Universal Medicine cult gossip and false advertising – late 2015

Serge Benhayon *philosopher*

Serge Benhayon *philosopher*

November 17: The Girl to Woman festival return 

November 12: UniMedLiving Epic Fail 

November 6: UM cult infiltrates Byron Bay Chamber of Commerce

October 15: Dr Rachel Hall on Mashable/cultists waste more police time

October 12: *Esoteric practitioners update *Harassment update *Bequests & donations as major income source *Sergio the philolsopher *Cults taking on the internet & losing 

November 17: News

Brace yourselves duckies for a major announcement in the next days. I know I said that last week, but please bear with me. This will be a game changer.

The Girl to Woman grooming project returns

The dreaded Girl to Woman Festival is having its éncore performance on January 9 at Lennox Head. Certainly it’ll be a repeat of this year’s grubby failure, with commercial ‘sex bomb’ Natalie Benhayon presented as a role model for selling exploitative products via sexual double standards. The UM Facts froth mouthed brides, including Rebecca Baldwin – now Asquith, and Sarah Davis, will also be in force to show girls how to bully the tripe out of anyone who disagrees with their pretentious, gentle-breath hypocrisy.

It appears Esoteric Women’s Health Pty Ltd at least learned from this year’s disgrace, and are more up front about it being a commercial event, rather than a ‘child welfare initiative’ as they tried to con community groups last year. They’ve also renamed the ‘grooming tent’ the ‘True Beauty Tent’ – where little girls will get painted with makeup, and told schools and universities are cold, damp and ‘loveless’, and they should never play sport.

One wonders if they’ll fudge the numbers again and claim 400 attendees, when it was more like 150 – mostly adults.

Please boycott it, complain to any local media that unwittingly advertises it, and alert your local schools.

November 12: UniMedLiving epic fail

Keep bringing your stories and comments about the disintegration of Universal Medicine. According to commenters below, the Melbourne crew has fallen apart – probably related to the failed roll out of Esoteric money for nothing modality courses at Evolve College – formerly the Australian College of Massage. (And the backstabbing and cat fights.) Truly, who’s going to fork out $8,000 to become a non accredited scam chakrapuncturist to practice a modality that does nothing – in a market already saturated with worthless crap.

Anyway, someone forwarded me site stats from the UniMedLiving multimedia behemoth site. It’s the site that churns out reams of vapid content every day, authored by a team of Esoteric slaves. By all accounts the UM propaganda contributors spend inordinate hours day in day out writing for the love of Serge. Hundreds of faith-full UM Twitter Bots then tweet links to each other – they have no other followers, and post them on Facebook, Pinterest, Google+.

For the site to get 5,000 page views per month.


An average of 167 views per day for a multi million dollar commercial religion.

And the traffic’s main source is internal (direct) – as in very little comes from social media shares or searches. THIS SITE you’re reading, on its own, with 1.25 authors (Princess would do more if she wasn’t busy with her asylum application to Ecuador), gets more than that – and I blog when I feel to – lately, about once a week. I got a lot more views when I put more prana into it.

I’d call that a cult propaganda EPIC FAIL.

Of course, UM is blaming me – rather than their lousy product and their catastrophic PR  – where they promoted Esoteric love and truth by trashing complainants and journalists with a campaign of hysteria and lies.

Still, I’ll take that as a WIN. One of many. Stay tuned.

November 6: Byron Bay Chamber of Commerce

UniMed cultists infiltrate Byron Bay Chamber of Commerce - Photo by Sergio stand-in, Clayton Lloyd

UniMed cultists infiltrate Byron Bay Chamber of Commerce – Photo by Sergio stand-in, Clayton Lloyd

Nothing weird at all that ex Esoteric Breast Massager, Gail Fuller, is the new president of the Byron Bay Chamber of Commerce. It’s become a bit of a thing for UMers to try and advantage their cult commerce by infiltrating various Northern Rivers CoCs. Ray Karam is president of the Ballina chapter now, and UM now does a yearly rort of the Lismore Chamber’s People’s Choice spam voting award.

But it’s even more bent when Deborah Benhayon sleazes herself onto the board of the Byron Bay Chamber when she doesn’t have a business in Byron Bay. DB Inner Designs is one of those funny cult fronts that doesn’t actually do anything apart from Sergio’s back of house dirty work. She doesn’t have an office in Byron Bay. She lives and works 50 km away in Goonellabah. Her gig is counting the Benhayon cash and dispersing it through their Esoteric set up of companies and trust funds.

I imagine the Byron Chamber isn’t aware of Debbie’s family business and their lynch mob attempting to drive me and my business out of Byron Bay either – merely because I’ve made official complaints and publicly criticized UM’s predatory commerce.

When Gail Fuller talks about bringing the ‘town’s community together’ I assume she’s fantasizing about selling the whole of Byron Bay a million year subscription to Sergio’s ‘One Unified Truth’ – the Livingness death drive.

