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Benhayon v Rockett case updates March April 2016

25 April: Funding within reach. Help me get this over the line!

14 March: donating and contacting anonymously. My appreciation

3 March 2016: Serge Benhayon v Esther Rockett defence filed with Supreme Court NSW – summary below

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25 April – help me make the final yards

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14 March – staying anonymous

Answering some questions about anonymity.

Contact with me is confidential! 

If you’re very worried, create a private email account under a pseudonym that only you can access. Webmail is best for this, via gmail, or hotmail etc. You then log in online to check for replies. If you’re not sure how to do that – google it or leave an anon comment here and I’ll run through how to do it.

Smartphones usually have a setting where you are able to block your phone number if you want to call me.

To be clear, I’m only interested in outing cult recruiters & other members of Serge’s hierarchy of parasites. I do not expose anyone who contacts me – I’ve lost count of how many people have – but it’s well over a hundred.

I’m happy to remove names from the naming names page if the person is no longer promoting UM.

However, I will expose anyone who attempts to bully or harass me.

Donating anonymously

Some donors have contacted me directly by email or phone for my bank details and made a direct deposit via internet banking or at bank. No names appear on my bank statement. Others have donated in cash or by cheque.

The crowdfunding page can take anonymous donations. I don’t see any credit card details at all – no names. It will show on your credit card statement though.

The crowdfund site needs you to enter your details on two forms. One for display and the other is the credit card details. For the first, use a false name or ‘Anonymous’ and either a fake email address or one you can access privately – the site uses it to send a receipt. The credit card details are confidential. I don’t see any CC details – no names or numbers.

The crowdfund site doesn’t allow me to extend campaigns or change target amounts. So if the campaign has expired the most recent update posts as I have probably commenced a new fund.


Many of you know that at the beginning of media coverage UM attributed all the negative coverage to ‘a few disgruntled males’. Esoteric genius Mark Twist visited my site to tell me so when I started blogging. Sexist much?

In the last couple of years it was narrowed further to Lance and I generating all the comments on my blogs. None of you exist according to the clairsentient Sons of God.

The more UM have harassed us, the more support we’ve gained. Remember when I used to blog under a  pseudonym? I did it to separate my activism from my professional life. Benhayon’s litigation is pushing public support of me and this cause to new heights. It’s brought more new contact from those of you adversely affected than ever. Some of you remember that last year I announced I could do no more to expose UM. I’d done what I could in terms of official complaints and blogging. I didn’t want to be identified with UM scum any longer and was moving on to other projects. Any elevation of my public profile since then has been thanks to Serge and his genius propagandists and legal advisors.

If Benhayon was serious about improving his crap reputation he’d stop publishing and start staying away from the human race.

When this gets to trial, UM’s Sons of God will discover the court is just as critical of his bullshit, sleaze and rorts as I am. But I can predict the *Facts* battalion will paint it as some sort of ‘religious persecution’ and ‘miscarriage of justice’ as every cult does whenever they’re shown up by the courts. UM will take it further and extrapolate Benhayon’s judicial comeuppance to a comparison with the violent extermination of the Cathars. Serge has been building up that fiction for at least 12 years.

Success in this litigation is not something I can manage alone. Not by a long shot. I need help. I’d like to extend my heartfelt thanks to those who have given support – in whatever form. I know many of you have made sacrifices. I know some of you can’t afford to give at all, but you have made contact and offered your kindness and encouragement. I assure you it all helps. Please don’t apologize if you can’t do more. If we all do what we can we’ll get there.

Defences filed February 29

Defamation is legal provided the person making the statements has legal defences for making them. I only need one of the defences to succeed for Benhayon’s case to fail. I will take the following to trial:

  • Justification – statements I made were substantially true
  • Honest opinion and fair comment – statements I made were fair and honest based on proper materials
  • Interests of readers (Qualified Privilege) – the publications were of interest to my readers. My readers have had  dealings or may have dealings in future with UM and their front organizations; a number of readers have loved ones involved in the group, including children. Statements I made were in reply to attacks on me and I had a social and moral duty to publish information and opinions regarding practices, teachings and behaviours according to my research and personal experience of Benhayon that are in the public interest.
  • Contextual truth -Benhayon is claiming have damaged his reputation and business with a few statements I made and questions I raised about his conduct with women and juveniles, however I made a number of other defamatory statements regarding his aberrant character and behaviour.  If all or most of those other statements are found to be substantially true his claim will fail, because the truth of the contextual imputations will be found to be the cause of any damage to his reputation.
Contextual truth

It is only one of my defences, and although it is the most costly and time consuming, it’s vital for the court to view the claimed defamatory imputations in context. The contextual imputations are very serious, and I am able to bring a large amount of evidence to prove their substantial truth:

The plaintiff:

  • engages in misleading conduct in promoting UM;
  • makes false claims about healing that cause harm;
  • is delusional;
  • is exploitative;
  • is a liar;
  • preys on cancer patients;
  • engages in inappropriate conduct towards women;

They are not part of Benhayon’s defamation claim because he knows I have ample evidence to prove they are true.

