Universal Medicine cult delusions, slippery Esoteric truths & gossip September 2016


Serge Benhayon – world renowned philosopher!

September 18: *Gossip tidbits *New subscription: the Science of Bullshit

September 15: Both Ray Karam and Gail Fuller failed to be elected in NSW Northern Rivers local council elections.

September 11: *Ballina Byron Shire election – Karam maybe? Fuller, no. *Life is Medicine fun in Sydney *Serge Benhayon’s AMAZING compliance conscientiousness 

September 18: Gossipy tidbits

No sign yet of the mysterious Natalie with Love TV. Remember last June, when she raised $126,000 via crowdfunding to make online, subscription only advertorials with a potential audience of ‘millions’? Perhaps she rode off to Sirius with it for a porn, chocolate and tequila binge with the Four Lords of Form.


The Northern Rivers local council elections went well. We had a near miss with Ray Karam nearly scraping his atrophied butt into a seat. Gail Fuller, however, failed in the epic sense in Byron Bay. A little bird told me she organized a campaign reception at Elements Byron Bay resort pitched to Byron Bay youth. Perhaps to promote bullying, corporal punishment, circumcision for ‘animalistic’ males and the Girl to Woman grooming Festival.

Gail-Fuller-youth.pngApparently,  she and her team laid on enough food and gluten free beverages for 140 people.

Seven showed up.

Perhaps, Byron Bay didn’t like her particular ‘brand of divisiveness’.


I got a look at the DA for the fifth degree master’s luxury acreage bunker. He bought the original homestead for $800k, and it now boasts two substantial homes. Application went in October last year, and the new pile appears to be complete. Says it was a $950k construction with a $61k swimming pool. A nice addition pushing his property portfolio easily into eight figures.

Sergio’s magical ‘science’ show does ‘symbolism’

As flagged below, Serge Benhayon hit Sydney last weekend with his ‘Life is Medicine’ stand up comedy act, and 40 (yes! 40) bloodsucking hands on healing volunteers, shipped in from all corners of the compound at their own expense. His AV crew filmed the thing, presumably so he can resell the presentation on pay per view, Serge TV.

The ONE held the same show at the same venue in April, and the UM *Facts* and puffery team claimed 220 attended. Shots from last week’s effort show he got about half that. Frankly, $80 is a little steep to pay to listen to the *world renowned philosopher* (who sends out legal threats when criticised) talk about his fifth dimensional gastroenterological impulses.

Anyway, to add to the fun, Benhayon’s added yet another subscription to his list of money for nothing cash extraction ploys.  $25 establishment fee, then $75 per annum. On top of the $190 per annum Way of the Livingness audio subscription, and the $120 per annum, bullying and propaganda site hosting subscription.

This one is called The Science of Symbolism.

From the bloke who sold a bowel movement as an Esoteric ‘revelation’.

We’ve already copped the Science of Initiation, which is Serge’s commercial jealousy and comparison scale. The faith-full scurry along on the UM devotion and expenditure mousewheel and once in a while he humiliates each of them by publicly announcing their initiation level. He rates them from zero to four-ish  according to his assessment of their ‘evolutionary process’ of ‘unfolding back to the soul’. But it’s bloody arbitrary. The most loyal and tireless yes-artists, and staunch adherents to his Way of the Livingness whims are still scrabbling around the threes, while he elevates sleazebags, bogans, imbeciles, and KFC munching frauds to similar levels.

He also flogs the Science of Reincarnation  with philosophical gems like this: As it is said, by those who know and hence fully understand the Science of Re-incarnation: – you re-incarnate whether you believe in it or not. 

And then there was Sergio’s Science of Numerology show at $75 per head:

The science of Esoteric Numerology is based on the fact that because we live by a series of mechanistic movements, that are themselves based on repetitive cycles, we are in affect having an inseparable relationship with numbers due to the fact that cycles can be measured by the amount of times they repeat.