October 15: #cybercrimensw, Mashable & Dr Rachel Hall’s hysterics @nswpolice

Yesterday an Inspector from the NSW police cybercrime unit hosted a Twitter Q&A that rapidly went pear shaped with hilarious questions from the Twitterati.

It was enough fun to make a Mashable article (pinged to me by our good friend Reasonable Hank), which incidentally included Dr Rachel Hall posing a couple of the very few ‘serious’ questions.

The Mystic Dentist, Dr Hall is well known for her public promotion of UM occult quackery and anti water fluoridation pseudoscience, as well as ignorant, arrogant comments to the media about families trashed by UM. She has obsessively posted masses of defamatory garbage about complainants online, blocked me from viewing the material she posts about us, and then scuttled to the police repeatedly when I’ve attempted to reason with her. Other questions were posed by about a dozen UMers feigning the usual cyber-victimhood. As I reported below, they’ve been busy in the past few months bombarding police with complaints to have me arrested. Never mind that the police have more than enough genuine criminal activity to deal with – the cult members want me arrested for exposing their incessant bullshit, exploitation and abuse. And hurting their feelings, I suppose.

As we’ve learned, questioning their sleazy and aggressive public behaviour is ‘bullying’, criticizing their false claims and irresponsible promotions is ‘abuse’, viewing the material they publicly post online is ‘stalking’. For all I know rheumatologist, Dr Szramka may have an actual stalker, but given the way she carries on, it’s more likely she’s referring to me:

Let’s not kid ourselves, in spite of all complaints against me being dismissed as lacking in substance/evidence, Ray and his fellow Brides of Serge do not take no for an answer, and having already harassed local police will certainly swamp the cybercrime unit next with their recycled whines.

October 12: Serge the phiLOLsopher, EPA, harassment, bequests updates & internet fails

I don’t get any special advantages being part of, one of the hierarchy who is here incarnated. What I have to do is live like everybody else and feel the impulses. What gives me an advantages (sic) is what I’ve done for myself as a human being that has given me the initiations. I don’t have any special gifts or anything like that…

In time people will understand that you only have to move your small finger and the whole cosmos knows about it. Expression is everything means that everything you do has a bearing in the universe, and we’re only, we’re one of the only few beings that carry what I would call extra limbs. For example, your soul doesn’t have arms or legs and there’s not many planets that I know of that have arms or legs, so we have, when we move our elbow, when we move our fingers, we have enormous impact on life on earth and also on the cosmos. And one day we will learn that we’ve become so complicated that we added actually arms and legs, whereas in other planets they don’t have arms and legs, they don’t need to eat, and they don’t have a mouth, they don’t have a stomach, they communicate purely by intuition and impression. So for them life is super super simple, because it’s really just about expression, just the being-ness is enough. And as they move they understand that they’re moving and creating vibrations in the cosmos so they actually move in the way that they would never disrupt the harmony. Whereas here on earth we don’t care about how we fold our elbows, but one day humanity will understand folding your elbow creates an enormous impact on the universe. Serge Benhayon, 2012 New Year’s Message audio recording (10:45 and 24:00 minutes)

We’ve now surpassed three years blogging exposure of Universal Medicine’s commerce in occult quackery, silliness, undue influence, sleaze, false advertising and bullying, but it’s business as usual for Serge Benhayon, his tacky family of shonk ‘healers’ and his brigade of rabid unisex propaganda brides, albeit with a shrinking customer base. Poor pets haven’t twigged that the more they bombard the internet with Esoteric Truth™ the less anyone wants to do with them. UM is on the nose. We set out to expose all the antisocial teachings, the grubby, untested practices, and the poorly repressed hostility the bogan messiah and his congregation of Philistines were studiously hiding from the public, and now they’re doing a magnificent job of outing themselves.

Esoteric practitioners update

Although hundreds of Esoteric ‘students’ have undertaken enough of the money for nothing course to gain meaningless EPA ‘accreditation’ (which has never been recognized by government or any official body), even less Esoteric healers are in practice than reported a year ago. Esoteric practitioner training, like all Serge’s courses, was set up to benefit a select few; Serge at the top of the pyramid, and the chosen few yes artists who cannibalized their way to positions conducting the courses. The majority of Esoteric practitioners never earn their investment back because they enter a market already flooded with incompetents and shonks with nothing to offer but ineffectual sham treatments, a glossary of Eso-waffle and a slew of aggressive sales techniques. Clients, naturally, run a mile.

Harassment update

What’s also not new is that the lovelies continue to try and have me arrested for something or another, which they haven’t quite worked out, but thought that if they spam police with complaints, and feign victimhood and hurt feelings and other histrionics, the police would resort to locking me up just to get them off their backs. Only problem was they weren’t able to provide any evidence of criminality.

Just like when they made the same complaint about me four times to AHPRA, to have it dismissed four times, and 150 complaints about me – submitting 4,500 pages of material – to the ACCC accusing me of some crime or other – I never found out what. Those complaints didn’t pass the assessment stage.

