Benhayon vs Rockett case updates -December 2015



29 December: brief funding update

17 December: IMPORTANT update on witnesses

14 December: Major updates – vlogs – costs shock- action plan – new funding model

13 December: Benhayon vs Rockett in the Daily Telegraph

11 December: Afternoon update

Early update – directions hearing 

10 December: Amended statement of claim link

7 December 2015: Some objections conceded. 

Benhayon vs Rockett – help fund my legal defence – background

Watch this page, Twitter and Facebook for updates. Please be patient as I’m very busy and will provide updates when I can.


The blog & comments I’m being sued for: Universal Medicine’s sexual abuse apologism hits a crescendo

29 December

Messiah-estate-pillagerHopefully by now you’re aware of the latest media reports on Benhayon pillaging the deceased estate of a cancer patient who he counselled into believing cutting the inheritance of her children  who are caring for kids/disabled dependents, by $1.3M, was ‘deeply self-nurturing’.

I was there at the hearing, and sadly, the family’s legal team did not make use of the wealth of evidence of Benhayon’s dishonesty in court.

My legal team are beginning work on one of our most detailed, and possibly most devastating defences and once I have a clearer idea of that, I’ll make a detailed update probably on video and definitely within a week.

Thank you to the donors who contributed $5200 offline in the last few days. I’m also in negotiation for three loans, but will certainly need more to reach the target. Some of you were hoping I’d find a big backer, but I think it more realistic that I’m gaining a number of smaller ones. Please donate or lend.

Universal Law appear to be watching my fundraising to see how long they’ll be able to bluff. Correspondence from them last week makes a mockery of legal process, and I’ll expand on that in the next update. They know the only way Benhayon will succeed with this claim is if I can’t fund my defence, so I’m going to keep the total of loans between me and lenders and let him sweat. Suffice to say if you’re considering offering a loan please get in touch. You will be in good company.

Feedback on that tactic is welcome in the comments.

17 December updates: An important note about witnesses

My lawyer will be filing my full defence on 29 January, meaning I must have all documents ready and a list of witnesses prepared within a few weeks.

You’re all aware I’ve made serious statements regarding my view that Benhayon engages in sexually predatory and grooming behaviour. I can back this with documentary evidence and some witness statements.

However, the more witnesses I can call, the stronger my case gets. More witnesses means Benhayon’s conduct will be comprehensively exposed. More witnesses means we can protect more vulnerable people lured into the UniMed scam.

Please, if you can back our evidence of Benhayon’s sleazy behaviour, consider coming forward. Did he behave in a sleazy way toward you? Did he touch you in a way that you felt was inappropriate, or ask questions or make suggestions to you that were inappropriate? Did you witness him doing that to others, or encouraging his students to?

If not his sexual behaviour, have you witnessed his dishonest behaviour?

Would you consider providing a statement to the court?

Remember, this is a unique chance to put Benhayon on trial. We may not have this opportunity again.

But we must act soon – before the fourth week of January.

14 December updates: The expensive way forward

See the following 10 minute update, followed by a longer explanation of some of the finer points of the case.

The main points:

  • I’m confident I can win – but I’ll need to raise $110K. (That’s better than $500K)
  • I’ll need to raise that money ASAP to be able to pay my lawyers to draft a very comprehensive defence.
  • By representing myself during the trial I’m less financially constrained and able to run a full defence using a number of legal defences and a huge amount of evidence.
  • Defamation cases don’t often succeed, particularly when the plaintiff already has a bad reputation.
  • I only need one defence to succeed (for example, the truth defence – but there are others) for Benhayon’s claim to fail.
  • The trial is likely to run for 4-8 weeks, with Benhayon on the stand for a good part of that.
  • Provided I can fund the preliminary work, the trial will take place between July and October 2016. Our next hearing is March 11.
  • The new funding model will be partly via donations and partly via loans. In the event of a win, we’d be awarded 70-75% of costs, which should allow me to repay any loans. I’ll cover the shortfall with whatever personal funds I have left and donations.
  • We were awarded some costs already, but will not recover them until the conclusion of the case.
  • If I can get this to trial it will get an enormous amount of media coverage, very likely internationally. It will be a huge and high profile trial.

13 December: Benhayon vs Rockett in the Daily Telegraph 

So far it’s not online, but the case made the print edition of today’s Sunday Telegraph, p.28. Due to legal restrictions, papers can’t print content of the defamation claim, so to be clear – I’ve blogged extensively on a range of Benhayon and Universal Medicine’s misconduct. Benhayon is not suing me for any of that, and I’ve never received a single legal notice from him until now. He is claiming damages for a blog and Tweet I wrote on my concerns about his conduct with sexual abuse survivors, women and children.

