Poor Bastard


Sergio the scam artist has bought daughter and top earner, Natalie Benhayon, a pet fiancé – one Conor Turley – to emotionally blackmail, toy with and browbeat. Dad must have paid top dollar because the engagement has endured a whole three weeks. Albeit the Glorious couple live on opposite sides of the globe.

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  1. Pranic Princess says:

    She was SINGLE BY CHOICE five minutes ago. Can’t wait until the poor sod finds out she’s a SEX BOMB purely for promotional purposes, and that sexiness is all ‘in the eyes’, and nothing to do with actual sex – you know – naked, multi positioned, multi skilled, multi tasked, wild, passionate, naughty, dirty, sex.

    Nope, the poor schmuck will be forced into joining her mob of booty wobble spectators, and having to make insincere comments about her AMAZING nails and big hair.

    My prediction: it’ll last until the second she doesn’t get her way – he’ll be tarred an animal, a detractor and full of carcinogenic male energy, but not until after the wedding, which will be #crowdfunded.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey that’s my brother you fuck! don’t you dare claim you know what is going on in their lives. And do you know what! at least he’s happy unlike you who just sit at a computer all day giving people hate and sobbing about your loss. i am truely sorry i you have lost a loved one because they’ve joined unimed but do you know what, since i’m the only one prepaired to say this GET OVER IT!!! if you can stop feeling sorry for yourself and geta fucking life maybe you would be such an areshole!!! and do you know what! i’m not part of unimed, i think it’s a load of tosh but at least i get on with my life so don’t you dare say i’ve been brain washed into loving a cult!!!

      • Please don't feed the troll. says:

        An obvious trolling comment from an obvious troll.

        • Anonymous says:

          do you want to bet?

        • Anonymous says:

          Yo a cunt

        • Pranic Princess says:

          Anon is entitled to his opinion. It’s fair enough. His brother’s being sucked into a cult, and he’s bought some of the propaganda. Poor sausage hasn’t been around UM long enough to know what they’re really like.

          He’s also (perhaps) never met anyone whose been on the receiving end of their shit. Hasn’t been at a workshop and had anyone lay hands on his penis, or copped an AVO for asking why he’s not allowed to eat dairy products. They haven’t set up any web pages about him yet, or turned his brother against him yet.

          That’ll be next. Unless he stops using rude words, stops having a pint and eating cheese and starts paying up for Serge’s occult hogwash on prana and entity possession, Conor will be gradually pressured to have nothing to do with him.

          Just wait. And there’ll be people here with a sympathetic ear.

          Look, Precious, no one ever called Natalie a whore. She does this dirty dancing thing calling herself ‘sex bomb’ in her promo videos, but her Dad teaches his flock that sex is energetic rape. We think that’s hypocritical and pretty fucking trashy for a ‘religion’ of ‘self loving choices’, yes? We have every right to take the piss out of that nonsense, just as you have every right to disagree. Did you notice we didn’t remove your comments?

          Did you notice the title of the post – ‘Poor Bastard’? We feel sorry for Conor. Really. We feel sorry for anyone deceived by Serge – including Natalie. Conor has no idea what he’s in for, and it will be very hard for him to get out. You wait.

    • Anonymous says:

      you describe this girl as a cultist ans a whore but she is really very nice, i have spend a lot of time with her and her family and not oncehave i ever felt pressured into joining unimed, infact i still have no intention of doing so.

      • MacReady says:

        Natalie completely despises the UM faithful, just like her father does. They just flash their phony smiles and keep repeating the feel-good cultish cliches because it keeps the money rolling in.

    • Anonymous says:

      Haters g’on hate

  2. Well well well says:

    OMG!! P.P Conor Turley was on keyboard at the ‘Con’ very’s lane Church of Serge sermon.

    Those UM scouts must watch this site so carefully.
    No sooner does Esther say what would Natalie know about ‘Sex bomb’ ect ect and
    presto Natalie is engaged.

    Argghh! Such a shame that the APC did not act on UM complaints about Journalists.
    Listen UM scouts – the Journalists spoke the truth and have the proof.

