last year’s retreats? Perhaps our spirit possessed Astral cult member eyes forbid us from glimpsing the scintillating Ageless Wisdom™ lovingly scrawled upon them. Or maybe they’ve been cleansed. Photoshop cleansed – seeing the text reappears when the Eso-deities move.

And note the Big Brother cameras. Every year. Every event. Everywhere. Keeping those cycles of obedience in line.

March 12 – Retreat season opens

Hot on the heels of Esoteric Women’s Health’s intrusion on Lismore Women’s Festival, UM’s annual Vietnam Retreat is off and galloping from March 11 to 15 with a telling program:

The passage towards Dimensional Order
(aka: ‘the twelve labours of Hercules’)


It’s almost as good as this ripper from Unimed Living: ‘Universal Medicine leads the way out of the cult of individuality‘. Because who needs to think for themselves when UM’s ‘expression project’ ‘Facts Team’ is right there with subscribers every time the Lords of Form trouble the stillness of their collective innermosts with an actual thought, or BRAHMAN itself forbid – a DOUBT? A Bride of Serge is always right at one’s shoulder ready to assist in quashing any Astral lovelessness like that.

So what Esoteric-ness to expect from this year’s retreats – apart from the disappearance of large amounts of dosh into the portal of initiation?

Window dressing premium priced conformity:

The teachings this time round will focus on the Science and thereof the Cycles of Obedience – the willing agreement to make one’s purpose the movement of Celestial Order (Divine Order)…

The Cycles of Obedience are a training ground for consolidating our Divine or Universal Virtues. To introduce true evolutionary virtues and to advance those that are already in their making, i.e. expediting our Divinity into the human form.

Freedom is slavery:

(Bear in mind that on Planet-Esoteric, emotions, dairy products, carrots, sport, non Glorious Music®, rational thought, actual facts, a good argument and pretty much everything else is pranic and loveless.) (If you haven’t read Orwell, for Maitreya’s sake do.)

And even though life on Earth, in the immediate future will not seem so, and especially in certain upcoming events, the way of lovelessness and its fervour for individualism have had their final run… underneath the disorderly and tension-filled exterior, will be a burning fire that is unfolding its way back to where it was before the separation took place. Thus, the cold/damp individualism of the past, will slowly and eventually undo itself, making for true unity to be the way.

The Way of the Livingness is it duckies. It’s The Way or hell’s highway. Subscribe or be damned.

With the obligatory possession schtick thrown in:

Explore further the deeper aspects of Esoteric Psychology (which exposes the spirit’s pranic ways in full) so that each student can become the master over their hitherto self-harming and or unloving behaviours, realised or not. 

That’s how loveless you lot are – you haven’t even realised you’re possessed. 👻

Back in the day 500 customers would show up to these things, apparently.

Tickets $1895 – includes dress up nite, Deluxe accommodation bunking with an obedient subscriber of your choice – who’s guaranteed to watch your every move – plus 4 serves of roughage a day.

Not that you’d need it. 💩

March 8: International Womens Day extravaganza – Esoteric Breast Massage and the **hidden harm** of pornography

This morning I had a profound experience. I had my first Esoteric Breast Massage (EBM) with a Universal Medicine practitioner… I came away from this session feeling so delicate, like a snail without its shell.

Esoteric Women’s Health with it’s morbid views about universal female misery, its disapproval of independent mental activity and its advocacy for beliefs that emotions, equal rights and participation in sport are carcinogenic – to sell dodgy Eso ‘healing’ modalities, seems a strange choice of sponsor for this week’s Lismore Women’s Festival. And one wonders what the free thinking women of Lismore would make of the devotional displays of gynaecological exhibitionism on the Women in Livingness website. Particularly this very special Esoteric testimonial from 2013.

Trust me. It’ll change your life. I haven’t been the same since.

I explained my experience with ovarian cysts, hormone imbalance and irregular periods and that, despite taking hormone replacement for several months, my period just doesn’t seem to ‘flow’, as though part of me is holding back. [The breast massager] suggested that these feelings of holding back could provide a strong basis for the theme of my sessions…

She tenderly moved the towel, which was covering my chest, to one side to expose my right breast. I was still feeling wonderfully relaxed. As she delicately placed massage cream around my breast, I felt at ease. I was doing well. I felt wholly supported and respected. The love in the room was palpable…

…then I started to feel something change. I felt a little uneasy. My body contracted and, like a clam, it swiftly shut.

…There was a pause. Under my warm eye pillow I heard her ask me,”can you feel what’s happened?”. Before I spoke, I felt for a moment, then said, “I’ve contracted”. I had indeed. Very gently, she spoke to me and assured me this wasn’t a criticism, but a moment to identify what was happening.

We decided to discontinue the EBM and talk for a while after this. She asked if I had ever been sexually abused… I said no. My idea of ‘sexual abuse’ is being interfered with against one’s will. I couldn’t recall this ever happening to me. No way!

Cutting to the chase. With further prompting and unqualified privacy invasion, the woman was persuaded she’d been sexually abused.

Without knowing it.

Because as an adult woman she’d enjoyed consensual sex.

Little did I realise, I was deeply caught in an undercurrent of loveless-ness that I had come to accept as normal.

Every one of my partners, except one or two, has had porn collections, and they also bought it for me, because I wanted it.

She goes on to write that women who use/enjoy porn are all addicts.  

It became the norm for me and I thought it was natural for partners to share it together, but my session today has made me question the nature of sexual abuse. I now realise that it isn’t just abuse in the literal sense, but can be something that occurs energetically between a father and daughter or between partners, or in the way I treat my SELF. It happens when one objectifies another, uses porn or one’s beautiful body in a disregarding way, just to attain relief.