Later today I hope to provide a full update on the road ahead.

11 December: Afternoon update

Tele-bitter-131215In brief, the news is we’re going to trial, and I will do whatever I can to make that happen with a full defence. Good news is we were awarded costs for work done so far (perhaps 70% of that – unsure as yet) – so that keeps some money in the kitty. The bad news is we won’t recover those costs until the proceedings are completed. And we’re over budget already, due to the amount of work involved in this case – my lawyers having to review very large amounts of material. I’m waiting on a statement, but it may be up to $20,000 in total so far.
From here I will be working on new strategies to fund my defence and trial. It will require considerably more funds. I am determined to have all evidence put to the court, and to have Serge and others on the stand answering to it – on the public record, in front of media and the general public.
Expect more news and explanations when I can manage it over the next couple of days.
The schedule at this point is that we will lodge a defence with the court, ready for a second hearing in March. Provided I’m able to raise/borrow/beg funds, a trial will take place in the second half of 2016 – perhaps August or September. It will be a lengthy and very substantial trial. Serge will be on the stand for a significant part of that.
A ruling would then be expected three to six months from then – in early 2017.
I will give further explanations in the coming days and weeks.
Thanks again for the kind messages, and certainly for your donations.

AM Update: The hearing this morning will be short & sweet, probably without our legal representatives as they have pre-agreed a schedule. I will be there, and will update when I can.

Don’t freak if I don’t or can’t update on social media the minute something happens. Lots is afoot and there’s lots of people I want to talk to.

10 December 2015: Amended claim

A copy of the amended claim is available at this link. 

The original including the annexures is here.

You’ll appreciate I’m very busy juggling all kinds of stuff, so please be patient. This will not be an easy road, but I’m looking at every option possible to make sure this gets to trial.

I’m in constant motion at the moment, using a laptop with a tired battery, and doing lots of talking. Don’t be nervous if I can’t update immediately but watch all my feeds.

9 December 2015: Objections conceded

The hearing on 11 December is a directions hearing to determine a schedule for the trial. Benhayon has conceded some of our initial objections to the claim – including his claim I accused him of sexual assault. Therefore there will be no need for a pre trial objections hearing. In spite of photographic evidence, he continues to deny inappropriate touching and that he has taught practices of inappropriate touching. He is maintaining the line that my questions on why so many girls are sent to stay in his home has defamatory imputations he’s a paedophile and he has sexually abused young girls.

We are already over budget, due to my lawyer needing to collate and review large amounts of materials which will form our defence. He drafting a comprehensive defence and is preparing to file it.

The costs of this case will be very high. I will have more information on this and some explanation of our defence when it comes to hand.


61 Comments on “Benhayon vs Rockett case updates -December 2015”

  1. Anonymous says:

    This seems like a small victory already. Are you able to publish anything online that illustrates this concession – letters from their lawyers etc? Otherwise we all know UM will be spinning it as a win to them somehow.

    As we all know many of the victims here are not social media or even online users. The key to more fundraising is publicity. A good showing by local and national media on Friday will pay huge dividends for your campaign. I will contact everyone I know again and advise anyone who cares about the outcome of this trial to do the same.

  2. Anonymous says:

    From the statement:

    “5 – an order that the defendant be permanently restrained from publishing the first, second, third,fourthor fifth matters complained of or any matter to substantially the same effect;

    6 – an order that the defendant be permanently restrained from publishingthe imputations found by the Court to be carried by the first, second, third,fourthor fifthmatters complained of,of and concerning the plaintiff and any imputations that do not differ in substance therefrom.”

    So they are trying to gag the reporting of the proceedings!

  3. He begged the question says:

    Seems to me Serge is the one who has mentioned the word ‘paedophilia’ the most, and first. In fact, it’s everywhere. why? Who compares everything they don’t like to such a disgusting act…? what is an “ill pranic” way?

  4. Ra/olf says:

    S.B. has never been more popular and successful. UM has won the same community award two years in a row and also has hundreds of comments of support of him on his websites over and over and over again. But for some unknown mental state he believes the public has been convinced and is of the opinion that he:

    – “had intentionally indecently touched a number of his clients in his treatment
    – “instructed students at Universal Medicine training workshops to touch the genitals of victims of sexual abuse
    – “rants in the hearing of children about sexual violence and other sexually explicit material
    “sexually abused young girls
    – has “an indecent interest in young girls
    – “had an unlawful sexual relationship with his current wife after she moved into his home with him at age 14

    (from his lawyers quotes) and trying to convince the court of such. Mmmm, are we witnessing the socciopathic ticking over of the brain of a very odd sicko?

