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Benhayon vs Rockett case updates early 2016

March 2: Defence filed. Standby for further updates

February 20: Reschedule – extension

February 17: Yes, we’re running late, but we will get there. 

January 22: *Contribute now or soon please!* I have to pay lawyers or they stop work.

January 21 2016: defence and funding update (short written summary below if you don’t want to watch the video.)

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March 2: defence filed, please stand by

Hang in there duckies. I’ve been busy. Defence was filed on the 29th. I’m happy with it and am looking forward to having it put before the court. Stand by, I’m preparing an update video and I’m using the defence document to undertake more lobbying and fundraising. Thanks for your patience and support.

February 20: Reschedule

Yesterday the court granted me an extension for filing my defence. The schedule has been bumped ahead. I have about a week to file, and I’m still very busy assisting my legal team.

I’ll update everything in the next week or so.

It’s regrettable in the sense that the extension will cost  financially, however, in spite of a lot of hard work we simply ran out of time and we’d rather file the best defence possible than a rushed job.

Please hang in there everyone. The defence is shaping very well – the work I’m doing now will save time and money later, and you’ll hear about it as soon as it’s finalized and filed.

Now remember to donate! Or offer me a nice generous loan so I can keep my lawyers on board until the trial.

In the meantime, Universal Law have been up to the usual monkey business – now demanding I take down certain statements and stop expressing my opinion the claim is a SLAPP.


Here’s news for Benhayon and his briefs – whether or not my statements are defamatory, what publications get taken down, and what I’m permitted to publicly state are matters for the court to decide.

I will only censor my publications in line with the law. Not to the whims of a tinpot messiah and his small town solicitor devotees whose daughter married into the Benhayon firm.

February 17: LATE!!

Thank you for your continued patience. Yes, I am quite late with my defence. Three things have worked against us.

One, my lawyers being away most of January and returning later than expected.

Two, an unexpected spanner thrown at us from Team Benhayon, which had us down tools for a week. Then once the schedule was out we had the problem of recoordinating the team to be able to confer properly.

Three – a truckload of evidence to work through – too much, so we’ve had to renovate and downsize the planned defence in order to stay within a manageable budget.

So if you watch the video below, there might be a couple of changes to the defence I was proposing, but we’re still confident!

Stand by. I believe we’ve asked the court for an extension, but I’ll keep you all updated when I know more.

I heard UM are saying I’m trying to make it a media circus, lol. Look, I won’t have to. The public and media interest in this case will be massive. I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets legislation changed.

January 22: Bills!

Hi all, some have pledged loans but aren’t able to pay right away. I’m being billed as my lawyers do the work, so please don’t delay if you are considering donating or offering a loan, I need to raise money quickly. My lawyers will stop work if they’re not paid. Thanks.

January 21 defence and funding update

See the video above for explanations. Click and drag the red dot at the bottom of the YouTube video if you want to skip any sections

In summary:

Case overview
  • Serge Benhayon has claimed I’ve damaged his reputation and business in one blog, three comments and one tweet. He’s seeking to hold me liable for damages.
  • He’s claiming his reputation has been damaged by statements I made regarding his conduct with women and children.
National & international significance (if I can fund it to trial)
  • The court will establish whether a member of the public can legally raise justifiable concerns over the welfare of women and children, or whether doing so is defamatory of the claimant.
  • The case will publicly raise the question over whether it’s legitimate defamation claim or a wealthy individual using his financial resources to censor public interest information exposed by someone with few resources.
  • Unprecedented scrutiny of a cult leader’s reputation, behaviour and background, and scrutiny of a secretive and dishonest group.
  • Of intense interest to the press, the legal profession, welfare and human rights groups – as well as public and those directly affected by UM.

Defamation is legal provided the person making the statements has legal defences for making them. I only need one of the defences to succeed for Benhayon’s case to FAIL. I will take at least four, including:

  • Justification – the statements I made were substantially true
  • Context and reputation – I made many other statements in the publications regarding Benhayon’s aberrant behaviour and character which were true. He is not suing me for those. Benhayon already had a poor reputation due to prior media coverage and other blogs and online discussions. He will need to prove the claimed imputations concerning women and children were the specific cause of damage to his reputation, and not the many other statements made about him (liar, cult leader, delusional etc.) and the fact there was so much other adverse material about him online and elsewhere.
  • Interests of readers (Qualified Privilege) – the publications were of interest to my readers. My readers are potential clients of UM, or others who may be potentially exposed to these people via their front organizations and the like, plus a number of readers who are parents of children caught up in the cult, related to followers or have been adversely affected themselves.
Trial schedule
  • We file our defence at the end of this month.
  • First hearing March 11 will hear some objections to our defence and set a date for trial.
  • Trial likely in third quarter of 2016. It’s likely to last for four to eight weeks.
  • A jury trial will deliver a judgement almost immediately. A judge only trial may take three to six months after the trial to hand down a judgement.
Universal Law of Mullumbimby

Benhayon hasn’t been receiving advice from his senior counsel. Rather, his son’s parents in law, Universal Law solicitors, who normally deal with family law, bequests and petty crime, have handled the claim so far. Benhayon can afford better legal advice and he very obviously isn’t getting it. See video – 14:36 minutes.