‘Relief’. The female orgasm according to the Esoteric wowser thought police. Remember when UM employees accused me of ‘slut-shaming’ because I took issue with Esoteric Women’s Health hypocritically marketing this garbage with claims of ‘sexiness’.

I am the culprit, just as any other, and this is the most uncomfortable thing to admit…

In sharing this story, I hope to reach other women out there who may be in the same situation, or simply to bring awareness to women that sexual abuse doesn’t just mean being touched in an unsavory or aggressive way against your will. I never realized that what I was doing and whom I was sleeping with, was harming me. I CHOSE to do it. I ENJOYED it.

Take it from me; I am a young and attractive woman who has chronic hormone imbalance and hair loss. For me, the health issues started when I was in my mid teens and have continued for over FIFTEEN YEARS now. My body is virtually crying out to me to stop and look at what’s going on. So I have. I’ve paused to listen.

Yes, mesdames, if you set foot in Goonellabah, you’re whisked straight back to the Dark Ages. To hell with women’s liberation. The Esoteric Taliban has it that pleasurable, consensual sex between adults is ‘abuse’.

When she baulked at having her breasts rubbed by some mercenary New Age busy body who doesn’t have the qualifications to be commenting on gynaecological disorders, let alone collecting gyne histories, she was sold the line that her ‘resistance’ was due to sexual abuse.

They upsell a hands on cure.

Further, there is not a shred of evidence that sex causes hormonal imbalance. There’s also a big difference between having misgivings about past sexual experiences or feeling uncomfortable about finding porn her father had hidden somewhere and being groomed or abused. To add insult to unwarranted breast rub, she was charged for that bullshit as well. Sadly, she was already a full fledged subscriber to UM’s eternal workshop cycle when she was dragged into the EBM cycle too.

I have certainly come a long way in the year or so I have been a student with Universal Medicine, but the EBM session today has given me an opportunity to go even deeper, and with TRUE LOVE…

I never expected all of this to surface in my very first Esoteric Breast Massage. I am really looking forward to my future sessions and I feel ready to embrace whatever arises. Women in Livingness blog: My first Esoteric Breast Massage – Unveiling the hidden harm of pornography 

Now that’s what I call redefining ‘sexy’.

Nothing like an Esoteric Breast Massage for redefining sexy – thank you Esoteric Women’s Health

Defence update

It’s hard for me to keep up with all commitments at the moment – so bear with me. There will be updates, and there will be newsworthy revelations this year, so don’t stray too far.

Things are fluid for both defamation claims – lots happening, but not much progress, so I won’t do a dedicated case update until we are making progress with either or both.

Please also understand that in the New Era of litigation, I’m not able to write  freely – not because I’m not legally justified, but because it complicates matters in ways I’m not at liberty to explain. YET. One day, you’ll all get the whole story. I’m doing everything I can to make sure of it. For now, litigation makes free expression impossible.

I’m not at liberty to publicly explain the funding. I’m sure you can all imagine why. And it pisses me off.

But I might remind everyone, nothing I’ve published has been proven false, and it won’t be. Also, how often have I said I was going to do something or deliver something and haven’t followed through? Unlike some people – who’ve made a career of it, and a tidy profit as well.

In answer to questions from readers:

*I haven’t been able to get to email updates to supporters. I’m too busy. If I can get to it and you want to be on the email list, use the site contact form to add your details.

*Someone following on Facebook isn’t seeing my FB updates. I post to Facebook a few times a week. I don’t have time to do it more often. I would rather not be appealing for money constantly – like UM does. We’ll all get sick of that really fast. But I must raise more money, or there will be no trial.

*Another friend would like me to do another crowdfunding campaign and make another video. Crowdfunding – where I have to make a funding target public for UM to make wild speculations over – is not an effective fundraising method for my purposes. I won’t be making another crowdfunding video because of restrictions on discussing details of the case.

This is where I need help. Below is the text from my latest Facebook post.  Please understand that this litigation is a once only opportunity, and I am confident of everything but the funding. Also, importantly, I absolutely can. not. do. more. than. I. am. already. Yeah? I’m limited by funds, limited in what I can publicly say now, and you all must help if Universal Medicine Accountability’s mission has a hope. All of you. Fundraising is where I need help – it’s taking up time I don’t have.

It’s a real possibility my defences will not go to court. That means 4½ years of investigative work I’ve published will be taken offline permanently and I will be gagged. Not for lack of evidence. Not for lack of witnesses. Not for lack of legal justifications. It’ll be lack of funds. A stupid shortfall that it would be unfair to expect any one person to pay, but that is completely manageable by a group – or crowd.
The target is a fraction of what UM raised in a matter of days to fund Natalie Benhayon’s ‘international TV career’. (They raised $126k.)
Only a tiny percentage of the people who’ve complained to me about UM have donated a cent. A small number of supporters have donated time and again. It’s not good enough.
I have no choice but to appeal for funds from the public – who have no idea who this group are and probably don’t care.
The evidence I’m taking to trial covers a comprehensive range of UM’s conduct. Evidence of truth for over 65 alleged defamatory imputations. Backed up by four further legal defences. The trial will make history, and news every day it runs – which will be at least four weeks. Not because I’m capable of controlling the media, but because evidence talks.
The outcome could get a range of legislation improved.
Looking at the evidence for the more recent claim – it will be pretty much the same. There may never be another opportunity to put this whole range of evidence before the court.
If I’m gagged about UM I don’t want anyone complaining to me ever again. I’m broke and in debt, but I’ll move on. To far more interesting things. I promise. I’ll have bloody good references that’ll obliterate anything that bunch could ever cook up about me.
I’ll have done all I could.
The funds need to be raised ASAP, so please donate or consider a 4-5 figure loan. Ask your friends and family to help – anyone who might care. Visit my blogs for my contact details or the Paypal link at the top of each page. If you contact me, I can pass on my bank details and bypass the PayPal fees, which are considerable.
Thank you to everyone whose taken the trouble to help. I couldn’t have made it this far without you. We are within reach of success – contingent on the funds.