    • pranabunny says:

      Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, shall we? Serge is hardly “popular” unless you consider 300 obedient ‘brides’ (and a few ‘grooms’) a huge following. Inside the UM bubble everything revolves around Serge but in the real world nobody has even heard of the guy. And what is that “success” you speak of? Do you mean the tax evading charity business? The hugely overpriced ‘workshops’ that teach nobody anything of value? What has he ever contributed to society that is actually worth anything? And please don’t get me started on his toilet epiphany. We all do a shit once in a while, it’s hardly an achievement.

      As for that community award, it’s worth nothing if nobody outside your own cult (sorry, BUSINESS) votes for you. That’s like saying that if I endorse myself 300 times on LinkedIN then that proves that I’m successful.

      And yes, if one leaves the UM bubble the public has indeed been convinced that his modus operandi is dodgy. That’s the benefit of being allowed to think for yourself, you can form an opinion based on the facts rather than having to bend your mind out of shape to follow the ramblings of Sergio, the Messiah.

      ps: that photo of Serge putting his hands on that girl’s nether regions in the UM healing manual photo gives me the creeps. If I went to a ‘healer’ (god forbid!) and that guy put their hands where Serge has his hands in that photo, I would report them to the police for sexual assault.

      • Esther says:

        Thank you. That’s what this case boils down to. What Serge does is not appropriate or acceptable, and it’s not only lawful for me to call it as it is, and express concerns about it, but appropriate and a matter in the public interest.

        The only thing that will stop the court finding in my favour is money and hard work. And I’m confident that hurdle can be overcome.

  5. W. Harper says:

    Well done Esther, and thank you for the update. Very good news about costs, hopefully this will be a precedent that is followed through the trial. What’s key now is fund raising and coming up with a good strategy to ensure the financial burden is not on you, and your lawyers have everything they need to bring about a successful outcome. I have seen a couple of high profile civil rights lawyers who have been commenting on/retweeting your tweets, perhaps a meeting can be arranged with one of them? I’ll have a think and PM you any other ideas I have. I also suggest maybe a closed action group is started to further these discussions – we’re all aware of snoopers around here as so much of what has been written on you blogs finds it’s way on to UM sites.

    Thank you again for all you have done. Onwards and upwards!

    • Anonymous says:

      The closed thing is a good idea after all um do that so very well. So let’s use one of their techniques to thwart them.

  6. Esther says:

    Thank you all for your comments. I will answer questions over the next days if you have any.

    Apologies to anyone trying to access the legal documents via faulty links! They should be fixed now.

  7. esther brokovich says:

    I hope i can speak for those donating to your legal defence
    “No refund necessary”
    Whatever costs awarded, you should keep
    You should also counter sue for damages

    • stop calling me that :/ :0 says:

      Actually that’s a good point. I’ll probably whip up a YouTube vid explaining what’s going on and answering questions like this about costs, counter claims etc. Might be a long vid :/ but better than writing a long, Alison Greig style, million word post.

      Any other questions – ask here. Probably make vid tomorrow.

      • just esther says:

        Sorry 😯

        • Esther not Erin lol says:

          Don’t worry, lol. Funny story about that. Was at dinner explaining case to a new acquaintance, and he said ‘who was that woman in America that helped those cancer patients – that pollution case…?’
          It was getting late and I said ‘oh yeah, Esther Brockovich… *doh!* oh crap, Erin Brockovich, Erin, Erin.’ Lol! And then a felt like a twit. That’s your fault, lol.
          It’s a flattering comparison and thank you for your sentiment.

          Thank you also to those of you offering to let me keep donations. Just hang on for a bit. I need lots more money and have a new funding plan and will update soon.

    • W. Harper says:

      Absolutely, no refunds necessary at all.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Trial in March, imagine the dilemma if date is when he is supposed to be in Vietnam preaching what will he do?
    Tell the students sorry this is bigger than all of us I must defend us against the astral cult.
    Sorry you all spent so much money on airfares but I won’t be there. We don’t offer refunds we are out of pocket too, but you guys can afford it, after all look at my property portfolio all because of your money flowing into my coffers.

    Hmm true colours shine through

    • DV-Esther says:

      Trial’s not in March, hon. It’ll be a hearing only – and will set date for trial – which will be around August/September next year.

      • Anonymous says:

        Lets hope he has to be physically present for that hearing in March then and that it coincides with his Vietnam trip. This depriving the Vietnamese people of his presence, some if them nay even thank you for that.

