Universal Medicine defamation, festive role models and gossip early 2017

19 February – *Last weeks hearings *Glorious Music’s assault on the Adelaide Fringe Festival

12 February – *This week’s hearings – short hearing Raphael & Karam v Rockett 13 February, Benhayon procedural hearing on 17th

5 February – Friday’s procedural hearing deferred until 17 February

24 January 2017 – *Caroline Raphael & Ray Karam defamation claim *Selling esoteric palliative care *Girl to Woman Festival makeovers and online photo ops

19 February – last week’s hearings

Raphael Karam

Unfortunately we lost last week’s application in Brisbane. Litigation is brutal that way. I’ll update more about that in the next defence update. I’m too busy right now.

Someone messaged worried because I’ve been offline, hoping I wasn’t feeling ‘terrible’. So I thought I’d better post. Don’t worry! I don’t feel terrible. It’s a setback. It’s not terminal, and there’s always a plan duckies. Always.

Brisbane barrister, Charles Wilson

Brisbane barrister, College of UM director and proud UM Facts fighter Charles Wilson

It was a highly esoteric hearing. You might imagine. College of UM director and barrister, Charles Wilson did the courtroom version of the UM Facts website – saying my application was ‘vexatious’. No surprise that part didn’t fly. The whole story is long and technical. I’ll fill you in some time, on the suppositions about assets and funds they reckon I have ‘hidden’. In spite of my sworn affidavits stating my financial position – that I have no savings, no assets and a low income. They didn’t provide any evidence for the existence of those ‘hidden’ funds. They must be bloody well hidden seeing I’ve never heard of them.  ‘Hidden’. 14 months into defending escalating litigation from a multimillionaire, everything I had in savings back when, and everything I’ve raised has been spent. I’m now deep in glorious debt.

In spite of that, I’m probably more determined than ever to get these defences to trial. And there’s no reason I won’t. Watch me do it.

I thought for a moment Team UM must have taken off the gloves. But no. They never put them on. From the outset. The Brisbane carry on from the in house team was an eye opener. I know what to expect from them now. The problem with bludgeoning at anything you don’t like, gloves off, is that eventually your only weapons – your bony little fists – end up smashed to a pulp. Luvvies.

There’s a little work to do to organize the Brisbane defence, but bear with me. In the meantime, Team Esoteric have upped the adversarial ante, and I can tell you – after 4½ years fending off their nonsense I won’t be giving in. More on that soon.

Benhayon hearing

We were listed again on the 17th, but I think it was stood over again for three weeks while Universal Law kvetches and nitpicks over the discovery list.

GM Records at the Adelaide Fringe Festival

Glorious Music is what results when you live in a community where the only music allowed is Elvis and gentle breath yodeller, Chris James, everyone tells you you’re AMAZING (except when you don’t kiss ass or do as you’re told), and you spray on a dress and lift a mic to your formidable gums and sell-abrate the murder of individual liberty and good taste.

The Adelaide Fringe Festival is a long running annual arts extravaganza, known for its fearless forays into the avant garde. So, yeah, apparently the Goonellabah hillbillies paid to book themselves a gig so they could play out their high school band fantasy via bogan rapping and Esoteric hymns. Their contribution to the avant garde, it appears, is their brave choice to abandon musical key and try and sell tickets to unsuspecting members of the Astral cult. Ever the optimists, they booked four or five shows, and bless, they appear to have sold a few dozen tickets at $24 each – albeit to fans flown in from interstate, who may or may not have attended each of the shows.