Little wonder it was a one off.

And now, symbolism is getting the Serge-over, probably with Eunice Minford in the wings claiming Einstein’s theory of relativity was actually symbolism/science for clairsentience. And God. And death. And entity rape. And pea soup. Or something. Everything is energy. Serge says so. So it’s all the same.


Each episode is a rich philosophical study that will be available for you to view as many times as you would like…

…symbolism is also a science, an ancient science and a Divine one at that. The Science of Symbolism awakens us into the fact of multidimensional intelligence: communication that broadens and deepens our true capacity for knowledge.’ ~ Serge Benhayon

$100 for that.

Some wag also talked him into a making a promotional video. At least they changed the photography angle to de-emphasize his goitre. But they encouraged him to ghoulishly smile through lines like, ‘the whole purpose of symbolism is to accelerate our evolution’.

Evolution is a process of adaptation to the environment and natural selection, so it would appear to be survival of the dumbest in the Goonellabah eso-system.

September 15: Final election result

Thursday 15 September PM – Ballina said NO. No seat on Ballina council for Karam, and he ran second last in mayoral race. Final Results.

Also I hope to have a Benhayon v Rockett case update next week. Lots happening, but I’m just awaiting more info before I announce.

September 11: Election outcome – bullying works

Stand by for updates on final results. Eyes on Ballina’s A Ward, where the dreaded Ray Karam is candidate. The primary count is complete, but who knows where preferences will head. Karam missed out as mayor, running second last in primary count. However, he’s only 12 votes ahead of fourth place in A Ward on primary votes, where there were six candidates running for three seats. He may win it.

Latest numbers are at the electoral commission page.

Gail Fuller flopped badly, but to be fair, she was a real estate agent running against a very Green Byron Bay. Also to be fair, she was flaky and showed zero political smarts.

Karam, however, got the Brides of Serge on board and loved bombed the hell out of Ballina – selling himself as ‘nice guy’ owner of five local businesses, with an air headed, culturally misappropriating (middle class white rap) missus who runs a popular café – The Belle General – with a menu specializing in orthorexia nervosa.

Karam, who will certainly be the voice of Serge on Council, like Benhayon, is not a sophisticated bloke. However, as far as politics go, his campaign was about as sophisticated as small town spin gets. Sarah Baldwin’s trashy rip off of Tribe Called Quest was filmed by UM’s professional audio visual team. So her fruity little video had plenty of help, plus some paid Facebook advertising. Karam’s nice guy act was also learned from the malevolent maestro himself. His publicity is air brushed beyond recognition and he evades questions. Donald Trump is demonstrating the irrational worship of business achievers – regardless of the integrity of their business. Anyone who regards Karam, like Benhayon, as successful in business don’t understand cult economics. Fair enough, unlike Serge, Karam is actually selling a legitimate product, but we can’t disregard that kissing Benhayon butt translates to business endorsements to the faith-full, ergo cash.

Karam also claims he’s proud to have been part of a team of propagandists who refuse to engage reasonably with the public on serious concerns about unethical behaviour. Rather, Team UM went into attack and defamation overdrive, refusing right of reply, and trying to wreck our businesses and have me arrested. Karam provided links to that madness in his publicity but Ballina voters didn’t read the fine print. Those who did are afraid to speak out in case they copped what I’ve copped, a barrage of bullying and defamation and SLAPP legal intimidation. I know, because they’re speaking to me. Karam didn’t think it relevant when The Echo questioned him about his participation in UM’s bullying. Wait until Karam doesn’t get what Serge wants. Like the rest of the cult, that’s when you’ll see his true colours.

Life is Medicine and puffery and meaningless platitudes

Today, September 11, Sergio the inveterate bullshitter is doing two and a half hours of stand-up comedy at Novotel Manly in a show called ‘Life is Medicine – I’m a world renowned philosopher LOL’. Bring your own incontinence measures and limit fluid intake before the show.

