Benhayon vs Rockett defamation defence updates May 2016

End of August – still delayed

May 29 – objections judgement delayed until June 3

May 20 – *Objections judgement delayed again *Killing time with Universal Law

May 14 – objections judgement delayed plus Serge detracts from his Ageless Wisdom

May 13 – objections hearing judgement delayedlady justice[1]

May 11 – unofficial objections update with video

May 7 – yesterday’s hearing outcome

May 4 – corrections, objections & trial by jury 

May 1 – directions hearing preparations & delays

In the next little while I’ll be making some very promising announcements so watch this post for updates.

A summary of the defence I filed in February is found in the March update.

July 4 – still delayed

The objections judgement appears to be still delayed. I have no idea when we’ll get it – defamation list matters usually run on Fridays. I will announce as soon as we get it, but I suggest we all give up on it for a while. Carry on.

May 29 – Judgement now expected Friday June 3

Justice McCallum had a packed day last Friday – 3 arguments in the defamation court plus the closing arguments for a criminal case in the afternoon, which ran over time. Let’s hope we receive it this Friday. No one hold your breath.

In the meantime, take a look at star witness Sergio’s video defence of Esoteric Breast Massage, and then dare come back and say there’s nothing to worry about there.

If you’re still looking for something to do, go and watch my YouTube channel, with lots of talks on UM etc.

May 20 – objections judgement delayed, Universal Law censorship punts

We received apologies this morning from Justice McCallum’s assistant that the judgement on Benhayon’s submission to strike out my contextual truth defence won’t be handed down until next Friday, May 27. There are some positive signs it will receive media coverage.

In the meantime, I shall be busying myself with lots more UM exposure, some here on the blogs and some new projects.

But for now I thought readers (who may not have heard before) might be interested in Universal Law’s pseudolegal demands from a few months ago which my team and I have duly ignored.

Both letters came on February 19:

It has been brought to our attention that on 24 January 2016 your client published a video on one of her blogs in which she provides explicit details of the early settlement offer made by your client by your letter of 21 December 2015 and our client’s response by our letter of 24 December 2015.

Publication of details with regard to settlement negotiations is clearly inappropriate. Please confirm that this material will be immediately removed.


Those details were Universal Law claiming my contextual truth defence  is ‘designed to distract attention from’ and does ‘not address the issues raised by the amended statement of claim.’ Contextual truth is a legal defence. It makes sure Benhayon’s claimed imputations are not tried out of context of a wide range of very serious misconduct I covered in the same publications. His behaviour with women and kids, and his sleazebag practices are all the more concerning given his delusions, dishonesty, predatory and exploitative behaviour. It could, on its own, without the other four legal defences I’ve filed, win this case.

They also claimed my Calderbank settlement offer was ‘premature’, when the law allows me to make it at any point in proceedings.

They went on to demand that the only way they’d settle is if I ‘admit to fabricating allegations’ – many of which I never made, some of which are amply evident from material we’ve all seen, and the remainder of which were my own experience and others’ first hand experience of Benhayon.

For the record, duckies, I will not be bullied by a cult into making false confessions. I’m more motivated than ever to get to trial to clear my name and expose the Benhayon fraud once and for all.

Lawyers are supposed to provide representation with regard to the law, not what they reckon is convenient for their client’s perverse agenda. The only legal restriction on publication with regard to settlement negotiations is ‘without prejudice’ admissions of misconduct, or alternatively, settlement conditions agreed by both parties.

Pfft x 2.

Our client’s attention has been drawn to an advertisement that we understand was placed by your client in the Byron Echo on 17 February 2016, making a public appeal for donations to assist her fund her defence of our client’s defamation action. A copy of the advertisement is attached.

We are instructed that the advertisement carries the imputation that there are grounds for believing that our client’s action against your client is a SLAPP suit. We consider that that imputation is defamatory of our client and is not honest opinion or fair comment in the circumstances of the publication.

Our client does not, nor could he, object to your client appealing for donations to fund her defence. However our client requests your assurances in writing that having drawn this matter to your attention your client will not further publish the same or similar imputations in future advertisements or elsewhere, online or otherwise.

Serge SAYS SO.

It’s okay, Paula and Cameron, my solicitor lets me use the internet as long as I bring a note from home.

Whether or not my characterisation of the Benhayon SLAPP driven parody of legal process is honest or fair or, um, TRUE, is a matter for the court to decide. Not Benhayon’s invested believers at Universal Law solicitors Mullumbimby – who sent their teen daughter to live at Serge’s place, and are now awfully quiet about the end of her marriage to their client’s son. I’m not sure about the Ageless Wisdom of buying property from Benhayon as well. Complicates matters somewhat, yes?

And aggravated damages? First the claim would need to succeed, and given the dishonest, anti-social behaviour of the plaintiff and his ‘student-body’ of dangerous dimwits – who are currently preying on cancer patients and infiltrating schools – the court would need to be satisfied that there is no public interest in drawing attention to the bullying of these mercenary aggressors.

That’s a fair and honest opinion highly likely to be shared by the court.

And we follow the rules of law, not bullying orders from deluded little despots.

May 14- delays and the disposable Ageless Wisdom

If you haven’t heard, the objections judgement has been delayed. I’ll post the new date as soon as I have it. The judgement should also be published online at some point, which will make for fine reading.

While we wait, I’ve posted a couple of statements from our submissions to the court below. It’s important to remember our barristers act under client’s instructions. They won’t say anything unless we okay it. I received Team Benhayon’s objections a few weeks ago and had a good old chortle about the punt they took to have my contextual truth defence thrown out. The weakest submission they made was that the particulars I’d provided about Benhayon’s dishonest and harmful conduct – quotes from the ‘Esoteric Teachings & Revelations’ of ‘Ageless Wisdom’ – were too far in the past. It was so weak they conceded before the hearing.

The fact they tried it at all speaks volumes for Benhayon’s dishonesty and disregard for the faithful followers scrupulously adhering to his doctrines and keeping him and his underachieving tribe cashed up in glamour, recognition and first class luxury.

What a disgusting human being.

But we knew that.

From Benhayon’s SC’s submission to the court:

D. Deficient Particulars

68. In relation to contextual imputation (i) (‘the plaintiff engages in misleading conduct in promoting the healing services offered by Universal Medicine’): 

(a) the particulars provided at (a) to (d) relate to events years before the publication of the first matter complained of. Such particulars are incapable of providing a justification for contextual imputation (i): see for example, Ange v Fairfax Media Publications…[2011] NSWSC 204, [48]-[67]. The particulars are liable to be struck off accordingly;

69. In relation to the contextual imputation (ii) (‘the plaintiff makes false claims about healing that cause harm to others’):

(a) the same timing issue arises as with contextual imputation (i);

My barrister’s response:

25. Criticism is made, that the particulars at 1(a)-1(d) of Schedule A, which include allegations about things the plaintiff said in the period 2010-12 are too old to support the truth of contextual imputations published in November 2014. The submission is misconceived. The temporal difference is slight. Furthermore when the Court has regard to the nature of the statements particularized – to the repetitive and complementary themes, it is apparent that these statements are at least arguably articles of faith or affirmations of core beliefs. The notion that such statements are disqualified as particulars because they were made just two to four years before publication seems with respect to have no merit…

27. The only authority cited by the plaintiff in support of this submission is Ange v Fairfax…

I looked up Ange v Fairfax, a defamation case where a pornographer took issue to some incorrect factual details of stories about police raids on his sex shops. Fairfax argued the contextual substance of the story was true, that Ange was a criminal selling prohibited materials, but they wanted to use particulars of raids that occurred at different locations to those identified in the article, four years before. The judge refused on the grounds the correct dates and indentification of raided shops were necessary to argue the truth of the imputation.

