Universal Medicine April 2016 photogenic fictions, gossip and damage control

2 out of 3 Benhayon marriages fail, but they're all AMAZING best friend$

2 out of 3 Benhayon marriages fail, but they’re all AMAZING be$t friends

April 27 *Psychologist Caroline Raphael, registration & accreditation fictions & assisted  brainwashing *Holy Hell documentary on Buddhafield cult

April 24 – *Martin Gladman tanty *Psychologist, Caroline Raphael, & another Esoteric ‘no wrongdoing found’  

April 17 2016 – *Esoteric marital bliss – two more Benhayon marriages bite the dust *No wrongdoing found update *New frontiers of exposure

Cult fictions – Caroline Raphael’s Esoteric registration & accreditation + assisted brainwashing

Down the page I wrote about the cult’s latest bogus legal threats. No irony they accused me of misleading advertising for posting Martin Gladman’s words about me verbatim. AND Caroline Raphael accused me of lying, using a carefully scissored adverse finding letter as Esoteric evidence.

It seems she was hungry for my attention.

It reminded me of this masterpiece of cult manipulation from ‘The Psychological Wellbeing Conference’ flop of 2013. The one that was ejected from Bond University when they found out it was run by an occult worshipping death cult that is always on the prowl for fresh meat.

I confess, I couldn’t sit through the whole video of ‘Understanding the Choices we make and why!’ and I don’t expect any of you to without the help of the fast forward button, but this has to be heard to be believed. It follows the UM cult indoctrination script – paraphrased as registered psychologist, Caroline Raphael takes the stage, says her life was shit before UM, blames her education and profession, but she’s never been more AMAZING since she became fully indoctrinated into narcissistic ‘self care’ and preciousness, and used her professional standing to share the anti-social ‘joy’, but not necessarily the profits. She gets Annette Baker up on stage to talk through an exercise on how to work out whether choices have positive or negative consequences. Yeah, I know, zzzzz. So she and Annette spend ten minutes workshopping on a whiteboard the consequences of making the life changing choice to – wait for it – no, not lie, not rort Medicare by charging Esoteric psychology to mental health plans, not take on people you socialize with as clients, not write complaints & affidavits in a professional capacity about people you’ve never met, not participate in mass grooming of vulnerable people, or the exaltation of a predator, or use undue influence, or make bullshit legal threats – no, they workshop the choice to eat chips.


Ten or so minutes? God knows, I couldn’t watch, of persuading an already eating disordered congregation to fixate on effing *chips*, while the fraudster supreme sits in the wings, counting the cash he’s raking from smashing and robbing families and having his pet health professionals talk targets into habit forming neurosis.

Notice how the two of them coach viewers into how to feel about an innocuous food that’s harmless to eat in a balanced diet. A former UM customer asked me if it’s possible to have a psychosomatic reaction to food, and you certainly can if you’ve been persuaded to.

Caroline Raphael. *Psychologist*.

While searching for that video, I came across Ms Raphael’s website and discovered she’s ‘convener of the Australian Psychological Societies [sic] (APS) interest group, Psychology and Complementary Medicine,’ where she pretends the Benhayon Esoteric healing fraud is ‘complementary medicine’ and tries to sell it to other psychs. One wonders if she tells them about Sergio’s imaginary child raping ‘entities‘.

And I have to share the part where she calls herself a ‘registered’ Esoteric practitioner ‘accredited’ by Benhayon’s accreditation scam, the Esoteric Practitioners Association.


This is getting tedious. Caroline’s associate Bride of Serge, exercise physiologist Danielle Pirera, also misleadingly described herself as registered at one point.

The terms ‘registered’ and ‘accredited’ health practitioner have specific definitions under the national law. Caroline might be a registered psychologist (watch THAT space), but no one is either registered or accredited under any ‘complementary medicine’ scam.



In this Law-
 “accreditation authority” means-

(a) an external accreditation entity; or

(b) an accreditation committee.

“accreditation committee” means a committee established by a National Board to exercise an accreditation function for the health profession for which the Board is established.
“accreditation standard” , for a health profession, means a standard used to assess whether a program of study, and the education provider that provides the program of study, provide persons who complete the program with the knowledge, skills and professional attributes necessary to practise the profession in Australia.
“accredited program of study” means a program of study accredited under section 48 by an accreditation authority…

national registration and accreditation scheme” means the scheme-(a) referred to in the COAG Agreement; and(b) established by this Law…

registered health practitioner” means an individual who-

(a) is registered under this Law to practise a health profession, other than as a student; or 

(b) holds non-practising registration under this Law in a health profession…

registration authority” means- 

(a) a local registration authority; or

(b) an entity of a jurisdiction outside Australia that has responsibility for registering health practitioners in that jurisdiction…

registration standard” means a registration standard developed by a National Board under section 38.

And no Serge and Natalie’s Esoteric Practitioner Association Pty Ltd, as enthusiastically sold by cult doctors Maxine Szramka and Eunice Minford, and the Mystic Dentist, Rachel Hall, is neither an authority nor recognized under the law. Registered practitioners are searchable on the AHPRA Register. AHPRA implements the National Accreditation & Registration Scheme. There are 14 registered health professions in Australia and Esoteric excuses for an unqualified grope aren’t any of them.