Two and a half hours of his holiness’ profound and scintillating truths:

…you do not watch pornography in the privacy of your room and think that it starts and ends there. The energy you called-in, for whatever personal reason (no judgment), travels with you and thus you lace others with an energy they did not directly ask for. Hence, there is a karma from an act you do that ill affects others … even if no-one knows or ever knows you are doing porn the energy can affect them and so, it comes back to you, for you took it to them. Of course, few outside the UniMed teachings know this but, that does not mean one will not affect others, for that energy will impose on its user (enter) and, revealingly, just because you don’t know that it is karma does not mean that you will not receive the same raping energy when you don’t ask for it or least expect it, for you [sic] will do its thing on you in the same way as you have taken it to others. (Serge Benhayon, EDG Message 13)

Followed by three and half hours of hypnosis and touch ups from 40 (yes 40!) Esoteric healing troupe volunteers. With a bonus session of Esoteric Flailing aka True Movement.

Serge must be a world famous philosopher or stand-up because he’s charging $80 per ticket, and it’ll be another absolutely huge turnout, with over 50 people going, including the 40 (yes 40!) healer volunteers. The customer/volunteers include four members of Neil Gamble’s family, who’d rock up goggle eyed to watch Sergio open a can of water packed tuna. And fork out, and work for nothing for it as well.

I still think David Icke is better value for money. His stand up routine lasts 10 hours for only $130 per head, and his subscriptions are tons cheaper at $65 per annum for video and everything. And he wouldn’t have a bar of Eunice Minford.  She’s a lizard.

Sergio’s unbelievable compliance conscientiousness (aka lies) – TGA

Not only is Serge the Second Coming of The Christ with multidimensional gifts that even the spirits can tune into across the Astral Plane, BUT his integrity is such that when he has a revelation he’s non compliant with various laws and regulations, after going out of his way to evade them, he, or his SpokesBrides, alert the authorities and politely ask them to help them control themselves.

We saw it the other day when Alison Greig suffered for five months, waiting for me to prod her about the whereabouts of the College of UM charity’s deductible gift recipient status. She was just dying for someone to help her make public a critical announcement concerning the student body’s donated funds. Turns out the College’s board have so much Esoteric integrity they begged the Australian Tax Office to revoke it, lest the board lose their heads and abuse it to raise tax exempt funds for their guru’s business overheads. Or something. But no one on the board, not Serryn O’Regan, or Natalie Benhayon, or Alison or Desiree Delaloye, could bring themselves to tell the donors. I’ve warned them plenty of times about depending on me to oversee their transparency, and they still left it up to me. Tsk!

Anyway, looking back through the UM history books, that wasn’t the first self-loving act of compliance selflessness on the part of immaculate Benhayon and his holy minders. He told the Northern Rivers Echo he asked the TGA to investigate his and Jenny Ellis’ shonky lung Eso-Herbs.

ESOTERIC healing business-owner Serge Benhayon rejected claims that he is running a “cult” at his Universal Medicine clinic in Goonellabah…It was also reported that the business is the subject of an “urgent review” by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

But Mr Benhayon told The Echo “there is no cult” and that he had asked for the TGA review.

“We don’t fall under the TGA since we don’t make any claims (about the healing properties of the products they sell), but we asked the TGA to investigate that on our behalf,” Mr Benhayon said. Lismore Echo 26 July 2012.

Except a loveless detractor in Brisbane lodged the TGA complaint and Sergio and financial Bride Jenny did make health claims for the curry powder they sold for respiratory, vascular, connective tissue and kidney conditions before they got their wrists slapped.

The TGA launched a separate investigation about the products Universal sold online, including ‘Connection Herbs’, selling at $40 per 100g, which the company said “promote fire in the lungs and therefore help to dispel any dampness in the lungs. Also good for lymphatics and sinuses”.

Upon announcing the investigation last month, the TGA said it was “concerned” the goods were not listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) or “evaluated by the TGA as the law requires”.