It’s a very different situation to establishing a case that Benhayon is a fraud using his own statements. Whether he made the statements five minutes or five years ago is of no relevance. A fraud is a fraud. At trial perhaps we’ll ask why the Esoteric Breast Massage site was online for four years before he had it erased in 2012 – coinciding with the first media scrutiny. If the media hadn’t questioned it, all that bullshit would still be live.

Apart from that, UM’s own websites – blogs and testimonials, show that those ‘core beliefs’ are currently held and promoted by UM’s investors. The particulars in question – five pages of quotes, but I could have provided many many more – include doctrinal statements from his ‘Esoteric Medicine’ lectures and his book, ‘Esoteric Teachings & Revelations’, about emotions being the ’cause of all disease’, cancer as a ‘cleansing’ – and the result of a person’s ‘choices’, and breast cancer resulting from ‘women who don’t self nurture’.

In other words, that attempt to have the particulars struck out was fundamentally dishonest. He was prepared to try and hoodwink the Supreme court the ‘articles of faith’ central to his ‘Ageless Wisdom’ have a use by date. That little punt also indicates the level of contempt he has for his religious investors.

May 13 – objections judgment delayed

We just received word there’s been a delay with Reporting Services Branch in providing the transcript for last week’s hearing, so the judgment can’t be given today. We’ll be given a new date instead. SergeProp will be heaving a gentle breath sigh of relief – temporarily. It will spare them some explaining at the UK RETREAT that kicks off today at the Lighthouse in Frome. Serge gives less of a stuff than you all think, by the way. We’re talking about a bloke willing to chuck his whole religious doctrine when ‘he feels to’, and to hell with his investors. He despises them. None of them ever ‘get it’.

May 11 – Objections

Righto duckies, below is an unofficial update on video about the case and the hoo ha in court last Friday arguing the objections to my defence. If you don’t feel like sitting through nearly an hour (!) of me rabbitting on about the case and associated gossip, including a few chuckles about Benhayon’s performance in courtrooms, the short version is:

Team Benhayon’s Special Counsel moved in court to have my contextual truth defence struck out. The one where I will argue that I made strong defamatory imputations, in the publications that Benhayon is suing me for, that he is a delusional predatory fraud. He is not suing me for those imputations but rather attempting to convince the court his reputation was only damaged by statements I made about his conduct with women and children. In other words, he wants the court to find me liable for imputations he is claiming out of context to a range of grave concerns.

After all, my concerns about his behaviour with women and kids is seriously compounded by his other dishonest, megalomanic and predatory behaviours.

Benhayon’s SC made a valiant effort to have my defence thrown out.

His basic argument:

  • *The contextual imputations don’t arise from what I wrote because I allegedly didn’t attribute them clearly to Benhayon. He said although I was clear in making defamatory imputations about Benhayon’s behaviour with women and kids, the contextual imputations were made toward the UM community in general, and certain members.
  • *Some of the imputations we’ve included are not precise enough to warrant hearing in the trial – particularly the ‘delusional’ imputation, which the SC reckons I didn’t properly articulate.
  • *Some of the factual particulars (evidence) provided for the imputation of false healing claims and misleading advertising are ‘too far in the past’ (2010-2012 lol!), and therefore can’t sustain our claims he engages in those behaviours.

My barrister opposed all of the above.

  • *He argued I had made very clear UM is cult and I referred to Benhayon as its leader, guru, messiah etc. and made other specific statements abundantly attributing the imputations to him. (‘Self styled messiah’, ‘investors in the Benhayon scam’…etc.)
  • *He said that cults are well understood to be characterized by delusion in every sense of the word, and I had included plenty of qualifying statements – self-styled messiah, exorcistic practices, idiotic Esoteric diets, demented, megalomania, bizarre, loony…etc.

*Finally, their attempt to strike out our particulars of claims Benhayon made two and three years prior because they were ‘too far in the past’ didn’t make it to the hearing it was so feeble. Team Benhayon conceded that argument had no merit. However, UM’s investor students need to know Benhayon was willing to dump the ‘Ageless Wisdom’ and his ‘One Unified Truth’ in order to save his tail. The ‘too far in the past’ argument implied Benhayon no longer makes the claims – all of which are his key teachings/beliefs/money spinners. To hell with the faith-full volunteers working around the clock providing online content to promote his business. To hell with investors who leave everything in their wills, break relationships with loved ones, believe any old bullshit he spouts, surrender their daughters, starve themselves and spend copious amounts of money, time and energy in devotion to the little turncoat’s Way of the Livingness, so that he can continue to propagate ‘the Work’. He is willing to jettison the lot the second it looks like it might be questioned in court.

What was that Sergio used to say about ‘lacking true fiery commitment‘, ‘selling out’ and the ‘measured life’ of the ‘detractor’?

I’ve stuck to my guns all the way. Yes? The conniving philistine Goonellabah guru drops his bundle the minute someone penetrates his cashed up SLAPP & stands up to his army of overheated bitches. He’s the most jumped up detractor of all.  And it’s all a sleaze and aggression ridden fraud.

So, anyway, I put together an unofficial update of the case. A lot of you have shown interest in what happens offsite. The video won’t be publicly listed, it’s more for the case afficionados.

May 7 – outcome of yesterday’s second listed hearing

Byron Shire independent news service, the Echo ran a decent article previewing yesterday’s hearing, and I’d like to thank them for going to the trouble, because every time they cover UM they get spammed with Esoteric love bombing.

So, we don’t have a determination from yesterday’s hearing of objections to the defence and the judge won’t deliver it until next Friday afternoon. I will post a decent update in the next days. It would be sooner but I’ve been doing a lot of work on the case and need to attend to a heap of communications and other commitments. Please bear with me.

For now though, my team and I remain confident that our defence will hold up. We may make some minor concessions, but we are pleased with progress.

I will elaborate later in the week and give a more detailed account of what happened in court. And I expect to make some promising announcements in addition over the next weeks.

May 4 – corrections  & objections & jury trial

There have been a couple of small changes to the order of things. The May 6 hearing is certainly on. Objections should be heard – that will take about an hour. Team Benhayon objected to much of the contextual truth defence and wants it thrown out, so my rep will argue that my full defence needs to be heard at trial. There will be some minor argument tweaking the contextual imputations, but not changing their substance, and I think it unlikely any of the objections will be upheld. I will explain more in next week’s full update.

