Universal Medicine March 2016 SLAPP defamation, gossip & ‘no wrongdoing found’


Happy Pranic Easter

25 March: SLAPP SLAPP SLAPPITY SLAPP – Universal Law solicitors’ shenanigans

9 March: The Universal Medicine cult’s facade of ‘energetic integrity’ continues to crumble with the latest findings against their bent operations and operators. In the past months, the College of Universal Medicine had its deductible gift recipient status cancelled by the Australian Tax Office; one of the cult psychologists was formally disciplined over her promotions of her grubby guru; Serge Benhayon’s reputation and risk management providers were arrested for alleged fraud and money laundering and the cult’s golden boy pharmacist, Michael Serafin is under investigation for his dispensing processes in the wake of an adverse pharmaceutical event.

March 25th: SLAPP SLAPP SLAPPITY SLAPP – Universal Law unto themselves solicitors Mullumbimby


The little ad that wasn’t

In the past month or so I took out a defence fundraising ad in the Byron Shire Echo, a Mullumbimby based independent news service.

Five minutes after it went to print, Universal Law solicitors Mullumbimby trotted out a legal threat to the Echo, and I was asked to make changes, removing ‘SLAPP’ and the link to my blog estherrockett.com.

Given Universal Law’s record for pseudolegal threats – bogus copyright and trademark infringement claims and numerous bogus takedown threats to Google, no one was surprised.

They’ve been making new pitches to Google to have more stuff removed from the search index and they’d already started on my lawyers with a series of laughable demands – all suitably ignored. However they make Glorious material for exposure, showing that lot for who they truly are – ‘Esoterically’.

Late last year someone posted a pretty naff YouTube video of an Oingo Boingo song, ‘Little Girls’ in the comments of one of the gossip blogs, with a reply which said it was ‘prescient and disturbing.’

Universal Law demanded I remove both.

The videoclip contains references that are the same as defamatory allegations your client have made about our client … We consider that a reasonable reader who is familiar with the content of material published on your client’s website would readily infer that in knowingly publishing the link to the videoclip in the comment your client deliberately intended to reference and thus repeat allegations about our client that are the subject of the pending action. Accordingly, irrespective of the identity of the person who wrote the post, we consider that you are liable as publisher of the post on the website.

Cameron Bell and Paula Fletcher seem to think my solicitor is the publisher. Maybe they should write to my parents and demand they to send me to the naughty corner as well.

In all the circumstances, we hereby notify you that we intend to rely on the comment as part of our material on aggravated damages…require that your client take-down the post by 4:00pm on 8 January 2016. In default in compliance, we will consider such further steps against your client as our client instructs.


Another part of their claim for aggravated damages – that Benhayon can only win in the highly unlikely event his claim succeeds – is a Tweet to Paula Fletcher where I agreed to see them in court. UM’s legal geniuses consider statements of fact to be defamatory, lol!

I don’t censor stuff because SERGE SAYS SO. I only remove stuff that’s unjustifiably defamatory based on Australian law. UM actively targets juvenile girls via the Girl to Woman Festival and its ‘youth sponsorship’ and other fronts. Benhayon has published on his own blog he has little girls stay at his home. If he doesn’t want people to make fair comment on it, he shouldn’t do it.

Next was a demand I remove my YouTube case update where I ran through a settlement offer I made to Benhayon before Christmas. I told him I was bringing a full defence and suggested it would be advantageous if he dropped the case before I went to the trouble and cost of mounting a defence. I described how his team responded with a couple of remarks that the offer was ‘premature’ and that the legal defences I will be using in court are ‘distractions’. My criticism of their Esoteric interpretation of Australian law resulted in renewed pseudolegal histrionics.

Publication of details with regard to settlement negotiations is clearly inappropriate. Please confirm that this material will be immediately removed.


Legal demands are supposed to be based on whether the material in question is lawful.

But Benhayon and Universal Law have the hide to demand censorship based on their demented take on ‘inappropriate’. And that’s this whole defamation SLAPP in a nutshell.

Cameron Bell and Paula Fletcher are religious investors in UM who regard him as a spiritual leader and are related to him by marriage. Benhayon’s son married their daughter.

Bumbling Paula ‘not on the payroll‘ Fletcher has visited my blogs to make ‘anonymous’ comments inadvertently identifying herself via her WordPress login.

She promotes Benhayon’s evolution denying, complainant defaming, harmful occult pseudoscientific, inappropriate touching, brainmashing, family fracturing madness online.

Their demands encapsulate the whole problem with the UniMed cult and it’s crap litigation. Solicitors are supposed to provide clients with advice on legal matters – not what they deem, with a staggering lack of insight, to be ‘inappropriate’.

Next was this nonsense about the ad I ran in the Echo:

We are instructed that the advertisement carries the imputation that there are grounds for believing that our client’s action against your client is a SLAPP suit. We consider that that imputation is defamatory of our client and is not honest opinion or fair comment in the circumstances of the publication.
Our client does not, nor could he, object to your client appealing for donations to fund her defence. However our client requests your assurances in writing that having drawn this matter to your attention your client will not further publish the same or similar imputations in future advertisements or elsewhere, online or otherwise.