The Esoteric joy of all of that is the noise the Brides of Serge have made accusing Lance and I of making ‘dozens’ of vexatious complaints and wasting the time of regulators, with the pretence that Sergio Inc. comes up smelling of roses every time. Except that the UK and Australian charity commissions took action against the charities here and in the UK – even if it was only to get them to clean up the paperwork to make the scams look more legit, and so far two of the cult’s quackery pushing health professionals have been disciplined by AHPRA and their national practitioner boards. Unfortunately, the law prevents me from disclosing which practitioners they are, or the grounds of the disciplinary actions, but what I can say is that the boards agreed with our concerns about unethical conduct in both cases – after lengthy investigations – and in spite of glowing references from the cult’s compromised doctors. In addition, OAMPS cancelled the Esoteric Practitioner Association’s professional indemnity insurance when they realized UniMed’s abusive Esoteric healing practices were too high a risk to insure.

The real earner – donations and bequests

In spite of all the ugliness, outright scamming and idiocy, the Benhayons are still making far too much money. This year we saw Natalie Benhayon’s inept burlesque and man hating masturbation tips (marketed as ‘Esoteric Women’s Health’) earn her $125K in crowdfunding donations to produce more YouTube advertorials for the same.

But what’s difficult to quantify is how much UM and the Benhayons earn from bequests. Yet another correspondent has told me both their parents have left everything in their wills to UM, or Serge – they weren’t sure which. Everything they own – every asset, every cent. Given that the parents are long term cultists, but far from major players in the hierarchy of parasites, and that I’ve heard the same story from several families, that would indicate bequests are a multi-million dollar earner for Benhayon – if not one of his main sources of income.

From what I’m hearing, the cult’s lawyers are appointed executors of the wills. Some of these people making wills to Serge are not elderly, and their kids are still juveniles. In other words, cult members will leave everything they own to a multi millionaire cult leader or his dodgy, world-hating commercial church, and in the event of their untimely death let their dependent juvenile offspring starve.

One also wonders what might happen to those bequests if Sergio decides to expedite his ‘Way of the Livingness’ death drive, and encourage the faith-full to reunite with their souls as 12 foot limbless beings on Arcturus or Sirius or wherever via a dose of cyanide flavoured Kool Aid.

And remember when pay rolled propagandist, Rebecca Baldwin reckoned you could experience the Glory of UM for the ‘price of a coffee‘?

Serge the philosopher

The cult continues to attempt to sabotage the Wikipedia entry on Universal Medicine.  The page has a ‘Talk‘ tab at the top – which shows behind the scenes discussion between the Wikipedia editors.

I propose that we change the title of the paragraph Religious Background to Religion and Philosophy to improve the wider picture of the philosophy behind Universal Medicine. Then as part of the second para of Religion and Philosophy after the first sentence we include the following which is a quote from an article recently published in a UK magazine called ‘The Bath Magazine’. ‘One of the many pearls that the modern day philosopher, Serge Benhayon has offered is that we have to acknowledge the fact that we are the creators of our own society and that society is a direct reflection of the choices we are all making.’ And then the citation. This is a link to the article – http://thebathmagazine.co.uk/a-true-man-in-the-21st-century/Tribscent08 (talk) 19:37, 5 October 2015 (UTC)Tribscent08 (talk) 19:39, 5 October 2015 (UTC)

The Bath Magazine article was written by cult member, Otto Bathurst, whose Twitter feed is a shrine to Sergio. It didn’t get past the sane editors, who recognized it as a promo, and the Wiki-troll didn’t bother mentioning Otto is a pal – a fellow church-goer/investor and part time cult propagandist. Nor did the next cult troll who went into bat. For all we know, they could be Otto himself:

In that case we could use Religious Background and Philosophy as a title. Re the suggested use of quote from The Bath Magazine article. This publication is a legitimate print and online publication with a readership of 25,000 as such it qualifies for inclusion. The writer is a well respected UK film and TV director and as such has written an article for this paper. If we are to exclude anything written by anyone who has a positive experience of universal Medicine then we are not truly representing a neutral POV – we are making selections of what can and can’t be included based on our own perspective. Many of the articles already sourced on this page have been based on op-ed, this piece is no different except that it has a positive tone. And to say it is self promotion is not correct – the writer is not writing a promotional piece about himself, he is writing about another. I propose we include the quote to state further what it is that Serge Benhayon is presenting. (talk) 19:36, 8 October 2015 (UTC)

In other words, Serge is a ‘philosopher’ because he says so. He also says reincarnation is a ‘science’. Numerology too. Just like Natalie Benhayon is a ‘sex bomb’, Rebecca Baldwin is a ‘role model’ and Alison Greig is a ‘writer’, lol.  It hasn’t occurred to this lot, Serge has never had the balls to debate with anyone he hasn’t put into a trance first, let alone a member of philosophy faculty. Philosophy isn’t wholesale plagiarism of theosophy’s scrambled metaphysics. Nor is it making random shit up. Philosopher he ain’t.

Wikipedia has rules regarding reliable sources to prevent it being used as an advertising space. It’s hilarious that the UMers trying to fiddle the page are carrying on about neutrality when UM has an army of followers working full time to cleanse the internet –  producing 30 websites chockers with propaganda, and harassing Google to have links to anything remotely critical removed from its search index – without a court order. Not to mention the sustained attempts to silence me and other complainants and critics.