Defamation cases are often heard by a judge only, but I am also able to apply for a jury trial and I did that yesterday. What that means though, is the judge may not set the date for trial until after the next phase of proceedings – discovery of documents and interrogatories. That phase is all paperwork and I’ll explain that step in due course. So, sorry, but we may not have a trial date on Friday.


Massive thank you to all of you who have donated and continue to donate! I’ll be updating when I can. Yes, I need more help with funds. One backer has been unable to access the funds and has had to withdraw, so if you’ve been thinking you might be able to help please get in touch. My defence is going from strength to strength. My opinion is Benhayon is holding out, hoping I won’t get this trial. At trial he will be humiliated. I’m confident of being able to fully repay loans at the conclusion of proceedings via an award of costs. Please give a hand if you can. Contact me or use the Paypal link at the top of the page.

To those of you who have been unable to help with funding  – we will get there. I’ve put an enormous amount of work into this investigation, so I’m not about to throw all of that away. Thank you for your support.

May 1 – delays

May 6 is the directions hearing where the judge will set a date for trial. I’ve just learned that we are unlikely to go to trial this year due to a backlog in the defamation list. We are looking at a lengthy jury trial – possibly up to 8 weeks, so that will be a slight challenge for the judge to find room in the schedule. Expect plenty more Universal Medicine exposure and analysis from me in the meantime.

The other delay is that Benhayon asked for my consent to file a further amended statement of claim. He’s reduced his claim, removing one of the publications – a blog comment. He added one imputation that is very close in meaning to the others. It doesn’t make much difference to the defence, so I consented on condition he covered the costs incurred for us to update our defence – which requires work by my legal team. Universal Law came back and said I should cover the cost for some reason or other, but gave up on that tack after a nudge about the rules from my solicitor. They then made some huffy demands for responses to their objections, even though there’s no point giving them until they file the amended claim, and we then file the amended defence, and they then respond. THEN we’ll respond to the objections…My solicitor gave them some schooling on those rules too. As of Friday they still haven’t filed the new claim…

What this tells us is what we all expected. Peculiar and pointless carry on, and no sign of advice from a defamation specialist.

Documents & links


The blog & comments I’m being sued for: Universal Medicine’s sexual abuse apologism hits a crescendo

See also: Benhayon vs Rockett – help fund my legal defence – background

Watch this page, Twitter and Facebook for updates.

113 Comments on “Benhayon vs Rockett defamation defence updates May 2016”

  1. Perhaps? says:

    Benhayon and his team have caused a delay more than once.

    These so called “Amendments?” of his are just a delaying tactic.

    When you sue someone you have this all worked out before you start proceedings.

    He is out to delay and wear you and your team out & your finances and support as well.

    He is playing a game.

  2. Brain Sergery says:

    I reckon they are trying to delay things while they work out the trap they’ve made for themselves and Serge. There’s nothing good that can come out of it for them. But I also reckon they are inept. Paula’s not long out of school, and Cam’s out of his depth. They’re running on pure ideology and a belief in the unbelievable so confusion is sure to reign.

    They really wrong footed it with this action, and taking on Esther who is braver than the many in taking this on single-handedly. Let’s all chip in a few more bucks to keep Esther going through what would be a stressful time and to make sure Serge spends a few weeks staring at an incredulous jury defending his non-sense and past and current deeds.

    • Royal flush says:

      For sure…..
      Maybe this will end where it all started
      And Serge will take a big swan dive straight round the “s” bend into the sewer and disappear without the skid mark this time

  3. Anonymous says:

    What a bunch of dipshits. Planet serge laws don’t apply in a democratic society. There is a reason for this, and a reason modern society had lasted this long and esoteric wisdom had failed over and over to gain a foothold. if it goes to trial and s jury is involved head fuck tactics won’t work serge. You don’t have the power to influence those who aren’t willing to be influenced. You will be exposed for the delusional person you are, you just don’t know you are delusional and are have your head so high up in the clouds that you are too scared to face the truth. Out of your shadow your daughters will shine in the real world?? Care to find out ? Set them free you fucking tyrant.

    Hi, I had to doctor your comment.There are certain statements that could be true, but are actually very difficult to prove. I’m quite cautious about defamation, believe it or not. I’m happy for all of you to express your opinions and vent, but I also have to protect myself. My rule is don’t say anything you can’t back in court with evidence. Happy to discuss, here or privately. And yes, what you say about his tactics not working in court is bang on the money. Esther

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s no problem what I said he said would not hold up in court because the tapes weren’t rolling and it would be considered hearesay. But I know what he is lets just hope his followers wake up and rise up against him.

  4. MacReady says:

    I find it hard to believe that Serge might be stalling and/or reluctant to have his ‘spherical truth’ and ‘ancient wisdom’ cross examined in a courtroom. This is a man who knows all the secrets of the universe, can enter other dimensions, control supernatural entities, and is willing to debate anyone on earth who who questions him. The Astral Plane’s legal system is no match for a 5th level initiate with The Heirarchy as his counsel.

  5. Sergically scarred for life says:

    As with everything about SB and UM the irony is that the opposite is true
    Transparency and inviting any investigation is welcomed according to SB
    But he has been caught with his daks around his ankles setting upon Esther with this defamation case
    He misread her intelligence, determination and support
    Now he is shitting himself, again, but its not a glorious miracle turd this time, its the runs through the eye of a needle

  6. Ponder this..... says:

    Maybe Serge is way smarter than we all think
    Has he set up this “prize fight” with Esther in the legal arena knowing he will lose thus giving him the perfect excuse to pack up his family, $ and property deeds and fold UM forever due to overwhelming planet earth pranic bullying (which in reality is an exposure of exactly what he is saying and doing)

    • Esther says:

      I don’t know about ‘smarter than we all think’.

      But yes, he’s fulfilling his persecution complex. The world is against him boo hoo etc. Showing no insight that his antisocial behaviour and compulsive bullshitting pisses people off.

      I’m more concerned he has a crucifixion complex and won’t just pack up UM in that sense, but sell suicide or mass suicide to his followers as the only escape from the evil Astral cult – that they’ll be born again cleansed into higher initiations of the Way of the Livingness.

      I’m quite serious. It’s all been done before and it’s one of the concerns that made me keep bringing public scrutiny to UM.

      As for the financial loss of this case – he can easily cover that. In spades. Even with damage to his reputation bought on himself by bullying a suburban blogger who is merely exposing and commenting about the truth. Followers are still bequeathing him their homes and assets.

      What he won’t cope with is loss of face. And that’s coming via one big self administered SLAPP.

      • One way ticket says:

        He is definitely insane enough to be the dangerous pied piper of Goonellabah

  7. Sergentology says:

    He wants to take over the world driven by his massive narcissistic ego and he wants to squash anyone who exposes the dastardly created world that is UM

  8. Thx says:

    Well done Esther and Team.
    Thank you for the updates.
    Please take time out to recuperate and recharge.

    • W. Harper says:

      Absolutely, thank you Esther! Looking forward to hearing the full debrief from Friday’s hearing. I lit a candle in church for you and the fight for truth in which you are engaged.

  9. More destructed families says:

    A few people are commenting that your case is not news at the echo site. Of course they underestimate how many people serge and um have disaffected. I’ve heard of a shocking new case just this week. A family torn apart via livingness lack of empathy.
    There’s no end to the misery serge brings families.
    I get the sense that the tables are turning. Who’s the defendant?