Nor are they ‘complementary’ to medicine or anything else. Wait until they’re hung out to dry in the Supreme court.

Failing to indicate that in advertising is deceptive and misleading to members of the public who don’t know better.  Caroline Raphael.

Holy Hell

Looking forward to the release of this documentary on the Buddhafield cult run by a South American born prize narcissist, Michel, (formerly Andreas), which began in California, moved around the US and is currently based in Hawaii. It was documented by a cult member who happened to be a film maker and photographer.

He created an environment of love and acceptance and would perform a euphoric physical act on them that he referred to as Shakti; members said it would shake them like an intense LSD trip. Of course, this man – who eventually changed his name to Andreas – wasn’t quite what he seemed…

A registered hypnotherapist, Andreas had forced younger male members – including straight ones – to have sex with him for years on end. He insisted that female members have abortions. He had members spend thousands of dollars on plastic surgery on themselves. The Telegraph

Underestimate these characters at your peril.

April 24 – Martin Gladman et al pseudolegal chest beating

It seems Sergio’s legal team has taken to writing me comedic unrequited love letters via other people’s email accounts. The first came through counsellor and life coach (lol!), Martin Gladman, of Melbourne. Or maybe his Mail account has an entity in it. Anyway, Martin must have kissed some butt to be appointed dogsbody on Natalie with Love (lol!) TV, pandering to its ‘millions of viewers’ (lol x 2), and as a presenter for the College of Universal Medicine sham charity pushing subscriptions for Glorious emasculations to blokes. I’m not sure if he’s aware Paula Fletcher has hijacked his email, or whether he volunteered it as part of his ‘expression project’ and a run at earning points from Sergio for a higher initiation:

Gladman - 1I replied with my usual restraint.

Gladman - 2

I’m not sure if he was part of the project that spammed the ACCC with 150 complaints of something similar. They were unceremoniously dismissed at the first assessment hurdle. Anyway, his glowing testimonial is the bottom-most Tweet of this exchange.

Martin & the girls obviously see me as an overachiever.


No Esoteric wrongdoing found update II – registered psychologist, Caroline Raphael

Last month I mentioned Caroline Raphael had been disciplined by the Psychology Council, nearly two years before Marianna Masiorski was put on conditional registration over her irresponsible promotions of UM.

Paula must have commandeered Caroline Raphael’s email account in another display of high charged Esoteric passion a few days before the Gladman pseudolegal tantrum:

Raphael-innermost-angst-1She sent the following attachment:

abstract for Esther Rockett

To which I responded:

Oh my goodness, Caroline, you forgot to send the rest of the letter, tsk tsk. How Esoteric of you. This bit:


The cordialities continued for a while, where I asked how many people she attends the Church of Serge with are also her clients – a serious breach of psychologists’ code of conduct. Psychologists are not permitted to socialize with clients at all. Two years must elapse after any treatment before they are allowed to do so without facing disciplinary action. I also asked whether she’d declared income she earned touring Esoteric Pyschology to the UK to the tax office. But no – she’s the model of Esoteric integrity:

Dear Ms Rockett
My professionalism and integrity is not under question here. The point is you have lied and made false statements about me…Use whatever words you like as a distraction but the evidence is plain and clear, no decision can be published if it does not exist. I have NOT and never have been put on conditional registration, this has not been written anywhere as it has never occurred. In truth, Caroline Raphael

‘In truth’, lol. From here on remind me to address all replies to ‘Ladies & Serge’. Their overwrought devotionals and uniform pseudo-legalese reek of the erotic frustrations of the UM *Facts* committee.

Dearest Caroline, 
Thanks for your update on your Esoteric integrity and lovely-ness. 
I’ll be forwarding your threats to the psychology council as evidence you lack insight into the disciplinary counselling you were ordered to undertake “when there are issues of concern to the Council which may constitute a departure from acceptable standards of practice or where the Council needs to assure itself that a psychologist is aware of the acceptable standards of practice and conduct.”
Shall I spell it out? Seeing the gentle breath meditation has calcified your synapses? Given the Psychology Council of NSW has jurisdiction over your registration and you were ordered to undergo counselling, I would call that a condition of your registration. 
Put it this way, if you stamped your little foot and refused, they would have escalated the disciplinaries. Yes? And if you kept refusing they would have deregistered. Yah?
Do as you wish Esther, put in as many vexatious complaints as you like. You only further support my case.
Your case of what Caroline, my love? Delusion?
In your last email you wrote, ‘My professionalism and integrity is not under question here.

Um, lol, it is. You’ve breached the law, you continue to do it and you deny the Psychology Council REQUIRED you to undergo counselling, my dear.

The point is you have lied and made false statements about me. 🎻 

UM should get Brendan Mooney to set that music. 😀
I’m kind of glad I was too lazy to dig out the letter documenting Caroline’s tangle with the regulator and post it last month. We would have missed out on all that entertainment.

April 17  – Two out of three Glorious marriages fail – Universal Medicine’s gaping relationship cracks

Remember this from Sergio and his butt kissing Mystic dentist in the Courier Mail?