  • Target is $110-120K total.
  • A successful litigant is commonly awarded 70-75% of costs.
  • I’m seeking to fund 70% of my defence via loans, so that I can repay loans in full if and when I’m awarded costs.
  • Loan agreements are made in writing.
  • If costs awarded do not cover all the loans, I will repay each lender in proportion to the total costs awarded.
  • I hope to raise the remainder via donations and what’s left of my personal funds.
  • The progress of raising loans won’t be made public because Benhayon appears to be holding out with his claim in the hope I won’t raise the funds. Let him sweat.

THANK YOU to all who’ve lent and donated so far.

Loans and donations can be made confidentially.

Finally, the response from all quarters to Benhayon’s success in the McIntyre will case was universal disgust and condemnation for taking funds from people who need them a lot more than he does. It made news in Australia, the UK and US. His defamation claim is also already damaging his reputation as evidenced by the flurry of damage control propaganda coming out of cult HQ.

I strongly believe I can win based on my strong legal defences. I believe the only way my defence will not succeed is if I can’t fund it.

Let’s put Serge on the stand and have him answer the evidence. Donate or Lend please.

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The blog & comments I’m being sued for: Universal Medicine’s sexual abuse apologism hits a crescendo

Benhayon vs Rockett – help fund my legal defence – background

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85 Comments on “Benhayon vs Rockett case updates early 2016”

  1. Esther says:

    For those who missed the intro to the case:

  2. Alan Johnston says:

    Thirty-six minutes of distilled delusion inside a legal fantasy bubble. Real-world disconnect: complete.

    • Esther says:

      LOL! again Alan. And still you can’t specify what my ‘fantasies’ are. Now let’s talk about your guru’s 8 volumes of garbled delusion, and the voices he heard on the toilet. Have you seen his evil enemies the ‘Four Lords of Form’ for yourself? lol, truly.

      • Trish says:

        He is just making it up as he goes along. It’s a joke. No true science. I love how now Serge knows everything about the environment. He has a Linguistic Professor talk about the environment. Now that is arrogance!!!

        • Lance says:

          Here’s the thing. Serge employs every logical fallacy in the book, and the central theme of his meanderings is ‘energetic’ integrity- a fiction he has created which underpins his irrational arguments.

          What he has done, over time, is replace regular integrity (honesty, uprightness, probity, rectitude, honour, honourableness, upstandingness, good character, principle(s), ethics, morals) with ‘energetic integrity’ which is actually meaningless. Hence his rabble of followers who will say and do anything without deference to truth or moral consequence.

          There is NO basis to his assertion that everything is energy, and NO basis to the idea that someone can energetically effect anything.

          His whole fantasy is constructed around an impossible dilemma the students’ follow, which is conducting themselves with ‘energetic integrity’ that is solely defined by Serge. It’s the ultimate control trip. Energetic integrity is impossibly broad. In one ‘sermon’ he told the students moving their finger without it kills beings on other planets.

          It’s made people hand over their estates to him for fear that by leaving their money to their kids they’d be sending energetic ripples of irresponsibility into another life. It’s ensured that members spend their time obsessed with a set of rules about something that doesn’t exist.

          And to make certain members don’t contemplate that, he accuses anyone who challenges the sheer stupidity and arrogance of his ideas… as arrogant and ignorant. A small carrot is the thought that as someone so in your light, that those you are rejecting are better off for it.

          I bet you he told Debbie that too in 1999.

          Esther has extracted parts of his recordings where he is patently influencing his followers to reject their families. The arguments he is using is the refrains I later heard.

          Alan, I hope you appreciate you are allowed to comment here, even if you get a spray back. We’ve never been afforded the same courtesy. I guess that’s because we don’t have energetic integrity.

        • pranabunny says:

          For me, the question is still: does Serge believe what he spouts? And if yes, how much of it? And then I came across this podcast:

          A scientific study of bullshitting. It was enlightening.

          Interesting was that some people find it harder to sort the bullshit from the truth than others. This seems to have nothing to do with intelligence or level of education but seems to be a neurological thing.

          And the definition of bullshitting (as opposed to lying)?

          “Bullshit consists in a lack of concern for the difference between truth and falsity. The motivation of the bullshitter is not to say things that are true or even to say things that are false, but he’s serving some other purpose and the question whether what he is saying is true or false is really irrelevant to his pursuit of that ambition.”

          Sound familiar, Sergio?

    • Contradictions of the Goonellebah Guru says:

      Yeah, I don’t think Alan – who seems to subscribe to the church of Serge- can accuse anyone else of delusions.

      Alan old mate, Serge will spend weeks on the stand explaining the girl parade, his financial history, his outlandish claims, your belief systems, the genesis of his relationships and lots more. Esther on the other hand only has to answer whether some statements she made are defamatory or not, in light of similar or worse publications on the groups own websites..

      Universal Law’s take on the case so far shows their usual blundering and lack of understanding of what is before them.

      Do you get it Alan? Serge is going to be exposed, ripped apart, and put on public display as the charlatan he is. Even if Esther loses on some technical ground, Serge loses in the court of public opinion. He won’t collect any money. In other words, he’s right royally fucked himself. No moral victory of being proven right (LOL, as if) and no financial win.

      And don’t you think Esther won’t take it the whole way. She will.

      And Alan, look up the word delusion and then go and take a look in the mirror Pal. It’s hard to imagine how you all keep getting fooled. I guess it must be that you are just right royal fools. And Serge saw you coming.

