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Time, space & brainwashing – UniMed Living gossip August 2015

Cult leader, Serge Benhayon, used to be a junior tennis coach

Cult leader, Serge Benhayon, used to be a junior tennis coach

*August 7 – Going Clear Doco

*August 3 – The decline of UM, plus Lismore People’s Choice Business Award Groundhog Day

*July 30: Going Clear – Scientology and the Prison of Belief review

*Wikipedia sour grapes & other social media silliness

End of July and Sergio is in Sydney to launch his latest tome, Time, Space and Everything – a rehash of his other seven volumes of derivative, incoherent trash that cult members have to read four or five times before they ‘get it’. In the meantime, Esoteric Women’s Health continues to sell Esoteric Breast Massage & Women in Lyingness magazine via events in Sydney and Melbourne, in new venues, seeing they were thrown out of the Queen Victoria’s Women’s Centre. And scam Lovelife TV was supposed to launch its crowdfunded Natalie with Love advertorials this month, but has been delayed again.

August 7 – Going Clear

The full doco is available at this link: It can’t be embedded for copyright reasons.

At one point in the second hour I was thinking how normal all of the ex Scientologists look – and their wives – as you’ll see in the interview with Anderson Cooper; but I almost had to slap myself at the insanity of the mess they got themselves into. It is one of the most bent things I’ve ever seen – matched only by the UniMed mess.

The insanity of UM has been a serious problem in getting attention and sympathy from the public. Anyone whose never dealt with a cult before struggles to comprehend the madness and stupidity of UMers. A common response that many of you have probably encountered is why bother trying to do anything about these stupid, abusive fools. ‘If someone is stupid enough to join a cult that’s their problem.’ Etc.

But we know. The behaviour of cult members is insane, stupid, hostile and impossible to be endeared by. That’s how comprehensive this scam is. Garden variety scams are just after money, and sometimes the satisfaction of duping someone, but Serge and Scientology also rob their victims of dignity, reason, character, humour, relationships, health, and sometimes their lives. And the targets are so brainwashed they’ll try to convert others, and drag their kids into it.

That’s why we bother.

August 3 – UniMed Living’s dying business & the Lismore cult members’ choice award

Saturday night, UM won the Lismore Chamber of Commerce People’s Choice Award for the second year running thanks to cult members spamming the votes again, and in spite of complaints about last year’s award from a bunch of us, including Lismore City Councillors.

Interesting that other Chambers – Ballina, for example – don’t have a People’s Choice award because they’re ‘too easily manipulated’.

What is more interesting is that UM held two events over the weekend and both showed their business is shrinking. The cult is saying Esoteric Women’s Health marketing event, Women in Livingness Melbourne, pulled 140 punters – some of whom were blokes – a significantly smaller number than last year and 30 less than the same event in Melbourne in February.

Serge also launched his 8th volume of death worshipping New Age mumbo jumbo, ‘Time, Space & All of Us’ in Sydney to about the same number.

Both events were overwhelmingly populated by the longstanding faith-full – ready to pounce upon and love bomb the sense out of any fresh meat.

Three years ago, Sergio the bullshitter boasted he had 2000 followers. He used to regularly perform for crowds of 3-600. Those days are over. I’m estimating the total number of subscribers at around 700 at present. About 400 have ditched common sense and are teetering between serious dependency and the flight instinct. The remaining 300 are lifers – those who are in over their heads and will cling to Serge through his most outrageous bullshitting, scamming and predation.

Whatever happens we can safely conclude that the propaganda and bullying explosion – the public display of nastiness, censorship and stupidity – on more than 28 websites no less – has backfired. Badly.

Whatever credibility UM had was killed off when they launched UM Facts, and now business is in serious decline. Spamming the internet with my name – inviting their targets to check my blogs for themselves, and recently protesting incessantly that they’re not like Scientology, lol, wouldn’t have helped. It’ll take a lot more than Natalie Benhayon’s unconvincing ‘single by choice sex bomb‘ gyrations to save the biz.

It was always my mission not only to expose the secrets and lies, but to flush the cult out – get the vile Brides of Serge to show their true colours publicly – and it’s worked.