Anyway, I remarked a month or two ago about a spray of ‘press releases’ flung into cyberspace by SergeProp. I thought maybe the little scumbag was hoping for extra publicity for his latest volume of incoherence. But these Wikipedia escapades make it clear – the cult was hoping some publication would pick up the ‘real story™’ they bleat about in their every rant about ‘media bias’, and the Esoteric ‘real story’ would then warrant inclusion on the highly influential Wikipedia page. They live in hope some respectable press org will take their word for it, not bother to do any background research, and print something that says Serge isn’t a quackery peddling loony with wandering hands, but a ‘philosopher’ – the ‘World’s Teacher’, the ‘healer’s healer’, ‘one of the hierarchy who is here incarnated’ – oh, and Leonardo da Vinci back from the crypt to help us ‘dump our prana’ and return to Sham-balla.

The most disturbing thing about their dogged persistence is they truly believe it.

More Scientology parallels

Their irrational conviction means UMers continue to blame me for their failure to lure new targets, in total denial that their own conduct plentifully convinces the curious they are an organization to avoid. Similarly, Scientology’s persistence with online aggression and dishonesty has coincided with that cult’s severe decline. This article on Scientology’s losing battle with the internet discusses how its social media activity, including its recent online campaign to discredit Alex Gibney’s documentary, Going Clear, are an epic failure. In spite of the CoS establishing websites dedicated to defaming the makers and participants, and pumping out sponsored tweets, the film’s first screening on US HBO was viewed by 5.5 million people, and many millions more globally in the months since. It won three Emmy Awards, including for best documentary, and is in line for an Academy Award.

As journalist Tony Ortega says, ‘Scientology is about information control, and the internet is the exact opposite of that.’

39 Comments on “Universal Medicine cult gossip and false advertising – late 2015”

  1. Lord of Form says:

    One can only surmise that Otto and the band of merry followers have never read anything resembling philosophy if they think Serge’s gibberish qualifies him into that illustrious profession. But come to think of it, that is how he’s become the healers healer, smarter than any scientists and able to tell medically trained doctors what’s what- Self anointment.

    Or maybe it’s because he was Pythagoras in one of his former illustrious and noteworthy lives? (unlike the billions of other proletarians like us who have lived and died over the last few millennia)

    What I will pay Serge on is the complexity of his bullshit. It’s contradictory, stupid, ridiculous, moronic, pointless and fantastic; but it’s an incredibly complex made up world that if you’re dumb enough to believe just a little part of it, you can get as lost in it as Serge himself obviously is.

    It’s also extremely interesting when Serge says he qualifies as a high initiate because “he’s done what is required”.

    I’m only quoting him when I remind the reader that is “being a murderer, a rapist, and a paedophile” because – according to Serge- in the new era you can do this in one life, clear it and then be an initiate. Like him (he’s the onyl one remember)

    It’s good if you’ve done this things ( for some reason) because according to the Goonellebah philosopher, there’s no such thing as evil UNLESS you say something pranic (ie- logical) Then it is really really evil.

    Doing the work.

    What I agree with in Serge’s quote above is the word ‘retarded’- the rest as usual ironically describes anyone who gives his crap any cred. As I may have said before, we live at the peak of human knowledge and engorge ourselves on it’s fruits, and here you have this little pea brained runt convincing people with arse-about sentences, hyphens and shitful syntax that in some ancient time we knew more and had better lives. Because we were more soulful, Or had no arms and legs. (more likely due to leprosy)

    He’s filled their minds with so much shit, trotting down to see Paula to rewrite the will is a no brainer. That’s because there is no brain, in case you missed it. (read Serge’s quote, that’s what he means)

    Imagine Otto trying to describe Serge’s nonsense as ‘philosophy’? What a dope. But a prize catch for Serge. One for the trophy shelf as he leans back in the evening, mindfully masticating on a cashew and ruminating his life work; before going through the file of newly acquired bequests and counting the gold in his chest and laughing manically. But spherically of course.

    Like you say, the scary thing is that these people actually believe any of it, and anything Serge has to say. It’s as obvious as the nose on Serge’s increasingly fugly face that it’s a big festering sham.

    And thanks to them, just about everyone else knows how fugly the group is too. A reflection of it’s leader. According to the laws of attraction I suppose.

  2. Super Sleuth says:

    The UM propaganda machine has gone in to overdrive trying to promote that Bath magazine piece. There’s even some rewriting gone on from it’s initial release, the original is here:


    Looks like a few more keywords added to try and up it on name searches.

    • Esther says:

      Thank you for your tips. I looked at some of the Tweets – usual story – the only retweets are by cult members. In other words they continue to tweet furiously around the clock – to each other. The Eso social media bell jar.

