Universal Medicine cult targets kids & teens

Following on from the sleazy Girl to Woman Festival, the cult of Serge Benhayon continues to target youngsters, in spite of our public questioning of mass grooming behaviour. Triple H FM Sydney community radio, Sunlight Ink publications and the From Our Eyes blog are platforms drumming kids with the cult’s dreary world negating messages, occult claptrap and abusive quackery scams.

Stay in the Loop with Lucy

Lucy Dahill

Cult recruiter, Lucy Dahill of Stay in the Loop with Lucy

Lucy Dahill is an Esoteric quackery practitioner and cult propandist who has authored Universal Medicine websites, including UniMed Living, and is part of the Real Media Real Change cult marketing team. She runs UM’s Sydney cult hubs, Gentle Rhythms  at  Turramurra and Warrawee, promoting scam chakra-puncture, Esoteric Women’s Health and the abusive practice of Esoteric Breast Massage.

She also runs and hosts Triple H community radio program, Stay in the Loop with Lucy, targeting high schools and high school pupils in the Hornsby area. The program covers some interesting topics for teens, but ever since its inception, she has regularly hosted a series of Universal Medicine promoters, propagandists, bullies, liars and Esoteric quackery pushing shonks – namely, nasty pay-rolled defamation artist Rebecca Baldwin talking about – no joke – cyber-bullying; Sarah Cloutier pushing the non evidence based Esoteric/paleo eating disorder; Esoteric yoga/Gentle Breath brainwashing proponent Donna Gianniotis, and other cult parasites including Simon Asquith and Rachel Kane. Each week she plugs Glorious Music, and she has also plugged the All Rise Say No bogus anti-cyberbullying hypocrisy, the Girl to Woman predatory grooming festival, and UniMed Living occult quackery extravaganza.

Esoteric rot from the UniMed Living site

Esoteric rot from the UniMed Living site

In other words, she’s giving free promotions to a predatory commercial religion that is harmful to families and exploits children, broadcasting to public schools through a not for profit community radio station.

UM have made numerous attempts to infiltrate schools, prompting outrage in the wider community. They’ve lured school groups to the ludicrous hypocrisy of their cyber-bullying events; launched the Teachers are Gold recruitment drive flop, and been compelled to make formal apologies to private schools in the Northern Rivers for using their names to deceptively advertise their occult exercise regime, True Movement. Schools mentioned in their advertising had never participated, and most had never heard of them. School officials I communicated with were furious.

I’ve already notified Triple H and directed them to UM’s abhorrent public behaviour, so they’ve had ample time to quit promoting the UniMed Cult to children.

Questions for Triple H FM’s management and board:

  • Do you condone having Rebecca Baldwin, who is paid to market the UM business and to publicly vilify an official HCCC complainant who was harmed by one of the cult’s doctors speak to kids about combatting cyber-bullying?
  • Is it appropriate to promote a non evidence based paleo/Esoteric diet to teens, and dietary claptrap including unqualified Sarah Cloutier advising to only eat when hungry? Is that appropriate advice for people with eating disorders?
  • What other New Age religions does your station promote? Do you promote Scientology as well?
  • What is clair sentience? And why are you allowing Lucy Dahill to direct children to a site promoting occult philosophy?
  • Do you condone inappropriate touching of sexual abuse survivors, and teen girls being publicly exploited to vouch that Serge Benhayon is not a paedophile?
  • How is it that a community radio station is allowing Lucy Dahill to provide free advertising for organization with which she has a financial relationship?

To be clear, and I am tired of repeating myself, we want Lucy Dahill to stop all promotion of Universal Medicine and its associates on the program. That means no more Glorious Music, removing links to all websites of UM or its affiliates and no more UM associated guests.

Sunlight Ink

Desiree Delaloye is a nasty piece of work; business partner to Serge Benhayon; his long term minder and a member of the UM *Facts* and defamation team responsible for the closed propaganda UM Facts & horror site. Desiree also owns the domain of the site they set up to try and drive me and my livelihood out of Byron Bay. Tanya Curtis is a behavioural consultant who tells clients that people on the autistic spectrum are more sensitive to ‘entity activity’. Those two are behind Sunlight Ink, a children’s book publishing venture targeting kids, and apparently they’re unleashing more of their nihilistic garbage next month.