    • Pranic Princess says:

      OMG it’s all making sense now – they’ll put the Esoteric thumb screws on him to change his name and he’ll be CON BENHAYON LOL

      I need a lie down

    • Esther says:

      No, really, I am the real leader of the UniMed cult. Serge and his customers hang on to my every word, and jump at my every whim. I point out the sleazy idiocy of his 25 year old adolescent daughter’s single by choice-ness, and they scrabble around to find some sartorially challenged, tone deaf masochist to play at an Esoteric courtship charade.

      The whole cult is obsessed with me – they think about me more than they think about their malnourished messiah, Sergio. Among his upper rung Brides it’s a passionate obsession – a kind of psychotic lust. They can’t get me out of their heads.

      This’ll be the Natalie-Con remote wedding night – she’ll be so busy making Natalie TV advertorials he’ll have to settle for Skype – probably webcast to the faith-full over Basecamp or whatever.

      • singled out says:

        Single by choice Nat a lie , now emotionlessly yet esoterically engaged by Daddy’s choice to soon to be Con Benhayon.
        Drag back out the Minolta Clayton and measure him up for a blue shirt Deb the family portrait is already out of date.

      • Anonymous says:

        um, may i point out that in all the time i’ve spend amoung unimed people i’ve come to the conclsion that NOBODY HAS CARES ABOUT YOU. And if “tone deaf” is the best insult you can say about my brother then i’m sure you’ll be willing to ignore all the professional competitions he has won

        • Trolls welcome says:

          If your bro has won music competitions, then you, I and everyone can hear he is now slumming it with Michael B.’s Glory-arse music.

          Are you aware of Serge’s teachings on music? That music is evil, unless it’s the dross churned out by Micheal and Chris James? For real. Do you think Conor believes that shit? https://universalmedicineaccountability.wordpress.com/2013/12/17/the-sound-foundation-charity-hates-charity-and-music-except-for-the-stuff-theyre-selling/

        • Esther says:

          Hello Anonymous, good on you for sticking up for your bro. I hope he will return the favour some day, as he will need to, unless you join up.

          Your conclusion nobody cares about me is incorrect. Sergio gets people to write nasty blogs about me – dozens of them – quoting a small selection of my remarks, and misquoting and misrepresenting a few others. Several score of his church goers spend a certain amount of time each day reading those posts and writing comments – calling me a criminal and whatnot. And then there’s the 5000 pages of complaints they made to the ACCC that went nowhere, and a few other desperate punts at getting me deregistered, arrested etc. So a lot of them care very much about what I say and do, and have done for 3 years – to the point of obsession.

          Healthy, self loving choices?

          Sorry to hear about the end of your brother’s potential as a musician. Serge has almost ended the career of others who devoted themselves to producing Esoteric hymns.

          As for calling Natalie a whore, no. Not me. I have nothing against sex workers. They are honest about what they’re selling.

          I recommend you read what I wrote and make up your own mind: https://universalmedicineaccountability.wordpress.com/2015/07/06/sex-and-serge-benhayon/

          Natalie could have sex with Serge’s whole congregation, and charge them for it, I couldn’t care less. But remove the kids, yes? And don’t be calling yourself a sex bomb, and simulating sex in your dancing, but then pushing your commercial products – like Esoteric Breast and Ovary Massage – with the Serge’s teachings that male sexual desire causes cancer in women, and that ‘sex is energetic rape’. It’s sexist, exploitative, idiotic hypocrisy – and false advertising. If she wants to sell sex, she should do it honestly, and not be calling it ‘healing’ or ‘medicine’ or Esoteric Women’s Health, and portraying herself and the bullies she surrounds herself with as role models for little girls.

          On the other hand, I’m quite happy to call Rebecca Baldwin a propaganda whore. She insisted I’d called Natalie a whore, so I reminded her of the dictionary definition that refers to mercenaries like herself – paid to publish false advertising and to snark at me and other complainants:

          3. (vulgar) A person who is unscrupulous, especially one who compromises their principles for gain.
          4. (vulgar) A person who will violate behavioral standards to achieve something desired.  
          5. (vulgar) A contemptible person.

