Universal Medicine cult’s local government candidates in attack site controversy

UM promoters, Ray Karam and Gail Fuller have been questioned by The Echo on their participation in online attacks on me. The Echo focused on a website attacking my professional practice, labelling me a ‘vicious cyber-bully’ with a ‘hate filled agenda’ and warning Byron Bay residents off my services. The attacks, however, are not confined to that site, but strewn across dozens of UM websites, and are not limited to vilifying me, but extend to anyone who’s put their name to complaints or public criticisms of UniMed and its inglorious leader, Serge Benhayon.

Plus, the Second Coming himself responded to questions from the Echo. With rote fictions.

I’ve already done a write up on Ray Karam and how he’s exploiting his career as an ex policeman not just in his campaign to become Ballina mayor, but in his promotions of Universal Medicine. His relationship with NSW Police however, is poor. The service put a stop to his presentations on PTSD, and his former colleagues have serious concerns about his conduct, such as being a presenter at the creepy Girl to Woman Festival. He’s a shameless sycophant of Serge Benhayon and a member of the UM Facts Team, which made national news for bullying. He also he participated in a massive waste of police time in trying to manipulate NSW police to intimidate me with numerous, baseless police complaints.

Gail Fuller is a Byron Bay real estate agent. I also wrote up her promotions of UM, and her unquestioning devotion to the toilet epiphanist and career scammer, Benhayon.

Both put their names to the acupuncturebyronbay.com website with 35 other UM cultists, and statements such as:

It says little of her consideration of us Byron Bay locals, most of us do care if those coming to our town bring hatred, malicious lies and a particular brand of prejudice…Esther Rockett Cyber-Bully has spent over two years viciously cyber-bullying and trolling Byron Bay locals. She specialises in denigrating women…Referred to energy healing with contempt…sought to destroy local businesses and attacked projects that benefit the community. Maliciously tried to have people fired from their jobs – people she does not even know – by lying about them to their employers. Made up lies about sexual abuse of young women when there is no abuse at all. No respect for personal religious and spiritual choices. Gone against everything our town stands for – freedom, acceptance and diversity.

With the disclaimer:

This is not victimising the target, it is saying no to bullying in all its forms.


Alan Johnston, Alison Greig, Andrew Baldwin, Anna Douglass, Brian Piper, Carola Woods, Christina Caplice, Deb McBride, Desiree Delaloye, Elizabeth Dolan, Francisco Clara, Gail Fuller, Gayle Cue, Hannah Flanagan, Helen Simkins, Jo Swinton, Jonathan Baldwin, Karin Becker, Kathleen Baldwin, Kelly Fenech, Kylie Connors, Liane Mandalis, Lyndy Summerhaze, Mary-Louise Myers, Merrilee Pettinato, Michael Woods, Nicole Serafin, Nicolette Hoyle, Paul Moses, Rachel Evans, Ray Karam, Rebecca Baldwin (now Asquith), Samantha Westall, Shannon Everest, Simon Asquith, Tamara Flanagan, Victoria Picone, Yasmin Lang.

Of the noble citizens representing Byron Bay, about 30 of them live in different shires. Most live in Goonellabah, 60 km away. Among them are UM company directors, contractors, financial associates and Esoteric ‘healing’ practitioners. All are public promoters of UM. Nowhere is that stated on the site.

The same people condemning ‘prejudice’ characterize anyone who isn’t a paid-up UM subscriber as ‘loveless’, ‘pranic’ and a member of the ‘Astral cult‘. Anyone who disagrees with or questions them is labelled an ‘abuser’ and ‘bully’. They’ve not once allowed our corrections on their sites. They shun anyone who consumes dairy, sugar, caffeine or liquor. They fear music can cause bad energy to ‘enter’ them, and children can be raped by entities if they come into contact with someone who’s had a glass of beer. They characterize charity and benevolence as ‘evil’,  and believe people with disabilities and child sexual abuse victims are being punished for being abusers in a past life.

It’s not surprising a group of people so rabidly defensive of their anti-social nonsense also believe I’m the one bullying a multimillionaire, hundreds of hostile sycophants – including four practicing lawyers – the cult’s 44 websites and their legal fund.

Serge Benhayon’s amazing fib ratio

The Echo sought comment from Benhayon, and he replied with his average ratio of one fib per half sentence:

In 2012, Byron-based journalist David Leser, writing in the Sydney Morning Herald, interviewed Benhayon.