July 30 – Going Clear

Byron Shire residents can still scuttle along to see the Scientology exposé at Palace Cinemas Byron Bay until August 5th. It lives up to the reviews, and footage of the Scientology glamour version of Hitler’s Nuremberg rallies alone is worth the price of the ticket.

I’ve blogged about the strong parallels between Scientology and Universal Medicine, and as we saw, SergeProp’s response was a spray of social media hysterics and dead agenting, including several blog posts that didn’t address a single point I raised. I didn’t need to read them to know that, by the way.

The basic parallels are that both cults deceive new customers with promises of health and psychological benefits, and then insidiously indocrinate them with occult and extra-terrestrial horse shit and pseudoscience. Cultists develop a behavioural dependency on commercial practices that promise to ‘clear’ imaginary energies and entities. The more they’re cleared the more there is to clear, and the more they are indocrinated to believe there will be worldly and other worldly consequences if they quit, question or criticize. Both cults speak a language of jargon where words are given idiosyncratic meanings. Both make enemies of critics, and attempt to vilify and silence those who leave or question. Both justify destroying individual personalities, as well as families for the advancement of the cult. Both cults whinge about religious persecution while actively abusing followers and violating their human rights. Both are operating tax exempt charities, that are nothing more than commercial scams.

My takeaways from the documentary: The extent of violence and torture the Church inflicts on its followers to keep them in line is truly appalling. John Travolta’s former personal assistant, Spanky Taylor, gave a harrowing account of how she had to abduct her own ill baby from cult ghouls. It was also remarkable that the Church turned on its highest level bullies in the last 10 years, subjecting some of them to the same or worse punishment they’d dealt to underlings and critics. There are parallels there with the madness of the final throes of the Third Reich and some of the recent behaviour in North Korea. Communities of bullies eventually turn on each other. It’s proven to be a major miscalculation for Scientology, because those high level ex followers are the ones with the most damaging information, and the least to lose in sharing it. It’s what awaits inevitably for cult arseholes like Alison Greig, Desiree Delaloye, Rebecca Baldwin and Sarah Davis, who are so conditioned to dishing out hate, they will eventually cannibalize each other.

Won’t that be a spectacle of love and truth.

HBO hired 130 lawyers to oversee the final production of Going Clear, which means some very damaging accounts were omitted – possibly due to a lack of ex followers willing to put their names to corroborative accounts. Ex Sea Org ship’s captain, Hana Whitfield’s story didn’t make it into the doco, but her account of Sea Org tortures, including the torture of children, is shocking. After 22 years in the cult she finally escaped with nothing but the clothes she was wearing and had to beg for food. (See YouTube videos below)

L. Ron Hubbard (and Tom Cruise) are also revealed to be more bonkers than even I had thought. It appears Hubbard was delusional enough to believe his own fiction, and towards the end of his life unsuccessfully sought psychiatric treatment. The question about Serge’s level of delusion and whether he believes his hogwash is still an open one, and will probably keep us debating until he finally dumps his prana (and takes a few others with him).

In terms of further parallels with Universal Medicine, Hubbard was also revealed to have a death wish a la Sergio – regarding his physical body as holding him back from reaching higher levels of Operating Thetan. I had also wondered about the trance inducing potential of Scientology practices, including ‘auditing’; and actor, Jason Beghe, spoke of having cathartic, out of body, and euphoric experiences. That is another strong similarity with UM’s Esoteric Healing practices, where cult members go into altered states of consciousness while engaged in hands on healing and ‘gentle breath meditation’, emptying their minds in order for Serge to fill them with his lurid, nonsensical suggestions.

‘Only donate if you feel to’.

The euphoria is part of the draw of these groups, tricking followers into thinking they are having transcendental or spiritual experiences, when really they are fairly ordinary perception manipulation techniques.

Ex Scientologist and Hollywood film director (Million Dollar Baby), Paul Haggis described the bait and switch deception of both cults, saying that Scientology tells followers that it’s the Bridge to Total Freedom (as UM claims its teachings are about ‘free will and free choice’). They’re deceived with the promise they’re free to think as they please, but of course they’re told precisely what to think, and then threatened with consequences if they don’t.