80 Comments on “Universal Medicine contraction, gossip and doom March 2017”

  1. Esther says:

    Here I go defending people’s rights again. I think someone left a comment about the trashiness of the EWH proprietor flogging esoteric ‘sexy’ and the six mirrors in her bedroom to crowdfund her ‘international tv career’. It’s a good thread – click the date in the tweet to read the whole thing. ‘Slut shaming’ apparently is me allowing commenters to have an opinion on an industry of undue influence, groping and shaming women.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “she tenderly moved the towel, which was covering my chest, to one side to expose my right breast. I was still feeling wonderfully relaxed. As she delicately placed massage cream around my breast, I felt at ease. I was doing well. I felt wholly supported and respected. The love in the room was palpable…”

    OMG! Reads like something from a trashy sex fiction book. 50 Shades of Purple!

  3. RJM says:

    ‘Contraction’ sounds like a natural response to something highly questionable and completely lacking in any benefit, medical or otherwise.

  4. PRANIC PUSS 😻 says:

    No wonder the Esoterics hate cats.

    Better taste in music. WAY better @ feeling.

    • Anon says:

      Adorable & adoring cat … “Beware of those who don’t like cats” (old Irish proverb).

      Perhaps they hate cats because cats are discerning of character, why they don’t like Esther. (Cats aren’t blindly loyal, obedient or easy to control).

      Agree “contraction” is a natural response to something creepy, inappropriate, unhelpful and possibly harmful / traumatic.

      Mind manipulating and shaming re past choices: as if devotees don’t have enough guilt, confusion & anxiety. (Shaming Esther for shaming UM for shaming trusting lost devotees).

      UM depicts Esther as a nasty internet bully when clearly all she’s done is assertively (and humorously) question multiple concerning practices & teachings. Please support her to defend herself & get a fair hearing (to be vindicated, for justice and for the greater cause of free speech).

  5. I don't mean her says:

    Did anyone notice that in the Eso Womans health tweet above, the ghostly subliminal image they are all looking at is of Notalie– I mean Natalie– with the words “we need to redefine what we see is truly sexy”.

    Hm. Ah… Yep. That could mean one of two distinctly different things, and either one isn’t good. Weird.

    • Anonymous says:

      Do they never get bored with repeating the same old jargon over and over again? Obviously not, but what a dull and pointless life they all lead to sit in endless presentations listening to the Benhayons drone on and on about nothing. The woman on Benhayon’s left seems to have fallen asleep standing up she’s so bored and even the camera angle, on the tilt, suggests that the person operating that has also nodded off!

      Wake me up when it’s all over please.

      • I don't mean her says:

        right… and why do the Benhayons have to redefine what sexy is? Why are they authorities? What “health” service offers that? Why do woman need lessons in it? How does a twentysomething know what is “truly” sexy?? Why is it even a something?? It gets right to the heart of the whole mess. Doesn’t it.

    • ghost writing 👻 says:

      Well spotted. I just added last year’s retreat video to the blog. Lord Maitreya has now given the blessed Benhayons supernatural powers to erase whole whiteboards just by walking in front of them.

      Or Jonny & Clayton have been doing more overtime on photoshop.

      Notice they’ve condensed the videos this year into one, and it’s mostly still images. Because they have nothing to hide. Like there were no in house psychologists there fraternizing with their clients – in breach of their codes of conduct. One of whom vanished from the Eso breast massage promo video last year after it was hastily pulled. Plus a cameo from Goonellabah GP Dr Elizabeth Skinner. Still deep in.

      • I don't mean her says:

        Looks like the usual suspects. Mind numbing. How do they keep going back for more and more guff to fill their brains?? and loving it.

      • Irene Irony says:

        It is amazing how the crap photoshop work on the white boards is followed by one undoctored still of benhayon standing in front of a white board declaring “transparency”.

        Irony over-load me thinks!

        I can’t believe even the most casual viewer would not notice the meddling that’s gone on in this video and hopefully that will raise serious questions as to why? If there’s nothing to hide, then what’s going on here?

        Standby for the this video to ‘disappear’ very quickly from the internet once they read the comments here. Anyone want to bet on how long that will take?!

  6. Anthony M. Dawson says:

    I’ve got the genuine esoteric goods on Hercules, and it’s more convincing than the gastrological rumblings from an Ascended Master’s inner-most. No ‘investment’ required, either.

  7. Legal Eagle says:

    UK Supreme Court to continue case hearing today on charity will bequests. This ruling could be very beneficial in allowing surviving family members to apply for a will to be challenged should there be good reason to do so:


  8. Lord of Form says:

    The “obedience” theme this year is reminds me of the “religion” theme of a few years back when Serge wanted to register his charity for religious purposes (about facing on the strongly held previous position that UM was not a religion)

    The new era, resistant family members and partners, religion/Evil Media, and now ‘obedience’ (and the “true meaning” of the word, which is not too subtle code for ‘do as I say and not as you think”)

    As usual, the rest of the page is goobly gook- syntax and logic free sentences that if they aren’t meant to be confusing, are hopelessly confused.

    And Serge knows the ‘true’ meaning of the word ‘psychology’ Of course he does.

  9. Stefan Bauerett says:

    He ascended to the 6th dimension in 2014? Now everything becomes clear. That´s why I felt the huge energetic change. The whole world changed. And Elvis´ music is clear, because he reincarnated as an esoteric girl. Unbelievable, the claims he gets away with.