Among a number of other claims, Leser said Benhayon claimed to be a reincarnation of Leonardo Da Vinci.

Yet Benhayon has told The Echo ‘no records show’ that he made that claim…

I’ve cued this up. Hit play.

Benhayon, who is suing Rockett for defamation, told The Echo that the trial will be held in late 2017.

‘Esther Rockett has made unfounded and highly malicious comments about me which I had ignored since 2012, but after she showed no intention of stopping, I took legal action in late 2015, ’ he told The Echo. Council candidates support website attacking ‘cyber-bully’

For the outcomes of my ‘unfounded’ comments and complaints to regulators, please visit the list on Our Mission page. They include four regulatory actions against UM’s shonky charities, of which Serge is the main beneficiary, and other actions by schools, community groups, an insurer and AHPRA.

Benhayon will have to prove ‘malice’ in court if his defamation claim has a hope of succeeding. And then only if my other four legal defences fail. To do that, the court will need to find I had no reasonable grounds to expose and criticise his sleaze and scams. Again, take a glance at Our Mission page. Or even read the recent judgment from the Supreme Court that dismissed his application to strike out a significant portion of the defence.

In fact, one of the real hurdles in defending this case has been the enormous amount of evidence I’m able to take to court. My team and I had to cut it down. Drastically.

The claim Benhayon and UM ‘ignored’ me is false. With the help of Universal Law solicitors, Mullumbimby, Benhayon and 80 or so associates had my Google blogger blog shut down without a court order in February 2013. They made a number of false copyright and trademark infringement claims to WordPress later that year, which were successfully challenged. They made several unsuccessful complaints to AHPRA to try and have me deregistered from my profession. They made 150 unsuccessful complaints to the ACCC about something or other, no one could understand what, the same year. All before they began the online defamatory overkill, the slew of unsuccessful police complaints, and finally Benhayon’s stab at a defamation claim.

I’m not sure where the Echo editor got the comment I’d been so outraged by UM I’d started several websites. I was happy with one, until UM managed to get it removed from the Google search index – again without a court order.

Funny about the ‘no intention of stopping’. I put other projects aside to work on this investigation. The problem was, the more I dug with UM, the more I found, and the big picture only got worse. Last year, I decided it had taken up too much of my time already and moved on again. Benhayon’s claim made sure I came back to the investigation full time.

My response

Insofar as the Echo described me as a ‘self-described health care activist’ – activist is not a job title, and I’m not sure how else to characterize not just my social media campaign, but the submissions I’ve made to public inquiries, communications with other public health activists and public representatives, and the notifications I’ve made to health authorities. If it’s not activism, what is it?

Never mind.

I responded to the Esoteric payback campaign, and others, ages ago. I might point out again I’ve not tried to get anyone sacked, and I’m not aware of anyone who has been as a result of my workplace notifications. I have asked that UMers not be permitted to promote the cult in their workplaces. Most notifications were made to tax payer funded workplaces. To my knowledge, a number of employers have acted on those complaints and put a stop to recruitment activities. Also, my professional practice has nothing to do with my activism. I didn’t burden my patients with it. It’s been done on my own time. For UM to attack my livelihood as payback is the real malicious bullying.

The only other thing I’d say about their sites, so as to not to waste more time responding to their ridiculous smokescreens, is that every word UM has published about me and other complainants – and the journalists too, has been false. Demented misrepresentations, distortions and outright lies.

All ultimately designed to avert attention from the real problem. The real bully. UM’s topmost conniving coward. The puppet master of UM’s culture of secrecy, exploitation, madness and abuse – Serge Benhayon.

The fact people running for public office have participated in that and don’t believe it’s relevant to their suitability is a real concern.


13 Comments on “Universal Medicine cult’s local government candidates in attack site controversy”

  1. RJM says:

    So Serge blatantly lied (again), contradicting the televised admission he made about his belief that he’s Da Vinci reincarnated. Yet he’s the pinnacle of human integrity. “A man you can absolutely trust” according to Ray Karam. And what was it Serge said about aligning to a lie, again? Ray and Gail are aligning with an extremely dubious character and as such have tarred themselves with that brush. If this reflects badly on their reputation in the community, they only have themselves to blame.