    • Lord of Form says:

      “Real world disconnect: complete:” Errrr…Alan.. have you happened to really listen to anything Serge has to say?

      Really, you could not have made a more ironic and stupid comment if you had tried. But so consistent with the lack of insight UM’ers display. The question for me is, did listening to Serge scramble your brain or has staggering stupidity been a nagging problem you’ve battled with your whole life?

    • Sergio says "make a fool of yourself" says:

      Alan (on the) John ston (ed)
      You and your not so “sweet voice” can “rack off”
      Please flush and put the seat down when you leave
      We are not interested in playing “Sergio Says”
      Moronic clown

    • Dear Alan...... says:

      Loosen your cult neck scarf cause I think its cutting off the circulation to your brain
      You are worshipping a man who gave you a big hint in the beginning of the level he would be dragging you down to, backing out a blind mullet into the dunny and calling it a golden egg.
      Its just shit Alan, all of it

  3. Esther says:

    Trish, yes, I was listening to Sergio carrying on about how earthquakes are man made, lol – from our loveless behaviour. As is climate change. Nothing to do with pollutants, but because we’re all loveless, in pain and haven’t become a UniMed subscriber yet.

    You should hear his climate predictions for 600km/hr winds and earthquakes that’ll register 14 on the Richter scale. lol. because we drink coffee and eat cheese.

    It’d be funny if his faithfull weren’t sending their little girls to stay, and cancer patients weren’t tricked into thinking he can sell them an improved reincarnation.

  4. Esther says:

    Lance, that wasn’t a comment from poor old Alan – it was infantile ad hominem graffiti from a bloke believes reason is illusion and anger will give him cancer. Poor bastard.

    Thank you pranabunny for that article. It reminds me of when Serge denied he’d been bankrupt to a News Ltd journalist, and then suddenly remembered he had when the journo produced the bankruptcy document.

    “Truth” is an expedient to our Sergio – the bullshitter.

    I reckon he’s so enthralled by the genius-ness of his teachings and that he’s gotten away with constructing an entire system of ludicrous pseudo-metaphysics, that he has begun to believe it himself.

    I also reckon he certainly heard voices – not from the hierarchy, but a bunch of fried synapses that gave out when his meal ticket refused to pick up her tennis racquet.

  5. Contradictions of the Goonellebah Guru says: LOL, Click the button for a free new-age guru rant.

    This would be gold for Serge. Save him loads of time dreaming up new pretend profundities. Although I think he can spontaneously generate bullshit without much trouble, this would get him through if he has writers block. He’ll have to be careful though as the machine has better grammar than him…

    • Esther says:

      fantastic, I’m tweeting these suggestions. And this one is hilarious too as cited on the bullshit generator

      • New Guru on the block says:

        Fantastic. Setting up my own cult as I type and these quotes will form the basis of it. Only requirement to join is a desire to lose control over your life, that you hand me all your money, and you only wear purple clothes and a neck scarf and stare a lot at people to the point they feel uncomfortable. In return I promise you absolutely nothing. And you’ll thank me for that. Oh, and I have a few old tennis rackets I may give out as membership tokens. They are filled with energy and stuff and worth a lot because I say so.

      • Iam Nofool says:

        Yes! Been looking for one of these wisdom makers for ages. Now I can fill a book with bullshit and sell it for way more than it is worth.

    • pranabunny says:

      I l.o.v.e.e.e.e.e. Seb Pearce and his bullshit generator. Frankly, Serge’s latest tome reads like he conceived it with a little help from Seb. (just kidding. Serge is of course totally capable of generating his own bullshit)

  6. Trish says:

    Hey Guys there is a massive difference between people talking about meditation and quietening the mind for peace and happiness, i.e. healthy thoughts than there is with Serge Benhayon. Please don’t lose me when you knock everything new age/spiritual. Science in its true form is one thing but western medicine has also been abused by big pharma. Being too black and white discredits what you say about Serge. Serge is a creepy narcissist but that doesn’t mean all meditation and herbs are bad

    • Anonymous says:

      There’s certainly many benefits to be gained through meditation and the study of Eastern philosophy and medicine. What the quote generator highlights is just how much of this has been bastardised by ‘gurus’ in the Western world using abstract language to hoodwink unsuspecting and over trusting individuals into thinking they have some sort of answer to the riddle of life. And of course, using that to increase their wealth. Funny that I am still looking for the Dalai Lama’s website flogging laminated cards, creams he’s knocked up and the crap jewellery his mates make, or any evidence of Ghandi’s cash only courses. Maybe I am looking in the wrong places, or maybe as truly good and enlightened people they didn’t cash in on their spirituality or use it as a means to buy more flash sports cars or first class plane tickets.

      But you all already know this.

      • Trish says:

        Yeh I know. world of difference. I just don’t believe everything a western dr will tell me either. But I am a discerning sort of person. I don’t believe in guru’s or following blindly anyone. Serge is so obviously deluded that I can’t quite believe people follow him. Unfortunately his followers feel good cos they stop all the crap in their diet etc and attribute it to Serge. they certainly haven’t found “love” though. Serge’s love is all screwed up with negative beliefs. In no way or form is it love of an enlightened soul.