Sunlight Ink Publishing is committed to publish only books that support children of all ages, colour and origin (including all adults) to accept themselves just for BEING them. The powerful messages support our readers to be their true self in a world that does not support us to be who we innately are – our naturally sensitive, tender, harmonious and beauty-full being.

As long as ‘who they truly are’ doesn’t express themselves emotionally or intellectually, ask questions, eat dairy products, grains, legumes or beef, or criticize their bullying and dogmatic supernatural bullshit.

And you’d think if you were marketing children’s books, you might want to spell your spiels correctly.


From our Eyes pack of fraudsters

Early this year it seems UM launched From Our Eyes, a blog written by their Teen Team®, a bunch of UniMed Living adult busybodies masquerading as teens to bring in fresh meat.

From Our Eyes cult blog targeting teens

From Our Eyes cult blog targeting teens

Welcome to From Our Eyes.
This is a blog written by teens, for teens. We write blogs about REAL problems; the pressures from social media, sexual harassment within school, how the youth are portrayed and treated by the media etc. 
But instead of your average teen advice website which, most of the time are so obviously written by adults…

Hi! We are a group of young people, dedicated to providing a safe haven for you to freely express any worries or experiences you’ve had as a teenager – an adult free zone.

Except none of the contributors have names, and each post reads just like any UniMed Living post – exactly the same style, similar subject matter, and obviously not written by teens. Nowhere on the site does it identify its backers or authors, and the images on the site feature 25 year old, makeup caked ‘sex-bomb’ Natalie Benhayon, with Sound Foundation trustee and long time cult promoter Dragana Brown weighing in among the handful of comments.

So much for ‘an adult free zone’.

It’s an obvious and resounding flop.

Hardly surprising when the content is the usual whining and misery:

All of the blogs on From Our Eyes have been written by young people. They are about the kind of issues and problems teenagers face on a constant basis, as well as worldwide epidemics that not only youth, but EVERYONE experiences day to day.


Of growing up and learning to think for oneself??

What young women accept as normal today is devastating
…Every girl is the key holder to what happens around her, and there is absolutely no way abuse could occur if we did not allow it, and for some they may even want it. After all, you couldn’t ask for stronger evidence to prove you are not worth love…

I think we can all agree that very few teenagers feel confident with their bodies. I can almost guarantee that if I posed the title question – ‘Are you confident with your body?’ to 100 of my peers, the likelihood of 5 answering with yes would be pushing it. The myth that only girls have anxiety or displeasure with their body is just that, a myth. Boys feel it too!..

Education interferes with living in the moment and pondering on one’s navel, apparently:

WORKING TOWARDS WHAT…And what happens when we complete our final exam or take the last test? What do we work towards then? A family? A promotion? Retirement? I know that a life always in preparation for something and where I would never quite live in the moment, is not one that I want to lead… How are we ever going to feel content or joyful with how we live, or enjoy our relationships when we are looking and comparing ourselves to a result or outcome we ‘need’ to get?..

And a repeat of Natalie Benhayon’s amateur social work with teens, where she had them make group disclosures on sexual activity as well as alcohol and drug use:

When asked about her experience, another 14-year-old girl spoke on behalf of millions when she said:
‘Every day I would wake up to a message “send me a picture baby” or “tease me baby.” I was horrified, the fact that he thought calling me ‘babe’ or ‘baby’ would help – it’s just shocking. He would even send me pictures of his penis and ask me to ‘ride him’ or even ‘blow him’. It’s disgusting and it just goes to show that all he wanted was sex. Just to make matters even worse, I didn’t even know the boy; I’d never even met him! He was a complete stranger!’…

Sexual pressure for young people has gotten out of hand, and there are VERY few teenagers that enjoy the constant expectation to confide with any request to send a naked photo or perform sexual acts. Pressures of sex, sexting and all things related

What would parents think if they knew this crap was written by religious devotees to a bloke whose current wife first moved in with him at age fourteen, against the wishes of her mother, and that Miranda has had little or no contact with anyone beyond the cult in fifteen years?