  10. Anonymous says:

    A whole week? Please pass the sick bucket so I can avoid puking over my computer. And what’s this week for? Why on earth would anyone want to celebrate this [redacted]. If you want some proof of that, read the quote at the top. Anyone that tries to justify making grandiose predictions that have no chance of being true as significant because they don’t come true is definitely [redacted]. And anyone that nods their head at this BS is most definitely as [] as [] is!

  11. Not a **** my a- - e says:

    Ascended to the sixth (grade) dimension more like it

  12. 💩 🎂 says:

    Some of this morning’s comments didn’t make it, sorry.

    In other news, someone messaged chiding me about the Facebook birthday post. They thought I’d gone too far. I didn’t realize I hadn’t linked to the original Serge Week post on Unimed Living Facebook. I wasn’t making it up! lol

    Major post coming – probably tonite, while I have a moment between legal scrums.

    Defence for Raphael Karam claim was filed on Friday in Qld – basically same defence as for Benhayon claim, but bigger seeing it concerns their own conduct in association with Benhayon and UM. But that’s not what I’m posting about later.

  13. S (hit 4) B (rains) week says:

    Lucky there is no cult leader or cult followers here at all
    That’s why no one has celebrated a week of glorious worship of someone who has not dedicated a week of celebration and glorious worship to their narcissistic self for no one to celebrate and worship.

  14. Charity announcement says:

    Link fixed for the new post on UM Accountability – The College of UM lost their $600k in tax deductible donations. Read all about it: https://universalmedicineaccountability.wordpress.com/2017/03/26/college-of-universal-medicine-charity-dysfunction-update-2017/

  15. Belle Natalie is back says:

    Belle(!)Natalie(!)Gibson is back at it again
    The fraudster who lied about having terminal brain cancer and built a business empire around it.
    She’s promoting “healing” properties of a new diet product
    She bragged about losing 4kgs, improved her gut health, fixed tooth cavities and saw her eyes change colour in just 11 days.
    She also claims on facebook to have flushed out a 60cm long rope tape worm during an enema.
    Is there no stopping certain people with crazy claims
    And what’s with the focus on what comes out of their anus’s
    And the fact that it is of great public importance to the point where some poor silly individuals wrap their entire life around someone elses excrement story

    • Ding Dong says:

      Belle has got it all wrong
      She needs to latch onto and con someone with
      terminal brain cancer not pretend to have it herself
      But make sure the patient is wealthy
      And make sure you have mindless lackies to do the not so nice jobs at the end stages like toileting, changing soiled linen and putting a body in a cheap coffin ready to go in the garage

    • Anonymous says:

      LOL. There is no limit to the bizarreness of this lot. The obsession with bodily functions is quite amazing. Periods, poops… they are all topics that they can’t stop talking about. Are their lives really so dull that they have to fill their time discussing going for a dump (or not in this case)?

    • The cult of the bowel movement says:

      Holy Shit 😉

    • Con-stipation Celebration says:

      Big thanks to the Celebration originals…Kool(aid)& the Gang

      Con-stipation time, come on
      Its a gift you’ll find, come on

      There’s a party goin’ on in my rear
      Rock hard turd, been there it seems for years
      So bring your shit rhymes, healing symbols too
      UM’s got a week long celebration party for poo
      Come on now
      Lets all celebrate, til enema time
      Its a gift for many lifetimes

  16. Money for nothing, shit not free says:

    Don’t expect any generosity from the group that specializes in taking “money for nothing”
    Their love and generosity is for “self” only
    Even newborns aren’t entitled to breast milk cause they don’t own the breasts
    There will be no financial lifelines thrown to the flood victims of Lismore
    The Audi’s will not have a speck of muddy flood water on them
    No painted nails will be chipped helping clear the debris
    Selfish and self gain only
    Non followers see clearly through the ” great gift to humanity”
    We know what that gift is and it was flushed away years ago

  17. Dr Lippy says:

    So the lipstick Drs are representing the healing community of the golden turd and sweet voices at the HPARA conference
    I doubt they will be wearing the “you’re just jealous” or “girl to women festival” manditory tee uniform, and will they run for the hills if a glass of wine is poured at the conference for fear of raping entities?
    The nonsense you so called professionals believe in follows you everywhere

  18. Glorious mud 🎶💩🎶 says:

    Oh. My. God. Nothing prepares you for this. And I don’t mean the visuals.

    Some smarty pants posted about this on the other blog, thank you. The gossip posts are best place for this kind of stuff. It’s from the Lismore Chamber of Commerce website – appealing for funds for Lismore flood relief. https://lismorechamber.com.au/2017-lismore-business-flood-appeal/

    The Goonellabah Ascended Family of Bogans’ contribution?? Not cash. Not a helping hand with ripping up sodden carpet or scrubbing muddied homes or equipment. They’ve offered a ‘song’. As I said on the other blog, it’s the UM business model all over – offer something worse than worthless and squeeze money out of other people for it.

    Brace yourselves.

    Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

    • Worst voice ever says:

      I vomited at 1min 1sec in. I could just about tolerate the junior level piano playing, but when the out of tune voice kicked in it was all too much and I had to do a ‘clearing’ of my breakfast. Shame as it ended up on my keyboard.

    • UM needs a cleansing says:

      Doesn’t UM teach reincarnation? (ie the flood may be due to Lismore needing a cleansing / clearing / re-balancing of karma?). Doesn’t UM also teach not to empathize or interfere? (That victims need to face their past, take responsibility for what they did wrong most of which they don’t remember, run harder on the karma treadmill? 😥😩)

      This ‘song’ & donation request may be cynically interpreted by some as an attempt to exploit hardship & tragedy.