  7. Iam Nofool says:

    In this video, Serge is looking very stressed. What I don’t understand is why he pays any attention at all to the ‘cyberbullying’. If he truly believes himself to be invincible in his truths, why bother with responding to this ‘threat’ in any way whatsoever. This video response only feeds the fire, and in my mind makes him look all the more suspicious:

    • Esther says:

      Yeah, it’s strictly a message for the investors. That was shot in August. I think it was, when he launched his book in Sydney to a 140 strong huddle of the converted. As usual, he didn’t specify any of the ‘lies’ & didn’t address any of the misconduct that earned him the media coverage.

      Hasn’t bothered to look up the suicide rate among people who get caught up in cults. Or mentally ill people told their psychosis is a result of entity possession.

      It’s cyberabuse when his behaviour is exposed, but love and truth when his congregation mob and harass complainants.

      Feigning sensitivity and fragility quite the contrast to this, isn’t it?

      • Trish says:

        disgusting. “Be blessed by the situation” How ridiculous

        • Esther says:

          Pretty extreme.

          Everyone, I just worked out how to embed the video no fool i am linked to, and have put it in their comment (a couple of comments above). Big contrast between Sergio the victim and the stuff about disability above, yes?

      • Get Sirius ... says:

        SB feigns innocence, offence, victim hood, love & integrity, with apparent blindness to how his own words, delusions, predatory behaviour (eg targeting vulnerable, fearful dying cancer patients for their estates) & arrogance led to the negative media out cry. He spouts responsibility, but miraculously avoids it himself :/

    • Esther says:

      And 400 news articles in 2012??? On Arcturus? Written by the Lords of Form? He must have been hearing voices again.
      There were about 20 I think. If there were more I would have put them on the News Reports page.

      • Lord of Form says:

        He might have counted the “Pineapple Express” as one of them. Remember that priceless bit of Serge handiwork? LOL. He was much more fun then. Now he’s all serious with his vimeo posts and quasi serious interviews- but no less crazy. He’s just got editors and spin doctors now.

    • Lord of Form says:

      Well, what remains impressive is Serge believes he is the victim. That is sincere. And its why he has the sympathy and enjoining of his followers; contrary to his own rules.

      He’s not able to connect any of his behaviour with outcomes. He never has been able to.

      When the commonwealth bank caught up with him in 1995, after going AWAL on a large loan he blamed the bank, the bank manager and one of the investors who ended up carrying the problem when he took off. The reality is, he just took off. The loan was in his and Debbie’s names. They literally headed to the hills and played dead.

      When he was interviewed about being bankrupt as a result of the bank catching up with him, he point blank denied it. When the document came out proving he was, he reluctantly admitted and then he blamed the original investors. Again. Digitally recorded.

      Since 1999 he has been telling his ‘students’ that the don’t need family, they are not in a cult, he is not a cult leader, people will call him a cult leader, the people his members reject will call him a cult leader, and get angry at him and UM, and then when it happens, because he’s spent years telling them (women mainly) that men are abusive, they are playing roles, that their partners are energetically raping them, holding them back from their glory and should sleep on the couch if they don’t do as the woman says.. he blames the members of the families that understandably get a little het up when he splits those families up.

      What do you call that behaviour?

      Contrary to what he says, he IS an egotist. You can see he is very cut up about the warranted criticism that has finally come his way, and persists because of his denials and ongoing behaviour. Oh, and having broken up countess families, he brags about how great his family is, and his ex wife, who once ran around bad-mouthing him and his new wife, the reason she was running around bad mouthing him, as ‘besties”.

      What’s more, without any insight, as usual, he allows his members to infer that he has resisted killing himself, a typical reaction he claims, because he is so in his light and full of love; while simultaneously hosting websites set up to Cyberbully and defame people out of business and/or because they had something to say that Serge didn’t like. Usually without any basis in truth. Without one care in the world if any of those people happen to do the thing he researched, and says is a typical response.

      What a charming little fucker he is.

      I imagine the members probably teared up at his little show, but really it is a fantastic display of his egomaniacal condition.

      I wonder if any of the psychologists in the group got that..? Answer = Nope.

    • Esther says:

      Actually, no fool, that’s quite priceless that video. Thank you.

    • MacReady says:

      He’s still babbling about cyber-abuse, when all any of his critics have done is quote his own absurd statements, and highlight his own lies and questionable conduct.

      • MacReady says:

        Worth noting too, that his outrageous narcissism leads him to claim the crown as far as being ‘cyber-abused’ goes. Whether it’s claiming to be the victim or claiming to be the most spiritually advanced being on Earth, Serge is always numero uno.

  8. Lord of Form says:

    Actually, I wouldn’t worry too much. They now have a channel. SB.TV. Two things come to mind. 1. Serge is really delusional as he’s putting his crazy shit out for all to see. He doesn’t get how bat shit crazy it is. 2. Next time there is a tv report, which I guess is coming soon, they have publicly available footage. Cool

    PS- and Foley just regurgitating Serge’s shit. Give me a break.

  9. Lord of Form says:

    Yep, he’s put all his wacky crap up. Don’t they know that he looks like a crazy egotistical fool? Mama Mia…

    I feel….

    • Lord of Form says:

      Albeit, a sanitized version in parts. Although he is still acting like an authority while prefacing his comments that he is not. Go figure. Luckily, the hidden lectures are being put up here for the full picture.

      Ah Serge wouldn’t it have been a lot better if a few years ago you just shut up. You’d have done a lot better I am sure. There’s dignity in silence. The more you’ve protested and the more you’ve put out there, the deeper that hole has got. And let’s not forget, we know the back story that you pretend doesn’t exist. If you’d shut up, maybe we’d have got bored of it, and had no motive to continue… for the smartest man alive, you sure do some majorly dumb stuff. Please continue.

