Universal Medicine cult festive defamation & gossip December 2015

Merry Serge-mas. He wishes

Merry Serge-mas. He wishes.

January 4 2016: Oingo Boingo threat from Universal Law

January 2 2016: Traumatic narcissist cult leaders lecture & Congratulations! You have cancer – profiting from glorifying disease and death

January 1 2016: ✯Happy New Year Duckies!✯

December 28: Sydney Morning Herald: Benhayon muscles family out of $1.3M inheritance

December 23: *MERRY CHRISTMAS*

*UM’s latest marketing videos – riding the UM train to hell 

December 21, 2015: *Christmas celebration of a New Era of crumbling scams

*Cult flops – end of year round up *updated!! – Natalie with Love TV??*

January 4 2016 – Oingo Boingo

Someone posted an Oingo Boingo music video in the comments titled ‘Little Girls’ with another contributor commenting that it was ‘prescient and disturbing’ and that has resulted in some legal shenanigans from Universal Law – saying they will use it as part of their claim for aggravated damages and demanding I remove it by January 8.

That was on top of a heap of Tweets of mine they’ve sent to my lawyers which they reckon are also part of the aggravated damages claim. Tweets linking to blogs I’ve posted over the last 3 years.

From Paula Fletcher:

We consider that a reasonable reader who is familiar with the content of material published on your client’s website would readily infer that in knowingly publishing the link to the videoclip in the comment your client deliberately intended to reference and thus repeat allegations about our client that are the subject of the pending action.

In all the circumstances, we hereby notify you that we intend to rely on the comment as part of our material on aggravated damages. In addition, in all the circumstances, we understand that as the moderator and owner of the website your client is in a position to take-down the post and therefore require that your client take-down the post by 4:00pm on 8 January 2016. In default in compliance, we will consider such further steps against your client as our client instructs on the basis that your client is the website moderator and owner unless advised to the contrary by the aforesaid time and date.

I dunno. I thought the comments were tacky, but they’re also fair comments on information that is public knowledge. It’s published on Benhayon’s own website that he has adolescent girls stay in his home and provide testimonials for his business. We know his business, Universal Medicine, is behind the Girl to Woman Festival at Lennox Head later this week. Everyone outside the cult finds it weird and it’s fair and legal to express an honest opinion. The court can only make a finding for aggravated damages if it finds I’m liable for damages in the first place – when I have a number of solid defences.

Plus they’ll have to isolate the two comments and the selected Tweets from a huge amount of negative publicity for Benhayon in the last while.

It’s either the usual pseudo-legal attempt at censorship and bullying, or Universal Law doesn’t understand defamation law at all. It’s difficult to tell with them.


January 2 2016 – Malignant (or traumatic) narcissists

The quality of this video is not great, but I recommend it to those of you interested in the psychology of cults. (I also recommend the ICSA channel and my YouTube How Cults Work playlist). Psychotherapist, Daniel Shaw, is a former yoga cult member. Here he discusses the relational system within cults led by traumatic narcissists. In brief, these cult leaders, in spite of appearances, are more dependent on followers than the followers are dependent on them. Such leaders become dependent on the subjugation of followers to remain psychologically functional. They are only able to maintain their own vitality by draining the vitality from others.

Congratulations you have cancer – the business of glorifying disease and death

On the topic of cult leaders thriving by draining the life energy from others, Congratulations! You have cancer has to be seen to be believed. Posted just days after the news coverage of Benhayon’s inheritance windfall from a cancer patient’s deceased estate, it exemplifies the highly profitable Universal Medicine sellabration of suffering and death

January 1 2016 – Happy New Year

Bottoms up all!

To open our bright and battling 2016 I’ve chosen the most anti-cult theme song I could scrounge up. The problem with UM is they think they know who they are and all the answers. The worst offender is Sergio the failed tennis coach. Lord knows they’ve all invested enough into that illusion. They can’t admit they’re just as clueless as the rest of us. Or at least me. And Kurt Vile.

December 28 – Benhayon in news over contested will

Go to my blog: Undue Influence – a Universal Medicine cult money spinner for the full story with links to three news reports.

December 23 ❄︎MERRY CHRISTMAS!❄︎

I’m signing off for a few days so make sure you all have a wonderful and super pranic Christmas! If not, I shall have to do it for you. I’ll be tucking into some good seafood etcetera, some champagne, maybe a G & T or two, and enjoying the company of some of my dearest. Thanks for your support this year. I’ll need it more than ever in the next, and it’s bound to be interesting, no matter what.

UM’s YouTube stardom

You gotta get a laugh out of this bit of pointless fluff, Sparkling Eyes. I mean you can’t even catch a train without being recruited to a cult. Anyway, UM’s German investors jump on the Esoteric Women’s Health sales and marketing train to nowhere, pretend they don’t all know each other, give each other the cold shoulder, stare creepily at each other, and then pretend they’ve discovered friendliness for the first time ever, because none of them had experienced human connection until they bought the full subscription to the Church of Serge. And of course it’s a closed carriage. Non subscribers aren’t allowed a ticket, and trust me, we don’t want one either.