    • Anonymous says:

      Another relationship?
      Serge says it’s nothing to do with um
      Yet the student body claims anything good that happens is because of um.
      Double standards??
      Evidence speaks for itself. There are what is it 2 relatives of serge who’s relationships have formed and broken within the Unimed circle.
      What were the underlying reasons?
      I had a breakup and I can assure you it is because of um.
      Serge just stop your bullshit and go away you have enough of our money now.

      • Brain Sergery says:

        The UM’ers will tell you it had nothing to do with Serge/UM. It is because they are now ‘amazing’ and their partner was holding them back. In the wise words of Rachel Hall,” Serge never tells them to go or stay”. Yeah right.

        Coincidentally, a higher than average percentage within the group aren’t told to go or stay. Now Serge has a miserable bunch of middle aged woman on his hands all without partners with dour faces mean spirits & too much makeup. He’s got Alison off his back with Mr Wilson, but there’s a shit load of others he won’t be able to hook up. Imagine those livingness meetings in 20 years?

        • W. Harper says:

          Can anyone enlighten me on the make-up thing? I was shocked to see my ex, who is an attractive woman who has never worn much make-up, covered in the stuff. The amount she was wearing was quite incredible. Looked awful and my current partner commented she looked like a street walker (which I found quite offensive) but on reflection was not far from the truth.

          Is it a Benhayon mandate to follow this look?

        • Anonymous says:

          He also tells them under what conditions to open their legs and when they are allowed to fuck too.

    • The Defendant says:

      I’m not too concerned about a couple of blowhards commenting on the Echo – particularly when they don’t know anything about UM or the case.

      One person had a point though – what a waste of money and public resources. I couldn’t agree more. We have Australian defamation laws to thank for that.

      And who is the defendant? Indeed. My lawyer said this from the beginning. I might be the defendant but it’s Sergio’s reputation on trial. Please take a look at the latest update above. Sergio tried to ditch his teachings in order to have my contextual truth defence thrown out. His SC argued that I can’t prove he’s delusional or makes false healing claims because the quotes I used are from ‘too far in the past’ (2012). We defeated that before it made it to court. But desperate much?

      And yes, I have it in writing.

      Hello Anon, sorry to hear about your relationship. I’ve heard that story far too many times now.

      And WH, the make-up is proof the Brides of Serge are willing to submit to the whims of the vile little chauvinist. I imagine he’s told them it keeps them ‘in stillness’ – but it’s just one more dissociation technique. Have them obsessing over their maquillage rather than thinking critically about how their relationships are going to crap, their kids are neglected and they’re being ripped off by a hideous scam. Plus, it’s infantilizing, set up to keep his wimmin stunted at an adolescent emotional level. The age where girls fixate on their appearance and compete, sometimes combatively, with other girls.

      It’s also about image. Deception. Their well groomed (in more ways than one) appearances are at odds with the content – the bullying, the lies, the bullshit, the rorting. A bit like having his teen daughter Natalie read out his writings at the UM meetings – nihilistic, hateful claptrap delivered by this little girl voice. It’s part of the whole mindfuq.

  10. S of a B says:

    LOL’ing at the feeble legal attempt to dismiss Serge’s past ramblings and actions as “that was a long time ago and we can all forget about that now”
    Wonder why the legal representatives of Bayden-Clay and Milat type characters dont use that as grounds for appealing their sentences!?!
    How professionally embarrassing for Benhayons SC
    Bet he had to have a few pranic filled raping entity soaked wines after
    Talk about grasping at straws
    Life is so different from planet Serge to earth
    How true is it though that Serge will throw everything and everyone under the bus to save himself and he is happy to pay for it with death dollars as well
    Hideous human being

    • Esther says:

      There was a precedent for the objection, so I don’t want to diss the SC too much. I knew it wouldn’t succeed so I didn’t bother reading it. Ange v Fairfax Media Publications Pty Ltd & Ors [2011] NSWSC 204.

      Lol, I probably shouldn’t be sticking up for Serge’s SC, but he’s well respected as a decent fellow and good lawyer. He’s just doing his job, and his job is to do his best with that load of shit they’ve claimed. He had to try something.

      I’m pretty sure all of them have clients they wouldn’t personally associate themselves with. Defamation lawyers especially. Cashed up try hard clients. Truly.

      • Anonymous says:

        If I were a fly I the wall at the ranch of serge.
        If he really wants to ditch his teachings he should burn all those purple books which no “astral plane” publisher would touch
        Isn’t it strange that the publisher is also a company he owns?
        I mean if I were to write a book deciphering his books if that’s at all possible and chose them as a publisher would Unimed publishing publish it for me?
        The it’s too far in the past argument, for fucks sake this isn’t like bankruptcy when after 3 years all is forgotten.
        And by the way have the ditched bride and groom from benhayon clan got their divorce settlements or did they sign prenups that last 1000 years?
        Maybe serge will make them marry each other?

      • S of a B says:

        For sure
        I totally agree
        Im sure Serges SC is all that you said and as you have previously stated that followers of the UM cult are generally nice people, vulnerable after their brains drifted off to planet Serge on the rocketship “Amazing Me, but generally ok.
        I wonder if the brides on the top of the totem pole are really feeling their glorious innermost selves or are they tiring of being savage bodyguards to their puny messiah.
        Esther I strongly urge you to further your degree with a doctorate on cults focusing on this journey
        You truely are an inspiring woman of strength, intelligence and character and not because “you said so” or copycat others or claimed to be a deceased genius reincarnated but because you are fighting for prevention of cult harm, on behalf of all those hurt by UM, freedom of speech and exposure of a dangerous conman at your own personal expense.

        • ditto absolutely says:

          “Esther I strongly urge you to further your degree with a doctorate on cults focusing on this journey
          You truly are an inspiring woman of strength, intelligence and character and not because “you said so” or copycat others or claimed to be a deceased genius reincarnated but because you are fighting for prevention of cult harm, on behalf of all those hurt by UM, freedom of speech and exposure of a dangerous conman at your own personal expense.”

          Thank you Esther

  11. Up in glorious fiery flames says:

    Bangalow Benhayon Bookburning Bonfire
    All poor sillies who paid good money for these baffling books of bullshit are welcome
    BYO sugar free marshmallows
    Dress in body tube with tons of makeup and high heels
    This wil be the best event in the whole wide world
    The band and bitchy bodyguards will all be there
    Donation to really truely charity at the gate

    • Esther says:

      Bloody bravo. I didn’t think of that. Little bugger ordered book burnings, then burns his own at the first hint they might be seriously questioned…

      S of a B, I’m just looking up Ange v Fairfax. Sergio’s SC represented a pornographer in that case, lol. Haven’t found the part yet where they had evidence excluded as too far in the past.