Mr Benhayon told The Courier-Mail it was absurd to suggest Universal Medicine was a cult and his students were not compelled to do anything. He said the reported 42 marriage breakdowns “if accurate, is terribly disappointing” but Universal Medicine was not to blame.

“I’m not causing the divide, the divide is being caused by the situation (which) as far as I know, factually, has always been there,” he said.

Dr [Rachel] Hall [of Evolve Holistic dentistry Kenmore] said there were “no grounds for saying it’s a cult” and that media scrutiny of Mr Benhayon “feels like a witchhunt”. She knew of “a few” couples who split after joining the group as lifestyle changes were “very confronting” for some partners.

“But were there cracks in the relationship beforehand?” Dr Hall said.

New Age Medicine of Serge Benhayon leaves trail of broken families, September 2012

Now Natalie and Michael Benhayon have joined the casualties, leading one to surmise that the rate of divorce in the Benhayon family is not only double that of the general population – which Serge refers to lovingly as the ‘Astral Cult‘, but may exceed the dismally high stats within the UM community. Of six marriages (counting Serge x 2), four have failed. Of four Benhayon kiddies, 3 couplings have bit the dust so far.

Simone managed a couple of years with David Nicholson before he keyed her Alpha Romeo. That particular loveless male has moved on to the next available bride.

Emmalee and Michael Benhayon made it through three or four years by my calculations. A noble effort, and they are soldiering on with new partners from among the atrophying dating pool. Emmalee, as we know, is the daughter of Serge’s solicitor, Paula Fletcher, of Universal Law and moved in with the Benhayons when she was fifteen or so. Which raises some hilarious questions for Paula as a family law solicitor. How will she make sure Emmalee gets her share of the property settlement? It all gets pretty murky when your daughter’s Dad in law is her some time employer, your client and when you’ve bought real estate property from him as well – when you weren’t burning books at the messiah’s behest, that is. I guess that’s why the Law Society recommends its members avoid conflicts of interest.

Ho Hum.

But even I couldn’t predict the poor performance of Natalie Benhayon’s marriage to Conor Turley. They got themselves to a civil ceremony around September last year, reportedly, but didn’t make it to the Esoteric-knees-up in Frome in November. Rumour has it poor old Conor got lost between the six mirrors in the boudoir of Princess Nata-lie and became invisible.

As predicted. Poor bastard. But in the first weeks??

The inevitable failures of these pairings, of course, had nothing to do with the Esoteric oppressions of the Way of the Livingness®. Nothing to do with having to live with or in the pockets of one’s in laws – in particular a stunted little autocrat called Serge and his constant hounding about ‘respect’ and not being in the ‘right energy’ in literally everything his earners do, from the way they walk, make sideways glances or nibble their raw nuts. Nothing to do with eating chicken being fine and full of the light of the soul one day and not ‘in truth’ the next, or having your music skills constantly picked on by an untrained, philistine schmuck in spite of all those 4 am Glorious Music rehearsal starts.

No one ever gets it right.

Nothing to do either with being conditioned from a young age that emotions are the cause of all disease and empathy is ‘poisonous’ and ‘pandering’. Nothing to do with smacking the pack energy out of boys, burning photographs of the kids’ adolescent friends or making them stare for hours at a wall.

No. Apparently the marriages go tits up because it’s the ‘new era of responsibility’.

Serge Says So.

He also delivers sermons and runs workshops on relationships and parenting.

And of course, no one, upon no one, ever measures up.

No wrong doing found update – Alison Greig in damage control

Following up from last month’s ‘no wrongdoing found‘ gossip, in February, Alison Greig was snarking @ me on Twitter, so I took the opportunity to quiz her on what had happened to the College of Universal Medicine’s DGR (deductible gift recipient status).

An eery silence persisted until March when I blogged a link to the Australian Business Register page showing the DGR was cancelled in October last year, and asked her again about her recent public insistence our complaints had all resulted in ‘no wrongdoing found’. Alison is a director with Natalie Benhayon, Brisbane barrister Charles Wilson et al, and with UM Pty Ltd company director and Serge’s pet lawyer, Serryn O’Regan as Chairman. I doubt Alison was told the charity was under investigation when she was blessed with the job.

The response was loving, ‘truth-full’ and very Esoteric.

Alison and associates had hopped into damage control and edited a page on the College website to claim the charity had surrendered the DGR voluntarily. But a glance at the webcache showed they didn’t update the College site until I blogged it. Over five months after it was published on the ABR. On March 2nd it still hadn’t been announced on the College site.

Avid cult propagandist & scam charity director Alison Greig

Avid cult propagandist & scam charity director Alison Greig

The excuses they gave for giving up the DGR are a pathetically gigglesome admission that the College’s educational purpose is and always was bullshit. They omit the bit about sham charities being the target of new regulations. All along we’ve known the College is a fundraising front to improve a business premises owned by Sergio, doubling as a promotional front for his lunatic anti-social teachings.  I’ll cover the new rules more in the next charity update.