  9. Y. Byron says:

    An open question to the Byron Bay Chamber of Commerce, or Byron United. Do you as an organisation approve of such underhanded behaviour?

    That is for business/religious members in the shire to set up a website to destroy and send Ms Rockett and her local business broke? Do you approve of such from your business leadership?

    Then once that person/business is broke, your members support the religious guru’s hypocritical suing of Ms Rockett as a local business owner who has no money to respond? Do you approve of such from your business and religious gurus?

    Theres very little peace and love in Byron United or ín Byron Bay. More like business hate and vendetta.

    The public should boycott Byron Bay businesses involved in this bullying of Ms Rockett. Because the Chamber’s members have shown Byron to be a very nasty place.

  10. Grateful says:

    Onya Esther! You are in very good company!

    THANK YOU so much for the update.

    Keep alive freedom of speech debate, says Peter Greste …
    4 days ago – Keep alive freedom of speech debate, says Peter Greste … Section 35P of the ASIO Act, the Foreign Fighters Bill and the Data Retention Bill.

  11. Herald Sun - "Mr Benhayon has claimed he did not want to take legal action against critics" says:

    Does anyone have a copy of Sunday’s “Herald Sun” in Victoria? A transcript was found of it here, but actual article needs to be sent to Esther.

    Why? It has an interesting last paragraph the other article did not include.

    “NEWS Health blogger sued

    Sunday Herald Sun13 Dec 20159.52AM DEC 15 11.54AM DEC 15 1.30AM DEC 16 9.10PM DEC 15 4.45PM DEC 16 JANE HANSEN…

    A MAN who claims to be the reincarnation of Leonardo da Vinci and heads a multi-million-dollar alternative health organisation is suing a blogger for defamation.

    Esther Rockett has blogged about the head of Universal Medicine, Serge Benhayon, after her experience in his treatment room in Goonellabah, NSW, in 2005.

    Ms Rockett has alleged the group acts like a sect and questioned the efficacy of alternative treatments developed by Mr Benhayon.

    Ms Rockett, a Byron Baybased acupuncturist, claims her business has been destroyed because Universal Medicine members responded to her blogs on website, which says to prospective clients that “Esther Rockett is a cyberbully”.

    Ms Rockett has turned to crowd funding to mount her defence, with 54 backers donating close to $7000.

    Mr Benhayon has claimed he did not want to take legal action against critics. He was contacted for comment.”

    • Esther says:

      Well spotted, thank you

      Don’t worry too much. Jane is referring to a blog written by the propaganda division – Sergio on [not] suing Lance & Esther for defamation.

      Serge wouldn’t answer any questions from journos on Friday. Jane wasn’t the only one who asked him for comment, but she is the only one who published a report – bless her.

      There will be more coverage. Hang in there.

      And yes, you’re correct in thinking it will be used in my defence – with a truck load of his other nonsense.

  12. The Voice of Reason says:

    Throw in the towel, Esther. You’re not fooling anyone.

    I am not involved with UM, but I know people who are, and this is what I have to say:

    Anyone who has anything to do, or knows anyone connected, with Universal Medicine – and that has an ounce of integrity – knows that they are the good guys. They have literally helped thousands of people. And you are trying to tear it apart???

    Let’s hope the judge has more sense than you and the consumers of your blogs.

    But win or lose, nothing will change the fact that you are seriously deluded, and you are doing more damage than you know.

    *A note to all readers: do not be deluded by this the Benhayons and see for yourself if they are decent people trying to do some good in the world, or the monsters you make them out to be.

    Unlike Esther, I will not try and persuade you either way, but rather appeal to your good sense to do your own research and find out for yourselves, rather than buy into the heavily biased ravings of this, seemingly, unhinged Rockett.

    • LOL says:

      Where to start?

      The ‘voice of reason’ isn’t ‘involved’ but is going into bat for mental illness caused by entity possession, gynaecological disorders caused by male energy, inappropriate touching of sexual abuse survivors, undue influence and privacy invasions.

      That’s a taster. Come back with some reasoned defences of those, dear. Provide your defence of each point you believe to be false. We can work through the lot from there.

      • Get it right says:

        Esther seriously deluded? I think NOT.

        Reason on this:Serge Benhayon a MAN who claims to be the reincarnation of Leonardo da Vinci and heads a multi-million-dollar alternative health organisation is suing a blogger for defamation.