    • Bogan band aid says:

      “Every voice matters”……except Esther’s and anyone who questions or criticises UM & SB

  19. Anonymous says:

    12 Richter scale earthquake?
    That makes it 501 times more powerful than largest ever recorded earthquake in history serge.
    Explain the fault line that is capable of releasing that much energy.
    Science again calls your bluff.
    You don’t know more than any scientist if you did, you wouldn’t speak such nonsense.

    • 🎶💩🎶 GM the singing crap says:

      heh, yeah Sergio’s Richter scale is about as plausible as his initiation scale. I heard he didn’t finish high skool…

      lol Bogan band aid above, u funny bugger… i love youse all.

  20. Juvenile Jingle NFS says:

    Row row row your boat
    Gently down the street
    Natalie Natalie Natalie Natalie
    Still aint on tv

    Row row row your boat
    Gently down the brook
    Donate to the flood appeal
    But watch out for the crooks

    Row row row your boat
    Gently down the creek
    Lots of tractors scooping junk
    But none of them are green

    Row row row your boat
    Gently down the river
    The kindy song thats up for sale
    Is making people shiver

    Row row row your boat
    Gently to the shore
    Cyclone Deb is not to blame
    Its the four lords of form

  21. Easter entertainment says:

    To hell with UM, some mega pranic news – Elvis reincarnated as a galah!

    Happy Easter duckies! And thank you to smarty dacks above – we really must compile your Glorious Esoteric songbook.

    • Smarty Dacks says:

      This may surprise you, but like Michael I am completely self taught, yes, true,I kid u not
      Never had a lesson in song writing nor music
      No official quals, it all just comes to me and spews forth motivated by others public declarations of bullshit. The pranic sarcastic entity that lives in a part of my brain stirs and comes to life at the mere sniff of a Tia Maria bottle cap and verbal crap.

  22. Andrew Ryan says:

    My wife and I discovered eosteric healing year before last year when we were on the brink of a divorce. We have since turned our relationship around and are closer and happier than ever.
    I don’t understand the venom of this site. No one has ever asked us to buy anything or has pushed anything on us in the two years we’ve been seeing counsellors her in sydney.
    I think you might be mistaken about what this mob is about or maybe I have my eyes shut. anyway, from my experience I am healthier and enjoying life much more.
    Just my experience. thought I’d share

    • Esther says:

      Thanks for putting your thoughts into the contact form, Andrew. Seeing you’re so keen to *share* I thought I’d publish them so we can all discuss openly.

      First, I’d be interested to know when it was you stopped asking questions?

      You don’t understand the criticism on my site but you don’t question it. I find that interesting. Have you ever questioned the hundred or more pages UM have published trashing people who’ve dared to challenge what you believe?

      So what do you think of the mysterious disappearance of $600k of tax deductible donated funds from the College of UM?

      A lot of evidence – all in the public domain – appears to indicate it was confiscated by the ATO.

      Have the donors been informed of the whereabouts of those funds?
      The public hasn’t, which is extraordinarily remiss considering those were public funds.

      I’ve tried asking the charity directors but they don’t respond. Perhaps you could ask for me. Or is asking questions breaking some Esoteric rule or other?

      I’m not sure either why you felt the need to share sentiments that have been published amply tens of thousands of times on the sites that don’t allow questions or corrections. It’s not very convincing when we’ve all seen UM does the opposite to what you claim.

      But good on you for making good on your investment. Plenty of others haven’t. In fact they’ve had their relationships, their funds and their health trashed. I find it odd you’re not interested in discovering what happened to them. It appears to indicate you have no respect for other people’s opinions, or you don’t care less. But you care an awful lot about defending UM. It’s very telling.

    • Seer says:

      I’m a seer btw, Andrew. An oracle, even. I predict that within a few hours a member of the UM Facts Team will be in touch – not to tell you what to do, oh no – to tell you that engaging with me only ‘feeds’ the energy etc. And you’ll believe my energy can harm you and the whole universe. And you won’t think to question why you suddenly ‘felt’ to visit my site to ‘share’…

      He’s manipulated others to do his bidding for decades. Really.

    • Fringe dweller says:

      Hi Andrew
      So in turning your relationship around and are happier and healthier with the help of the UM “mob”, you’re telling me that you and your wife dont drink alcohol or go near anyone who has, have emotionless love making, are on a strict light paleo diet, get only a few hours sleep, been circumcised (if not already to get rid of the animal urges)dont use tampons, only listen to Road Gloria music, dont have tattoos
      And ……
      You have never paid a cent for a book, sermon, retreat, healing symbol, scarf,donation to a UM charity, crowd fund a tv show, creams, herbs, jewellery, music CD, concert or any other UM paraphernalia up for sale
      If not, then my friend, you may think you have discovered UM but you are not part of the “mob”at all………..yet!

    • Anonymous says:

      You don’t understand the venom Andrew because you haven’t been bitten by the bad side, and confirmation bias prevents you from accepting that there is a dark side there. You must be able to sense it, why else would you have visited this site ?
      Why would people lie about their negative experiences, for fun?
      Come see me when this mob causes you to loose a quarter of a million dollars.