          If it fits…

          Also, as Princess pointed out – your comments went straight up, yes? No moderation. Try doing that on UM’s sites. Try asking a question like ‘where’s the money, Serge’? How do they account for all the donations over the years? Or ask about his theory that ‘evolution isn’t true’ or schizophrenia is caused by ‘entity possession’.

          Funny how the love-ly UM people put no pressure on you to join, but you’re here defending them, when none of them have the balls to do it themselves – least of all the cashed up Benhayons.

  3. mirror mirror mirror mirror mirror mirror on the wall says:

    Wait til he ventures into Nats boudoir
    With all those mirrors
    He will discover different angles of himself that he has never seen before 😛
    That’s if the reflection hog can drag her eyes away from herself long enough
    Yes he fits the criteria to slide on into the beautiful Benhayon perfect people portrait in blue
    Good luck latest chosen one
    Try and hang onto your balls

  4. Serge's fathers day special. says:

    Serge’s family splitting technology. (from Rick Ross, quoted from some student notes)

    Serge Question – ” Am i prepared to press the accelerator and leave whoever i might leave behind”

    Serge – “where do i feel i personally stand staying with them and what do they get out of it”

    Serge – ‘what happens when i do accelerate forward and leave them behind.

    Answer: The choice to leave and stay behind is there choice.

    To help humanity we need press the accelerator and leave them behind.

    The greatest brainwashing is normal life as it is not questioned.

    People need to see GLORY lived.

    Serge’s fantasy about his past (from his old website)

    “Once again, it is pertinent to remember, if not understand, that all of this was happening to someone who did not need to change nor challenge his very comfortable position/place in life. At the age of 35, life was rather cruise-y in and amidst Serge’s long held strong and dedicated work ethic, and at that time, an even grander more financially rewarding opportunity lay in waiting. All it needed was a ‘yes’, and the known safe road was there for the taking. All thoughts led to the ‘yes’, that is, ‘take the assured opportunity and set yourself up for an even greater form of comfort for life’ – but the inner-heart felt otherwise. That time, was not that easy and, not only was it ‘not easy’, it was not necessary given the fact that it was in fact, not necessary…”

  5. block yer ears LOL says:

    & cover yer eyes & have a bucket ready. becca b sprayed on a dress for this 😛

    • Pranic Princess says:


      And they let Miranda sing, but not Natalie, so Natalie’s singing must be worse than her dancing. Is that even possible?

      You call that a dress on Rebecca trailer trash, I call it a girdle. She forgot to put on the dress. It’s what happens to one’s synapses when one thinks bok choy is a source of adequate dietary calcium.

    • The gonnellebah hillbillies. says:

      What a dogs breakfast. Talent zero. Scariness – off the scale.
      Cult -you bet.

    • Just saying ... says:

      Oh my :/ sign of rebellion & breaking out from the oppressive constraints? 😦

    • MacReady says:

      Uhhhh. I’m struggling to respond to that. I initially thought someone had re-dubbed the audio to deliberately make it sound like complete shit, a la the comedic ‘Shreds’ series found on YouTube, but nope. This is laughably atrocious all on its own. Bravo, UM.

      • Anonymous says:

        OMG, it’s fucking dreadful… even the audience seems to be pressed up against the walls to escape it.

  6. Esther says:

    You mean Natalie’s singing must be worse than Miranda’s lol? Is THAT even possible? Miranda should have stuck with tennis..Found a proper coach.

    I’m revising my estimate of Sergio’s followers down again. I thought around 300, but now I think it’s more like 200 hardcore, and a few hundred casuals, who are likely to drop out – particularly when the cult continues to TRY SO HARD.

    The degenerate parasites of the hierarchy are so far beyond the point of no return – deifying the Baldwin bogans ample proof of that – it’s become a mass kamikaze mission. Funny how the more they attack critics, the more websites they put up, the more hillbillies they add to the band, the more followers abandon ship – and new targets give them a wide berth.

    But the Benhayons are still making FAR too much money – albeit from a dwindling pool of investors.

  7. Turn it up to -11 says:

    The mostly geriatric and the under 5 year old audience seem bemused at best. Appears a bit like a Spinal Tap concert, only with worse music.