Plus they’ve released video from the scintillating looking UK retreeeeeeat! Where the cult’s prize recruiters – including Eunice Minford and Dr Maxine Szramka – get to conduct group confession and sales sessions, and threaten each other with entity possession, prana dumping and offers to clear each other’s pubic chakras – for the love of Serge. Even Debbie Benhayon was there talking to the frequent flyers about how anyone can recover quickly from bankruptcy if they don’t tell ASIC they’re operating a tennis coaching business under the table while banned, and how she’s discovered Esoteric love and truth via the whopping family trust fund after her ex whipped up a death and molestation cult. Ho ho ho…

A dwindling empire

New Year 2012, Serge Benhayon catapulted out of the blocks with the launch of his New Era, when he reckoned the Ascended Masters would increasingly be moving among us.

On Wesak 2011, The Lord Maitreya came out of the AGM (so to speak) and expressed the words – “go forth”. These words have been anticipated in Heaven for thousands of Earth years. They now bring into fruition the prophecies — ‘and He shall release the forces of light’, ‘the Angels will reign upon the Earth’, ‘down will come Heaven’, etc. What this actually means is that all the Masters that work for the Chohan of the Rays, known affectionately by 5th Degree Initiates as ‘Junior Masters’, are now free to walk the Earth (including the Astral Plane but with some restrictions) as they see fit. They will walk the Earth as Souls, but not in incarnation, although many of them will incarnate. In Soul-full form, they will walk into homes, buildings, institutions, and in time, into churches. They will visit us regularly as they have been doing so since May 17th. Their presence is enough to inspire/cause change. The ‘change’ is actually caused by one’s own vibrational/energetic pull back towards who they truly are and not ‘change’ by them the Junior Masters. They wield only reflection (Fiery-light) and not any sword or alike false claim. They come not in chariots or on any shiny white horse as pranic men have falsely commented. They will simply appear, reflect as needed, and leave. Eventually they will be seen, but not for some time. Much will change as it is needed to…

We are going to have the Soul Plane closer to us then ever before in Earth’s history and our Kurukshetra shows that we are not ready. And thus, to avoid great upheaval, greater than most can imagine, for much will be in upheaval, they will help create mini changes that will inturn help to ease our move into the New Era that commences in 2012. 

Much will change. Many of the hidden evils will be exposed. This not only includes false science and its manipulated research, the lovelessness of institutions, universities and companies and sport as being harm-full and useless etc, but also many, many relationships, certain professions will be seen for the lovelessness they are, certain individuals will be very exposed as will many modalities, teachers and many pranic practises along with more ferocious forms of storms and disasters. Of the latter, keep well in mind that the Hierarchy do not cause them, but rather that they are already in existence, that is, they are created by the pranic expressions that form them and call them to be…

Much will change to make way for more fiery – truth, love, harmony, joy and stillness. (Benhayon, email message, ‘Wesak 17‘, May 2011)

Given his 5th Degree omniscient clairsentience he obviously knew the Ascended Masters would take the form of detractors uniting on the cult proof Rick Ross Cult Education Forum, 10+ media organizations training a spotlight at his nasty Esoteric Breast Massage and other nonsense, and an uppity suburban blogger dismantling his pyramid scheme empire of absurdity, dishonesty and abuse piece by piece – enthusiastically shared on social media.

From aspirations to becoming The New World Religion®, the Way of the Livingness, and its commercial incarnation, Universal Medicine, began its inevitable atrophy, Gloriously accelerated by the cult’s escalation in online propaganda, and their ‘soul-full’, ‘self-loving’ trashing of complainants and journos.

But the World’s Teacher wants us to believe his disgrace is my fault, and after three years of doing anything he and his ‘Sons of God’ could to intimidate me, bar take legal action, he’s resorted to overt financial bullying – a SLAPP defamation case he’ll only win on a default if I can’t pull together the funds to defend it.

So what better time than now to summarize the dire state of Universal Medicine affairs than in what might be my last UniMed Accountability Xmas post?

And if you haven’t contributed to my legal defence or considered helping me out with a loan, please consider what you now know about UM that you didn’t before I began blogging, and wouldn’t know otherwise. And consider what this space will look like if all the research and exposure I’ve published goes.

Merry Christmas!

Esoteric flops

*Updated – Natalie with Love TV – was set to launch in February 2015, and then late 2015, having raised $125K via crowdfunding from investors told Natalie’s vapid ‘sex bomb’ advertorials on a subscription only digital TV startup would have an ‘audience of millions’. On Arcturus perhaps. I’m sure we’ll see it at some stage – some sort of embarrassing piffle, which only the cult lifers will bother to watch.

Esoteric Practitioners Association – had plans to publish an online directory of Esoteric healers. They could lift my Naming Names page, I wouldn’t mind. Still coming soon since 2009.