      And cult members- Rebecca and co, speaking slowly and in whispers with a strange grin, and replacing the word think with feel is just spooky. Just about anyone can see there is something up.

  10. brain shrinkage says:

    “If you leave a child $10k and the kids spend that money to keep them in recognition and identification-excess- that holds you in contraction in your next life” SB

    But its ok for Serge to embellish HIS children with YOUR money NOW in this life to keep them in “excess” of houses, cars, holidays,trips,designer this, first class that, in total recognition.
    I guess “im just jealous”
    Right in the face and under the noses of the followers

  11. Esther says:

    Apologies again everyone. I know I keep promising updates, but we are still yet to file. The case is incredibly complex due to the enormous amount of materials. My poor lawyer has had to read the UM Facts site!

    And we were disrupted for a week by some shenanigans from Team Benhayon which I can’t elaborate on for legal reasons.

    I have deliberately held off active fundraising until I have my defence document filed and in my hands – that way I can present to lenders and donors precisely what we’re taking to court.

    All you need to know for now is that this case is absolutely winnable. I’m still very confident of winning. It will take some work in court to clear away UM’s propaganda smokescreen from clouding the issues and my right to publish with regard to welfare concerns.

    An immense thank you to those who continue to donate, and for those making loans. Your backing is vital to this important issue.

    Finally, I was asked a good question – if I’m not able to raise funds required to have legal representation all the way up to trial, will I keep going?

    The answer is a resounding yes! I will take this to trial if I have to sleep in Hyde park to do it.

    Some solicitors and a law student have offered to help if necessary, and I think I could garner more support as we approach trial.

    Believe me – everyone – even Serge’s faith-full, want this tried in court.

    • Get Sirius ... says:

      Great to hear you’re persevering Esther, what a stressful time it must be … Hopefully soon there’ll be repercussions for SB’s unscrupulous, manipulative teaching & questionable practices. Including psychologically & financially exploiting vulnerable, dying people. How considerate of SB to off load rich peoples estates for the benefit of the deceased & their offsprings’ “spiritual future”. (Where does that leave SB’s unfortunate children & grandchildren?). May truth & justice prevail!

      • You know who says:

        The stress I’d guess is the legal process and trying to cherry pick which bit of evidence to use to refute their ludicrous claims and illustrate Serge as the shonk he is within a reasonable budget. Meantime, no doubt, the ever faith-full Cam and Paula haven’t issued Serge with a proper bill, if at all.

        Team everyone else is with you Esther… Just ask around and between hoots of incredulous laughter and dropped jaws, UM’s and it’s illustrious leaders public profile are not golden. Serge would most certainly not win a popularity contest, and it’s not because he’s ‘right’.

        The irony is, their claims are utter bullshit. But if you could raise the coin to fund a case on the basis of their defamation, you’d win hands down.

        • W. Harper says:

          I am sure you are unable to publish the details of Benhayon’s team legal wrangling, but amazing to note how they seem to be trying to disrupt the process after initiating it themselves. One would of thought they would be keen to get this to court ASAP, or maybe not, now they know Esther (and her supporters) are in for the long fight. Hopefully the defence is able to be submitted soon and the trial goes ahead according to schedule. Please all, dig deep in to your pockets, every penny is going count, and getting this slippery, devious, malicious man in to court is in everybody’s best interest. Not only the families and people already harmed, but those who will be if he’s allowed to continue.

  12. Anonymous says:

    What’s up with Alison Greig? As a woman who appears to be in her early 70’s from her Twitter profile photo, one would hope she would have achieved some sort of wisdom and grace by that age. And yet her Twitter output is a torrent of abuse, half truths and Benhayon adoration that seems more fitting to the younger brides of Benhayon. Does anyone know what is the cause of hateful output, was there some life tragedy that has skewed her this way, or is she just one of those sad old ladies who are angry at the world because she has nothing else to do and nothing else in her life? Maybe she should try some online dating apps? It’s never too late Alison, and love can be a wonderful healer of all that anger that keeps you up at night!

    • Esther says:

      Yeah, she’s pretty defensive.

      Before I get into that everyone, the defence is nearly ready, the delays aren’t anything I can control. Alison needs to ask Serge why we were disrupted for a week. Then it chucked my lawyers’ schedules out, which has been frustrating for everyone involved…

      Now, to be fair, even if fairness is never granted to us – Alison believes Serge is the saviour of the Universe. He’s led her and others to believe that, and to be suspicious, even superstitious of their own doubts. They just can’t cope with self examination and the notion of having to break from their belief system and community, which would be the outcome of questioning Serge’s hubris. The only way they can remain psychologically functional is to project.

      It’s easier for her to project her inner conflicts onto me, and to call me a ‘hate blogger’ than it is to question her own betrayal of decency and common sense.

      That’s why the hysterics have intensified since they realized I would fight this litigation and bring the whole mess to court to have the law decide what the truth is.

  13. Trivia says:

    ANON -I think A G has a fella….BIG EARS “Charlie” Barrister can’t think of his name.
    What a sour puss she is

    • Lord of Form says:

      That makes sense on many levels.