This week the TGA said it had worked with Universal so its “website is now compliant with the requirements of Australia’s therapeutic goods legislation” and only sold one therapeutic good, olive leaf extract, which it had listed on the ARTG.

“[Universal] supplies the product by retail only and now makes no health claims about it or any other product on their website,” a TGA spokesperson said. Medical Observer 14 August 2012.


Archived UniMed Shop page

It’s a bit like the Goonellabah messiah’s hypermobile versions of his Leonardo da Vinci claims. Aw heck. I suppose I’ll have to post them again. He told the Byron Shire Echo there’s ‘no record’ of him making the claim.

Except for the record on Tonight Tonight. Cued up, hit play.

He told Fairfax’s Heath Aston he didn’t believe it. But UM’s customers disagreed.

He has claimed to be Leonardo da Vinci and Pythagoras reincarnate but he backtracked during an interview with The Sun-Herald at his home on Friday. ‘I don’t believe it. Not for one minute do I believe it,’ he said.

‘What I present is part of a whole and if you take one piece outside the whole it sounds absurd. I agree, it sounds ludicrous.’

That will come as a shock to some. A patient at the healing centre said she believed Benhayon was da Vinci returned to earth. A student described Benhayon claiming to enter the ‘fifth dimension’ on stage. ‘He closed his eyes for 10 seconds and said “OK, I’m there now, I can’t see anything but I can feel.’ Sydney Morning Herald 

As I observed in the post on the UM cult’s unillustrious local council candidates, Sergio managed three complete lies in one sentence in a statement he made to the Echo. Now, just look at this humdinger he threw to Fairfax’s David Leser on the Leonardo schtick. He did, or might have done, but he didn’t, but he did.

One of the reasons I like saying I have been, or may have been, Leonardo, because I never actually say it, I hint at it and I joke about it…is to show that he [Da Vinci] did something just more than paint. Sydney Morning Herald

All in four commas and two gentle breaths. But never mind if that’s not clear because daughter Simone is the reincarnation of Winston Churchill.


Now picture that mess cross examined in front of a judge and jury.


14 Comments on “Universal Medicine cult delusions, slippery Esoteric truths & gossip September 2016”

  1. Serge's man in Ballina says:
  2. Lord of Form says:

    That non sequitur about why Serge did, didn’t, hinted at being Leonardo, sums up everything he says too. There’s ample proof he did say that. As there is abundant and self evident proof of any imputation he’d care to deny.

    Its impressive how Serge uses his claresentients to know to report himself to various govt bodies right at the time someone complains. Amazing. He and UM are also the only organisation in Australia to get sent awards and letters of congratulations for how amazing and how much integrity they have. Amazing.

    And what about the time he “found” an article about his handling of channel seven hours after the event that depicted him as a hero? That read like it was written by a monkey. Or possibly him.

    So the question still begs. Why do the members suck it up? Many were there when he collapsed like a frightened rabbit, they all believed him when he said he was Leonardo, a Cathar, a messiah…? What happens in their brains that allows them to reverse position on articles of faith. How can they keep harping on about him being a man you can absolutely trust? As a great place to send your daughters for a a sleepover? Let alone as a man of knowledge or a world renowned philosopher.

    Who is more stupid? Serge or his followers? I can’t make up my mind. One thing is for sure, Serge on the stand is going to be great entertainment. I am bringing pop corn.

    • Courts in session says:

      As soon as the court dates are in Im putting in for annual leave
      Lets see how he goes preaching to the very intelligent non converted
      I may have to sit near the door in case I have to excuse myself for a quick exit due to loudly guffawing
      And his little puny arse will resemble a Kardashian butt I’d imagine with a wheelie bin worth of symbol cards TM shoved down his rear chakra glorious poo shooting region
      You may want to cover your eyes Miranda, theres going to be plenty of double faults

  3. Statto says:

    I love the 1100 shares and the 56 going statistic, especially as you point out 40 of that 56 are volunteers for Sergio. So he’s actually got 16 attendees, or 1.45% or people asked.