 More posts on cult children

28 Comments on “Universal Medicine cult targets kids & teens”

  1. ritual abuse says:

    On Serge and Miranda Benhayon in their words…

    “It is testimony to their relationship that in the ten years they have been together they have never had an arguement or disagreement”

    “Oh” the UM followers swoon,” they are the perfect couple” and “power couple” at that.

    This of course is completely abnormal in a balanced relationship. Perfection doesn’t exist, disagreements are normal and healthy and represent equal voice, opinion, self confidence and mutual respect.

    It is well witnessed by many that the relationship between a vulnerable trusting teenage Miranda and Serge Benhayon followed a very strict rule of total obedience at all times in everything in the early days on the tennis court and living with the Benhayon family.
    The tables may have turned slightly now she is an adult but the possession is still obvious.

    I wonder if Miranda is truely happy to see other young teenage girls lured into Serges life of possession and control via UM. Its not as intense as the one on one she experienced as a tennis pupil spending 24/7 with Serge, but it definitely is the same outcome, controlling thought, food, hobbies, and getting as close as he physically can with the sleepovers and holidays in their home.

    None of this is normal, all of this is suspicious, questionable and breaks most moral codes.

    • M says:

      I just recently watched a documentary on Hitler on SBS. I think it was called “Hitler: The dark charisma” or something. I also watched a recent experiment by Derren Brown where he got a bunch of corporate people to commit armed robbery. I actually feel sorry for the zombies.

  2. Kim Jong-Il's little poo says:

    “It is testimony to their relationship that in the ten years they have been together they have never had an argument or disagreement” – complete and utter horse shit, a bit like Kim Jong-Il saying he never has to poo. An insane claim to make, made by insane people and can only be believed by the insane. Thanks UM for yet another public admission of just how bat shit crazy you all are!

    • skid mark says:

      Lol, what is it with gurus and the pooing fixation. KJ ll can truely say his shit doesn’t stink, cause there simply is none and Serge heard the glorious voices nominating him as the one, whilst sending a blind mullet round the S bend.
      Surely they are having us on, its a joke right!

  3. ritual abuse says:

    Or if it is true, completely supports the captive bride, Stockholm syndrome explanation that the UM army rejects so vocally.
    Switch your brains back on all you so called health and allied professional people at the pointy end of this cult pyramid, its either lies or very wrong.

  4. Esther says:

    For a start ten years together should be twenty. Beginning as a tennis pupil, as ritual abuse says, never out of Serge’s sight, Miranda was sytematically isolated, controlled, indoctrinated, ground down and burnt out. Even now, she’s never out of sight of either a Benhayon or a minder. The psychological term for this kind of control and abuse of Miranda is ‘learned helplessness’.

    And if the hierarchy of parasites haven’t twigged about how wrong all of this is, they probably won’t. Warren Jeffs’ faithful are erecting giant statues to him in their compound, waiting for his release from jail in 2050 having been convicted on numerous counts of child rape.

    • 20 years for sure says:

      Carefull reading of their blogs. Miranda got through the HSC because of Serge and Debbie, however, they also claim she wasnt living with either of them. How did Serge/Debbie manage that if she had left their home? We know Serge was still dragging her to tennis comps until 1999, so you’d have to guess in fact Serge was still very much involved with her. Two years later, Miranda is noted in a CD cover sleeve as part of the team. I’d guess that means there was no break in Serge’s influence over her. And the evidence is in their own blogs and material. But I know from a good mate however that there was never any break and that Serge made Miranda listen to tapes of him droning on. Sound familiar?? Why is Serge married to her now? Is it love..? i dont think so. I dont think he knows what that is. I reckon its self preservation. That he really knows about.

      • Darkly Venus says:

        Good work.

        I’d heard that about the tapes. So he’s been using trance induction/brainwashing for a very long time – similar to getting the faithfull to listen repetitively to his burbling. Miranda was the guinea pig.

        Serge thinks controlling someone is love. That’s his pathology, and his built a profitable church on it. Miranda is a hostage.