But the point I’d like to make is for all her effort churning out Esoteric *facts* to trash complainants and journalists, Alison Greig is just another of Serge Benhayon’s human shields, chosen for her eagerness to please ‘The One’, her righteously enthusiastic bitchiness in policing the Eso-community, and her boundless passion for overblowing farcical propaganda smokescreens. Serryn O’Regan isn’t stupid enough to put her name to social media bile, and Serge and Serryn have so little respect for Alison they made her director of a doomed and dodgy charity and didn’t bother to tell her when it copped a major regulatory hit. Just like Alison had no idea of the content of Benhayon’s defamation claim until I published it, reckoned I was late in filing the defence because I didn’t have one, and continues to represent the student body in mouthing off even though she hasn’t clapped eyes on it.

I was in court when Serge told a judge the formation of the charity was a call from the student body, run by and for the students. Alison was there. Funny how I have notes from 2010 documenting him telling them to make the call. Alison by now should be aware she’s as disposable as the rest of Serge’s hierarchy. He’ll happily throw her under a bus. If she tries to say she was aware of the DGR cancellation, and that Serryn and Serge really do keep her in the know, the student body who made all those donations, hundreds of thousands of dollars worth, ought be asking why they weren’t told.

No rest for the wicked and new frontiers of exposure

Almost a year ago I wrote a post about moving on to other projects. I’d published as much exposure of the Universal Medicine scam as I could, done my best to bring it to account via complaints, notifications and submissions and didn’t want to be identified with a cult load of unimaginative dullards any longer. I’d had enough. I followed up with a few items, but I’d quit investigating. I had better things to do.

Serge Benhayon, his cheer squad of voracious brides, and his enamoured legal team couldn’t live without me, though. After all, in the absence of any social conscience someone’s got to make up for it. UM couldn’t maintain their unified delusion without a common target for their projected inner conflicts. None of them have the insight or wherewithal to confront those alone…

So they served me with an overblown SLAPP claim, knowing I’d rise to the challenge and help them struggle through their resistance to their torturous self-realizations.

I now have them to thank for a new level of support from all over the world. It brought in a heap of support from an international network of anti cult activists I’m now a part of. It brought contact from ex UMers and loved ones of cult members I’d never heard from before. It made me get off my arse and ask for more help, and get it – in spades, and I’ve learned a heap about the law and legal process, made a heap of new friends, and strengthened bonds with old ones. I even learned new skills in editing audio and video to make Sergio’s loony ravings available on YouTube.

Best of all, it’s given all of us a unique opportunity to put the Benhayon sleaze and bullshit before the Supreme Court. UM always did struggle with transparency and accountability. The SLAPP, of course, is an anguished cry for help.

They can thank me for focusing on this year’s grubby Girl to WomanFestival, their renewed exploitations of juveniles and new forays into schools. Soon I’ll be raking over the latest in UM’s charity rorts and some special analysis of Caroline Raphael’s idea of ‘no wrongdoing found’.

So much to write about, so little time, but how else to help the love-lies deal with their ambivalent yearnings for truth.

56 Comments on “Universal Medicine April 2016 photogenic fictions, gossip and damage control”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The whole thing is just a stinking cesspit and the only ones not poisoned by the smell are those up to their necks in it.

  2. La Métempsycose says:

    Sometimes I just despair about the lengths to which this plastic shaman will go to save his skin and perpetuate the myths which he has created about himself and his family when the 21st Century reality of their piss poor life is so patently obvious to anyone capable of a gramme of rational thought.
    If he ( Serge Benhayon) believes that he heard sweet voices on the toilet that told him he was some kind of latter-day Messiah and that, as a result of this revelation, he should promulgate Benhayonism to the rest of the world then he is as delusional as all those false prophets who have littered our history for centuries.
    Wake up Umers ! This is the 21st century AD not the Dark Ages. Science and rational thought will discover the secrets of the Universe not a former junior tennis coach who believes he is in touch with supernatural life forms, is the reincarnation of Leonardo Da Vinci and has absolutely no qualms about accepting the bulk of the estate of one of his former patients. He is the epitome of a quack and a mountebank.

    • Crazy wisdom says:

      I totally agree
      It stuns me what a person will listen to, believe in and act upon when they are devoted to another person they believe is their spiritual leader.
      Fake guru Serge outrageously states his own miraculous enlightenment as an “out of space” healer giving himself titles and reincarnations on the dunny no less proving his burgeoning ego matched his arsehole. He proceeds to act omnipotently with no accountability, refuses to be questioned or criticised, lives in opulence off devotion and death dollars and is obsessed with sex and girls.
      Warning…..if your precious “one” acts psychotic then he probably is!!!

  3. Thoughts ... says:

    Many are beguiled & blinded by the attractive aspects of UM. (There are some, otherwise why would anyone be lured in: nice genuine people, feel good health principles, high sounding spiritual & mindfulness psychological principles)…

    However be aware that the best cons have been pulled off by the most charming, sometimes sincere people who gained trust & loyalty by targetting vulnerabilites (eg desire for love, acceptance, money & health) using half truths.

    Once in, UM principles (such as “feeling” truth) erode any ability to objectively evaluate what’s going on …

    Like a woman in an abusive relationship drawn in by charm & warm mushy vibes, followers are hooked into hoping to find the keys to eternal health & love. Like an abusive relationship, followers go into denial & rationalise all which generates cognitive dissonance, hoping to make it better by being obedient / doing the work. Like an abusive relationship, it is most difficult to leave, whether due to emotional ties, depleted energy & self esteem, or fear.