      • S of a B says:

        Ha! how apt, representing a pornographer
        Specialist law consultant in lurid and sensational clients no doubt.
        But no matter what I say here, it doesnt count cause its already in the past, so just forget it

  12. Med Truely Gang says:

    Jump in my car, I wanna take you to Frome
    Mmm mmm jump in my car, and become a glorious clone
    No thankyou Serge
    Ah come on Im a trustworthy guy
    No thankyou Serge
    Oh little girl I wouldnt tell you no lies
    I know your game
    How can you say that, king of my sites on the net
    You should be ashamed
    Ooh shes got me there but Ill get her yet
    I got you there
    No you didnt come and try gentle breath
    To own you is my aim, until you reach your death
    Well I dont know
    Ah come on just give UM a try
    Your bank balance will run dry

    Mmm mmmm jump in my car
    I wanna take you home
    Mmm mmm jump in my car
    Theres heaps of girls you wont be alone

    • Anonymous says:

      Seems the ageless wisdom isn’t ageless after all, if he is ready to ditch them.
      What a fucking coward. Not prepared to back his lementing rants which I have seen in action. He can speak for hours on end without saying a single thing that makes any sense.
      That shit won’t fly in court man.
      Get ready serge it’s time to go.

    • Anyone for tennis? says:

      I bet in Frome Benhayon won’t be telling the tale of his court appearance with anything that resembles the truth. There will be the normal spin while the members lap it up and refuse to consider any other viewpoint but his own. Those poor, poor sheep. Sold the ageless wisdom, ditched family and friends for it, bought the books, repeated the words, and now the leader disavows it all over a court case he initiated.

      Never has there been a truer case of the truth being revealed. Can’t wait for the next instalment!

      • Justice will prevail says:

        Serge Benhayon’s lies are as obvious as the fresh fingernail scratches on Bayden-Clay’s face which he attributed to shaving.
        Both these bastards are unrelenting with their lies as they coldly deny, attribute to accidental and even in Serge’s case, apply an expiry date, to any destruction they have caused to others.
        Allison B-C cannot fight for herself now, but the evidence will
        Alison G and the other women of UM should stop fighting for Serge, look at the evidence.
        Debra, Miranda and Natalie are the most exploited and abused of all and need to
        get real and REALLY be honest with yourselves about what he has TRUELY done to you all
        Your enabling is his smokescreen and bullet proof vest
        This man is incapable of love and is mentally deluded.

        Hi, sorry had to modify your comment very slightly. Proving that is tricky. Playing it safe with the legals. Hope you don’t mind. Esther

  13. Ted Mulry goes glorious says:

    Okay, for our overseas friends and anyone under forty, lol, our talented songsmith above has lifted a classic that Sergio probably listened to as a youngster on his AM radio…

    Thank you all for the lovely comments and sentiments. It makes this worthwhile! I can tell you it’s a great feeling to have a highly articulate barrister stand up and back all my concerns and do such a good job of it.

    While we await the judgment, I’ll post some quotes later from the submissions regarding Serge’s tilt to have the particulars of his Ageless Wisdom thrown out.

    Also, I’d like some feedback on the video talks? Are you interested in hearing about the legal arguments? Are you having any trouble understanding what I’m saying? Would you like to know more, or less or…? Did you enjoy the court anecdotes or was it a bit boring?

    Just because I find it interesting, you might not. Is there info you’d rather I talked about?

    • Thx says:

      You did a fabulous job, informative and interesting and you did it so well.
      Thx – more of the same plz

    • Just Esther says:

      You are doing a great job and we love the way you express and inform
      Amazing!!! Definitely never boring
      Video talks are unreal and with not much makeup or a spray on black dress either….not needed
      Funny how the facts can shine through with real honesty and integrity from a real person who genuinely cares and will fight for the truth

    • Anonymous says:

      Doing a great job
      The anecdotes are great.
      I have sat through some of serges ramblings and let me tell you although he is speaking English he may as well be speaking Klingon.
      Wen he drops the ageless wisdom lets hope his downfall will be as fast as the turd that dropped when he first heard the voice so the shitter all those years ago.
      Let’s hope soon he hears that same voice saying enough now you aren’t special you are just delusional, there is a difference.
      There is no such thing as Supernatural rape get a straight jacket and sleep now child it’s ok God will forgive you after he forgives elron.

      • E says:

        Thanks all. Jeez, now I feel (in my innermost) I was fishing for compliments.

        Having said that, compared with the Sergio and UM the bar is pretty low. I could do a YouTube where I read out the user manual for my DVD player and it would still be better than listening to Serge’s bullshit.

        And humility? I’m competing with the humble Porsche driving, anti fluoride Mystic Dentist, and conflict of interest Caroline Raphael who doesn’t look a day over 36 and thinks nothing of shafting vulnerable clients with Esoteric BS charged to Medicare. Blurgh. Don’t get me started.

  14. MacReady says:

    Priceless. Serge peddles what he claims is an immutable ‘ageless wisdom,’ then argues that he shouldn’t be held accountable for that ‘wisdom’ if he said it a few years ago. What a complete joke.

    • Refund please says:

      How can supposed AGELESS Wisdom be made redundant?
      As if it were ‘so yesterday news.’

      There are a lot of people due for a refund Serge.

  15. Whats good for the goose.... says:

    Esther you could also throw up the same objection
    That is,your quotes,tweet and blogs that Serge claims defamed him,and is suing you for,are old, in the past and not that relevant anymore.
    Case thrown out which I am sure at this stage Serge would be more than happy about as he rides in the “bullshit” barrel heading for “Forever Fucked Falls”

    • E says:

      Team Sergio were two days inside the 12 month deadline when they filed the defamation claim. But you’re right – it’s exactly the same logic. Staggeringly stupid to try the ‘years before’ argument. Serge’s SC probably wasn’t aware the Master refers to his rantings as ‘Ageless Wisdom’. If he was he would’ve known we’d use that as yet another example of his misleading advertising. The submission proves Benhayon doesn’t believe his own teachings, or if he does, he was prepared to mislead the court.

      Any attempt by SergeCorp to paint anyone as a ‘liar’ has less than zero cred now that submission was made in writing to the court. (Not withstanding the masses of dishonest publications that preceded it.)

  16. Toilet cleaner says:

    As the UK retreat wraps up, hopefully this will be the last time Benhayon brings his poisonous bile to the UK. As the ageless wisdom has now gone the way of most of his other teachings – down the dunny – I am sure the rest of his garbage will soon follow.

    I wonder if he has a permit to work in the UK, or is paying tax on UK earnings?

  17. Be vigilant says:

    New Web site – Resurgence of yet another Benhayon money trap

    Be vigilant.

    • Anonymous says:

      And Michaels qualifications to oversee this are???
      For fucks sake why don’t government regulators have the balls to step in here?

      • MacReady says:

        It seems the only qualification required to set up an esoteric cash-cow telling other people how to go about their lives in an energetically correct manner is having the surname ‘Benhayon.’ They’re the most amazing family ever because feelings and Da Vinci and spherical truth. It’s not a cult, though. Never mind that UM connected professionals are attributing inspiration not only to Serge, but to the mythical Heirarchy invented by Alice A. Bailey (and exclusively coveted by Serge via claims of reincarnation). Thanks to UM, we have professional counsellors who publicly profess belief in magic faries from Shambhala based on nothing apart from Serge said so. I have to concur; the fact that this rot hasn’t been dealt with by the authorities is obscene.