      Reminds me of the Scientology article above and another comment from Tony Ortega:

      And those ads that seem so odd to outsiders, he says, are less about appealing to potential members and more about appeasing current Scientologists. “It’s important to keep in mind that everything is aimed at other Scientologists,” he says. So too with the Twitter accounts denouncing critics, the Facebook page calling Alex Gibney a propagandist, the anti-Going Clear website: They’re all part of the fight. As ham-handed as they appear, they’re primarily a form of theater—a way for Miscavige to show that he’s attacking, as Hubbard would’ve wanted. – See more at: http://kernelmag.dailydot.com/issue-sections/features-issue-sections/14384/scientology-versus-the-internet-going-clear/#sthash.0VpSQxbD.dpuf

      • Super Sleuth says:

        This is very true: “In other words they continue to tweet furiously around the clock – to each other. The Eso social media bell jar.”

        Their tweets are a clear example of conformational bias where they tweet, like and repost to convince themselves and each other of the validity of their choices. The size of their twitter followers and blog ‘likes’ clearly shows the number of people involved. It’s a diminishing pool, and the desperate attempts to try and engineer any sort of mainstream press reveal the difficulty of their position. Without the cash-flow generated by new blood, the whole pyramid starts to look very shaky.

        • Lord of Form says:

          Serge’ll be okay. He’s got a pyramid of cash.

          So much for the New World Religion. The “new era” really turned out to be a fizzer. Just like all end-timers, it’s significance was only to highlight how stupid it really all was.

          I’m still waiting to see an alignment of stars over Goon-ellebah and hear the voice of god declaring the new-world-messiah. There is a nice storm cloud though.. 🙂

    • Lord of Form says:

      I just read Otto’s polemic against men. Serge-regurge. Of course. Great pic of him looking blank and without character or a single original thought.

      Here’s the thing Otto, it ain’t like that. Serge is judgemental, hateful, spiteful, and cowardly. “Don’t write on the internet what you wouldn’t say to someone face”. I bet you Serge wouldn’t dare to mine. I guarantee you, I will.

  3. Wiki-watch says:

    You might have missed this from Wikipedia UM talk:

    “Regarding the above comment that the Bath Magazine has no editorial oversight; every magazine goes through an editorial process before they publish. If we are to exclude this based on it being personal opinion then we would also have to exclude reference 11 and the associated information from this reference, as this is an opinion piece by Jane Hansen. Not only reference 11 clearly stated to be ‘opinion’ at the top of the article but I also know that the Australian Press Council ruled this piece to be an opinion piece. Choose12 (talk) 18:48, 12 October 2015 (UTC)

    “The quote that has been asked to be included is actually a helpful reference in terms of what Serge Benhayon presents. I have copied it again below as reminder of what is being asked to be included “One of the many pearls that the modern day philosopher, Serge Benhayon has offered is that we have to acknowledge the fact that we are the creators of our own society and that society is a direct reflection of the choices we are all making.’ Choose12 (talk) 18:48, 12 October 2015 (UTC)”

    • FFS says:

      Oh for God’s sake, now I’ve heard everything.

      So the cult spammed the APC to harass Jane Hansen and the ruling was her article is an ‘opinion piece’? LOL, come on! That’s the best they can do?

      I take it they’re referring to articles where Jane did background research, reading Serge’s shit, spoke with several of us and asked for comments from Serge and Dr Howard Chilton?

      When have UM ever asked anyone who wasn’t an investor’s opinion, or taken the trouble to reasonably address our concerns?

      I love the next response, lol!
      There’s no way we are including that promotional fluff. Guy (Help!) 21:34, 12 October 2015 (UTC)

      Yes. Because if Wikipedia includes that shit, they’d need to include ‘death is a healing’, ‘ginger clears the male energy from the uterus’ and the ‘healing symbols were sent by ARCTURANS’.

  4. the blob says:

    A turd doesn’t have arms and legs or a mouth.
    Are we back to worshiping sewerage again?
    Don’t answer that 😦
    Philosopher…..isn’t that the study of the principals of REALITY.
    Serge is the certainly the opposite, a peddler of his own poorly made up supernatural fantasies. I have not been tempted towards a religion of any kind and I don’t feel a spiritual void. My philosophy on life does not include any aspect of the supernatural or the various con men peddling and pushing it.
    I prefer to be a rationalist and a realist and try to see the truth as reason tells me.
    A cult will rob you of your natural gut instinct, until you believe in the most absolute rubbish your spiraling insane leader insists upon.
    If you must search for spiritual buried treasure, do so as an individual, don’t follow known conmen with a treasure map.

    “A sane man adapts himself to the world, an insane man persists in trying to adapt the world to himself” not SB

    • Truth, grace & love says:

      SB is charismatic & persuasive enough for his loyal followers to believe he is as impressive & humble as Jesus :/ (according to a UM blog. Strong authentic historical evidence suggests Jesus advocated for the vulnerable, admonished hypocritical religious Pharisees, healed the sick, raised the dead, didn’t ask for money or own property & died to save / set us spiritually free. For free). SB has attained influence & control through some ok lifestyle principles, but also through deceptive occult based teaching (including scary karmic consequences, mitigated by purchasing UM products, courses, services or through estate donations). Also through strict censoring of UM sites (no genuine questions, concerns, dissension, criticism or scripture allowed), encouraging self expression (as long as it reflects well on him), elevating feelings over cognition (demeaning intellectual, scientific reflection & evaluation) , promoting “self responsibility” (ie by believing, trusting & obeying him / dismissing evidence / everyone else), deriding all charities (except his) & splitting families (by demonizing those who love / care enough to speak out). Praying SB will be more open to evidence based truth & use his influence to lead UM to a psychologically, socially & spiritually healthy place.