    The test of time reveals truth & how sound any principles really are (or aren’t): Are the multiple marriage collapses due to UM’s reliance on feelings to dictate truth? (Which on their own contribute to immature, narcissistic “love” & selfishness to the detriment of children / society). Or are the marriage break downs due to UM’s highly valued presumption that unbridled “expression is everything” which actually often leads to negative consequences. (If you don’t believe me, try this with your boss inc SB).

    (Interestingly followers explain away “expression is everything” when it comes to Esther’s expression / anything they don’t want to hear).

    Thankfully some of us, including Esther, have taken the time to read SB books & listen to recordings, etc to evaluate & draw out the more sinister implications. (UM sites are heavily censored to screen out even innocent questions let alone constructive criticism, plus followers are forbidden to read Esther’s blogs or anything outside of UM adulation, so don’t always benefit from these more objective insights).

    Like a loyal friend trying to enlighten a dear one re destructive relationship dynamics, Esther & others here are trying to alert loved ones & others to watch out.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Love the purple “oops” text in the photo, very fitting! And why’s Connor Turkey not in the pic, or was he not around long enough for them to get him in a group shot?

  5. trish says:

    what can i say? what can anyone say? the multitude of blogs, the constant PR of Serge and UM, the love blogging, the fact he can take someone else’s inheritance and still be a victim, the fact that he can slander anyone who doesn’t agree with him, the fact he married a girl that had lived with him since she was 13, the fact that he uses every day health knowledge and makes out he had it whispered to him from the Ascended Masters, the fact that he guilt trips all his students into thinking they are making their own choices, the fact that Serge is just plain creepy and narcissistic and my gosh that isn’t even half the facts about how wrong serge is on every level. After I met him I dreamt he was the devil and I’m not even a Christian. If you are a UMer and you are having doubts, please have doubts lots of them and move on with your life in another direction. Why are you helping this man get so rich? He’s not enlightened. Anyone who is enlightened would never need to prove themselves like this. It makes me sick even reading one of his blogs. “serge the relationship man” “serge the healer” “serge saved my life”! ahhhhhh let’s hope this all gets exposed and soon.

    • trish says:

      ps has anyone seen anyone leave UM? The people I know are so indoctrinated. Has anyone close to Serge, given up on UM? Surely they would know his true colours, or does he keep them from his inner circle?

      • Esther says:

        Those are two very good questions. Yes, a lot of people have left UM. A lot. Some were very committed and some were quite close to ‘The One’. For some who were committed it was a painful process, and they’ve needed a while to recover. Anger is a common response once they realize how they’ve been manipulated.

        ‘Surely the inner circle would know his true colours’? No. Serge is unbelievably controlling, and the key to his control of the whole group is information control. He rewards those who are loyal and aggressive, and there are ‘consequences’ for those who don’t toe the line. He metes out certain information to share with certain people. He pits people against each other behind their backs. What I said about him not sharing critical info with Alison is true. He tells Serryn some stuff he hasn’t told Desiree, and Deborah knows stuff Miranda doesn’t know etc. etc.

        Thank you all for your comments. We are in good shape. There will be some very promising updates soon, but we’re currently busy responding to objections in prep for the hearing on May 6. Please consider donating if you haven’t already – we are nearing my funding goal, so please help me get over that line. We want this to get to trial with the best defence possible. Yes?

        Anon, the photo above was taken over a year ago when Natalie was still ‘single by choice’. Poor old Conor wasn’t involved with her long enough to make it into the shots.

  6. Thanx says:

    What a ‘revealing’ & ‘not surprising’ validating post.
    Makes your tummy churn.

    What a monster SB is!!!

    Narcissistic Boof head! Only use that he is = to cause mayhem and unthinkable problems.

    Thank you so very much Esther for your tireless efforts.

    There are also many working behind the scenes thank you. xx

  7. Anonymous says:

    Good on you Esther. It is good to see you’re getting support form ex-UMers, loved-ones of the brainwashed, anti-cultists, media, internationally etc etc. You deserve much, much more than a gold-star for your brave efforts. 😉

  8. Beam me up Scotty says:

    You’d think Elvis, Leonardo, Sir Winston and Pythagoras could get together and stop the Four Lords of Form and the entity filled pranic earthlings bullying their little mate Serge.

    • Esther says:

      Don’t you know anything in your innermost??

      It’s all part of Sergio’s initiation to the sixth dimension! The one where he wafts around as a 10 foot cloud of gas with no arms or legs and spouts brown revelations for eternity.

      The latest is Serge is refusing to cover costs incurred by his latest amended statement of claim. Tight arse. And his objections to my defence include an admission he no longer believes in most of his key teachings. That should come as quite a shock to the faith-full. LOL!
      Ask him, Alison. Truly. I have it in writing. 🙂 I shall expand on it in my next case update. 😀

  9. All rise and say no says:


  10. La Métempsycose says:

    Great interview with Debra Van Neste. You both discussed UM in a dispassionate yet concerned way; concerned, that is, for those sucked in by the cult and their families and friends; not for Serge Benhayon who, as you rightly say, has been ‘hoisted by his own petard’.

    The first of many interviews, I expect.