    • Be vigilant says:

      Minister for Education NSW –

      Inform your local Schools – please!

      • E says:

        Sorry, had to remove an email and phone number there. It’s not cool to put those up because they will be absolutely harassed by Serge’s prize fuckwits. Probably the same ones reporting me to police for ‘harassment’ when I make online comments about their online statements and behaviours.

        A very good motivation for me to get this to trial is the coverage will have people asking questions why the authorities haven’t done anything.

        Still, authorities won’t do anything if no one notifies them. Please take the initiative.

      • UM were at Positive Schools conference in Brisbane says:

        UM presented at Positive Schools conference in Brisbane

        • Grammar Police says:

          “About Michael

          Michael Benhayon is a health practitioner who has been treating many clients, ranging from all ages and walks of life, including teachers for a number of years. From seeing the high levels of anxiety, burnout, stress and depression in many from the teaching profession he realised the deep need for more wider reaching support for all in the profession and has since founded and established a project called Teachers Are Gold to offer practical health and wellbeing type support for all teachers. Through supporting many teachers over the years he understands inside out the challenges faced by teachers today and in particular the impact this is having on their health and wellbeing. Michael brings new light to the current struggles and pressures that many are experiencing in their day-to-day life. He supports many teachers and he regularly presents workshops and webinars to educators and other professionals around the world on health and wellbeing. Michael has also worked with children for four years in a recreational setting. He is also Chair of an Education Committee for a Charitable College.”

          He should go back to school and learn about grammar, paragraph structure, the correct use of tenses, and the use of commas in sentences. What an appallingly written bio, especially as it is on website that purports to be in the promotion of good education.

        • Mick's Resume says:

          Not to mention that Michael’s qualifications as a Health Practitioner are the result of his study at SSS (Serge Said So) University of Goonellabah majoring in PBFP (Pretty Blue Family Photos) with a degree in AM (Arranged Marriages) and honors in STMN (Self Taught Musical Noise)

    • Lord of Form says:

      It looks to me like this is a major push for them. It’s obviously a master plan to get their ideas before influencers of young minds (Serge’s favourite method) to normalize their narcissistic world view and plant some seeds for future recruits.

      There’s no mention of affiliation with Universal Medicine or Serge’s religion, but cult members are all over the site and that is their obvious inspiration. They’ve learned a lesson a put nameless testimonials up, however the people speaking are clearly cult members, regurgitating cult neologisms with the signature glazed look and slow monotones.

      The Global aspect hints at their plans.

      As they would expect, I will be notifying everyone who is really behind this to ensure they cannot get into schools here.

      If you’re in the UK or elsewhere they might be planning to take over the world, I’d be doing the same quick smart.

  18. W. Harper says:

    A shame to hear of further delays in the judgement, but hopefully this indicates Justice McCallum is giving the matter the attention it deserves.

  19. E says:

    Speaking of Michael Benhayon, whose ex wife, daughter of Serge’s solicitor, Paula Fletcher, came to live at his house in her mid teens.

    What can one make of this?

    Hi Paula. No one is saying anyone’s forcing teens to marry in UM, k? But Sergio certainly sets things up rather effectively, yes?

    Concerning? #cults?

    I raise concerns about kids in a cult and get hip with a defamation SLAPP. From you.

    Insight? Paula?

    • Lord of Form says:

      It really indicates some brain damage going on doesn’t it.

      Here is a woman who is helping Serge scam people, and who DID send her teenage daughter to live at his house, only for her to come out married to Serge’s buck toothed dimwitted and talent-less son, oh and and defends Serge having teenage sleepovers…and then she’s tweeting that. (yeah I know, just reiterating)

      For fucks sake!!.. What a totally moronic b… With all due respect Paula. Not that you are due even a whiff.

      What is going on in that skull of hers? There must be so many pretzel shaped rationalizations banging around in there she need a filing system to keep up with them.

      I bet she says “It didn’t happen that way. It’s different. They fell in love” (maybe not, that’s pranic and emotional)

      Far fucking out. I hate this group more each day.

    • Hmm says:

      Maybe Paula is about to leave the UM ship?

    • Brain Sergery says:

      She’s had Brain Sergery for sure. The full lobe-otomy on the bit that is self aware.

  20. To Anonymouse says:

    Hi Anonymouse, your question was a decent one. Answer is we don’t have all the facts. There appears to be circumstantial evidence, but that is not enough to act. I had to take the question down because it could result in some unhealthy speculation. I’d rather not deal with a riot. Contact me directly if you want to discuss. Cheers, Esther

  21. Another immoral money making scam says:

    Esoteric yoga stillness program –

    Why does UM (disguised as esoteric yoga stillness program) require prospective clients health and medical conditions and list of medications?

    Why does UM (disguised as esoteric yoga stillness program) require prospective clients to absolve UM (esoteric yoga stillness program) from any responsibility now and forever?

    The the client MUST allow UM (esoteric yoga stillness program) to be able to release and discuss this medical information with who ever they want including their GP?

    All of this from a bunch of quacks. Who do they think they are?
    Audacity of it all.

    Another immoral money making scam.–conditions.html

    • Brain Sergery says:

      Yeah, the disclaiming responsibility is standard but collecting all that information is not for a yoga class. I’ve been to plenty and that’s never happened. You have to think they want it for a reason. And there is a focus on mental health issues. Perhaps its because they have already seen a few members with underlying issues blow up? Maybe it is something more.
      They are however going way to far. As usual.

    • Esther says:


      All of this sort of thing will look fabulous in court when we go about proving the truth of contextual imputation that Serge preys on cancer patients and is exploitative.

      Totally agree, brain Sergery, that they are disclaiming the hell out of adverse mental health events precisely because of the frequency of them when poor unsuspecting souls get hit with gentle breath trance induction followed by heavy coercive persuasion of supernatural afflictions & entities. Glorious fucking psychosis.

      I doubt the UM arse covering disclaimers & bogus consent forms would stand up in a damages claim though – particularly if undue influence is proven. But I’m not a lawyer.

    • pranabunny says:

      Regarding the bonkers esoteric yoga consent forms, not sure whether the eso practicioners and UM drones are aware that collating this kind of information is heavily regulated in the UK and they would be required to answer any information request submitted to them under the Freedom of Information Act or Data Protection Act. Anyone fancy having a go? I just might.

      • W. Harper says:

        Reads like it’s from a ‘how to spread our cult without looking like we are a cult’ manual. Is this from recent notes? It certainly is backed up by their attempts to infiltrate schools in AU and the NHS in the UK.

  22. Statto says:

    Funny to notice that you have almost as many followers on Twitter as UniMedUM. You’re only just behind Sergio too. The New Era of Sergio did turn out to be a rather damp squib didn’t it?

    This will probably result in a round of desperate “likes” from the faithful few over at the UM Braintrust, but as of today the league tables are:

    UniMedUM: 451
    Esther: 456
    Sergio: 521

    • Brain Sergery says:

      Serge on his first foray on the internet ….”Verbal Pornography!”