        • they cant handle the truth says:

          Miranda has never been out of Serges clutches.
          I know she lived in a unit whilst coaching under Serge at Alstonville courts doing private and tennis holiday camps up until he left there. Who was on the lease would be an interesting fact. That poor girl never had a chance to escape. And now she is a step granny in her 30’s.
          He has stamped his ownership on Miranda from the very beginning.
          Everyone is concerned about the great white sharks hunting our coastal waters. Let me tell you, there is a dangerous shark, disguised as a weak little herring, cruising Goonellabah.

  5. Old mate of the master. says:

    He did the same number in his first wife. I see she’s still involved so seems as if he’s still holding her under his spell too. Debbie’s family- The bayfields from memory weren’t fans either. Probably like this new one they just hung back scared to intervene for the sake of any semblance of a relationship.
    If that quote us from a member of his fan club it proves they’re messed up. Fact is normal couples should disagree. It’s robust and shows free will. Normal ex’s don’t hang around and join a fan club. Normal kids go off and do their own thing. Just shows they aren’t normal!
    I know Sergio well enough to know it’s him controlling them. He’s never changed so it seems. Or maybe he’s just got better at it.

  6. Old mate of the master. says:

    Also. There’s a few people down here wouldn’t mind catching up with Serge.
    Do you think you can tell him?

    • Esther says:

      No need. He reads my sites religiously. They all cling to my every word and jump every time I blog or tweet.

      So if any of you have anything to say to pervy Uncle Serge, go for it. Just no threats please.

      Different story for messages to Miranda, who is literally captive.

      @ prostitots below – the authorities do less than shrug. Please everyone, take care of your kids – keep an eye on who they’re with, and try to develop the kind of relationship where your kids would feel comfortable in telling you if they noticed odd/grooming behaviour among adults. They need to not be afraid of you, or afraid of telling you.

      I’m aware of a child who didn’t feel she was able to tell her parents she was being molested by the parish priest because her father had said he would kill anyone who ever touched her. She didn’t tell because she was afraid he would kill the priest and then go to jail. He was of course devastated to know that was why she didn’t tell him. The abuse had gone on for years.

      The authorities will only act if victims or their guardians make a complaint. In the mean time the likes of Sergio and his army of groomers can do whatever the hell they like, and bully anyone who questions.

  7. ritual abuse says:

    Yes that quote is strait off his site under “Serge the family man”
    There’s more hilarity straight after it about Miranda and Debbie’s relationship and how they are Miranda’s true family.
    And check out the quotes on the facts site how she was rescued by the Benhayons from the captive existence she had with her own mother up until she was 13 , her choice of course. Its purely criminal.

    • Goss says:

      Why is it no surprise at all that a local Business “Belle General” which is owned and run by Umer’s then add to this that the Chairman of the Ballina Chamber of Commerce being Ray Karam who is also involved in that Business as well as his partner Sarah Baldwin whom both are Umer’s that that Business should have won an award last night!
      Funny that or is it just me?

      So I guess it will be all over the Northern Star courtesy of the Journo who is a Umer – Hamish Broome.

      I also have heard that Umer’s are not to say “Serge said so.” All credit and praise and money must go to Serge of course but no accountability for Serge. Again NO surprise.

      • Get Sirius ... says:

        UMers don’t seem to get (or care) that their unethical practices, inc conflict of interest to win questionable awards & baiting vulnerable teens, alienates most normal thinking people. Psychological / social control & isolation (eg limiting exposure to alternative view points or outsiders), promoting feelings over cognition & peddling occult based codswallop, further ensnares. Teaching that giving to a charity (which rescues children from sexual slavery) is worse than being a murderer or pedophile (unless of course the “charity” is UM), really highlights the sick, deluded cult it is.

        • Goss says:

          Why do UM not get that all of us are accountable whether we like it or not.

          It is about time that we saw religious groups and institutions being exposed and being held accountable before a Royal Commission.
          These organisations thought that they were above the law and could get away with anything. They had ultimate control. Not so anymore we hope!

          Serge has copied the alienating & control methods used on the vulnerable.
          Many of Serge’s teachings have been plagiarized from these now exposed ugly institutions.