Trial schedule

The defence was filed late due to the large amount of evidence my lawyers had to review and a couple of other delays:

  • First hearing 6 May will hear some objections to our defence and set a date for trial.
  • Trial likely between August and December 2016. It’s likely to last for four to eight weeks.
  • A jury trial will deliver a judgement almost immediately. A judge only trial may take three to six months after the trial to hand down a judgement.

 Case overview

  • Serge Benhayon has claimed I’ve damaged his reputation and business in five publications – one blog post, three comments on that same post and one tweet. He’s seeking to hold me liable for damages.
  • He’s claiming his reputation has been damaged by statements I made regarding his conduct with women and children.
 National & international significance
  • The court will establish whether a member of the public can raise justifiable concerns over the welfare of women and children without being held liable for defamation.
  • The case will publicly raise the question of whether it’s a legitimate defamation claim or a wealthy individual using his financial resources to censor public interest information exposed by someone with few resources.
  • Unprecedented scrutiny of a cult leader’s reputation, behaviour and background, and scrutiny of a secretive and dishonest group.
  • Of intense interest to the press, the legal profession, welfare and human rights groups – as well as the public and those directly affected by UM.
 Universal Law solicitors of Mullumbimby

Benhayon hasn’t been receiving advice from his senior counsel. Rather, his son’s parents in law, Universal Law solicitors, who normally deal with family law, bequests and petty crime, have handled the claim so far. Benhayon can afford better legal advice and he obviously isn’t getting it.


  • Target is $120K total (update March 2016 – we are close to reaching that target via donations and loans. Thank you to all who’ve helped! Please help me get the rest of the way to trial.)
  • A successful litigant is commonly awarded 70-75% of costs.
  • I’m seeking to fund up to 70% of my defence via loans
  • I can repay loans in full if and when I’m awarded costs and provided the award amounts to at least 70% of costs.
  • Loan agreements are made in writing.
  • Loan agreements are confidential.
  • If costs awarded do not cover all the loans, I will repay each lender in proportion to the total costs awarded.
  • I will fund the remainder with donations and what’s left of my personal funds.
  • The progress of raising loans won’t be made public because Benhayon appears to be holding out with his claim in the hope I won’t raise the funds.

THANK YOU to all who’ve lent and donated so far.

Finally, the response to Benhayon’s success in the McIntyre will case was universal disgust at taking funds from a family who needs them more than he does. It made news in Australia, the UK and US. This case will attract more attention again.

Help me put Serge on the stand and have him answer the evidence against his delusions, dishonesty and his Esoteric ‘healing’ fraud. Donate or Lend please.

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See also: Benhayon vs Rockett – help fund my legal defence – background

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17 Comments on “Benhayon v Rockett case updates March April 2016”

  1. Esther - on track for trial says:

    Thanks again for bearing with me during all the delays. We wanted to file the best defence we could within budget, and I think it was worth the delays.

    I meant to mention in the video – I’m going to trial whatever it takes. I will not give in to the bullying of the delusional fraudster Serge Benhayon. I’m determined to expose him once and for all under the gaze of the Supreme Court, and I will clear my name.

    Please help if you can.

    In the meantime, I’ll have a gossip post up in the next few days, and it will be packed.

  2. sick of serge says:

    We hope you put a stop via exposure of the truth of this lowlife of a human being who has been so destructive towards others and dodging the repercussions of his actions for most of his life ……up until now.
    Esther you are a brave,intelligent woman and your quest for judgement is admired by many.
    We will all be with you in that courtroom, you will not be alone

  3. WARNING UM Dr Jane Barker Lismore International Women's Day Lismore says:

    International Women’s Day – Matters of the Heart: Lismore International Women’s Day this year is celebrating women from all cultures and walks of life. Guest speakers include Lismore City Council Mayor Jenny Dowell, Lismore’s Australian Citizen of the Year Jodie McRae and Dr Jane Barker GP. At Lismore City Hall, 1 Bounty St, on Tuedsay, March 8, from 10am. Free Event.

  4. Esther - on track for trial says:

    A supporter contacted me a bit worried that I was talking about the details of the defence and that might give the opposition some sort of advantage.

    Sergio and his team have the defence. They received it when it was filed with the Supreme Court, and they will now be working on their reply to it.

    In the document we filed I had to list the factual particulars I’ll use in court for the contextual truth defence. It’s a long list of quotes of Serge’s own words/bullshit – all documented. Facts might be malleable on Planet Serge, but not in Australian courts. Serge’s bullshit is undeniable.

    The Lords of Form, evolution denial, the fifth dimension, him saying his mother would have been better off dead than having heart surgery etc. will all make an appearance in court. The court will decide from that lot and a heap of other stuff I’ll bring whether it’s possible to further defame someone who has made such a public pillock of himself.

    • LOF 2 says:

      Based on his 20 year rep outside his band of loyal followers I’d say it’d be impossible to defame him. He’s been hard at it for a long time. They are all quite stupid but I am amazed they keep repeating and even herald concerns and allegations.
      I haven’t seen any of the cult propaganda victims including you put up sites denying their obviously fallacious allegations… The reason is common sense. When there’s nothing to defend you have nothing to say in the subject. Why is that concept so hard for these dunderheads? And what does it say about Serge and themselves that they feel a burning desire to do the opposite?
      We all know. Hopefully it will be obvious to the court too.