Anyway, no one expects you to sit through more than a few minutes of this *performance*. Drag the little cursor to fast forward through the flats, the screeches and the Dead Kennedys moments. You know I just had to post this. A lot of you will LOVE IT! 😆

Or if you can’t handle that, the preview is mercifully shorter. 🙉  😂

12 February – this week’s hearings

13 February the Brisbane district court will hear my application for a stay (halt) of the proceedings in the Raphael & Karam v Rockett defamation claim. My solicitor is coming from Sydney to argue the appropriate jurisdiction is NSW according to Section 20 of the service and execution of process act. I’ll be there and one or more of the Lords of Form may also attend, depending on their schedules. We’re not sure what time our argument will go ahead. Depends where we end up on the list. Not sure who’s arguing for Ray and Caroline. Might be Brisbane barrister, Charles Wilson, who is one of the directors of the beleaguered College of Universal Medicine charity.

As I mentioned below, the claim document states that he settled the claim in Qld.

I’m not sure what their argument is. A flurry of affidavits flew around last week. I was called a ‘troll’ in at least one. None of them mentioned anything about pranic and loveless institutions under the control of the Dark Lodge though. Funnily.

The next listing for Benhayon is Friday the 17th. At this stage it looks unlikely to be more than a five minute mention, setting dates for the next stage of paperwork.

Of course I’ll update when I know more about both. Please be patient on Monday in case we’re not on until the afternoon.

Finally, don’t lose your healing symbols if I’m not as active on social media. I’m busy! I can tell you one thing though – these proceedings are doing wonders for my Astral technology skill set.

17 February hearing

Nothing happened in court on the 3rd. There’s a lot of paperwork in the next stage of proceedings, and Team Benhayon needed a bit more time to consider the orders, and whether they want to object. Which is fair enough. There was a lot to consider. So we’re listed again on the 17th, and there may be an argument or not. If there’s an argument it may concern categories of documents Benhayon is to make available to my defence. I will update you.

In the meantime, we’re travelling well. I need to raise the last leg of funding. If I haven’t said it already, there’s a lot of support for my defence. A lot of people want to make sure it goes ahead, but now is the time I need to marshall all of you to help raise this last slice of funding. It’s not going to happen if you all relax and hope someone else puts in money. We’re nearing the goal, but I need all of your help. The more people who contribute the more it helps the defence, obviously. But it also helps all the other contributors, and it makes sure my generous team are working toward a real resolution.

If you’ve ever whinged about UM, but haven’t contributed to this defence, now is the time to put your money where your mouth is. Paypal button is at the top of the page.

This might be the only opportunity we get to put all the evidence I’ve collected over the past four years, in relation to a very wide range of conduct, to the Supreme Court.

Thank you to everyone who has helped, and especially those who continue to make periodic donations. Every bit helps.

Caroline Raphael, Ray Karam defamation claim

Before Xmas I reminded readers of the Glorious Christmas greeting 2013 from Sarah Davis, where she sent me a pseudo-legal demand at 5:30 on Xmas morning. Really, some of these Esoteric people need to learn how to relax, lol.

Anyway, Friday afternoon, December 23rd, those workaholics at Universal Law tried to serve me with a defamation claim from UM psychologist Caroline Raphael, and erstwhile Ballina mayoral candidate, Ray Karam. They fired it over cyberspace at my solicitor, who as far as I know, had knocked off for the year. By then I imagine he was at home preparing to stuff his turkey or something.

christmas-legal-greetings-pixThe allegedly defamatory publications complained of consist of six tweets and an email I sent to Ballina Shire councillors, Ballina’s local federal and state MPs and some members of the press. The claim states the email was read by one person, Ballina mayor, David Wright.

Funny time to serve a defamation claim, when you’re already running a similar one against the same defendant for another client, knowing the defendant’s legal team took time off last January. It’s also an unusual choice to file a related claim in another state, in this case Queensland, when none of the litigants or likely witnesses etc. live or have primary place of work or business there.

Plus there’s an odd statement on the claim that ‘at all times material Caroline Raphael practised, and is practising, from rooms at Fairfield, Queensland under the style of Innermost Counselling’.


Her Innermost Counselling website, and indeed the UM websites, state that she practises at the Universal Medicine clinic in Goonellabah. The AHPRA register also lists her primary practice in Goonellabah NSW. In fact, it’s the only listing AHPRA has.