    Pity that 1.45%, they’ll be the next suckers ditching their wives/husbands/families and forever kept under the thumb of Benhayon.

    • world renowned defendant says:

      Oops, I forgot the link to that page. Overnight the number of confirmed leapt to the startling total of 59. Worth looking at the list to see all the old faces – including the Goonellabah pilgrims paying their way to Sydney, and paying for a ticket to serve Sergio with their volunteer promos. In total he’ll probably have a few more than that who didn’t confirm on FB, but he won’t get over 100. https://www.facebook.com/events/294282267630180/

  4. Manly targets says:

    In April his nibs boasted he got 220 targets to an identical event. Yesterday’s effort was half that. I wonder who pays Johnny Baldwin etc. fares to film these things? I wouldn’t be surprised if Johnny pays his own fares, like the 40 volunteer Eso healers shipped in from around the country also paid to be there.
    I reckon they filmed the talk and will flog it on Sergio’s pay per view channel. From what I can tell, he charges about $15 per video presentation.

  5. MacReady says:

    “Live the real and true you in full, by believing everything I say no matter how ridiculous. By defending me when I lie and blatantly deny saying things I’ve said even in the public record. By changing every aspect of your life to align with what I say is ‘true’ and dropping everything and everyone, including family and loved ones, that I declare ‘evil.’ Live the real and true you, by handing me endless amounts of cash to become a clone of me, while I constantly shift the goalposts and assure you that ‘you’re not getting it yet.'”

    • Lord of Form says:

      Yeah. I was reading Serge quotes on their Unimed living FB site. They are total gobbledygook. Meaningless words jumbled together that don’t say anything but give the impression they might be saying something. Deepak Chopra style. He certainly fools a few people with them, especially when you shove a nice sunset and font in the frame it seems.

      Play his first line backwards. “evil eht laer rurt uoy ni lluf” and you can ‘feel’ the incantation he uses to mesmerise his flock. He gently purrs that over them as they are massaged into cognitive submission.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hey Esther,
    Saw you compared the creepy Aetherius Society to Universal Medicine on twitter. Aetherius Society isn’t hiding behind a plethora of Front Organisations. I’d say that the Aetherius Society offers less trickery and level of transparency compared to UM. But it’s teachings are just as loopy as Serges.

    Sorry, your comment had to be doctored. We are now in the New Era of litigation, thanks to The One. Esther

    • another bowel movent? says:

      Did the Ascended Masters convey to ‘The One’ (Benhayon/Yeshua/DaVinci) the concept of ‘2016 the new era of litigation’ also by way of a bowel movement whils his pants were down? I also assume Serge and his attack-dogs intend to bully and litigate anyone who questions his religion group?

      • Esther says:

        Unfortunately I can’t make any announcements – waiting for some arrangements to be finalized which may take another couple of weeks. Please be patient, everyone. Suffice to say comments are now moderated and may be edited by me, or not published. It’s not personal, it’s Esoteric free speech – impulsed from Sergio’s innermost.

        If you want to occupy yourselves, glance back over the archives. There’s plenty to read, videos to watch etc.

        I’ll announce when I can – give it at least another week. It’s not all good, but it’s not all bad.

  7. Alan Johnston says:

    A real-world intrusion it seems.

    • Esther says:

      Thanks for your comment, Alan. Hold that thought. Interesting you confuse a threat with a victory. You might notice nothing has been taken down, and nothing will be without a court order.

      I’m flattered you’re watching so closely. Wondering how you’d cope if you voiced your own doubts perhaps? Whether you’d have the guts to stand up to it?

  8. Reality bites Alan says:

    Alan didn’t read this dose of reality, obviously. https://www.caselaw.nsw.gov.au/decision/57c4fb60e4b058596cb9ef63