    • devoid of reason says:

      I am not involved with UM, but I know people who are and this is what I have to say:

      Anyone who has an ounce of integrity and is in possession of an open mind and some critical thinking skills knows that the Benhayons are dangerous scammers. They have literally helped nobody with Chris James’s “Sound Foundation” courses nobody attends apart from UM students (I have that from the horse’s mouth), the oh so love-ly free-of-everything-pranic cafe at The Lighthouse that went bust and had to be resurrected as a venue serving real coffee, cake and dairy products, the healing sessions and lying-down-for-an-hour “yoga” nobody attends but the UM students (again, I’ve seen the attendance sheets). Not to mention the sham accreditation the students pay for so they can be “healers” whose services nobody wants so all they do is give each other free chakrapuncture and take each others medical history again and again and again. The students who try to spread Serge’s wisdom in their communities by offering all kinds of bogus courses to the discerning public (nobody ever attends for more than one session) and are charged top dollar for the room hire at The Lighthouse. The Vietnam retreats where students pay through the nose (the prices for 2016 have gone up again) to hear Serge warble on about entities, pranic food and that he only eats half an orange a day. Oh and please leave all your money to Serge when you pop the clogs because if your non-UM children inherit, then their evil pranic karma is passed on to you.

      So while the UM students scramble to live up to Serge’s theories about everything – and fail miserably -the Benhayons continue to line their pockets with the money of the faith-full.

      That’s only the financial side of this scam.

      Then there’s the ideology, the interesting ideas about entities, lords of form and the astral cult, the dietary, sleep and cultural restrictions and the UM student brides trying to outdo each other with their holier than thou attitude. The creepy breast massaging, which has been scrubbed from the websites but is still very much going on. Sarah Williams, the London-based top UM bitch who is not qualified to do anything but tells the students what colours to wear, which friends to dump, and where to invest money.

      There’s Serge’s talk about pedophilia (it’s like charity, or was that the other way round?), regularly slapping your sons to expel their male energy, women being too ambitious when they should be gentle and not do any sports ever, his sexy daughter Natalie, the pinnacle of sauciness, underage sex, entity rape, rape victims deserving their plight because the were rapists in their last life and so on and so forth.

      Lastly, oh so integer Serge, having teenage girls at his house for sleepovers. What, pray tell, is the point of that? He doesn’t have teenage daughters, his kids are grown up. So basically teenage girls are staying at his house for no reason. I think a lot of people find this very strange, to say the least.

      Oh yes, I appeal to your good sense to do your own research. Read Esther’s blog. Then read the 27 student blogs. Who do you think is unhinged?

      • Anonymous says:

        Voice of reason , fuck off and crawl back under what rock you came out from under. For shame serge said you weren’t to read any blogs like this you will pay for this for the next 10 lifetimes now.
        This guy is nothing but a property mogul with an extremely good gift. Able to talk bullshit for hours.
        In the court room this won’t work.

    • Please explain - Voice of reson. says:

      “But win or lose, nothing will change the fact that you are seriously deluded, and you are doing more damage than you know.”

      Damage who? How? Please explain.

      Truth is always refreshing is it not?

    • L says:

      Um. Yes you are trying to persuade readers- that’s the whole point of your remarks and taking the time to type them in this post. You don’t even seem to be aware of your own reasons, voice of reason.

      I know quite a few people on the periphery who share your view. But you don’t really know the Benhayons any more than any other member of the group does. You’re just going on what they told you, as they are. That’s called Halo effect.

      They have not helped thousands of people. I doubt they have ever helped one. other than to say they have. How can they? They don’t do real medicine, they don’t cure cancer, and death is part of the healing process- according to Serge.

      They have helped themselves though. A lot.

      Let’s check a few facts. Is it reasonable to claim you’re a member of ‘the hierarchy’? Is it reasonable to claim you are famous dead people reincarnated? Is it reasonable to run a charity when you claim charity is the energy of paedophilia? Is it reasonable to have teenage slumber parties when you are a middle aged man for no apparent reason? Is it normal, or reasonable to have your adult children living with you, working with you, and doing your bidding…?

      What organisation puts up websites to defame and harass people that asks questions of it? Even if you think they have done the same, and ESPECIALLY when you are claiming to be a fifth level emissary of love and truth (wouldn’t you be above petty revenge?)

      Let’s think about the members who spend their days and nights spitting hate out at people they don’t know. Forget Esther. What about every journalist, a complainant to the HCCC and other random people who have stuck their heads up. Is that how people who have been “helped” behave.

      I bet you I know Serge better than you do, and having had first hand experience I will agree his is charming, and softly spoken, but otherwise full of shit. With my reason intact, VOR, I was affronted by his claims during our one on one meetings, and he failed a basic information test when I became suspicious of his methods. That’s first hand experience, so yes I have met him and his family.