AHPRA Register entry

The claim states it was settled by barrister Charles Wilson, a director of the College of UM charity, promoter of UM and member of the UM community, who apparently resides at least part time near the UM headquarters, and otherwise in Brisbane, and often hangs out with the plaintiffs, the rest of the legal team and the whole UM crew.

Anyway, my team filed a conditional notice of intention to defend including our objection to the jurisdiction of the District Court of Queensland. We contend the appropriate court is NSW District Court under Section 20 of the Service and Execution of Process Act. We also set out several irregularities in the claim, and we’re filing an application for a stay of proceedings. The plaintiffs amended the claim correcting irregularities noted, and indicated they will oppose the application. They haven’t stated any grounds for opposing it. I’m not sure yet whether the application will go to a hearing. If it does, my solicitor will attend court. He’s an experienced media lawyer, and has succeeded with such applications in Queensland in the past. I’ll keep you updated.

karam-um-facts-teamIt probably goes without saying, but I will defend the claim – in full. And any others. Most importantly it will not disrupt the Benhayon defence one bit. As always I contend I have legal justifications for everything I’ve published. A strategy is in place to defend this and any new claims. I’m still fundraising, but at this stage I don’t expect the claim will make an enormous difference to the budget. I’m still expecting to stay within or reasonably close to the original fundraising goal, my legal team is being cooperative in that respect, and it helps that we will be able to use a good portion of the Benhayon defence that’s already been written and particularised to defend the new claim.

There will be legal defence updates in the next weeks, seeing Benhayon v Rockett has its next listed hearing on February 3rd. It’s just a minor procedural hearing to set a timetable for for the next stages in the paperwork, so don’t get excited. I’ll update on the new Karam Raphael claim when we know more.

Either way, in the unlikely event either were to win, as well as receive an award of costs, they won’t get anything out of me. I’ve got nothing. And in the new case, they’d only succeed in having six long lost tweets taken down, after a close examination by the court of their reputations and conduct, and all the accompanying paperwork. Open to any media or members of the public that show up.

Selling Esoteric palliative care

A lot of you remember December 2015, the judge in the McIntyre v O’Regan family provision case handed down his ruling and the McIntyres learned a multimillionaire would be the beneficiary of the majority of their mother’s estate. On Christmas eve.

On December 22, on the anniversary of that judgment, two and half years after Ms McIntyre’s departure, and nearly a full year since any media coverage, Rebecca Asquith published a post on the Universal Medicine Facts website titled, ‘A new model of palliative care and the posthumous press abuse of Judith McIntyre‘. Delivered with a curious mix of photo testimonials, death bed videography and lines like:

 She had been at the centre of supporting a community model of palliative care with the potential not only to save future governments millions in health care costs but also to bring communities together and demystify one of the greatest taboos of our culture – the process of Death and Dying.

...as Serge Benhayon would say, nothing is nothing and everything is everything. And it is always from the small moments that the major ones unfold…

Cannibalising their self-created villain narrative about Serge Benhayon, and informed by an entrenched misogyny, it was clear that to the media, it was impossible that Judith McIntyre could be considered her own woman.

UM employees Asquith and her brother Jonathan Baldwin, were part of the team that filmed a video testimonial from Ms McIntyre a few weeks before she died, and around the time she changed her will. The video is posted in the blog. I’ll only watch it if my legal team decides to use it. Apparently Jonny Baldwin and the ‘Co-creative’ (UM’s AV team) has had it up on their Vimeo channel since 2014.

The article has quotes from Ms McIntyre’s Universal Medicine carers, including Esoteric Breast Massage practitioner and palliative care nurse, Elizabeth Dolan, and Judith’s financial advisor Christoph Schnelle, talking up ‘this kind of model of community based palliative care’. There’s a testimonial from lawyer and director of several Benhayon companies, Serryn O’Regan, who was the executor of the will.