Esoteric Practitioner Accreditation – more practitioners continue to gain in house, non officially recognized (bogus) “accreditation”, but less than ever are in practice. Most went back to their day jobs when they found they couldn’t earn a crust. Sergio had to tack on level 5 to his Esoteric Healing course seeing he was having trouble bringing in new punters.

Universal Medicine’s merger with the Australian College of Massage (now Evolve College) has also gone tits up. It appears the roll out of money for nothing scam Chakra-puncture training didn’t go so well, and stacking the college’s admin with high maintenance, self-loving UMers was a recipe for chaos. A heap of them are looking for new jobs.

College of Universal Medicine Australian charity – after a flurry of activity at the beginning, courses have virtually ground to a halt. And so have donations. The charity’s Fiery Building Fund is embarrassingly defunct, plummeting from raising over $500K in 2013, to $78,139 in 2014, and I daresay less again in 2015. At that rate it’ll be a while then before the ‘student body’ can buy their ‘very own building‘ from its owner, Sergio the bullshitter Benhayon – for $2.3M. Serge isn’t worried though. Never mind the bogus charity, his customers now sign over their assets to him personally via bequests.

The Sound Foundation Charitable Trust (now morphing into the Sound Foundation Community Care) based at the UM centre at ‘The Lighthouse’ in Frome, Somerset UK – has also suffered a similar drop in income, since copping a mandatory compliance plan. Actual donations in the last statement amounted to £30K, down from several hundred thousand. The Conference centre brought in £46K income, which was of course annihilated by its running costs – starting with a £28K power bill, £50K depreciation and £28K admin costs. Not that Sergio gives a bugger – the Benhayon family cash raking circus rents the whole facility for 3 months of the year for the knock down price of less than £6K. By that reckoning, the rent they pay doesn’t even cover their power bill. (This will look nice in court.) The accounts are available on the UK Charity Commission site.

The Sound Training Centre Somerset UK - packing em in for very low commercial overheads

The Sound Training Centre Somerset UK – packing em in for supernaturally low commercial overheads

While this might not be great news for the charities, Benhayon is laughing his bony butt off. He’s had commercial premises purchased/built/renovated at the expense of his faith-full, tax free, which he rents for a nominal song.

The Girl to Woman grooming Festival, ambitiously running for the second year on January 9, looks headed for another failure, given the cult have gone all churlish about promoting the thing, particularly after it attracted the attention of some high profile critics.

Teachers are Gold, the cult’s project for recruiting teachers and infiltrating schools is also dead in the water. The page spruiking psychologists Aimee Jeffries and Jo Frare (now deregistered as of late 2017) as facilitators has been pulled from the current site. Just as ‘True Movement‘ was chastened by having to make a formal apology to Catholic Education for misleadingly using names of Catholic schools and other private colleges in advertising.

Women in Livingness Magazine – an Esoteric testament to prettified narcissistic occult claptrap was also an embarrassing waste of pulp. A grit covered edition or two can still be found littering service stations in the Northern Rivers region.

The UniMedLiving all out, multi media propaganda mill, with its dozens of dedicated bloggers and hundreds of avid Twitter and Facebook sharers, that launched early 2015 is also a sad joke, getting less pageviews than this blog when I’m having a rest! (Approx. 5,000 per month). Lol.

As for universalmedicinefacts.com, it’s still pumping out repetitions of exuberant fictions and hysterics, as its proprietor attempts to hold me liable for his slump in ill gotten revenue and his PR woes.

50 Comments on “Universal Medicine cult festive defamation & gossip December 2015”

  1. L says:

    And five minutes after such a kooky rant, Serge tells the media he doesn’t know how to run a cult, and he is just a simple business man. And he doesn’t comment on peoples relationships. Esoteric honesty.

    It’s becomes one big belly flop, and it’ll be very interesting to see if the members can keep buying his bullshit for another five years. His only choice now is to amp up fear of entities and putrid incarnations as cockroaches as there is little else on offer outside of some lame dancing, woeful muzac and ear to ear dumb ass grins of your instant like minded friends. On the other hand, I guess there’s no turning back for hard core members…imagine admitting to yourself you’ve hitched your wagon to a lame brained shyster with a D-Grade story and his brood of hill-billy kids after you’ve ditched your own family, your savings, and your sanity? Not happening.

    I’m guessing it’ll be years of more denials, lies, rationalisations, lynch mobs and moronic on-line musings and confessions in the name of Serge; with a few slinking off every so often in shame when the light bulbs go on that they’ve been mightily had.

    Alison, Rebecca and co (you know who you are) are in for life though. No hope of those lights ever going back on. My prediction (more reliable than Serge’s I’d say) is that post court case and Serge’s public outing which will leave him looking, lets say, a little foolish, they’ll dig in deeper. That’s because they don’t know where they end and Serge starts.

    Ah, enlightenment. Who ever knew it’d look so fugly.