    Nothing like playing a load of shit, with all the old rock cliche stage moves, thinking your Led Zep while the whole world is laughing at you!

    Please do keep posting this stuff, it’s comedy gold.

    And yes, current membership appears to be very low. The 5 year olds don’t get a say in attending. If they did, put active membership around 74.

  8. NOISE POLLUTION =-O says:

    No Miranda nooooooooo
    From swinging a racquet to making a racket, crikey that was bloody terrible.
    I thought Serge was against this type of hedonistic music.
    Is he losing control of the young-uns?
    Are they finally breaking free
    The entity driven energy of Road Gory-a rock band’s cast of the arranged marriage many would’ve woken the dead at
    Con-verys Lane that day.
    Australia’s Got Talent scout, hmmmm don’t call us we’ll call you :-[

  9. Watching from afar... says:

    that video is terribly funny!!! oh my i hope people did not have to pay to experience such crap!

    • Anonymous says:

      The kids all look kind of scared and should be tucked up in bed rather than viewing women gyrating with their skirts so short their underwear (which hopefully they are wearing) is exposed to small people looking up to the stage. But after having attended a “course” where Benhayon was talking about the sexual, pedophile energy of sitting on their uncle’s laps, in a room with under 7 year olds present, little surprises me about this groups activities.

      Inappropriate and unsavoury. What a shockingly bad example they are setting to the youth of today.

  10. Serge says:

    I’mma gon get you

    Hi Serge, your other ‘comments’ similar to this were deleted. Stay on topic thx, admin.

  11. uproariously hilarious says:

    Why was this concert not on sale through ticketec??
    Under 5 year old mosh pit, while 20 something’s girate and grind playing sexy rowdy rockstars onstage.
    WTF, really WTF
    In the audience the starved and sleep depleted nod off while in the wings crazy cult choreography.
    I thought the esoteric rule was women were to honor their femaleness and be soft, loving and quiet. Ironic yet again or losing control Serge
    Sexual -splitting to ear-splitting to side-splitting

  12. Ban-Ki Moon says:

    Perhaps best to screen comments before allowing posts as there’s obviously some new friends here looking to derail the serious nature of this website? Not suggesting censorship on any level, your openness to all is admirable, but allowing threatening, idiotic and obvious troll-like behaviour detracts from the very real work this website is engaged in.

    Just a thought.

    • anonymous says:

      Which posts are you referring to?

      • Ban-Ki Moon says:

        This sort of post:

        September 15, 2015 at 9:01 am
        I’mma gon get you.

        September 14, 2015 at 6:44 am
        Yo a cunt

        That kind of thing. Nasty, threatening and counter productive.

        • Esther says:


        • Esther says:

          I’ll leave some of them up – including the genius impersonating me above. It’s an accurate indication of the levels Serge’s Sons of God have descended to – ‘threatening, idiotic and obvious troll-like behaviour’ is UM all over – they’re just not attempting to hide it anymore.

          If they get too repetitive they’ll go, as about 5 inanities did this morning.

        • StimulatingOpenDebate says:

          Didn’t like my Abbott quip?

          Stay on topic or get deleted – this is not an ‘open debate’ on irrelevances, or a place for you to carry on like a wanker. It’s a discussion of topics relevant to UM. – Admin

  13. FACS watchdog says:

    Appalling to see those young children, none of who have protective earphones on, up close to the speakers belting out that constant horrible loud noise.
    Stupid and selfish and on par for the brainwashed zombies at UM.
    Child abuse ranges from sunburn to murder in the courts.
    This pack of fools needs investigating immediately.

  14. Somehow Apt, and a lot more musical says:

  15. :-X says:

    Back to the bedroom with your hairbrushes girls.

  16. What do you think? says:

    Elizabeth Dolan a COUM presenter and well known UMer was on the front page of the Echo for winning Nurses award.

    I’m wondering did all of the ‘we love ourselves UMer’s nominate and vote for her?’
    As we have now come to expect with the ?awards UM and affiliates have won. According to what is written about this in the link below one would not be surprised.