In the months before her death she made a bequest of $800,000 to be put towards the completion of The Hall of Ageless Wisdom at Wollongbar, which today is utilised by hundreds of people each year to study and learn about the teachings that she held so dear.

When she passed over she left Serge Benhayon a large portion of her estate in the understanding that he would responsibly use it to support others…

The blog doesn’t specify how those will proceeds have been or will be used.

Portions of Judith’s son and daughter’s evidence are quoted in the McIntyre v O’Regan judgement. Both are working class people with dependents, living in Sydney. They didn’t have an in house legal team at their disposal, and were compelled to mount the claim with severely limited funds. It appears they hadn’t foreseen the need to contest their inheritance.

From the judgment:

The Deceased made a will on 3 May 2014, a little over a month before she died. Under the will, the Deceased left to: (a) Sarah, a plaster sculpture, half of her personal effects and $250,000;(b) Seth, half of her personal effects and $190,000; (c) Ms Ingrid Langenbruch, her household contents (not including personal effects) and the right to use her car for one year from the date of her death; (d) the residue to Mr Serge Benhayon…

On 7 May 2014, the Deceased paid Mr Benhayon an amount of $800,000 which Mr Benhayon used to make improvements to a teaching auditorium on a property he owns at Wollongbar, between Lismore and Ballina… 

Similarly, in final submissions, Mr Morrissey handed up what he described as a “wheel of persons related to Universal Medicine”. This document sought to depict the large number of people, associated with Universal Medicine who played a role in the Deceased’s life in the period before her death (including her nurse, financial planner, executor, the witness to her will, the solicitor who drafted the will, the creator of a video made of the Deceased very shortly before she died, and counsel originally briefed to appear for the estate in these proceedings)…

As Mr Morrissey pointed out, in October 2013, at a time when the Deceased had been diagnosed with a terminal illness, and when she had only nine months to live, she had assets in the order of $2.2 to $2.3 million.

Between October 2013 and May 2014, the Deceased made the payments to which I have referred in respect of the Goonellabah property, and in May 2014 she gave $800,000 to Mr Benhayon.

…in re-examination, Sarah said that when she told the Deceased that she would not challenge her will, she did not know the size of the Deceased’s estate. Nor did she know of the gift the Deceased had made to Mr Benhayon of $800,000 or the money that the Deceased had used to purchase the Goonellabah property. McIntyre v O’Regan judgment

Rebecca Asquith

Rebecca Asquith

On the anniversary of that judgment, two days before Christmas, the UM Facts Team, no doubt under under the guidance of ‘counsel originally briefed to appear for the estate in these proceedings’, barrister and UM Facts Team champion Charles Wilson, chose to use the deceased’s image for a promo piece, and publish this about her family. A ringing endorsement of the UM community, and esoteric love and truth:

Only a year after her death, they broke their promise to their mother and contested the will in court. Their demands read like a Christmas shopping list of what they wanted from the woman who could no longer tell them no.

The blurb ends with a testimonial from Ingrid, Ms McIntyre’s friend, who also benefited from Ms McIntyre’s estate, inheriting her half of the house they’d bought together. The blog announces Ingrid now has terminal cancer, and that she:

is today still living in the house they bought together. She remains committed to its purpose that when she has also passed over the house will become a dedicated palliative care home for the benefit of others, as they had always planned…

In memory of the late Judith McIntyre, and in honour of her own extraordinary life, Ingrid’s experiences will be the subject of a future documentary. UM Facts website 

For more posthumous promotion of Universal Medicine’s family values and ‘new model of palliative care’.

Asquith on the set of Serge TV

The Girl to Woman Festival

Asquith was one of the UM role models presenting at last weekend’s Girl to Woman Festival. Lismore’s Northern Star promoted the thing again – third year running – with no disclosure of the event’s backing. (The Northern Star also employs Hamish Broome, husband of UM promoter, Sarah Davis.) Part of the promo was Asquith’s article ‘Keeping kids safe on social media‘, with warnings about paedophiles:

On the surface, Musical.ly is an app in which users can make short videos of themselves lip syncing to the latest pop songs to share with their friends.