    • Esther says:

      You’re living in a bubble of your own, luvvy.

      There’s no going back now for Sergio. Even if he wins. The trial will finish him.

      The press are only now realizing what I have on him.

      I’m just summarizing my second defence of five, and I promise you, no business could survive this evidence being aired in court. And that’s before we get to witnesses.

      It’s time for some of you to back this properly and help me get this done.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Serge’s Wesak 2011 revelation reads a like ‘2012 the beginning of Serge invented end times, stay tuned’. Obviously taking Esther to court is to try to justify and make true his self wacky revelations. I.e. “Much will change. Many of the hidden evils will be exposed… certain individuals will be very exposed as will many modalities, teachers and many pranic practises” etc.

  3. dear universe says:

    The Media need to expose this in its entirety.
    I so hope they will.
    The monetary legal costs are so unreal.
    This money hungry scam needs to be exposed.

    • Esther says:

      If I get this to trial they will. Guaranteed.

      You’ll all have to wait until after Xmas for a full update, as I’m very busy, but just one of my defences will allow me to use evidence of all of Benhayon’s misconduct to defend my case.

      In other words I will present everything we have on him in court – everything. Every bit of evidence of charlatanism, scamming and dishonesty, and we will be able to subpoena documents and other evidence I don’t yet have.

      Please everyone, think about what this means. All of Benhayon’s misconduct will be aired to the public, and the media will be able to report it.

      Now, please help me find the financial backing to get it there.

      • Media discrimination conspiracy! says:

        It’s still acceptable in Aus to label UM a cult until discrimination laws are changed. In a recent submission to the Australian Law Reform Commission, Benhayon’s solicitor and publicist wrote:
        “Indeed, it is in the area of religious conviction that discrimination in most subtle forms is still alive and allowed to flourish in Australian society today. This is especially the case in relation to minority and so-called new or alternative religions. An example of what we are referring to is the unrestrained (and unconstrained) freedom of the Australian press to pejoratively label a new religious “movement a ‘cult’.”

        • Anonymous says:

          When I was involved it was definitely not a religion. Serge was very strong on that point. Religion was something to scorn. That was only a few years back. Strange isn’t it what they now argue.

    • Creeeepy !!! says:

      Nothing more creepy than a man running around promoting a vague-ness filled Girl to Woman Rebirth Festival.

  4. La Métempsycose says:

    In France ‘Culte’ is the word describing all religions : Catholicism, Islam,Scientology whatever.

    In France any organisation that practised uncredited so-called health therapies would be prosecuted for charlatanism i.e. quackery. The kind that abounds in every aspect of UM.

    “What’s a cult? It means just not enough people to make a minority”. – Robert Altman.

    “The difference between a cult and a religion is the amount of real estate it owns “. – Frank Zappa. (I think).

    In England UM were denied charitable status (“Charity is worse than paedophilia” Serge Benhayon) because UM was not considered a religion.

    Surely Australian law will condemn this scam as have the Australian press to date ?

    • Esther says:

      This is why it’s so important I get all my evidence to court. A groundbreaking trial like this, comprehensively exposing a covert culture of rorting and misconduct, could change laws.

      It will have political ramifications.

    • Anonymous says:

      I was a member of Unimed some time back. I can now see how pernicious it is. I feel sick thinking about it to be frank. And how the students behave is shocking. Like them I could not believe that serge was anything other than he said. I feel foolish now. But I wonder if your blog serves them in some way? I agree with a lot of what you say though it actually hurts to read at times. I feel They won’t be hearing what you’re saying is what I mean. And it gives them an enemy. Best of luck in exposing this sham. I’ll chip in after Christmas 🙂

      • Esther says:

        Hi hon, I’m very glad you got out. That’s a good question.

        Yes, my blogs and their having a common enemy in me does serve them to an extent. I would agree it has. I’ve become a convenient projection or externalized focus for their repressed hostility and doubt. In some ways I’ve galvanized them. Many of them use me now as an excuse to avoid facing their internal conflicts.

        However, my aim wasn’t to convert them. My primary aim was to inform the public and try and gain more support and more exposure – and to an extent I’ve succeeded. I also set out to flush them out and compel them to show their true colours publicly. You’ll remember when all of their PR was hugs and smiles and love and light – now it’s mostly bitching about liars and detractors. So that was a success, albeit at the expense of copping a lot of shit from them.

        Would they have galvanized anyway, without me? I can confidently surmise they would have merely continued to bully and exploit people under the radar, or found another common enemy to hate on. In that sense I doubt I made any difference to the cult’s internal dynamic. Maybe I helped intensify it slightly.

        And yes, to your further question, Serge and the truth bloggers refer to the Way of the Livingness as the ‘one true religion’, even though they couldn’t get recognition here and in the UK for charity status as one.

  5. Lord of Form says:

    Super creepy vids. They really should stop advertising. Unless you want to join in on a creepy love-in and stare at others like a weirdo their propaganda does them no favours. It gives me shivers.