    I do wonder which of his beliefs Benhayon is going to renounce. Could it be any of the following ?

    1. That he is an Ascended Master.

    2. That he is the reincarnation of Pythagoras, Plato, a Cathar, Leonardo Da Vinci and Alice Bailey.

    3. That charities are worse than paedophilia.

    4. That he represents The Hierarchy who are in a constant battle with the entities of The Lords of Form who control all of humanity apart from himself and the very best students of ‘The Way of Livingness’.

    If he renounces all that, then the esoteric students are left with a former junior tennis coach. Anyone for tennis ?

    My humble suggestion to the students of Serge Benhayon is that they club together and sue their leader if not in this life then in the next one. Or get hold of the Hierarchy direct (it’s absolutely free), cutting out that rather expensive middle man. Or just relax with a glass of wine and count each others entities.

    • Esther says:

      He hasn’t gone so far as to renounce his 5th dimensionality yet, but he’s trying to dodge the factual particulars for the contextual imputations he’s delusional and the healing is a predatory fraud. As expected Universal Law are trying to get them thrown out. One argument they’re using is that he made the claims a few years before with the inference he no longer makes the claims.

      It’s complex to explain and those objections are obviously in dispute. We’re two weeks out from the objections hearing, so those objections will be dealt with prior to the hearing or by the judge, and I’ll write more about them when the situation is clarified.

      I had to laugh though when they tried that.

      • Anonymous says:

        Is he pulling his books that refer to these rants he’s now denying? Is he publishing retractions to previously published teachings?

  11. 💩 It wasn't Me says:

    Sorry Shaggy

    Judge comes in and the rooms upstanding
    Supreme Court of Australian law
    Picture this I’ll be soon explaining
    Why theres no bathroom doors

    How could I forget
    That I invented entities
    It was Leonardo’s idea
    To shove healing cards in undies

    From the planet Shamballa
    (It wasnt me)
    Elvis hangs out in Asia
    (It wasnt me)
    Obsessed with paedophilia
    (It wasnt me)
    Its all caught on camera
    (It wasnt me)

    Scarves not tatts on my shoulder
    All the wives getting colder
    Breast cream, clay powder
    Many marriages over

    Just admit it you’ve been caught redhanded
    Rakin in a million more
    (Dont bully me)
    Picture this from a vulnerable person
    Knocking on deaths door

    How could you not regret
    Scamming money from a family
    On stage you stand there
    Worshipped by your devotees

    They call you a messiah
    (It wasnt me)
    Level 5, no one higher
    (Dont bully me)
    Never told a lie
    (It wasnt me)
    “Im the victim” you cry
    (Dont bully me)


    • Shaggy wouldn't mind 💩 says:

      Bravo darling. Please collect all your Glorious lyrics for the UM Accountability songbook. I’ve been meaning to do it for ages.

      There’s nowhere to hide in a courtroom. No propaganda barrage, no Brides of Serge, no password protected bitchfests to embolden him. It’ll just be little Serge, his 💩 ‘philosophy’, the images and the witnesses…

  12. Pranic Attack says:

    I love it – Maybe the Benhayon ‘group’ should consider releasing? Could be their first hit!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Surge Benhayon Twitter stats:


    Yep, pretty much sums it up.

  14. WTF am I doing here? says:

    Can you please edit that image with a ? over Clayton’s head..?

  15. W. Harper says:

    Thanks for posting up the Psychology Council’s decision regarding Ms Raphael. It’s good this info is out there.

    • You're welcome says:

      With frank evidence of the cult’s bald faced dishonesty. Unbelievable they carefully scissored out the one line that made it look like she hadn’t been disciplined. That is UM all over. Like they ‘surrendered’ the charity DGR status. Nothing at all to do with complaints made to the ACNC and ATO.

  16. Michelle Sheldrake says hi, sends her love and truth says:

    Introducing Michelle Sheldrake from Brisbane. Reckons she’s a ‘social scientist’. Serge reckons he’s a numerology scientist.

    Sour grapes here on the cult’s police complaints about me going nowhere.

    Enormous amounts of police time wasted because Michelle & the unisex Brides of Serge ‘think not’. Yes, they don’t think at all. That’s the problem. In the meantime there’s an epidemic of cybercrime – hacking, child porn and trolls threatening violence, but Michelle and her friends ‘think not’. They’re entitled to spam the police because they feel so in their innermost. Unaware of the irony, that if our laws allowed me to be prosecuted, they would have been prosecuted first. Bloody minded bitches.

    • Shameful says:

      How can these women defend and venerate Serge?
      A man who says child sex abuse victims are receiving their karma!
      Get a grip women!

      • Michelle Sheldrake's love and truth says:

        Yeah, I couldn’t resist. And they don’t have the courage to come here and discuss their complaints.

        • What a lot of Bullshit says:

          Do these Brides of Serge REALLY believe this?

          “The Esoteric Ovary Massage offered by Natalie is a deeply nurturing healing treatment available for all women.