What many parents don’t realise is that it is not only friends who are viewing their children’s videos; Northern Star

That preceded an invite to the ‘festival’ where she was to present her session ‘Social Media, Media and the Pressures on Young People‘. Last year the activities included makeovers. For tots. Promptly photographed and posted online. (Pixelation mine.)


Plus photo ops for primary schoolers to promote UM’s extinct in house ‘sexual education’ initiative ‘for youth’.



Screenshot from defunct theselfyproject.com

This year had more of the same – promotional photo ops of the girls, with their exquisite maquillage, singing and dancing onstage to push Natalie Benhayon’s ‘True Movement’ business – all disseminated on social media. The girls only had to pay $15 a head. At least they got to learn about ’empowerment’ with classes in plastic beading, nail painting and making perfumed body cream, before having their images used.

g2w-make-up-2017 g2w-singing-dancing

Asquith recently wrote an article ‘The sexual objectification of women by women‘. I haven’t read it. And she sagely tweeted another cautionary, an ABC News article on the dangers of posting images of kids online.

Or other people’s. Hm, Bec?

29 Comments on “Universal Medicine defamation, festive role models and gossip early 2017”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hang on a minute here, this all seems like [redacted].
    Maybe they hope to get some of serge’s money from you when he looses his case against you.

    • Esther Rockett says:

      BE AWARE EVERYONE I AM EDITING YOUR COMMENTS as in ruthlessly hacking parts out of them – (just like the UM Facts team does, but without the embellishments and grammatical flourishes, lol) until trial. Given UM haven’t worked out that you can’t defame someone if you’re telling the truth, I have no choice but to redact a certain amount of truth and honest opinions from your comments. My priority is expediting all claims to court. So please be patient. You can mouth off freely on the Rick Ross forum – that site is litigation proof provided you remain anon.

      And yes, believe me, everyone reacts the same way when they hear about this new claim. It’s pretty obvious. Lawyers tend to be very conservative in their comments about opponents’ behaviours but mine have been very clear about precisely what they think is going on there.

      And LOF, yes, that’s right, UM Facts took another very low stab at an official complainant on the day his sister died – knowing very well from his delightful ex that she was dying. Scum.

  2. Lord of Form says:

    The UM crew are really keen on significant dates when considering their expression of truth, arent they? Christmas, anniversaries, bereavements. They’ll do their darndest to hit you where it hurts the most. For your own good you see. It’s the most loving thing to do.

    It makes sense, because as Serge has said: “Nothing is nothing and everything is everything”. Ah, I see.. wow.! I feel so much more enlightened now. Why didn’t I see that? It all makes perfect sense to me now.

    As to those pesky kids having the temerity to question their mum handing over the bulk of their estate to someone she knew for a fraction of the time she’d been their parent when they found out belatedly… How outrageous! Its clear that the new model of palliative care makes sense. You can’t have people’s children squandering their inheritances on buying homes or looking after their kids. Absurd. As Serge would say, bad kidney energy and 10 points off initiation. After all, there should be no conditions on how he uses the money. The hierarchy knows best.

    ( I am trying to understand what that new model of palliative care looks like though? Does it only work if you have a lot of money? What if you are dirt poor? Does Johnny turn up with his video camera then? Is Christoph interested? Will Serryn be the executor of your pile of dirty laundry and well thumbed blue books? Will Paula give free legal advice? Will they write a blog about you later?)

    One also wonders at what point Ray and Caroline decided to launch their case and to what end? (not much chance of winning a settlement or collecting damages or costs, or expunging the email from the recipient’s mind or inbox..?)

    No worries, I will go back to contemplating the above pearler from Serge that Rebecca saw fit to highlight. That’ll sort me out. If I say it enough times out loud I might just end up agreeing with Bec. Perhaps I will even end up with the same witless grin. I hope so. It looks real fun.