  2. John says:

    I’ve watched the video a couple of times and have noticed a couple of ‘giveaway facial movements’… When asked is it a cult, he closes his eyes. He also does that when asked has he said it can cure. And lastly…a sly grin when commenting on ‘love making or sex’. Would like to hear from anybody that can read these signs as they are a big giveaway to his true feelings and the TRUTH.

    • Lord of Form says:

      He has the same tell when he’s asked about how much he turns over. Smirk, a small nod and eyelids closing and opening slowly. They are micro tells when he knows he is not telling the truth. He’s smirking because he’s proud of how smart he is.

      • W. Harper says:

        How smart he ‘thinks’ he is maybe? His capacity for dishonesty seems to know no bounds and to blatantly lie about the Da Vinci thing when it’s spoken by him on camera a few years back just shows the level of intelligence he really has – and, the lack of respect he has for his followers. He’s betting they are so under his thumb they would never check anything he said from other sources.

        I am sure The a Echo now has this video, a shame they won’t include it, or comments on the article, but after previous love bombs from the cult I can see why. Good on them for reporting on this and I am look forward to much wider publicity once the deformation trial begins.

  3. Esther says:

    The Echo are aware of the that Today Tonight interview, and yes it’s a pity they didn’t use it. One of the Lords of Form told me he tried to post it in the comments. Oh well.

    That’s not the first time Serge has denied that to a news outlet, and we are using it as part of the evidence of his dishonesty in my defence.

    Thanks for your comment, John. I’ve heard of those theories about liars – Bill Clinton was smirking when he claimed he’d not had sex ‘with that woman’. I saw it in a documentary some time back.

    For me the test with Benhayon is easy. If his lips are moving, he’s holding a pen, or touching a keyboard, he’s lying.

    I think he’s at an age now where he’s lost track of what’s truth and what’s not – can’t remember what he told whom.

  4. Ballina BEWARE! says:

    Talk about a couple of wolves in sheeps clothing!
    Dont be fooled people of Ballina shire, these two cult member candidates are very controlled by their “religion”, Universal Medicine and its unhinged guru.
    Look to the real community workers to represent you, not the pimped up profiteering punters from the cult of poop.

  5. Esther says:

    Take a look at video here. Karam used same graphics and colours as another candidate. I’ve been told his rival is a long term councillor who has always used those colours, and is not affiliated with Karam. What a parasite he is. Typical UM.


    • Serge Karam says:

      The best you can give him is it is ill considered. Even if they aren’t trying to pass themselves off demonstrates a lack of political savvy.

  6. Can I "tick" it says:

    Paralysis ticks, lunatics and politics all rolled into one……Mr Sergealike Karam
    What a fucking loser, het your own life man!

  7. Karam the business intimidator! says:

    If Ray Karam was still in the police force he would have been suspended by now for his online intimidation of critics and alleged victims of his guru. No wonder he’s an ex cop! With his vendetta mentality he’ll make an extremely volatile Ballina Councillor.

  8. Flaky Gail Fuller says:

    Flaky Gail Full-of-It didn’t hold up too well to the Echo’s recent Byron Shire candidate Q & A. Although her wishy washy responses are probably slightly more coherent and considered than Ballina imposter, Ray Karam.

    Q. What’s your inspiration – can you please list your favourite author, philosopher and political/business leader, musician/band (genre okay) and artist (of any discipline)?

    A. Group F – Gail Fuller: Simply, favouritism does not work in any fashion. I am inspired by people who stand up for truth, against the odds, uniting people to bring back balance in our society, like Lincoln.


    I’ve stood up for truth and balance against the odds and Fuller and the Esoteric lynching party tried to shut down my blogs, have me arrested, destroy my livelihood and run me out of town.

    The Shire’s other candidates named Dostoyevsky, Frida Kahlo, Isabell Allende, Paul Keating, Jean Paul Sartre, Nelson Mandela etc. I wonder if Gail has heard of them. Her idea of literature is the Ageless BS of Sergi-oh the scammer, but she knows his name is on the nose. I’m surprised she didn’t drop Leonardo.

    • Serge Karam says:

      Yeah a pretty dumb response. She should have just said “please explain’. Lincoln? Hmm Has Serge claimed that one as well? I bet you he has.

      You should be an inspiration for her. A strong woman who has stood up for the truth against all odds, by yourself while being attacked by a mob of brainless bitches. She’s gormless, like Ray.