For real. It’s not fair or honest, because they say so.

Someone needs to point out to Benhayon such matters are for the court to decide – not a pair of compromised dunderheaded small town solicitors.

Every day, defamation courts in Australia make make legal distinctions between what is unlawfully and unjustifiably defamatory and what is the suppression of free speech. Benhayon isn’t the first arrogant, exploitative ignoramus attempting to use his wealth and the defamation court to censor criticism made in the public interest, and he won’t be the last by far. As archaic as defamation law is here, it rarely finds in favour of censorship. Nor do defamation courts make decisions based on a dangerous charlatan’s hurt feelings or the bent sense of propriety of a delusional and his financially invested apologists.

The Echo are understandably averse to legal threats and have to play safe. We can thank Australian defamation law for making life difficult for small publishers. US based WordPress, however, won’t remove a thing without a court order.

Neither will I.

9 March: Cult fiction – ‘no wrongdoing found’

Starting this weekend a hundred or so of the Goonellabah messiah’s faith-full are in Vietnam for the annual RETREAT. For $1895, maladjusted munchkin, Serge Benhayon, will harangue them with the ‘Science’ of reincarnation, the evils of bananas and altruism, and threats of entity rape to anyone who so much as blinks with the energy of doubt. The torture will continue with wind-up Ascended Master/’sex-bomb’ doll, Natalie Benhayon, reeling off a lifetime’s worth of indoctrination, punctuated with assaults from Glorious Music and the strains of Miranda Benhayon. After Miranda’s potential tennis stardom was burnt out by Serge’s coaching, he had to get his money’s worth somehow. She doesn’t have the acting skills to pull off Esoteric ‘healing’, so all that was left was popstardom. It’s a god-awful din, but the punters buy up because it helps their ‘initiations’. Serge Says So.

But that’s not the real news.

For some time SergeCorp has been pumping out propaganda claiming our official complaints are ‘baseless’, there’s been ‘no wrongdoing found’, and regulators have congratulated his shams on their amazing integrity.

That fiction, repeated for about two years now, was republished a few weeks ago by UM spokes-bride Alison Greig:

Rockett’s online abuse of Serge Benhayon also spilled offline into a long list of fabricated complaints submitted to government authorities. All were dismissed as baseless or lacking any substance by the authorities approached.

The mandatory compliance action against the Sound Foundation Charitable Trust in 2013 suggests otherwise, as do the latest findings.

ATO – DGR cancellation

We’ve known for yonks the College of Universal Medicine is a shameless scam. Benhayon owns the property and founded the charity to raise funds to renovate it as a premises for his commercial use. Operating a charity for private benefit is against the law. It’s supposedly an educational charity, but the education consists of hypocritical bullshit from the Brides of Serge, and Sergio’s own Living Sutras of the Hierarchy – evolution denial, evil supernatural enemies and general loony raving he reckons is impulsed (channelled) to him by disembodied Ascended Masters. Exempt from tax.

And it still retains some exemptions (income tax, GST, fringe benefits), but last October it lost its most important one – the deductible gift recipient status or DGR, in place since August 2011. Donations to the scam are no longer tax deductible, and the only way the Australian Tax Office cancels DGR is due to non compliance/misconduct. Not bad going for a charity with two and a half lawyers on the board – Serryn O’Regan, commercial litigation barrister, Charles Wilson, and, yes, Alison Greig. UM’s in house not for profit consultant, Victoria Lister didn’t help either. It seems the paperwork wasn’t so tight after all.

We also know that founding Chairman, Serge Benhayon, who quit his ‘lifetime’ Chairmanship on being questioned by News Ltd, after only a year as director, was required to sign an undertaking he can’t profit from the charity if it’s dissolved. His phoney Way of the Livingness religion was denied charity status in the UK for the same reason.

The College of UM is certainly on its last legs. I’ll have a more detailed charity update soon.

Marianna Masiorski, psychologist, disciplined

Masiorski-AHPRA-1Strangely, after a two year investigation, the Australian Health Practitioner Regulatory Authority (AHPRA), with the Psychology Board of Australia also agreed with another of my ‘baseless’ complaints. This time concerning Marianna’s promotions of Benhayon sleaze and scamming. She is now under conditional registration for breaching her professional code of conduct.

Masiorski-AHPRA-2What’s funny, and vindicating, is that AHPRA made the finding about two years to the day after her complaint to AHPRA that I was unfit to practice due to mental illness was dismissed as ‘lacking in substance’. (It was dismissed again a few months later, when Serge, Masiorski and the rest of his hierarchy of compromised, numbskull allied health professionals lodged the same complaint a second time.) One of the findings against Masiorski suggests AHPRA disagreed with her assessment of mental disorders.