          Through specially designed esoteric healing and massage techniques, the treatment is applied on a clothed body in the form of gentle hand movements in certain positions.
          Offering true healing as emotional imprints and blockages that lay suppressed in the ovaries can be released, and to further breakdown the ill or negative behaviours, patterns, beliefs and ideals that contribute to the woman’s imbalances in her body and way of living.
          The Esoteric Ovary Massage supports the woman to re-connect through healing and letting go of the imbalances that she has formed herself to become, and therefore, re-establishing a knowing of her true self again by her own femaleness (stillness) that lay innately within. By virtue of this re-connection the woman may then re-introduce and integrate into her life a way of being that honours a harmonious balance in her body, and brings a knowing of herself by a true health that comes from within.”

          – See more at: http://www.unimedliving.com/natalie/the-practitioner/natalie-as-a-practitioner.html#sthash.nzSma5SC.EGUMhLny.dpuf

    • 5 dimensional hypocrisy says:

      Hmm, and Michelle doesn’t think that Serge and the group have broken “the laws of human decency” by establishing hate blogs to attack you, Lance, Journo’s and others obviously meant only to dehumanise and vilify people they don’t know for no other reason than revenge.

      Hypocritical bitch.

    • STFU says:

      Dont you even start on human decency Michelle
      Serge vultured on the death bed of a terminal cancer patient who was wealthy
      Conned her out of her estate
      Videod her for proof
      Got her to get her children to promise not to contend
      Then took a huge chunk before she even passed away
      Thats lower than a snakes arsehole on the human decency scale
      You people really make me angry with your misguided devotion

      • Brain Sergery says:

        They are fully sucked in Shut the Friend Up. Even that major con went over their esoteric numbskulls. Many participated. He deserved all her money. Fuck the kids- they were pranic and resistant to the truth. Serge needs some more properties.

        • STFU take 2 says:

          Heres another not so decent human story
          What sort of 30 something year old man takes possession of a teenage girl
          Isolates her,disconnects her and turns her against her own mother and sister
          They get married
          Its locked in and throw away the key
          Then has the hide to run girl to woman
          nuturing festivals and rants and raves about sex, rape and paedophilia
          Decent human, I THINK NOT!

  17. steve.p lismore says:

    U.M -base themselves from ‘special knowledge’
    this knowledge is less useful than dog shit. At least dogshit can be beneficial if used properly.
    just sad amount of people ruined until they base their lives in truth

    (Hello Steve, your comment went on to an old post. I moved it to the latest so you would be part of the current conversation. I hope you don’t mind.Esther, admin)

  18. 5 dimensional hypocrisy take 2 says:

    Caroline’s histrionics and denials are so Serge. “My integrity is not under question here”. Well, yes it is Caroline. Some of us also know about how certain organisations feel about your services too, which seriously casts doubts on your “professionalism”. You know what I’m talking about.

    Her release of half a letter sums up the whole UM shambles. It’s how Serge works too. They must get together and have Thursday night esoteric workshops on how to bullshit each other and anyone they think it listening. In a perfect world, Caroline, Brendan, Marianna, Tania and a few others would be disbarred until they woke up to themselves. I mean, woke up.

  19. Does that make sense? says:

    Pick up your own fucking bucket up you lazy cow! For fucks sake. It was obviously their loving choice for themselves to ignore you, stupid. Make sense?

    Chips, choice, stupidity- What a load of absolute shit. Just eat the fucking chips…what a pack of morons. This is the quality of Serge’s sermons too. And she sounds suspiciously like Serge meets Natalie. Hand me the fucking chips. Ugh.

    Fragile. Mentally fragile

  20. Couldn't resist posting this! says:

  21. Chip ahoy! says:

    Yummy yummy
    I want some chips
    In my innermost

  22. Alison Greig sez so says:

    This is precious.

    • Are you getting this? says:

      Does Alison mean like when a members of a group (student body?) all gather together to make glowing commentary about Teachers are Gold, Period Apps, Magazines, treatments and their Guru, etc.. without admitting that they have a vested interest/and or undeclared association with those entities.??

      Surely not, because that IS ILLEGAL under Australian Consumer Law. I though Alison was a legal genius of some type. Looks like she’s has as much legal acumen as she has investigative powers. None, in case that’s not obvious.

      • Are you getting this, Serge? says:

        They clearly don’t know Serge is on a one way trip to defamation humiliation yet- AKA paddling up shit creek to piss-take falls. They really are living the dream.

  23. Addendum says:

    Bugger it, I meant to add in the commentary about Caroline’s brainwashing video, she and counsellor, Annette Baker, coach the poor sods watching into guilt about eating esoterically incorrect foods. Lately, Sergio tells the targets to eat what they feel to. He then tells them how to feel about a whole range of nutritious foods – that they’re damp, numbing, seeking childhood comfort etc. He tells them to only eat when hungry, and if you’re fed by the light of the soul you need less food.

    An ex target asked me whether it’s possible to have a psychosomatic reaction to food. Absolutely, you can.

    Particularly when you’re constantly persuaded to.

    • W. Harper says:


      A very brief but good article on suggestibility. Basic idea is:

      “The psychological basis of suggestibility is simply a tendency in human nature to believe any statement that is repeated a great number of times. This tendency to believe has nothing to do with the ‘truth’ (or otherwise) of the statement. Reasons for believing the statement to be true or false are not taken into account; the statement is believed solely because it is repeated many times.”