      Unlike you, I know- unequivocally- that there are scores of families split asunder because of UM. That’s not helping anyone. I know there are many people who have had bad experiences in UM treatments, but they are too scared to speak up. I have spoken with people who really know Serge through extensive interactions, and they don’t seem to share the same opinion as the enchanted members, or you.

      When it comes to unhinged, I don’t think it is reasonable to accuse Esther given the batshit crazy behaviour of the group, and the nature of it’s illustrious leader. You also made the basic, and oft-repeated- error of an adhominen attack, rather than presenting facts.

      And in case you don’t understand, that means attacking the credibility of the person, rather than the argument. The group sites for example. That’s all they are.

      It’s what weak minded people resort to when they don’t have an argument that stands up. I give you Alison Grieg, Rebecca Baldwin, Sarah Davis, Simon Asquith and the rest of the rabble.

      Give us one example to prove your claims, and you might be on the way to being slightly reasonable.

      Otherwise I’d give up that pseudonym- It’s like Serge calling himself the epitome of integrity.

    • Anonymous says:

      ‘Charlatan’: a person who pretends or claims to have more knowledge or skill than he or she possesses; quack.
      Somebody thinking he is a re incarnation of Leonado Da Vinci?
      a Charlatan that is what it is. Nothing more nothing less.

  13. No Voice of Reason coming from UM says:

    Dear ‘The Voice of Reason’,

    1. You mate/leader takes legal action against Esther forcing her into a lengthy legal case. ie, intimidating!
    2. And then sends twirps like you along to quote “Throw in the towel, Esther. You’re not fooling anyone.” ie, intimidating her not to challenge!

    In the context of the pressure you and yours have put Esther into, thats the typical bullyin you and your lot at UM are so experienced at. And you are just another intimidating bully, you are well trained by Serge’s and his lot.

    You would be better to convince Benhayon to “Throw in the towel”, he’s the one throwing all the threats around. You are no less deluded than your buddies at UM.

    Benhayon has started all these legal threats just as Esther was winding back and trying to get back to a normal life after the intimidation and treatment room trauma she suffered and challenged.

    But No you cant let it go, Serge and UM have nothing better to do but to start all the chaos up again and go to court. Serge cannot live without his need for vendetta and chaos behind the scenes and target someone.

    Sociopathic sick minds abound at UM.

  14. Get it right says:

    Wow another $600 donation….
    Esther there are more with you than against you.
    Those with you are NOT deluded either.

  15. Tizzy says:

    Oh Esther you were not to respond like this!

    You were supposed to run away scared! REALLY REALLY SCARED
    but NAUGHTY PRANIC Esther You didn’t!

    Now what UM????
    BUT??? and A BIG BUTT

    When Truth is on your side YOU CAN HOLD YOUR HEAD HIGH

    Truth will prevail eventually??!!??!!
    TOUGHEN UP SB & UM & CO…………………………………

    • Ironside says:

      Maybe you should ask Benhayon and his followers to donate? One of them offered on a blog didn’t he? They claim they want to see this settled in court, so energetically giving Esther money in order to allow a public trial is the right thing to do. And, if they are so convinced that Benhayon will win, they have nothing to loose, they will get the money back.

      If members of UM really believe in Serge and all he has done, they should put their money where their mouths are. Otherwise this all appears as an attempt to silence Esther through a crippling legal action rather than a fair and open debate.

  16. La Métempsycose says:

    I find the interrogations of Umers or quasi- Umers on this blog offensive. Content to allow Benhayon to use their money to pursue Esther into the courts while crowing about her lack of funding to present an adequate defence is just another example of their bare-faced hypocrisy. UM is all about the dollar.
    How many times do I have to hear from cherished family and friends : ‘ I have lost my daughter, my sister, my friend to this organisation’.
    Esther has stood up to this abuse. If I had the funds that Benhayon seems to have available to him I would freely give whatever it takes to enable Esther to continue her struggle against an irrational and dangerous cult that has destroyed so many marriages and family relationships. UM is and always will be divisive , pernicious and as evil as Daesh, Scientology or any other cult that seeks to deny individuals of their humanity for the sake of some extra-terrestrial , non-rational, non-existent omniscience power. Get real. Get life. Or get lost down the spiral of some false prophet’s ego.
    And if Esther can’t raise the funds (heaven forbid. every democracy loving Australian should be donating money to her legal fund) , there is always a place for her in France. Cults are illegal here and after 13th Novembre , any cult is particularly unwelcome.

    Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité

    Bonne chance á Esther.

  17. Pranic Attack says:

    I greatly admire Esther who has the courage to stand up to Serge and the UM heirarchy.