Wikipedia shenanigans

UniMed Living shills continue to attempt to whitewash the Wikipedia page – unsuccessfully – and apparently the editor Choose12 has tried to blame all the negative attention on Lance and I. Again. Remember when Alison Greig had me ‘in bed with the Private Eye’, lol, running the UK charity commission, and manipulating a dozen independent media organizations? She got so excited she had to ‘sit on a clearing symbol‘. Apparently I’m now running Wikipedia and manipulating all the editors to portray UM unfavourably as well. Amazing how much clout I have. At no point does team Choose12, which is likely to consist of a committee of UM’s finest LOL minds, consider that people dislike the cult because they publicly behave like arseholes, and that news orgs report on evidence, not hearsay. Bullying and harassing critics is only part of UM’s persistent arse-holiness. 28+ websites brimming with mindless occult garbage, false advertising, pseudoscience, clair-sentience, bad taste and insanity doesn’t help their case.

Speaking of whom, Paula Fletcher is happy to borrow from my Twitter feed to try and make herself look more liberal.

FletcherRT1 FletcherRT2So who’s ‘just jealous’ Paula?

She apparently watches my online activities with obsessive interest, and likes to pretend to care about human rights, while issuing false copyright and trademark infringement notices to have my blogs censored, exerting undue influence on her clients to join the cult, and encouraging her cult clients to make false legal accusations of abuse. The same woman sent her mid teens daughter to stay in the home of a bloke whose wife first moved in with him at 14, and who rants about sexual violence and paedophilia in front of kids. In spite of that bloke now being father in law to her daughter, and her acknowledged religious guru, she sees no conflict of interest in acting as his legal representative. But Wikipedia is biased. So is the mainstream press she likes to Tweet, and pointing out the cult’s manipulative sexual double standards, and their inappropriate behaviour with kids makes me a wowser.

We’re getting used to this aren’t we. Esoteric sexiness has had the sex wrung out of it; the Livingness is a death drive, Esoteric love plays out as hate, Esoteric truth is bullshit, defamation and lies, and Esoteric healing is harmful. From the cult that teaches followers to trust their ‘feelings’ over facts.

More nonsense

You gotta laugh at this. ‘The real essence of a woman is who she is on the inside’, says cashed up underachiever with no qualifications, from under an inch thick layer of make-up, who sells money for nothing Eso Women’s Health crap by jiggling her bottom and claiming to be ‘sexy’. And from all reports has the personality of a cactus – especially when she doesn’t get what she wants.

If your demeanour is any indicator of your ‘essence’ Natalie, it’s no wonder the cult of Natalie isn’t catching on.


28 Comments on “Time, space & brainwashing – UniMed Living gossip August 2015”

  1. Wiki Update says:

    Correction to the blog – I’m not just running Wikipedia, I AM all the editors, lol – according to Choose12’s cult addled brain. This was sent to me from the Talk page. The comment was deleted by Admin because Wikipedia has a policy protecting editors from being harassed by cults and other Nazis.

    They REALLY think it’s just Lance and me – and a small group of detractors.

    XRii it would appear that you have been reading Esther Rockett’s blogs re ” Benhayon practices and teaches amateur gynaecology and sexual abuse therapy and encourages group confession and privacy invasion” There is no evidence for this beyond her claims. For other editors here who do not know no regulatory body has entertained any of her of Lance Martin’s many complaints as having any basis. Are you in fact Esther Rockett or one of her group of detractors of UM? Given that you have only ever edited the UM page on wikipedia and given that you have been hell bent on ensuring this article is biased to your viewpoint, please confirm whether or not you should be declaring a conflict of interest. Detractors of Benhayon have a conflict just as supporters do. I have declared mine.[[User:Choose12|Choose12]] ([[User talk:Choose12|talk]]) 08:52, 30 June 2015 (UTC)

  2. Captain Bligh says:

    Fletcher has this on her Twitter account

    Zero insight or self reflection. I bet she acts for both parties when helping group divorces she’s so thick.

  3. Time Space & Fuckface says:

    Yep, tweeted without irony.

    And she’s blocked me again. Unblocked me for a while when she tried tweeting snarky replies @ me, and it didn’t have the bullying effect she’d wished for.