To dispel any ‘energy of doubt’ over that finding, I can assure readers the Board takes such investigations seriously. The complaint was examined by AHPRA lawyers and the investigation involved testimony from an expert psychologist. Whereas the complaints they lodged against me did not pass the initial assessment stage.

It’s also about two years since the disciplinary finding against Universal Medicine psychologist Caroline Raphael, who was required to undergo ‘counselling’.

I’ve also been told recently that providing psychology services to social acquaintances/members of your church is a violation of the Psychology Act under Australian law.

Mick & Zach Featherstone – all risk services and arrest for fraud

December 2014, ex Gold Coast police officer turned ‘Phoenix Global’ private investigator, Michael Featherstone, was arrested on charges related to kidnapping and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. Fifth Degree Initiate sent from Shamballa, Serge Benhayon, and his Esoteric Sons of God had been using Featherstone’s services for almost two years by then for ‘Internet Reputation Management,’ i.e. cleansing the Google Search index and Facebook of inconvenient criticisms via untested pseudolegal complaints. According to Phoenix Global’s own paperwork, they were hired for ‘all risk services’. Featherstone admitted to Fairfax News in 2008 that he regularly hacked the computers of his surveillance targets and undertook illegal surveillance. Hacking is also a federal offence.

We are employed, and authorised to represent Universal Medicine in relation to all risk services including internet defamation.

All of that is in keeping with what we know of con artist Benhayon and the predatory fraud that is Universal Medicine. Except, that Benhayon markets his service as ‘love’ and ‘truth’, and from the recent post, ‘the qualities for which Serge Benhayon is internationally known for; that of a deeply caring, ultra honest and very inspiring man.’

The same grubby little guru reckons his clairsentience is so superior that all of his ‘prophecies’ come true, and he can answer ‘any mystery in the Universe’. He characterises charity and altruism as ‘evil’ and reckons ‘occulty’ charity has the ‘same energy as paedophilia’. He reckons eating chocolate harms your reincarnations.


Last year, the Brides of Serge twisted their knickers denying any connection with Mick Featherstone:

Recently the Internet Reputation Company which Universal Medicine has hired since 2012, Phoenix Global, has been in the news regarding the conduct of one of the owners. No doubt Jane Hansen will attempt to create a link between this controversy and Universal Medicine where none exists. Universal Medicine can make no comment on Phoenix Global in the news as we have worked directly with the Internet Reputation Manager Zach Featherstone, a young man whose conduct we have always found to be exemplary.

Six months previous, ABC News had reported exemplary Zach was up to his neck in it.

Oh well. On February 23, Mick, Zach and a bunch of others were arrested at the centre of an estimated $15-$20M fraud with about 600 victims. That about fits with Benhayon’s brief for Esoteric ‘integrity’.


Pharmacist, Michael Serafin of Ballina’s Complementary Compounding Services

Another Esoteric pillar of integrity, cult pharmacist, Michael Serafin investigated by NSW Health

Fairfax Media revealed on Sunday (28 February) that NSW Health had launched an investigation and closed down the iv.me clinic in Darlinghurst after a woman received a $340 intravenous infusion and ended up in the emergency ward of St Vincent’s Hospital…

Dr Michael Serafin, of Complementary Compounding Services in Ballina, confirmed on Wednesday he had been dragged into an expanded inquiry surrounding the iv.me clinic in Darlinghurst, alleging to Fairfax Media that he would not have supplied the product had he known it was for commercial use.

“Up until yesterday when I saw your article, I had never heard of iv.me clinics so am unaware of their practices and how they use these injections,” he said.

The proprietor of the IV clinic says otherwise.

When Fairfax Media approached Ms Kazeme for comment, she said: “We are a wellness clinic and we take a holistic approach to our clients’ health. Dr Serafin is fully aware of what we do.” Sydney Morning Herald, 2 March 2016

She had more to say to Australian Doctor:

She claimed the Department of Health’s investigation will centre on the supplier of the infusion.

“This is not the first time, and it’s not fair that my business is being attacked when it was not the fault of iv.me, nor is it the first time it has happened in this industry,” Ms Kazeme said.

“At the time of this incident occurring, the NSW Health Department confirmed with me that there had been approximately six or seven cases of patients receiving infusions of this particular ingredient in wellness centres around Sydney, having a similar reaction that the iv.me client did,” she claimed.

 “Hence why I can confirm that the investigation is directed at a supplier/manufacturer fault rather than any practice of my business. iv.me protocols and procedures were cleared by the health department.”

A health department statement on the investigation:

“This includes, but is not limited to, the actions of people involved in administering infusions, the doctor prescribing compounded medicines and the compounding pharmacy providing injectable compounded medicines,” a spokesman said.

The probe could include reviewing compounding processes at the pharmacy, examining dispensing records and whether supply was in accordance with recognised therapeutic standards and compliance, he said. Australian Doctor, 3 March 2016

Serafin is a supplier of UM’s products, frequent flier at UM events, and is identified as a College of UM ‘educator‘, for which I assume he receives Esoteric plugs for his business from The One.