    “Today I encourage community members, patients, colleagues and professionals to
    nominate nurses and midwives who demonstrate excellence and make a difference to
    the lives of their patients.” Media Release from Jillian Skinner MP office.

    2015 Excellence in Nursing and Midwifery Awards – NSW …

    “Self praise is know recommendation.”

  17. What do you think? says:

    Rather “Self praise is NO recommendation.”

  18. What do you think? says:

    Here’s the newspaper link for the above.


    • Anonymous says:

      Well done to her for winning the award. Nurses are often under recognised for the invaluable work they do. That she is a supporter of UM is irrelevant and if the votes for her may have been inflated by other UM members that’s hardly of any real importance. Let us not forget it’s those who are reaping the financial benefits from running UM and destroying families that are the problem here; those suckered in to handing over their hard earned money should not be stigmatised for their unwise choices.

      • Anonymous says:

        Actually, if UMers inflated the number of votes then that is hardly ‘irrelevant’. Not saying that’s what happened but she might be a terrible nurse and if only UMers voted for her and none of her actual patients then she hardly deserves an award, wouldn’t you agree?

  19. Mondayitis says:

    You only have to take into account the unanimous bombardment by UMers claiming Serge has the upmost integrity of any man on earth (and beyond), to dismiss any mass cult support vote on anything or anyone at all as utterly brainwashed and totally irrelevant.

    • Esther says:

      I’d agree that UMers opinions on anything are impossible to take seriously, but I agree with the Anon above. I wouldn’t call it irrelevant that a more deserving nurse missed out on the award because of UM vote spamming.

      Nurses are certainly under recognised but Elizabeth Dolan isn’t one of them. She’s a UM recruiter – abusing her position working for NSW Health to recruit vulnerable patients at tax payers’ expense. UM/Serge’s big money spinner is pursuing cancer patients to harvest bequests – fed to him by the likes of Dolan. She’s an Esoteric Women’s hogwash and CoUM presenter, and she also works as an Esoteric Breast Massager. One of her clients has told me she fills vulnerable peoples’ heads with Serge’s horseshit, including that the snot coming out of her nose proves her clients are full of prana and entities, and that sexual abuse victims deserved to be raped because it’s ‘karma’.

      She’s a harmful pest, and a fool, and has not only robbed a more worthy nurse of that award, but played a part in robbing families of their rightful inheritances.

      • Cult # 2 says:

        Dolan was on ABC local yesterday talking up Serge. Is that ethical? Are they allowed to promote alternative therapies?. If you can call it that even. Liz was in a cult before, and a relationship with Mary Louse Myers, also in the same cult. They’ve gone from that cult to this cult, and now they’re both head EBMers. Now she’s shamelessly promoting a nobody with no medical training who says he knows more than any doctor in the world. This is while she was supposed to be talking about her job as a trained nurse…note to self. Avoid Lismore Hospital.

        • Esther says:

          Feel free to complain to the station. thx

        • Cult # 2 says:

          Okay. And the Health Department.

        • Shameful & Disturbing says:

          Cult # 2 According to the HCCC these matters also need to be brought to the attention of the Heads of Lismore Base Hospital.

          I noticed that UMers are slowly but surely getting audience with Government Officials!
          All is above board and genuine of course?

          Isn’t Christoph a high up UMer?

          “Christoph and Nicola met with Senator John Williams to discuss the appalling conflict of interest bank and provider financial advisors have, the state of the industry and the burdensome government compliance that is crucifying independent advisers and thereby increasing the power of the institutions whose model is the problem in the first place!!!”


      • Shameful & Disturbing says:

        Dolan using her obtained award to further advance Serge’s interests?
        Conflict of interests as well? Just mentioning.
        Yep note to self avoid Lismore Base Hospital.


        • Nothing Serge says is not science and cannot be disproved, therefore it is science. says:

          Huh. Death is important in financial planning??

          There’s a sales pitch for you. Go to Christoph who will help you prepare finances for death, Elizabeth will coo you to sleep and Serge will collect the money. Paula will even help with the will at a reduced fee….!

          I wonder if the family of that “case study” gave Serge and Elizabeth permission to talk about him..? Creepy creeps. It’s a death fetishist group.