    Some of you using Google alerts will have noticed a bunch of ‘press releases’ for Serge’s ‘lecture’ on Time Space & whatever on Sunday in Sydney. They’re not worth mentioning in the blog article – as those press release sites release thousands of bits of crap like that every day for the mainstream press to ignore. They soon disappear into the black hole of cyberspace.

    What is notable is how many they’ve released – more than usual – which means they’re optimistic that pervy Uncle Serge can still draw a throng.

    He won’t. It’ll be another epic flop.

  4. Captain Bligh says:

    Well she’s not powerful so she must be very….

    I think you and Lance are facts that need altering. What a dimwit that woman is. Extraordinary!

    She’s also busy tweeting the inane utterances of her guru oblivious that by just having a guru shes far more guilty of stupidity than anyone she accuses. Common sense tells you anyone who claims special knowledge has just got to be delusional. I suppose that’s why she thinks skeptics are evil. They’re prepared to think for themselves and ask a lot of questions. How did she get a certificate to practice law for gods sake? In case you’re wondering, she does represent both sides. Really. Now that’s ironic isn’t it. And stoooooopid.

    • Time Space & Fuckface says:

      I thought you were kidding about representing both sides. Words fail – that is beyond fucking stupid. But again, she believes Serge’s version of ‘evolution’ – we evolved from ‘spirit’ apparently, and people get sick because they’re possessed by entities.

      • Captain Bligh says:

        F*****ing stupid and quite possibly in breach of solicitors rules. What happens if one party has a problem? There’s no way you can act independently and without bias. Moronic. There’s no way Paula will alter her views to fit the facts. The fall would be way too hard.

  5. Number Cruncher says:

    They really have shown their true colours with the “Facts” site and there’s no-one of sound faculties that would read a single post on there, and corresponding comments, and not be asking WTF is going on here – the shrinkage in attendance is testament to that. I predict their vitriol of any critic will increase as the numbers subside further. Interesting to note that any member on Twitter seems to have average number of followers between 150 and 350 (with only a couple of exceptions I have found) so I agree with your headcount of active participants.

    • Anonymous says:

      337 donors to Natalie’s puke “sex bomb” TV.Those numbers sound about right.

    • dwindling desperados says:

      Yes and I agree with the comment that those the most highly invested will continue to try and one up each other with the vitriol – because that’s how they now prove their loyalty. The more hate they can dish, the more Esoteric and ‘truth-full’ they are. It reminds me of the purges during the Chinese Cultural Revolution where those who screeched loudest about loyalty and were most willing to dob in their mates were rewarded with highest party ranks.

      Given the level of tension and emotion, the Brides are set to turn on each other. Because really, how much genuine respect can you have for someone when you know them to be a comprehensive liar and nasty, superficial bitch? Word is back stabbing is rife. Yes, Sarah Davis? Or is it Desiree that’s worse?

      It’s a spectator sport for Serge who just sits back and let’s them go for it.

      Just when you thought UMers couldn’t get any barmier…But I do think the cult has asked too much of the faith-full with their daily quotas to hit on and comment on their sites. Some of them are spending hours each day Tweeting, Facebooking, Google plus-ing, and leaving multiple inane comments on various posts. How long can any of them sustain that silliness?

      • Anonymous says:

        “How long can any of them sustain that silliness?” Probably forever as their lives are now so vacuous they have little else to do.

      • Blue Moon says:

        Sit back and watch what happens, when they no longer have a common enemy to unite them, ER.
        The old order will be eaten alive by the young upstarts.
        Middle aged gurus, need raunchy young sex bombs gyrating their lower charkras around them, to help them cope with their obvious ageing.
        Turn the spotlights off for awhile and you can bank on him doing what he does best, although this time someone will talk.

      • Big Ears says:

        Numbers dwindling so low for Sunday’s ‘sermons’ the cult members are taking to the streets of Lismore to recruit new members. They walk from shop to shop, preaching love and gentleness, handing out leaflets. Just because the business council is stupid, the business owners aren’t!

        • Darkly Venus says:

          That’s good news. Thank you.

          They are so deluded. I might be wrong but it seemed the business awards didn’t get as much public engagement this year. Lismore isn’t that big a town, and UM have pissed off a lot of people it seems. Targeting schools last year via True Movement & the Cyber-bullying workshop was a giant mistake. The school officials I communicated with were furious. And those people talk. The reality is UM’s enemies have far more influence than they’ll ever have.