    • Integrity? says:

      Shaming & belittling naive family for making a reasonable inheritance claim? (Following an apparently shameless, vulture like, co-ordinated team approach ensuring they couldn’t? Including possibly manipulating a vulnerable dying woman “to benefit UM followers”, coincidentally contributing to a wealthy man’s real estate port folio).
      Seems some NGOs / businesses have different values to GOs (Govt Organisations): ie carers / services aren’t allowed to accept gifts / will bequests due to conflict of interest (or even perceived conflict of interest). Good question LoF: will the new “Palliative Care” Model extends to the dirt poor??
      Wow Esther another defamation slap: sour grapes post council election results? Hoping for real, genuine (versus “alternative”) truth (especially intention / motives) to be exposed in court.

      • Esther says:

        Documents, witnesses, the lot. The claim is wide open for me to bring a ton of evidence to justify every word I’ve written, in spades. Esoteric *facts* don’t stand up in court.

        • Anonymous says:

          No but you will standing up in court and not just for yourself but also as an advocate. People need people like you because government regulators fail to be our advocates as designed.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Do you see doves or vultures circling this dying woman?

    • Integrity? says:

      Doves with pure motives… (Although wonder why some “doves” ensure family is unable to access a fair inheritance? Then shame them when they try? Appears “vulture like”, not calling them “vultures”).

  4. Thank you!! says:

    Some contributions have come in and I haven’t had a chance to say thank you! So thank you! I’ll be in touch when I get a minute.

    Yes, please keep them coming, the funding target is within reach. Any size donation is appreciated, or if you can manage a loan. Let’s get all this evidence to court, where it belongs! 💥🥊 ⚖️ 🏆

    And seriously, achtung duckies. There’s lots in stall this year, all sorts of stuff, and starting fairly soon by the looks… 🎆 😉

    • Anonymous says:

      So what I have decided to do about in the from of donations is to set up an automatic weekly payment of lets say 10-20 bucks. In the overall of things it is nothing but what you are doing is really something and I will not miss that small amount. I hope other followers of your advocacy will consider the same idea. After all you have some how turned it into a good read with your writing skills, honesty , determination, commonsense and your witt so differently worth a monthly subscription .

      • 💜 says:

        Thank u! That would be very helpful.

        I might have mentioned, without going into detail, I’ve managed a few minor budget miracles, heh heh,(with some major cooperation, of course) and it’s now just a matter of of raising this final sum, which I need to do by appealing to all supporters. So, yes, all contributions are extremely helpful. 💜

        We are at an advanced stage of proceedings – and although it will be some time for everyone to wait, there’s tons of work going on behind the scenes preparing to bring all the evidence and questions to trial…It’d make for even better reading, but sorry, you’ll all have to wait until trial. It’s going to be huge, and I daresay full of surprises, and I don’t mean for me. So please give a hand to raise these last funds.

        Finally, get in touch if you want to be on my email list. Ta.

  5. Guy Chapman says:

    I am in the UK. Legal thuggery resulted in the Defamation Act 2013, which introduces absolute defences of truth and qualified defences of honest opinion. This is in no small part a response to suppressive libel actions by quacks and charlatans against Simon Singh, Peter Wilmshurst and other brave individuals.


    I recommend you speak to the Aus skeptics movement and use this case as an example of why Aus needs to change its laws in line with those in the UK.

    I have reviewed the actions of UM in the UK and it is clear to me that they should not have charitable status here, that their claims to health benefits are without merit and that UM is run in no small part for the benefit of its founders. I hope you succeed.

    • Esther says:

      Thanks for the link, Guy. We have the old version of those defences in Australia, and I’m using them. I took a look at the link and noticed some technical differences which would save us a lot of time in court. Time is money. You’re right, there’s some very valid criticism that the law in Australia hasn’t kept up with the times and results in stupidly expensive and drawn out proceedings – against people publishing facts and valid opinions. It’s only lawyers who are benefiting. But even without the UK modifications, I’m confident nevertheless.