Finally, if you haven’t found it yet, I posted a March update on the Benhayon vs Rockett defamation claim, outlining the defence I’ve filed. Watch that post for further updates. It’s a strong, comprehensive defence. The court will examine Benhayon’s sleazy teachings, sleazy practices, sleazy images and some choice samples of his delusions and false, misleading and harmful claims. No one can imagine a court finding that I had no reason to be concerned about his conduct with women and children in the light of all of that. Please spread the word. Support is increasing as Northern Rivers locals find out about the case and I can confirm the media is following with intense interest. I still need help with funding, so consider donating or extending me a loan.

47 Comments on “Universal Medicine March 2016 SLAPP defamation, gossip & ‘no wrongdoing found’”

  1. Lord of Form says:

    Ultra honest? They are starting to run out of superlatives. They are going to have to go back to the “best in the world” soon to spruce up the new pitch that is Serge is an internationally acclaimed “philosopher” and uber honest humanitarian of renown.

    Hmm. I can think of a dozen lies without spending more than 30 seconds on it. Some public, some the members don’t know about yet. He isn’t a philosophers pubic hair. He doesn’t have the first clue what the word even means. He is now world renowned, but not for being a man of ultra integrity, but as a first rate snake oil sales man and harvester of others peoples inheritances. I suppose they can keep lying to themselves though. What’s the harm. No one else is buying it.

    You forgot to mention the ongoing investigation into Sam Kim, which happens to involve the lie from Serge that the patient never had any UM treatments, when he knows very well she did. Or will it qualify when the HCCC finally do something after 4 years?

    Michael was also the manufacturer of the herbs that Serge was pulled up by the TGA for flogging, which thankfully started the whole media cycle. So good one Michael. Round two?

    There’s also been a few other members told off along the way also, but probably not worth the virtual ink to mention them.

    One thing is for sure, Serge’s ultimate knowledge of “energetic integrity” fails him a lot. Just like his memory about being bankrupt, where he was on certain dates, where he and others were living in the late 1990’s, who he borrowed money off, and I’d say, of any other inconvenient fact that he’s replaced with a fanciful and overblown story of his own wonderment.

    Ultra bullshitter I will give him.

    I’ve got money down that there will be more news about UM, Serge and his minions in the not too distant future. And it won’t lend itself to their new narrative about the best philosopher in the world.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Friggin hilarious!!!

    1. UMs Charitable DGR status cancelled.
    2. UMs Practitioners disciplined.
    3. AHPRA demanding pages be deleted from UMs http://www.medicineandsergebenhayon.com
    4. UMs Serafin the supplier of UM’s products under investigation.
    5. And “(UMs) Reputation Manager Zach Featherstone, a young man whose conduct we have always found to be exemplary (but now he’s been arrested along with the rest of the company UM uses)”.

    All too funny and telling of UM. And understand that Esther has never been disciplined with regards her practices etc.

    After reading this I’m confused. Who’s taking who to court? OK, so the offender is taking the whistleblower to court.

    I’ll conclude with, Friggin hilarious!!! (again)

    • YKW says:

      Let’s not forget the parliamentary report condemning Universal Medicine as bogus, and scores of negative news articles in the mainstream press and medical journals. And a charity sector magazine shitting on Serge’s scam charity in the UK.

      It goes on and on. Serge’s worldwide rep is absolute shit, except in the deluded minds of the befuddled followers. He is undefamable. And yet he defames himself every day with the help of his shrill followers and their crazy websites which simply put a laser light on the very things Esther has raised questions about. And makes him look more shit, if that is even possible.

      It’d be frigging hilarious but he keeps getting away with it. There’s absolutely no law against being as crazy as bat shit, taking money for nothing, scaring people out of their relationships, fucking with peoples lives, taking money from sick patients, setting up scam charities, selling scammy products that do nothing, and claiming your the worlds best at everything. In fact, it is encouraged.

    • And so say all of us....... says:


  3. Leigh says:

    the eso bunny lol! 😀

  4. run rabbit run says:

    Serge, like the fake rabbit lure at the greyhound track, is the elusive and never attained reward which for the amusement of us all watching keeps his followers running and thinking in neverending circles
    Serges time for creating something out of nothing or pulling rabbits out of a hat is coming to an end
    He is about to become rabbit stew and he will need more than a lucky rabbits foot in court.
    Whats up doc?

  5. W. Harper says:

    It’s very gratifying to read this post Esther. It seems finally things are coming to the surface that have been hidden for so long. And your tireless (and mostly thankless) work is paying dividends. I know there are others also putting in some work, but yourself and Lance have been front and centre of this campaign for a long time now. You have been attacked, maligned, abused and risked so very much for many people who you have probably never met, and some who have no idea of all you have done as they are not people who use the internet.

    My thanks does not seem enough, but it is all I can offer right now. I hope one day, when this whole sorry mess is over and those that have caused so much pain and hurt have been held to account that you will be publicly recognised for the honourable fight you have fought.