    I have seen a family member completely change over the years from loving and caring to self loving, arrogant and totally obsessed with UM. Friends have been taken in too. Sadly it tears families apart as the member no longer relates to behaviour or socialising or even food preferences outside of UM due to the restraints of the Way of Livingness. Relationships with partners, children and business associates all suffer until the only place they belong is within the UM bubble where they are lovingly welcomed so long as they continue to do “the work” which includes blogging and bringing in new recruits to fill the courses and the coffers.

    Serge does appear to have a good business plan which is working, but from all the evidence I don’t believe it is founded on what normal people define as “truth” and “honesty”. Rather sadly it depends on finding gullible, vulnerable and fairly wealthy clients to suck it all in ….. I mean the claims made by Serge, his incomprehensible books, rubbish music, love of the mona lisa, plastic healing symbols (expensive and blessed by Serge) should be warning enough, without the bogus breast massage, esoteric chakra-puncture and ovarian readings etc. Come on UM people, really?
    I’m sure there is a feel good factor from the massage and relaxation but I don’t believe boobs have muscles to massage or that ovaries converse. I have also known dropped plastic chakra-puncture needles to be boiled in hard water – not too sure that calcium on needles is a good idea but probably better than those that were not boiled! The trouble is you can do a lot of damage without proper medical training and deter seriously sick people from getting the real help they need.

    Those at the top who are on the UM payroll should know better, especially the handful of proffessionals. It seems to be nothing but a con. The members may be convinced that they are enjoying their thinner more chilled lives, so arguably if that is what they want let them get on with it, but in reality they have lost control over their own ability to make decisions, everything having to be based on Serge’s pretentious quotations and mumbo jumbo preachings.

    It is high time all this was exposed so that at least others may be prevented from falling under the spell.

    Good luck Esther. Make sure you stay safe and strong.

    • WHAT?! says:

      Boiling acupuncture needles is ILLEGAL in Australia – it’s not an accepted sterilization method, and particularly for plastic topped, supposedly single use needles. The only accepted sterilization method is using an autoclave on special high quality reusable needles, but our association actually requires us to use single use disposables. And to use them ONCE ONLY. Boiling doesn’t sterilize according to the required standards, it calcifies them, as you say, and it damages the tips – making them burred and therefore more likely to cause pain or injury. That just infuriates me, and it’s a serious code breach!

      Now, thank you all for your support and for making your voices heard here.

      La Métempsycose, merci mon ami. France is a nation most conscious of threats to freedom, and perhaps best able to recognize extremism. I fear Australians are too sheltered to understand how serious this is, and where it can lead.

      I sense the UMers may understand this better than most. Ironically, the reason they’ve intensified their lynching behaviour is all of them fear it being turned on them if they don’t uphold their most fevered remonstrations of loyalty.

      They fear being put in the same position as me.

      Please, everyone, keep following and keep supporting. We must get this to trial. It will be a momentous event if we do.

  18. groundhog day says:

    Once a conman, always a conman
    All of his life
    Bolted from Sydney
    Scamming the welfare system as a bankrupt whilst running a cash only tennis coaching business for years on the North Coast
    Using a young tennis hopeful to make himself look better to lure clients
    Then taking possession of her totally
    UM is just the name of the current cash preferred scam
    Incredible nonsense believed by some supposedly intelligent people, others vulnerable, all brainwashed and/or have a vested interest
    I too would fund this case to trial if I had the money
    But I earn my income honestly, and have little extra
    Esther you need one big backer
    Hopefully this will happen
    Good luck

    • Esther says:

      One big backer, or a number of small ones.

      Now, feedback please – are the video updates useful, or is it easier to read a blog? I got the idea video might be a good way to provide updates, but I’m not convinced now. Maybe only if they’re very short.

      • anon says:

        The videos are great for extending exposure, and informative.

        What about SB’s ex-tennis associates in Sydney and Lismore? Some of them have stories of dishonesty and being legally threatened when they questioned his relationship with his ‘student’. Are those people still around?

      • Feedback says:

        Esther, for us both were/are very useful.
        The longer version on Video, as well as a short written summary.

        BUT it must be what your commitments and time allow.

        Thank you for keeping us so well informed.

        You are doing an outstanding job. Thanks

      • Just saying ... says:

        I prefer to read (time & data saving), but whatever suits most (& whatever is easiest for you Esther)…

        Any chance witness statements can remain anonymous? (This might encourage more to come forward).