      • Lord of Form says:

        Humble people don’t write endless complaints, set up defamatory blogs or make grand claims about their abilities, wealth, status. This is Serge’s trick though. He is highly skilled at giving one impression while doing exactly the opposite. So powerful is this ability, that despite in-your-face evidence to the contrary, the members are bewildered and enchanted enough by them not to see the exceedingly obvious contradictory truth.

        As usual Serge is revealed in his words. He DOESN’T walk his talk because if he did, he’d not be collecting bequests, charging ludicrous and endless sums for courses about nothing, and his charity would do something…charitable. It’s all projection. I used to think it was deviousness, but now I suspect he’s just so delusional and has such little insight into himself, he can’t see how obvious it is to outsiders. However, because he believes it, enchanted members do too. Even a few group “psychologists” who mistakes personality disorders with some super power.

        There’s no chance of Serge changing his ways I am afraid. Very few of us can put our hand up to mistakes. We work out ways to rationalise them. Serge’s world-view is so entrenched, and his belief in his ascendency so ingrained, he’d be the last person to come to his senses.

        All we can pray for is members seeing what is in-front of them, and realising they are giving their lives up for some easy to do lifestyle choices, a group of instant friends (albeit crazy as cut snakes for the most part) that comes with a bunch of all consuming loony tune ideas.

        Thankfully, Esther has had the gumption to put the spotlight on Serge and the group, saving other poor souls from Serge’s craziness. And perhaps a few would be members who have now thought better of it.

    • Lord of Form says:

      Fact- Paula Fletcher had that quote on her twitter page. Flabbergasted was an understatement. It’s not only demonstrates Paula’s total lack of awareness of reality, it highlights humanities overall propensity for cognitive and situational bias.

      Otherwise known as Unmitigated Stupidity.

  5. Wrinkled Old Prune says:

    Good ol’ SB is looking rather haggard in that picture isn’t he? Maybe the years of lies and subterfuge is catching up with him. And if he really does “walk his talk” he’s probably completely lost, walking in circles, banging in to walls, and not quite sure what he said last week on any given subject. His theories and rants change so often I am sure even the most faithful have no clue what he is on about at this point.

  6. cults r us says:

    Regurge and purge with Serge

  7. FFS what a pack of prize morons says:

    “I don’t get any special advantages being part of, one of the hierarchy who is here incarnated”

    I bet Serge has/had a copy of this wackjobbery which fed his self delsuion http://www.lucistrust.org/store/item/the_externalisation_the_hierarchy

    Alison Greig really is a shameless old hag isn’t she? Countless hours attacking people with baseless accusations, never once checking her ‘facts’ or seeking a response- lashing out at their livelihoods, and then she tweets that shit. And of course gormless Ray Karam is in there with his two cents worth with no fucking idea about anything. It really is depressing how stupid this lot are.

    But I guess if they’ve listened to Serge telling them he’s a member of the hierarchy incarnate and didn’t choke on their own spit as they gagged, their moronicism is self evident.

  8. Esther says:

    Police have more than enough work dealing with serious crime. Imagine how they feel with ISIS youth rocking up to police stations and suicide shooting at staff – but Serge’s self-loving shit heads continue to waste their precious time – even after police have told them to knock it off.

    Seems they were taken seriously at first because some of the lovelies use the title ‘Dr’ – but police realized they’ve been played.

    If UMers are trying to piss the police off, they’re doing a bloody good job. It’s a pity wasting police time isn’t an indictable offence.

    • FFS what a pack of prize morons says:

      If Rachel feels like she’s being harassed imagine being Esther, Lance, Ira or Jane? Rachel is all upset because she’s got egg on her face from being associated with a rat-bag and his fantasies. Her choice, or so she keeps saying.

      These guys have been pointedly demonised, harassed, harangued, defamed and their businesses and livelihoods attacked for asking questions or for simply have a medical issue.

      Aligning yourself with that sort of hatred Rachel, which is obvious to all outside of your little ecosphere of self loving delusion, brands you as the fool you fear people are judging you to be.

      • Pranic Attack says:

        Here Here! I totally agree.

        I’m sure a lot of us reading here can relate to the loved ones we once knew falling for all the rubbish they regurgitate. Friends and family who have tried to step in and point out the obvious receive similar defamation, alienation and hurt and all in the name of their “Truth”.

        As you say self loving delusion. Even love of a reincarnated philosopher / former bankrupt / conman and his family who encourage such a sense of all knowing self righteousness – a little knowledge or false information can be very dangerous in the wrong hands!