      • Esther says:

        It was bloody obvious to my lawyers. When I sent quotes of stuff Serge has said and written they were gobsmacked. Yet it’s not even 1000th of the rubbish he’s publicly stated. They’ve said the defamation court judges are not stupid. They are highly likely to respond to his garbage – his lectures, his texts and his practices, including the grubby hands on healing – the way I have, and all reasonable people do. With disgust and contempt.

        • anon says:

          Thank you very much Esther for this very comprehensive update.

          You must be so exhausted.

          Is it any wonder that your lawyers were gobsmacked at this stuff.. like all of us are.

          Now that your Defense has been filed, do you know whether the law will make sure that Serge has to see this through now or can he and Co work a sly one.

          Like you, we would welcome it to see Serge publicly answer for all of this and it be recorded on the Public record.

          Very Well done you are a very very gutsy, highly principled courageous lady, Esther.
          A great example.

          I just love Brian Cox’s tweet. So smart!

  5. LMAO says:


    It’s a long list of quotes of Serge’s own words/bullshit – all documented. Facts might be malleable on Planet Serge, but not in Australian courts. Serge’s bullshit is undeniable.”

    Good for you!

  6. YKW says:

    I know the members think that Serge’s claim will succeed, vindicate them, and remove the blogs from the internet. They also routinely blame you when someone realises a member is in a cult and wants to stop doing business with them. They dont have enough insight to realise that Serge quotes/books/magazines inform people without any further investigation.

  7. trish says:

    whats with all this “if you have been abused as a child you were an abuser” how absurd. Why is he constantly going on about children and sexual abuse? “as a result of the dirtiness of the energy that you were imprinted with”

    • Esther says:

      That’s a good point. Serge reckons he doesn’t know how to brainwash people, but we know he tells his faith-full to only trust their feelings – not facts or information. He then tells them how to feel.

      The garbage he spoke about rape karma in that recording was preceded by a meditation session and a bunch of ‘spherical’ confusion. What you heard was the strong suggestion of how to feel about the experience of sexual abuse, which in his flock – like the rest of the population – is common to up to one in three adults.

      An ex follower asked my opinion on psychosomatic reactions she was having to certain foods etc.

      His strong implantation/suggestion of how to feel about those things is found throughout his recordings and writings.

      I want to assure any readers who believe Serge has special powers – he doesn’t. He’s had twenty or more years to develop what is frankly an underhanded, very dishonest, very devious technique – aimed to make targets feel like shit.

      Once you know it’s just a technique, you’re free.

      • Lord of Form says:

        This is exactly the sort of ‘thinking’ that leads to evil. By putting cause and then consequence outside of your actual life, you’re tricked into ignoring the real cause and responsibilities of your actions in the real life you are living, by pretending the cause came in a past fictitious life and will have a result in another fictitious life to come. What utter stupidity, and immoral evil shit. No wonder Serge “gets unpopular” saying it. He’s an evil little dirt bag fucking with peoples sense of right and wrong.

        Its exactly why all religion is in fact truly immoral, and new-age hocus-pocus especially so. It’s then easy to ignore starving people (karma), rape victims (karma) murderers (karma) and anything else that is inconvenient to the delusion you’ve chosen to live in.

        And that’s why all the members, like Rebecca Asquith, nee Baldwin, and her sisterhood of dimwits can all look at those pictures of Serge with his hands on that woman’s vulva and go “nothing”.

  8. just cruise 'in says:

    My friend went on a cruise holiday recently and pampered herself booking in for a top to toe massage
    Interesting to note there are definite no go zone rules where no hands should go
    Private areas that risk legal repercussions
    They include breast area and genital/anal areas
    These are the very areas Serge and his followers focus and lay hands on
    Clothed or not
    Completely unacceptable in the real world
    And to say its for clearing karma of sexual abuse victims
    Grubby, sleezy rubbish!

    • Lord of Form says:

      If there was a massage service in Byron Bay that offered breast rubs and outer vulva holding services for rape recovery by self accredited buffoons, and the cult weren’t doing it, they’d be suitably outraged- and recognize it for what it is.

      Because Serge said the magical words- “Abracadbra…balance, arrogance, clearing, integrity” before doing the same, there’s nothing at all wrong with it. Besides, they get the chance to hand over hundreds of thousands of dollars to Serge for no good reason other than he needs a new Alpha or property for the hierarchy, so clearly that makes it alllll alrighhhhht.

  9. Esther says:

    Keep your shirts on everyone. There’s lots to blog and I’m trying to get to it but was on phone and emailing with some very high level contacts most of today regarding media coverage, legal assistance and expert testimony. I will update when and what I can when I know more but suffice to say my defence is going from strength to strength as the support network widens.

    I’m still appealing for funds and support, as we are not there yet, but please take heart. My position continues to improve. This case is going to trial with an ever strengthening defence.

    If I haven’t been in touch with some of you it’s because I’ve been busy. Bear with me.