          The live stream and transcripts from the Royal commission have been an eyeopener.
          Sickening and heart wrenching. Ones heart really goes out to those who were so so brave enough to go public, and tell the Royal Commission.

          Universal Medicine mouths at every turn that they have ‘truth and integrity second to none’ (whatever that means) yet their teachings and behaviour show the opposite. Do UM’s even know about these vile & horrible teachings of Serge Benhayon? It is hard to comprehend that UM members wouldn’t know, but it is just as hard to comprehend that if they do know how can they support these vile things by association and promotion. Mind control and what would happen to them if they ever left or exposed UM – horrible.

          Why do children stay at Serge’s house? Why the vile teaching that giving to a charity (which rescues children from sexual slavery) is worse than being a murderer or pedophile (unless of course the “charity” is UM)? Written well Get Sirius. UM sick and deluded

  8. prostitots says:

    The cult has a long history of fascination and fetishizing young girls.
    It has girl to woman festivals, writes and performs girl to woman songs, and they are thrown into the melting pot with the obsessions with sex, hands on healing, splitting and slumber parties.
    The attempt to bridge the gap between young girls and fully grown women, then brainwashing the fully grown women to behave and act like young giggling girls in reverse helps blur all the lines. Innocence, helplessness, sugar and spice and everything nice blurred through into the sensual charms of a grown woman and newly self discovered sex bomb.
    Disturbing and all made very public.
    Showcasing the attractiveness of girls below the age of consent and having 20 something yr old women girating sexually in front of them whilst the master with his young bride by his side, oversees and plans the next batch of sleepovers.
    Where are the boys? The men in the cult have been reduced to that role.
    Its repulsive and unerving and overall the authorities just schrug?

  9. off topic says:

    New Govt rules regarding local councils.
    No member may vote on any issue where they have a connected vested interest. They must declare their interest and excuse themselves.
    Take note UM

    • Goss of the topic says:

      Today’s Northern Star ‘QUIETLY’ mentions the win of Belle General unusual for them?

      • Conflict of interest maybe? says:

        Conflict of interest maybe?

        Note to self:
        The Belle’s have their photo with Ray Karam (who is partner to one of the Winning Belle’s from Belle General and Mr Karam is Chairman of the Ballina Chamber of Commerce)also in the photo is Kevin Hogan MP. Check Kev’s facebook page!

        No one cares hey Kev as UM are a law unto themselves.

  10. Lance says:

    There’s no end to the deceptions the cult will use to insinuate themselves into young peoples lives on their masters say so. Should they just stand back and see how it looks to a non-enchanted outsider (ie, everyone else), they’d know it’s as suspicious as the blank look in Lucy Dahills eyes.

    They’re a pack of rabid enablers behaving exactly like every other overly invested ideologue does when their pet ideas are threatened by inconvenient facts.

    Speaking of eye’s, perhaps the cult are surreptitiously trying to hypnotise their would-be pubescent audience with Natalie’s glorious gaze? The group are quite enamoured with those peepers. Maybe Natalie is too. Scrub that.. of course she is. Nine mirrors.

    A glance at their new site and it’s as obvious as is it that Serge is not Leonardo reincarnate that it’s been written by some try-hard adults, yet again spruiking the usual set of false dilemma’s that issue from Serge’s small and demented brain, but trying to make it sound cool… Don’t they ever tire of that hogwash? Why don’t they just go to the beach- or something, and enjoy their brief but over privileged first world lives without pestering others with their erroneous beliefs about gluten and god.

    If it’s truth they are interested in, tap a few people on the shoulder in the shire and you’ll hear ugly ones about your master. Stop kidding yourselves that he has a perfect marriage to a girl he had living in his house as a teenager. And stop vilifying the mother of his purloined spouse. She like Miranda, is also a victim of what you’ve obviously dismissed as Serge’s peccadilloes. He’s a sick bastard, and she’s paid the ultimate price- you heartless grubs.