          I also notice that the interstate events got zero media coverage – in spite of a flurry of ‘press releases’ from Serge central.

          Sacred Esoteric Healing Level 5 was released because the uptake for Level 1 is dismal. UM is resorting to wringing the small change out of their last desperate 300.

        • Anonymous says:

          No one is that gullible anymore. UM played their cards with their hate blogs and people took notice. Interesting how failure follows some people around, and Benhayon is certainly one of them. Just as “the tennis” adventure ended in bankruptcy, so now his guru venture seems doomed to the same. Pity the poor people who continue to follow like sheep, you will be discarded as many before when this all finally blows apart.

        • round the block says:

          Doorknock and street chant recruiting, Benhayon sportscars due for rego maybe?
          Saw the article promoting followers in share house situation, saves dollars, thus more for Serge. Not a new idea, those who bludge off the welfare system have been doing it for years, haven’t they Serge.
          Whose the big guy in the photo, he has obviously not been feeding at a UM trough!!!!
          Here’s a little cult ditty, ala Talking (empty UM) Heads hit “Road (Gloria) To Nowhere”

          We’re on the road to nowhere
          Come on inside
          Takin that road to nowhere
          We’ll take that ride

          Well we know where we’re going
          But we don’t know where we’ve been
          And we know what we’re knowing
          But we can’t say what we see

          We will tell you what to do
          And make a fool out of you
          And its alright, baby its alright

          We’re on the road to nowhere
          We’re on the road to nowhere
          We’re on the road to nowhere
          We’re on the road to nowhere.

        • Big Ears says:

          Darkly Venus, remember you only get to see 1/3 of Icebergs, 2/3’s of the ‘detractor’ Iceberg chooses to stay submerged.

          The ‘big guy’ in the Northern Star photo is – Mark Swift.
          A 3 bedroom house eh, where is Caroline Raphael’s young son living these days?

          Also has Chris James given up the religion of UM, or is he trying his recruiting at other churches these days? (Keen Street)

        • Esther says:

          By the other 2/3 I take it you’re referring to you and your spouse, to which I’d say your maths is off. I’ve noticed you’re quite territorial, and like to come here to assert how much you’re doing for the cause – and good for you. I did say thank you. But until you and your apparent network put stuff in writing with your names on it, please don’t pretend you can take credit for the inroads made by my work – getting media, public activist, political and social media attention and a degree of regulatory action. I’ve seen no evidence you or your contacts, whoever they are, have done any such thing. There are lot more detractors you know nothing about who have put their names to public action. For example, Ira McClure took a big risk making a complaint and talking with News Ltd. That’s what I call guts. Friends of Science in Medicine have done rather a lot – in a professional and collegiate way, and they don’t come here to snark or show boat.

          You backstabbed me on the Rick Ross Forum, and then came and whinged at me privately, – anonymously, I might add – and then came back, anon again, to get me to fight battles you didn’t have the guts to put your name to. Nothing has changed has it? You’re welcome to post here, but if you snark at me I’ll be right back atcha.

      • Esther says:

        And to answer your question about Chris James
        Sergio is encouraging the pilgrims to infiltrate the community, obviously. Some of them are even feigning interest in current affairs – human rights etc. hoping to get more Twitter or FB follows. James is just as invested as ever. You could have researched that yourself.

        • Big Ears says:

          I just thought that if the Trolls checking out your page every day, thought that there was more to it than just the Lone Ranger and Tonto contributing, they might have something to worry about.
          But you win…again.
          Nothing has changed and the cult knows that, big time now.

  6. Going Clear says:

    I’ve added it to the blog above, but I’ll put this here as well – link to the full Going Clear doco.

    It’s definitely worth watching. Riveting.

    Anonymous, I wonder about that. Many of the followers have plenty else to do – careers, families etc. It’s not sustainable to keep up the social media peer pressure the way they’ve been doing it. I don’t think.

    Blue Moon, I think you’re right on. Although I suspect he never let up. The propaganda barrage is the perfect cover and distraction. While the numpties are busy unleashing on me, he is free to carry on his predatory behaviour as usual. Those most in danger are the vulnerable and quiet ones, or those who are isolated in any way.