    • W. Harper says:

      Also… do you have a link to the Caroline Raphael judgement?

      • Esther says:

        Thanks W. Harper, and thank you all. There is still a long way to go, a lot of calls to be made, emails to be written, funds to be raised.

        Whatever happens, if any of you are in the area come and catch up for a wine or a tea and a walk some time.

        With regards to Caroline Raphael, the decision wasn’t published. Long story about state jurisdictions but the NSW process is different to Qld. NSW AHPRA runs through the HCCC and is an archaic joke.

        I have seen a letter documenting that decision. I probably can’t publish the letter without very heavy redactions – due to patient privacy, but I’ll try and dig it out.

        And yes, LOF, of course there’s been a lot more wrongdoing found. Tanya Curtis of Fabic Behaviour Management getting blacklisted by Griffith University AND every ASD support group on the Gold Coast is another one. Curtis Benhayon’s True Movement getting the arse from Northern Rivers Schools. Sarah Davis getting similar, and more to come. Esoteric Womens Health given the arse by several respected women’s organizations. From what I hear, Teachers are Gold given the arse from Southern Cross Uni. Dr Kim is still under investigation – but seeing it’s the HCCC I wouldn’t get any hopes up.

        For this post I stuck with published decisions.

    • And so say all of us....... says:

      Agreed! Totally and …… Wholeheartedly 🙂

  6. Pranic Attack says:

    It’s a pity that all the befuddled followers currently attending the cult outing in Vietnam and drooling over more rubbish are unlikely to be allowed to read this post. One day they will have to accept who and what they have been following and the hurt and worry they have caused to friends and family who have tried to help them …. Thank you Esther for all you are doing and all you still have to do. Much respect heading your way. xx

  7. Lance says:

    I just read their explanations of why they are taking action, and I must admit it more readable than usual, but still verbose. Maybe Alison has taken some remedial writing lessons? Now if she can learn to edit. A lot.

    Again however, they are repeating accusations that were not actually made, hence highlighting to a casual reader a cause for concern. I mean, if someone told you there is no murderer lurking in the woods outside your house, what do you think?

    It’s completely illogical to have that statement up on a public website when taking legal action to stop comments that were never actually made in the first place. It therefore doesn’t matter a whit what you have or haven’t said. They’re doing a good enough job themselves.

    Now that is bizarre.

    Speaking of which, I then had a read of the summary of Serge’s new vanity tome. And as usual complete and utter nonsense, chock full of non sequiturs. And that’s just the description! Can you imagine what is in that 400 pages of mind-dulling nonsense? You can see how Serge’s mind works. It’s pretty basic. If one argument doesn’t follow the next, it’s ‘energetically true’.

    Imagine if Leonard da Vinci had been as intellectually challenged as Serge – the enlightenment would had never happened.We’d be still letting blood, drowning witches, and scratching out a brutal existence under the yoke of some religious dictatorship. I guess with Serge as the great moral leader, appointed by God.

    And you’re right though. The members won’t read this site or post. They’re all grinning away to themselves locked in their little fantasy world of being a level 3 or 4 something or another, while saving up for their next cash course to fund Serge and his families property portfolio. Something a member of the “hierarchy” obviously needs.

    I’m therefore not certain any apology or recognition is ever likely.They’re lost in the delusion bereft of a moral or intellectual compass, dumbed down to Serge’s level and behaving just like him.

    But I guess in one way it’s lucky they are collectively as smart as a bus full of 12 years olds. They keep doing the work for us.

    And heads up Serge, Charlie and co. I am going back for another hit on your “charity” in the near future. And I’ll take the loss of your tax deduction status as one win already.

  8. The People v Benhayon says:

    Congratulations on a great post 🙂 the wheels of Justice take time but they do slowly turn

    • Class action redux says:

      Actually, that’s a good point. I’ll probably write that up. I’m taking a contextual truth argument that Universal Medicine’s Esoteric ‘healing’ is a fraud. If I establish that in court – which won’t be difficult – it leaves Benhayon wide open for a class action civil case for damages/ to recoup costs from being ripped off.

      And thank you.

  9. Trish says:

    This from one of his disciples.

    “Unfortunately once a woman has been sexually abused by a man, whether physically or energetically it can be very hard to trust men again, so thank goodness we have such a man as Serge Benhayon to show us there is another way and that not all men are the same. It must be so lovely Christoph, to be in the presence of each other without any sexual tension, innuendos or hidden agendas, just a loving openness with the freedom to just be yourself.”

    How dare, Serge Benhayon teach women that men are abusing them all the time. I happen to live with a very nice man, who wouldn’t listen to one word Serge benhayon said, who has never abused me sexually or energetically. This is just blatant scare mongering. His obsession with abuse must be a projection of some kind.