      He thinks just like everyone else…

  23. World Renowned Philanderer says:

    UMpty DUMBty
    Preached in a hall
    UMpty DUMBty had a great fall
    All of Serge whores
    And castrated men
    Couldnt put UMpty together again

    • Esther says:

      Yes, yes. Before I get jumped on by UM’s *facts* team for likening the Brides of Serge to whores, I’m issuing the same disclaimer I’ve issued before. I did not write the above comment, and I disagree with the characterisation. K ladies? Comparing Serge’s Brides to whores is an insult to sex workers.

      Sex workers are honest about what they’re selling.

      • WRP says:

        Yes, they are workers in the sex industry, just not honest ones

        • Nighty nite says:

          And anyway…
          All good UMers have long since put on their piggy jimjams,brushed their sparkly pegs and gone to sleepy bo bo’s so they wont read any of this til 3am but the expiry time on these comments runs out at 2.55am so tough (no massage here) titties

  24. If the high heel fits says:

    Apart from conveniently rhyming with “horses”😒two definitions of whore is to “sell oneself” (I’m just jealous) and “work in the sex industry” both of which applies heavily to many of the female upper rung of UM the sex bomb cult oops sorry charity of (crutch grabbing,breast kneading,tampon hating, ovary chatting,splitting experts of loveliness

  25. Benhayon Bounces to Beyonce says:

    All the single ladies
    All the single ladies
    All the single ladies
    All the single ladies

    Sup with my hub
    We just broke up
    Im doin the UM thing
    Red on my lips, swaying hips
    Then a UMer noticed me

    If Serge likes it then you should put a ring on it
    Take your place in a photo, you’re a perfect fit
    Fucking mad, but thats they way he wants it
    Cause if Serge wants it then you gotta put a ring on it

    Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh x2

    I might be a little tipsy now 😘

  26. Esther says:

    lol, someone has been on the sauce tonight…

    at least share it around 😉

    Yeah, we did the whore discussion last year. I did it on Twitter with her nibs, Rebecca Asquith. She doesn’t Tweet at me any more for some reason. Another meaning I pointed out then is ‘debase oneself by doing something for unworthy motives, typically to make money.’

    Ahem! If it fits.

    Otherwise UM and Esoteric Women’s Health is an affront to sex. Calling themselves ‘Sexy. Sassy.’ etc. on their latest website works better than a cold shower.


    And the person with the Twitter stats, yeah, I don’t put much store in any of that. There’s all sorts of Tweet bot services that sell Twitter followers & Facebook likes. Scientology is known to buy in bulk. I have genuine likes from real people, but I can’t control the likes I get from porn bots etc. lol.

    The hilarious thing about UM’s Twitter activity is the M & F Brides of Serge are basically functioning as Tweet bots tweeting & retweeting to each other lolol! It kind of defeats the purpose. I guess they’re enjoying the illusion someone else is reading. But I guess I am once in a while.

  27. Esther and her 'N' titties says:

    Yes, it was “happy pranic hour” here
    And the nips were getting bigger
    ….not more titty jokes😨
    But as everyone knows over at Starvation Acres in Goonellabah I’m really you talking to yourself, so its you who is tipsy pretending to be me who is tipsy and now you are full of “N” titties

  28. Glorious Vultures says:

    In the current news ……
    92 year old dying man leaves $1 million estate to nurse who cared for him in his dying days which comes as a total surprise to all who knew him. The new will was only days old and witnessed by co-workers of the nurse.
    An immediate investigation has been launched
    Guess this nurse didnt have the time and resources to pre-video this poor man or set up some legal paperwork to stop any contesting ala Serge Benhayob
    N and the McIntyre estate
    Now she faces eternal and professional damnation for her callus and greedy act and hopefully will be forced to return the estate to the rightful benefactors.

    • Brain Sergery says:

      She’s under investigation because she is answerable as a registered nurse and there is a code of conduct.

      There is no such code of conduct for cult leaders and their minions who swarm around dying followers and gently coerce them into handing over huge sums before and after they die.

      Ah, the day Serge realised cult leaders can do whatever they want was a glorious one!! It was probably as he was wiping his ass all those years ago, right after that enlightening shit.

  29. S of a B says:

    He needs his arse kicked from here to planet Sirius and back, not wiped.
    Soon he will go down in history as the puny cult leader who conned, ripped off, exploited and destroyed so many.
    Serge reckons karma is an important part of UM
    Wouldnt want a slither of the tsunami of evil karma heading his way to engulf him

  30. Colonic Con says:

    Cause he doesn’t eat, Serge only shits once a year in line with his manstrual cycle when the moon is full and the sweet voices call him.
    Perfectly normal

  31. We are with you says:

    We are with you Esther.
    We hope that today or tomorrow the decision is given.

  32. Please read this and support THX Esther says:

  33. Esther says:

    Thank you.

    Now keep your hair on if you haven’t seen the latest Facebook post. Keep your shirts on as well. I don’t know what happened in court today, whether we have a judgement or not. I know Justice McCallum had a full slate. 3 arguments in the Defamation court, and a closing whatsitstits in a Criminal trial as well. So I’d be surprised if we got our judgement to be honest.

    In the meantime, stay off the streets and go and read about Teachers are Gold’s big fat flop at a national education conference.

    Or read the comments on the Fronts page about Vicky Lister’s Esoteric Undies. Truly.

    That’ll keep you busy for a bit.

  34. W. Harper says:

    Was there further delays to the ruling? Any word on when it may be?

    • Esther says:

      Hi. No, we’ve had no word on it. We’re waiting. Will let everyone know as soon as I know, but maybe don’t hold your breath.

      If it’s any consolation, I’m putting the finishing touches on the Esoteric Breast Massage video compilation. It’ll be the ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ of Esoteric Breast Massage documentaries, lol. It’ll keep you all amused for a bit.

  35. Alan Johnston says:

    Clearly ER, LM and limpet anonymous, you are addicted to the sound of the tumbrels rolling – with you as collective judge, jury and febrile executioner. All applied to hundreds of people you’ve never met and cannot possibly truly assess.

    Substitute some other words for your othered ‘numpties’. How about: wogs, reffos, dagos, kikes, nips, chinks, boongs and so on. A noble tradition you are continuing. The ‘cult’ slur – the last unalloyed bastion of bigotry. In any case it is worth reflecting on the ultimate fate of the sans-culotttes….

    • Esther says:

      Bigotry, Alan my pet?

      What about labelling people pranic, Astral & lovel-less?

      In separation? Leading a measured life? In pain? Abusive? A detractor? Possessed by entities? Not in your truth? Not being you? Liars? Judas?

      Have you paid up for your UniMed Living site hosting subscription yet, lovey?

      Sat on your symbol?

      I would love you to answer some questions…

    • Esther says:

      Hmm, maybe start with why Serge objected to my defence by trying to tell the court his Ageless Wisdom from 2010-2012 was ‘too far in the past’? And then why did he drop that tilt suddenly before the hearing?

      Why did he pull his Esoteric Breast Massage video from the internet within hours of me posting it here and critiquing it?

      If you’re paying to ‘show who you are’ and ‘hiding is so last era’, why does Serge detract from his own teachings and pull his own videos off the internet??