      I think Australia needs an inquiry into current defamation laws by the productivity commission. Ultimately, tax payers are funding the infrastructure for these ridiculously escalated trials thanks to the outdated law.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Sound Foundation was investigated by the Charity Commission in 2013 over concerns regarding a “conflict of interest” and “the extent to which it is being operated for public benefit”. See this article: http://www.thirdsector.co.uk/charity-commission-hands-action-plan-health-charity/governance/article/1222011

  6. Music Critic says:

    I didn’t watch the “performance”, but I did flick through the long version with sound off to avoid damaging my ears. The crowd were either cardboard cutouts or comatose as there did not appear to be a single movement from any of them from the first minute to the 44th. Must of been “faithful” members but even then they seemed somewhat uninspired by what they were hearing.

    • Esther says:

      heh, heh, motionless audience not a good sign…

      Next time they’ll plant a few luvvies to jiggle along arrhythmically.

      Truly. They jump at all my suggestions. For example, last court appearance in May I made a crack about grumpy Team Sergio being unable to look me in the eye, and lo and behold, the maestro has instructed Team Esoteric that they must put on a brave face, flash their calcium deprived fangs into their most feigned grimace and make eye contact. And they did. Which was marvellous, because you can see it in their eyes – the torture, the internal conflict – the sheer terror.

      Not all of them, mind you. There’s one notable exception – not the fifth degree master – who is very very sure of itself, and is arguably the least competent and most compromised of them all.

      Anyway, it’s flattering as ever to see how carefully they heed my criticism.

  7. Nails on Blackboard says:

    I honestly didn’t think the musical side of things could get any worse, but I have to hand it to them. If that video goes viral, the vocal ‘harmonies’ on display there will be used to torture suspects at Guantanamo Bay.

    • A flock of Galahs.. says:

      “And I ran, ran so far away…”

      A cacophony of screeching galahs is more pleasant on the ears. I hope one day (post cult) Michael can put his mediocre musical talents to good use writing jingles for cornflakes with some proper vocalists. The rest of them should just give it up. Even the obviously reluctant rent a cult crowd look like they are in acute pain. And that’s just the back of their thick heads!

      Glor-i-ass. (I get it now. Just like dad 🙂

  8. Pass the earplugs please says:

    Back to the multiple (adore myself from every angle) mirrors in your bedrooms and your hairbrush microphone girls.
    Im sorry but you cant just add daddy’s dollars and “kerplunk” out of the bowels of esoteric land plops a talented group of singers and musicians
    What an eye opener for anyone who stumbled into that concert by accident, would’ve done a leg spinning roadrunner exit for sure.
    Everything they do is just so [redacted] why cant they see it? Because they are [redacted]!

    Redactions by site admin.

  9. trish says:

    This just proves that most UM people have been groomed to leave possessions and power to UM when they die. http://www.unimedliving.com/living-wisdom/end-of-life/how-to-have-fun-while-preparing-to-pass-over.html

    • Esther says:

      You shouldn’t get me started. It’s obscene. Of course you’re going to think death is fun when you swap your assets for end of life infantilization and assets conditional love bombing. And you’ve been told life is shit, the people who love you and you once gave a damn about are ‘entanglements’ and you’re at fault for your disease. Of course death is preferable to that.

      It’s a high price to pay to welcome death isn’t it? Your estate and your respect for the people who had to put up with you most of your life. Your personal autonomy in deferring to the senseless emotional blackmail of a calculating New Age mogul.

      Too bad if you don’t have any assets. I bet they dump you and your prana right back to your family, or piss you off into a public nursing home and forget you ever existed.

      The UM death squad and their professional POAs, executors and parasite ‘carers’ are a public health risk and a pack of lying, cloying scum.

      I hope they end up disinherited and have to ‘feel into’ that. At least they’ll deserve it.