    Re above ex member. Yes, I also recall when it was NOT a religion. And it was insulting to suggest it might be. Paula and Cam must have seen every u-turn in the book, yet they’re still in their boots and ALL. Imagine the mental gymnastics they’ve engaged in? Good practice for some lawyering I guess. Hallelujah your honour.

    Bit of feedback. You’re links to the donation page are hard to find now- suggest putting them at the top of the site/s in bold with a summary for maximum traction once people get over the Xmas burn out.

    I’m heading back to the dark lodge for some R&R. Happy pagan festival and start of a repeat pranic cycle around the sun. May 2016 be the start of real new era, era.

  6. La Métempsycose says:

    I would urge all those who read this blog , and feel as strongly as Esther does about the importance of the impending law case, to talk about it to family and friends over the Christmas and New Year Fetes and ask if they would like to donate some hard earned cash to Esther’s defense fund. Not in the spirit of Christmas, I grant : not entirely anyway.
    It is ,however, in the interests of all those who have been damaged by UM and all those who have become students of UM that this case is given the widest airing and coverage her campaign deserves. The dispassionate light of an Australian Court of Law on this organisation can only bring everyone affected closer to the truth and make it clear to the wider community what exactly is behind the smiles of M. Benhayon and his acolytes *.
    * his word, initially for the students .

    • Anonymous says:

      The problem is though that many people affected directly by UM also have their own large legal bills to contend with. The legal system is also stacked against people defending themselves against large and rich companies or corporations – these companies can afford the legal bills and rely on individuals not being able to mount a defence through lack of funds to secure a victory. I see the only way this is going to go to court is if a financial angel comes forward or a civil rights lawyer gets involved and works pro bono. The goal of raising $100,000 through donations and loans is just unrealistic. I don’t want to be pessimistic, just realistic while there’s time to campaign lawyers that specialise in this type of work to get involved.

  7. La Métempsycose says:

    That is brilliant. I am definitely going to see how many members of my family are prepared to do the same. I would urge others to do likewise. 10 dollars here, 50 dollars there, it will all mount up and a 100,000 $ target won’t be so out of reach.
    This a democratic issue. Why should perfectly valid questions, raised by Esther and others, be silenced because of lack of money?
    Come on , think of the future. Do you really want some theocracy to act with impunity in our free society or would you rather that anyone, who sets himself up as some kind of saviour of mankind under the guise of alternative medicine, tells us all how to live and behave?

  8. wanted pro bono lawyer says:

    I feel a pro bono lawyer is definitely the way to go
    $100k is a massive amount to find through donations, unless you are a Kerry Packer who forks that out for earings for his girlfriend or a cult leader who has crowdfunded from his followers for his legal fees in advance under the cloak of a tv show for his not so shy daughter
    No one knows or possesses the details of this cult like Esther who has the intelligence and guts to see it through personally in court
    All she needs is one knowledgeable legal partner to guide her through and stand up with her.
    Just one

  9. eat, drink, think, be merry says:

    Thank you all. I know a lot of you feel as strongly as I do. I have friends & family who are very upset by all of this and it hurts to see their anxiety.

    But all of them agree this situation is wrong and something needs to be done about Benhayon. They wish it wasn’t me sticking my neck out. They also realize how rare it is for someone to take a risk like this, and they are behind me – morally – perhaps financially, I’m yet to find out.

    That means a lot to me – that those close to me believe in me and that what I’ve done is right. I’ve not troubled them much until now because it wasn’t their battle and I didn’t want them to worry, when they have enough on their plates.

    Anonymous and ‘wanted’, I understand where you’re coming from. I also know my blog stats, and that I have a consistent readership in Australia, the UK, Europe and the US, in that order. It’s more realistic I find a number of financial angels than it is to find a legal advocate in this small country willing to take on a huge case for little or no money. One of my legal team is already working at a cut rate.

    I’m optimistic I can find those lenders and donors to get me over the line. If we break it down to 11 x $10K, or 22 x $5K, or 54 x $2.5K or any combo of those and the $10 here and there as more people learn about this case and what it means – I think it’s do-able.

    I don’t think I’ve reached a fraction of those affected by UM, and they are the ones I’d like most to contribute. Many don’t check the blogs much anymore because they’d given up on anything being done. Many don’t use social media.

    I don’t want anyone to give or lend what they can’t spare.

    Don’t despair. I’ve achieved a lot so far. I’ve kept my private life offline, so many of you only know me by what you’ve seen through my social media activity. Of course there is more to me than that. It will take work and support, but I finish what I start, and I don’t do anything by halves. I can get this to trial and it will take a lot of effort, but I’m sure we will triumph. It is my utmost priority.

    There WILL be more media interest. This case is only gaining momentum publicly. The closer we get to trial, the bigger this will get. Some of you are isolated – away from the action, and feel helpless, but hang in there. Since 2012 I asked myself many times if this was the right course of action for me, whether it would have been better to walk away and I always came up with the same response. It would have been more difficult to not do it – to know that I could do something and didn’t wasn’t something I could be comfortable with. That’s just me.