          (Northern Star championing cult propaganda again..?)

  20. To all UM Clones says:

    Oh dear dear me!

    To the UM HQ Hierarchy:-


    When ALL of us in the SANE world take leave of a normal happy life and look at what is happening on all of your HATE blogs yep that is what they are as well as bordering on insane
    and just downright off the beam, we shake our heads – and whats more you are all still commenting on your ancient postings with stupid nonsensical idiotic rantings.

    I just looked through the title list of recent rantings OMG did not read content as the headings are humiliating enough! Ironing and bra’s you are really nutta’s.
    Serge seems to have successfully humiliated you all – it is so pitiful and so very concerning.

    When you are in a hole stop digging. You have lost your senses. Wake up.

  21. anonymous says:

    Anyone remember when Natalie was trying to convince the world that she is “single by choice”? Well, she’s getting married on 20 November this year. Why waste time? Conor might have an epiphany at the last minute and do a runner like Simone’s ex-husband.

    I predict a new direction for Sergio’s relationship “advice”: being married is the energetically correct configuration. Expect lots of UM endorsed esoteric marriages in 2016.

  22. here comes the bride says:

    Guess Tom Cruise didn’t call after “single by choice but open to a relationship” Nat-a-lie was publically put on the market by daddy not by choice, Serge the relationshit guru.
    Anyone want to take a bet that she will keep her own surname. I’ll give odds of 10,000/1.
    Connor and Clayton will be able to have a quiet apple juice in the future, look each other in the eyes, knowing the unspoken truth that they are pawns in the Benhayon chess game of life, and their lives are scripted by a madman.

    • Pranic Princess says:

      Aw come on, you must have missed my crack about CON BENHAYON – poor bastard Conor will ditch his name with his self respect for quickie nuptials to the ass-ended princess – simulcast on Lovelife TV, to be viewed ‘by millions’ who stumble across the channel as they surf for porn.

      My clairsentience tells me Natalie will ditch Jonathan Baldwin as the ambassador for man-struation in flogging the OUR CYCLES period cycle app and poor bastard CON, will be the public face of esoteric ‘real men’.

      And if you think that’s bad, wait until Serge the bogan philistine starts telling him how to compose music, and what he should and shouldn’t play.


  23. Congrats and condolences........Con says:

    You are consenting to conjoining with a conscienceless conglomerate where conned contributions are conived.
    You are probably a nice guy, considerate but conflicted and confused when your life is confiscated. You will be constricted by a conspiracy of a contemplating constipated conman.
    I would rather contract continual contagious conjunctivitis in both eyes than be contaminated with that controlling, contradictory con.
    signing the contract converts and concretes you into contriteness and confiscated contraband. Escape brings eternal condemnation.
    Concentrate Con, use condoms.
    You are owned until your spirit convaleses in the constellations.
    Good luck Con, may the constables be considerate at the conclusion of the consequences of continual coniving.

    • Reality vs UM says:

      Poor Con. He’s just a young kid sucked into the vortex of a very con-vincing con. The good news is all those mirrors and self lovingness. Maybe they will get hitched in con-very lane?

    • Esther says:

      This is so good. Love your work. Bravo.

      To commenter Reality vs UM, the Benhayon family cash raking circus is currently in the UK with events scheduled until the 22nd. Looks like the Nat Con Wedding® is scheduled between gigs. Tickets still available I imagine – at the usual premium price. Expect a blow by blow account of the wedding night from Natalie at the next Esoteric Womens Health performance.

      • Anonymous says:

        I wonder if she will talk about blow jobs and how it is bad to do them to the ones you love and that it is energeticly wrong to swallow, all the while knowing her new beau wants one.

        • Dr. Ruth says:

          I am sure they will follow the UM guidelines on sexual intercourse explicitly: missionary position, male not allowed to express any sort of enjoyment for fear of it being construed as energetic rape, no touching of breasts, no foreplay, no spontaneity, no pleasure (as before, if the man enjoys it, it is probably rape), and never more than once every 6 months or the evil entities are probably going to appear.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Wow – everything I read here stuns me – just to know others have the same opinion as I do of these people!!!