    • RUN RUN as fast as you can says:

      Im guessing that Andrew and his wife do not work professionally in the medical or law profession, are not openly wealthy, have no teenage daughters and have not been given terminal death health news which is why they are kicking around anonymously at the bottom of the pyramid of glorious 💩!
      And thats where they will stay if they dont spend a cent. Run for it while you still can

    • Oh Dear says:

      Give it time Andrew, give it time. There’s many, many people who felt exactly the same as you to start with. Of course there would be, how else do you think this group achieved the financial sucess it has for Benhayon and his family? But in time you and your partner will become isolated, communicating only within the group, limited to its books, music and social functions. You’ll be suspicious of outsiders, critical of anyone not in the group and slowly but surely completely sucked in by it. If one of you feels less strongly, then your relationship will founder and end. The partner remaining in will by hyper critical of the one who left, will trash the former relationship and claim it was worthless and eventually the 2 of you won’t recognize each other anymore. Within 5 years all of this will happen as it has happened hundreds of times before. If you doubt me, read the Cult Education thread linked on this blog. Countless individuals posted on there on the break up of their families. I really hope you don’t have children as they are about to become incredibly damaged by your involvement.

    • Lord of Form says:

      Andrew, that is nice. But you havent got close to the flame yet.

      I can also assure you that if one of you become more interested than the other the chances of your marriage surviving is slightly above zero. How these groups work is with everything being warm and fuzzy- in fact, the best you’ve ever felt. That feeling helps quell doubts that your pesky mind keeps throwing at you. It makes you avoid information and anything that contradicts your new state of being. Before you know it, you’re accepting Serge is part of a lineage of masters including Buddha and Christ and attending celebrations and crying when you see his somewhat fugly visage. A little later you think its really amazing to write poems about him and searing criticisms of evil people you heard about third-hand who resist the esoteric truth and spread lies about your saviour.

      Ten or twenty years later you wake up broke, friendless, family-less, and soulless shrouded in dread at the realisation you surrendered your life and self determination to be involved in the fantasy world of an ex bankrupt small time kids tennis coach with a gift of the gab and a cosmic sized ego.

      None of those people that are cooing in your ear today will be around when that happens.

      Maybe you could just see a regular marriage counselor whose only agenda is helping you and your wife? When you think about it, anything else just isn’t right.

      • Anonymous says:

        Do you notice how your opposing views to the majority of those on this site were allowed?
        The same cannot be said about Unimed sites.
        Here on this site we have what is more in line with society in Australia.
        The censorship on any site to do with serge is policed and moderated, much like North Korea.
        Do you get it Andrew.
        No one is taking anything away from your relationship recovery, but I doubt that any invented techniques were exclusively used to help you.
        The councillor that helped you probably has a recognised qualification, Pounder on that.
        your new found friends deny any responsibility for the 40+ marriage breakdowns. I hope you don’t find out the hard way that they are, and that your relationship is strong enough to survive the warping it will soon be exposed to.

    • SR says:

      Andrew, I am truly happy for you and your wife. The both of you working it out, and staying together out of love, is a good thing. But, please consider this: if it’s real and still works after a serious crisis, it just tells me it’s your (both of you) accomplishment…no…? At least the marriage counselor is accountable in the sense that’s he/she is psychologist, I hope. And if he/she is the wrong person for the job: you can detach or in the worst case scenario sue him/her…. Serge, for that matter, has a disclaimer all over his place.

  23. Lord of Form says:

    Simon and Rebecca Asquith…Media “educators”? Two hapless grinning buffoon numbskulls who think writing shit about people they don’t know is “integrity” and no doubt “media”. Then Kristy whateverhername is and some other non parents pontificating on parenting “6-12 year olds” (boys welcome, but by inference not expected) hosted at the Belle Central by Rebecca’s sister and brother in law (out of hours?) who don’t know how many kids they actually have and who can’t recognise facts from pure unimaginable fictions.

    Fucking brilliant. Pure UM. But again, why? what for? why, why, why?

    • Bald faced lies says:

      I remember some of the Baldwins publically disclosing how many times they had been taken advantage of by others in their past. They have buttered themselves up with self importance, to try and look important, claim their opinions count for something when in fact they are nobodies and knownothings. Watching Bec n Simon play rock stars is humiliating and embarrassing. Look they were probably nice people, unmanipulated, vulnerable but once ok. Now they put themselves up as frontline warriors for an ex bankrupt family run by a very questionable individual.
      The followers fall into two distinct groups, actual intelligent professionals who have had their brains accessed via poor EQ safeguards and provide a smoke screen by just being involved and the lower IQ individuals trying to emulate the Benhayon family of “fake it til you make it”self fame. Just add dollars (other peoples) and you have the tackiest talentless family claiming they are the best at everything and con-vincing others that they are.
      What a muddled incestuous set up.

    • Simple Simon says:

      Simon Asquith is not your average media and IT guy, he is self taught, just like Michael, which makes him an “expert” and the “ultimate tech before and after success story”. Just ask him. But if you ask Rebecca, he is the “best sexiest guitarist” ever to walk the planet. Whatever. And he likes dabbling in “girl to woman” stuff… After hours he makes a pretty good palliative wardsman and undertaker as well. Sort of up nearer the pointy end of the 💩 pyramid at the “married a Baldwin or Baldwin relative” level where they run like hamsters in wheels but sits well under the “married to a Benhayon” perch or the “actual professional with qualifications” porch.

  24. CRANKY AS says:


    If you click on this link:

    [Girl to Woman booking form] then you will see this:

    ‘By checking this box you understand that photos may be taken at the event for promotional purposes and social media. If you do not want your photo taken please approach the organisers on the night to let them know.’


    You have to protect your own children from social media [thx to UM] whilst paying for the privilege of a disguised UM event “about protecting your kids.” As usual GO FIGURE.

    WHY WHY WHY do they have to photograph young ones?

    Oh and your $5.00 fee must be cash.