    This will be a long road, but I’m going to give it everything. Hang in there.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have no doubt of your passion and determination and have a huge admiration for all you have done and are doing. What concerns me is the difference between having help preparing your defense and having a lawyer with you throughout the process. As you know deformation cases are notoriously tricky and the other side will use every means at their disposal to win. There’s good reason that your lawyer priced full attendance at $400k more than the $100k to help with prep – that’s $400k for the experience and knowledge to react to whatever comes up in court. The trial is not simply a matter of presenting your evidence as I am sure you know. And while even having that evidence out in public is a victory in itself, you want to make sure you are protected as much as possible.

      How ever you choose to proceed you have the thanks and support of many people.

      • Fake Religion TM says:

        It will be an easy win for the defendant against a man who trade-marks fake religion names and esoteric inventions. He’s a fraud. http://trademarkalertz.com.au/owner/universal-medicine-pty-ltd

        • Anonymous says:

          Some more TM’s of Benhayon registered in 2002. He wasn’t too sure of a name for his modality, he must have misheard the turd say “Master Healing” originally. http://trademarkalertz.com.au/search?search_term=serge+benhayon&search_type=owner&type=search.

        • LOF says:

          Master healing. LOL. Talk about looking for a brand identity that highlights your propensity for grandiosity. It must have been about then he came up with the tag line ‘the healers healer’. Not a hint of narcissism.

          I was checking to see if the Dalai Lama also trademarks his musings, but no luck. All I could find is a bunch of other rat-bags with healing groups and cults*. They all think their ideas are worth a zillion bucks. Good spotting btw. (*I didn’t really check, I was just being uncharacteristically facetious 😉

      • To Anon says:

        Hello Anon, I’d like to address your concerns. I would love a pro bono lawyer to swoop in and stand up for me for 4-8 weeks in court, but realistically that’s asking someone to do months of unpaid work when such lawyers – and there’s very few in Australia – are under a lot of pressure helping out defenceless, resourceless asylum seekers and the like.

        On the other hand, UM has adversely affected hundreds of families – thousands of middle class people – all of whom are potential donors or lenders.

        It takes a huge amount of time and energy just to get a few moments of someone’s time to pitch the case to them. I know better than anyone how difficult that is. I already tried. Apart from that, I’ve been lobbying – nearly alone – for three years – media, MPs and senators, academics – including in communications law, community groups, schools.

        With respect, what has anyone else done? I know names of a few people who took the trouble to put their names to complaints and letters, but it’s not enough. That’s one reason this story is still unknown, and likely to stay unknown, because when it’s just one person making noise, it’s much more difficult to get cred.

        You’re thinking a time strapped, already thinly spread legal professional will act on behalf of a community of middle class people who can’t be arsed to stand up for themselves or their kids and vulnerable loved ones, or contribute a bit to get me to court.

        By all means, if anyone wants to help in trying to get me pro bono help, please go for it, but I simply don’t have the time to chase down near extinct lawyers when I have until January 29 to file a full defence – and that means me providing the bulk of an enormous amount of evidence to my legal team in the next few weeks, and fundraising non stop to pay them, while I have no personal income and don’t know how I will make ends meet.

        That’s the reality.

        Me standing up and bringing that big load of damaging evidence to court is the best chance we have. And it’s certainly winnable, even factoring in my incompetence.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Oinga Boinga’s witty-ditty is prescient, and disturbing.

    Boxing day UM Reality Checker.

    Fiction: Lords of Form, Cathars, Claresentients, reincarantion of Leonardo, Pythagoras, the Hierarchy, Fifth Level mastery, knowing everything in the universe, more than any doctor or scientists, esoteric medicine, esoteric psychology, esoteric anything, ancient wisdom, prana, fiery plans, sponsored science, energetic clearing, energetic integrity…all ways being wealthy, ultimate integrity, charitable college, living arrangements, not breaking up families, love/healing group, teenage sleepovers, not being a cult.

    Reality- Bankruptcy, running a business while, collecting social security, living arrangements, lying about it, unhappy relations of members, broken up families, sick people, bogus accreditations, fake studies, course selling energetic/esoteric nothing-ness, financial pyramid scheme, Nepotism, wealth amassing, fake charity, bequest hunting, hate mongering, us and them-ness, , misleading business names, corrupt behavours- fake journalists, fake anti cyber bullying experts, fake healers, fake people, fake love, fake community care, fake movements, fake religion, fake leader. Teenage sleepovers. Self centered-ness, myopitic-ness, stupidity, foolish-ness. A classic cult.

    Take away Serge’s outlandish stories you’re left with some pretty distributing and unexplainable stuff. At its core, it’s just a money making scheme with Serge and his family benefiting. Plus some pretty odd behaviour to-boot.