      You’ve been had, darling. And believe it or not, if you need support when you want out, guess who will be here for you…? Hint: it won’t be the Brides of Serge.

    • Stupid Wanker says:

      You are in a cult Alan
      You are in a cult Alan
      You are in a cult Alan
      You are in a cult Alan
      You are in a Cult Alan
      The anti-Serge army is multiplying faster that entities in a pub
      Deal with it

    • lance says:

      You like the sound of your own voice don’t you Alan. Mate, I have met a lot of the members and socialized with a few. I’ve sat with Serge more than a few times and listened to his self righteousness pontifications.

      I don’t have anything against any particular member, other than a few that have made a concerted effort to make my life miserable. No one is saying that members are not generally well meaning. We are saying- unequivocally, and without hesitation- Serge is a first rate shonk. We know that because we know about his past, his lies, his deceptions. How? Big mystery…we looked.

      As I have often said, many are obvious, you’re just choosing not to see. Others are just downright underhanded. No one I have ever offered has bothered to look at bit of paper that prove those things. What does that tell you, Alan old mate?

      Implying that we’re racists because we think you’ve been sucked in is a stretch. Another shithouse adhominen dig because as usual you don’t have an actual argument. Your lost in a fantasy world that Serge has shackled around your head, and your only defense is to have a dig. . Just like the hundreds of other ‘numpties’ who have spent the last two years vilifying me and Esther, and others, to defend their pathetic little delusions.

      Alan, i can tell you, you are a dumb fuck. You can unalloy yourself right back into your little fantasy world. Which by the why IS A CULT. Fuck head.

      And can you just shut up. You can throw in fancy words, but it’s just lame assed sophistry. You’re an idiot, and we’re not interested unless you decide to have an actual argument.

      • Esther says:

        I don’t want to Alan to shut up. I want to him to do better.

        Bigotry, Alan? Really.

        You’re allowed to comment here. Many of us have made reasonable and polite comments, or asked questions on the sites you are paying to maintain, and they’re not allowed. I’d call that bigotry.

        It’s also intransparency.

        Let’s make a deal. I’ll answer your questions if you answer ours. Actually, I even answer them when you & your lot don’t. Otherwise, you’re like a little school boy thumbing your nose and running away. Boo hoo.

        • lance says:

          I want him and other members to shut up until they CAN construct an actual argument.

          All we have heard from them for four years is eso-waffle, denial, personal attacks, accusations, false hoods, lies and piss weak Serge regurgitation’s. I’d like just one actual considered argument that proves their position, or disproves ours.

          Alan is the poster boy for the lame-brained smart-assed holier-than-thou dip-shit crap they specialize in He thinks he’s smart, but he’s as smart as my left big toe. If he’d like to argue that, he can come to my place and explain why he’s right. Or he should just shut the fuck up. Which he should do, because he isn’t. I am sick of listening to their moronic bleating at our expense so they can feel better about themselves.

          In four years, everything they have said and done is bereft of even a modicum of intelligence. Even from those that profess to have a lot. Alan is just their prize pin head who puts his name to it. Serge probably gives him a front row seat at his shows.

      • 💩for brains says:

        Lol! Go Lance

    • WTF!! says:

      Alan at least proved he can get a reaction fast. 3 or 4 in a matter of minutes. I think that’s his job. To piss us off. it worked. he sure is a first class idiot though. I bet he spent a week on that little word play that means diddly-shit.

      Hey Al, you know how you’re not in a cult?… How come you can post here, and we can’t post there?

      • Hi Alan Johnston 😃 says:

        Look, fair enough, he pisses some of you off when he rocks up here with petty little ad hominem snarks. He doesn’t piss me off. UMers are told not to read my sites, and if they do read, they’re given debriefings plus an ‘expression’ drill from Alison Greig. Yeah?

        If he’s here, he might be reading, and if he’s reading he might be trying out some reality testing. He might be having doubts. Where would you go if you were?

        Comments are open Alan. Ask anything you want, but if you come here and insult people, don’t expect hugs, okay?

        Now, how many subscriptions to UM do you have? How many different initiatives have you been asked to donate to in the past year?

  36. Big Dog says:

    Time for bed Alan, its past 9pm
    But no one tells you what to do, eh

  37. Dear Alan...... says:

    Hey Al
    I am a thinking independent adult woman who is not in a cult.
    No one tells me what to eat, drink, listen to, read, wear, when to sleep, give my money away, picks my personal sanitary products(or in your case, only ok if you are circumcised)
    or decides on my emotions.
    Can you say the same?

  38. Alan off leash says:

    How many 💩 points will you get from your glorious guru for risking the entities coming over to this site to stir us up with your silly opinions


    Are you in big trouble at 3am when Sergio wakes for another day of destruction and greed

  39. Rockpool says:

    Funny thing is Alan, that you look in the mirror and see a white pointer, sharp teeth bared, defending your cult.
    But what you actually are is a limpet, stuck on a rock with fellow limpets going nowhere.
    And the salty water splashing over you isnt the tide rising, its Serge pissing all over you.

    • WTF!! says:

      Nice metaphor

      • Rockpool says:

        I just have this strong desire to shake these people verbally out of their trance
        We are not getting anything out of exposing Serge Benhayon for the fraud that he is and we certainly are not jealous ala Nat’s tank top
        Esther has made a huge committment and personal sacrifice and I for one will support her all the way through the crescendo in the Supreme Court

        • Esther says:

          Hi, thank you, and we all understand your sentiment, but I’m going to be a bore though and say that facts & reason don’t have much or any affect on cult members. That’s been known for a heck of a long time.

          I don’t expect to get anywhere trying to persuade Serge’s investors. I’m interested in exposing the bullshit so that everyone else knows to give them a wide berth.

          What concerns me a lot more than silly old Alan is the organisers of the PASH conference – given 15 pages of documentary evidence of risks to children, including public dishonesty and bullying behaviours by Sarah Davis and Rebecca Asquith – they hand those nasty, commercial propagandists a platform for spruiking to kids.

          The PASH organisers are health, mental health & youth work professionals. What’s their excuse?

          I’d prefer you verbally shook one of the local high school principals. Ask them WTF?

  40. Rockpool says:

    Give me a contact for PASH and I will happily voice my concerns to them
    It may help that I am a real health professional as well

  41. Esther says:

    No judgment yet, and I don’t know when we’ll have it. Nothing I can do about it. We’ll just have to be patient. Thx.

    • W. Harper says:

      The wheels of justice sometimes turn very slowly. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer.

      • Esther says:

        I’m sitting on a fair bit of UM dirt at the moment, so if I can’t do a case update I will release some tidbits from the Goonellabah compound. 😉

    • Patience is a virtue! GRRRRR says:

      Legal matters move slowly (ALWAYS) No-one has control.
      Also expect that when dealing with control freaks who are also nutta’s that they love changes and delays.
      Imagine whoever is the Judge wading through all of that tonne of tripe so as to make a fair and PRELIMINARY decision BEFORE the case even begins.

      • Gladys................. says:

        Glad that it is not me…..shows UM legals have NO idea of the REAL legal system! lol