    • Doors wide open says:

      Yes Trish, it’s disgusting, and a projection. Just think of the scores of preachers that have ended up being caught doing the very thing they rallied against. (Not that I am saying anything, that is for the faithful to impute; which they will, even though they can’t see the obvious)

      Most men do not abuse anyone, least of all the woman they love. And furthermore, there are some women who abuse men emotionally, physically and sexually. (Just as more men die of prostate cancer, than woman do of breast cancer, and yet Sergio ben bullshitter bothers not with that. Not his area of interest)

      It’s just the crap the cult love to go on with so the shite they believe makes some sense to them. It has the added benefit of making the cult members feel good about being with a person they have zero sexual interest in.

      • Anonymous says:

        And some women also financially abuse men too, some of these women may even belong to this um band wagon

  10. Anonymous says:

    I’m reading feet of clay at the moment.
    One Constant theme that pops up, and I tend to agree, it is possible that serge is mentally ill, like many past gurus his revelation following a significant life event, the voices he hears, just because they say nice things doesn’t change the fact. Mentally ill people hear voices all the time Maybe some of his followers should have a read of the book he has all the traits.

    • Lord of Form says:

      He does that the pathology. The fact is, Serge does believe he has special information. That’s typical of people like this who have “revelations”. He is also cunning. He knows it seems crazy to outsiders, and he has a lifelong passion for making money at other people expense. So put it all together and you have him.

      The members go on about the good he has done. That is a fiction. He has never healed or helped anyone outside of a placebo effect, mood making, and the good vibe of a group love-in.

      However, he has demonstrably disaffected hundreds if not thousands of people, including it seems, yourself. Here, and across the globe.

      There are scores of couples that have or are in the process of divorcing that may not have otherwise. This has led to scores of children having broken homes. There are many partners that are aware that their ex’s have handed large sums to Serge/UM either through excessive courses, or donations. Money that should be with those families and their children for their benefit, not with the Benhayon and his family trust. Like yourself, many people have been forced into selling assets they would not have otherwise as part of settlements leaving them poorer. There are families who have lost some or all of their inheritance to Serge.

      On top of that, he has misled people with regard to their health, and caused delays in seeking proper medical treatment. He has tricked people that he provides “healing” when he actually has a religion/occult dogma which he slowly inculcates his “customers” into.

      He tells those customers that “that it is not possible to ever finish doing his courses” so they keep purchasing his worthless, falsely-accredited courses.

      He has taken functional people and made them dependent on him, and his whims which he calls “energetic truth’ which is a convenient way of saying, whatever he feels like. And as it turns out, the energetic truth frequently seems to align with his life long predilections.

      In other words, he has and is causing a trail of destruction. However, the members, bamboozled by some fairy dust and the feeling they know something others don’t ( which is a well known cognitive illusion) happily participate in Serge’s madness.

      Serge is not alone. There are scores of people like him with some or many followers, using the same sort of thinking, and the belief that they have special powers and information, causing harm to people.

      The only way to stop people being harmed by people like Serge is for them to be forewarned about that sort of pathology, recruitments techniques and most of all to value critical thinking, logic, evidence, and your own common sense. Things we are not really taught in school.

      Remember, the starting point for Serge and all cults is to get members to believe that their thinking, what they know, what they are taught, is false. It is all downhill from there.

      This is why we call him the “Scourge”. He has no insight that he is faulty. He really believes that he is special. That lack of prevarication is why he is successful at attracting people who are looking for certainty.

    • Feet of poo says:

      Feet of Clay is a great book. Pretty much lays out the template of Sergio’s life, and the jump from thinking he was special to losing his marbles on the toilet and thinking he is fifth degree incarnation of the Hierarchy bringing Sham-balla to earth etc.

  11. Esther says:

    Some of you will remember I’ve said Sergio is an equal opportunity sexist.

    He thinks women should be fragile and precious. And men should be as well. Only because he’s gutless and too intellectually unsophisticated to cope with being challenged.

    Hates his followers most of all, because they ask dumb questions and never GET IT. His amazing, simple, Way of the Livingness that’s available to everyone equally, but in 16 years he’s the only one whose ‘got there’ and heard the right voices etc. lol.

    So anyway, I wouldn’t get too distracted by him stoking gender wars. He hates everyone. Kids too.

    Also look to the upper right of the page. The real Sergio is now tweeting his actual ageless wisdom. He got sick of living in contraction and having to cleanse his public statements, and is tweeting what he really feels. 🙂

  12. 2GB? says:

    Ester, you should contact Ray Hadley. Serge won’t know what hit him.. Hadley will go off.

    • Esther says:

      For overseas readers, Ray Hadley is a very influential, merciless Australian radio commentator.

      The only comment I’ll make on that idea is that’s not the first time I’ve been told that, and yes, it’s an option. I can also confirm there’s very strong media interest in the case, particularly since I filed my defence.

      As I expected interest and support is growing now that observers are seeing I’m prepared to fight this tooth and nail. It’s still a case of me making phone calls and writing the emails, so feel free to help any of you. I can still use some funding and some word of mouth support. We are currently busy with the next phase of my defence, but I’m happy for any of you to give out my contact details.