  11. Shame on them - Preying on the vulnerable says:

    To me it appears that preying on the vulnerable is an understatement.
    By their (UM’s) own admission all (UM) loudly and proudly say this, in the course of their defense of Serge. Right up until this week. They apparently were down and out and missing something before they met Him, Serge. What a con.

    Not one of them appear (I stand to be corrected) to have ever stood on their own two feet,
    and neither are they now. They still need to talk to Serge and have each others accolades
    and he theirs.
    They including Serge rely on each other to constantly say how wonderful they are – so empty
    so shallow.

    The vulnerable are chosen in their (UM) ON SELLING and that is what it is to say the least..
    Be it the Breast Cancer Groups, Prostate Cancer Groups, Girl to Women Lennox thing,
    UM Dr’s with their patients, People with eating disorders… and so on and so forth etc etc to name a few.

    They (UM) have the audacity to say that they spread their loveliness to all they meet including their families.

    What a farce.

    Serge’s evil teachings about sick people and rape victims. Horrific and cruel.

    How many times has Serge changed the goal posts – not a religion yes a religion, exercise is bad, it is okay to go to the gym now apparently.

    He reminds me of the Peter Foster caliber but as a cult leader.
    Esther, Thank you so much for all of your hard work thus far and from here on and for being so gutsy. We are with you

  12. Be aware says:

    Riddled with Umer’s the Sexperts. Why?

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh dear.

    • LOF says:

      Recruitments, legitimization. They do have an obsession with sexuality and particularly teenagers. They only featured Curtis’s gig, which now has a stripped back website after their fake endorsements last year (though they still have testimonials from invested cult members- illegal under Australian Consumer Law)

      These people are hardened ideologues and zealots. They have no idea that the puritanical relationship shattering regurg of Serge’s twisted mind is detrimental to people. After all, they’ve lost 10kgs, and everyone they know says they are amazing.

      I am sure, as always, if the organisations involved knew of the connection, and Serge’s twisted world view they wouldn’t have a bar of it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Is being colour blind a prerequisite for joining UM? Just wondering as I was fiddling with the colour display on my screen whenever I saw that green overcoat/scarf combo mixed with white face vampire makeup of the presenter to try and tone it down a little. Truly someone with vision problems.

    • Sydney Morning Herald says:


      If that’s not bad enough – Real Media Real Change sexual abuse apologists changing their name to Evolving Media so they can recruit school kids via a sex education program – without disclosure – FFS! – today’s news in the Sydney Morning Herald, if you haven’t seen it, was about a family’s devastation at losing their rightful inheritance to Benhayon. $1.3M+ gift to expand the business empire of predator.

      I was at the hearing, and knew a story would be coming out, but thought the judgement for the case wasn’t coming through until January.

      Does anyone have any doubts what Benhayon’s SLAPP defamation case is really about now?

      Without my work there would be no news story.

      This is why it’s imperative my case gets to court. Read the blog I posted for a more in depth background of the case. http://estherrockett.com/2015/12/28/undue-influence-a-universal-medicine-cult-money-spinner/

      My condolences to the McIntyre family.

      • LOF says:

        Yeah, I looked that up and noticed what they had done too.

        Sarah Davis, zealot leader of deceptive fronts for cult recruitment. Married to dishonest journalist who hides under a hat when he see’s people he’s tricked.

        Everything this lot do is a scam.

  13. recruit recruit recruit says:

    Serge’s right hand recruiter and his missus were at the Ballina Library supposedly singing last week. Chris and Jenny James.

  14. La Métempsycose says:

    The bare -faced effrontery of this man Benhayon. If he had any integrity he would return the bulk of the money bequeathed to UM to the deceased woman’s family. He is no better than a Medieval Pope selling the keys to the gates of heaven to the dying rich and vulnerable.
    It’s so ghoulish it makes my flesh creep.

  15. evil to the core says:

    I knew Serge was evil when he robbed a young girl, who was already an upcoming tennis talent, of her dream, her family and her life which is now just a scripted existence as bride number 1 in a cult of continual hideous acts and lies
    To vulture at the end of the bed of the (wealthy) dying and then fight in court to take inheritance from the grieving family doesnt get much lower as a human being
    Serge’s narcissistic smoke screen only clouds the eyes and minds of his converted rat pack and family
    All others are completely repulsed and wonder just how low can this man continue to go
    Serge and Gerard Bayden-Clay would make ideal cell mates as robbers of peoples lives

  16. Alan Johnston says:

    Want an impartial, third-party reflection of the truth of the McIntyre situation? – read the court judgement. ER’s stream of legal/trial fantasies with her at the epicentre are just ‘marketing’ froth. A reality check awaits. Real name below.

    • Hi and welcome Alan says:

      You’re on the wrong blog, Alan. Make your comment here: http://estherrockett.com/2015/12/28/undue-influence-a-universal-medicine-cult-money-spinner/

      When you get there try addressing the material I have posted that was not made available to the court. Yes?