  19. veritas omnia vincit says:

    UM should fund the trial
    Put your money where your mouth is
    Use the $120k raised for Natalie’s tv show
    Lets see where is the truth……really

  20. hangdog says:

    Serge will have to spend a great deal of time shoveling his magic clay dust to fog up the truth in a courtroom
    Get him to trial PLEASE!
    He will no doubt be wanting a circumcised, non drinking,dairy and sugar free judge who has been cleansed of all entities.
    Good luck with that one
    The show must go on

    • Esther says:

      I’M TRYING!

      Strong possibility the judge will be a woman, and I hope it’s the woman who ran the directions list the other day. Absolutely no nonsense. Complete opposite to Sergio’s ‘type’.

      thx again all for your support. Just saying – witnesses can’t be anonymous. We have a few people willing to come forward, but I would like more. It is a lot to ask people to come to court, but we only want them to tell the court what they saw, heard, felt etc. Facts and particulars.

      Those testimonies will back other testimonies, and back what we have in terms of textual material, images etc.

      Sergio will fall over.

      Finally, anyone wanna help out with a loan? Large or small. Good chance the money will be returned by mid 2017.

  21. Scarlet Woman says:


    Esther Rockett legal defence
    8 hrs
    You may have no sympathy for people who end up in cults, but their kids don’t get a choice.…/univer…/

  22. WTF LOL says:

    LOL and really really loud we all know this! Hello we did not need $B to tell ……..UMer’s ++ said you chitty chat to ovaries WTF

    You nincompoops protesteth way to much. Get your facts right.

  23. Good move says:

    Thanks for the update Esther
    This is a really really good move: – “going to keep the total of loans between me and lenders and let him sweat.”

  24. OMG What more proof does anyone need? says:

    The Wanna be Lord of the Self Appointed Messiah Simon Asquith The Know all Know nothing supposed Mr tough guy!

    Well his wonky NOT facts as a UM posting now has 1,110 comments but only 127 bloggers!

    No surprise! All saying the same ‘ole lying tripe over and over again and over and over again….it is maddening and sad.
    Cult through and through.

  25. on behalf of palliative care nurses says:

    Does this mean every palliative care nurse who comforts dying cancer patients in their final days and hours expects and deserves the bulk of their estate to be left to them and would fight deserving relatives in court for it.

  26. Northern Star says:

    Yet another passes and……………..
    Northern Star, how come you are not reporting on this, local and national & international news?

  27. low IQ guru says:

    You know a more intelligent guru, having already fleeced this terminal woman of $800k
    Would return the bequeathed remainder of the estate to the deserving family and look like a really good guy with loads of integrity but Serge just cant help himself, the repulsive greed at the core of all that is UM, peels back from the mild mannered facade to reveal to the world, the truth about this hideous man

  28. Iam Nofool says:

    Serge is exhibiting all the symptoms of average human consciousness. He is falling into the same patterns as so many before him have, and his hunger for power, and his greediness are clouding his ability to see himself as he really is.
    He denounces glamourous lifestyles, yet he drives an Audi Quattro A7 ($150k + in Australia) – why not a less glamorous car that is maybe eco friendly? Set an example maybe, Serge?
    Any miniscule hope that I held for Serge seeing the true light faded for me with this inheritance grabbing prank. As P. T. Barnum is quoted as saying, “There’s a sucker born every minute” and I understand how suckers get fleeced, but fleecing a FAMILY is not acceptable behaviour for a man who claims to be ‘the one’.

  29. I-am says:

    I admire Esther’s determination and pluck and wish to help in some small way.
    So how does one make guaranteed-to-be-anonymous donations to the Esther Rockett defence fund? I cannot afford to be seen by anyone in my extended family as having ill feelings towards UM. This also would be good information for everyone who needs to maintain complete anonymity to see.

    • Esther says:

      Hi, I’ll reproduce your question in the more recent updates and posts later.

      Some donors have contacted me directly by email or phone for my bank details and made a direct deposit via internet banking or at bank. No names come up on my bank statement,

      Others have donated in cash or by cheque.

      If you want to contact me anonymously, you can use a blocked number, or create an email account under pseudonym. (Smart phones usually have an option in settings for you to block your number.)

      The crowdfunding page can take anonymous donations. I don’t see any credit card details at all – no names. It will show on your credit card statement though.

      The crowdfund site needs you to enter your details on two forms. One for display and the other is the credit card details. For the first, use a false name or ‘Anonymous’ and either a fake email address or one you can access privately – the site uses it to send a receipt. The credit card details are confidential. I don’t see any CC details – no names or numbers.

      The crowdfund site doesn’t allow me to extend campaigns or change target amounts. So if the campaign has expired check recent posts as I have probably commenced a new fund. Eg. the latest expires today I think.

      Does that help?