    • Esther says:

      For overseas readers, Ray Hadley is a very influential, merciless Australian radio commentator.

      The only comment I’ll make on that idea is that’s not the first time I’ve been told that, and yes, it’s an option. I can also confirm there’s very strong media interest in the case, particularly since I filed my defence.

      As I expected interest and support is growing now that observers are seeing I’m prepared to fight this tooth and nail. It’s still a case of me making phone calls and writing the emails, so feel free to help any of you. I can still use some funding and some word of mouth support. We are currently busy with the next phase of my defence, but I’m happy for any of you to give out my contact details.

  13. to the anons says:

    I know a lot of you anonymous readers and commenters are nervous about being identified, but you needn’t be. I don’t give away how many people have contacted me, but there are a lot of you and it’s a great pity you can’t talk to each other because united, you would annihilate UM – in minutes. For every UMer banging Sergio’s drum is a circle of relationship and financial carnage.

    The reason they’re so vocal is (a) because bullying works and (b) to drown out their own consciences, their awareness that what they’re doing inconveniences other people at best, but mostly damages and abuses in the name of their ‘self loving choices’.

    Every time one of you comments anonymously or otherwise, UM know it could be any one of thousands of people across the globe.

    None of you are alone. UM is more unpopular than any of you can fathom. Why else the propaganda and bullying overkill?

    For those of you aggrieved by UM, I guarantee their are thousands of others equally or more so.

  14. Pranic Attack says:

    I know you are right Esther, and being Uk I do worry that the whole roadshow will end up decamping here when things get too hot in Aus. I would be happy to join a group over here to try and get exposure if you could put me in touch with anyone. The relative I once knew is totally devoted to the Benhayons and has changed completely into someone quite unpleasantly superior and selfish – must be all that knowledge! I am the pits having dared to question. I feel sorry for the friends that have been roped in – little do they know … lambs to slaughter comes to mind.

    • W. Harper says:

      While the RRF thread is pretty dormant, there is the opportunity for members to private message each other over there. I suggest that as a pretty safe space to initiate any further group action that won’t further tax Esther’s time and would also allow further action. UM spies have tried to infiltrate it before, but it’s pretty well moderated and as long as your savvy with who you are in contact with (I would suggest at least 2 other people vouching for any member you PM) it could be a good forum for concerned individuals from any location.

      Or a private members group in another online space. Happy to co-ordinate if there’s interest…

  15. Watching from a distance says:

    I agree: the Rick Ross forum is very well moderated and a good place to go. It also provides a data base for people in situations like this and has a lot of solid information included experience with infiltrators. All sorts of people are ending up in situations like this, because they do have some sort of spiritual belief system. Witch is a natural state of mind to many people even if it isn’t clear what ‘it’ exactly is they belief in. Unfortunately there are to many ‘Benhayon like’ narcissists out there trying (and succeeding) to take advantage of this natural state of being. It’s a shame people were scared off after the name change on the RRF and the two years of missing posts afterwords. At least, over time all the missing posts were resurrected. Which also proves (to me) how genuinely serious the RRF forum is in cases like this. Not a bad place to take the rest of this besides Esther, IMHO.

    • E says:

      I fully support this. The forum had a great back of house network happening, which is how I was able to connect with Lance and others through Lance. Thank you Lance. It’s true, I have family commitments etc. on top of the litigation. I don’t have time to screen & moderate etc. don’t really want to and shouldn’t have to.

      The thread is here. http://forum.culteducation.com/read.php?12,107998 Herb still updates from time to time, bless him. I recommend getting yourselves a login, and reaching out to each other – share your experiences or grievances on the forum. Whoever moderates or screens a discussion forum, private or public, can’t do it if you don’t share – if you don’t start talking to each other. You can post without identifying yourself or your location. You can disguise your gender, whatever. You can maintain anonymity if you choose, as many have.

      The advice I would give, if you run a private forum, is to screen screen screen. I can tell very quickly when people are genuine. I’m available if you need a hand.

      Also beware of people trying to whiteant any discussions. There was one individual in particular behind the scenes backstabbing a few of us, and that was counterproductive. They claimed to know me from Sydney (?) which was either delusional or bullshit.

      Most groups end up with one or more of those types and they can derail the whole thing. They need to be dealt with very firmly. Ban them if you have to.

      Everyone else was fine.

      • Lance says:

        Actually, that forum is how I became aware that there was already a problem and quite a few others in distress by, well in advance of me making contact with some of those people privately. Many of them have given up and moved on, some are still in contact.

        (The existence of the forum long before I became aware of it sort of ruins UM’s hairbrain idea that I was the mastermind behind the criticism of them, doesn’t it? Although, I will admit I happily facilitated it once I became aware of what was really going on)

        Ironically the group (sorry, I very recently learned there is no group. Just students) think it is a crime for another group of people to share the same concerns and have the experience independently, and even worse if they dare contact each other for support. It must point to some conspiracy..? They don’t seem to be able to fathom that for that to happen, there must be some problem.