    Just as with myself and Esther, there’s no doubt you lot rejoice in the demeaning and vilifying people you don’t know. One thing I commonly hear from people when they read your mean-spirited, ugly, unenlightened, bigoted, stupid and pig ignorant commentary on those you deem to stand against you, is; “Aren’t they supposed to be enlightened and loving?”

    To which I respond: “Exactly”.

    One day it’ll all blow open and you’ll all creep into corners and pretend you were’t the small minded hate filled pissants you clearly are while you’re invested in Serge’s sick and demented fantasy. And let him parade it right in front of you.

  11. look into my eyes says:

    I am now enlightened to the epidemic latest craze and most popular drug for young people today.
    “Ice” I hear you all yell as you hit your buzzers.
    Its laughing gas and its not as funny as you think.
    Tons and tons of people are using it as it has the same effect of snorting cocaine.
    Nitrous Oxide is easy to get and its taking over the teen world in Goonellabah.
    And here I was ignorantly mistaking balloons tied to a letterbox meant a garage sale or birthday party.
    How lucky we are that Serge has chosen earth to land his spaceship from Scamballa, how have we survived thus far without him

  12. La Métempsycose says:

    Colin Fry fronted a number of television programmes in which he claimed that he was able to communicate with dead friends and relatives of this studio audience. He said he had first discovered he had psychic powers when he was just four years old and, as a teenager, appeared in a number of spiritualist churches in his home area. He began touring his one-man show in theatres before he was offered a TV series, The Sixth Sense, which began on the channel, UK Living, in 1992. As well as his UK work he appeared on TV shows in New Zealand and Norway. Fry claimed he practiced something called clairsentience, using thoughts to connect with “the other side”. However his critics claimed he was actually asking carefully phrased questions of his subjects and reading their body language, a technique known as cold reading.
    This man has just died.
    “Clairsentience” is something Benhayon bangs on about. Seems like ‘cold reading’ is just another borrowed piece that old Sergio has introduced into his hocus pocus, bogus shambolic enterprise.

  13. T.A.F.E. (Taking Advantage F_ _ king Esoterically) Course says:

    I’m getting in first…
    Offering a 6 month Course in Levels of Clairsentience Part 1-6.
    Perfect for those already participating in Part 3 of the Lance and Esther online slandering course.
    Suited to individuals who can attempt a poor version of bellydancing
    Learn to mindread then mindalter vulnerable individuals to bend to your will.
    Applicants with young daughters will be given priority in course acceptance
    Cash only, up front payment.
    Completion of this course will make you extra special, sexy and creat a sense of jealousy in everyone you know. (Even though we abhor jealousy in comparison, a blind eye will be turned if you purchase our “you’re just jealous” t-shirt and strut around in public with it on)
    Meals not provided as we actually don’t eat.
    See you at sign on day

  14. Pink Floyd Dark Side of the male menstrual moon says:

    We don’t need no education
    We are into thought control
    No dark entities in our classrooms
    Serge just can’t leave kids alone
    Hey, Serge, leave them kids alone!

    All in all you’re obsessed by sex and that’s all
    Your brain is run by your dick and your balls
    All in all most are appalled
    Into the courts, you should be hauled
    Hey, Serge, leave them kids alone.

  15. Engaged by choice, Nat rock chick says:

    With apologies to Kenny Kravitz, American Woman

    Livingness Woman

    Livingness woman, what does that even mean
    Livingness woman, stunned by what I see

    Strut to that headbanging sound no more
    Jump round the stage like a sex crazed whore
    I see future hubby is up there too
    He should be like us, laughing at you

    Now woman, grinding away
    Livingness woman, listen what I say

    You’re shocking everyone for sure
    Makeup and eye shadow galore
    All the old darts are hypnotized
    By the sexy sparkle in your eyes

    Livingness woman, its a shame to see
    Livingness woman, dads cult indefinitely.

    Gotta go now gotta go.
    No, I’m not just jealous, no

  16. dolly the UM sheep says:

    What’s with the boys in the band all skinny and sporting Sergio hairstyles
    There’s no individuality, just serge cloning
    Can they not see the irony
    The UM mantra, be true to yourself, discover the real truthful you but worship your master and turn yourself into him
    Weirder than weird