    • Sugar n spice n all things nice "click" says:

      Yep once again there is more backflipping than an olympic gymnastic training camp and more in your face irony
      Why is there even a girl to woman festival?
      Where is the boys to men festival?
      Why are little girls being dolled up to fit a certain image?
      Why are they being photographed for promotional and social media screening unless the responsible caretaking adult signs a waiver.
      Come on, thats the biggest warning sign of all to keep your children away

  25. Esther says:

    Yes, well, today one of UM’s brains trust CONVINCED ME that me providing further information to a very extensive misconduct complaint I filed with a state regulator last year is ‘harassment’. And so is questioning the subject of that complaint on social media about her very heroic public whinge that having to answer to an official inquiry is ‘standing up to a corrupt system…’

    Quelle horreur! *Harassment* Call the police!

    Call them TWICE!

    Oh hold on. The love, truth & integrity sales team already did.

    How many times since 2013?

    And nothing happened except a big waste of police time.

  26. Wake up moron UM human shields says:

    If you put yourself out there publically, as a connection to any organisation, you will be judged publically in a positive or negative way.
    If some members of the public feel the legal line has been crossed and choose to make an official complaint to the relevant govt authority it is their right to do so.
    If you are chastised, fined or even jailed because the complaint was valid, THEN THE COMPLAINT IS VALID AND NOT HARASSMENT.

  27. Olga says:

    Search for #umretreat2017 on Facebook. If they can make you believe, that this is good music, they can make you believe everything they want.

    • Stevie Wonder says:

      How dare you insult the mighty Glorious Music! With their questionable lyrics, out of tune voices and woefully inadequate instrumentation they should be applauded for bringing out some of the best comedy music of the last few years. Whenever I want a good laugh, I nip to their webpage and it never fails to remind me quite how awful they sound. They make my own efforts seem like Grammy winning singles! I hope they carry on forever producing this crap, because there’s no better advert for what a misguided bunch of incompetents they are.

      • Olga says:

        Nearly got me with the first sentence. Laughter, the better (universal) medicine.

        • Stevie Wonder says:

          It’s one of the many things we have that all of those who hooked their wagons to Benhayon gave up. Have you ever heard any of them belly laugh? Nope, me neither. All I hear are these forced giggles that sound as false as the doctrine they follow.

  28. Olga says:

    Yes, when I was in it, I immediately had the fear of becoming too emotional with it and thought that I had to express fiery joy and not pranic happiness. In the end, you walk around and are with other people like this: https://donotlink.it/99yo

    • Esther says:

      They look stoned to me. Which I guess is fine, but eventually you have to sober up…

      Did you feel joy-full? If you don’t mind me asking. What was going through your head?

      And unfortunately for every eso student wafting around in affected ‘joy’ – is a whole crowd of people having to deal with their recruitment pitches, aggression and neurotic obsessions.

      It’s interesting what’s happening with the music. That number isn’t bad I suppose if you’re into affirmation devotionals/hymns. Okay melody etc.

      There’s also the lounge devotionals they just put out – Tina someone and someone.

      They can sing. The music isn’t bad.

      Problem is it makes the Australian efforts – Glorious Music etc. look pretty crap. They can’t sing for starters – to save their lives.

      How long will his holiness put up with the other musicians producing better quality stuff than than Goonellabah’s Ascended garage band? And probably outselling them.

      I heard he pretty much trashed the superior musicians in the group in the past – not because of the quality. He passed it off as not being up to scratch ‘energetically’.

      • Olga says:

        Yes, Juzzie Smith isn´t/wasn´t as “energetically” clear as Chris James and Michael for instance, although being the best musician of those 3 iin my opinion. Listenable music, without the lyrics of course.
        I never felt joy-full there. Just a few endorphines here and there during the courses, including the feeling of being part of an fiery elite that is in service for the people, that suffer in the pranic society. “Be Clark Kent among them, you can show them, that you´re Superman later.” SB.. Meaning, you can lure them in with your fake smile without mentioning Unimed at first.

        • Thanks for your reply. I’m so intrigued by what you’re saying.

          I don’t see UMers around that much except in court, lol. The ones I see do put on fake smiles, that’s easy to see. Charles Wilson doesn’t, lol. Paula Fletcher, I’m not sure hers is fake – she seems to be enjoying herself I dunno.

          But that music video – they do look as if they’re having a wonderful time. Like they’re high on something.

          I guess I’m having trouble understanding… how much effort does that take? It can’t be easy?

          Did you believe the other students felt joyfull?

        • Olga says:

          @Esther Rocketts comment below:
          For being joyfull in that pyramid scheme, you have to meet some criteria.
          1. Don´t follow his words and books to the letter, just pick, what suits you. If you don´t do it that way, you will go nuts. Like I did. In my last session with an esoteric practitioner, I was absoutely convinced to be Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, a former famous esoteric writer, who, of course, fell off the iniation scale, because… well, Serge doesn´t tolerate anyone besides him. After that, I drove straight to a mental health clinic and told them the esoteric thoughts rampaging in my head. I was psychotic and needed professional treatment.
          By the way, to the esoteric practitioner, who knows who I am, I might remind you of your medical confidentiality.
          2. You have to have esoteric people around you in your daily life. I didn´t and felt isolated. All those pranic people, especially my parents, inviting me to lunch or dinner with their pranic food… Horrible!!
          3. The higher up your position in the system the better for your joy and wallet. Natalie B. for instance is worshipped 24/7. Pull a face and the crowd feels inspired by your “sassiness”.

          Well, there a more factors for sure, but these are the ones coming to mind first.

        • Esther says:

          I’m so sorry that happened to you. Sometimes it’s hard to find to words to respond when people tell us things like this. Please be assured I take this extremely seriously. I hope you’ve recovered okay?

          As you are undoubtedly aware, the mental health risks of UM are a very strong concern of ours. I don’t like to think how many similar adverse events have occurred related to those practices.