        Who will be there to comfort those lost souls and care for them when the bubble bursts or they really do become sick ? Or will they just be euthanized to their next life (if indeed there is one) to live out their punishment for all the hurt they have caused in this one ? Certainly next innings not looking too bright for Serge ….

        After all the hours of unpaid “work” blogging and recruiting, where will their new found “family” to whom they have given everything be when it all falls apart ?
        Running for the hills with their bags full of loot!

  9. tennis (coach) elbow says:

    Hey Serge, hands off elbows!!
    I quite like my elbows, they are a great joint
    They can swing 180 degrees ( kinda like your philosophical teachings and rules) Being elbowless equates to being spineless, gutless and brainless, sound familiar Serge.
    Several major muscles and tendons meet more times at the elbow than Road Gloria band practice.
    The resting angle of the elbow prevents the arms from hitting the sides of your pockets when you walk. You should know that, you’re an expert at hitting pockets.
    Without the elbow, you would not haves fulcrum for seated activities that involve the hands like two finger typing stupid books full of crap.
    The elbow, like your cult exposers, are put under enough stress as it Is without you attacking it.
    Gone would be elbow room and elbow grease.
    I have no trouble with the joint between my shoulder and my hand, its the 7″ between Serges ears that’s BENT!

    • I love youse all says:

      Beauty-full work, Bravo! Yeah, the significance of the elbows of a CROOK.

      Thank you all for your comments. I meant to say so sooner.

  10. tutt tutt says:

    The exposure to the Police that has been brought on by UM is good.
    Yes it is a waste of resources etc BUT…..
    UM have exposed themselves!
    Do they really really think that in a Court of Law (to where they appear to want this pushed) that ALL of their lies with the defamation will go unnoticed and without serious consequences
    for them. Normal citizens and readers and authorities say not.
    Oh think of the media frenzy! How happy would they be to have all of corruption and deception exposed even more. Good move UM.

  11. Reality vs UM says:

    Ponder this.. a meeting of Brisbane psychologists discussing UM noted that quite a few of them had dealt with people coming out of UM or having relationship problems. It was agreed not to call it a cult due to some ethical consideration, even though they acknowledged it was a “well-organised” cult. One wonders, if UM is not a cult- as the “members” insist- why people would be needing psychotherapy after being involved..? Based on the works and life of Serge Benhayon.

  12. Super Sleuth says:

    Wiki Update:

    So one of the UM stooges sent to try and corrupt the UM wiki page seems to have been trying a little behind the scenes lobbying. There’s no record of her message as it appears to have been sent privately rather than being open to a discussion on the articles talk page, but the long standing editor she chose to lobby responded on her talk page in a true open dialogue. We’ve seen this time and time again – UM attempting to stack the deck behind the scenes. It’s a real hallmark of a cult, and thankfully yet again, they reveal themselves to be exactly as they are:


    • Esther says:

      My gosh they are THICK. Thank you for this. Trust them to try and white-ant Wikipedia –

      I enjoyed how SMcCandlish came to the same conclusions as everybody else and compared them with Scientology!!

      Hello to Reality vs UM above. That’s very interesting about the Brisbane psychs. I’m hearing similar things about an exodus from UM.

      I still don’t understand why the reticence with calling UM a cult. It’s frustrating so many psychs seem unaware of the definitions. We all know UM ticks every box of every definition.

      To the ex members – a lot of you owe me, Ira, Lance and others an apology. Start with your own families and friends. Trust me, it’ll help your recovery.

      • Anonymous says:

        I hear viewbank is being sold and what’s her face serrin is moving to um Mecca (goonelabah) terri Ann has joined liberal party hopefully she runs her mouth and Fucks things for serge. I hear there is some discontent amongst Melbourne students with her.
        I also hear she was given the arse from her position of pod leader in the Internet campaign to use social media to push the U.K. Message. Their artificial bombardment of blogs to push up positive google hits wasn’t working so serge himself told terri Ann it wasn’t working.

        • thank u says:


          I guess that means Serryn has been given the arse from ACM – Australian College of Massage. I take it the roll out of Esoteric shite CON-nective Tissue Therapy and Chakrapuncture went tits up. Feel free to post more info – or use the contact form to my private inbox.

          And LOL they blame Terri Anne! It’s not the marketing, or the message at fault – it’s the product. In a market already saturated with shite, selling hate, dishonesty, quackery and mind fuck will always be tough.

  13. Somebody says:

    Martin gladmans Twitter comment. LOL. how does he know it’s false evidence? Has he or the group examined it? Geez they’re numbskulls.
    That must be a prerequisite of joining. You gotta have the intellectual
    Might of a four year old.

    There does seem
    To be some
    Mast roman

    • Somebody says:

      That was a pocket comment lol. The last part. is there a master plan in play at um hq? The Byron chamber should read the latest waffle on the um site for an insight into the scrammbled thinking of their president and new non business recruit. Glasses are a nice touch to make Debbie look like she has a prefrontal cortex. But doesn’t disguise What she’s done to her kids which is shameful.