    • Esther says:

      And who is this written for, except for the ‘community’. A pre-emptive testimonial pretty much repeating what she’s been ‘lovingly’ drilled with – ‘let’s get those papers signed dearie. Here’s a pen.’ There’s probably a contract among them with words to the effect of ‘I really did cause my own cancer, and no no one’s unduly influenced me. No. Really. I feel to trust these people from my innermost. I know they love me for who I truly am. My assets have nothing to do with it.’

      A passing reader would think WTF?

      To get and have all my needed papers filled out and ready (my will, medical directives, enduring guardian, power of attorney, a list with what is where including passwords, accounts and numbers, who to notify after I pass over…) gave a feeling of completion, peace of mind and readiness.

      Most people aren’t aware of the level of detail required to pass over. For instance, most people don’t even know what an enduring guardian is.

      An enduring guardian ensures that your medical wishes are carried out when you can no longer communicate them. These wishes have been written down in an advanced medical directive, which is a legally binding document in the State of New South Wales, Australia.

      The Power of Attorney (POA) on the other hand looks after your financial and material matters when you can’t do it yourself anymore. The executor of your will plays another role again; they make sure the wishes in your will are honoured after you have passed over…

      It is good to review all those papers once in a while and also feel deeply into who you feel is best to be your power of attorney or your enduring guardian. Your circumstances and connection to people can change over time and your papers will need to be adjusted to reflect these changes.

      Since my physical family are all in Germany it was easy to not get caught in the pressure of the conventional ways to automatically put certain family members in certain positions such as your POA, Enduring Guardian or Executor. I deeply feel that I can totally trust the people I chose to do their best to adhere fully to my wishes.

      • Anon 1 says:

        Sounds to me like they are all prepped for leaving their estates to UM or someone else we know. I deeply feel that to be the case.

        • Integrity? says:

          Even mind manipulated into “having fun” arranging end of life affairs. Complete with decluttering tips to make it easy & ensure only valuable assets are channeled to the esoterically revered. Plus a reminder to buy a pesky coffin.

  10. A plea says:

    As a reader I realise that this case cannot be heard and sorted in the Supreme court without paying lawyers/courts money.
    Please may we as concerned citizens get behind Esther and do what ever we can big or small to bring this whole thing to trial.
    Trial will allow all of the cards to be put on the table and aired for all to see, including the amount of bequeaths & lives etc etc that Universal Medicine has been allowed to influence.

  11. The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth says:

    You know there is one person who can afford and who should be funding Esther’s defence, and thats Serge himself.
    Ironic I know, crazy you say…but
    This is his chance to debate anyone on any topic and what better topic than the truth about himself and Universal Medicine.
    Or is it that Serge wants to silence anyone prepared to put a microscopic view on whats going on at UM, and support it with facts.
    He goes on and on about truth and integrity
    Prove it, defend your truth
    Step up to the stage of the real world, and not preach to the UM con-verted audience for a change, where you give your opinion on any topic and it is accepted as gospel
    And when I say any topic, I mean ANY topic no matter how bizzare, it gets swallowed up and labelled glorious.
    Hello to splitting, crap music and books, starvation, sleep deprivation, glorious faeces,rape, breast feeding etc
    All very strange and often funny except people are paying for this stuff with their money, relationships and freedom of mind.
    Who cares?
    Well… UM putting makeup on little girls and advertising, palliative care package!! for wealthy patients, latching onto vulnerable people in general is something we should all care about.
    It will be a tragedy if this doesnt get to court
    This defamation is about silencing the truth with $ not revealing it
    If this doesnt get to court the truth will be buried
    Help Esther out if you can
    Im sure she wont be holding her breath for a cheque from Serge

    • Esther says:

      thank you.

      Now no one get worried if I’m around less – lots of work being done. Thank you enormously to everyone who has helped with the defence. Definitely stay tuned – I felt in my innermost it will be a big year, and it will be. From go to Esoteric woe.

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