      BTW, Alison is actually in her early 50’s. Maybe anon was being sarcastic or perhaps its the toxicity of that vitriol not helping hold back the years. True story-Someone I (whoever that is) know (whoever that is) once met Alison briefly in a very domestic exchange and then remarked to her friend…”what a strange woman. It’s like she’s in a cult’

      As usual the mind boggles at the delusional conversations these misshapen partnerships must produce. Reinforcing their shared delusions while plotting revenge against those who dare point out the blinding contradictions and grandiose claims of the one they base their lives upon, no doubt. With some awe-somes and amazings thrown in for effect.

      For a non cult, these non cult members certainly look inward for their non sexual couplings, as they spend time on the non cult websites not acting like cult members as they syncopate over their non cult leader.

      Alison is one big sour puss that is for sure. Serge got his money’s worth (just kidding, it was free of course) when he put her in charge of the attack.

      • Anonymous says:

        Wasn’t being sarcastic about her age, that’s what she looks like to me and combine that with the typesetting skills of someone who appears just to have discovered a word processor (what fun it is to change font sizes and colours!) and she really reminds me of my Gran on her computer. Except my Gran is a lovely old lady.

  14. Esther says:

    God knows what goes on in her head. She retweeted this of mine. She’s proud to advocate this garbage. The teachings are offensive, but Alison believes $ergio’s pseudoreligion is ‘truth’ and our objections are ‘hate’.

    • lance says:

      Religious Freedom? Alison, two things for you to consider love.

      1. In 2012, UM was NOT a religion. Remember? Cast your mind back. It was categorically NOT a religion. Then Serge started talking about the true meaning of the word…

      2. What about freedom of non-religion? Why can’t people who believe in the enlightenment, the scientific method and all the obvious benefits it has brought humanity openly criticise hazy, illogical, stupid, bronze age ideas? Why can’t we have the same freedom you want about something you just adopted because Serge changed the meaning of the word? Why can’t we door knock people and recruit them to our camp Alison?

      Serge was wrong about Einstein, and he’s wrong about everything else. If you lived by that rule, you’d be a lot better off. He’s the canary in the cave for stupidity.

  15. Wondering says:

    I’m imagining what the day and life would be like for Serge, if and when Alison Greig has her eyes opened and she realises she again has been had, by Serge’s toilet epiphany.

    • Lord of Form says:

      LOL, she won’t. Haha. That was funny. It’d be like Serge developing insight and not saying one thing and doing the exact opposite. Never happening.

  16. Wanda says:

    For a mob that go on and on so much about LOVE and insight blah blah.
    That universal medicine mob are a nasty piece of work.
    Spiteful and nasty bunch and they are immature & lacking in wisdom.

    Serge has put this into the Court so WHY does he need his cohorts and brides to still keep writing COPIOUS amounts of words about him, who are they trying to “con”vince.

    They are not doing him or themselves any favours….and they cannot see it!

  17. anon says:

    Have I understood this horror correctly? I can’t get my head around it, very disturbing.

    Am I right to conclude that Serge teaches that those who have been raped are receiving their
    comeuppance = refining/punishment (says Serge) because they themselves were a rapist in their previous life?

    If this is so (says Serge) then WHY are the likes of Rebecca Asquith etc etc continually giving such a public graphic, detailed description of their traumatic cases?

    For the purpose ‘to say that Serge is a jolly good fella’ so say all of UM.

    Why are these explicitly written personal experiences of women and rape used to promote Serge’s supposed support for them and to discredit how the world and the media need to address this issue? Very very sick.

    Why do they dress so provocatively and release videos of UM retreats with them performing dirty dancing?

    CONtradictions. CONfuse. CONdemn mixed with pseudo CONgeniality.
    Serge is CONtinually moving goals posts.(EG: not a religion now a religion etc etc etc)

    A con in every way.

    Esther, I do so admire your honesty, tenacity and commitment, what a nightmare for you having to read and listen to all of that crap, all for the protection of the community.
    Thank you

    • Eye in the sky says:

      Yep. When you stop and consider the whole show it’s very disturbing. They’re all convinced that sex is bad, yet there’s talk of sex and being sexy non stop. According to serge everything bad is the energy of paedolophilia, and then he asks girls to get on his sites vouching for him after stay overs. .
      His current wife was a student of his as a teenager. His kids are married to kids that stayed over.
      Then they have the girl to woman festival ..
      No wonder Esther is asking questions. It’s not what she has asked. It’s what they have done. The imputations arise from who they are and what they do. Nothing else

  18. Just saying ... says:

    It’s interesting that out of thousands of concerns, criticisms & self condemning quotes from SB on Esther’s blogs (& else where), UM is only able to scrape up a small handful to (attempt to) refute (as “defamatory”) in court. That is, even SB knows that almost 100% of what Esther has said is evidence based & easily provable.

    UM tries to blame Esther & other critics for UM’s decline, but her blogs merely quote SB & identify implications / outcomes of his delusional, fear inciting diatribes (which seem to change as ever shifting sands). Valid questions are asked by Esther about feel good, but some bizarre, possibly harmful practices.

    Serge needs to heed his own teaching to stop blaming / playing the victim & take responsibility for his own slow motion train crash.

    Esther I think you will do well representing yourself in court (you’re certainly intelligent & insightful enough, plus best know your material). My limited understanding re law is that if one party (for financial reasons) has to / chooses to represent themselves, the other party must also represent himself to ensure a fair playing field. Worth checking out?