  14. La Métempsycose says:

    It is encouraging to hear that reason and sanity are making inroads into the UM membership and new recruits to this insidious belief system are diminishing. Currently only 600 worldwide members maximum, I have it on good authority. For us who have lost friends and family to this idiocy, that’s 600 too many. And the irony of their sites promulgating one big happy family of Baldwins and Benhayons is not lost on those whose families have been torn apart by UM. The work of Esther Rockett and Lance Martin in exposing this ridiculous life evading mish-mash of a belief system called Universal Medicine has to be applauded to the rooftops. Why follow this ‘walking parking meter’ when you can park for free on the other side of the road.
    Love and peace to you all. x

    • Alice Harris says:

      Watch out for some tactically staged pictures from the current UK shambles on the UM websites. The ever diminishing attendance numbers will be camouflaged by individual shots of sycophants with forced smiles, and a couple of group numbers where they’ll drag in anyone to fill the gaps.

      And will the daughter be doing her (un) sexy dance again now she’s about to be hitched? Probably, as there’s not enough brainpower between the whole family to come up with a new routine.

    • Anonymous says:

      “The work of Esther Rockett and Lance Martin in exposing this ridiculous life evading mish-mash of a belief system called Universal Medicine has to be applauded to the rooftops.”

      Indeed, they are heroes in this battle who have sacrificed much to expose Benhayon and his madness. The vile, sick and twisted hate sites that UM propagates against them are proof of how scared UM are of the truths they have revealed. And those that choose to comment on those sites, an infinitum, should be ashamed of themselves. There is no love and enlightenment on show there, just the true colours of all those involved.

  15. Esther says:

    Hello to messager ‘me’ – I’m aware of that and it’s not who you think it is. It’s related to my support for the Satyananda survivors. Others have been targeted.

    Thank you all for all your comments. I do appreciate the support. Please watch this blog for a major announcement in the next few days.

    Also, to ‘somebody’ above, you could write your whole message with your butt and will still make more sense than Sergio’s *philosophy*. The master plan at UM HQ, with the help of their BRAINS TRUST, is to keep barrelling down the highway to oblivion in a turbo charged handbasket. You aint seen nothin yet.

    • Me says:

      Wow. Satyananda child abuse apologists in-step with UM apologists when they’ve been exposed!!! And as we already know, UM taking lines from and in-step with Scientology bullies. UM sure likes to serve up a sh*t sandwich, all too similar to other repulsive and ugly organisations. Some under the scope of the CA royal comm.

  16. Cassius Dio says:

    5,000 views a month? What a joke.

    Somewhere there’s a room of UM acolytes sat right now clicking repeatedly on the UM websites to try and improve their rankings and commenting over and over again how “wonder-ful”, how “inspir-ing” and how “in-sight-ful” all the other acolytes’ comments are. I am sorry to say it’s not going to increase your rankings because the rest of the world would prefer to read the truth and will be coming to this site, or Wikipedia, or any of the actual news outlets who have reported the truth about Universal Medicine.

    Just like Nero playing his harp as Rome burned, old Sergio will keep on spouting his nonsense as UM falls to pieces around him.

    Anyone for tennis?

    • Anonymous says:

      Then there is the before and after testimonials they drool over. I have seen such “presentations”
      Take one of the baldwins for example.
      Door bitch at a nightclub in Byron smoking pot acting like a rebel, well into early adult life. Serge claims that is normal in the astral cult.
      Um hello don’t know what planet you were on serge before the impress of 99 but on the planet I was on, earth, it was illegal to smoke pot, and many other things you say are normal are based on what you accepted, pre impress.
      I’m absolutely certain your version of normal, pre impress, differs to mine.
      All stories before are the same, life off rails
      One of the Baldwins After, a loving mother, no more drug habit.
      This is called becoming a responsible adult, and growing up something a lot of people in the astral cult have managed to do for ages, lifetimes or generations in fact.
      Making a life change at same time as joining u m does not constitute proof that joining u m was cause of said change. That is not statistically proveable, it’s just coincidence, perhaps the trigger at best for change.
      But wait u m followers say that marriage breakups aren’t because of u m. It’s other factors at play.
      How about we start a testimonial page of sorts before and after marriage breakups where one party thinks u m was to blame?

      Planet serge is slowly dwindling.
      Soon the gravity will cease to exist and the magnetic pull will cease as well.
      Planet serge will be like the asteroid belt in space.
      No real purpose just floundering about.

  17. Anonymous says:

    From Twitter:

    “Serge Benhayon ‏@sergebenhayon Nov 10
    Enjoying our November UK trip gr8 2 see every1 again. We r set for a HUGE Level 5 #healingworkshop #thisweekend who else is ready? @UniMedUM
    6 retweets 11 likes”

    Obviously the internet is on fire after this tweet, 6 retweets and 11 likes is MASSIVE! Enjoy it Sergio, you and the 3 other muppets who signed up.

  18. Trivia says:

    Debbie Benhayon Board Member of Lismore Chamber