      How many companies is Benhayon a director of? How many properties does he own? Provide the list for us, and then tell us how special and soul-full you feel about your bogan guru taking money from a family with disabled dependents, when he doesn’t need or deserve it.

      How much have you left him in your will?

    • Informed says:

      Reality checks do surely await, Alan Johnston.

      Do you think that we readers are like those followers at UM? (of which you are no doubt one)

      Esther and we all check the facts.

      I have read the Supreme Court Decision, anyone can.

      Alan please answer Esther’s questions.

      I know for a fact from your comments Alan on the sites that we are not permitted to comment on – you have so much wrong.

    • LOF says:

      Alan, how the fuck can you justify Serge taking 800K from a dying woman, and then fighting her kids for the greater portion of what is left over? What the fuck is wrong with you people? Why does Serge need all that money? he’s already raked in million$ from fake courses, anonymous donations, other bequests and more. Why, why does he need it? What moral, ethical person would take it under the circumstances? Why does an enlightened master, already rich, need even more money???

      Alan, I know you can somehow justify it, but to everyone else it looks like what it is. Coercion. The court made a decision based on evidence provided to it, and within the law. It’s not an endorsement of Serge. Much like the OFT, ACNC, HCCC and others have.

      You’re living in a fantasy world Alan. And Serge is taking the piss out of all of you constantly. I am disgusted in all of you.

  17. Rolf, Bill and now Serge? says:

    The trickery of the public image, portrayed as the epitome of family men
    The wholesome imagery of these men have amassed public following and huge personal fortune.
    The appearance of devoted family men in real life, alibied by original wives who are either too long term brainwashed, dont want the imagery shattered, the lifestyle to dry up or who are completely aware and are real partners in whatever acts their husbands are doing.
    Stand by your man no matter what, is the first advice that is legally given when the cracks start to appear.
    Risky business, being a public predator.
    Whatever guises are used to fool, from mentor to messiah, they eventually surface, sometimes accidentally and sometimes through the bravery of a few, usually victims, as the truth is revealed.
    Rolf is not an australian icon of family and fun
    Bill is not Americas favourite family man
    Serge is not a healing messiah with a picture perfect family
    The evidence is too strong, the tide of public opinion is turning and monsters are revealed.

  18. Oingo Boingo says:

    Take a look at the latest post at top of page, January 4, for the latest legal shenanigans from Universal Law. Aggravated damages for two comments and a bunch of my Tweets in an international blizzard of bad publicity for Sergio regarding his dodgey $1.3M inheritance from a cancer patient.

    In their dreams.

    • LOF says:

      Looks to me like they intend to jump on any comment that they infer is in the same vein as the comments they are taking action on that they have also inferred to mean something not actually said. I suppose they have to or you might argue that they don’t care about more recent ones, and they will need to include them.

      But, the video doesn’t make any allegations. It’s what is going on in their heads. And what they consider to be a “reasonable” person is starkly different to what you, me and 90% of the population consider one to be. After all, they don’t have a problem, it seems, with the commentary below the “disturbing/prescient” (which could mean anything) which outline the fictions that Cameron and Paula believe, and which we all know is total cods wallop.

      I say leave it up. Its a random comment by someone. How they choose to interpret it is up them.

      You and I know, most people interpret their websites defending Serge as a case of “they…doth protest too much”, and that is far worse for their case.

      And I think it’s them doing what they always do.

      • Pfffffft says:

        Well, a ton of stuff has been published since the November blog they’ve selected, and a hell of a lot of stuff was published before. They will still have to find me liable for damage to his reputation for only those 5 publications in isolation from the huge amount of other dirt on him before and since. It’s the usual tosh.

        His nibs wasn’t even mentioned in either comment.

        They think it will create more work for my lawyers, but it’s the same thin material, to which we’ll apply the same legal defences, and even if they succeeded with the claim the outcome is the same, aggravated damages or not.

        Question is are Universal Law incompetent or stupid or just taking another desperate tilt at censorship to try scrounge up more takers for the Girl to Woman Festival?

        • LOL WTF says:

          They S.B & P.F & C.B etc etc have lodged it in the Supreme Court so what is all the fuss on their part????

          Let the court decide you UM lot!

          They (U.M) did not expect the result so far (Esther you not running and hiding and sitting on a symbol etc..BUT…..you have come out stronger than ever and many others with you) and now they(S.B. & P.F. & C.B. & A.G. and etc etc) are in big time frenzy mode more than normal.

          It wasn’t supposed to be like this – this was not their plan!

          Where did they all get their supposed law degrees from?

          PS: Oh and they have no logic.

        • Anonymouse says:

          I like this song too

    • Anonymous says:

      Hilarious coming from Universal Law. Can’t wait to see jury’s faces when it comes out in court Paula Fletcher’s daughter was one of the ones went to stay at Uncle Serge’s when she was fifteen or however old. Bit touchy about that eh Paula? What a farce.