    I think it would be beneficial for Serge to take responsibility & represent himself, for all to watch him squirm while co-erced to answer questions he refuses to elsewhere & won’t allow on UM sites. (Can’t wait to hear his energetic, spherical answers).

  19. La Métempsycose says:

    Fiery Sutra 4 Part One 2007: 28:40 minutes into the discourse.

    The voice of Serge Benhayon :

    “I am not having sex with you unless you come and see Serge on Friday night. Or you have got to clear up your little goonies inside because they suck on my kidney energy while we are asleep at night. It’s happened, it’s happening. I have been a part of it. Then the guy sits there ; ‘I hate you Serge’. You can see it because they’re forced to be here…otherwise no nookie.
    ‘Get it over and done with..I’ve sat here long enough’. I understand all that.”

    One can only surmise from this extract that if you have attained Serge’s level of enlightenment you can sneer at the frailty of human nature and mock disintegrating relationships.

    • Esther says:

      Good lord! Thank you for this. I may use it within my defence. I have that recording but haven’t listened to it. That’s disgusting.

      Let’s see the enlightened one sneer when he has to defend his repugnant ‘Ageless Wisdom’ in court.

      You can’t defame someone whose done such a thorough job of disgracing themselves and provoking ridicule. Sergio is about to find out that is a legitimate defence.

      • Wanda says:

        Serge’s comments are just despicable and just down right vile.
        He has dug the hole of disgracing himself.

        Paula Fletcher’s daughter who is married to Benhayon’s son works at Universal law as well.
        All in the firm(S) together aren’t they?

    • You know who says:

      It does get to the heart of what he is up to which is pointedly tearing at the heart of a relationships intimacy. Once you’re in there, destroying what should be a private thing between a couple, the relationship is a train wreck in slow mo.

      We know this has happened to many couples. That’s a fact. Not an ‘energetic’ fact, but a real world, fact.

      Serge is a total scum bag who has broken up countless relationships and families without any remorse. He takes money from dying people without remorse. He sells fake courses over and over without any remorse. He sets up websites attacking anyone who criticizes him and then acts like he is the victim. Without remorse.

      And by just claiming he has ‘energetic’ integrity he’s got a gold hall pass with his transfixed members who enable him at every turn.

      I bet if we had the stomach to sit through all of those recordings, there would be a lot more where that come from.

    • Lord of Form says:

      I had a listen to Esoteric medicine 2010. Here’s how it goes.

      1. Meditation- classic hypnotherapy technique.
      2. All other forms of meditation wrong and evil. Connect, connect, connect…(trigger word for mild trance state)
      2. Do not think for yourself, otherwise utter arrogance and “channelling”
      3. Fear connecting with “wrong energies”
      4. “Everything you have ever worked put effort into is a lie” (actual words)
      5. Complete and utter non sense. A lot of talk about not thinking for yourself, using your intelligence, how rational arguments can be used to deny the the one-unified-truth that Serge shat out, that will sound right but not be, etc.

      No, Serge is not running a cult.

    • The spare room says:

      It’s never about the woman imposing on the man is it. I wonder why. (not really)

    • 07 Fiery Sutra 4 P1 says:

      Hi again, I don’t have this recording. Would you be able to upload it to the cloud somewhere and send me a link to estherrockett [at] or drop the link anonymously into any of the contact forms on my sites, or here in the comments.

      I’d like to use it. I need it soon though, please.

      If not La Metempsycose – does anyone else have it and can upload it for me to access please?

      The file name is likely to be 07-Arcane-04FS-P1.mp3


  20. La Métempsycose says:

    Fiery Sutra 4 Part 1 Errandum
    The monologue mentioned above takes place 28:40 minutes from the end of the session not 28:40 minutes into it. I can send an MP3 copy via email if you wish. For me this piece is just another example of how Benhayon can manipulate the vulnerable. The female laughter in the background to his comments is particularly chilling : a chorus of maenads.

    • 07 Fiery Sutra 4 P1 says:

      Thank you. These “sutra” recordings take me back to 2005 when I sat through one of Serge’s “translations” of the Patanjali sutras – where over about 2 hours he channelled two or three lines that bore no resemblance to the original text and then burbled about how they have five levels of meaning. It was a hot, muggy night in Byron Bay on a full moon, the venue was packed with the faith-full and crawling with cockroaches, and it was the most boring, incoherent load of bullshit…

      Beforehand he had two women working a table out the front selling copies of “Ponder This” hand over fist.

      I remember now how annoyed I was. I think I paid $10 to be there, and Serge had phoned me to invite me, saying it was just a few people getting together to discuss the yoga sutras.

      By then it was becoming clear to me what a fraud he is.

  21. Recent tomes? says:

    Hiya all, does anyone have a copy of any of Sergio’s books since 2012 they want to offload. I’d like to have a look at them, but it needs to be soon. Plz use contact tab at top of page if you can help. Thx.

    Hang in there, we are making good progress.

  22. Lord of Form says:

    Zac Featherstone arrested? What? Didn’t the group defend him as the ‘felt’ he was a young man of absolute integrity? Seems like their collective feelings are always wrong.

    We still wonder how Zac gets legitimate news reports off Google when we know if you follow the rules, Google more or less refuse to remove anything.