          But it’s all fine says Eunice the Esoteric Surgeon. Not harmful she reckons. And UM has no victims. It’s a disgrace. If anyone wonders how I get the strength to sustain the campaign, I’m reminded daily of any number of people who’ve suffered harm from this horrible mess. It absolutely must be brought to light if we are to minimize further harm.

          If your former practitioner does share any info about you or your health, and you have evidence, please report them to the authorities.

    • Dont give up your day jobs says:


      • "Constructive criticism" - Please google it says:

        • Esther says:

          Yes, readers’ opinions are allowed here. And questions, if you have any.

          I agree with the opinion above. It is boring. The track’s a bit too long. Also ‘joy’ is only one small aspect of human experience, so the whole thing comes across as one dimensional. That’s boring. It’d be more interesting if it expressed ambiguity. Otherwise it’s difficult to relate to. Google ‘light and shade’.

  29. Olga says:

    The two killer words for my life were: “energetic integrity/responsibility”. I controlled EVERYTHING I did. How to: breathe, move, speak, think, even have sex or masturbate… Talk about totalitarian control, to quote Christopher Hitchens, a “celestial North Korea” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPD1YGghtDk).

    • Celestial NK says:

      This is so entertaining, and a great point. I think he overdoes it a bit. Not all religions are fixated on sin and damnation in such an extreme way. But a lot are!

      I think it’s a bit more complex than what Hitchens said. Part of it boils down to how people and religions deal with their anxieties about mortality, but there’s also the sinister political implications that a lot of religious doctrines perpetuated to instil obedience among the masses…

      UM though, really is on a par with North Korea and doesn’t just rob people of their individual agency and identity in this life but carries a spectre of oppression over hypothetical future lifetimes. It’s relentless. Just horrible.

    • Anonymous says:

      I hear you Olga. I was loosely involved went to a few workshops.
      I feel like my iq has reduced as a result of the head fucking I got at these workshops, I’m still getting back on my feet from almost being sucked dry financially.
      And if you are reading this ( yes you know who you are ) don’t even try to come back with some sob story of being held back from your light, which is the standard response to being denied access to the warped teachings of serge.
      I know someone involved.
      They say ” comfort” comes in many forms, and mention dairy/chocolate as one, and put it in same boat as heroin or cocaine, both are as evil as each other. No evolving in comfort. How fucked up is that line of thinking?
      The addiction these students have to workshops and headings is just as bad as heroin or cocaine, the difference is you have some hope of getting off heroin or coke.
      Between 8 and 10 k per year is their acceptable limit.
      Every day they slip deeper and deeper into the Unimed abyss.
      How did you manage to escape, hopefully with your sanity intact ?

      • Olga says:

        I´ll answer as short as possible, might be too BORING for others otherwise.
        Thanks for the comment, these were exactly my experiences. The worksop addiction and giving out money with both hands especially.
        I managed to escape by having been put into a mental health clinic twice, each time for 6 weeks. It dawned to me, that this could not be it, started to eat cake and give a sh** about energies and the evil in emotions.
        My sanity became intact after discovering, that none of the oh so horrible consequences became reality, Serge told would happen to Unimed quitters. Words from the outside world didn´t reach me, but the practical experiences of how liberating it is to live a normal pranic live again.

        • Esther says:

          It is NOT boring Olga. Not for me at least. I think it’s very important. We have so few public comments from UM defectors. It certainly helps me understand what happens. It shows my concerns are well founded.

          I think it’s a pity this conversation is going on way down here at the bottom of a long thread. Would it be okay if I post the conversation in its own blog post? Then if there are any further questions – and I have some if no one else does – we can continue on its own page. Would you consider continuing the discussion that way?

          Thank you too for your comment and question Anonymous. All of these comments on first hand experiences help me keep my orientation in this whole mess.

          I hope you all realize UM are hammering me so hard because they know how dangerous it is for the org if you all start talking to each other and making this info public. This (and more) is what they’re trying to suppress.

        • E says:

          I haven’t forgotten this conversation. I’ll post it maybe on the accountability site when I get time, which probably won’t be this week. I think it deserves more views and I would like to encourage everyone to discuss their experiences and questions more.

  30. Olga says:

    Yes, for me, it would be okay if you post the conversation in its own blog post. Happy to share some sick thoughts of an ex Unimed member.

  31. Stop fucking around says:

    I find it interesting that of all the years of blogs, tweets and posts Esther has published about UM and SB, thousands and thousands of words,the legal brigade bomb squad have only been able to chose a few snippets in comparison to form their defamation claim. The irony being that everything else Esther has published they accept is either true or can be proven to be true in favour of Esther. I think its been a shock to them that she has got this far, thus the parasitic extra suing strategically of the “brother” and “sister” via the Qld legal system. They clearly dont want SB to have to defend his “truth” in court (what happened to debating anyone on anything Serge) where the pretend world stops and the real world comes crashing in. Step up to the plate, Esther has, and make it a clean fight instead of bombarding and swamping her with legal road spikes. What was written on that whiteboard again Serge? Oh yes thats it…..”TRANSPARENCY” Crystal clear transparent as the recent murky floodwaters and all of your followers are drinking it down like holy water.
    Olga, which faction did you escape from, Aus or OS?

    • Esther says:

      Hello, I cut your comment slightly. Sorry.

      Also I’m not comfortable with Olga identifying her location. She’s already used some identifying info. I don’t trust UM with anything further than that. She might feel differently but I would rather we limit exposure of anyone’s identity or location.

      • Stop fucking around says:

        The name Olga got me curious

        • Olga says:

          Yes, I “might feel differently” and I´m not scared at all, but Esther is the one experienced with Unimed harassment and I trust her on that topic.

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