        There is also denial there are ex-members of the group, because as I learned, there is no group…just students. And if the ex-member of the non existent group makes contact with someone, that also proves a conspiracy. Apparently if they contact or talk to me, I am a ‘king-pin’. I think that means “someone we know doesn’t like UM”. But it’s interesting.

        Meantime, back in the real world, we know there are many disaffected people, as well as ex members struggling to free themselves from Serge’s mind messing. Rick Ross does have a private forum and there were many more members in the background then there were people posting. Until it all went down, which sort of put the Kibosh on it.

        I suggest if like many, you’re experiencing an issue with a family members who can’t see what they are really involved with, try reaching out to someone on there as a starting point.

        • W. Harper says:

          And to any new readers… read that thread from start to finish. It’s long, but a terrific source of info. Even posts on there from people who got their family members back.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Does Skerge and Cam and Paula get that using the courts to harass people is using a public facility? When he falls on his face is he going to blame the court for being astral? Wanker.

  17. Trivia says:

    UM perform ‘celebration of love’ days after civil service.
    Natalie Benhayon has performed this.

    um! another money spinner??

    • Lord of Form says:

      Yes, also to keep members heads spinning so they don’t notice the glaring lies and contradictions. Just say “love”.

      What are they actually celebrating. “Love = no emotion. You can’t love anyone else, all you can do is love yourself, and then by showing how amazing you are, others love themselves.” (SB)

      In other words, it’s a celebration of contagious narcissism. Serge style, as programmed into Natalie and her siblings.

  18. Good news says:

    The action taken by the ATO & AHPRA is good news.

    To me the timing of the SLAPP action taken by UM is because they did not want
    it published that Complaints about UM and Co have had action taken by AHPRA and the ATO.
    Or is it a coincidence.

    It would appear UM thought that they could shut you up and shut you down. Not so.
    Onya Esther there are more are with you than against you.

    • It's an illusion of the Astral cult says:

      I can assure you it is good news to us only. Members still think no action has ever been taken, and that after “29 complaints”, Serge has not only come up trumps, he has been awarded a medal of valour and celebrated as the most honest man on earth by government departments everywhere.

      Also, you don’t exist. Nor do I, or other contributors to this forum. We are all a figment of our imaginations, invented by Lance and Esther. What’s more, there is no group of people interested in Universal Medicine Occult Religions, and there are no ex members or anyone that has any issues with Universal Medicine. Esther made that all up.

      • W. Harper says:

        I think that’s a very fair assessment of members of Universal Medicine’s mindset. All 300-500 of them. The rest of the world, if they have any interest in this topic at all, are well aware of the reality of the situation. And for the members… well the ship is sinking fast, and as quick as they try and bail out the water, it keeps on coming in.

  19. Human Infiltration Virus says:

    This person, who has spent their life masquerading and mastering impersonation, disguise, pretending and lying whether running,hiding, gaining, owning, controlling or self claiming has infiltrated others like a virus, a passive silent attacker who somehow bypasses the authentication mechanisms filter in the brain of victims and once accessed, proceeds to modify, delete and change the configuration of the reasonable thought processes rendering the host as a converted clone.
    Under the microscope of the judicial system now

  20. AHPRA keep their eye on Marianna Masiorski says:

    Here’s hoping that AHPRA keep their eye on Marianna Masiorski, psychologist, Business Face book page!

    • Esther says:

      Hi I don’t have time to look it up. If it looks dodgey please report it to the Qld Health Care Ombudsman and point out she’s under conditional registration.

  21. Updates... says:

    Hello duckies, just checking in to reassure you all we’re still afloat, the defence is alive and kicking arse, but we’ve been busy with a large amount of work on the next phase in readiness for the May 6 hearing.

    I have buckets of gossip & UM seem intent on generating more – attention seekers.

    For eg. Alison Greig continues to mouth off about my defence, and the faith-full are silly enough to take her seriously – overlooking the fact Serge didn’t and hasn’t shown her his defamation claim. And wouldn’t, lol. She had to wait for me to publish it online. And he sure as hell hasn’t shown her my defence. Nevertheless the poor sausage is trying to hold up the propaganda trenches with nothing to equip her but sheer bloody mindedness and the blind hostility of Desiree D and Rebecca Asquith. lol!

    Not that Sergio gives a rats. As long as cash keeps coming & the Brides of Serge keep the claws out and the social media smokescreen up he does as he damned well pleases.

    Would he stick up for a single one of them in a pinch?

    No effing way. 😉

    • Open Door Policy says:

      Serge is now a modern day “Polymath” according to the brides. Fair dinkum. Ol’ Serge who can’t even draw a stick figure, a “Polymath”.??? That’s one of the biggest laughs I have ever had. At least as a member of the hierarchy he can’t be tested. Now they’re getting careless with their delusions.

      They are deeply confused people so wouldn’t take much to keep them on the hamster wheel. I bet they are in for few surprises. Love to see the looks on their esoteric faces when the penny drops.