    I agree someone will talk eventually. I get that feeling. My fear is that it won’t happen until one of the youngsters reaches an age where they realize they don’t have to put up with it. That could be some time away???

    • Get Serius ... says:

      Thousands of inane comments validating & echoing each others delusions & deceptions, with blinkered trust & loyalty … Even bragging about winning Lismore’s Peoples Choice Business Excellence Awards!? A business that profits from exploiting the vulnerable (the sick / depressed / young / ignorant / rich), whitewashes / conceals dark occult based roots, splits families, blocks criticism, refuses to answer questions, distorts truth / lies & vilifies critics… A business that profits from fear inducing karma & reincarnation, brilliant!

  7. La Métempsycose says:

    Thank you Esther for giving the link to the documentary on Scientology. The similarities to UM are striking: a delusional leader who lied about his past, a sycophantic coterie around him and a rank and file falling over themselves to make public confessions just to please their extremely weird leader. In the end it is all about money and the exploitation of the weak minded and the vulnerable. Anyone who knows someone who has joined UM will understand the parallels between the Benhayon Cult and Scientology. Sadly UMers don’t or can’t.

  8. FYI says:

    Undeclared UM’s in the news again thanks to Journo Hamish a UM.

    • Anonymous says:

      Good they managed to get the knock off reproduction of The Last Supper in the picture. I bet there’s a stash of healing symbols just out of frame.

      • Anonymous nobody says:

        My question is where did they get a gluten free, alcohol free, Judas free last supper? Anything else would be PRANIC yes?

  9. Esther says:

    Big Ears, your IP address comes up in the dashboard, darling – matching the emails you sent me to get me to do your dirty work.

    You think and behave a lot like one of them. If you really think it’s just me and Lance commenting here, then you are beyond reason. But we knew that. Amazing you’ve portrayed yourself to me before as some sort of authority/hero in the Lismore area – but have zero clue how many people have contacted us or commented here. You of all people should now how many people have been impacted, but they’re obviously not talking to you.

    Funny how you have no response when I asked what you’d done to assist exposing UM? For some reason you decided to make an enemy of me from the outset, but I’m not the only person you’ve tried to white ant am I? Behind our backs at that. Your constant infantile need for attention has made things difficult for a lot of people, which is why I never wanted anything to do with you.

    In fact I think you are a one person version of the cult – hostile, unreasonable and obsessed with me. I’ve told you before, if you don’t appreciate our efforts, you and your version of the ‘facts’ can get lost.

    • for the record says:

      I’m letting you all know that thanks to Esther and her site the crazy con that is UM is well known on the North Coast and I have personally heard it discussed in many varied conversations at many varied places over the years. Without this exposure, this cult would slime its way under many more vulnerable radars than it already has. Serge has left a destructive trail and although has tried to totally reinvent himself from the 1999 blessed toilet moment as a guru of great integrity, most normal thinking people can see it for the reality that it is, a conman having a crap and calling it gold.
      Serge and his followers have themselves provided all of the facts and information on what they are about and yes its laughable and ludicrous, but people are being irreparably hurt and damaged, and underaged girls are at risk.
      Exposure and public monitoring are crucial as Cults prefer to be secretive, even though Serge due to his narcissism and enabling by so called professional, intelligent people, prefers the out there, in your face, with on stage public exhibitions.
      Its almost unbelievable that anyone of sane mind would fall for this, but they are, and those people are offering up their daughter’s for Sergio brownie points.
      Keep up the good work Esther 🙂

      • Books? says:

        thank you! 🙂

        Now, I’ve had another request for any spare copies of Serge’s books. If anyone has copies they no longer need, please contact me. Or if you have a copy we’ve lent out and you no longer need it, can I have them back plz?

        Some readers need them for family court proceedings, and would rather not have to buy them from Sergio, the horrid little turd at $40 a throw plus some extortionate rate for postage.

        Can any of our UK readers donate one or more?

        Because that’s all Sergio the PhiLOLsopher’s crappy tomes are good for – evidence.

        Even the 2nd hand bookshops refuse to stock them – regard them as pulp.