      “The first fact to note about suggestion is that statements which rely solely on suggestion for their acceptance must be simply expressed , confident in tone and repeated often if they are to be effective. A single, halting statement is not at all persuasive. A confident statement, often repeated, is immensely persuasive.”

      What does that remind us of? Could it be a call to attend courses over and over again, to read books read over and over again and listen to audio presentations over and over again to the exclusion of all other information?

      There’s many other things that contribute to people falling head over heals in love with a group, but suggestibility is a great place to start. That, and ‘love-bombing’ combined is a very powerful tool.

  24. Anonymous says:

    First off fantastic piece,
    Just goes to show ommision is a form of lying, re not showing all of the letter sent to you both. Um is all about truth is it. Fucking bullshit, the fabricated truth by omission perhaps.

    The acreditation scam should be tested by a class Acton suit I reacon.
    After you are finished with him let’s hope his faithful realise he has scammed them and recoup their losses.

    How do you define “socialise” between psychologist and patient?
    I was present in a joint “session” with a person on your naming names page and my ex partner who is in the cult too.
    In effect if attending same serge events is socialising then she, the psychologist has committed a breach of conduct has she not?
    If so I will file a complaint to get this person investigated.

    • Go for it says:

      Go for it. These government departments are just waiting for more registered complaints

      • Esther says:

        ditto. I’m just trying to get a hold of a psychologist friend to get me a copy of the statute. It seems tricky to get a hold of in the public domain. Or if you know any psychologists personally, ask them what the rules are. They don’t socialize with clients at all. My friend told me they are not allowed to treat people that attend the same church, go to same events, gatherings etc. It’s unethical.
        Psychs are also not permitted to share personal information shared by clients in treatment either – even if he is a fifth dimensional master. If anyone is aware of this please report it.
        To make a report you need dates or approximate dates, tell the HCCC what happened and please specify (if you’re aware) whether the session was part of a Medicare health plan. If you’re aware of the psych being at a social gathering or event where the client was present, please specify it with a date or approximation.
        And it’s true, nothing can be done without official complaints.

    • Esther says:

      I just spoke with the APS and they cited the APS Code of Ethics which is publicly available online:

      Multiple relationships occur when a psychologist, rendering a psychological
      service to a client, also is or has been:
      (a) in a non-professional relationship with the same client;
      (b) in a different professional relationship with the same client;
      (c) in a non-professional relationship with an associated party; or
      (d) a recipient of a service provided by the same client.

      C.3. Conflict of interest
      C.3.1 Psychologists refrain from engaging in multiple relationships that
      (a) impair their competence, effectiveness, objectivity, or ability
      to render a psychological service;
      (b) harm clients or other parties to a psychological service; or
      (c) lead to the exploitation of clients or other parties to a
      psychological service.


      The version available to professionals is more explicit.

  25. SO Shameful "Lismore Chamber of Commerce" ..........Desperate times desperate measures for UM says:

    Money talks Universal Medicine cult hosts #Lismore Chamber of Commerce. Told them about the spirits @sergebenhayon? https://www.facebook.com/sergebenhayon/posts/745228562281260

    “LOL!” only FB likes are from UMer’s (even overseas Umers)! lol lol
    Comments UM’s Local businesses.
    Bloody desperate alright.

    So weak….and so sick….losers!!!

  26. pranabunny says:

    I just watched that video about THE BUCKET and THE CHIPS. What really cracked me up is how Caroline talks about growing up with five brothers and how she could outdrink, outrun and outlift them all and how that is obviously hard to believe because “I am so feminine now”.
    Also funny: the challenging choices UM members have to make on a daily basis. Eat a chip, don’t eat a chip, is there anything more inane?

    By the way, Caroline. Pick up the bucket yourself next time. You’re a psychologist, you should know that the bucket was a stand-in for all sorts of other things, like your brothers having all the freedom and you having to do all the housework because you’re a girl. Should have tackled the sexism, not the dirty bucket, dear. Instead you fell into Sergio’s trap and now you’re under the spell of the greatest misogynist of them all. The one who tells you to be a pretty, vain, woman-shell because you’re worth-less.

  27. Money talks - no morality seen says:

    6:05pm Host then has 15-20mins to showcase their Business to members.


    Money talks

  28. Serge is laughing all the way to the bank says:

    Humiliation? Kindergarten stuff!


    Scientist? I do not think so………..really?


  29. Anonymous says:

    To quote the man himself
    “Very sadly, there are genuine victims out there of these horrific crimes, worse still is the fact that many of the very sick predators are not caught. In view of the real seriousness of these crimes, it is my opinion that to knowingly falsely accuse another of such heinous offense in order to carry out a campaign of revenge and hate, should be viewed as a crime equal to that of those predators whose crimes are then used for this injudicious campaign.”

    If donating to charity is like being a pedofile, then accusing someone of donating to charity is like accusing them of being a pedofile, is it not?
    What about the charity itself then?
    So if serge is the charity and charity then accusing him of being a pedofile “energeticly” is not a stretch.
    I stress energetically.
    On planet serge serge is in actual fact the worst criminal “energetically”
    But his good deeds apparently offset that?
    He is delusional at best and if left undiagnosed it is a failing of the mental health system in Australia.
    He needs help seriously