    • Super Sleuth says:

      Here’s the latest story:

      This one is going to run and run and I am positive more people connected with this case will be charged. Indeed it is amazing when Sergio and his associates can “feel” everything energetically how they missed this time and time again.

      Hello Super Sleuth, your comment got stuck in approval limbo. If it has more than one web link it gets put into a moderation queue but I don’t get sent a notification. I won’t find it until I look at the dashboard, which isn’t very often. I can’t change the settings. Everyone, please post one link per comment or your comment might not show up. Or send me an email or text if it gets stuck. Esther

    • here comes the judge says:

      Yeah……Serge’s brand of integrity

      • Super Sleuth says:

        Direct from UM website (quick before it disappears!):

        “Recently the Internet Reputation Company which Universal Medicine has hired since 2012, Phoenix Global, has been in the news regarding the conduct of one of the owners. No doubt Jane Hansen will attempt to create a link between this controversy and Universal Medicine where none exists. Universal Medicine can make no comment on Phoenix Global in the news as we have worked directly with the Internet Reputation Manager Zach Featherstone, a young man whose conduct we have always found to be exemplary.”

        • Lance says:

          I wouldn’t worry. Contradictions and being wrong are irrelevant to the group and members. They take it in their stride. I’m still the one that started the media attention, and though I would love to claim that, it’s not right. (I will admit to being an enthusiastic contributor once my then wife went on television, but I think that might be understandable given that strange behaviour)

          Everything they say, do and think it totally wrong. It won’t matter to them that Zach uses underhanded methods to remove legitimate news stories from Google, or had a hand in his Dad’s shenanigans- allegedly. They’ll spend countless hours attacking me, Esther, Jane or others because we had the temerity to question their adopted world-view, demonising and calling us criminals (with no basis), but when someone is actually doing something criminal…doesn’t matter.

          My view is that the internet reputation company they have used is a perfect metaphor for the turd they are trying to polish. You know, the one Serge excreted that started the entire unholy mess they’ve then built a shrine to. Ah Humans, stupid one day, more stupid the next.

        • The defendant says:

          My lawyers aren’t stupid.

          And that’s the understatement of the year.

        • Energetic integrity LOL says:

          Police allege Mick Featherstone and his wife, Zoei Keong, were key players in the scheme which involved manipulating vulnerable people — including a man with a brain injury — to become “puppet directors” of 12 scam companies…about 600 people lost a total of between $15 million and $20 million.

          Police will allege Zach Featherstone was in charge of managing “puppet directors” put in place at those companies.
          Gold Coast Bulletin

          That’s all good for the Fifth degree initiate and his unisex Sons of God, but chocolate is EVIL and ‘occultly’ charity is on a par with PAEDOPHILIA.

          Spare me.

  23. Anon is Wondering says:

    Have UM cut the Do Not Link/links?
    They haven’t been up for days now!

  24. Warning says:

    Please warn your Sydney friends as to what UM is really all about.
    This is another recruiting drive.

    Sunday 3 April. $80.00
    Serge Benhayon Presents Life is Medicine
    Novotel Sydney Manly Pacific

  25. LOL WTF says:

    Oh and add this price tag to that one!

    I’m sorry but I will never get my head around the fact that people willingly pay such big bucks for this utter indecipherable nonsense, and believe that Serge is “The One!”
    This AD does not say where it is being held.

    This is the ‘Master Healing’ course where each student will be re-aligned to the 3 Rays of Essence and the 4 Rays of Distinction. ‘Through the understanding of one’s fiery essence and soulful distinction we can better serve according to our Divine uniqueness’. This three in one course will help the student develop the unfolding nature of his or her specific ‘fiery expression’, through the teaching of its specialised techniques. 3 day intensive

    Friday 26th & Saturday 27th FEBRUARY: 9am – 5.30pm
    Sunday 28th FEBRUARY: 8:30am – 3pm


    • pranabunny says:

      ah yes, the moneyspinner that is sacred esoteric healing levels 1-4 (actually, there is now a level 5, open only to the specially anointed). can’t be that good at teaching those specialised techniques if people need to attend more than once!
      and who are the esoteric participants supposed to serve after attending this course? I thought navel gazing self-love and self-centeredness with no regard for anyone else was the aim of the game…?

      from the UM website:

      Universal Medicine teaches these principles [esoteric philosophy and esoteric medicine] through a series of public courses, lectures and other events, including:

      The Sacred Esoteric Healing courses – levels 1 to 4. The students are introduced to the science and art of esoteric healing and then trained to advanced programs that take 2 years to complete.
      The specialised modality programs, which require completion of the 2 year Sacred Esoteric Healing courses as a pre-requisite, followed by specialised study and a supervised practical/ clinical training program of anatomy, physiology and nutrition from a government registered training organisation, plus ongoing requirements for professional development and study, as well as assessment and accreditation;

      and then you have spent thousands of dollars, given yourself an eating disorder and abandoned your friends and family, and have nothing to show for it but an accreditation that isn’t worth the toilet paper it is written on.

      sidenote: I know an UM member who over the last year and a half attended the level 3 course three times to the tune of $2450. ponder that.

      • YKW says:

        Serge does call them the ‘forever students”. LOL

        I think that is quite common, though they are all in denial about what the spend/hand to Serge for absolutely nothing in return. The hapless Baldwin’s come to mind for some reason.

  26. Anonymous says:

    If he doesn’t want a media circus maybe serge shouldn’t take out BS defamation actions.